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Full text of "Post office [afterw.] Kelly's directory of Hampshire, Dorsetshire, Wiltshire ..."

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JBS^ 'nd Cotd Iron and 8tMl Rail$, Sc. 


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ud BUSBIAX , enables the conenmer to order withont the aid of a Catalogue, 



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FBAOTDU done away with. Keepa the Teeth of tranroRX aan. Sarrea aa a sDioi to the vilih. Ptefoiawna 
OUT OCT bnlk of what iBgaieialfynLnD away. Frequent BMlTLLllUts aared. OrMtaavingof steam power, Ac.,Ac. 


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Mutual Life Assurance Society. 


Hx8 Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gc»Dc»r, k.o., d.c.l. (Oxon.) 

The Hon. Lord Deas ; The Right Hon. The Earl or Haddington i 
The Right Hon. THEEARLOFRosEBERViThe Most Hon. The Marquis ofTweeddalb. 

Assurance Fund - £7,000,000. 

Annual Bevenue - - 900,000. 

Claims Paid - - 11,000,000. 

Profit Divided - - 5.500,000. 

1880 is the BONUS YEAR. 

Entrants before 31st December will participate in the 

UNDON OFnCE : 28, GORNHILL, E.G. West End AgenGy, 49, PaU HalL 

DUBLIN, 41, Westmoreland Street 
GLASGOW, lUy West George St. 
MANCHESTER, Albert Square 
LIVERPOOL, 48, Castle Street 
BIRMINGHAM, 12,Beanet'B HUl 

LEEDS, 21, Park Row 
BRISTOL, 22, College Green 
BELFAST, 2, High Street 
NEWCASTLE, Grainger Street West 
DUNDEE, 5, Pamnore Street 
NORWICH, 48, Bt. GUes' Church Fhun. 

AgeaieiM in eU the important towns of the three Kingdoms. 

Edinbnrffh, Deoeml>er. 1879. AW. H. TURNBULL, Seoretaiy. 

(kguet of the Uut Annual £qH>rtt wUh AccourUa, ProgpecttaeSf and Forms of jPropostUe, 
may he obtained on a^lication at any of the Society^e Officea or Agenciee. 

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* f ■ 

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EDITED BY E. R. KELLY, m.a., f.s.b. 







KAKCHlsnB : », BBOWX ttsm. ' KXWOASmAOH-TZBB : M, 8ID& 



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LIHOOLN'8 Cnr niLDS, W.C. 

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Messrs. Kelly, in submitting to their Subscribers and the Public the Sixth 
Edition of the Directory op Hasipshire, Wiltshire and Dorsetshire, 
trust that it may be found equal in accuracy to the previous Edition. 

Every effort has been made to render it as perfect as possible ; lists 
of Hundreds and Poor Law Unions, and also the Polling places appointed 
pursuant to the Ballot Act, 1872, have been included in the Topography of 
each County ; it is stated under each Parish in what Hundred, Union and 
County Court District it is* situated, as well as the Diocese, Archdeaconiy 
and Rural Deanery ; and the College and University of every beneficed 
Clergyman have been given as &r as they can be ascertained. The names of 
the Parish Clerks are given under each Parish ; lists of Farm Bailiffs of 
Gentlemen &rming their own, land have been added ; the Money Order and 
Telegraph Offices and Post Office Savings Banks and Government Annuity 
and Insurance Offices are noticed ; a larger Map, corrected to the present date, 
is prefixed to each County, with the new lines of Railways laid down. 

A sketch of the Geological features of the district, by Mr. W. J. 
Harrison, of the Museum, Leicester, is added for the first time. 

The Proprietors have to thank those Clergymen and other Gentlemen 
who have given the work the benefit of their local kaowledge, by correcting 
the proofs submitted to them, and also the Clerks of the Peace who have 
supplied the lists of Magistrates and other information. 


April, 1860. 

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EBLtiT AHD 00., F B X N T K S 8 , 

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AbboUtono, ite Ilohen 

Stoke 12« 

Abbott's Ann 12 

Abbot's WoTtby, tte King's 

Worthy 302 

Adbnry. i«e BuTghclen .. 63 

Alderabot 12 

Aldmhot Camp 13 

AUbrook,<« Otterbonrne.. 149 
Allen Hoor, mc Hartley 

Wespall no 

Aillngion, Me South Stone- 
bun. 202 

Alresford-NewA. Old.... 17 

Alton 19 

AlnnBay.sMTotUndBay 322 
Alnn Greeu, <ee Mlnste^ \Vi 

Alvcntoko 22 


of Wight) ail 

AmberwoDd, «ee Ashley 

Walk 30 

AmpOeld 24 

Auport^r AmportSUlary 2i 

AniloTCT 24 

Andwdl 29 

Anglewy 20 

Anglesey or Anglesoyvllle 29 
Ann -Little, lee Abbott's 

Ann 12 

AnsUy.MeAlton 19 

Anton— Bast. «e« Andover 25 
ApcBDown^M Cuisbrooke 

(IsiB of Wight) 313 

Appleshaw 30 

Apse, tee Newebnrch (Isle 

of Wight) 324 

Arnuwoitb. Mt Old A Ires - 

tord 17 

Arnewood, sm HordJc 120 

Amton(IsIeofWlgbt).... 306 

Asho 30 

Ashfleld. see Bomsey 215 

AshfordBlU^eeKlugsclcro 127 

Axhland, fee Bfpley 119 

Ashlet, see Fawley 99 

Ashley 30 

Ashley, see Hilton 142 

Ashley, see Klngwood 211 

Ashley i<odge, see Ashley 

wJk :.. 30 

Aahley Walk ao 

AshmacBworth 31 

Aahtoit. see Bishop's Wsl- 

tham 43 

Aahtou— East & West, see 

Iiongparlah 132 

AthnSeld^ ShorweU(tale 

of Wight U9 

AriDgtni 31 

Avon, see Bopley 230 

Awbridge^seeHiohelmersh 140 

Baddcsley 31 

Bwldealey— Norths Bonth 31 
Badmlnston. see Kawley.. 9fi 
BwlB]ey,see Baddesley.... 31 
BalBn's Fum, see Ports - 

mouth 159 

Bflgnel Green, see Odlham 148 
Bslkebury, «ee AndoTer... 25 
B«rnareea,«eeHambledon 106 
JIarn— New, see Sontbwlck 209 
Bartloy, see North EUng.. Kl 
Hartley- B^Hs, see EUng. . . 82 

Barton, see UUton 142 

Barton, see Newport (Isle 

of Wight) 325 

Baiton^ee SonthStonebam 202 
Barton Feveril, see East- 

lelgh 81 

Barton btacey 32 

Baabley.seellUWn U2 


Baaing » 

Basingstoke 33 

Bassett— see North Stone- 
ham 261 

BattramBley,se« Boldre — 46 

Baughurst 39 

Banidoxfee, see KlLng 82 

Baybrlclire.see Owslebury. . 151 
Beacon UlU, see Hlgbderc 118 
Beacon Hill, see Warnford 273 

BeauUeu 30 

Beaunorth, see Kllmlston 126 

Bcckford,see Ulplcy 119 

Beok Hill, see LymlUKtou.. i:t3 

BccUey, see Ulnton IIB 

Bedhampton 39 

Bembrl%e (Islo of Wight) 30V 

Bentlcy, or Beutly 40 

Bent worth 4ii 

Blcton, see Fordlngbrldg« 96 

BIgbtou 41 

Bindley ,seeSt.Hary Bourne 210 
Bluateud(UlcofW<^ht.. . 310 

Blnsted .... 41 

Bishop's Sutton 41 

Bishop's Wilthjun 43 

Blshopetoke 41 

Bistem.see Kllng. 82 

BUterue. 44 

BIttcme 44 

Blackmoor, see Belborne. .. 221 

BlaoknesB, see BInsted 41 

BlackwatflT. see Arreton 

(Isle ot Wight) 239 

Blaekwater, seeHawley... 114 
BlashfordQreen,see Elllng- 

hun 84 

Blendwortb 45 

Bllsford,see Hyde 124 

Boarhunt 45 

Bockbampton — Middle It 

Lower, see Bransgore. ... 00 
Bockhamptou,seeBurton.. 05 

Boldre u 

Bolton's Benob, see Lynd- 

hurst 130 

Boncburch (Isle of Wlght)^ 310 

Bordean, see Langrlsh 129 

Boacombe,seeBoumemonth 49 

Bosalngton 40 

Botley 47 

BotleyGate,>esBoUey,... 47 

Bourne St. Hary 219 

Bourne— South, see Pokes- 
down 155 

Bonmemouth , 47 

Boweombe, see Carlsbrooke 

(Isle of Wight) 313 

Bowyer's Common, see 

Steep 250 

Boyatt, see BasUclgb 81 

Bovatt,sec:Otterboum.,.. 140 
BradlngdaUol Wight).... 311 

Bradley 5B 

Bralshfield 58 

Bambrldge. see Colden 

Common 74 

Bramdean 5R 

Bramley OB 

Bramsbaw 00 

BramsblU— Or«at h Little, 

see Everaley 86 

Branuhott ou 

Branksome, see Boome- 

month 50 

Bransbnry, see Barton 

Staoey 32 

Bransgore OO 

Branston, see Newebnrch 

(Isle of Wight) 324 

Breuaore 61 

,Briok]ln,(eeKoGkbonnie.. 213 


Brldgemar7,see AJTeratoku n 

A Slion ^1 

Brixton (Isle of Wight) ... (12 
Broad Oak, see Odlham .. it" 
Brood way .seeCatberlngton • 

Brockenburst '>> 

Itrockhampton, see Havant 11;' 
Brockbnrst, see Forton. . . . '.)^ 

Brook (Isle of Wight) 

Brook, see Bramshaw 6.' 

Brook^eeKlng'e Sombome 2a> 
Brook— North & Soath, lee 

Hlcbeldever Uv 

Broomy (>'i 

Broomy Lodge, see Broomy 02 


Brown Candover U<j 

Uuckholt— East h West, 

see East Tytherley '2<ii> 

Bnckland, see Lymfogton.. 
Buekland, see Portsmouth. 1^ 
Bucklershard, see Beaulieu 'iv 

BulUngton <>:i 

Uure, see Christohurch., . . 
BurgKte.see Fordlngbrldgu '.'0 
Bnrgess Stnet, see North 

Stoneham -'>! 

Bnrehclcn ivt 

BuHton Gi 

Burley fvt 

Burrow IsIand.seeGosport l<i:i 

Buraledon t)4 

Burton ii6 

Bury Cross, see Alrerstokc 'i2 
BuryHUl,see Andorer.... zr< 

Buttsash, see FawUy li • 

Cadland, see Fawley 

Cadnam, see North uling . . s;< 
Calbourne (Isle of Wlghl}.. ■»■! 

Calmoore, see Netley i\b 

Calshot Castle, see Fawley ^'.i 
Canterton, see Mlnatead . . li'i 
Canute's Barrow, see An- 

dover -J) 

Carlsbrooke (I. of Wight).. 313 

Catberlngton 00 


ChaledsIeofWlght) 3H 

Chalkton, see Chalton .... i>7 

Chalton 07 

Chandler 'sQreen^see Hart- 
ley Wespal] iKi 

Charford— North A. South, 

see Hale lo: 

ChNrford~-Bouth,see Brea- 

more oi 

Charbwtt, see Whltohurch. ^.TO 
Charlton, see Andorer .... 'i'l 
Charlwood, see Ropier — -^ib 
Charmlnatcr,see]fooraown 14:< 

Chawton K 

Cherlton t>7 

Chewton, see Hilton 142 

Chidden, see Hambledon. . 108 

Chllbolton t>" 

Chilcomb r,K 

Cblllerton (Isle of Wight).. Mi 
CblIlyI>own,seeAppleBhaw M 
Chilton, see Brixton (Isle of 

Wight). ;il2 

Chilton Candorer 05 

Chllworth <)8 

Chlnham, see Monk Sher- 
borne 2 Zi 

Cbolderton— Kut, see Am- 

port L'4 


Cbnnh Oakley '2 

Chuton, see Hilton Ii:; 

Clanfleld Ti 

Clanrllle, sea WoyliUl .... ^70. 


C ! all ord— Good worth .... Ti 

Clstlord— Upper 73 

ClmtLTford.Sfc Cjirisbrooko 

(I"le of Wight) 313 

CIMdcHdcn 73 

< 'olbnry 74 

Colli llenley, see Whit- 
church 278 

ColdcD t'oromon 74 

(^ildryy, see Froylc V& 

Coif bury, Eling 83 

Cok'inciri', or Colmer 74 

Colt Hill, see Odlhaiii 148 

Colwell Bay, see Frcsb- 

WRU;r(l. of Wtsht) Kl 

Combo 74 

Campion 7ft 

CotiipCon, tee King's Som- 

borne 228 

Conford, see Braioohott .... 40 
Conbolt, see Huretbournc 

Tarrant 123 

Coomb, see East Heon 136 

Copnor.scf I'ortsmouch .. . 158 

Corhamptou 75 

Uosharn, see WIdley Z78 

Cove 76 

Cowes - East(l."fWlEht).. 315 
CwwoB— Weal (I. of Wight) 316 
Crab wood, see Bparabolt., 250 
Cranbournc, aev Wonstoa.. 206 

Crnwlcy 70 

Creech -Little, see Ham- 

bledon 108 

Cricket Hill, set Yateltiy 304 
Cuckerlilll, see Fareham .. W 
Croekerhlll.see Wkkham.. 278 

Crofton 70 

Crondull, orCrondell 76 

Crookham, see Crondall.... 77 
Crowd Ulll, see Bisbup- 

Blokc 41 

Crowd Hill, see Colilen 

Common 74 

Crowe, ace RIngwood .... 211 
Crown Farm, see Brou;;b- 

ton 62 

Croydon, gee Lymlngtou .. 1X1 

Crux Kaston 77 

Cuponiham, see Uomsey .. 215 

Curdbridge 78 

CuraouSlieet.ste Faccombe 88 
l>ftucbury Hill, scejVndover 25 

UauHuy, see Auport 24 

Darby (ircen, sci; VatclcT- ■ 304 
Dean, see Bishop's Wal- 

tbani 43 

Ueiin. act Spartiholt 209 

Uuau,j(ei' Cpton Cray .... 271 

Dfun— I'rior a 78 

Deane 78 

Ucanc —East 7S 

Dell (The), see KlngBclere,. 127 
Denmead, ate Hatnbledon 106 
D(;nuv Lodge, ace Ueaulleu 30 
Uevil'a Ditch, see Anduver 26 

Dibden 70 

Dii;ker, seeHcckfleld 117 

Dlplcy Ureen.see Hartley 

WiLtucy no 

Dockciifli'ld 79 

Doilwcll, see Bursledun .... S4 

DogmtTBlield 79 

DowDton.see Hordlc 120 

Draytou, see Barton iitacey. 32 
Drayton, see Harllngton. .. OS 

Droxford 79 

Dublio.scf WberweU 276 

Dummer 80 

Dunbrldge, see Bishop's 

Waltham 43 

Duiibrldgc, sec Muttlsruut. 144 

Digitized by 



Diinley.lM8t.]Car7Boiuii« 2IB 
Donwood, «eeCM(WeUo« 275 

I>iirleyTr.....T7r7. 81 

Domnta, am Bt J<Ab'«> 

Harut 112 

KMt Anton, see AndOTer. . 2S 
Kut Afttn, (eeLongpuish 132 
lCutBoldn,(«BoIdn ... 4« 
£ut Bsekliolt, tee But 

TTtheriT 2W 

EMt Choldertou, tee Am- 

port 24 

KutCoww(LorWldit).. 31S 

Kut But, Me SontllBmd- 

dMl«y 31 

Kut Knd, «ee TMigler .... M 
Xut Gnen, Me BentMv ., 40 
KutHoe^ Newtowi^tMr 

Btabop'B Wahhun) .... 14fl 

A SobertoB 228 

But Hem 138 

But Oakley, tu WoMtim 

8t LtnmoM 301 

But Parley, tee Cbrlit- 

ebveh 09 

Xut Btrattob 2M 

But Ttoted 207 

But Tnderlnr, tee But 

Tytbertoy 2«e 

ButTnttoler 209 

But Wdlow. . 274 

But Woodlur. 2» 

ButVoridlum SOS 

BullMd Quit, tee Gather- 

liurton •.....••.•*<•..... H 

BMUdgta 81 

Butacy.flee Portunosth.. IM 

KutOB 81 

Butoo, Me freshwater 

(L of Wlgl^ 321 

Xaatnm, see Sulngatoke. . 34 

BaatwMk, wf Combe 7S 

XeehluwBll, Me Ibdiliu- 

wen 120 

BStord, see MUford 141 

Bs^mry, Me 8t. Hary 

mMnie 219 

XUhA 82 

BUDg 82 

KUlBgham 83 

BUlSuid H 

KUon 84 

KlTethaaft M 

KneryDown^Lyndhnrit 130 

Empsbott 8e 

Kmaworth 86 

ErvUla, Me Hambledon lOs 

KTenley 80 

Krerton , tte Mllford 141 

Bwbunt H7 

BwAott. Ma Crottdall 77 

Kxbnry W 

Kxtoa b7 


Walk 30 

Faeeombe m 

Pair Oak, tee BietaDpetoke. 41 
Pairlce. «ee Wblppln^'bam 

(lilo of Wlgbt). aw 

Pareham Sti 

Parlelgb Wallop m 

Parley Ctaaiaberlayite w 

Parilnifton U3 

Pamborou^i 03 

Pairlngdon U4 

Pawley W 

Pifleld M 

Pf neh Dean, Me rdHWortli . I2fi 

Finkley, see Aodorer 25 

Plihbome. tee Bliutead 

(laleof WIfrbt) 310 

Vlaber** Fosd, tea G»MeB 

Coubkim 74 

Fleet , w 

Po1kab<urT,MaAiidinrar... 25 

Ford, M0 tTpbrn Gray. 2?1 

PordliiitMage 9t 

foraat OieeOf «m Blend- 
worth. 45 

Porton W 

FortOB, aee Loiurpariali,... I3:i 
Poiirpoit«,MeStarley.... 2U 
Knurpoata Hm, Me UIU- 

brooli: 141 

Poxeott w 

PrattOD.seePortsmoatta.. ISd 
Preefolk, MeLaverstOke.. 120 

Preentaatle. 9D 

Trtaiebiaoorjfe Braigtaton 62 
Preahwater (lale of Wight) 320 
^1thaiii,(e<Bramabaw... .Mi 

noghamt«e«Hyde ,. 124 

ftoBflaH : Id 

Frtnrle— Upper A Lower.. 101 
PuUertoo, Ma Wbcrwell .. 276 

PnntlCT, nee Farebam 80 

Pnrzfl HIU, tee llaley 125 

Pnraley, tee Bramaliaw. ... 

Fyfleld, Me Fldeld 9S 

Gatflombe(Ialeof Wiffht).. 322 
QUdden,jMHainble£>&... IOr< 
Godaflcld, tee Alreaftnd ■ . 17 
OodehfU(lBleorwis;ht)... 3& 
Oodshill, GodaMinnolo- 

■nre A OodflhlU Wood, 

MeABbleyWalk 30 

Godwln'§ (Mft. ate Brana- 

gon ■. 60 

Goodworth Clatford 

Goodyear's Green,Mf Hart- 
ley Weapall Xlo 

Gore, aee Xilton. 142 

Gorley— North, tee Hyde.. 124 
GoTley— Sooth, aee Ibaley , 125 

Gosport 102 

GraMtey 100 

Qieat BwanuUU^ Erera- 

ley 80 

Great Haltema, see I'orta- 

moath ISO 

Great Teatwood, see Elittg 82 

Greatham 107 

GneBlKniae Tarm,>ee Aih- 

ley Walk 30 

Oraywdlor Grewell 107 

Onmarri, ne Wut Cdwcs 

(lile of WlghU 310 

Hale 10? 

Hambledm UW 

HaaUe-le-BIoe,orBaaible loo 

Hun, SM Baogfannt 3D 

Hammer Talc, see Bram- 

abott CO 

HampdttreCroasjtee South 

TIdworth 207 

Mannington lOD 

Hapsley, Me Facoombo. . . . 

Harbridge lOD 

HaCTll(iy,Me Pawlcy 95 

Hardway, see Klwn 81 

Uareatoek.seeLltUcton 131 
Hamrood, Me Andorrr... 25 
Hartfiird Brtdge,Me Elvet- 

ham 85 

Rartftird Bridge, see Hart- 
ley Wlntney 110 

Hartley Bow, see Hartley 

Wintney 110 

Hartley MandJtt 110 

Harttoy Weapall llO 

HarUey Wlntney 110 

Hatehwoods, seeOdlbam.. IV 
U atberdcn, see Andover. . . '25 
Hatt Common, see Bast 

Woodbay. 390 

Ha«at Ill 

Uaren Street, see Arreton 

(isle of Wlgbt) 3O0 

Hawkley 114 

Hawlcy 114 

Hayling.. 115 

HaaelyHeatbtsee Hatting- 

ley 13" 

Headbonme Worthy 30-i 

Headley UO 

Head ley Common, see 

KlngaeletB 127 

Heatberwold, see Bugh- 

elere 63 

Hookfleld iU 

Hc^End 117 

Henatlng, see Ctdden Com- 
mon 74 

Herds, see But TUted.... 207 

Heirfard 117 

Hlgtudere 177 

Hlitfa Town, see Ringwood 
Hl^wood, see Bllinglism . 8* 

Hin, SM Droxfijrd. 70 

HlU,M«BhlrIey. 224 

Hill, see Swanmore 304 

HUl Btreet, see Ketley 146 

HUlilde, SM Odiham. 147 

Hllsea, see Wymerlng 303 

Hlnehelaea, tee Brooken- 

hurtt 01 

Hinton. or HlntOB Admiral 116 
Hlnton, seeCatherlntton.. 06 

HlntOB Anpner. 118 

Hlpley. lie 

Hoddmgton, tee Upton 

Gray. 271 

Hoe— Baat, Me Hewtown. 140 

A Sobetton 238 

Hoe— West, we Blihop'a 

Waltbam.. 43 

Iliflbary,«MFnrl9 W 

Holbnry, Ma Loekerley.... 181 

Holdenhnrst IIV 

Holllngton, seeBaatWood- 

hay 2»B 

Holly Hateh, tee Broomy.. 62 

Holnisley, MsBnrley. 04 

Holt(Tlie},sM Odiham.... 148 
Holtham, see But TUted., 267 

Holyboome 110 

Hook (near Odiham). 120 

Hook (near Paraliam). .... 130 

Hordle, or Hordwell 120 

Homdeao,seeCathedngton 00 
Horsdon Oonunon, tee 

Long Sutton. 261 

Horaden, see Odiham 147 

Horaea Island, tee Portc 

mottth ISO 

Horaebridge, ws King's 

Sombome....^ 228 

Horton HeaO, «aB Btshni- 

Btoke 41 

Houghton 121 

HoqghtOB DtSTton, see 

Bonditon. 121 

Hound! 121 

Hound Green, see Hattlng- 

ley, 187 

Hoxall, ass Mottlstone 

(L of Wlsht) 324 

Hughe* conuKm, see 

i^wley M 

HulToratone, tee Shalfleet 

(L of Wight). 346 

Hnngerforo, tee Bursledon 61 

Hongertbrd, tee Hyde 124 

Hnnny Bill, tee Carla- 

brooke (L of Wlg^it) m 

Hnnton 122 

Hum, SM Ghriatehnrch.. . . 60 

Hundey 122 

HursHiocmie Priora. 123 

Hnratboume Tarrant. 123 

Hyde. 124 

Hythe 124 

Ibaley 1^5 

Ibtborp or Ibtbrop, see 

Harstboume Tarrant... - 123 
Ibwortb, see Hannlngton.. 100 

Idaworth 125 

Iford, seePokoBdown 155 

Illafleld, >M KUlafleld 84 

Inhurst, tee Baughnrat . ... 30 

Ipley, tee Fawley 06 

lalngton, see Blnated 41 

Itchell Hanor, SM Crondall 77 
Itchen, tee St. Mary Bxtra 220 

Itchen Abbu 125 

Itchen Stoke 125 

ItcUngnreU..' lit 

Kempahott, tee Winelade 2»7 
Key Haven, tee UlUbrd.. 141 

KilniiBtou 1-a 

Klrnmer, tee Faeeombe — 88 

Kimpton 126 

KlDgadere 127 

KingBClere Woodlands, see 

Kbgaolere 128 

King's Bombome 228 

King's Worthy 302 

Klngaley 128 

KingBUin(L of Wight).... 323 
Kingston, see Pornea — 158 
Kingston, SM Bfngwood .. 211 
Knigbton, see Newcbureb 

(L of Wight) 524 

Knight's Bnham 120 

Knowle, see Pareham .... 88 
Lainston, tee Sparaholt.. 250 

Lake (1. of Wight) 323 

Landport 150 

Langdown, tee Hythe .... 124 

Langley, see Bltng 82 

Langley, see FawiBr W 

Langrlsh 120 

Laiucston,aw Hannt .... 112 

Lasham 129 

I.areratoke 129 

Leckford 130 

Lee, tee Bomaey 215 

Lepe, SM Bxbnry 87 

Li^t Green, see HarUey 

Wospall 110 

Limeratone, see Brixton 

(LofWigh^ 312 

Unbrook, see Bllhlgham.. 84 

Ltnford.seeBroomT 62 

Llnkenhott 130 

Llnwood. tee Broomy .... 62 
Ltphook, see Bnunsholt . . 60 

Ltaa 130 

LttehAeld 131 

Little Angleeey.tee Angle- 
sey » 


LitUe Ann, Me Abbott's 

Ann 13 

Little Bramshlll, tee Brer- 

aley 80 

Little Creech, tee Hamble- 
don 108 

Little London,see Andover 25 
Little London, tee Famber ISl 
Little 8Dmbome,tMKing'8 

Sombome 228 

LitUeTeatwood,<MNeUey 146 

Littleton lU 

Loekerley 181 

Londfm— Little, see An- 

dovsr 26 

London— Llttla,teePamber 151 
London Mlnatead, see Hln- 

atesd 143 

Long ConnUM, MB Botley. 47 

Long Sutton 204 

Longdown,seeCollHn7— H 

Longparlah 182 

Longatock 132 

Longwood, see Catherlng- 

ton M 

Loper Wood, see Netlcy... 146 
Love Dean, see Catheing- 

tOB H 

Lower Boekhampton, sea 

Bransgoie .* 

Lower IlltqFlai loi 

Lower Shoddeaden, tee 

Kimpton U6 

Lower Wield, laa Wield 27t 
Lower Wootton, sm Woot- 

ton St. LawrcBoa SOI 

Lowfbid, SM Borsladon ... 04 
Loyal Coart, ass Soath 

Baddealey ^ 

Lumps, ses Portamootb... 190 

Lyeway,sesBoEtey. 2» 

LymingtoB m 

Lyndhurst 1* 

I..y8S, tee Lias 13lt 

HBidenattme,sM Bnrsledon 04 
Halnabridge, see South _ 

Stoneham 282 

MainatoBe,teoHoma^.... M6 

MaplednrweU W 

Marchwood "7 

Martyr Worthy Jw 

Matthigley UT 

Haybnab.sM Hillbrook... 141 
Hedatead, or Headated ... 137 

Meon-Kut JW 

Heon Btoke 1** 

Boon— Weal 

ilerryoak, see St. Mary 

Extra 220 

Hersley, tee NewchnrcAi (I. 

of Wight) 

Ueraton,tM Arreton (I. of 

Wight) 309 

Mlcbeland, tee Hipley 119 

Mlcheldever l* 

Miohelmerah 140 

Middle Boekhampton, SM 

Branagpre 60 

Sliddte Wallop, tec Nether 

ft Upper Wallop 272 

MIddleoot, see Amport 24 

Mlddleton, see Freshwater 

(I. of Wight) S21 

Mtddleton, tee Longparlab 132 

Milfbrd 141 

SlilkweU, see West World- 

liMn 502 

Millbrook 141 

HUlor's Pord, tee AAley 

Walk M 

MUton 1« 

Milton, tee Portsraooth ... 199 
Uim^gfieMiSesDurleT... 81 
HtncstMd, see Mint teat.. 143 

Minley l« 

Klnttfsil 14S 

Hltehelderer. see Mtobel- 

dever 139 

HJtebelmarsh, tee Hlchel- 

merah 1*5 

Mockbeggar.sM Farebam. 89 
Mockb^gar.tMlbsley.... 126 
Uollin'sToncUe«Thraxton 266 

Honk Sherborne ^ 

HonkwooditeeBoploy.... 218 

Monxlon 141 

Hoordown 141 

Uoor Down, tM Holden- 

horst 119 

Moor Green, tea Weat 

End » 

Hoortown, tee Rlngwooa.. 211 

jforeatead 144 

Hortlmar Woat MaA ' Hf 

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INDEX TO Kelly's imrrciort of nAMPSBiRi. 



Morton, M Bndlv (I- of 

Wheht). 311 

VottSfont 144 

JfootitoneU-of Wlskt)... 323 
Mount Pleuuit,M«Wbar- 




HneeleslMll, we 

bunt 1» 

HwMord US 

Mfldmon, me Ashler 

WwA 30 

Hnrrell Onea, M* Odlbam 147 
HawlUTe, mb Holdanbnrat. liv 
SMtalj)Sema,tef6csna.. 221 
KMcraft, tea Bnosfrot*- • • ^ 
Neftttui, «M H^boune. lll> 
]Mliertc«,*ee>>e<»mbe.. 8K 

Ifettas WaUop.-. 271 

Betler 1« 

SMej, tee Hound 121 

Httkif Abb«7. Hound . 121 

Mev AtraSbrd 17 

Hew Barn, tee Honthwlck . . 2w 
HewFon»t.«eeLTiidlinnt ISe 
Mewbrfdse. aee north 

KQw S3 

Snrbndge, see ahftl&eet 

(IdeoTWlglit} 340 

SewAwvh or Wlgfal) 324 

evfonnd, eee VTootton Bt. 

Liwicnee; 901 

HembaiK 145 

HmrPaAjeeBroekenbnm (1 
Newport (hie <tf ffigbt}.. 324 
Hewtim Stftcer. Me Barton 

naeejr 32 

HewtoB Valene* 14e 

Mcwtown (nw Blabop's 

WalUunn) 146 

Newton (near Newburj) 144 
Xewtcnra, are Calbourne 

(IdeofWlgbt) 312 

BewUnni,m Ibiilejr m 

Newtown, «ee Hudeford .. 145 
Newtown, eee St. lUry 

Extra 220 

Klnffwoo«L see ShaUteet 

(leie ofvrtebt) 34S 

Ntton(I*I«4fvlght) 332 

Mo Maa*a Land, see Hore- 

atead M 

Koriey, see 8tb. Bsddealey 31 
Nortbam.ieeSoutbamptoa 231 
Monh Baddeale^, see Bad- 

dealer 31 

Nonta Boarhont, see Boar- 
bunt 40 

Kmtli Brook, see Kletael- 

dBTCr 140 

Nortb Cbarford.eee Hale.. 107 

XortbSllnz 83 

SoOb Snd. »M North 

Stoneham 241 

North Gorier, see Hrde.. 124 
North Harllng.seeHayilng 116 

Morth Uakbtou 121 

North Houghton, tee 

Hooirhton 121 

Nortb Stoneham 261 

North Waltbam iTi 

Nwtta WarDborontch. see 

Odlham 147 

Northlntcton 140 

Nortliwood(lale of Wight) 313 
Noiton, see Freshwater 

(1^ of Wight) 321 

Nonling 147 

Norsted, see Buriton S3 

Natbean.see WeyhtU 27S 

Nntley 147 

NaUhalllng, see Narsltng 147 
Oakfleld, see St. Ueleo'i 

(lileot Wight) 312 

Oakhaoger, see Selboroe.. 221 
OakteT— Eaat, seeWootton 

St Lavraice 301 

Odlbun 147 

Ogdeni, see Ashtey Walk 30 

Old Atreeford 17 

Old Basing, net Baling .... 32 
Old Shtrtey, see Shirley .. 225 

Otterboome 14a 

Otterwood,seeBcuiUea.... SB 

Orerton 149 

Orcr Wallop, see Upper 

Wallop 272 

Ortagton ISO 

OiKT, tee Fswler 9S 

Ower.see North Slinff .... 83 

OwiUbvy..... UO 

Onaboan. tee Xaat Heon 138 
Feiiioll,Me Blendwortli.. 4S 


Palne^.seeLotikerle<r- isi 
Paianee Qate, xee North- 
wood (Isleof Wight).... 333 
Palmer's Conrt, see Bargb- 

clere S3 

Pandwr 101 

Park— Sonth, tee KImpton 126 
Park Hooae, sm Shlpton- 

BeUlBfrtt 224 

ParUrarat Foreat, see 

Cariabrook«(LofWl«ht) 31.1 
Parlor— Eaat, Cbnat- 

churoh SO 

Parsonage, see Whltehnrcb 277 
Paaafleld, ate Bramalintt . . 60 

Peak,MeKaat]l«OB 138 

FMkIbrdHlll.MV KImpton 126 
Pearttoa^seeraitfiam....'. W 
Peartrae Graea, tee St. 

Karr Extra 220 

PenMri^.seeBcaaUcB .. «v 

Fanalagun m 

Fmton GraftotitWe Wer- 

fciU. , 278 

PentonHmaj.... 151 

Petanlleld lOK 

Pewit Island, see Porta- 

moath ISO 

Fhcenlx Oreen. see Hartley 

Wlatney m 

FleketFo«t,s(rBorler.... SI 
Plka>a Hm. see Lntdharat 136 
PUeot, see Donaeraflald . . 7» 

PUler. see Bo Id re 44 

Pitt, see Huraler 122 

Pitta Deep, tee Sonth Bad- 

desler 31 

Pokesoown 159 

PoUad, see Odiham 149 

PoUoek^seeSonthStoneham 262 
Pook'fl Green, see Harch- 

vood 13B 

Popbam 154 

Poroheater 155 

Portadown 154 

Portaea 158 

P<»t8ea Island, see PorU- 

moaHi 158 

Portamontb 150 

Portawood, see South- 
ampton 232 

PotkIln.BeeHnrsler 122 

PotwelLseeWrmsring.... 304 
Poainer, see Rlngwood — 211 

Preston Candover 65 

PrlddT'sHard,ieeElson.. M 
Prleatlanda,SM Lnnlagton 133 
Prineelett, see Newchureh 

(Isle of Wight) 324 

Prior's Dean 78 

Priyett 206 

Prosperous, see Horst- 

bonme Tarrant 123 

Fnrbrook 209 

Purewelt. see Chrlstchureb 70 
Pyle HiU, see Bishop- 
stoke 41 

luarler 209 

joarler Hill, see Andorer 26 
K^ged Appleabaw, see 

Aroteahaw 30 

ft WerblU 275 

Banudale 209 

Ramsdean, see Langrlsh.. isg 
KamadeU, see Ranudale.. 209 
Bat Island, see Ooaport .. 103 
Bedaa HUl, see Alderahot 12 

Bedbridge 200 

Bedenham, tee Flfleld — as 

BedhlU, see Havant 112 

Regent's Park, see MIU- 

brook 141 

RhlneAeld, see Broeken- 

hurst 61 

Rldgewar, aea 8t Harr 

Kitrm 220 

Rlngwood , 210 

Rlpler, see Sopley 229 

RlpUngton, see East Heon l.<t8 
RiveTBOown, see Wamford 273 
Ro<!kboume, or Sock- 

burne 213 

Rookford,see EUlngham.. 84 

Ronuer 2t3 

Eookley, see Arreton 309 

A, Oodshlll (Isle of 

Wight) 323 

Bopley 2)8 

Rotherfleld, see East Til- 
ted 2S7 

Rotherwlck 218 

Ronnd ABh,see Tangier.. 266 
Rowland's Caatle 219 



Rownhama 219 

Rnmbr idge, see filing .... 82 

RydeCIsleofWl^t) 333 

Rye, see Odiham 147 

St. Helen's (Isle of 

Wight).... 342 

SL Join's, see Byde (Isle 

o( Wight) 334 

Saint Cawreocc (Isle of 

Wight) 343 

St. Hary Bonme 2LS 

St. Hary Extra 22t> 

Salterns— Oreat, see Porta- 
montb ISO 

Sandford, see Blatenie .... 44 
Sandhill Heatb,see Boek- 

bonme 213 

Saadown (Isle of Wight}.. 344 

Sarlabury 220 

Sarson, see Amport 24 

Satchell, see Hound 121 

Sebollng, see ShoUng 227 

Seures 221 

Sea Tlew, see St Helen's 

(Isle of Wight) 342 

Selbome 221 

Settey.aeeBroekeahnrst.. 42 
Seven Barrows, see Uteh- 

fleltt ISl 

Sbaklen 232 

ShaUleet(Iale<tf wight) .. 344 
Shamblehorat, see Sobtli 

Stoneham 218 

Shankllnaale ot Wight) .. 346 
bapley Heath,ses Wlaeh- 

fleld 297 

SbawfimLsaeCoiurton.... 74 

ft TwyfbrdTTTV. 2S» 

Sheet, ass Petera&dd 152 

Sherborne 8L John 222 

Sberixnne— West,ieeHoBk 

Sherborne 222 

Shertleld BngUsh 223 

Sberfield-on-London 223 

Ihldfield 224 

SblptMi— BeUlver 244 

Shirley 224 

Shiriey, see Scnley 220 

Shirley Warren.seeShirler 224 
Shlrrell Heath, see Shld- 

fleld 224 

Shobler, eee Broony K 

Sbodd esdcn — Upperft Low. 

see Kim|iton 124 

Sholing 227 

Shorwell (Isle of Wight).. 346 
Siddown HUl, see lligh- 

elere 118 

Sidford. fee Shirley 224 

Sldmonton,seeSyamonton 2A5 

Silehester 227 

BUkstead, see Comptoa .... 75 

ft Hnrsley 122 

Slackstead, see Farl^ 

Cbamberlayne 92 

Smannell, see Andorer.... 29 
Snoddlngton, see Shtpton- 

BeUIager 2H 

Soberton 228 

Soke (The), see Bopler ...218 

Som borne- Kind's 228 

Sombome— Little, see 

Klnff'R Somborae 228 

Somemrd, tee Chrlat- 

church 69 

Sopley 229 

Southampton 230 

South Baddosley 31 

South Bonme, see Pokea- 

down 159 

South Brook, see Klehel* 

derer 140 

South Cliarfbrd,aee Braa- 

more • SI 

South Cbarford, see Hale.. 107 
Sonth EUng, see EUng .... 82 
South Qorley, see Iboiey.. 125 
Sonth Hayllng, see Hayllng 115 
Soutii Park, see Kimpton 120 

Sonth Stoneham 262 

South Tidwortb 266 

Sonth WamboroBgh 273 

South Yarmouth, see Tar- 

mouthflsleof Wight).... 365 
Southend, see Newtown 

(near Bishop's Waltham) 146 
Southington,seeOrerton.. too 
Southmore, see Uottlatone 

(iBle of Wight) 324 

Sonthrope, see Hanlaiid.. 117 

Sonthsea 160 

Soutbwtck 259 

8owley,M« Beanllen 89 

Sparsnolt 259 


Ma Borne* 


SprfngValc, see St. Helen's 

(lale of Wight) 34« 

Stakes, see Waterloo 274 

Stamabaw, see Portsmouth 159 
Standrord,«eeHeadley.... 116 

Standon, seeBnrslcy 122 

Stanpit. tea GhrlatcluirGb 09 
Stanswood,«eFawley.... 93 

Stapeley, sea Odiham S47 

.'^taplflCMaa, sea Barton.. 6S 

Steep 269 

Steep Harsh, tet Stiwp.. 26t 

Slerenton ...» MB 

Stoekbridge 260 

Stockheatfi, saa Havant.. 112 
Stoke, see St Hary Boone Sl9 

atoke Charity 261 

Stoke Coaiinow,aee BlskW- 

atoke 41 

Stone, seeFawley 9S 

Stoneham— North SU 

Stoneham— South 242 

Stony Croaa, see Hiaatead 143 
dtourfleld.«ee Chrlstehureli 49 
Stourfleld-seeHoldenhntst 119 

StntOeld Mortimer. 283 

StratfleldMye , 243 

Stratfleld Taigla 243 

Strattoa-M 244 

Stratton-Weat, aee Xleh- 

aUerar 140 

Stroad, see Steep a09 

giMMid CoramOn,«eeLaag^ 

riab. ....r.. m 

Strond Common, see Steep 249 
Stnbbtngton. sea Croftoa.. !• 
Uueton, see Fordliwbridge M 

Sutton— Long SOt 

SuttonScotoey^eeWonatou 208 
Swaropton, see St. Hary 

Bonme 219 

Swanmore 265 

Swanmore, see Ryde (lale 

of Wight) 334 

Swantborp, see Crondall. . 77 
Swanthoip (or Swanthrop) 

—Upper, see Crondall... 77 
Swanwlck, see Sarlabury .. 220 

SwanratOD 264 

Swathllng,seeNorth Stone- 
ham 261 

ft Sonth Stoaebam.-.. 202 

Sway, or Swaye 265 

Sydmonton 966 

Tadley 2S6 

Tangier, see Fortsmonth.. 15U 

Tanglay 265 

TatchbDry, see KUng 82 

Tatchbury Hanor, see Net- 
ley....' 144 

Tatchbury Honnt, see Net- 
ley....: 146 

Testwood— Great ft Uttle, 

see EUng 82 

Testwood— Little, sse Net- 
ley 149 

Thorley (Isle of Wight) .. S40 
ThomeyHUl,see Bransgore 60 
Throop, see Holdenhorat 110 

Thrnxton ?66 

Tichboma 286 

TIdbury Ring, see Balling- 

ton 13 

Tidworth-Sonth 244 

Tilly Down,see Appleabaw 30 

TidsbBFT 247 

Tisted-Eaat 267 

Ttsted Knapp, see Waat 

Tilted ...f.V. 247 

TISted-West 267 

Titcblteld 267 

ToothlU, see Romser 219 

Totland Bay, lee Fresh- 
water (lale of Wight) .. 321 

Totton, see Eling 82 

Tnekton, see Canetchureb eu 
TuderleV'-East, see East 

Tytherley 260 

Tuderley— Waat, see West 

Tytherley 270 

TuRon 20et 

T nnderry Groen,«eeWin«b- 

fleld 297 

Tunworth 268 

Twyfbrd 26B 

TytWley-East 200 

Tytherley— West 270 

Ubderclir,Ma NItOB 331 

Up Sombone, see King's 

Sombonie 228 

IJp-Nately 270 

Uphan 270 

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INDEX TO Kelly's dirrotohy of Hampshire. 


Upper Clfttford 7S Weeke 274 

Upper Eldon, M£ EldoB .. 62 Well, fee LoU Batten 2M 

Upper FrOTle 101 Weliow. lee SnidflMt (I. of 

Upper Sboddeiden, 8te I fVigbt) 346 

Iffnraton 126 Wellow— Eait 274 

UpperSnatliorpiiWfCroii* iWellBworth, Me Blend- 

diai 77! worth 45 

Upper WftUop 272 Wern, iMBargbelere.... 03 

l^per Wield, gft Wield ... 270 Wert A«ton, tee Long- 
Upper Wootton, $ee Woot- l parlgh 1S2 

ton St. Lawrenee 301 wut Bnckholt. aee Kut 

Uptoa, nee Hnntboame I Tftberley 2W 

Tarrsnt 123jWest Cowes (Isle of 

Upton, lee Wanting 147 1 Wtgbti 361 

UptOD, fee VembuB 271 . West End. <ee Sonth 

Upton Qnj 2711 Sumehun 2fl2 

Ventnor(I.oCingM) 340 West Green, ite Hutley 

VemhKm, or vaabKiu I Wlntney 110 

Dean 271|We8t Uoe, aee Blshop'i 

VIdleTran.MeMllfoTd ... I4l| Wilthun 43 

WacuaDd, fee Newchnrcli .WestUeon 139 

( Wlriit) 824, Wert 8bert>ome,m Honk 

Wftde,ae«EUnff 82 1 Sherborne 222 

Wade, $ee WarSlington .... 273 1 West StrmttOB. lee Mlehel- 

Walhampton, lee Boldre.. 46 derer 140 

WaBop-Nether 2Tt|Wert listed 267 

Wallmgton,reeFuebMn.. Sff.Wert Tsderley, see Wvit 

Wallop-Upper 272 Tytberley 270 

Waltbam— North 272 West ']mherler 270 

WartUngton 273 ; West WorMham 302 

Warbome, ««e Boldre — 40 WeBtbonme, tee Bonme- 
Vanborong'h— North, aee i month SO 

Odthsm l47'We8t«ote,8ef Blasted .... 41 

WamboTon&b— South,... 273 Westley, see Sparstaolt 209 

Wamtord 273 Weaton 27S 

Waraasb, tee Hook (near ,Weatoa,fee Bnrlton 83 

Fareham) 120, Weston, see Freshwater (I. 

Warwirk, tee Bt Hary I of Wight) 321 

Bonrne 220 Weston, im Hlcbeldcrer.. 140 

Waterditeh, seaBnuugore 60, Weston Conunon, tee St. 
Water Imb Hatdi, see Mary Extra 220 

Winch&eM 297 Weaton Corbett 27S 

Waterloo 274, Weston X^ne, see Upton 

Waterkwvllle 27*1 Oi^ '...271 

Waterswell Cross, tee Weston Patrick 27S 

Tangier Wherwell.. 276 

Wattensft>rd,seeEtngwood 211 WoTtifU 175 

Weald, see Wield ZTD.Whaler.JMPortsmoBtb.. 160 

Weck,seeStll«r7Boanie219 Whcattey.sMBlnsted .... 41 


WbcaUheaf Common, tee 

Bramshott 60 

Wherwell 276 

Wblpptngbam(I.of Wight) 3S3 

Whitehorcb 276 

Whltcomb, lee Cariibrooke 

(I.ofWlebt) 313 

White Hall, see Odiham.. 148 
WUtehill, see Blendworth 45 
WbiUejrRklge, are Brork- 

enhnrst 61 

Whltabnry 277 

Wbitway, Bee Bnrgbelere . . 63 
Whltweiia. of Wight).... M* 
Wick, see Cbrlstcbnrch .. 09 
Wlck,«eeSt. Mary Bonrne. 219 

WIckham 278 

Wiokham Lodge, tee New- 
town (near Bishop's 

Waltbam) 146 

Wloock, see Catherlngton 66 
WIcor, see Forobeeter .... 169 

Widley 278 

Wield 879 

WIgleyOwer.swEUng.... 82 
WlIdbem,s««AadOTer .. 29 
Wilrertey Walks, see 

Rblnelleld 61 

Wlmpson, seeHlUbrook,. 141 

Winchester 279 

Wlnchfleld 297 

WInfbrd, see Newohnreh 

(1, of Wight) 324 

Wlnklebnry, see Baalng- 

Btoke 34 

Wfnktoa, tee Burton 65 

WInnall, see Winohestar.. 281 

WInaUd 207 

Wlnaon, see NewehnrehfL 

of Wight) 324 

Wlnsor, see North Ellng. . 83 
Wlnton, sM Uoordown .. 143 
Wirelet, f ee Bentwortb .. 40 
Wlrelrod, see Bentworth.. 40 
WolTerton.orWolfteton.. 296 
Wolrerton Commim, see 

KIngaelero.... 127 

WonnngUm, tee Wonstoa 208 
WAnaton 298 


Woodbury, see Somsey .. 2ir, 
Woodeote, see Bramdean . . 68 

Woodeott 299 

Woodgarston, see Honk 

Shenome 222 

Wood Green 299 

Woodbana, xee Andorer . . 25 

Woodtaay— East 21P9 

Woodhouse, see Andorer 29 
Woodlngton Comnuin, tee 

East Wellow S75 

Woodlands, se«Nelley.... 145 
Woodley, seeBomser .... 216 
Woodmanoote, or wood- 

maneott 900 

Woodslde OrMD.Me Vem- 

ham 271 

Woolner Foreattes Bram- 

shott 60 

Wools, see Bomaey 215 

Woolston 800 

Wooltcm Hfll, tee East 

Woodbay- 299 

WoolTerton,seeWolTerton 298 
Wootton(L of Wight)..,. 354 

Wootton, see Hilton 142 

Wootton Bridge, nee 

Wootton a. of WIgbt).. 854 
Wootton St Lawrenea.... 301 
Wootttm— Upper It Lower, 

see Wootton St. Law- 
rence 301 

Woiidham— East * West 302 
World's End.see Hlpley.. 119 

Worting 808 

Wortlng Town's End, sea 

Daaingrtoke 38 

Wroxall (I. ofWight) .... 364 

WTck,seeBlttsted 41 

Wyke, see Weeke 274 

Wykehani,seeWiekham.. 278 

Wymerlng 303 

Varbrldge, ses Brading(I. 

ofWl^t) 811 

Tarmonth (I. of Wight) SA6 

Yateley 304 

YaTerland(I.orwight) .. SU 
Youlla, see Catherlngton . . 80 

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With Beftreaee to the PUoas under which they will be found in this Volama. 


Abbesa erange. WUllan Loannu eaq. tte Leckford 130 

AlwbottBotne. Fnnk Bnd-faaw bm. j.p. tee H<Hric ri<i 

Adburr botiM^n. Aikwrlght,SM Bnivhclen 63 

Adbmr pwk, wllUun Fox eiq. j.p. ate Btughelere 03 

Adbant St. Mary. John Bonhun-Cartcr oq. d.Ih, t.v. tet 

Sheet 153 

Aldenhot Uftnor honie, Cftpt. George Hewcome J.r, tee 

Aldenhot 14 

Aldenliot puk, Lleot.-Oolonel JobD Pofrct, Mf Aldenhot li 
AiUm hoiwe. Colonel Blr George SwBBel Brooke Pecbell 

ban. an Alton 31 

Anp8eldlionae,BeiT. John White B.A. tMAmpfleld 24 

Amptnt bouse, MarqnlB of Wiscbeater ( Lord Lieotenuit), 

tee Amporc 24 

ADglcaej lodge, Krs. Olbson. see Alverttoke 2S 

Appier towen, Rt. Bon. Sir WlUUm Uatt k.c.b., p.c *ee 

tifc. John'!, lale of W^bt 334 

Armswortb house, Thomu AldeimaB Houghton esq. j.p. 

»>« Armflworth 17 

Arte BaTT.Capt Oeorge Fru.Hux J.p.iecNeir Alreatord 17 

Aabe pare, Lieut. -Ot^nel llobert Portal, j.p. tee Aahe 30 

Aahford lodge, Hra. W. H. Hawker, lee Steep 260 

Ashley Clinton, Henry Clinton eaq, tee UlltoD 142 

Ashley bouse. Hiaa Tannton, tee Aabley 30 

Aahltng houae, Tbomaa Jonea eaq. tee Hambledon XW 

Arington park, Edward Bhelley esq. tee Arfngton 31 

Avon cMtle, John Tomer-Tamereiq. ««Btngwood.... .. 211 

Atod Tyrrell, NeTfUHaiii^B«tMnnBeeM.M« Aran.. S2» 
AwteUge Danea, Bar. Tbomaa Heatheote nagett if.A, 

J.p. seeAwbridge 140 

Badd«aley Manor aonae, Geo. Sir Thonua Keed o.c.b. tee 

Baddealey SI 

Badnc park, Wm. Nlcholaon esq. ii.p., j.p. see rrozfleld . 101 
BanKborat bouse, Walter J. Hanter esq. «ee Banghurst . , 39 
Bayhoose, Ser. Bdward Barney M.A.iJ'.P. see AIvGrstoke 22 
Bemofort lodg^ William Fltt Cordery esq. lee Wlnebeater 283 
Bcaoiepalre, Albed * Bsnry WeloB-Thomton eaqn, tee 

Sberboine Bt. Jobs 223 

BeeA hosee, J. Henry Dart eaq. j.p. «r« Bransgore 80 

Bieebwood house. Hn. Halocdm, «h North Xlwr 83 

Beembam eoart, wUllan HoUUng wq. j.p. tea KjBgKlen 

Woodland* 128 

Bebnont honse, Wm. Philip Snell eaq. tee Bedhampton .... 40 
Balaorahotue, Walter Long, Jna. eaq. j.f. jw Upuai.... 270 

Bantworth hall, Hon. Mrs. Ires, fee Bentworth 40 

BcBCwcathlodge^C^.Fiedk.8tairiieniJ.p.HeBentworth 40 

Berd^;h houat Mra. Forbes, aee kast Meon 116 

Blsterne park. John MOla «n. j.r. tee BIsteme 44 

Blttatae gron, If^or T. Bnunston Bamltton m.a. aee 

Bltterne 44 

Bitterns Manor lunue. Stenart Maanaghten eaq. tee 

Bitteme 44 

Maekmow. RLHon. LordSelbomepAseeBdbOTna ....SSI 
Blendw^ lodge, Blr WilUant Wdlesler Kn^tcm bart. 

j:.p. see Blendwoiib 4S 

BUgbmoDt, Arthur Bob(.Hashtenesq.J.P.«eeHIUbroDk.. 142 

BoHre grange, John Lane S&nbb esq. see Boidre 4a 

Boaeombie tower. Sir Henry Dnuamond Wolff KJs.a., 

G.C.M.a.. J.P- tee Boaoombe 57 

BoBsisgton honse, William Henry Deverell esq. j.p. te* 

Boutngton 47 

Brambrl&e house. Sir Thomas Fatrbaln bart d.l.,j.p. tte 

Bnmbndge - 74 

Ibwnbrldge villa, Joamh Atitlns eaq. tee Brambrldge .... 74 
Bramahiirpark, Ber. Sir ^niliaa Henry Cope bart. m.a. 

tee Ereniley 84 

Breamm booae, Blr Edward Hulae bart i>.i.., j.p. tee 

Breamote 41 

Bn>adbanger.Hr«.Oreenwood,eeeFroxfle1d 101 

Broadlands, Right Hm. William Fraads Cowper- Temple 

i.r. tee Romsey 215 

Broekoihctrst lodge, Nathaniel Bowden Smith esq. J.P.Me 

Broekenhnrat 42 

Broekenhnrat park, John Horant esq. j.p. Broeken- 
hnrat 01 

Brook bouae. Charlee S^ely esq. a.r., d.l., j.p. «n Brook, 

of Wight 312 


Brooke house, Henry Foard-HaiTis laq. tee Hawley 119 

Brooklanda, Spenoer Smith eaq. j.p. see Sariabury 22 ' 

BrookUnda, HBthiasBnckwwtii Wllksesq.seeLyndhnrat IW 
Brookwood park, Mn. Oncnwood, tee Jllnton Ampner... n» 
Bnckfleld. Jobn Btsmston Btaae esq. aee Sherfteld-on* 

Loddoo 2S3 

Bare Homage, Prank Ricardo eaq. see Mndeford 145 

Bnrgnte bouae, John Corenfry esq. tee FordiDgbrldge .... 98 
Burerhelere Hanorfaouae. lfn.BaX'Iroiuide,ieeBarghelere 63 
Burley U anor, William Clement Drake Esdalle eaq. j.p. 

tee Burley 64 

Burlyna bouae, John Lindaey eaq. j.p. tee East Woodhay 200 

Burton hall, Mrs. Vtaicent Wing, tfe Burton «5 

Bury lodge. Colonel Thomas Butler, xrr Hambledon 118 

Byams bouse, WlUlaa Oaseolgne Koy esq. see Harch- 

wood 137 

Cadland houses Sdgar Athellag DnuBBMDd esq. D.&.. j.p. 

tee Fswiey W 

Cadllngton, Admiral Sir Michael Seymour a.c.B., j.p. tee 

Blendworth 43 

Cams hall, Henry Peter Delmi eaq. nee Faretaam tM 

Candover honse, Capt. Fredcriek Edmund Caldwell, tee 

Brown Candorer CS 

Castle Hurst, Hator Edward Bowles, tee Cariabrooke, lalo 

of Wight SIS 

Gastlemalwood, General Parker, MS Mlnstead 143 

Cattaerlngtra hrnue, Lleut-CoL George Brigjcs j.p. tee 

Catherfngton i • 00 

Cfaawton Boose, Xontagn OMqte Knight eaq. J.r. see 

Chawton TT. «7 

ChUtley bouae, Jamea Whltehltl Stevens esq. see Liphook 60 

Chllwwrtii Manor bouse, Hra. Fleming, see Obllworth «6 

Clanvllle lodge, Capt John Tyasen ae« ClanriUe 27* 

Clare park, H^or George Francis Bindt J.r. tee Crondall 70 
Glatfbrd lodge, Wilifam Fowle esq. see Upper Clatford .... 73 
CUIIden, James William Hitehell eaq. j.p. see Boiiebnrcb, 

lale of Wight 310 

Colbnry manor, John Everett eaq. j.p. see Nettey 145 

Colbury manor, William Vandrey eaq. see Oolbury 74 

Cold Eaat, Nathaniel Honteflore esq, J.r.see Sarubnry... 220 

Colchay, Rev. George Horaley Palnwr m.*. see Steep. 2AJ 

Compton house, Foster Hortlmore esq. see King's Bom- 
borne 228 

Coabam house, B<Aert EdwardDavletesq.l.P.seeCoflham 279 
CranbnvT paA, Tankervllle Chamberiayne esq. J.P. 

Hnraiey 122 

Crawley oout. Adam Kennard esq. j.p. ht Crawley 76 

CuiTtaaUs, Reginald Hargraavea eaq. see Lyndhnral 136 

DeaBehouserMra. Codmwton^e Kllmlston IM 

DaerLeap.Admtnl Qeo^ William Dooglaa Oouglaas 

O'Callagban as., J.r. see Rowland's Casus 2U 

Dbioriwn eoart, FraderlekOeonieCMBnoc* eaq. ft FPed- 

ertek Thomas Galsworthy aaq. see Crookbam 77 

IMtehan part, Charles CamaMU esq. see BnrltOB 03 

DgnieraBeld paA, Sir Henry Bonverle Panlet St John- 

MBdmar bart d.ii, j.p. see DogmMi l leld 70 

Doles loifae, Albermarls WilloRBliby Dewar aq. ses 

HnrMbome Tarrut 12S 

Downland bouse, Henry CharlCBBnUer esq. sac n>aashott 00 

Downs bouae, CeollBoT Baunderaaq. see Uing Kt 

Downton lodge, Kra. Baftt,see Hordle 120 

Drayton park, J. W. Bfrob, esq. see Barton Staeey. St 

DnmmerManorbaHidid.J.CaryElwesesq.seei>«mmer 80 

Durlev Manor h0tts& John PUllngeaq. see Oariey 81 

Kaglehurst, Count Edmnnd Batttyaay, see Fawl^ H 

East Dean house, Bon. Hen. Dagdale Carson J.r. ses 

East Dean 78 

East Dene, John Bnowdon Henry esq. d.l.,i,p. ses Bon- 

ehureh, lale of Wlrbt SIO 

East Cowea castle. Dowager Tlseonntess Gort, see Bast 

Cowea, Isle o* Wight 315 

East bill, Capt Chriatiwher Baldoek Cardew, see Lisa .... 131 

Eastrop honse, Alflred Barber esq. see Eaatrop 38 

Effordnouse. Warren Thomas Feaoocke esq. see Hllflpm .. 141 
Elm lodge, Wm.Chaa. Humphrya eaq. j.p. see Buraledon.. 64 
Klmhurat, ViseountBnryP.C, K.c.if.a. seeHudeford .... 144 
Blvetham houae. Lord Caltborpe, tee Blvetham 84 

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Kmbler pftrk. Sftmnel Smltli esq. see Eut WeUow 275 

Knham plaee, Ker.Henry Cbealet b.a. lee Knight's Eulum 129 

Krerton bonie, Lt.-Col. Ooff b.e. tee Erertoo 14) 

EwhHrat Manor boatm, WiUiMS Haaj Chiohele Flowden 

esq. r.B.i.,j.p. sMZwtinnt S7 

Fftccombe Manor homo, Aliu Dminain Huth «q. j.p. 

■fe Faccombe 88 

FKlrfield. RIchu-d BUnabard esq. J.r. tee Lrmtn^ton — 133 

Fairfield bonis, Wm. Hf. Deane eiq. I.V. gee Faretaam 90 

Fairfield home, WlUlani JameaJamfeaon Hlg^nseiq. j.p. 

gee Hambledon : 108 

Fair Oak park, James Edward Bradabaw esq. gee Fair Oak 42 

Farlelgh honse, Mrs,^ Farlel(li Waltop 271 

Famborougb park, Gapt Georga BeiiT Elliott d.l.,<.p. 

tee FamboroDffb 98 

Farrlnitford hill, Alfred Tennjraon aaq., M.A. tee 

Fresbwater, lale ofWig-ht 320 

Fern bill. Joseph J. Oalt esq. tee Wootton, Isle of Wight 3H 

FleetUuds, Llcut.-<;olonel A. Martin, tee Farebam 89 

Foley boose, Mrs. Tristaio, see Llpbook 60 

Forest bank, Capt. Willtsm HarHn Powell, tee Lyndhurst 130 
Foxlease, Wm. George Stevenson esq. ;.p. see Ljmdburst 130 
Froemore park, Francis Horatio Fitz Boy esq. i.r. tee 

■ Blactwater 114 

Frojrle boose, HeiUT Bumlngbam esq. J,r. tee Froyle .... to2 

Froyle park, Benjamin Sunva BorlU uq. tee Froyle Vtt 

Fane down, ■moiiiM BwneU Woodhatn esq. tee King's 

Sombome 220 

Garloff's, John Blbberd Brewer esq. tee Nether Wallcv .. 27i 
Giaesbejra, H^or Alexander Calddeugh Uaeleay, tee 

Lyndbnrst 13« 

Goldlngs, Samuel Field eaq. tee Batingatoke M 

Goodworth honae, Heiirjr Hammana esq. tee Goodworth 

Clatford 73 

Grange (The), Lord Aahbnrton, see Nortfilngton 1*6 

Grange (Tbe^ Erie, see Bmmshott 00 

Grateley bouse, Willi am Bontcher esq. see Grateley. li)7 

Great lodge, Clement Hllwardesq. q.c. tee Bloated.. . ..... 41 

Great Baltvna houe, Hra. Wyndbam, tee Ozeat Silterna.. lfi» 

Greenfield ball, Rurl Fonlett, see Soberton 228 

Greywell hill. The Hon. Mrs. Flgott Carleton & Csob 

rigoU Carleton, Me Greywell 107 

GroTe{Tbel, Capt Edwd. Field r.m.,x.p. tee Alrerstoke.. 23 

Haekwood house, Lord Bolton, see Baafaintoke. 3f 

Bale park, Joeeph G. S. Goff esq. we Hale 107 

Hall eonrt, Kcar- Admiral Chanes Horray-Aynsley cm. 

tee Bhldfleld 224 

Harrow lodge, Wm. Peiar Jesaon esq. «ee Bransgore .... 00 

HartPlainnonae,Xra,Fliend,see Waterloo 274 

Hawklc7 Hurst. J. James ICabarlr esq. see Hawkley .... 114 

Hawley house, Ulu Con nop, see Hawley Il4 

Hacelby bouse, Hon. James Kenneth Howard d.i.., j.p. 

tee Baat Woodbay 2W 

Headier park, Rt Hon. Sir Henry Keating knt. p.c.iiee 

Headley no 

Heath house, Hon. WUUam Sydney Hylton JoUUTe m.p., 

D.L., J.p. HcrPeterBfleld 1£3 

Heathfleld, Evelyn Geofrey Saye eeq. ««>e Bransgore ao 

Heatbfleld house. Lady Laroom, >ee Farebam 89 

H«atblleld house, General Henry Fbippa Raymond j.p. 

tee Bitteme 44 

Heckfield place, Tiaoonnt Erersley P.C., o.o.i.., i.l.d. see 

Heckfleld llfl 

Heron conrt, Rt. Hon. Earl of Malmexbury r.c.a.O.B., 

D.aL. xeeHum 09 

Herriard bouse, Francis Jerroise UIUs Jerrolse eaq. d.l., 

J.p. tee Herriard 117 

Hlgbclere castle, Earl of Camarran p.c. see Hlgbclere .... I17 
Higbelifl', Louiua Uarchloness of Waterfonl,«eeKuileford 145 

Highway house, Hiss Pittman, see Froyle 102 

HitdOQ house, Sir Augustus Frederick Webster bart. 

J.P. tee East Tytherley 200 

Hill place, Ed. BedCeam Ooodlad esq. j.p. Me Droxford 80 
Htncliealea, Francis Frederic Lovell eaq. /.p. it Lady 

Rose Lorell, Me Brockenburet 6! 

Illnton Admiral, Sir George Elliott Heyrick Tapps-OerTls- 

Meyrlek bart d.l^ j.p. tee Hlaton 118 

Hinton Danbeney, Hyde WliaUejr-Toolcer esq. ire Cather- 

ington 66 

Hlaton honse, Hon, John Thomai Dotton t.f. see Hinton 

Ampner 118 

Hoboroe, General Cliarlaa Stnart J.p. aet Hndcfbrd 140 

Hoddlngton honse, William Lotley SelatCr nq, jj>. see 

Upton Grey 271 

Hotly hill, Qnintln Hogg esq. see Bariabury 220 

Uoltybank, Lt.-Col. Or Kobot UUler Knndy, 

J.p. tee Emsworth 80 

Hook house, E. Owen Hornby esq. see Hook 120 

Houghton lodge, Wm. Snow Clinon esq. tee UoughtoD ■ . 121 
Hnrsley paA,Rt. Hon. Sir WOUam Heathoote Ewrt. p.o., 

D.c.i..,D.i.n/.P.«es Hnr^r m 

Hnrstiwnnw paA, Barl of Fortamonth, see HnratbourDe 

Prina 123 

Idsworth bonsc. Sir Jerrolse Clarke Jervolse bait, d.l., 

J.p. see Idaworth 12S 

Inchmaire house. Earl De La Warr, Me fizbnry 87 

Itchel manor, Chaa. JasJlaxweU-Lemv eni. see Grookham 77 
ItehlQgswell house, Ueot.-GoL WlIHam Henrr Olgweod 

J.p. Meltohlngawell 120 

Kempshott parLSIrNebni Vymtt lMrt.j.p.seF Kerapahott 206 
Dell lodge, William Junaa Starenaon Strange esq. see 

CatheringtoB 06 

Klmptonlodg«,JIra. Randolph, see Klmpton 12« 

Klte^ The HliseB WiOO^ tee Wootton, Isle oi Wight 3H 


Kitnock's, Edward Henry Liddellesq. MeOurdrldge 7» 

Kiremells, Frank Cooperesq. tee Hilrord 141 

Lainston bonse, James Scott Barnes eaq. tte Sparsbolt . . 299 
Langrlsh house, John Waddlngton esq. j.p. m« Laneriah 129 
Langtons, William Benson esq. j.p. see New Alresfora . ... 17 
Langnard manor. Col. Francis Henry Atherlcy j.p. k Lady 

liabella Julia EUzabetb, tee Shanitlin, IsU of Wight.... 347 
Larerstoke house, Helrllle Portal esq. d.l., j.p. tee 

Lareratoke 130 

Lea (The), Admiral Lord Frederick Herbert Kerr, tee 

Crookham 77 

Le Court, William F. Foster esq. eee Greatham 107 

Leigh park, Hsjor-Oeneral Sir Frederiek Wellington 

Fuzwygrsm,bart. 3.r. tee Harant 112 

Little park. General JohB HawMns GMOolgae s.M.. u. 

see Wlekham 212 

Littledown bouse. William Clapoott Dean esq. j.p. tee 

Holdenhurst 119 

Liss place, George Edward Coryton esq. see Liss 131 

Loekerley hall, Frederick Gonnennan Dalgety esq. j.p. see 

EastTytherly 200 

Long Head bouse, AUlred Barton esq. j.p. tee BIsbopstoke 42 

Longstock house, Joshua East esq. see Longstook 132 

Loogwood honse. Earl of Northesk, see Owslebarr ISl 

Loper Wood manor, Geo. Waterbonse, see Netler . . 145 
Lord'a wood, Lieut. -Gen. Sir Neville Bowles Chamberlain 

O.CB., <l.c.a.L tee Rownhanu 219 

Ualahanger, Wyndham Spmear Fortal tea. t.r. tee Ghsieh 

Oakley 7i 

UaajrDown park. Edward Bates esq. M.r., D.i<.,l.v.,Me 

Woottrm St. Lawrence 302 

Harehwood park, KraDols HolIowayesq.Me Harehwood 137 

Harwell half, Pery Standish esq. see Owslebnry 1U> 

UercbiHtoun hall, F.D.Antill esq. see Catherington 60 

Ulddleton bouse, William Henry Ire monger eaq. J.P. tee 

Longpartsb • 132 

UllfiH^ honse, WlUlam Talbot Agar ok- «« Wlford .... 141 

Hllford lodge. H«|or H. W. Godwin, tee Uilford 141 

Hill field. Hra. Soaeoe Cole Sbedden, see East Gowea, lala 

of Wight 315 

Hlnley manor. Bailees Cnrrle esq. j.p. see Mlnley 142 

Hlnstead lodge, Hrs. Preston, Me HInalead 143 

Mtnateod Manor honae, Hrs. Compton, see Hlnstead 143 

UoorblU, Admiral Sb- ThamaB8abhieFaaley,barL K.C.B., 

J.p. see Shidfleld 224 

HoUlsfont abbey, Lady Barker Hill, tee HottlsfoBt 144 

Honnt (The), LieuL-CoL Sidney Burrard, see Yarmouth, 

Isleot Wight S55 

Uoyles Court, Frederio Fane esq. see BUiogbam 83 

NewlandB,Hrs. Frederick West, see UlUbrd 141 

Newton valence Manor honse, Capt. Edward Hoare 

Chawner, see Newten Valence 140 

Newtown park, Jules Dnpleasis esq. see South Baddesley . . 32 
Norlands. Dowager Lady Hamond-Gneme, see Norton, 

IsleofWlght .' 322 

Norman court, WlUlam Baring esq. j.p. tee West Tytherly 270 

Norris castle, Robert Bell eaq. see East Cowes 315 

North ball, Richard Furefoy Fitz-Oenld esq. J.r. see 

Preston Candover 00 

North Bongfatoa manor. John James Trask esq. tee 

Howhton 121 

Northbrook bouse, Gooras Atberley eaq. j.p. see Bishop's 

Waltham 7 .7...... « 

Nortbcourt, Lady Hary Gordon, see Shorwell, I. of Wight t)48 

Nortberwood, Lord Londesborongh, tee Lyndbnrst 130 

Norton lodge. Sir Graham WUlivn Eden Hamond-Qrcme, 

bart. D.L., J.P., see Norton, Isle of Wight 322 

Nnnwell, Lady (teiander, see Bradlng, Isle of Wight 311 

Oak lodge, Capt. WUliam UaU Scclcs j.p. see F^r Oak .. 42 
Oaktancb, General William Craig Bmillns Napier, tee 

Waterloo 274 

Oakley ball, William Wither Branston Beach esq. m.p., 

J.p. see Cbarch Oakley <S 

Oaks (The). Was Lyoa & Mrs. Smald Smith, see Emsworth 86 
Old Alresford bouse, William Whltear Bulpett esq. d.l., 

j.p.MeOld Alreaford 17 

Old lodge. Major Robert Poore, see Nether Wallop 272 

OlUnda, Viscount Gort, see Hast Cowes, Isle of WlglU. ... 315 
Orchard (TbeX Lady Uarr Gordon, tee Niton,!, of Wight. 332 
Osborne bouse. Her M«]Mty Qtwen ^etoia, tte Wbipping- 

ham. Isle of WIgbt 863 

Otterboume houae,Jatlan BargusYoi^ esq. MeOtterbonie 149 
Orington park, Capt Georga Fras. Hewson, see Ovlngton. ISO 
Palace honse. Lord Honry John Montagu Douglaa Scott 

M.p„ DX^J.P. Me Beaulieu 30 

Park bill, H. Smith Wr^ht esq. see Lyndbnrst 136 

Park bouse, Edward Kklerfleld esq. see Hambledon 1U8 

Park place, Charles B. Radolyflfe esq. see Wlekham 278 

Paultons, Hans Sloane Stanley eaq. Me North Ellng 83 

Pelham. Mrs. Admiral Lempriere, tee Newton Valence .... 146 
Penn, Lleut-Col. Enstaee Heathoota J J. SM BranUhaw .. SO 
Penton lodge, Lleut.-CoL Sir WUliam Henry Hnmphery 

bart. J.p. see Peoton Hewsey 1S2 

Pennington bouse. Gen. PrlnglcTaylorK.H. see Fennliizton 151 
Perlew nonse, Edward Nonrse Barrey esq. j.p. see Dlbden 79 
Pitt Place house, LleuL-CoI. Hairy George Browne, tee 

HottUtone, Isk ot Wight 323 

Portswood bouse, John Maber eaq. tee Southampton 241 

PreBhawtao.WalterJervi8Longesq.J.P.,MtCorfaampton.. 78 
Preston house, Lord Temp1emor& ms Preston Candover.. 60 
Priory (TheX Rt. Hon. George Belater-Boolh h.p., P.a., 

J.p see Odtbam 1« 

Priory. Henley Groae Smtth eaa. see St. Helen's, I. of W. 343 
Priory (The), Capt. John Tlneenl,nelConk8hwbome.... an 

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PoBkMta-, Fnuda Lfljbonie PoiAuii esq. if.A., i.v. tea 

HliOB, lale of WUbt 332 

Pmbrook park, Jom DeTerell esq. i.*. $ee Portadown isa 

PylewaUpaik.WJ[BebamWhltakarMq.MeSoiithBa(MMley 31 
QiairAbl)«rhaIdi3^Co(linBt,aMHna^ 310 
BM«b»rtd^ fcooi^ lUtthnr.HcBry Manh eaq. ihi^t,w. we 

Scd Blee hotUQ, BeV. Tboiw BMt'k&Ll/j.V/sM'uppe^ 

Clat&rd .,\7. 73 

Redniluunbouw,CF. Wood eaq, see TIuiixtoD 2fl0 

SUgnnj, Hngb HontoUeu Hammersley eaq. j.p. lee 

LymlngtoD 13i 

BlogwDod Hanor bonae, B^r Blebard Hormnt eaq. (m 

wSwwood 211 

Boebe()Oiut,C^ Arthur 8onUi«T,«MFBreham 89 

Kook cur. Ladr Hw^aret Cbarterla, are XlUi»d 141 

Rookcf7(Ttae),FbU4KMlaKiuiiattMq.Ma BnoghtOB.. <B 
RookeabinT paA, John CatpeatCT-Ouuw en. H.P., DX., 

J.P. «w WtoUuun 278 

Koalen, Fredk. Aatdl Zmhb^joa aaq. aaa Ljrndbnnt IW 
KottaeriMd park, Oeorge Arthur JerrolM SeoU eaq. D.L., 

a^.aafBaatTlBtad M7 

Kownhaaupa^ltrB.8aaBdaM,«HBownhaina tl0 

KnUngton mauat, OH. JUwud Birch BajBudMi Cm., 

2.P. aee TottoD '82 

8LCasherlneXHla«B«nwa,HBCathMiii8tOB SO 

8LClareCaatle.Col. Fraadi Tmon Hareoort s.ih,j.p. 

•eeByde, lale of Wight 337 

8L H8lai*B plAoe, WUuam Llndeaa; Sfaedden mq. j.r. see 

Lndwton 134 

St iTsa fioaao, HenrjTiimour Aimltaee e>q.aMBiiisr*ood 211 
St Maisaret'a, Qen. Sir Blcbard England sjo., QMJL m 

Ttlehield .„ SOS 

findhlll, JohnD. Olbbesq.MeHudeford HS 

Scagmre. Wlllbun Anthonr Glrnn eea-tJ. <«StHeteD'a. 

laieofWIght .....VT. .342 

Baa View hmiae, Henry Ford BarcUy eiq. lee St Helen'a, 

laleof Wiffht. ...V^. 342 

Seafleld, Sir Frederic Henrv Svkeii. bart. j.p. we Croflon 70 
Seafield.Mra.Conder, Me St. Helen's, Isle of Wight .... 342 
Bhanklln Hanor honae, Prancla Wtlta Fopham esq. j.p. 

MwSbanklln.lsleofWlght 347 

ghawford honae, Hra. General Frederick, lee Twrford .. . 2« 
SbedfieU boua, Vlee-Adalnl Anguataa Fhllllmore J.p. 

MeShldfleld T. 324 

Sldaer lodce, Saaao Dowager Coasteas of Hardwleke. 

•ee Hamble-le-Rlee 109 

Ulebeatcr haIl,C^)t Knie8tBotalerLlojd,a«SllobeBtcr.. 2i7 

aiade bonae, John SUreater, Ma Froxfleld 101 

Sombonie home, Geo. Holmden eaq. Me LltUe Sotn borne 228 

Somerlcr, EarIofNonit«nton,M«Harforld)CC 100 

Scple; park, John Kemp-Weuli eaq. I.r. Me Sophy 229 

Bonth gtonebain honae, Captain Thomaa DaTiaon, see 

Bovlb Stoneham 282 

Hoatb Wamborongh Utaor honae, Hri. Wayne, «e tkwtb 

Wamboroagh 273 

Socthwlek park. Tboa. Thiitlethwayteeaq. ue Boathwtek. 3Su 

Stakea Bunodge, eeorga Hnlbert eaq. «e« Wateduo 274 

BleqiblU eaatle, DndMj Albert Xfambrough eaq. tee 

Ventnor.lalaofWJgbt:..... jT..^. 349 

Blodhambona^lCra. Jloaa^aeeLlaa 131 

Stake cottage, Admiral tba Mui. Sir Henry Xqipel can., 

>.P. aee BiSopatoke 42 

Blobe lodge, George Tonga eaq. aMBlBhopatoke 4K 

Stoke iMonnt.C4talnTliraiaaHaigrearea^BlabQpatok« 42 

Stooerwood, Ber. George Taawell u.a.. Met Stuep 200 

StnOSeldaayc, Dnke of WeUUgtonK.On P-c.,r.BX).a. »ee 

StnUflehlMTc 7 263 

StrattOB park. Bight Hon. Earl of Nortbbrook u.cs.i., 

p«.aeeKattStraiion 2«1 

Swalaatooe, Sir John Stephen Barrlogton Simeon bart 

i>x.,j.p.MeCalbonnie, laleof Wiifht 312 

Swanniore honae, Hra. Uyen, we Swanmore 264 

Bwanwlck glen.CaptBbtlambertTnraer j.p.M<!SwBiiwlok 23t 
Sway boue, Herbert Greenwood eaq. «ee Sway 20d 

Sydmont43n conrt, Willtam Howley Klngunlll esq. j.p. mc 

Sydmmton 26S 

Tangier, Hon. SUngaby Bethelt, lee Wootton St.Lawrenee 302 
Tat«ibiU7 monnt, Captain Henry Tlmaon, fee Netley .... lU 
Teatwoodpark, Lt-CoLConrtnayWm. Bmce,J.p^c Totton 82 
Tbedden grange, John Gaytbome Wood eaq. i.p^re Alton 19 
Tiehbome park, C^taln Hwiry L. Wlekbam i.r. and the 

Hon. Lady TlBhbana,aMTlehbonw 206 

TIdworth honae. Sir John Kalfc bart O.&., f .r. aee South 

Tidworth 266 

Tlnubnry manor, Moo. Ralph Heneage Dntton d.l., j.p. 

MeTlmabnry 267 

Twyftord honae, Tyrwhltt Walker eaq. j.p. aM Tinlbrd .. 260 
Twyford lodge, Cq>taln Oeorae Henry Powell, Me Twyfotd 269 
Timbrd BK>orB,GonwarHorda>mt Shipley eeq.(ee Twyford MO 
Tyuiey ball, Cbariea Sdward Hania eaq. j.p. mc B«wber- 

wldc 7: 218 

nphatn bonae, Thomas Wynn Hornbyeaq. J.p. we Upbam 270 

t^Ianda, Getuve A. Heddart eaq. am rarebam 89 

Upton boiue, Hlaaes Onslow, «ee Old Alreefiird 17 

Upton Gray bouacAdmiral Sir WiUlam Fanshawe Martin, 

bart. a.c.r. tee Upton Gray 271 

Tkar's Hill bonae. Bdward Henry Peaber eaq. q.a tee 

BoIdPB 77;. 40 

Tyne(The),ChalonerW.Gbute eaq. Me Sherborne St John 222 

Walnaford Capt Fawcett, »te Milford 141 

Walllngton hona^ Sir Peter Benson HaxwelI,eaeFarehain 90 
Wallop honae, Hajor-General Thomaa Boaa, Me Nether 

WiUlop 272 

Warborne honae, David Jonea esq. «ee Boldre 49 

Wamfbrd park, Henry Wooda eaq. D.t..,J.P.«ee Wanford 278 
Warrens, Oeoree Edward Byre eaq. f.p. aas Bna^w .. S9 
WamsbhousersdwardJohnSartoriaeaq, j.p.MeWanaib 120 
Weeke honae, Thomas Hlt«beock eaq. j.p. mc We^e.... 274 
Weutworth lodge, Hon. William HnaMy B. Portman, mb 

Bos com bo 67 

Weat End, John Alexander Wllaon esq. aee Hambledon.. 108 

West Ham, Samnel Peters eaq. Me Basingstoke 36 

West hluTHon. Lonisa Baring, see TitcMeld 218 

West park, HarqnlB of Anglesey, tee Rockbonme 913 

Weatbory nonae, John Delaware Lewla eaq. J.p. we West 

Heon 139 

Weatfleld. Hra. Sandenian, «ee Sonth Hayling lU 

Weston manor, William George Ward om. ms Totland 

Bay.IaleofWiglit SU 

WestOTcr, OetaTlna Honlton-Bairett esq. see Calbonma, 

laleofWiebt SU 

WberweUpnory,lIarqtilaof Angle8ey,aee Wberwdl .... 276 
Whitedale bouae, Jamea Lawrence Chamoek eaq. m 

Hambledon 108 

Wbltehaya, Cbarlea Gainer Bl Aardaon eaq. «e« Bnrton . . OS 

Wlekbam lodge, Hlaa Harrey. tee Wlekhaa 278 

WllTerlnr Bwk, Ladr Dkksoa. Me Lyndbnrat 130 

Wlncbllela bonse, B«T. Bobert WllUam Byton eaq, k.a. 

ie« WInchAeld 297 

Wlabanger lodge, WlUlam Sberldan eaq. see HewBey .... 118 

Wolhays, Urs. BntwiaUe, see Hadeford 14ft 

Wolrertonjwr^Wallaee Walker eaq. see Widmton .... 208 

WoodeiidiTbeiltaaeaHoddBKiSreCymington 133 

Woodend bonae, Frederick Arthttr Hawker, esq. sm New- 
town, near Bisbop's Waltbau 146 

Woodstde, William Woweo Kooke esq. j.p. sm Lymlngton U4 
Woodatde, Henry Nath|nlel White eaq. see Wootton. 

of Wight 954 

Woolmer lodge. Sir AreblbnU Ke^pd Haedonald bart. 

D.L , «.p. MB Bnmsbott 80 

Woolton house, Lt-Col James Frederick Dndley Crlch- 

ton-8iaartiu>„j.p.«ee WooltonUlll 800 

Wootton lodge, Francis Wblte Popbam esq. D.L., 

Wootton, »le of WIgbt 354 

Worthy pan, Capt. C. O. Fryer, tee Hartyr WtM-tby 308 

Worttng park. Hajor Richard Folham Warren j.p. «ee 

WorUng- 308 

Wyck houar, William Wiekham eaq. j.p. tee Blnated 41 

YeattOB, John Alexander Baasell esq. see Uoidle 120 

Digitized by 





AbllBgtOD. MS Flgheldean 024 

Aldbourne 6K 

Alderbary 650 

Alderton or Aldenton, see 

Whltepariah 730 

Alderton B57 

AllGanningi 657 

AUenfOTd,«eeHartin aS0 

AlUngtoii(iie«rAnieBbiiT)') 667 
AUlngton,«wA11CRimliiiga 657 
AUlDgton, tee CblppeahMn SeS 
Alton Bunei or Beraers.. 657 

Alton Priors 598 

Alvedlflton 658 

Ameabnry 66S 

AngTOve, aee Kodboume .. H0 
Ann — Little, see HUton 

LUbounie 669 

AnstrowUllI,<eeKnook.. 638 

AuBty 659 

Arches, see Hftlmeibnry 649 
AibgroTC, see Donheu St. 

Mmt 817 

Ashley 600 

Ashmore Common, tee Tol- 

lu-d Boykl 715 

Aahton Glllbrd, lee God- 
ford St Peter 5M 

Ashton Keynea 560 

AshtOD Steeple 560 

Aehlon— West 661 

Atworth or Atford 661 

Anghton, see ColUnfi- 

boome Kingston 607 

Arebory 661 

ATooford, <ee Enford 022 

Aron, see Kellawsys 637 

Axford, AM RunsDory.... 676 

Badbarr.seeCUsledoii ... 693 
Bagtbot, MS Bbslboinia .. 606 
Bap ton, tee FUbatoB-de- 

li-Here 624 

Bsrbary, Me Ogboam SL 

Andnw 669 

Barford St Hartln 662 

BuTOW Street see Here... 063 
BuTOwaad,«eeLynehun., 647 
Barwlok Busett Ber- 
wick BasMtt 564 

Bftthunpton— Ore»t & Lit- 
tle, <ee Steeple Langfbrd 640 
Bottlesbury Camp, see 

Blsbopslxow 567 

Battlesbury Camp, wsWar- 

mlnrt^jy , 723 

Baverstoek 602 

Baydon 662 

Baynton, see Edfn«ton .... 621 
Beonaore, see Helisbam . . 659 
BeaiUdd, see Bradford-on- 

ATOn 572 

BeoUumptoD,seeATebury 601 
BedhamiAon— Great & Lit- 
tle, see Steeple Langford 640 

Bedwyn— Great 063 

Bedwyn— Little 564 

Beeeidiurstoke 664 

Belburr.MeWylye 741 

Bemercon, tee Foggleetone 

8t Peter 626 

Bentbam, see Furton 676 

Benyfleld, see Bradford- 
on-Arom STt 


Berwlek Bassett 664 

Berwick St James 664 

Berwick St John 664 

Berwick St Leonard S69 

Barerabrook, seeHUmarton 632 

Blddestone 665 

Bird Bnsb, see Donbead St 

Uary 017 

Bird's Heath, see Llule 

Bedwyn 561 

Biaboper, see UankertOQ.. 628 

Bishop's Cannlnn 665 

Blshop'B Foatbill 624 

Bishop's Larlngton 643 

Bisbopston (near Sbrlres- 

ham) 660 

BlBbopBtone(nr.Sallsbnry) 666 

Biehopstrow 667 

Biss, see Upton Scndamore 721 
Blackford , see Castle Eaton 684 

Blackland 667 

Blacklands, see Calne 680 

Blaolunore, see Melksbam 660 
BlunBdon St Andrew or 

Little Blunsdon 667 

BlsQsdon St Leonard or 

Broad Blunsdon 967 

Bodeiibam,seeNunton..., 660 
Boreham, see Blsbops- 

trow 667 

Boreham, tee Warminster . 723 
BortoB, see fiJabop's Can- 

Dinga _ 066 

Boscombe 066 

BotUesford, see North 

Newnton 607 

Bourton, seeBlataop'a Can- 
nings 566 

Bourton HUl,SeellBlmeB- 

bury 640 

Bowden Hill, see lACOCk.. 630 

Bower Chalke 584 

Bowls Barrow 636 

Bowood 568 

Box 508 

Boyton 560 

Bradenstoke 500 

Bradford- on- Avon , 660 

Bradley— North 574 

Bradon, s;e Fnrton 675 

BrandBdowa Hill, see 

EaatonOrey 621 

BrattoD 674 

Bratton CuUe, see West- 
bury 727 

Bratton Hill, sec Weatbury 727 

Braydon, see Purton 676 

Bremhlll, or Bremble .... 576 

Bremllham 575 

BTigmerston,seeHllBton.. 664 
Brimslade,ses8aveniake,, 603 

Brinkworth 575 

Brismuton, see H lUton 664 

Brltford 676 

Brixton Deverill 606 

Broad BIunsdoQ 667 

Broad Cbalke 664 

Broad Hlnton 676 

Broad Town 677 

BrokenberoBgb 577 

Brombam 577 

BrofA, see Stonrton 701 

BroonM, see Swindon 70S 

Broaghtoa GiObrd 08 


Braotoo, seeColUngbonme 

-Eingstoa 607 

Biurley, see Warminster .. ^23 
Bnlbrldge, see WUton .... 732 

Bolford 676 

Bnlkington, see Ke^rll.... 636 

Burbage 579 

Burcombe 679 

Burden's Ball, tee Wilton 732 
Bnrderop, see Cbisledon .. 603 

Burtord, see Brltford 576 

Burton, see Here 663 

Barton, see NettletoD 667 

Burton Hllt, see Halmea- 

bury 640 

Dnrwood Heath, see Little 

Bedwyn 664 

Bnah HaycB, see Here — 663 
Buabton, see CUffe Pypard 595 
Bottermeie 680 

Cadley, see Savemake ....693 
Cadly, see CoUtngbonrae 

Einnton 507 

Calcot see Blabop'a Can- 

nlnga 066 

Calcult, see CridClade .... 601 

Calne 580 

CalBtone.see Calne 580 

GalBtone Wellington, or 

Wminffton ; 683 

Cane Hill, see Rowde . . . 678 

CasUe Combe 68S 

Castle Eaton 684 

CasUeHUl.jeeSallBbary.. 679 
Galoombe.eee Hllmarton.. 63-^ 
Ghaddenwicke. see Here .. 003 
Chalfield— Great Little 5»l 

Chalks 584 

Ghalford,»ee Weatbury.... 728 
Chapmanslade, see Dllton 

Uarab 615 

Ctiarlcote, see Bremhlll. ... 575 

Charlton 585 

Charlton (near FewaeyJ . . 585 
Charlton, see Donbead St 

Hary 617 

Charlton, see Downton.... 618 
Chedglow, see Gmdwell . . 608 
Gkelwortb— Great ALItUe, 

aeeCrlcklade 601 

Chelworth, see Crudwell . . 603 
Gherborongb, ae« Winter- 
bourne Qonner 735 

CherhUl 685 

Cberington,«e Chilton .. 6U2 
GfaerereU— Great A Little 566 

Chloklade 686 

Chllhampt<n^ see South 


ChUnurk 686 

ChUton FoUatt 687 

Chippenham 687 

Chilton 692 

Chlabory, aea Lit Bedwyn 564 
Chlaenbm^— Bast, see En- 
lord I 

Cbialedon 592 

Chltteme All SalnU i 

ChitteneSt Uary 503 

Chlttoe &94 

Chl<nna*B Camp, see Win- 

terbonzne Dantaey 785 

OhoUerton-WMt 6M 


Christian Ualford «H 

Choroh, see Downton 618 

Churoh Green, see Crud- 
well 003 

Churtou, see Chlrtou 602 

Cbute 6M 

Chute Forest 096 

Clack, see BradenBtoke. . . . BOO 
Clarendon Park, see Alder- 
bury 566 

Clary Down HllI,Bce North 

Tldwortb 718 

Clatford * Qatflrrd Park, 

see Presbute 674 

Clenrbury Ring, see Od- 

Btock 669 

Clearlngton EUll.see North 

Tldworth 713 

CleayertoD, tee Lea 644 

Clee Hill8,scc Warminster 723 
Clencb^seeUlltouLllbounie 666 
CleTancy,see Uilmarton.... 032 

Clererton, see Lea 644 

Cley HlUs, aeeWarmlnater 723 

Clljfc Pypard 695 

dUTord'amil, xeeAlUngton 567 
Cloatley, see Hankerton .. 628 
Clyffe Pypard, see ClllTe 

Pypard. 695 

Coate.seeBlshopsCannings S66 

A Cbialedon 503 

Codford St Hary 696 

Codford at Peter 696 

Gold Harbour, seeWarmln- 

ster 7SS 

Cole Park, see UalmuboiT «V 

Coleme 596 

CollingbOume Ducia, or 

Lower 697 

Colllngboonie Kingston, 

or upper S07 

Compton, see Enford 022 

Compton Bassett - 608 

Compton Chamberlayne .. 608 
Conq^tb. or Conergore, 
seeWinterboume Stoke.. 736 

Conock,seeCblrton 602 

Coombe, see Enford 621 

Coombe Bleeet 696 

Coombe-Hlgber, Hlddle 
A Lower,see Donhead St. 

Mary 617 

Copheap H1U| sesWannlna- 

ter 723 

CorBham 696 

Corsbam Bide, see Neatoii.. 500 

Corsley 600 

Corston, see Ualmesbory.. 649 
C<Hlon,or Cortlngtoo, tee 

Boyton 660 

CoUeyHilXieeHeytesbnry m 
Cottiea, see Little ChaUeld 684 

Goulaton— Eaat 601 

Coulaton— Westisee Edlsg- 

ton 621 

Counteaa, see Amesbnry. . . 668 
Cowage. see Bremilham .. 67S 
GowbrMee,see Halmesbury 649 
DWMfield, Goweafleld Ea- 
turmy St Coweaficld 
LoverleStSeeWbiteparlah 780 
Crab HiU,se8 HalmeBburr 649 
Cran borne Cbase, tee Ber- 
wick St John 666 

Digitized by 




CrtekUde flul 

Croekwion^ Lwgbridgc 

DercrlU 6W 

Ortlm, ««f Gnflon 963 

Cnokwood, UnhroBt.. 733 
0<ooebtMM, M« Bltbop- 

•tane (newSalitbinT).. 5M 

Cndwell fl03 

Cnekoo GrecB^ Pottene 473 

DuMriMm— Sonth •03 

Dutfocd— Sosth, fM Con- 
ley WO 

I>«iataeT OOS 

DcAB-Wcat «H 

Ocptford. aM Wylye 741 

Onrr UUI 4 

DmnlU eOA— 000 


Dlltoii,a«e WMtburr TJH 

DUton Kanta Si& 

Dtnto* 616 

Ultehajapton.sM WUton.. ?X! 
Ditcberldce, or EHlterldif*. «|« 

DonbMd Si. Andrew Sift 

UoBbead St-Huy fll? 

DownSeld, tet QnVt 

Stmurfoid. me 

DowntM 617 

I>r«yeot Cerne 6111 

Dnveot Fottet, see Chlile- 

doo 902 

Dodler— Wot, tee LltU«- 

tos Draw MS 

Dvagf. see Wcat Aahton . . 561 

DanMjr, we Alderton U7 

Oiiri«*', Me BartMg« QTV 

Diunford AID 

Xhirrlugton 61U 

Earl Stoke «iO 

EwIdoDM, jee Whfteparlih 73U 
SutCUaenbary^Kiifbrd 6£f 

E«at ConUton 601 

£MtDoinitoB,M«Downtoa 6I» 
EulBnd, see SomhDkiiier- 

bam 603 


wyn 963 

£aat Orlmnead, »ee Wmt 

Dean 601 

Baat Hanluuii, tee Salla- 

buT 061 

Eut KenneU 637 

£aatKiio*l« 63b 

East LaruiKton 

£ut Orerton, tee West 

Orerton 671 

Eaat SbercoU, tee Pewsey 671 
Eaat Soley, tee Chilton 

FoUatt 687 

East TUbury, tee Tlsburr 713 
KutTjtberton^Brainhlll STi 
£ut ^eUow. tee Weit 

Wellow ?27 

East Wtntenlow 736 

Ea>teott,MeKBSt0rtOii.... »X 
Eaatooait,MeCnidwelL.... 603 

Eaiterton 6^ 

Kaaton 830 

Euton, Mv BiiLop'a Can- 

ningfi 66!i 

Eaatoa, mw Cwaham 5W 

Easton Lower. MKbiffton 

St Michael 630 

Buton BaMAtt, tet Dm- 

liead St. Andrew 617 

Eaaton Qrejr Oil 

Eaaton HUl. aM EMtOB .. m 
Eaaton Plerer, tee Kington 

SL Miclia«I 637 

Eaairidge, •wBsnuburj.. SiO 

Eaatrip. Me Coleme 9D7 

Kastrop, M« Uighworth .. fl3i) 

EbbcaSone wako ftil 

Eduztim 6:11 

BlMf 6£i 

lClflombe,ae« VKKWhton.. 741 
Bller Greci, tet neaton . . S9U 
Elatoo, M« Oreheat«n St. 

Oeorge 670 

EofimT 632 

Erehfont,MeUrohfont.... Til 

Klohillumpton (02 

Knrtdge, lee Coleme 507 

Xnataee— WeM^ Oonler 600 
Even Swindon, tee SUxh 

bome'CheneT 677 

Evcrk^ or Krcrlej .... 622 
EwtUorEwen, MeKemble 637 

FalrwMd,«eI>lltOB Marsh 615 


Farlejr ft!3 

Faulkton, tee Bisbopatone 

(near Sallibur;) 566 

Flddlnffton, tee Eaaterton 630 

riflald. Me Enford 632 

FlfieU Bavant 623 

Plgheldcan 033 

FigabniyBinK, tee Winter- 

bourne Dantiey 735 

Fiaberton Anfer, tee Salia- 

bnry 681 

Flsherton-de-la-Mcn .... m 

FIttleton «2f 

Fire Lanea, we Potteme.. 673 
Flamatoo, tet Biabopitoae 

(near Sallabur?) 566 

Pontblll Bishop 

FonrhiU Gifford C-.-S 

Ford, Idmtstcn U3>t 

Ford, MeLaTsTBtock 

Ford,MeNorthWraxall.... 740 

Foabnry, Me Chute M5 

Foabiu-y, Me Ttdcombe — 713 
FooUtoBe, *ee Fuvleitoae 

8t Peter 626 

Foraat 635 

Foxham, tee Bremhlll .... 675 

Fozley 635 

Fresdon, tee Hlffhwortb .. 631 

FroxBeld IBS 

FusEleetoac St. Peter ...636 
Pnllaway or Follwav, »ee 

AllCannlttga 537 

Fnilaton, tee Kihopstone 

{near Saltabory) 560 

Fulmer, tee Uptoa Seuda- 

more 721 

Farze Bill, tet Fottem* . . 673 

Fyfleid 6^7 

Fylleld^weHlltoiiLUboame 669 

Oarsdon 627 

Gaipar. we Stmirton 7ui 

GaaWd, tee Corabam .... 990 
Ulb, fee Littleton Drew.... 649 
Goataere, tee HllmartoD .. 632 
Oodsbnry, lee Eaaton . . . . 630 
Qomeldon.ieeldmlBton... ftU 
Gorge UUI, IM Swindon TU9 
Grafton— Kaat A West, tee 

Great Bedwyn 96) 

Great BatbampCoB, or 
Bedhampion, wsStwpte 

Laneford 64" 

Great Bedwyn 903 

Great Chatfleld 981 

Great Cbelworth.Me Crick- 
lade 601 

Great Chererell 5a6 

Great Larkhill, Me Lonff 

Newnton 667 

Great Sheraton OM 

Great Somcrford 098 

Great Wlahford 736 

Green, fee KaitKnoyle — 039 
Qreen (The), tee Stratton 

St Margaret 702 

GTeen-lilIT,i<v NeatoQ .... 9W 
Greenblll. <ee Wootton 

fiaaaeU 738 

Grimitead— Baat, tee Watt 

Dean 604 

Grim- tead— West 627 

GriCtenbant,«MBrlBkwOrth 979 

Grittieton 627 

Grovelev Wood, tet Little 

Langiord 6(0 

Gnatard, tee Conham. S99 

Hackleston, Me Fittletoa. . 624 
Halleombe^eHalmeabnry 649 

Han 628 

aatn,M« Westbarr 737 

Hamptwortb, tee Downton 018 
Hanglns Langford, tee 

Steeple Langford. 610 

Hankerton 628 

Hannlngton 638 

Hannlngton Wfek 628 

Hardennniah 628 

Ham liam— East, tee SalU- 

burr 681 

Harnham— Weat 629 

Hatch, Me TlBbnrr 714 

Hawk Street,ies Bromham 978 
Hawkeridge, aee Heywood 030 
Hawpttt, tee Wanborongh. 722 
Haxfon, M« FIttleton .,..624 
Haydon, Me Bodbome- 

Cwney 677 

Haydon Hill, Me Chute.... 995 

Cbeney 677 

Hnddlngten m 


HeytGsbury 639 Llddlngton 644 

BewUh, (ee Hnlih 635 Liddlnglon Warren k Lid- 

Heywood 630, dington Wlek. tee Lld- 

Hlgber Coombe, tee Don- dlngtmi 614 

bead St. Mary «t7 Llmpln Stoke 644 

Highway. 630 Little Ann, tee Milton LU- 

Hlghworti) 6301 bourne 663 

Hllcot, Me North Newnton 667 Little Bathanpton, or Bed- 

Hlll Dererill 6U9 hampten, tee Steeple 

HiimartOD 632' Langford 640 

Hilperton 632 Little bedwyn 501 

Hljubm 633 Little Blonsdon, MeBluni- 

HlntOB, aeeStaeplfi Aahton 961 donSt.Andrew 067 

Hlnton Parva, or Little ... 631 Little Chalfleld 684 

Hlppenteombe, see Ttd- Little C be 1 worth ,jee Crick- 
combe 712. lade 601 

Hodaou.MeChlaledon .... 5'.<3 1 Ltttle Cheverell t8ri 

Holt 534 Little Uuruford 61'J 

Homlngton 031, Little Hiulon, He Hinton 

Honey Street, tee Wood- i Parva 6H 

borough 737 ! Little Lanuford 610 

Hook, Me LydUrd Tregoz. 617' Little LarkbUl, tee Long 

Uomlngaham. 634 Newnton 667 

Horton, >M Bfahop'a Can- Little SalUbory, we MiLton 

ningt 569| Lllbourne 649 

Bugbdltch,Me FroxHeld.. 039 Lltlle Snmerford 69H 

Bwh 615 Little Sutton, tee Sutton 

HnllaTlngton 635 ^'eny.. :.. 7ia 

Hnrdoott, or Hurcot, aee Little wishford, tee South 

Baveratock 962, Newton 6*W 

HaTdeott,Me Wtntarbooroe Llttlecolt, fee Enford .... 63-2 

Earla 735 Llttlecott, «ee Lynebam-. 617 

Hyam.MeMaliDeaburr.... 649 Littleton, f'- Semlngton . . 6ui 

Hyde, Me Bltmsdon St. LitrletonDrew 619 

Leonard i 667, Littleton PaQneIl,«ee Weat 

I Lkvington 613 

Idmiston 6-35 Lockeridge. aee Weat Over- 

Iford, Me Weatwood 73(t ton 670 

Itnber 630 Long Barrow, weTidoombe 713 

lagleahiun-Cpper A Lower 630 Lons Barrow, see Tllahead 713 

liunanh, MS Se^d i 691 Long Barrow.s^e Wlnier- 

' bourne Stoke 730 

Keerll , • 630 Long Newnton 007 

Kellaways 637 Long Street, aee Enford .. 632 

Kemble 637 .Loni{brldga Deverill 60S 

Kennett— East 637,Loug-edi>:e (South), tee 

Kennett-West, tee Atc- . Cor*ley 600 

burr 961 Longford, see Briiford — 976 

Kill Barrow, fee Tlli>head 713 Lopditll, eec South Damer. 

King BaiTOW, we War- ! ham 603 

mlnater 723 Lower Chute 5U9 

Klng'a Down, Me Stanton Lower Culliogboume, see 
Fttswarren 0I>9 _ Collln^bourue Ducia 597 

Klngadown, *ee Stratton 

St. Hargarat 703 

Kingiettie UlU, MS Stoor- 

ton to: 

KIngaton, tee Colling- 
boume Kingston 597 

Lower Coombe,Mel>«nliead 

St. Mary 617 

Lower Kaaton, see King- 
ton St Michael 637 

Lower Green, «ee West 
Wellow 727 

Kingston Dererill OOS Lower Inglesham 630 

Kington Langley, see Lower Seagry 601 

Langley Fltinrse 641, LowerStanton.seeSUnton 

Kington St. Michael 637| St.Qulntln 700 

Kington— Weat 038; Lower Stratton, lec Strat- 

Klnwardstoncaee Grafton 9631 ton St. Margaret 702 

Knook Castle, see Heytes* | Lower Waoborough, tee 

bury 629; Wanboroogh 732 

EnooK Lower Wldnlll, see Crlck- 

KnookDown, see Beytes- 

burr 629 

KnooK Down, see Knook 633 

Knoyle-Eaat 638 

Knoyle-West 639 

Labonr-in-Taln HUl, fee 

CherhUI 986 

Laeock 639 

Lake, eee Wllaford (near 

Amesbnry) 731 

Landlord 640 

Landhorst— East, aeeCora- 

ley 600 

Langford— Llttle&SteepIe MO 

Langley Bumll oil 

langle^ Fltniiw 641 

Langley Wood, see Down- 
ton 618 

LarkhiU-Great A Little, 

lade 602 

Lower Woodfbrd 737 

LucUngton 643 

Ludgerahall 645 

Ludwell, tee Donbead St. 

Mary 617 

LnshlU or Lush Hill, see 

Castle Eaton..... S94 

Lydc^i|too,«eeLtddlngton 644 

Lydlard Tregoi U6 

Lynehnm 647 

Maddlngton «7 

MaldenBradley 647 

Uaiaer, ie« Ogboam St. 

Andrew 669 

Malmesbory 648 

Hannlngford Abbotts 653 

Mannlngford Bohnne, see 
see Long Uewiiton .' 6G7] ^_Wllaford[nearPewaey).. 732 

Laton8,fM Castle Eaton.. 584 Mannlngford Bnws 693 

Latton 642 , Manor Uoose, see Here.. . . 663 

Larerstoek 642 Manton, we Preshate 674 

LaTtngtoa—KBa(,or Market 612 Marden 653 

Larington — West, or ' Market Larington 613 

^shop's 643 Uariborough....^... ...... 653 

Layoock, see Laeook 039 

Lea OH 

Leigli, tee Asbton Keraea 960 
Leuh, tee BradfordT-on- 

Avon 971 

Leigh Dclamere 644 

Lw.seeTeffmtBwraa.... 712 
Llddlard MUlMol. sss 

Lydlard M6 

Uarsb Lane, see Cberhill. . 5S0 

Marston, see Worton 73S 

JUrston Mslser 698 

Marston— South 658 

3[art6D, see Graftoo 903 

Uanlu 6W 

Massey, see Ogboum St. 

Andnw W 

Medboarm, see LMdtngtoa M4 

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1^DEX TO KILLy's directory of WILTSHIRE. 


Melebet P«tk, i» WblW- 

parlih 730 

Uelkalum ft£9 

Here 003 

]Utddle Coombe, tee Don- 

lieftd St. Harv 017 

Middle Bill, are Blsbop- 

«trow 5C? 

Ulddle (Sooth), Me Corslejr 6 
Ulddle Winterbourne, ace 

WlnterbourneDantaey.. ?35 

Middle WlnterBlow 738 

Ulddle Woodford 737 

Middleton^ee Biabopstrow 067 
Mfdw»y,«ee Weatwood.. . . 730 
Mllbonrn, *m MalmeabiUT 640 

MUdenb&ll CtH 

Mllford, $ee Sallibury 081 

Milk Houae TTater, *et 

FewBcT 671 

HlUtou 604 

Milton, ««e Eaat Knoylo 039 

MiltOD LUbonnie OOS 

Ullton^MlUon Lllbourne 0M> 

Uinety, or MlDty (KU 

MoDcktoaDercrill 6ue 

Honkton Farlelgh 060 

Monkton PcnalDf, tte 

Winterbourne Monkton 736 

Moorly,>«eCrudwcU 003 

Moor Green, KeNegton.. 590 
Moredon, Btt Kodbome- 

(Jlieney 077 

Mountain Bower, tet Weat 

KInifton 638 

Murcott,(ee Crudwell.... OUt 
HurUll, aae Wineley 7H 

Niton, tee Blfhopstone 

(near BaUabary) s«0 

Neston.aee Conium ...... D99 

NetherftTon 06<] 

Netherhampton 6Ce 

Netbermore, aeeCbippen' 

hkm 6hA 

M«therStreet,f«BromhuD 57U 

Ncttleton 060 

MettoD, «e Blahopstone 

(near Salfabary) 9M 

Hetnm. tee Dumrord <U» 

New Mill, tet UUton Zai- 

boome... 6S5 

New Samm, tee Sallabnry 678 

New Swindon 7ia 

N«wham, tee Sutton Veny 703 
Newlngton, tee Nortli 

Newnton 067 

Newnton— Ix)ng A North 667 
Newton, are Sbalboonw .. 603 

Newton— Sonth 067 

Newton Tony MO 

Newtown, tee Uumford... 619 

North Bradley 674 

North Bnrcombe ft79 

North End. aae Sonth 

Damerbam 1)3 

Horlb Newnton 667 

Nortb Tidworni 712 

North Wrucall 740 

No Man's Land 068 

Sormanton, tee Damford Olv 
Norrldge,«« Upton Sonda- 

more 721 

Norton 668 

Norton Savant OOs 

Notion, M« Laooek 639 

Nantoo , eeo 

Mythe^aee Wanboroagfa... 72^ 

Oakhai,MeFrozOeld....» 82& 

OftkMT 669 

Oak WelUMFooleKeynea 073 

Oare, tee Wileot 731 

Odatook. 669 

Ocboam St. Andrew 069 

OgtKwm St. Geor{» 670 

Uld Samm, tee Sallibury.. 679 

& Stratford 701 

Oldboroogb, aMCberhill.. 580 

Uroheaton St George 670 

Orcheiiton St. Mary 6.~0 

Orer Street, tee SUplfford 700 
UrcrtoD— E&Bt, tet West 

0?erton 871 

Overton Heath, tee Weat 

Overton 671 

Orerton-West 070 

OTCrtown, «ee Wrougbton. 741 
Oxcnwood,aeeSfaallKiume.. 095 

Patncy 671 

FenhUI, tet Stratlon Bt. 

Haigarot 702 

Pertwood— Upper 871 


Fewaey 671 

Fewsbam, are Dprry Hill.. 604 

rickwlck, ««e Coraharo 699 

Plnkney,«CfSherBtonFarva 697 
Fltmead.a^e Blahopstrow. i07 
FItmead. tee Warminster., nz 

Pltton, tee Farley 623 

Plailford 073 

Poole Keynes. 673 

Porton, aee Idmtston 635 

Potterme 873 

Poulshot 674 

Poulton. tee MlldenbaU.... tM 
Pound Down, ttM Blshop'a 

Cannings S06 

Pntsbule 674 

rreaton, we Lyn^am 647 

Purton , 674 

Purton Stoke, aee Purton-. 67S 

Quemerford. lea Gains. 660 

Quldhampton, tee Fnggle- 

atoncSt. Fetar 620 

Quobwell, tee Brokesboro' 677 

Salnacombe, tee North 

Newnton 667 

Ramsbnry 676 

BamabnryTown, tee Banu- 

bury 070 

Ratfyn. aM Ameabnry il58 

Bedlyneh, aM Downton.,.. Olrt 

Kidge, aee CbUmark 687 

Ring Barrow, tee Blahop- 

•trow 667 

Road, tee Sonthwlck 574 

Roadbltl 077 

Robin Hood's Bower, tee 

Warminater 723 

Bockley, tee Ogboam St. 

Andrew 069 

Rodtwurne^n-Malmeabary 04tf 

Bodbome-Cbcney 677 

KollBtone 677 

Roodl)lli,Me RoadblU 677 

Roundway Down, fee 

Devlzo* 636 

Bowborongh, see Soath 

Haraton 068 

Bowde 077 

KowIey.«ee WlngOeUL 7» 

Kadge.fee Proxfield...... 626 

Rnsball 078 

RybnryCamp,«eAlllngton 067 

SLEdlth'aManh,see ^m- 

ham 678 

St. Margaret, «ee Preabnte 874 

Salisbury 078 

SaU8bnry-L]ttI^ aee MU- 

ton Luboumc..... 665 

Salterton. or Salteston, tee 

Dnniford 619 

Salthorpe. see Wrougbton 741 
Sandy Lm«, see Chiftoe .. m 
Saram— Old, tee Salisbury 679 

ft Stratford. 781 

Saveraalw 693 

Savemake Forest 693 

Saremake Jnnetlou, tee 

Burbace 679 

Scratchbury Camp, tee 

Blaliopstrow 667 

SeratohburyCanip,aee Hey- 

tetbury 629 

Seagry 09-i 

ScdKhlllor Sedgeblll 093 

Seend 691 

SeendCleeTe,aeeScend.... 091 

SemlngtOD 6M 

Semlcr 694 

Sevenhampton 69>j 

Sevington, tee Leigh De- 

lamcre 644 

Sbalbonme 696 

Shamcott 696 

Shaw 696 

Staereott— Kast ft WeBt,aee 

Pewiey 671 

Sherrington 696 

Sherstou Maenaor GraaL. 690 

SheratoaParra 697 

Sborncote,seeSbameott.. 096 
Short Street, see Dlltoa 

Marsh 616 

Shrewton 69; 

Shripple,Mf IdmbitoD — 038 
Sldbury, tee North Tld- 

worth 713 

SUbnry Hill, see ATfbury,. 002 
Silver Barrow.seeTUslKad 713 

Shtughterfiird M7 

SMght, sw Stert 700 


Smetbwlck, >re Ilowde.... 67^ 
SuodBliUI. see Cblaledon.. 593 
Solcy— £a*t ft West, see 

Chilton Foliatt 58 

Somerford— Great ft Little tm 

SoTnerford Eeynoa 608 

Sopworth 690 

Sorbiodunum, tee Stratford 901 

South Burcombe S79 

Sonth Damerbam 603 

South Und,aeeSonlhDamer- 

bam 003 

Sooth Marston 658 

South Newton 067 

Sooth WraxatI 740 

Southbroom,see Devizes.. 006 
Soutbcott, tee Pewaey..... 071 
Sontblelgb Wood,»ee War- 

m)DBt«r. 723 

Southton Vallance, tee 

ColUngboume Kingston 697 
Sonthwick,see North Brad- 
ley 674 

SperttalU or SplrthlU, see 

Bremhin 976 

Springs, see Corsloy OUO 

SpDnblll.(eeBremhUl.... 670 

Standen. aee Chnte 696 

SUndllnch 009 

Stanley, lee Cblpplngham 6H6 

SUnton FitzwarroD 6ra 

Sunton— I.ower 700 

Stanton St. Bernard 099 

Stanton 8t QuinUn 7O0 

Staplelbrd TOO 

SUpletOB,aes SonthDamer. 

bam 603 

Startley or Starkley, tu 

Great Somerford 606 

Starve Croft, sae Bowde... 078 

Staverton 700 

Steeple Ashton 600 

Steeple Luiaford 640 

sten...TVTT7. 700 

stltchaombe, tee JUIdeu- 

ball 661 

Stockton 700 

Stoford, lee Sonth Newton 006 
Stonehenge, see Ameabury 656 

Stourton 701 

Stowell-West, see Alton 

Prior 666 

Stratford or StnUXold- 

onder>the-Castlfl 701 

Stratford Tony 7<tt 

Stratton— Lower ft Upper 702 
SttattonSt. Kvgaret .... 702 
Street /Tb«),see atrnttonSt 

Marvaret 702 

Stroud QUI, see Fotteme.. ATS 

Stortley 702 

Studley.awCalne 680 

Studley.aee Chippenham.. 668 
Sunton Tallanoe, .see Col- 
Ungboume Kingston... 597 
Surfendet,see HnllavingtOB 016 

Sutton Benger 70S 

Sutton— LIule, see Sntton 

■Veoy 70S 

Sottoo MandeviUe 70S 

Sutton Veny 70S 

SwallowcUR or Swallo#- 

clIlTe 70* 

Swindon 704 

Swindon New Town 704 

Tvffbnt EwyasorEviaa .. 711 

TeffontMagoa 712 

Temple (South) jeeCoraley 600 
ThIckwood.aA'Coleme... 697 
Thornhlll, tee CUiTePypard 8«5 
Thorn HillaMMalmeabnrv 419 
Thoulaton, aee Upton Scua- 

amore 721 

Throope, tee Blabopstone 

(nea Salisbury) 666 

Tldcombe 712 

Tidplt. «<v MarUn 659 

Tid worth —North, or Tld 

worth Zooch 712 

TllBhead 718 

Timbrfdge, tee Little Bod- 

wyn 564 

TInhead, aee EdingtOB .... «21 

Tlsbury 713 

Toekenham 714 

Tockenham — West, «i 

Lyneham 617 

Tolfard Royal 716 

Tory Rank, tee Bradford- 

on- Avon 670 

Tower UUI, see Newton 

Tony «8 

;ToydF«m,«eeMwttn.... OH 


Trowbridge TI6 

Turlelgh, aee Wlniley .... 734 
Trowle, tee Bradibrd-on- 

Avon 671 

Tytherlngton, tee Heytes- 

buij 629 

Tythvrton, or Tytherlon 

Lucas 720 

Ty therton— Xaat, seeBiem- 

hlil 675 

laways 037 

Ugford, aee Sooth Newton 008 

Upsvon or Upbaven 721 

Upper Chute 695 

Um>er ColUngboume, »f.e 
Collingbonrue Klngatou 697 

Upper Inglesham 63i( 

Upper Pertwood 671 

Upper Seagry 693 


St. Margaret 702 

Upper WanboTOUgh 722 

UpperWldhlll,«reCrleklade 002 
Upper Wlnterlwurne, tee 
winterbourne Gunner .. 736 

Upper Woodford 73" 

Upper Wraxall 740 

Uppington, Jt^e Stapkford 700 
Upton, tee East Knoyle ... 040 

Upton Lovell 721 

Upton Seudamwe 721 

Urchfont 721 

Vespasian's Camp, see Ber- 
wick St. John 665 

Waddon, tee Alderbary ... 658 

Walton, ae^Downttm 018 

Wanborough Tit 

Wardour,«eeTiBbi)ry 713 

Warminster 725 

Water (East}, aee Coraley . . 000 
Water Kalon,aeeBlBey.... 022 
Wadhamptoo,«e«Urohfont 722 
Weltow-KaatftWest,... 727 
Wellow ComaiOD, see West 

Wellow 727 

Wellow Wood, see West 

Wellow 727 

We.Amesbary,aeeAmeBbry 568 

WeatAsbton SOI 

West Cbolderton 694 

WeatContat<a,seeEdlngton 621 

West Dean 604 

West Dndlej.see Littleton 

Drew 645 

WeatFleUa,«MLBtt(n... 642 
We.Qrafton,see Gt.Bedirm K3 

West Grlmatead 627 

WestHamham 620 

West Keanett,aee Avebnry 501 

West KiUKton SU 

West Knoyle 680 

West Lavingtoa H3 

West Overton 870 

Weatnu-k,«ee MalmeabBry «9 
West Sbereott, see l>ewaey 671 
West Soley, tee Ublltm 

roUalt 567 

West Stoweli, te Alton 

Priori 5S8 

West Tiebary, see Tlsbury 718 
WeBtToekenbam,see Lyne- 

West Wellow 727 

West Wlnteralow 

WeBtbrook, aee Btombam S78 

Westbury 727 

Weatbury Leigh 728 

Weailecatt,*ri; WroogbtoB 741 
Wesiport St. Mary, tee 

Maimesbory 648 

Westrop,s«eUtghworth.. 6S0 
Westwella, see Neaton .... 609 

Westwood 730 

Wexeombe, aee Grafton... 903 
Wexeombe, tee Tldeombe 71^ 

Whaddon 730 

Whelpley.aee Whileparlsh 730 
WhetTiam Stockley, see 

Calae 680 

Whiatley, a«'c Potttme.... 67-1 
Whitbome, aee Corsley ... 600 
Whltbome (Kaat), tee Cor* 

sley fw 

Whiichnrcb, eee MalmeB- 

bury 649 

WUt»Barrow,sce TilBhewl 713 
White Sheet Hll],aee Alve- 

dMon US 

White Walla, see Bastou 
Gier VI 

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INDEX TO Kelly's directoht of Wiltshire. 



WbHepulab 730 

WUteund CroM^ Dod- 

bnd St. ABdnv 617 

WtafUer. mc Sbrnm OM 

WUtabur 731 

WUUburT Camp, jm 

TniltibBiT..VrTZ. 731 

WUttendltai, m« Ehm- 

bunr • 416 

ftiBt m 

wick. «ee BicmUU tn 

WlAiMcDowntOB 618 

Wlek, we Pottenw 073 

nidhfll— Upper * Lower, 

M/CifflUaaeT W2 

TTlleot 781 

WUMbrd. Vllribrd 

(iinrPewM7} 73! 


WUlnler, «ee Blientoii 

UagnR «M 

WlMbrd {OMT Anesbsri) Til 
WlUfbrd (nwr P«wsey} .. 731 

Wnton 732 

WUtOD, SM Onfton 563 

WUj.we Wrlye 7« 

WiBdmUl aiOMe Avfiborr ua 
WlngfddorWlnflsld.... 734 
WldElebarr, set B«rwlek 

St. J<ain US 

WlatlcT 73* 

Wlnterbotme, tee Wtnter- 

bourne Earli 730 

WlnterbouTBe Bwrctt .... 73t 
Wlnterbounu Dwtsev or 
Daimtter, or Hlddla 

WlBterbonn* 735 

WlnterbovnaSulg 735 

Winter boame Oanncr, or 

Upper 735 

Wlnwrboame HonktOB... 785 

Wlntarlmime Stoke 736 

vrtntenlow-Eut, Middle 

* Wen 736 

Wtohlbnl 736 

WllhAffd-.LittIe,m Soath 

Newton 668 

WiUtntaffton, §ee Down- 
ton 618 

WoUhall, tee Grefton.... 563 


Woodbrld)^, aft Potterne 073 
Woodford— Middle, Upper 

Lower 737 

WoodIuida,s«e Here 663 

WoodUnds, see Poole 
Kejnee 673 


WoodahKW, lee Wootton 

Beaeett 738 

Wooller Borough, lee 

Bradford -on- A.Ton S7I 

Wootton Bueett 737 

Wootton Blvera 730 

Worton 739 

Wrazall -North, Upper A 

Sonth 740 

Wrongbton 740 

Wylje 741 

Tkroborongh Cunp. tee 

Steej^e Ln^d 610 

TeraOeld, we Ualden 

Bradley .818 

TatesbuET 711 

TattonfieneO 743 

ZeahiMcacn 603 

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c 2 




With Befsrenee to tho Places under whieh tb«r will be found in this Volome. 

AlderbuThouKiGecnnK. FoitMq. JJ.«eeAId0rbttr7.. 5M 
AtneBbiu7 Hbbey, Sir Xdnmid An&obiii but. o-c, j.p. 

■e«Amesbnrf , 55S 

ABh Hill house, Bobcrt Briitow e«q. WUtaiwrlih .... 730 
Aihton house, Capt. Henry Bmod Feetor DIoclnioii j.p. 

««eABhtoii Keynes 900 

Bftaset Down hon^e, Ulis Story-Hukelrne, see LydUrd 

Trego« 9« 

Beecbfleld,Gabrlel Ooldnejr esq, k .p..d.l., j.p. see Corshun 990 
Bemerton lodge, Wllllsm Corbin Finch esq. H.i>. lee 

Bemerton 82S 

Berrrlle!d house, Hloha«l Fklmer esq. j.p. tee Bradford- 

on-Aron 972 

Blddesden house, Heniy Everett esq. see Ludgershall AM 

SIshoMtrow house, Capt. Borchall lieline, j.p. tee Blsbop- 

atroir 5<17 

Blonnts Court, Wm. Stanoomb esq. s.L., J.p.,see Pott«me 673 
Blunsdon abber, John Lyall esq. tte Blnnsdon St. Andretr 6d7 

Bowdea hill, Tae Hisses nerewether, fee Lacock 030 

Bowden park, John Evelyn Gladstone esq. see Laoock — 630 

Bow<odIionBe, lCarautBOfLaiiadowne,««Bowood SflS 

BoytoniHaaor, H. B. H. Prince Leop(HdE.O. see Boyton.. 900 
Bradley bouse. Doke of Somemt k.o., P.a tee Halden 

Bradley 618 

Braydon boose, Hn. Fitsffenld, Me Ktaety 969 

Brick worth house, Capt. Hon. Uaurloe Horatio NeUon . 

tte Whlteparish 730 

Broxmore house, Hrs. Duri^, tee Whlteparish 730 

Burderop park, Henry Galley esq. d.l., j.p. see CUaledon 693 

Buries (The), HUlyer Chapman esq. see Blshopstrow 967 

Burton HIU house, Colonel Charles WUlltm uUes j.p. tee 

Ualmesbury 850 

Castle Combe If anor bouse, Edward Chaddoek Z^owsdM, 

esq. J.p. tee Castle Combe 983 

' Cedars (The), Fredk. Browne Bowland esq. tee Bamsbnry 670 
Chaleot, Chas. PaiU Flilpp8,esq. D.L.,J.p..ieeI>UtonlUnfi 019 
Gbarlton park. Earl of SolTblk A Berkshire, see Chartton 983 

Cheney eonrt, Ben)amln Winthrop esq. j.p, tee Box AN 

Chlck&de boose, John Loeke esq. d.l., J.p. saeCUoklade 089 
Chilton honM,ThoiuaaChaloner Smith esq. j.p, *m Chil- 
ton FoUatt S87 

Chilton loin, Lleut.-Col. William Hosywoodi tee Chlltoii 

rMMMTr... ., SB7 

Chute lodg«,WlUluiHughFowleeaq.B.AJeeChBteFotMt M5 
Clarendon puk, Sir Fndk. HuteWnaow AmyBathnnt 

bart.i>.L.,j,F.MtAldsrinvy 966 

CleeTehonHtWadhamLoekeeaq. XF.MeSeand 9H 

CUffla Pypwd Manor bowe, Hontio Nelion Goddud otq. 

M^,i>.L., j.r.seeCUftPypwd. 5H 

Clyft ball, Hon. ]In,Hiv, tee Kutet lATlngton «U 

■XTompton honse, lUlor Clement Walker Beneage v.&, j.p. 

tee Compton Baaiett SQ8 

Compton parktChariee Penroddodce eaq. p.B.H.a., D.L., 

J.P. see Conwton Chamberjarne 698 

C<Hilu>Itpaik,I.adyCharIea WeUealey, seeChnte 691 

CorshamCourtfLordHethQen.seeCwtliam 699 

Coralcy boose, Nathaniel Fleteher Barton esq. J.P., B.L., 

sesCoraley 600 

Cottlea houM, LadT Hloks-Beach, <ee Little CbaUeld .... 684 

■Cowbridge house, Mrs. Kemble, tee Halmeabnry 660 

-CowesHeld bonse.Lieut.-CoL Leonard Sldebottom Venner, 

see Whiteparish 730 

Crowood, Rer. Chas. Frederic Seymour m.a. tee Samsbury 676 

■Dauntsey houBe, Hrg. Femle, see Danntaey 001 

DeTlzea oastle, BobeK Valentine Leach esq. tee Derfzes . . 608 
DintoD house, William Wyndham eeq.D.L.,J.P. see Dlntoa 616 
Donbead lodge, Walter King esq. fee Donheod St. Andrew 616 
Draycot house. Earl Cowley K.O., O.C.B., p.c. see Drayoot 

Oeme 619 

Dumford Manor house, John Flnckney esq. «ee Dumford. 019 
Sari Stoke pack, Simon Watsoo-Taylor esq. j.p. tee 

EariSta^ 620 

Eaateourt house, Lord Walter Charlea Montagu Douglas 

SeoU-MsCnHlwell OOS 

Xaatldrii lodge, Hugh Franola Letbbrldge AaUay eaq. j.p. 

tee Bfibopmnr SS7 


Eaaton Grey house, Thomas Graham Smith esq. j.p. tee 

EastOQ Grey 

Eaatrop irrange. Ednr Hanbnry esq. J.P. tee Hlgfawwtb.. jUi 

Elcomto%ai,]IU^Ty,ieeW%ong1titon 7U 

Elm grove, Alderman B^iert NfeboUB Fowler J.P. tee 

Corsham • JJ* 

Elatoo bonae. Hiss HlUs, tee Elston :-;v »S 

Bverlelgh house, Chas. Wm. Curtis esq. j.f. tee Everlelgh 623 
Farlelgh Manor bouse. Sir Charles Parry Hobbonae bait. 

J.p. tee Monkton Farlelgh «» 

Fern bouse. Sir Thomaa Fraser Grove bart o.i^ tee 

Donhead St. Andrew v"*;*.;* 

Fifleld Manor house, Mrs. Penraddooke, tee MUton LIl- 

bourne "-fJJ *^ 

FontbUl abbey. Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart bart. 

D.L. tee FoatUll GlObrd ^ 

FonthlU house, Alfred Monlaon esq. d.l., j.p. tee FontbJU 

Gifford V 

GreenhiU house, LieuL-CoL John Frederic Everett J.P. 

tee Sutton Veny ■-:*:;vv" 12; 

Grlttleton ho. Sir John Neeld bart D.t., j.p. teeGrittleton 687 
Hamptworth locUfe, George Morrison esq. j.P. tee Downton 618 
Hannlngton half, AmbroM Denla Husaey-Prefce esq. D.t. 

J.p. tee Hannington 

Hardenhttlah park, George Lndlow Lopea esq. j.p. tee Har- 


Hartham park, WUllam Henry Poynder est- d.l., j.p. tee 

Corsham ■ ■ 

Heytesbury bonse. Lord Heyteabury, tee Heyteabury 630 

H^ood bouse. Sir Henry Charles Lopea d.l., j.p. tee ^ 

Bighfleld bo! William aoireVBroira'^^ J P. *ee HUpwton 
Hin (The), Lord Edward Thynne D.t.. tee Laverstook .... 9^ 
HUl house, Comwallli Wykeham-Martin esq. j.p. tee 

Purton ■ • <"* 

HUmarton lodge, William Henry Poynder eeq. d.l., j.p. 

aeeHilmarton S 

Holt Manor house, Thomas B. W. Forster esq. tee Holt. . .. SK 
Hurdoott bonae, Alexander Plttt BlUott PoweU eaq. d.l., 

J.p. tee Baverstock ™f 

ITord house, Mr*. Kooke, tee Weatwood-o«m-Itord.;^.». 
laland (The), HenrrJameeFowle Swayne eaq. j.p. tee^nUon 7» 
Iry (TheXAlexanda-BeanmbatRo^J.P.MsCUppanhB OW 
IvybouMjHon. WllllamLeonardHoImea-kCoarti>.L.,J.>. ^ 

^ovU »S5rZ)UMV'ColVj(^^ ,„ 

tte Keevll oso 

Eemble Manor house! MIm Gordon, tee Kemble . • • 
KingBdown house, David Archer esq. d.i.., J-p. tee Stratton 

St. Margaret k—l^Ili" ™* 

KIngstonliouae, Stephen Monlton ewi. j.p. tee Bradend- 


Kington Manor houM, Herbert Podgws eaq. j.p. «fle Kuw- 

ton St. Michael 'i-" 

Kooyle bonse, Alfred Seymour esq. b.l., j.p. wa Saat 


r ,n.n,f nf., Mary XareUonees Btapleton-Bretherton, aee 


Lneook abbey. Cbarles Henry TUbot eaq. j j. e« I-mo"*- «» 
Lake boose, Bev. Edward Duke ila., j.p. see Wilsford .. 731 
Ltt«rle|r hmae. Rev. Bobart Hsrtyn Aahe m.a., jj. *«« 

I^lMtoD^SaMr house,* Rt Ho'iL'Mwart Pteydidl-Boi- 

verie P.c, J.P. tee Market Lavlngton v" "S 

Lawn (The), Sir Chrlatopher Rawllnson, tee Swindon 7M 

Leishtou house, RlehwdLeckoDbyHotbersaUPUppaeiq. 

j.p.teeCbaUbrd «■■••;.* iS 

Llttlecote park, Mrs, Leybome-Popham, tea Kamabnry .. «7» 

Little Dumford houaetBIdwaid Hlnxmanesq. D.L., J.P.see 

Dumfbrd iJ^-'i 

Lockeridge cottage, Charles S. Pontlng eaq. tee West 

Lockeridge housei Walter Wbltehnroh tea Weat 
Overton "'^ 

Longford castle. Earl of Radnor (Lord Llautanant), res 

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LaBKleBt.Thel[arqDi«(tf BAtb,«e« I.<ntgbi1dge Dererlll .. 00ft 
I Mrium boon, Bwhard 'Wftlnieiley esq. j.p. tee Coleme 5W 

IiBiMl homm, John Ardier ew. we CMtle Eaton A84 

Ij«iwdp«rk,TlMiMmtBoltnEbroke,ie«LjdIardTregas.. «e 
■■IimIimi I Haapr faoue, l%oinaa Dwnlel Hill eu. j.r. 
HBMalMbVT no 

. _ 

m.MsXImCt 6W 

JbgJTteX naads Wehad SUla JerrolM aiQ. j.p. Me 

pwk, F. HcUrar eaq, tee Conbun 6W 

qaho«ae,WenAirdr]rMq.<«eChlppenlunk SM 

I paA. 6«on[e Pugiter Poller esq. j.f. <«e Corabun 899 
Jmmm, Sir BeKlnald Henry Qialiam bart. see 

m JOT 

Xaviall, AUM Bneklaf eiq. Dx^jj. HeNontMi M9 

Xcw bMae, Wa. Matcham E]n« eta. dx^ J.r. wc Redlni«b 918 
, Tbonaa Holiu CardweU eaq. aee Long 

, , jRlehndWlgrimeig.J.P. MeLandfttrd MO 

Xmoa bouo^ Join Tonwwe ciq. we Norton Barant .... 869 

XoMOBlwMe.I*ad7 Awdrr.wLaeoek A30 

BottOB lotee. Hemr Ooddard Awdrr aaq. j.*. aee LMOek 039 
OMvoft, fly. CawdrCKnrdrMq.leeBlaiudMiSt.I«OBard M7 
Old PrtoT (Tbe), Thonai Bosb Saimdera eaq. j,p. we 

Bndfm-on-Aron 870 

Ikvbinbawe.BentTAdderiej'Mq.MeGhlppwhain SOO 

rUkMj boiiae,ClMriMEiteowt Craw well eeq^ Sherrtoa 

Pam W7 

FoAcntobowe, AaKjutaaToeknBTeaq.feenokwtek.. m 
FliarT (ne). Lady BaunaU-Erteoan, «ee L<wg Newnton 067 
rmtmmami e , Chaitea Itemfte eaq. (E^Jab of Sarawak), m« 


toMB, Vcre Pane BenettStutford etq. IKI», 9.r. «e« 


booae, Sdmrd Aagnatna VenTmaa eaq. tee 


Sodie eoort, eeqm Olaa Sandtoan eaq. eee Wlatorsloir ?U 
XaeUej boue, mlUam H. Tanner eaq, tee Ogboam Bt. 

Andrw 070 

Boed AabCon booae, Walter Honie Long, tee We. Aabtw Ml 

KookaT7<TtaeXAJftedBataosetq.eeeBaaulnn7 076 

Ew J e fa d booae, Pran^ Alexander Bydenbam I«eke 

oq. j>.v~f.r. aee Bromham 07S 

KaibaaarelcM^ late Lord Blrers, eee Berwiok St. Jobn.. H9 
gaUib^^Pglye, Blgte Ber. Lord Biabop of Ballsbary. 


Sandrldge park, Balpb Ludlow Lopea aaq. dx., tJ>. $ee 

Helksbam Wl 

Savemake Foreit houe, Karqoli of AUeabnrTi m« Sanr- 

nake Toreet e9S 

ScagFT boaae, Hj. Bennet Plempoat Mq. eee Up. Saagir 093 
SedgeliUl bo. Capt. Tbe Hon. Enalaoe Teiey, lee aedfeEill 093 
Seend booie, Blcbard Ladlow-Braeea e*q. j.p. lee SeSid.. 004 
Seend Manor ba Admiral John Win. Uontago, «ee Seand OH 
Sbaw HUl bonse,Tb04.Jenl7naHeatbeote eeq.i.P.MeShaw MM 
Shrewton lodge, Cbaa. Bobt Smith eaq. J.P. eee Sbrewton 097 
Starewton M&norbo.Cba8.Wanabfoiigbeaq.eee SlirnrtM 097 

Sloperton,Col. HeiU7BeTaiec.B. ereCblttoe IM 

Spre park, K^or Jonn WlUian Oooeb Spleer DX., i.f. eee 

Cblttoe 59ft 

Stanton bonse, Hon. Herbert Welbore Bllla Agar, eee 

Stanton ntiwarren 099 

Stookton honse, Capt. Artbor Oodolpbla Teatmaa-Blggt 

B.A., Jj. aeeStoAton 701 

Stonrbead parte. Sir Henrr Alnalla Hoare bait. d-L.. j 

veeStouton 701 

Stowell lodge, Gwt Bawaoa Traftwd, eee Wlleot 781 

STreaootbooae^OeergeKnowleoeaq. eeeligbaldeaai ....OH 
TeiToBt manor, wllBam Vane-De-Salla eaq. <.p. eea TcAmt 

EwTia 711 

Tianugarhoue,EarlftConnteaiNeUoa,MeBtattfllBA.. 099 
Wane bo. CapL Cbaa. Bf. Wyndhau da., j. p. me CUttoa S9ft 
Wardonr eaatle. Lord Amndell vl Wardoor, aee Ttebary. . 71S 
Welra (TheL Pnmda Lerbwne Fopbam ceq. D.ib, j.p. eee 

Cbilton FolUtt tsa 

Weatbrook eottage, Hra. Gabr.eee Cblttoe BM 

Weatbnrr bonee, Abrabam LaTertaa eaq. jj. aeeWett- 

bnrj- 738 

Weatrop bonae, George Alexander eaq. p.«ju eee - 

Hli»wintb 7. 7. OU 

WUbnrr honee, Hon. Perey Seawen Wrndhun H.P., m. 

eee Newton ToBf OOa 

Wlleot Manor booae, Lord Algernon Ftstr Banka.St. 

Manr, eee Wlleot 731 

Wilton boon. Earl of Pembroke, eee Wilton 732 

WIneombe park,CbarIei William Qwdon esq. eee Dmbcad 

8L Mai7 W 

Wlngfleld bouse, Camllle Felix DesM Calllnrd esq. DJ», 

J.P. eee WlnUleld 734 

Wraxall lodire, Erlyaman Flnekney esq. eee Bontb 

WraxaU 740 

Wrongtaton bonae, William Wyndbam CodrlngtOD esq. 

J.P. aee WronghtOB 741 

ZealB boaae, Mua Orove, tee Zeala 061 

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AMwtilnry 834 

Abbott Stiwt, MS Wlio- 

bome- see 

ActMi, m LaagUm Uk- 

trmverB 800 

AdvnlatOB, tee Athelbunp- 

ton 830 

Aflk>KddI«,or Aiiblddle.... S34 
Aloeiter,«eeShan«ibaiT.. 929 
AlderlioIt,«eeCi«nbonw.. 871 
AIUngtoii.«eeBridport.... 84» 

Aimer 830 

AtMD, KcCbardatoek.... 802 

Alton rucru 835 

Alwnton, toe rolke. ml 

Aadenon 833 

Ansty, M« Hihon 889 

Ane 635 

Aibe,fer8toaip«l>« 9a 

Aibler, tea LltUm Cbotey 896 

Aitanwre 835 

AshtoD ^(X Wlnterborne St 

Mutlo. 97S 

AakenweU 830 

Athelbampton eso 

BMbylon Hill, tee Orer 

Compton 808 

Badlrary, gee Wimborne .. 9C0 
BRdburr Blngi. Me Sh»p- | 

wkke . .TrTr. 77!\. mi 

Bagber, tee Sturmiiuter | 

Hew ton M3 

BAli Borrow^u Sydllng SL 

NlcholM 9*7 

BttJtingtoii.tMTynehaoi.. 903 
Bftrfbrd, fee Wimborne.... 900 
Bkmsley, aaeWlmboise ., 909 
Barrow Land, tee Toller 

rorconim..» 902 

Bitoombe. '. 830 

fiMminater 830 

BernUea Wood, tea BMk- 

Und HewtoB BOO 

Bedehetter, ms roBtmeU 

Vumi 882 

BeerHMkett 839 

BeerbftU 839 

Beer Rwls, «e Bere Begla 839 

Bdchalwell 839 

Belhalsh, tee Wert X<nl- 

worth 898 

Bell HUl.«aeBelelulwell.. 630 
BenTUlcaeeCorMOiBbe .. 870 
Bereknap, tee Compton 

Abbu, near Shanea- 

bnry 807 

Here Rcvfa 839 

Beatwall, *ee Eut Btoke . . 940 

Bettlicombe 840 

Blnoombe 811 

BIndon Abbey. *« Wool. . . 977 
Blndon-Great, fee Wool.. 977 
BIndon HlUi tee Weat Lnl< 

worth. 898 

Blnnegar, tee Eut Stoke. . MO 
BIrdsmoor Gate, see Broad- 
Windsor 855 

BlshopCatmdle ,(eeCaandle 

Blsbop 859 

BlBhopadown, tee Caundto 

Biahop 859 

Blackdown, >ee Broad- 

wtodsor 851 

Blackrow, tee Stock Qw.j- 

Urd 938 

Kack Yen BiUa, «ee Cbtr- 

mouth 803 

Bladen Beatb, tee AH- 

puddle 831 

Bu^on,MeCnuibonie,.. 871 


Blandford, or Blaitdford 

Forum 841 

Blandiord Down, tee Bhsp- 

vlcke 931 

Blandford St. Harr 845 

Blozwonb or Blookswortfa 845 
BookbamptOQ — Higher A 

Lower, tee Stlnarord 0S0 

Bobmaton, tee Stfnsford .. 930 

Botbeohampton 840 

fionrton 840 

BoTeridge. see Crubome .. 871 

Bovlngton-eeeWool 977 

Bowdena HUl, aee Xelburr 

AbbOfl 906 

Bowood.>eeXetherbutr-*> ^0 
Bradford, ifeDorelieatar.. 878 

Bradford Abbaa 846 

Bradford PeTerell 847 

Bradpolc 847 

Bnmkaea 847 

Bredy— Lillle ft Long 818 

Briftngton,itfeBrruiat(Uie. 856 

Bridpott Kt8 

Broadmayne 853 

Broad Oak, tee Brmcmda- 

bnry W8 

Broadway, or Broadwey , . 853 

Broadwlndior 854 

Brockbampton, aee Bttsk- 

Und Newton 856 


Imrgh 973 

Broome Bill, Mr Mweton . 908 
Brownaea, tee Brankaea 817 
firozes Isle, tee Warebun . 903 
Bryanston«, or Bryanitoa . 855 
Bryants Paddle, tee AM- 

pnddle 834 

Bnoeombe, tee Bukland 

Newton 865 

Bnokham, tee Beamlnater. 837 

Bockborn Weaton 859 

BaAlud AbbM, or Buok- 

land Newton 805 

Buokland Ripen 860 

Buokabaw — HlBlier * 

Lower,HeHalwei1 890 

Bullbarrow BUl,seeHUton 889 

Bnrleaton 860 

fiumgate, tee Weat Lnl- 

worth 898 

Buratock 850 

Burton, tee ChArralnater . . 803 
Burton, tee Dorchester.... 873 
Burton— East ft West, tee 

Wlnftith Newborgh .... 973 

Burton— Long 857 

Burton Bradotook 856 

Buahea, tee Gktdmanatone.. 885 

■ton 949 

Bye, tee Kington Magna . . 893 
Gaggeypole, tee Buckhom 

Weaton 855 

Came, tee Wlnterborne 

Came 973 

Canford— Little, aee Ham- 

preaton 686 

CftnfordUagna 857 

Cann 858 

Cashmoor, see Handley . . 887 
Castle, tee Sturminater 

Newton 943 

CatUe Hill, see Fower- 

atock 9» 

Castleton, teePmtUad.... 921 
Castleton, tee Sherborne.. 932 
Caswell, tee Byme Intrln- 
' iicft 927 


Catherstone Leweaton .... 898 Corfe Castle 800 

Cattlstock 8S8 Corfe Gatca.sreFortesham 020 

Caimdie Blsbop 659;Corfe Mullen S7il 

CaundleMarab 850,Corrlngdon, tee Studland.. IM3 

Caundle Purse 899 Corscombe 870 

Caundle Stourton 850,Corton, leePortcsham .... O'^O 

Caundle Wake,teeCtundle Coryates, tee Porteahjun 92J 

Bbhop 850 Court Aeh, see Netber 

CemeAbbu 859 Compton 86A 

Ceme— Nether 860 Cowototc, tee Wlmbonte.. otK) 

Ceme— Up seiiCranbome 870 

Chalbnry 801 Crawford Castle,tee Spetla- 

Chaldon— WeatiorCluldoo 
Boys, tee Chaldoo Ber- 

burv , 937 

Creech— Eaat, tee Chnreli 

Knowie 807 

Creech— Weat, tee Steeple , 939 
Creech Barrow, see Steeple 938 
Crcndell.seeCraobome... 871 


Chaldoa Harlag, or But 

Cbald<m 861 


age HO.Crichel-LoDg 871 

Cbarborongb, see East {Crlchel— More 872 

Horden VKt Crlppleetyle, tee Cranbtone 871 

Cbardstoek — 861 Crtpton, tee Wintcrbone 

Charleatown. see Wat Came 974 

ChlckereU 800 Critchell— Long 871 

Chariton Kwiball 862, CritcbeU— More 872 

ChanntaiBter 802 Crockwur, teeFnunpton.. 882 

Channonth 803|Croucb BlU,tee BolwtU.. 690 

Cbaatou, see Bndcluul i Crowley, see Chardatotii .. 802 

Newton 856 Cmxton^MaldenNewton 902 

Chebbard.seeI>ewUsh.... 872|Cudiial,see Klnaon 8»ft 

Cbedlngtoo 804, Got HUl, see Hluton 8L 

Chelbonngli— But 804 Huy 800 

Chelborongh— Wert 806 Daggons, aee Granbonie.. &l 

CheslL seenntlutd gei|DewlUh. 87S 

Cbeailbonic 806,I>ibbarftird,se(BroadwIiid- 

Chetnole 865 sor. 854 

Chettla 865 Dorchester 872 

ChlakCTCU-But, see Weat Dotteiy.seeLoden SH 

ChiAorell 800 Down— Little, tee Shaftaa- 

ChlekereU— Weat 8051 bury 939 

Cbldeoek 806 DrakeBortb, tee North 

ChUeombe 800 1 Poorton 930 

ChltdbaT,se«BnwdwlDdMM-804,Drimpt(« St Mary, see 

Cbild OkefOTd 911 Broadwindaor. 804 

Chllfrome 867'DriTe Xnd, see Helbarr 

Cbolburr, tee Blnoombe ..841 Osmond 900 

Choloek Hill, tee Nether IDrooiMnHaeelbaryBryMi 888 

Compton 868 Dndabory, see Weat Parley 914 

Church Knowie 867 Dungeon, tee Bnokland 

Clrabay, tee Netherbury. . . 910 
Clandon, tee Wlnterborne 
St. Hartin 975 

Newton 806 

Dunster, see Buckhom 
Weston 850 

, Clatcorob, tee Sherborne.. . 933 l>nntlsh,tee BucklandNew- 

.Glcnstone Wlnterbonie,see ton 850 

' Clenstone 974 Ourweaton 879 

Clifton Maybank 867iEMt Axe Knoll, tee Bea- 

Clouds HUl, tee Aflt>nddle. 834' minster 830 

Clyffe.seeTincleton eol EastBnrton, tee Wlnftith 

Cobb, tee LymeSegta 
iCogdoa,tee Burton Brad- 
I BtoA 807 

Coker's Proome, tee Dor- 
chester 874 

Cold HarbonT,teeWareham 955 



'burgh . . , 
East Chacon, see Chaldoo 

Herring 801 

East Cheiborough 861 

East ChlckerolT, tee West 
Chickerell 800 

CollltonBow,te<Dorcheater 674! East ComptoD,see Compton 

Comb Kelnes, tee Goombe Valence 66S 

Kernea 868 East Creech, tee Church 

Combe-Nether, tee Litton { Knowie 807 

Cheney 880 Eaat Elworth, tee Abbota- 

Compton Abbas, or West, 

nearUalden Newton 807 

Compton Abbaa, near 

Shaftesbury 867 

Compton— Nether A Over 808 
Compton Valenee, or East 808 
Conygore HiU, tee Winter- 

bury 834 

East find, see Corfe Unllen 670 
East Knighton, see Wln- 

fHth Newborgh _ 973 

East LangtM, see Langton 

Vatravera 895 

EaatLnlworth 897 

borne Came 974 East Horden 908 

Goombe Aimer, tee Stur- East Orchard 912 

minster HarshaU 943 East Blngatead, see Os- 

Goombe Keynca 808 mlngton 912 

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EMt Slower, or Slmir HI 

KutbwT, Me TtfiutOOB- 

rtUe... M8 

ButoB, ■«« rojtUnd 9S1 

Edmonds tuun _ 880 

EggMxdoo — Higher, tet 

UttOB Cheney 6W 

Elltun HIU,MeS]rdUBir8t 

Ktebotu M7 

£Uford. M« Bvme lotrin- 

■IM «7 

Blwell.»«eUpwB7 953 

Elworth— EMt k West, tee 

AbboUbnry SU 

EnmoR Qr«eit. me Uot- 

eombe BW 

EacbsiTt eec KlBMB. 8H 

Etrenbol 88o 

Eweme Coartuf, lee 

Iwene ConrtDkr 

Ewvrne H lniter,«e« Iirenie 

Wnster m 

Efp^Htgher A I<ower, 

Mf SrtDOBdabdrr (MR 

Parabasi BBO 

fkrrliigtMi, MB Imne 

ConrtnsT Wl 

Fiddlefonf, $ee Okeford 

FitxpalDe...., «11 

rUkbekd— Lower, «e Bel- 

ehslwell 8» 

Fifehewl w Fifehlde Heg- 

dalen 881 

Fifobe^ or PIfehlde Ne- 

rille 881 

Ftfehemd St. QalDtlB, lee 

BelebBlw«11 839 

FtfchcBd STdllag, we Syd- 

Mxtg St. NlcboUi M7 

Fleet 881 

riowvr'B Bwrow, tee But 

SnlworUl 897 

TtOkt 881 

FoBtmd) Ha«:ii« 683 

For^nCton. ffc Dorcheiter S7i 
Forked' Down End, tee 

StodUnd H3 

Fortvae'i Well, Jee Port- 
land 921 

FonU— Higher, Lower A 

Kiddle, eee WlnfHth 

Hewbugh V73 

FOn BuTOw HIU. tee 

Wlntnbome Bt. Kitrtiii 97A 
Fmopton 882 

weoTT:. m 

FroKmoor. tee Toiler Por- 

eoram. 9St 

F^MMiMcChmliialer.... sm 
Frome, «« D oreh ortc r. .. .. 874 
ll^>oiDcUlI«t,we Weet Staf- 

fhrd »7 

FiDBM HUl, tee Dor- 

ebnter 873 

Frome St. Qidiitlii, or 

Little FroBo 8S2 

none VAoehueh 883 

GKlnwnM, tee ShlUlnK- 

•tone 990 

Ralton, Me Owermolgne . .. m 
Goocse, MC Shlpton George 936 
GIggere lele. tee Wftrehaa US 

OtnTnghain f 

UlkavTUee Wootton. eee 

Wootton GUnrllle 977 

GlraTllle. tee Hftmpresbn 886 
Goathom, tee Studluul. . .. M3' 

GodmeaMore f~~ 

Goldeo Cap Bill, tee Cbw- 

mooth 863 

Gomenbay, tee Stalbrldge. 9S7 
Gorewood, tee Klateme 

Uagna 90? 

Gorwell, tee Litton Chener 890 
Uraeton, tee Burton Brad- 

otoek 857 

Great Blndon, tee Wool. ... 977 
Great Hinton, tee Hloton 

Hartel 880 

Great Tollw, orToUer Por- 

conun VSl 


Grove, M« Portland 921 

GiiMaite All SfttnU 88S 

Gneaage St. Andrew, tee 

Uaadley 887 

GoMage St. Micbael, or 

Middle GoMaee 889 

BaU. tee Sherborne 939 

HaUtoek 8W 

Ukletoek Leigh, tee Hal- 

Btoeik I 

Ham— Long, aee Hunprei 

ton 880 

Bftm Cbamberlftyne, tee 

HampreetoB S80 

Hammerdon HU1,m< Ship- 
ton George 930 

Hammoon 880 

Hampreetn 880 

Hamworthy 886 

Hudley m? 

Hanfbrd 887 

Harel7,M«li'irebeadNerme m 
Harley Down, <ee Onaeage 

All SKints.. 88S 

Hartgrore^ «m Foatmell 


KiBgadown,<ee Sbwwleke 031 
Klngamead, lee iClngtoo 
Magna SKI 

KlD^TBton 602 

Kingston, tee Haselbury 

Bryan 68m 

Kingston— Upper,Me3tlns- 

ford m 

Kluffiton Laey Manor, see 

Wimbome 000 

Kingston Mftrwood, tee 

StTnaford 039 

Kingston RasselU ftM 

KlugxtoD Winterboame. . . 074 

Kln^fton HagBB 893 

agna 882'Kla!K>n N93 

Uartloy, tee Mlnleme ' Kiil[fhtoii,»eeBeerH«ekett ii39 

Magna 907' Knt);hton, tee Cuiford 

Hartmoor, »ee Kington I Ma^na A57 

Magna 893l Knljjhton. tee Durwestoo »S0 

Haeelbvry Bryan ^kk' Knighton— East, see Wln- 

Bata Bam.aef Aebmore .. KM frith N«wl>ui»;h m 

Haven— Soalh^Studland fH:tl Knlf(hton— Went x*M 

HawkehNreh Knt^'lita Bottom, lee Hook VUl 

Haydon f^^^ Kiilifon, tee Lansrlon 


LydUnch i«B8 

Lyme Regia Mtt 

Lyon's Gate, lee HlBtenw 

Magna mj 

Lytchetl Hatrarera wit 

M'tehett Mlnater or Lower DOS 
Hageaton, He Framplon . . 
Maiden Caatle, see Dor- 

chei>tcT 873 

A tee WInterborae St. 

HartlQ 073 

Maiden Newton 003 

Maldenwell. Me Portland.. Vil 
Mannlngton, eee Onasage 

All Sainta m 

Hanston ina 

MauBwood, tee Guaaage 

St. Michael )«« 

Manswood, tee More Crlt- 

chell S72 


MappertOD, fee Alner .... kis 

Mappowder '.xKt 

Margaret Manh 0iH 

Hamhull >.m 

Hayea, (ee Todber 0.">i, Matrkvers !4<)5:Mariih.SFe Ibberton 

Heilston«,aee Forteabam.. 930' Knoll Stecple.teeStecple.. 030 

Heniaworth,ieeShapwtcke 031 
Hemiworth — Weet, tee 

Wltehampton 070 

Ilenbary- H igherA Lower, 

Knowle, see Bnekland 

Newton 830 

Laler. see Winterbome 
IVhlichureh 970 

lee Sturmlniter Marshall 043 LambreAS.Mr Todber 931 

Henley, tee Backland Lamb's Green, tee Corfe 

Newton fi.W Mullen RTO 

Hermitage t««0' Lan;;(lon, ff^ Beaminstori . 837 

Hertaon.iee Swan age 916 Lan^on nrLangton-Long- 

Blandford 801 

AM »vwajB u n«*aaa^ V * « • * e 

Hewstock, see Ulnton St. 

Mary H» 

Hide, tee Frampton tfti^ 

Higher Bookhunpton, see 

Stlnaford 939 

Higher Buokshaw, see 

Holwell 800 

Higher Came, see Winter- 
borne Came 974 

Higher Kggardon, see 

Litton Cwney 800 

Higher Kype,sre Symonds- 

bory »U 

Higher Fos8ll,se« WInMth 

Newburgh 073 

tllgber HeBbury,seeStnr- 

mlnater Maranall 043 

Higher Kingoombe, see 

mmplsbam 027 

Uurher Klngeombe 051 

Higher WruciU, see Kam- 

Eieham 027 
jhwood, tee East Stoke 940 

LangtOD llorring tiiH 

Lan^ton MBtraTera,or East 


Leigh SU5 

' Leigh, Sft IbbertoQ i^oi 

' Leigh, see Wimbome Mu 

LenthRy,see Sherborne 933 

Lewcombe, tee East Chel- 

borough 804 

r^well, scf KnlL'hton— 

West 8M 

Lewesdown UllI,>eeBroad 

Windsor 85t 

Lcwcston, see LUUngton . . 890 

Lilllngton 8V5 

Little HredT 844 

Little Caurord, see Ham- 

preeton 880 

Little Down, see Sh&Ites- 

bnry 990 

Little Frome, tee Frome 
St. Qnlntin 883 

HlRIdd 8X9 Little Hinton, see Hinton 

Hill Bam, tee SidliDg St. 

Nteholas. 047 

Hllt<m ff»)> 

HlntonMartelorGt.Hlnton f»9 
Hinton I'arra, or Little.. . . 

Hinton St. Mary 800 

Hod Hill, see Stonipaine.. Ml 
Holeomb,seeAlton Paneras 835 
HoleombMeel'uddlehinton 9ii 
Holdlteh, see Tlioraoombe 030 

Hobne 800 

Holme — Wart, see East 

Stoke 9M 


Holt, see Wimbome 009 

Holwell 890 

UolwdltSeeCrubonw.... 871 

Hook 801 

Horehester, see Frmne St, 

Qobitin 883 

Horae Park, see Guaaage 

All Balnia 889 

Horton 801 

Houghtoa,«eeWlBterborDe 973 
Uonnd HULses Wimbome BW 
Hantbgfbid, see OlUlar- 


Hnrdlck,secKlngtoidUgBB mi 

Horsey, see Bnntoek 8S6 

Rnrst, see Mmeton 90t) 

Hyde, see HtoekOaylird.. 9S9 
Hyde HIU, see Cbeellborue 8«6 

Ibberton 891 

llaingiMi, see Pnddletown 929 

IwemeConrtour 891 

Iwcnie Hlnater... 802 

Kestcombe, sse ToUcr For- 

corum 993 

Kllford, see IbbeitOB 891 


Klngeomoo — Higher 

Parra 889 

Little Hayne.iee Knighton 

West 894 

Little Moor, see Broadway 8U 
Little Moors, see Hamp- 

reaton 880 

Little Windsor, see Broad 

WhidMn 8M 

Littleton Manor, see Lang- 
ton m 

LIttlewood. see Frampton . mi 

Litton Cheney 806 

Loders— Upper A Lower . . MM 

Long Breay 848 

Long Burton 897 

LongCritehelLorCrleheL. 871 
Long Ham,seeHampreiiton ws 

Longfleet HiM 

Lonsfbrd, see FnunptOD .. tvvt 

Look, see Abbotsbnry HH 

Loseombc, seeKelpush... 
Lothera— Upper k Loww, 

seeLodert 890 

Lower Boekhunptoa, see 


Lower Baekllwv, see Hoi* 

well 890 

Lower Sype, see Symonde- 

bury 018 

Lower FliUuad, see Bel- 

ebalwell 839 

Lower Fossil, see WlnfHth 

Newburgh 973 

Lower Hesbnry, see Btur- 

minster Marshall 043 

Lower Klngeombe, see 

Knmpiaham 027 

Lower Kingoombe OSI 

Ix>wer IfOders, Nee Lodere. 800 
.. 8W; Lower Lytchett, see Lyt- 
ft I obett Minster 002 

Lower, see Bunplshun.. 917 Lulworth— Eaat A West .. 807 
Eli«ooBb«— Higher * . iLulmrth CoTe, see Weet 



Maribwood V t 

Martinstown, fee WInter- 
borae St. UartiB 074 

Uarwood, see WlnterboTDG 

Zelstone DTO 

Haync— Friar A Little, see 

Knlsliton West 8it( 

Mclbury Abbas 0ii9 

Melbary Bubb 005 

Mel bury Osmond OOS 

Melbnry Ssmpford, or Up- 
per Sampfbrd 

Mcleombe Bingham 0O<) 

Uelcombe Begis 99H 

Melplafh 000 

Mlddlebeer, see Wareham . »« 
Middle Came, see Winter- 
borne Came 074 

Middle Fosati, see Wln- 

frlth Newburgh 973 

Middle QttBSage, see Qnt- 

aage St. Michael 88-'; 

MiddlemarBb, seeMlnterae 

Magna 7 

Milborne St. Andrew Wni 

Ullbome Stlleham 000 

Miles Cross, lee Symonda- 

bury Wi 

Milton, feeGlUinghun.... K<l 

MiitoQ Abbae W7 

Miiron— Weet, see Power- 
stock ^ O'.M 

HInchlngton, see Handley. W7 

Hinterne Magna w? 

Minteme Parra, see Bnek- 
land Newton 890 

Honkton, fee WlBterbome 

Monkton .v 974 

Monkton - up - Wlnbome, 

see CranbOToe 871 

Monkton Wyld 9 8 

Moor-Llttle, see Krond- 

way 834 

Moors -Little, see Bam- 

preston 880 

Moors— Weet, sea West 

Parky 914 

Hooraide. see Todber 951 

Herden— East * West .... 9 8 
More Crttehdl, or Crlehel . bn 
Itoeeomblekc see Stanton 

8t.0»brlel 939 

Horeton OJd 

Moretown. see CanRwd 

Magna 897 

Hoslerton BOD 

Moteombe VOB 

Monnt Pleaeant, aee Ibber- 
ton .Ml 

Hnekleford, see Bradford 

Pererell M7 

Mnston, see l>addlAlnton.. IM3 
My the, see North Pomton.. 9-A) 

Netherbury 9iu 

Nether Ceme BOO 

Nether Combe, see Litton 

Cheney FOO 

Ncthercombe,seeSlierbomc inS 

Nether OomptoiL KfiS 

Netberhay,seeBnMdwlnder 834 
Nettleeombe,seePowerstoek Si* 
Newlands, see Woottoo 

GlanvUle 978 

Newton, see Beemlnster... 837 
Newton, seeCoombeKeynee 808 
Newton, eee Stnrmtniter 
BewtMi «tt 

981 1 LtOwwIh 898 Konbbro<*,seePBddletown 925 

Digitized by 





North Oroand, tee Chaldon 

Herring 861 

North Poorton 920 

HorthWoottoB 078 

N<vwood. aw Wen Chel- 

bonrach eC5 

NottlDgnm, ler Broftdw«7..8M 
Nottln^OB) tee Bnckluid 

Ripen. 860 

Jfotton, see Maiden NeTton 002 
Nyl&Dd, $ee Kington Hugti a 893 
Onkera Wood.teeAl^vAileSii 
OtkUy, ttt Cuiford HsgDK SAT 
Oakley Down, see Huidrey. S£7 

Oborne 010 

Oileyire11,>KMelburyBubb DOS 
Okeford— ChildftFltzpftine 911 
01dbury,»« Bloxwortn.,... 846 
Orctaard-Eut* West.... 012 

OBmiDgton 012 

OverCompton. 6G8 

OTCrcoombe, tee Sherborae 013 

Owermofgne 012 

Oxbrdige,«eeHelplMh.... 006 
PalUngtOD, tee AnViuddle.. 834 
Pampblll.tM WlmDome... 960 
Parl^ate, see Haselbory 

Bryan SS6 

Park Gate, tee Stoke Wake 010 

Parkstone 013 

Parley— Weflt 014 

Peliham, tet Buckbom 

Weston 855 

Penn BUI, tee Bradford 

PeTcrlD 84/ 

Peatridge 014 

Perrott— South 014 

PhlUytaolme, see Eawk- 

churcb 88^ 

Piddle Borleaton, see Bar- 

leBton 85« 

PIddlehlnton, are Paddle 

hlntoo 025 

Fiddleatown^eePuddletwn 025 
Pllford, aee Hampmton,.. 886 

PilleBdon,«fePUBdon 014 

Plllesdown HUl, tee Broad- 

wlndaor 654 

Plladon 014 

Plmperne 015 

Plnlord, tee Sherborne 032 

Plnnyi, aeeCoracoinbe..... 870 
Pluab. tee BueklandSewton 850 

Pokeswea 015 

Poole 015 

Pooratockjaee Foireratock 024 

Poorton-Nortb B20 

Poorton— Sooth, aeePower- 

itoek 024 

Porteaham, or Portiabam.. 020 

Portland 021 

Portway, aee WinMth 

Newborf^ 073 

Pouadbury, tee Dorcheater 873 
Poringtnn,Me Trncbam... 0f3 

PoTerstOCk 024 

Preiton 094 

Preaton, j<aIwemeHlnater 802 
PreatoQ Crawford, tee Tar- 
rant Crawford. 948 

Pnddlehlnton 025 

Puddletown 025 

Pulhatn 9lA 

Poncknowle 026 

Purbeck Island 926 

Purae Canndle,see Caundle 

Purse 850 West Chlckerell 866 

Pydel-Trenthlde 026 

Pymore, aee Lodera 806 

Quarry Croas, ne Chldeock 806 

Kadlpole 027 

Bamplsham 027 

Ka\*leB.*MFifbheadNoviUe 881 

RedcllIT, aee Wareham 064 

Redhome,seeSt«dland.... 043 

Reionie,«ee Portland 021 

Revela^eBucklandNewton 856 

Ridge, see Wareham 054 

Ridge Htll, see Porteaham. 920 

Rldgway, see Upway 053 

Blng'a Hill, aee £ast Lul- 

worth 897 

Blngatead-Kaat, tee Oa 

inTngton 012 

Redden, see A bbotsbury .. £-34 
Rogers Hill, aee Affbuddle 834 
Rne. see Bnckland Newton 866 
Ruahton, ue East Stoke . . 01 J 
Raahton,see TarrantRuab- 

ton 05" 

Rnsaen, see Haydon S88 

Ryle, aee WhItMiurch Can- 

Ryme Intrinalea w Ryme . 027 
St Aldhelm'a Head, aee 

Worth HatniTera 078 

StAndrew'a,«ee WeatLul- 

worth SOS 

SalwayAab^see NeUierbnry 010 
Sandford, tee Xast Uorden 008 
Sandhills, aee Cattlatock .. 858 
Seabarrow, aee Bradford 

PerereU 847 

Scstown, see Chldeock .... £63 

Sbafteetury 928 

Shapwioke..., 931 


Newton 856 

ShastOD St. Bnmbold, tee 

Cann 658 

Sherborne 032 

Sherborne Canaeway, tee 

Motcombe. 909 

Shillln^tone, or Shilling 

Okeford 036 

SbllTinghampton, aee Por- 
teaham 020 

Shlpton George 936 

Shltterton, see Beer Regla.. 840 
Shroton or Shronghton, see 

Iwerne Ceourtnay 892 

Siiton 936 

Sixpenny Handley, see 

Handley 8f)7 

gklppet,aeeWarmweU .. 958 
SmaUsfoed, see Buckbom 

Weaton 855 

South Down, aee Ower- 

moigne 912 

South Uaven, aee Stod- 

land 043 

South Mappertoii,se« Xap- 

pert(»i 003 

South PerroU 014 

South Poortta, tee Power- 
stock 024 

Southover, aee Dorehector. 873 
Soutborer, aee Frampton . . 8S2 
Southwell, aee Portland .. 921 

Spedsbury 986 

Spetiebnry iUng,«e< Bpetlt- 

bury 987 

Spyway, see Langton Ma- 

trarers 895 

Stafford, se' Dorelwater 878 

Staltord-Wcst 037 

Stalbrliige 037 

Stalen,aeeXetherCompton 668 
Stanbridge, aee HInton 

Parra 889 

Stancombe, aee Litton 

Cheney 806 

Stanton St. Qabriel 938 

StapeHllLtee Hampreaton 886 
Steep Hll^«ee Hamprestou 8P0 

Steeple 038 

Steepleton Iwone, or Stee- 

Sletoo Preston 039 
skland WtDterboume, 
see Wlnterbome Stlck- 

laad 970 

SUnsford 930 

Stoborough Liberty, tee 

Wareham 955 

Stockbridge, see LUUngton 690 

Stock Gaylard 030 

Stockwood 030 

Stoke, aee Stock tiaylard.. 939 

Stoke, aee Stockwood 939 

Stoke Abbott 0(0 

Stoke-East 040 

Stokeford,*e<Saat8hAe.. HO 

Stoke Wake 940 

Stone, see Wimbnoe 000 

Stour— East 041 

SUnir— West 942 

Stourpaine 941 

Slower- Eaat 941 

StowerorStonrnoroat.. 041 
Stower Bow, see Btower 

ProTOat 941 

Stower— -Weat 042 

Stratton 942 

Stroud, see. Stock Qajrlard 939 

Stratton 912 

Stubhampton, see Tamnt 

Gunvltle H8 

Studlaud 942 

Sturmtuster Marshall ....943 

Sturminater Newton 043 

Sutton, aee Ousaage St. 

Michael 885 

Sutton Foynts, sea Preston 024 


Sydllng St. aiehotai 947 

SydUng— Upper 047 

Symonaahnry 048 

Talbot Tillage, see Kioson. 894 

Tarrant Crawford 048 

Taxrant Gnnvllle H8 

Tarrant HInton 949 

Tarrant Keynatoa 940 

Tarrant Lanneeaton 040 

Tarrant Umkton 040 

Tarrant Rawatoa 040 

Tarrant Ruahton 050 

ThlckthorD,seeChettle.... 866 

Thorley, see Todbw 051 

Thomcomb, see Langton.. 894 
Tbomeomb. tee TnmworUi 952 

Tbomcombe 950 

Tbomford 960 

Thomhlll.aee Stalbrldee. . 937 
Thorny Down.see Uanoley 8B7 
Thorpe, se^Malden Newton 002 
Three Legged Crosa, see 

Cranbome 671 

Throop,aee Afn>nddle .... 834 
Tilly Whbn, aee Swanage.. 940 

Tincleton 951 

Todbw or Todbcre 951 

Tollard Faiiiluun,see Fan- 
ham 880 

ToUerford, aee FromeVau- 

church f«3 

Toller Fratrum 951 

Toller Porcorum, or Great 

Toller 061 

Toller Whelme, aee Cros- 

combe 870 

Tolpuddle, Tolplddle or 

Tolpudell 932 

Tomaon, aee Whiterbome 

: Tbompson 075 

Toner's Puddle 952 

Totnell, tee Leigh 805 

Trigon Hill, aee Wareham 955 

Puddle 052 

Tumworth 952 


near Shalteahnry 867 

Tyneham 052 

Tytherlelgh,aee Chardetock 86:; 

UpCeme Ml 

UphaU,<fe Rsmplaham — 92~ 
Upper Kingston, see Stlna- 

hird 939 

Upper Lodera, see Lodera.. 890 
Upper Uelbury.seeMelbury 

Sampford 0'6 

Upper Sydllng 047 

Upton, aee Canford Magna 867 
Upton, aee Corfe Mullen .. 873 
Upton, see Osmlugton .... 912 

Upway 063 

Verne, see Portland 922 

Verne Huta.see Portland.. 921 
Verwood, tee Cranbome . . 871 
Waddock,seeAfn>uddIe .. 834 
Waddon,aeePaneabam.... 920 
WadUn. sceKlnfftoBMuna m 
W^ehaiB,ae*Ficirtlaaa .. 921 

Walldltch 968 

Wambrook , 964 

Wanderwell, see Botfaeo- 

hampton 846 

Wareham 054 

Warmwell 957 

WatereomlK,see Warmwell 968 
Wateraon, see Puddletown 925 
Watton, see Sjmondabury 048 
Waytown, see Netherbury 910 
Weatherbnry Castle, tee 

Mllborne St Andrew. ... 907 
Weat Burton, see Wlnfritb 

Newbnrich 973 

West Chaidoo, see Chaldon 

Herring 861 

Weat Chelborough 865 

West Chickerell 865 

WestCoinptoii,see Compton 

Abbas,nr.MaldenNewton 867 
West Creech, see Steeple.. 030 
West ElwOTth, see Abbot*- 

bur 834 

Weat Fordlngton, Me Dor- 
chester 873 


ampton 076 

Weat Holme,aef KaatStoke 940 
Weat Knlghton,aee Knigh- 
ton West 804 

West Lnlwortfa 897 

Sutton Waldron 045 WeatHllton,seePower8tock 924 

Swanage 945 Weat HoorajeeWeatParley 014 

Swlnebam,aeeWareluun.. 956 West Morden, see East 
onieonun 008 Bwyre Ot?! Kordea V» 


Waat Orchard 012 

Weat Parlcr 914 

WeatStaflbtd 987 

WeatStowarorStonr .... 9U 
West Wood, sea Coombe 

Xeysea 80S 

West Woodyatea 97? 

Westbitry, aee Sherimne 033 

nay- 89 J 

Westlev, see Stumlnater 

Marshall 048. 

Weaton, Sfc Portland 921 

Weaton, see Btalbridge.... 037 

Weymouth 93S 

Whatcombe, see Winter- 
borne Whltehurch 97A 

Whitchurch, tee Winter- 
bone Whitchurch 975- 

Whitchurch Canouloornm 907 

Whitcombe 068 

WhlteHlll.seeShilIlng8tone 930 
White Bill, see StokeWake 040 
Whiteway, see Tyneham ., 058 
WhltBeld, see Charmlnster 863 
Whitfield, see Dorcheater.. 874 
Wlmbome, or Wlmborae 

Minster oeS 

Wlmbome St. Giles 97» 

Windsor- Little, tee Broad 

Wlndaor :„ 864- 

WInford Eagle 072 

Winftlth Newbury 973 

Winterborne 973 

Wlnterbome Abbas 973 

Wlnterbome Anderstone, 

seeAnderaon 8S(t 

Wlnterbome AahtOB, see 

Wlnterbome St. Hartin 97S 

Wlnterbome Came 073 

WlnterbomeClenBt<»e.... 074 
Wlnterbome Fairingdon.. 973 
Wlnterbome Herrlngston 074 
Wlnterbome Kbigaton.... 974 
Wlnterbome Honkton.... 974 
Wlnterbome St Martin,.. 974 
Wlnterbome Steepleton .. 97& 
WlnterhfiHKStlcUand.... 975 
WlMHtborae Tbompson . . 97ft 
Wlnterbome Whltdiurch. 97fr 

Wlnterbome Zelstone IW 

Wlnterhoume Qnarleaton, 

lieeWloterbomeStlckland 97ft 
Wlnterhaya.*ee YeUnlnater 960 
Wenyard's Qap, aee Ched- 

Innon , 864 

WItohampton 976 

Wolveton, see Charmlnster 803 
Wonston, aee Hasetbnry 

Bryan ess 

Wood Bridge, see HolweU 690 
Wood bury Hill, aee Bere 

Regis 610 

Woodcntts, see HInton 


Woodlanda 976 

Woodrow, see Haaelburr 

Bryan fiS8 

Woodaford 070- 


Woodaford 977 

Wood Street, see Wool .... 977 
Woodyatei,seePeiitridge.. 914 

Woodyatea -Weat 077 

Wool 077 

Woolcombe, see Molbarr 

Bubb 90ft 

Woolcombe, see Toller Por- 

oorum 002 

WooUand 077 

Wootton Fitspalne 978 

Wootton GtauTille 977 

Wootl<m>North 978 

Woigret, see Wareham 056 

Worthbarrow,aee Tyneham 953 

Worth Matrarera 078 

Wotion Fitipalne 078 

WracklefonMeeOorchcater 873 

Wrasall or Wroxall 979 

Wra xall— Hig^»r,seeBui- 

plsham 927 

Wyke, see Bradford Abbas 847 
WykcaeeGillln^uun .... 8SS 

Wyke Regis 979 

WyldconitjeeHawkehnnh 888 
Wynford KBgIe,««(Wlnford 

Eagle 972 

Wytberstone, see Power- 

aiock 924 

Tatmlnatenaee Yetminatcr 9*0 

Teau, see Portland 9a 

Yetmao'a Bam, aee CheaU- 

bora* 8dft 

Yelaiuatcr 97ft 

Digitized by 




With SeAnnee to the PUees ander which they will be found in thii Tolnme. 


AbboUbnry cMtle, BL Hon. Eu-1 of Xlcberter r.c. ue 

Abbotabui7 834 

Aldertudt park, George ChnnMII eiq. j.p. «ee AldarlMlt .. 871 

AtheUumptoD htll, Hn. Wood, m* Attelbuopton SM 

BtuaSaaUt XaBOT boue, Ltenb-Col. Sunoel SyBM Ods 

J.P. Mf BMBliutcr 837 

Bellteld Itoiue. Saraoel Aihtoii Fretor esq. t.T. tee Wyke 

Kegto 979 

Belfield pvk, Chwlea HolUnd esq. («e Wjrke Bcgle 970 

Bbmegar b%a, Oliver Cooke Pmnrer esq. j.p. §ee Kut Stoke 940 
Blukdomi hoose, Edward Pinnej esq. i.p. tee Bl«4Skdoim B53 
Bloxwortb luKue^oluiBrManonBtaDe esq.«eeBloxwortta 644 
Bndfiwd Fmnll boue. HwUngt Kkthulel Ulddlebm 

Mq. z».t^ j.r. SM Bndford Fvmell U7 

BraaksM Islwd, BU Hoa. Oeoigtt AagMtw FMorfek 

CKTeDdliliBntIiiBkP.e.,ii.v.,j.p.«MBnDknft ........ 847 

ftMebMd bo«M, BtAtart mmuu asq. ox., x.r. «m Uttle 

Bredy Btt 

Bryaaston bonse, Vlsooont Portmui, ««« Brratutoiu .... 8U 
Buiksh»wbotue.BaMlBULlttIehalesesq. j.p.SMHolwelL 690 
Caaie boue, Cmpt. Frauds Batton. tee Winterbome Caae 974 
Canfofd boue. Sir Ivor Bertie Goeat bart J>x^ t.r. tee 

Caoftcd Magu B67 

Canndle Pone Haadr bOM^ NatbaaM BirtMs «aq. tee 

Canidle Prate... SBO 

Cbalnilagtonbo(ias,Llaiit.-Cid. J<Aa Alttanu Dlfbx 

Me Cattlstoek 8SB 

Charboionffb park. Hist Drax, tee East Korden 906 

Charles Ifoant, Job> Boberts ramedge esq. «se Broad- 

majme SSS 

Chariton boose. Henry Kvaas Huntley esq. •«« Cbarltoa 

Xanhall 882 

CbaimoBtb Manor hoosa, 0^ Cbarles Ballen B.H., t.9. 

see Cbannontta ..■■■>..*..>....■•••• 6H 

Cbedhagton eoart, WHIIhb nwdyan Cue mQ' 

ChadlBgton MM 

caietaola boBae,M«}orWIIIlam Georg* IHgby Wlngteld- 

Dfg1>«Cb«tnol« 6«6 

Cbettte bimae, Mrs. CMtlenum, tee ChetUe 8M 

ChldeoekKanor bouse, Cbarles Weld esq. j.p. sea Cbldeook 8M 

Chllfromo bouse, Mrs. Pope, «ee Chllfrome 867 

Clyih, Edward LelgbKindersley esq. j.p.K«Tlneleton .. 951 
Compton boase, John Ooodden es^ i>.u, >.p. see Orar 

CoBpton 868 

CnftbU, Jobalbicaltareaq.seeBadlpole..... 927 

Court bouse, Joeepb ftaikM Fox Gudry es^ 7.F. see 8yd- 

Ila^ 8t Nkbolas 947 

Creech {frange, Ber. Nathanld Bond b^, /.p. tee Steeple 938 

Crtehel boose. Lord Alln^rton, tee man Crltebell 872 

DewQsb boose. General Bt. HnL ffir John JUAel pa, 

O.CJr,J.P.MeI>ewUBb 872 

Down boose (The), Sir WQlIam Henry Smltb-Hanrtott 

bait. aseBUndfonl St. Mary 848 

I>BBfbrd,lCrs.Serrell,MeLaiigtwi]IatnTm 896 

DnrweatoQ, Bom, WUUam Henry Berkeley Portman U.T., 

jj.ieeP ig wea u m : 880 

Sdmondsbav bonsBi Heetw HMttO esq. d.l, t.v. tu 

Zdiaondsbask 680 

Ebaa (Tba), Sir James Colqvbon bart D.L. tss FarkrtoM 918 


Encombe, Earl of Eldon, tee Kingston 893 

Forde abbey, His. Bertram Srans, tet Tbomeombe 960 

Fnuapton eoart, Blebard BrtBsley Bheifdaa esq. d j.., j.p. 

see Fraaqitni 882 

nraw boiM, CoL niaPlack Hcnalng cb., i.*. ttt Dor- 

ebester 878 

Glendoa, lCa)or-Gea. Charles Poalett Laaa i.r. see Coifb 

Hnllen 870 

Grore (Tbe), Tbontaa Doewra esq. see Swanage 9MI 

Haddon lodge, Daltan HaskoU Scrrell asq., j.t. ses Ganadle 

Stoorton 869 

Banford bouse, Smest Clay Ker-Seyater esq. d.l., j.p. 

sceHaaibrd 887 

HateUaods, Major GrUhhs, see Nethaibnry 910 

HeBetoB boose, Jotaa mUlam Towasead Fyler esq. o.Sm., 

t.T. see East StiAe 940 

Herrlngtttm bonae. Edward Wlbaot WllUa» eaq. dX., j.p. 

see Winterbome Herrlngston 974 

High hall. Miss Llutbome, see Wimbome 9W 

Bfnton HanOT house, Bobert R. Harrey esq. j.p. see Hln- 

ton Bt Mary 899 

Holme prlory,lTatbanlel Bond esq. D.ih.J.r. * Lady SeUna 

Bond, tee Hefana 89> 

Holnaat lodge^obn Samuel Waaley SawbaUga-Brie-Drax, 

esq., DX., J.p. see Hotataat 889 

Hnlab boeae, Edward Oaorga Farqabaxaoa, atq. j.p. tee 

Winterbome Zelitone 978 

Hyde, Mrs. GaadiyiSeeBotbenhampton 844 

Hyde Maaor boose, Charles James BadeUffe esq. j.p., 

MS Beer Regis 840 

nslngton bouse, William m-p., j.p. see 

PaddletowB 985 

Iwene bouse, Blf^it Hoa. Lord WolTettoa, r-c see Iverao 

Mlaatar 882 

KeadalU(The)0«)isaBkadfordMBtthawa,aaq.saelDltoa 8B» 
Kingston hoase, Jaa. FeUowes, esq. «.p. see Stlasftird 939 
Kingston Laey, Walter Balph Banket, eaq. ass Wimbome 069 

KnoU, Mrs. Fort, see CoiCsMoUen 870 

LangtoB bouse. Jamas J<din Farqobaraon, eaq. t.t. 

sesLangton 894 

Langtoa Heirlng Manor boose, William Sparks, esq. tee 

LangtMi Henlag 895 

LeweatM booaa. Sir Blebaid Qtotsp Glya, bart D.x-, J.r. 

fee Laweaten 896 

Lodera oourt, Sir Holyaeux Hyde Nitieaa, bart dx., j.p. 

seeLodera 806 

XiortoB boose, Ber. Joha Mom Bridge, see Broadway.... 864 
Lolworth castle, Baglaald Joseph Weld. eiq. ass East 

Lnlworth 897 

Lytebett MatraTers Manor hoose. Captain Robert Saw- 
bridge, assLytohettMatrarcn 902 

Maaston houaa, Ovtala ThMsas Banwbaa Hanham, a.11., 

DX.,j.p.MelIaDat<n 903 

Mappertoa hoasa, Ber. Paalat Mlldm^ Comptoa, a. a. ms 

MappotoB 908 

Marsbwood Maaor bonse, Jfflm Bollen Tatohell Tatcbell 

BoUen, esq. see Marsbwood 90S 

Melbnty hooae, Bt Hon. Earl of Hcheater, px. see Melburr 

BaaiAcd 9O8 

Digitized by 





Uerljr ball, Ulsa Weinbolt & Klu Helea Welnbolt, tee 

Cuford ICagiik 857 

Hilton Abbejr, Charlea Jowph Theophilns Htmbro, esq. 

D-l^J^F-MflUUtonAbbM m 

Xaton lodge, l[<GUliDgbam 8SS 

HlntemeboiiMiLonlDlgbr.iMlClitteniaHaKU 007 

Koroton bowe, Mrs. E^unpton, tee Horaton 908 

Hot combe honse, Elizabeth Marchlon«*s of WeBtmlnster, 

MeHotcombe .' 900 

Sew UDds,H4}or'GeDJBlrChvles Walters D'07lr,but.J.r. 

lee Charltoti HaribaU 802 

Newton manor, John Charles Roblnaon, esq. T.BX. tee 

Swanage 946 

KottlDgton booM, LlenL-CoL Blcbard OllTer rrancLs 

Steward, Me Badlpole 927 

O lulsctonboiue, EdwardAtkTiia Wood,e«q, dx^ i^. tee 

Ounlngton 912 

Os mlngton Iodge,HatwCbarleaTbM.Hall,M«Otm]iigton 912 
Park Homer, Col. Leopold Grlmstone Paget, d Jb, jx. tee 

Wlmbome 009 

Par nbam boaae, Lady O^lander, Me BeamJnster S37 

FesnsylTanla castle, Stewart Forbes, esq. tee Portland 9S1 

P OEt Green bouio, Mrs. HouBe,Me Ljrtohett Hlnster 902 

P udekuowle home, Ure. Horton G. Hansel, tee Pone- 

knowie 926 

Pur beck honse, George Bnrt. esq. 7.P. tee Swansge W 

Pydel-Treutblde Xanorboiiie,ThoiaH Ejre Canning, esq. 

tee Pydel-Trenthlde 926 

BaB^lsham Manor house, Aitbnr Kattin, esq. see Bam* 

plebam 927 

Sanstou Dale, Bev. Sir Talbot Hastings Bendall Baker. 

bart. u.A. tee Iweme Conrtnar 802 

Kempstone hall. Lady CaroUoe Caleraf t, see Corfe Castle.. . . 869 
Betreat (The), Uontagne John Guest, esq. dj.., J.p. <«e 

Here BetU 8» 

Sadborow, Capt. John Aitbnr Bragge, j.p. fee Tboneoabft MO 
8L GUea'B bouse, Earl of ShafteBbury, see Wlmbome 

St.GUes 912 

St. Leonard's house, George Williamson Dantell. esq. see 

Langton 804 

Sandfbrd, Miles Rodgett, esq. >.p. tee Wareham 9» 


Sherborne casUe, George Dlgby 

J.p. ■«« Sherborne 932 

Slapa bouse, Fredk. Walter Gundrj, esq. lee NetberburT'. . 910 
Smedmore. LleaL-Col. George Plerdell Mansel, D.L.,>.r. 

tee Klmeridge 8B2 

Soitliom honse, Jamea Crane, esq. see Tolpoddle 989 

8tilIbrdlunue^ohnFlojer,eaq.if.p., i>.x..seBWaat8taft>rd 987 
Stcepleton house. The Hon. Misses Pitt, tee Steepleton 

Iweme 030 

Stock hiU, Lteut.-Ool. PbUlp Wride Matthews, j.p. tee 

GlUlogbam SS3 

Stock house, Hrs. TeaUnan. lee Stock Gaylard 039 

Stone house, Ber. George ValUs Garland, M.A., j.p. «ee 

WbnboiDG ^ ow 

Strode house, George Tiller Gollop, esq. see HeUiflitnuT.. 910 
ThorubillhOBSe,Ker.Henr)'Boiteher,H.A.,j.p.seeThoniliIU 937 
Tnmworth house, Mn. Parrr-Okeden, fesTamwottta.... 9S2 
TTneham bouse, Thomas Brad, esq. j.p.MeT7ndian.... 958 
tTddens house, Lleut-Oes. Sir Edward Harris Greatbed, 

K.CB., J.p. see Chalbnry 861 

Up Ceme House, Cvpt. Jbu. Mount Batten,j.p. tee Up Ceme 861 
Upway house, Hj.Chas. Qooddeo, esq. d.l., /.p. see Upwaj 953 
Wanderwell house, Joseph Thompsou Stephens, esq. tee 

Botheubampton 8M 

West lodge, Xaj.'-Gen. C. E. Astell, 7.P. tee PnddleUnton 925 
Westbnrjr house, Henry Richard Farquharson esq. see 

Tarrant QnnrlUe 918 

Westball, Capt. Carr Stuart Gljn ic.p. tee Foike 861 

Weetmead, Blehard Ffolllott EUot, esq. i.p. tee Radipole 927 
Wbatcombe bouse, John ClaTdl Hansel-Flerdell esq. d.l., 

3.T., F.O.B., r.L.s. tee Wlnterbome Whitchurch 976 

Wlnte rbome Steepleton Manor house. Miss Lambert, tee 

Wlnterbome Steepleton 975 

Wolreton house, Albert Banks, esq, «eeCbarmlnster 863 

Woolland' honse, Montague WlUiims, esq. -D,h., >.r. tee 

Woolland 977 

Wotton house, Mrs. Lnftrell,' see WottonFltspaiiie 978 

WracUeford honse, Thoa. Jsph. Blihop esq., see Stratton 9*2 

Wyke hall. John AltUn, esq. tee GUIlngtaam 883 

Wyke honse. Col. Cbaa. James Octon BwaflMd, j.f. tee 

Wjke BeglB 979 

Digitized by 





Britiih Empire 1 

Cominerclu Union. _ 1 

Economic LUe i 

GeneraJ RrrenloBUJ A 

luTMtment 2 




Qbmii 6 

UeIluiwU«aalLtf«.... 3 

Royal « 

Uoral Exchange 7 

Soverelsn Life 80 

London AaBoraaoe 3 SUffonuUre Fin 7 

London Life. 4 SUndud Life S 

Natloonl Lite 4 i San Firo 10 

Nonrteh Union Fife ..... 5 , WMtmUuler B 

Xorwleh Union Life B ' 



ArecnntanU Ednond*. CItilcft Co. 47 

AdvertiBlng costraeter T. B. Browne 11 

Aerated water manoftetunn lUadall, Bloper A Co. 41 

Af cnta— Hoiue, land^A Mtata 

S. Cos 47 

Hawkes A Fieenun ftO 

J. JeOHea , M 

SCanb A Dawes W 

C. 8. Neaie 00 

:ienlor ft Creech 01 

Symonds A Eaton H 

J . C. Wallop 21 

Agrlcnltnral chemlatry— Metropolitan School of 21 

AirricnJlural engineer V. IT. Hftrt M 

A^eultnral Implement mannfactnren ;— 

Manden, Armlleld Jc Co. ^ 61 

W, White k Sous 6i 

Agrlettltnralmachinerrauuntaetanr ^.L. Tracy 80 

Applejnicemannftetvrcr B. H. Belben 32 

AppraJaer J. Toulter S7 

Arcldtect A snrrcTor J. A. Bandell 61 

Atphftlt« manuActorer O. A. Qrom S7 

Anetloneen :— 

a Cox 47 

I>e«eon & LIddlard 27 

W. HiUler , 69 

J. JAIet M 

S. T. Lewis 76 

MArah&Dawea 00 

C. E. Neate ^ 00 

J. A. Bandell. 01 : 

Senior A Creech 61 

Srmonds A Eaton S4 

J. C. WaUop M 

Bag mannAetonrs :— 

J. W.All«n «... 10 

L. A S. E. Barron 13 , 

Bellhangen;— ' 

A. Portamonth 40' 

W. SneHsrore 01 

neyde BnafectBrer C. R.C*Inrt 4S! 

naek iMd Ismortert A nanvfeetnrert :— 

J. Oakey t Seas 17 

BoanHnK eMabUttunent Belridcre HonM 08, 

Boiler nukcn:— 

J. Belluir 10 

G. Nqiler A Son 61 

WUtmm A Btnjvn 74 , 

Bootnnker J. D. Cowtnujr 

Boot A AoevP*f ■wrf^"tnm« Staj-OM ASmu 


Qoett AChiimei 

Xmden, Armfleld A Go 

W. Tonks A Sons 

^ W.W Mte A Sou 






, 00 

teewwtf Talur B. T. LimU 70 


BtlTT ... 
Hornby A BobbUw 


Brick A tile mantdacturers 

R. D^riBASon SO 

W. A W. T. Field 78 

C. Hooper A Co 90 

O. Jennings 30 

Rose A AudzewB , 52 

O. Bkey A Co. Lhnlled 77 


A. U. Bailer A Sea - 47 

J. Blanden SH 

R. DsTlBftSon -. 50 

F. Pike 6> 

W. Scorej 53 

Bnlldera' meretaaots Hooper A Ashby so 

BvntlD^ mannfaotorars Lane A Neere 1*4 

Button manofactnren Oram, Ckdbory A BlchanU 03 

Cabinet makers , 

A. Foley 30 

HsllettASon 39 

Hawkei A Freeman 69 

J. Hoody 07 

C. B. Neate 60 

J. POulter 57 

Ciodle mannfactorer A. W. Grore 60 

CaoTU mannfaotorm Lane A Neere is 

Carpenter J. Bluden 58 

Carriage buildett j— 

BrHlU S)4 

Strand A Co 43 

Carrcr A glider T. Smltb B3 

Cattle food manufaetarete Dear A Co. 58 

Cement mannfactnren i~- 

C. Francis, Son A Co , 44 

Hooper A AM>J 60 

Chain mannfketuraTB .IT. A A. CoiAsler 7^ 

Cbandsller maooftkctiirers Quest A Chrlraes 07 

CbemlHtrj, Profewor oft— 

J. H. Cameron 21 

Chimney piece nianiillutarers : — 

Hopton-WoodStoneCa Limited • n 

Chimney pot mannflKtarers t~ 

Bnnksea Island Co. Limited S3 

Chimney top mannfaeturert :— 

Q. Key A Co. Limited » 77 

Cblna, eartbenware A glHs wardMnua :— 

A. M. Helrllla « 

Chronometer manafeetorers 

C. Frodsbsra A Co . .. Jbeliw ooMMiieeaieiM ((^ Mcik ooimdr 
Ooek minnfketnm :— 

C. Frodsham AOo.... AefMff eoaiaienwBMntq^eaeft coiMte 

H. Salasbnry w 

COKoh builders i— 

F. Cooaba B8 

J.Farr 61 

Coal nwiehante:— 

Boae AAndrewi 52 

J. Snow A Co 80 

X. Sohler M) 

Coopers „. .J. Sterols A Son Oi 

Com merchant C. Harrcy sv 

Cormnted Iron manafketnrcr J. 0. Homphreya 21 

Cnrrlera Staynes A Sons 70 

Cntlenr mantifketiirsre Parkin A UarshaU 06 

Door raraltnre maaufkotnrers W. Itonks A Bone » 

Drain pipe mannflntnrers 

Bimksea Island Co. Limited » 

B. DmrlsASon 66 

G. Jennings 30 

H. Sharp, Jones A Co. ••• •••• 30 

Draper .S-Klf 81 

DresalnK ease makers 

J.IP. Allen 10 

L.A8. KHarrm U 

DnriitonParkoitatt G.Bart »At6 

Digitized by 




Drer J.J.Carter 47 

sSonf te mumfocturera .... IndU Bnbber, Ontte Fcsclui 4 

Teleerapb Works Co. Limited 14 

Edeetool nuumfactorers :— 

£. Luou & Son 68 

J. SkiuTKj * Co. ei 

Taylor Brotbert Imide front cover 

Elaatte band muiufteturera D. Uoaeley A Sons 71 

Emerf A emery cloth maaufacturera .. ..J. Oakejr ftSooa 17 
Bacaiutlc tile manufacturer!.. Webb'a Woroeater Tllerlea 

Co. Limited 77 

Engineer* -.— 

J. Blake 78 

Munden, Armfleld * Co. 00 

G. Napier A Son SI 

Spencer A Gillett 58 

j; L. Tracy 80 

W. Wbite A Sona 6& 

Whltmore A Blnyon 74 

EaUte TotlandBay 28 

Farrier .- — J. Lanaley SI 

Felt manufacturer M. Keenan 17 

File manu&cturerB :— 

E. Lucas Son 68 

A. gpalTard A Co 69 

Taylor Brotbera Intide front cover 

Fire brick makera Brankiea Island Co. Limited 8S 

Fiabing rod A tackle manit&ctnrcra 0. Handlen A Co. 21 

Flag manufaeturera Lane A Heere 18 

Floriat J. T. Sampaon 61 

Fly proprietor W. Qoddard « 

Forwarding agents J.BhtpberdASoo iS 

Fumitnre polTsh msnufacturers 

J. Adama 66 

J. Pickerins A Sods «ll 

Furniture remorera J. Sbepberd A 8<m 42 

GalTanised iron manufaeturer J. C. Hnmpbrwa 21 


T. R. Lloyd „ 45 

H. Neale. 62 

A. Fortsmoath : M 

W. S nellgrore 61 

C. Warren 04 

Ganeral dealer D. Bandall 60 

Glass merebants O. Houghtoa A Sona 21 

Glass paper mannfkctnrers J. Oakey A Sona 17 

Olne mercbaifta A Importer! . , . j. Oakey A Sons l? 

Grocers Leverett A Frye 67 

Grocer!' engineera J. Barllett A Son 76 

Gun. ride A pistol mannzaetnrera :— 

M. A. Cox A Son 35 

J. Haley , 60 

OatU pmna mannflutarera 

India Bnbber, Gntta Fercbft A Talcoriph Vorka Co. 

Limited .7T..Zr. « 

D, Hoaeley A Sona 71 

Harness blacking mantifaotnrera J. PI^Lerlng A Sona 60 

Borae A carriage repository Daaoon A Llddiard 27 

Horae nail mannfacturera ....W. A A. Cookalv ^ 

HortJeultural bnlldera J. A Co. 20 

Hoae pipe mannlacturars:— 

J. H. Fenner A Co 70 

IndU Rubber, Oatto Pereha A Tetammh WoAa Co. 

Lbnlted , j4 

D. Hoaeley A Sons.. 71 

Btaynea A Sona 79 

Hoalera A gloren ganpaon A Co. IS 

Hot water apparatus m«aBftetiiran....,.J.We^ A Co. 20 
Hotel! :- 

8. E. Bowlea 83 

H.CoIliaa SB 

C. Cooper A Bon .„, m 

G. Frapwell H 

E. A. Hoadley 78 

G. Lakeman S9 

H. A. Linford 40 

A. A. Benwick ai 

C. 0. Wilkinson 50 

F. O. Wooda 62 

Hotei-tempCT&noe H.S. Bmer « 

Houae ntrafaber j. j. Hine 49 

Hydraulic ram mannfaetorer J. Blake 72 

lee merchanta W.Kenny A Co. M 

India rubber manufacturers : — 

India Rubber, GutU Feroha A TelMTftpli Works Co. 

Limited 14 

D. Moeeley A Sons 71 

Inauranoe agent , C. Greenlnff 66 

Iron manufactorers E, F. A W. fiiddwia 73 

Ironbouae A churcbbolldw J. C. Hnmptareya 21 

Ir m roofing manufacturer j. C. Hunphreri 21 

Iron tank £ cistern mannfaetorer J. Bellamr IS 

Ironfoonders :— 

Uunden, Armfleld A Co. , w 

G. Napier b Son 51 

Spencer A GUlett S3 

W. White A Sona S6 

Wbllmore A Udtoii 74 

Ironmongers :— 

T. RXloyd t 4S 

A, Portamontb 4t 

Job A posting maater W. Ooddard 41 

Knife powder nunnfbotorers J-OabrASoM 17 

Law A bankruptcy aeeoantant J. W. Sblelda U 


Leather factors Stunea A Sons 70 

Leather mannfaotorera J. H. Fenner ft Co 70 

Llnendrapera Erans A Owen 79 

LlTery stable proprlettna ;— 

G. Churcher Bft 

T. How fi« 

Loan A Dlseount Company Alllaoce 44 

Uachtne band manufaeturera :— 

J. H. Fonner A Co 70 

India Rubber, Outta Peroha A Tolwrapb Worka Co. 

Limited 14 

D. Hoaeley A Sona 71 

Staynea A Sons 7» 

Uacbine knife manufacturers Taylor Brothers 

Jntide front cover 

Halleabte Iron founders E. Lucas A Son 68 

Maarauiese merchant G. G. Blaekwell 79 

Hantle maker 6. EI7 Si 

Uarquee manofaoturer . .R. B. Brown 34 

HercantUe offlces Stabb'a 1 S 

Hetal workers W. Tonks A Sona 64 

Milliner 8. Ely 81 

HlUwriglta :— 

Hnndcn, Armfleld A Co 60 

O. Napier A Son 61 

Spencer A GUlett 63 

whltmore A Blnyon 74 

Hlnersl water manufactnrera Randall, Sloper A Co. 41 

Monumental A marble mason W. ualwood 46 

Mourning warehouse W. C. Jay A Co. 84 

Music warebouaea :— 

Hllsom A Son 76 

H. M. Powell 52 

Nail manufacturers W. A A. Cooksley 75 


Alderabot Camp OaiCtte 40 

Famham Gnaralan 49 

Hampshire Telegraph A Sussex Cbrooiole iff 

Hants A Surrey Tlmea 49 

Portsmouth Times A Naral Gazette 57 

South HanU Dally Frees.... 42 

Warebam A lale of Purbeek AdTortte 64 

WilUhlre Ooonty Mirror 67 

Non>conduetlagpi|deriiiMi6aaaalaetaTW ..KKMoan 17 

Nurserymen :— 

J. T. Sampwm u 

W. WUltaau 62 

Painters ;— 

G. R. Henley 49 

H. Neale...: 82 

C. Warren H 

Paper banglnga maa&factnrers Fblppwd A Co. 51 

Patent medicine rendor A. Clarkaon Z6 

Pianoforte tnanufiutnrera HUaom A Son 7S 

Picture flvna nukn T. Smith 5S 

Plate powder aiunflirtaien .J. Pldurlns: A Bom 69 


G. R. Henley , 49 

H. Neale.... 82 

C. Warren 64 

PoUablng paste mannfltotnrera J. FkAerlng A Sona 69 

Porkbnteber ^.Ptodge 60 

Portmanteau mnnalhaturera :— 

J. W. AUen , 10 

L. A 8. K. Hamm , IS 

Poatlne eatabUduMBta 

J. F. Herring, Job 64 

T.How 96 

W.T. Wallaoe 64 


O. Jennings. 89 

Powell W. A Sons 79 

H. Sbaipe, J<mea A Co SO 

G. Skey A Co., Limited 77 

Printers A PnbUshera 

Kelly A Co. Printers A pabllsbera of the "Post Oflee 
London A Country DirMtoriea " ffi, S3 

Prfrate boanUng estabUe&nent HiBaeaWedu 63 

Private Innatle asjlnm .....C. Hftebeoek 60 

FroTlskm merdunti LeTercU Anra 57 

Pntty powder manu&otnrers J. Oakey A Bona 17 

Qnarrr owners:— 

W. A. DarbtiUre 78 

Hopton-Wood Stone Co. Limited 78 

Fen-rr<Onedd Slate QoaiTT Co. Limited 78 

Pletor A Bone 62 

Portland Stone Ca United 41 

Randell, Saunders A Co. Limited S2 

Stewards A Go. 53 

Weston Qnarriaa 66 

ToekneyACo. 66 

Rsg, bone A metal merebant J. Jackson 66 

UaSl way carriers .J. Shepherd A Son 42 

Reflector mannfactnrer P. ES. Chappuls 12 

BIck-eloth manufacturer R. B Brown 34 

Boek-eonerete tube manufboturers. .H. Sbarp, Jones A Co 30 

Rouge manufaeturera J. Oakey A Sona 17 

Sack A sacking mannftetorera Lane A Neere 18 

Sanitary engl&ieer H.Neale 82 

Banltny ware aannflaetnrflrt O. Skey A Co. Limited 77 

8uhfluteneriuaBftetvreni-patent....W.T(mkBA Sou 64 

Digitized by 





Sftw maiiBfiMtnnra 

A. SpkSbrd A Co 9B 

Taylor Brotben tmtde front cower 

Saw mJU proprietor* Portland Stou Co. Llmltel 41 

Seala Buunfitctunn J. BartltU * Son 73 


Dr. C. Aleook , , 22 

J. N. BroivhtOB 23 

W. B.Cox , 4S 

MlH erase M 

XlM EdmnDda « 48 

JUuBTerin M 

Ker. C. R. OUbwt 48 

Dr. Greenwood Jff 

][iB.6obb 48 

HiB-Holtoa S> 

MlMjuiUB 38 

Bar. J. Miller 40 

Rn.CO.Uam 57 

K«r. T. BmtU-WilgU 29 

j.w.sdu .?. SI 

WmToviw , 02 

Snlptor ,....T. VUton fi2 

SqrtlMirtekleAnqpliif book iiluifki....J-8kwnT*Co 61 

SeedtnuHi W, WDlUnu 

Sbeap dip mknslkwtaiai Glll«rdACo 

SUrtutlon...., SampBon ACo 

Sbopltten G.TnU«*8on 

Show oua Biktn ...^ .....O. TnUofcSon 

Sieve ft toesB Bjuofhatanr .■. &■ Wrtritt 

Silk mmtn i— 

8. tly 

Knns k Owen 

Slate monhuU:— 

W. A. DmMAIto 78 

Pen-rr-OraeddSIateQunr Co. Limited 78 

Saallware maaiihetiirer* Onon, Cadbarr 4 Slebatdi «3 

Soda water manafketann BandaU,Slop«rA Co 41 

Spade A dwrel ■aiittfaetiirara X. tneai Jfc Sod 88 

Sfdndlc * Hrer Haiuifaetamn K. Lnaaa A Son 88 

aceam engine naavftefeDfcra i— 

Spencer & Qlllett S3 

J. L. Trae; 60 

Stauapaeklng inannfketKiert..lDdlaBabbar,QattaPercha 

A Tfllegrapb WMfci Co. Limited 14 

Steel nantUkencen ;— 

CLoeuASon 88 

A.8paflV>rd*Co 89 

T^Ior Brother* /atfde front cower 

atKl pen aUBUfketmcr jT GlUott 85 

Stone nuwoni BrlBtoaABotta n 

Stone BMKhanti :— 

FletfM-ASona SZ 

PorlUnd Stone Co, Limited 41 

Baadel>, Saonder* * Co. Limited H 

StewanleACo 53 

Wwton Qturrlei 8S 

TodcnerACo. 89 


Stoneware manufactaren Q. Sker A Co. Limited 77 

Strapping nannftetaren J. U. Kenner A Co 70 

Stubba' MercaatUa Offlooi 15 

Snrrejor 8. Cox 47 

Table manafketiTer H. C. Galton 48 

Table glaai BaBtAetaron G. Boagbton ft Son 21 

Tanner* Stajnea tt Sona 79 

Tar paring mann&etnrer G. A. Cheea 37 

Telesraph eable mannfkctarera India Bnbbar. Gotta 

Fenba * Telegraph Works Co. Limited I4 

TeBtataaafketww B.B. Brown 34 

Tom eotta munfkeCanra t— 

G. Jciuunga 38 

H. Oiup, jonea * Co. 30 

O. Sker it Co. Limited 77 

Timber mere ban U Boae A Andrews St 

Tinplate mannbctarera B. P. it V. Baldwin 73 

Tool maanflMtarera 

X. Looaa Son 88 

A. Spallted Co. , 08 

Tnpedo apparatus mannftctarcn 

India Knbber, Gotta ParBha A Talegrapli Works Co. 

Limited 14 

Trlerele manafketnror C. H. Calrert IS 

Tab« maanCwtnrer G. Whitehonse 85 

Umbrella mannfiteturers O'Haadlen A Co 21 

Undertaker 8. Elr 81 


UallettASon Sft 

HawkH A Freeman W 

J. Hoodr 67 

C. K. Neate 60 

J. Poalter 57 

Ventilator mannfaetanrs W. Tonk* A Sons M 

Tetwlnarr ebontsu Day, Son A Hewitt 16 

Watoh munfaetiima :— 

C. Frodaham ACo Faeinff 

eommenc^ment qfeacK couiug 

Waterproof goods autBufaetarara 

B. a BrowB 34 

India Biibber, Ontto Feroba A Telegraph Work* Co. 

Limited 14 

D. Moseler A Sobs 71 

Weighing machine mannlketarerB .J. Barttett A Son 75 

Window bUnd manafaotaren t~ 

Jama A Son 21 

B. Lowtber A Co. Limited lit 

Wine A spirit nerehanta:— 

ir.AnUU 32 

T. A. Berrv M 

HambT AKobbfais 80 

W. Kenny 4 Co 50 

T.AlCTitflor a 

Wire worker B. G. Wrigbt 82 

Wood tnmm- T. Fnunpton AS 

Digitized by 






Adams J.,Piirnitiirepolll1imuinflwtu«r M 

Alcock Dr. C, School 32 

Aldenbot Cuap Guette Vewipftper *9 

Allen J. W., Bag A portnumtefttt munbotanr-— 10 

Alliance Loui £ Dlseotutt Ca 41 

Antm N., Wine * ipirlt merdunt 32 

Bailer A. H. ft Son, Builders ft eontrMtors 47 

BAldwla B. P. * W., Iron ft tin plate mannfactoren 73 

Bartlett J. ft Bon, Orooers' englneen 75 

Belben B. Hm Apple Joloe ft aromatic ging:er ale numttA- , . 32 

Bellamr J., Wrought iron tank ft elatem maaatkotarer 10 

Belrldere booae boarding estabUilunant B8 

Berrr T. A.. Brewer ft wine ft spirit mwduat U 

BlaoKwel) G. Q., HanganeM-mlne pnprMor 70 

Blake J., Baslneer ft hrdnalie ram aMBVfaelaRr 72 

Blnnden Carpenter ft bulliltr S8 

Bowles S. E., Hotel 3> 

Brankaea Iiland Co. Limited » 33 

Brlnton ft Bone, St<aiemaMnt 40 

Broagtaton J. N., School 23 

Browu R. B., Marqnee, tent ft rtck cloth maimflMittiier. . ■ ■ 34 

Browne T. B., Advertisement oontraotor 11 

Burt Q., (Dnrlston Park Estate) 24 ft 2S 

Oalrert C. H., Blerele ft trtorelc minnfketorer 43 

Cameron J. H., Metropolitan School of Affrlealtvrmt 

Chemtatry 21 

CarterJ. J..Drerftclean»r 47 

CbappuiB P. E., Patent refleeior mamdhetwer 12 

Churcher Q., Liverv stable proprietor S8 

ClarkBon A„ Cbemfst 26 

Collins H^HoUl 66 

Cookaley w. ft A., Bone nail manofhetaran 75 

Coombs Coach builder 58 

Cooper ft Son, Hotel 84 

Courlcnay J. D. Boot ft shoe mannraetnrer S5 

Cox U. A. ft Son, Oon, ride ft pistol maoufketnrerB 35 

Cox S.j Anctioneer, Bunrfljor ft estate aceBt 47 

Cox W. B., School ,„ 4fl 

Cmse Uiss, School S« 

I}alwoodW..HonameBtaI ft marble mason 44t 

Darblshlre W. A. Quarrr Owner 78 

DaTii B. ft Scai, builders ft eontraeton M 

Day, Son ft U•wlt^ Veterinary ehenlata I« 

Deaeon ft Liddlard, Horae ft eaniag« tqpoBitory, aoe- 

floneers A nlners 7^.............. 27 

Dear ft Co., Cattle food maDufaetnrera S8 

Edmonds,ClarUCo.,Aeeoantaata,aBdltonAtradenlyars 47 

Edmunds Uiss, School 48 

Ely 8., General draper, silk mener, milliner ft Biantle 

m^cr 81 

Erani ft Owen, Linen drapers AsUkBierem 79 

EverfttSIias, School B6 

Fkmham Quardlaa Newspaper M 

fenner J. H. ft Co., Leather maeblne band, stvappins ft 

hosepipe manuAwturera... 70 

Field W. A W. T., Blue brtek mannftatarera 7S 

Fol^ A., Cabinet maunCsetnnr 36 

Frampton T., Tnmer 58 

Franeia C. Son * Co., Cement maaafketnren 44 

Frapwell 0» Hotel W 

Frooabam G. ft Ca, ITateb, eloek ft ehnaometer mannfkc- 

tnrere raditg 

OoptmeneemaU tach Cotmig 

Galton H. C, Table mannfltetnrer 48 

Gilbert Her. G. B.. Sebool 46 

Glliard A Co., Sheep dip mauvAetnrers lO 

GlUoU J., Steel pen maun/keturer tt 


Goddard W., Fly proprietor, lob A posting master a 

Green, Cadbury ft lUcharda, Button A smatlware manufrs S3 

Green G. A., Aephalte ft tar pavlnp mannfhefairer 37 

Greening C, Insurance agent 65 

Greenwood Dr., School 37 

GrOTcs A. W., Candle manoActurer 50 

Gubb Hrs„ School 1H 

Guest ft Chrlmes, Brasafounders 07 

Hallett ft Son, Upholsterers, carpet A linoleum fkotors .,, , 59 

Bampihtre Telmaph A Sussex Chronicle, Newspaper . . 45 

HantsftSnrreyThnes AAldmhOtAdTerllser.Newapaper 40 
Harron L. A S. E., Trunk, portmantean. bag A dressing 

case manufsctorert 13 

Hart W.W., Agricultural engineer oe 

Harrey C, Com, seed ft manure merehant 50 

Hawkes A Freeman, Upholsterers, undertaken A eaUnet 

auMtn 60 

Hontey G. B., Painter, glailer ft paper hanger 40 

H<Trlii^ J. F.,}(m. PosUng estaUlanmeDt 45 

Hil) 11., CnrrliKje builder , 38 

Uiilier W., A uctloneer, TalMT A s u r v e y or 59 

Hliic J. J., House furnlsbat 49 

Hitchcock c, Private luwOleMylnn 60 

Hoadley E. A.. Hotel « 78 

Holton Mrs., School i.. AO 

Hooper ft Asliby, Cement msMAwtann A bulldan' mors 50 

Honper C. & Co., Brick mannfketaren 69 

Hoi>lim>\Vnod Stone Co. Limited.. n 

Houirhtoii i;. & i^Dxi^. Glass iiierebants , 21 

Huw T., I'osirii:ist>.T B9 

Huiubv .1: iCubbluH, Wine Hplrit merohanta Abrewers.. 0') 

HumijIirevH J. C, ilftlvaiiizcd ironmanuAwtanr..... 21 

Haley J., Gun, rifle A pistol manufkctorer 60 

India Hubber, GutU Percha A Telegraph Works Co. Llm 14 

Jackson J., Rag, bone A metal merehant 60 

Janes A Son, Window blind manaftototcrs 21 

Jannan Hiss, School 38 

Jay W. C. A Ca, Kooming warebotue 84 

JeflMea J-Aaetfcmeer, appralav, hovse A estate agent ... 5A 

Jennings G., Potter, terra-eotta, Hiek A drain pipe mniy. SB 

Keenan M.iNoB'eondnetlng papier mlehftnuiBiifkoliirer.. 17 
Kelly ft Go. Printers A printers A pnbllahera of the Post 

Omoe London A Country Directories. , 82.83 

^ InHde Back Cover d page oppoHte 

Kenny W. A Co., Wine A aplrit aterehanta B-J 

T.^wy n g. ^ Hftial ..■....>.■■... lu 

Lane A Neerc, Oanraa, aaektag A auk BuauflwtarCra .... IB 

Landey J., Farrier 51 

LeTerettftFryetOroeersftproTitfonmereliants 67 

Lewis E. T., LleensedTlataaUers'ft brewers' vainer 70 

Llnfbrd H. A., Hotel 40 

LloydT. B.,IronmoDg«-,gasatter,bellliangerAloekamith 45 

Lowtiier B. A Co. Limited, Window Uind manofkoturers 18 
Lnoaa E. A Son, Malleable ironfimnders, ateel, file, tool, 

spade A shovel auunfkoturen < 68 

Harab ADawea,Ancti(meerf,land agenta A valnera 00 

HelvUleA.H..China,glaaeAeartlieB«arewarehOBse.... 44 

JUller Rev. J., School 40 

Hllsom A Son, Pianoforte, organ A barmonlnm warebo.. 7S 

Hoody J., Cabinet maker A npbolatenr 67 

Hoaeiey D. A Sons, India robber mannfaetorera 71 

Mnnden, Amifleld A Co., Ulllwrlghto, engineers, braaa A 

ironfoundera 00 

Hunua Ber. C. 0., School 57 

Napier Q. A S<m, Engineers, millwrights, boiler makers A 

IronfovndCTS 61 

Digitized by 





Ncals Painter, plnmbar, glMxltx * nafittar SZ 

NMto C. K.. apluditertr A eabtoet nuuwr. W 

Oftker J. ASonfl.Enurr.merrflotb AtriMklMdnAafH 17 

0' Handle A Co. Umbrella, fludng rod & UaUe nunoM 21 

nvUn A MTthfcll. Gatlerr mannfiketareri SS 

Parr J., Coaeta bidlder M 

Pen-rr-Onadd Slate Qnarrr Co. Llalted 78 

Phlppazd A Ca, Paper banrlnga mattofaetoren U 

Ftekoliig J. A 80QS.PoUsliu>9paiteApUt«powdermnIta 60 

Ffotor A Sou, Qdmtt omen A itone merchant* 58 

Pike Ballder & nnoeruker ~ 00 

Pledge Pork bnUher 00 

Portlud Stone Co. Liadted H 

PorUmootb Times A VaTal (jasette, Newipaper 67 

Pon«noBUiA.,IroiimoDeer,botwaUrengfDeerft|i;asfltter M 

Poet once Directories- - Ilet of IntitU Back Cover 

PooUer J., Upboleterer A eabinet mdEsr 67 

FowtU V. A Sou, Stoneware mannftetvrm 79 

FOweDH. ILHBaMwftnhoiiM AZ 

Randall. Sloper A Co^ Soda wattf mannftetarer* 41 

Sandall D., General dealer '. 60 

Kandell. Sanaden A Ca Limited, Qnmrf ownaw A atoaa 

merebantB 52 

Baadell J. A., Ardiltect A aurreror 01 

Sarner H. K., HoteL 01 

Benwkk A. A., Hotel » 01 

Boee ft A ndre vi, Timber, bark A eoal meralianti IB 

Baiaell-WrlgtitkeT. T^8ebooL....« St 

Salnabnrf H.. Clock nuumfaetiafer « 10 

Sampaon & Co., Sbirt tailon, boeler* A fflovera 19 

Bampeon J. T., Nnraerjrman, feedimaB A florlat 01 

SooreyW^ Builder A diaconlDr ftS 

Senior A Creeeli, AnetloDeafl, apprateere. hosae A estate 

agenta d 

Sbu7, JOKea A Co., Pottera A manidhetucra of it<me- 

ware, sewar pipe* Ac r V 

Shepherd J. A Son, Bailway eairlera, fermrdlng areata A 

oontraeton 43 

SUeUa J. v.. Law A baokmptej aeconatant fl 

Sker 6. A Co., Limited, Stoneware, ianltar; ware A terra 

eotta maan&eturara. 77 

fiknrrar J. ACo., Kdgetool,Mjtbe Arei^lngbookBanlrs U 


Smith T.. Drawing A photograpb monnt cntter A3 

Sneltet«TeW.,Ga^Uer. bell banger A lookamlth 01 

SnovJ. ACa.Ooalbeton 80 

Sohler E.. C«al fhatdr 80 

South Hants Dallr Press, Newspaper. 48 

Bpaffbrd A. A Co., Steel, aie,saw A tool mannfiuttnrers. ... 09 

Spencer A Olllett, Engineers, mlllwrighu A Iron ftmaders U 

Staynes A Sons, Tanners, cairiira A watber fketoc*. 79 

titereot J. A Son, Coopen./. 02 

Stewards A Co., Qaarry owners A stone merobante SS 

Still J. W.,SchoA SI 

Strond A Co., Carriage builders. , 43 

Stubb'f Uercantlle Offlees - 16 

gymonds A Eaton, AuctloneerB A surreyors H 

Taylor Bros., Saw, file, steel, edge tool A macblne knife 

man ufacturers Iiulde 

livnt Covtr 

Taylor T. A £., Wine A rolrtt merobants 02 

ToDkB W. A Sods, Brasafouaders A metal workers 01 

Totlaod Bay EaUte 38 

Tracr J. L., Agrlcaltural machlneTy akaauraotarer 60 

Treble Q. A Son, Shop fitters A showoaae nuken 20 

IfaTIaee 'W. T, Job A post master U 

Wallop J. C. Auctioneer, valuer A estate agent 21 

Warenam A Isle of Pnrbeek AdTerUser.Newap^ier M 

Warren C, PI amber, glasUr A painter 54 

Webb's Worcester TOnrlei Co., Limited 77 

Weeks J. A Co.. Hortleiiltaral bnlldeia A hot water KfiP*- 

ratus maoafactwer*. 20 

Weeks Ulese8,FrtTat«boatdtBg bouse 02 

Weston Stone Qoarrlaa 55 

White W. A SOBi, B^^ean, brass A Iron fonnden 65 

WUtehonse ti., Tsba ataauftrtnTers OS 

WbitmDreABlaron,Ea(^neera,mlllwrlgbtsAbollcrnkrB 74 

WUklnsonCO., Hotel...... 55 

WllUanu Vq HHrser/nian,«eadiinan Aflovlst 02 

Wilson T„ Senlptor A general earver.. 02 

Wlltalilre Conntr Mirror, Mewspuv. 57 

Woods P. G., Hotel "7. az 

Wr^ht K. G., Wire w<»ker, stere A aereaa makor. 02 

Tockner A Co., Stone merehaata A qnany owaera 55 

Yonng Hiss, School 82 

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Makers by Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty. 


Ab EngUsh Juror at 
Parit, 1867. 

AwRFdod the AdmiFftlty 
Prizo of £i70 for oxo«ll«ncy 
of ChPonom«t«r«. 

The SUver Telford Medal 
for EsaAy on the Balance 


First Clasa Medal at the 
Exhibition of ISBI. 

Gold Medal at the Parle 

Exhibition of 188B. 


London, 1851. 

m. wmm & co. 



Philadelphia, 1876. 

Gold Medal of the First 
Order from the Emperor 
of Russia, for services ren- 
dered to the Great Russian 


Medals of Honour as 
Juror and Reporter at the 
International Exhibition, 
London^ 188B, and as Juror 
at the DuUtn Bxhlbitlon, 



Naples, 1871. 


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HAMPsaiKBiOrtbe Coanty of Soathftmptim, ison the south 
abore of EngUad, fbndag an imgnlar ■qaue, tnd lying 
ibont midway between the two sontbem ends of the liUad. 
A broad channel lias betweoi the mi^nland and the Iile of 
Wight, which ii reckoned as a part of the thire. The town 
of Southampton, with Ita neigbboarlK>od, forms a eUre, 
Hanpehire ia bcModed on the north by Berita, on tke eaat 
by Sorrey and Souex, on the soath by the BngHeh Channel, 
the Solent and the ehanneU of the lale of Wight, and on the 
west by Doreelibire and WUtehlre. Ito length from north 
^ to Mnth Isaboat&S nlle«, Its breadth 40 miles ; Its area, 
ineludlng the Isle Wight, is 1,032,105 acres; bdng the 
elgbtb EagUsb shlreyaad ranking among the lai-geet. 

The Ida of Wght ia SS| mllea tnm awt to mat, 14 from 
anth to aantk, 60 In drcamftnnw and contalna abont 
100,000 aent. 

The populatfam of the ihin was, In 1801, 210,200 ; 1811, 
346^14; 1821,202,607; 1831,818,076; 1841,3M,6e2; 1851, 
245,3»l;18ei,48131S; 1871.544,684. At the iMar oeaans 
there were 275,986 make and 369,201 females. 

Althoo^ much of the soU Is pow, the tillage of Hamp- 
shire la, on the whole, good, and the prod ace ia large ; it 
yields macfa grain, and on the chalk downs abeap are fed 
and race faDrses trained. The meadows are small. The 
chalk lands are adapted far pasture. Many bogs are ftd In 
the fbretta, and Hampshire bacon Is weB known. Hamp- 
shire Jidda wheat, barley, oata, rye, peas, trefoil, grass, 
wool, bacon, honey, chalk, lime, whiting and clay. lu the 
Wealden district hops are grown : orchards are exteodre, 
and yield much of tbeir produce for making cider, except 
on the north side of the Bonth Downs. Hnch waste land 
has been taken In, bnt there are still 100,000 acres of waate 
and forcat on the west bordv. The New Forest, on the 
west, is about 93,365 acres, <^ which, under the Act 40 
41 Viet. cap. 121, the Crown haa a ilf^t to plant 1,600 acres, 
and the plantations are under the superintendence of the 
Commfaafoneta of Wooda and Poreats ; Woolrner forest, in 
the north-east, 5,049} Alice Holt, in the eaat, 3,744. Large 
portkma of Woolrner and the ndgbbouring parishes were 
eacloaed in 1858. There is likewise the Forest of Bere, In 
the sonth-eaat, with 11,000 acres; Waltbam Cbaae, near 
Bere, baa been enclosed j and Farkhurst Forest, in the Isle 
of Wight, abeat 8,000 aerea. HaMwood Fomt la about 
S^OOO aeiM, near Andorer. 

In the aootbm half of HampeUr* Oe awrags nlnftU 
iiaOiadHaperansBm; bntdianoitiianilialfof thaoonn^ 
is iaaerdifar,aadtbanaboat9BtnelMsftU7eBriy. Iliera 
aie 90 plaeaa nhM gamgas ara plaead to meaaure the 
qnaatity of rain that Alia daily : In 1878 moat nln (851 
iaebea) feU at 8outbampbm« and least (SS Inches} at Hart- 
ley Qni^ StratBdd Ttit0» and Baanainoaa. 

The northern part of the shire la mostly watered by the 
Wey, Ed bom and Loddon, small feeders of the Thames. 
Tlie Bother, a feeder of the Aran, flows in the east. The 
rlvera falling Into the English Channel are the Tttchfleld, 
Hamble, Ttchen, Test or Anton, Exeor, Beanlien, Boldre, 
Avon and Slonr ; the two Utter flow along the western 
border from Wiltahtre. The Sonthampton Water mns for 
10 milea up the middle of the Ain, and into it many of the 
rivers fell. On the aouth-west shore is a wide inlet, In 
which are Hayling Island and Portaea Island, each about 
four miles long, whleh divide It into three parts, Chichester 
Haven on the eaat, Langaton Haven In the middle, and 
Portanooth Haren on the west. The Itehoi Is made navi- 
gaUa br 13 milai, from Southampton to linnehester. The 
BaalngstokB canal runs from Btsingstolie to the Loddon and 
the Wqr, and lo to the Thamea. The Arundel, Chichester 
and Pmrtamonth eaml la In tbeaaat; It likewise Joins the 
Wqr. nien an many porta on the ooastj they ara Bma- 
irvth, Bavant, Portsmonth, Ffenham, Gospmt, South- 
ampton, BadMdge, Lymlngtoa, Ghriatehnnh and Waiaaah ; 
baddaa Cowei, Newport, Bjde Md Yarmonth in the lal* 
of Wiglit. 

The nilwaya cUefly bel«ig to the South Wettem system. 
The naln Une bom London la by Woking, Basingst<^, 
Winchester and Bittern Road to Sonthampton, conUnaed 
theoce by Brockenhnrst (with a branch to Lymington), and 
Ringwood (branch toChrlstdnudi and Boamemonth), and 
thence by Poole Junetfoa to Docoheatar and W^nnonth. 
From Biabopat(dbe, on the abore line, a biaaeh by FWehan 
Jnnedon formed the original line to Ooaport and Stokes 
Bay by one brandi, and by Coeiiam to Portamoath and 
Southaea by another. 

The preaent commonlcatlon with Portsmouth la, however, 
principally by the Direct Portsmouth, now ^ao a portion of 
the South Weatem «yatem ; this line, leaving the main line 
at Woking, passes by QulMford, Haslenere, Rogate, Petera- 
fldd, Rowland's Castle and Havaat to Portsmouth. There 
is a brsnch from Qnlldford by Alton and Alresford to Win- 
chester, alao a abort btaoch from Rogate to Midhnrst, in 
SoBsez, whence there ia railway communication to Petworth 
and Horsham by the Mid-Snssez line. 

Portsmouth haa alao a third eommnnicatkm with London 
by the London, Brighton and South Coast ndlway, by 
Uavant, vlth a branch to Hajllng. 

Tbara la • line tnm Ballibiiry to Biahopstoko Jnnetlon 
and another to BIngwood, and a alioit Une from Andovar 
to Mottlafan^ Joial^ the SalMwry ftnd Blahopatoke, which 
aflbrd aeaommodatim fer the centre of the oDonty. The 
tniok Una from Baafa^toke paaaea by Andovar to Sailsboiy, 
andtlmeetothaWestof Bi^aad. Inthanorditba eoonty 
la connected by a Una from Bnringstoba to RcaiUng with the 

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Oreat Western tystem, snd alio with the dkitow guige Unit 

to the north. 

The railmys In the Iile oF Wight are (bar; one from 

Weft Cown to Nevport, another from Ryde through 
Brading, Sandown and Shanklln, to Ventnor ; a tliiid from 
Newport to Suidowo ; and the line from Newport to R> de 

The mannfactares are of ume importance^ but not great, 
pottei; ware being made at Farehan and ndghbonrhood, 
and exported to tbe Continent and Channei itlanda. At 
Ringwood linen eollan are made by females, and also 
knitted woollen gloves : paper it made in the county, mostly 
that peculiarly lor hank notes: also parchmtnt, sail dotu 
andMcklng: wnteh fnaeeebaine are prodnced at Chriit- 
ehnrch. ttome salt ia made ; 6ihing is carried on in the sea 
coast towns; thi!reareo>B(er beds at limsworthand Hayiing 
laland. Portsmouth is a great dockyard, naval and mililary 
station. Southampton hss lartte steam doeks and a Krowing 
trade ; it is likewise the great station for the steamships to 
Bremen, Havre, St. Malo, Jersey, Gaernsey, Spain, Portu- 
gal, the Mediterranean, Enstlnaies, China, Australia, New 
York, West Indies, California, the PaciHc, Uadeira, Cape 
de Verde, Brazils and River Plate ; it is tlie bead quarters, 
of the Ordnance Surrey in the United Kingdom ; and It is 
an emigration staticm, Cowea Is a place for building yachts 
and shuw, and lor repairing alilps, and is Uie •tation of tbe 
Royal Yacht Squadron. Ryde is the liead qoarter* of tbe 
Royal Victoria Yacht ciub, and Sontbampton of ibe Royal 
Southern Vacht club. At Southampton are several carriage 
works. There are many vtsitort to the Isle of Wiglit, to 
Soatbampton, and tlie otlwr bathing-plaoes on tbe coaat — 
Southsea, HaylliH, l-'anham, qournenouth, Anglesey and 
Lymington. Wlncbester Is the seat ofa eatliedral and col- 
lege. At Portsmouth la a convict prison, and at Parkhunt, 
Isle of Wight a prison for convict boys ; at Oosport are 
Haslarhoniital and the Royal Clarenco victualling yard. At 
Alderahot is the great mliitary camp. 

Hampshire is in tbe western eirenit, tlie diooeee of Win- 
chester and province oi Canterbury, and forms, excluding 
tbe Isle of Wight, the ardideaemin of Winchester, with 
the rural deaneriea of Alresfiird, Alton western division : 
AJimtoke, Portsea Idand ; AnSover, north, south ana 
west dtvislons; Bariogstoke, north-east and aonth-weit 
divisions ; Bishop's Waltfaaai ; Havant ; Pawley ; Fording- 
l»fd(ra, east and weetdivislMu; Odlbam, Peter^eld, Kom- 
aey, Southampton and Winchester. For parilamentBry re- 

fresentation the coonty la divided Into North and 8outh 
lampsblre, each retoniliw two neirtwrt; and the Iste or 
Wight, with one member. Winchester is the place of election 
for tbe north, Southampton for the south, and Newport for 
tite Isle of Wi)ibt. Winchester Is the assise town : South- 
ampton bas aMlsea fof its own shire. The city of Winchester 
andlbe boroughflofSoutliaDipton, Portsmoutii, Lymington, 
Andover, Newport, Christchurch and Petersfleld, return 
memben. There are nine municipal boroughs, viz.:— 
Andover, Basfngatoke, Lyatagton, Newport and Ryde In 
tbe Isle of Wight, BoBaej, Portsmouth, Soathampton and 
the city of Wlncbester. Therearealsoftveancientiwroughs 
not Included in the JUnnicipal Reform Aet, vli. : — Christ- 
church, and Petersfldd, and Brading, Newtown uid 
Yarmouth, in tbe Isle of Wlgbt. There ara 14 petty 
sessional divisions : namel v, Alton in the east ; Andover In 
the west ; Basingstoke In the north-east; Droxford,FarehBm, 
in tbe south-east ; Klogadara ia tbe north ; Lymington in 
the aoatb-west ; Odlhan in the north-east ; Petersfleld, 
Ringwood in the sonth-west : Romaey in the south-west; 
Southampton in tbe south ; Whicbeeterfn tlie midland ; nnd 
the Isle of Wight la the eoatb. Wln^eater, pOTtsmonth 
and Southampton turn aeparata JtuMlrtiMu. 

The county contains 351 cMl patishea, townships and 
places. There are SS market towns, besides other towns. 
Winchester Is called a <i^. 

Hie sheriff's and the bw^vent courts are held at Win- 
chester; hut district county courts are now held at Aadover, 
Alton, Basingstoke, Bishop's Wnltbam, Christchurch, Pord- 
ingbridge, Lymington, Petersfleldi Portsmouth, Romaey, 
Southampton and Wincbeater; and Newport and Ryde 
(Isle of Wlgbt). 

The chief towns are Portsmouth, Portsea, Somhsea and 
Landport, with. In 1071, n8.569Inhabltants; Oosport, with 
7,936 ; 8otitharaptoa,withfiS,341 ; WinebfMer, with 16,366 ; 
other towns are Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Bourne- 
mouth, Christchurch, Farebam, Lymington and Petersfleld; 
and the fellowlnr In the Iila of Wight Cbwei, Newport, 
Rydt and Vcntnw. 

The Superintendent Registrar^ distileta are:— 









Portsea Island 



Isle of Wight 



Ringwood - 


New Forest 


South Stonebam 









Hartley Wintres 




8? ,641 

Popnlatltm In 










The ItllowlBg la a list of nniona, with tbe phoas eonlafaied 



Bisnop's Sntton 
Brown Candoret 

Chilton Candover 
Hinton Ampnar 
Itchen Stoke 







Eaat Tistad 

East Worldham 



Hartley Mandltt 

Autaaponn Uirion. 
New Alrcafbrd 
CM Alretford 
West Tisted 

Alton Ukioit. 
Newton Valenot 

West Woridfaam 




Burrow Island or Rat Island 

Ahbotbb Umioh. 

Abbotts Ann 




Barton Stacey 





Ooodworth Cktford 

HurstbomM Tnnnt 

Knights Enham 
Long Parish 

Penton Oraflon, <w W^yhill 
Penton Mewsey 
Qusrley , 

Sbipton Beninger 
South TidworA 

Upper Clatford 
Temfaams Dean 





Beech Ufll (Beria) 








BlUsfleld, or Illafldd 
Farldgh Waltop 
Hartl^ Westpall 
Nataly SouiM 
North Walthim 

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PieitiM Ckadom 
SkftonM SL J«ka 




Woton Corbett 
Weston Patriok 
Winilaile, wHh Ksnpdwtt 
Wootton St. Lawrence 


UcMlwHtb ClanBeld 
CUkcflteftMB Idnrartk 
CMtai WatiilM 

Ghbutcbdbck Uniox. 
Chrutebnrcb Sopley 


Kriwp^ WaltkHi Meon Stok« 

CoAmmptoa StAertoa 

Dnxferd Uabam 

DnAej WanSati 

Ellon Weit Heon 
Bub bled on 

FAftBHAK Union. 

Bovbiitit ntchfleld 

Putbam Wickfaam 

ParebflBter Wtdky 

BMncr WymoiM 

Fdbdivabumb UirioiT. 

A^ty Walk Sooth Charford 

Bmaun South Damerbam (Wllta) 

ftM^aafiiMga Toyd Fara, with AUmlbrd 

HakT^ fWUia) 

Xiitfai (WUta) Wblubuiy. oc WUtahbary 

Harlh QmrSatd (WUu) 

BaAbooni Woodgnon 


BnmdtOl HawleTft,Minl67 

Core HeckfTdd 

Cnntdafl Lnw Sultoo 

DmmciAM MattlDgley ft H«Klq Heath 

Drctham Odlfaam 

Emri^ Rotberwfek 

Ivibmofrh tfovth Wambivoii|rii 

GrtwcU WinehflaM 

fiankj Wintiiqr Yatd^ 


Hataht TTriok. 

North HajUng 
Soath Hayling 

H0X8LXT Umioit. 


North Badded^y 


KlB«>CLBBB Umoir. 

^^^nrdl, or BeehliMweU 

OiifiastoD Sldimmton 

BaitWoadlw Mlay 

£«bBiit Wolwton 

Haannfftaa WoodcoU 

LrKisGToif Uxioir. 
Boldn HlUbrd 
Bnekcnhant MOton 
Otrdk aUaefidd 

Kav FoBBST Uhiob. 
>>wriiw(pBrtl7taWUtl} Babiry 

PsTBBanBLD Umoif. 
^n*vtt BniMliott 


^ M«a Hawkl<7 


Prion Deao 


Stmp (pardy In SoaMi) 

Gnat Saltenu 





RiBOwooo Ukiob. 


R0M8BZ Union. 


Bait Dean 
East WeUow 


Helcbet Park (WUta) 



If nraltng or If atahall&H: 
Plaltfoid (WnU) 
Ronuey Bxtia 
RonWBv Infra 
Sberfleid BngUdi 

Wear Wolltnr (WUta; 

All Saints St. Lavraooa 

Holmod St. Hanr 

St. John St. HIebael 

South Btohbbah Usioir. 
Botler Hlllbrook 
Buraledon No Han'a Land 

Cbllworth North StonoliaB 

HanUa-le-Biee St. Hi^ Extra 

Hoand Soath Stoodiani 





Crown Farm 

Eait k Wert Buekh(dt 

Bast Tytherley 



King's Somboraa 

Little Bombome 
Nether Wallop 
Over Wallop 
Upper Eldon 

West Dean (partly ta Wilts) 
W«t TyUwHey 

Whitobuboh Ubzqii. 

Ashe Overton 

Freefolk Manor St. Mary Bowna 

BnratbuvriM Plim Tnfton 

Lsnrstoke Whltdnudi 







Bast StnttOB 


Headbonm Worthy 


Itcben Abbas 

Kins'! Worthy 



Uartyr Worthy 



Mores tead 


St Bartholomew Hyde 

St. Faltfa 

St. Jotin 

St. Lawrence 

St. M aiy Kalender 

St. Haarke 

St. Michael 

St. Peter CheeaehiU 

St. Peter Cotebrook 

St. Swlthln 

St. Thomas 


Stoke Charity 





Iblb of Wioht Ihooepobatiov. 



CalboQiM tc Newtown 











■ Ryde 
St. Helena 
St. Lawrence 
St. Nlcbolas^in-tlw-OMtlo 



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Tlie ftre* and population of the Uundredi sod Llbertte* 



Alton Handred 


Andover Boronira 

Barton Staeer Hnndnd 

Baslngalokf Uondred 

Buingstoke Borongb 

BtntSy Liberty 

Bennoiupit Hundred 

Biahop's Suttop 

Bisbop'i Waltham 


Buddleigate „ 

Cbuteley . . : 

Crondall „ 

But He<m , 


FiwteT „ 

Fincbdean „ 

HambledoQ „ 

Hoddshott „ 

KlnffKlcre „ . , 

Maiiuboroagb , 

Heon Stoke „ 

HitcbeldtiTer „ 

Odihftm „ 

Overton „ 

Paatron , 

Selboume „ ^ 

Stoke (Eut k West) Liberty. . . . 
Tbomgate (U^ier Half) HuBdred 


WlocbMtcr City 


Alveratoke k G export Liberty. . . 3,843 

Beaulien „ ... 10,764 

Bosnere Hnndrrd 6,534 

Breamore liberty 2,678 

ChristcbuTeh Hnndifd ft3,213 

Dlbden Liberty 10,447 

Pareham Hundred. ... ., 6,385 

FordiDgMdge 30,885 

Havant Liberty S,7S5 

King's Sombome Hundred 34,197 

Lyniington Boroazb 141 

HWu&idge Baodred S5,8I0 

New Foreft „ 38,112 

Portsdown „ 17,058 

Portsmouth Borough 4,486 

Redbridgs Hondred 34,438 

RiiMCWOod 85,854 

Romiey Borough 355 

Soathanptott Town k Countor. . . 3,004 

TbomEate ( Lower HalQ Hundred 24,634 

Titcbfleld „ 10,418 

Waatorer Liberty 5,788 

Iblb of Wight Divisioit. 










Medina Eait Liberty 
Medina Weat „ 
Newport Bwoagh . . , 
Ryde „ 

















The following is a list of the hundreds and liberties with 
the places contained In them: — 

Alton Hundred:— Binitead, Cfaawton, Coldrev, East 
Worldham. Froyie, Hartlev MandlttjHeadi^, Holyboaroe, 
Kingaley, Neatham. Shalden, West worUham. 

Alverstoke and Oospwt Llbertiea AlTerstoke,Oosport. 

Andover Hundred : — Amport, Appleshaw, Poxcott, 
Fyfield, Oratdy, Kimpton, Knigbta Enham, Mooztou, 
Park Hook, Pen ton Grafton or Weyhill, Pen ton Mevsey, 
Quarley, Shipton Btdlinger, Sonth Tidwortfa, Tangley. 

Barton Stacey Hundred BartmStacey. 

Basingstoke Hnadred:— Andwell, Basing, BasingstiHLe, 
Bramley, Cliddeaden. Bastrop, Mapledurwell. Nately 
Seoren, Newnbam, Pamber, Sherborne St. John.Sfaer&rld- 
opon-Loddon, Tonwoitb, Up-Nat«ly, Waat Sherborne or 
Honk Sherborne, Wlnriade with Kampdratt, WootUm St. 
Lawrence, Wortii^. 

BMulieu Hundred :— SeaqUen, Eibory. 

Bentley Liberty :— Bcntley. 

Bennondspit Hundred :— Bentworth, Bradley, Dummer,, 
Ellinfield or illsflM. Parleigh Wallop, Heiriard, Luham, 
Nntlflj', Popbam, Preston Candover, Upton Qny, Weston 
Corbett, Weaton Patrick. 

Bishop's Sutton Hundred :— Brighton, Bidbop'a Sutton » 
Bishop's Waltbam, Droxford, Duriw, Qodaftald, Medatead , 
Ropl^, Wat TIstcd, Wield. 

Bonnere Hundred : — North and South Hayllng, War- 

BontisboroB^ Hundred :—Itidien Abbas. Itchen Stoke. 
Breamore liberty : — Breanore. 

Buddleante Himdred Ashley, Compton, Crawley » 
Hnnton, Hursley, Littleton, Little Sombome, Otterbourne » 
Sparsholt, Stoke Charity, Weeke, Wonatt>n. 

Christehnrch Hundred:— Christehurch, Hordle, HilCord, 
Hilton, and Sopdy. 

Cbuteley Hundred:— Church Oakley and Hannington. 

CroodaU Hundred (Lower Hall) Cove,Cnnidall, Farn- 
borough, Hawley and Hinley, and Yatel^. 

Dlbden liberty :— Calshot, Dibden and Fawley, 

East Medina Liberty: — Arreton, Binstead, Boncbnrcfa, 
Brading, Caiboome, Godshill, Newcharch, Niton, St. 
Hfiens, St. Lawrenee. Shanklin, Wbippingham, Whitwell, 
Wootton and Yaverland. 

East Heon Hundred: — Colemore, East Heon, Froxfle!d» 
Prior's Dean. Privett and Steep (part of}. 

Eviniiar Hnndrad Ashmanaworth, Banehurst, Burgh- 
dere, East Woodbay, Freefolk Manor, Hit^iclere, Hurat- 
boume, Itebii^[aweII or Ecciilnswell, Newtown, Ivfton and 

Farebam Hundred: — Fareham. 

Fnwley Handled: — Avington, Beauworth, Ulsliop Stoke, 
Cheriton, Chtlcombe, Easton Headbonm, Worthy, Hintnn 
Ampner, KilmUtou, Martyr Worthy, Morestead, Old Al- 
reaford, Oviiigton, Ow^eburv, Titchbome, Twyford and 

Finch Dean Hundred :— Blendworib, Brsmahott, Buri- 
ton, Cathertngton, Cbalton, Clanfleld, Oreatham,Idiwortb, 
Liu, P«teratleld. Sheet and Watwloo. 

FordlngMii^ Hundred :— Fordb^[bridge, QodsUU, Hal», 
Ibsley, North Charford, Bockboum, Sooth Charford and 
Wood green. 

Hambledon Hundred : — HamUedon. 

Havant liberty :— HavBot. 

HoldBliott Hundred :~Eversley, Hartley Westpall, Heck- 
fleld, Mattinglev and Hazeie^ Heath, North Waltham, Sil- 
cfaester, Stratfleldaaye and Woodmancott. 

King's Sombome Hundred: — Houghton, King's Som 
borne. North Baddetley, Ronsey Extra and Timsbury. 

Kingielere Hundred ; — ^Bwhurst, Kingseler^ Lttehflddr 
Sydmontoo and Wcdverton. 

MainAorougfa Himdred :— Brown CandoTer, Cbfltoa uid 

Hainsbrldge Hundred :—Botley, Buraledon, Chllworth, 
Hamble-Ie-wce, Hound, MllibroolE. North Stooebam, St. 
Mary Extra and Sontfa Stoneham. 

Meoa Stoke Hondred :— Brandean, COThampton, Ex- 
ton, Hetm Stoke, Soberton, Dpbam, Wamfbrd and West 


Micheldever Hundred Seat Stratton, Vaaitn, Cham- 
berlayne. Iwanmton, King's Worthy, HlehelaieTer and 

New Forett Hundred :— Boldre and Brockenburst. 

Odiham Hundred :->Bnimsbill, Dogmersfleld, Elvetham, 
Greywall, Hartley Wlntoey. Odlfaam, Rotherwlck, Boath 
Warabwough and Windifldd. 

OTerttn Hnndred :— Aahe, Deane, LaToratoke, Orerbm, 
Stsventai and Tadl^. 

Paatrow Hundred :— Crux Eaaten, Paeeombe, Burst* 
bourne Tarrant, Linkenholt, Tbnixton, Upper Clalfcrd. 
Vernhanu Dean and Woodcott. 

Portadown Hundred : — Bedhampton, Boarhunt, Far* 
lington, Porchester, Sonthwick, WkUey and WymeriBg. 

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BedbiUim Hoadnd:— BruuhBw(pwtoO aad NanUng, 
or NatthftUiDg. 

Biogwood Hnndred Buf4ey-irilb>Blltam ClOMi, Bl- 
lingham, Harbridgc and RiogwoM. 

Selbonw Hundred But Tlitod, Bnpsbott, Fnrlngdon, 
Hawklejr, Newton Tftllenoe and Belboroe. 

Titchfleld Hundnd :— Bowoerj TltehfleU, Wiekham and 
Wiekhan Fomt. 

WeatMedlDB Hmdred:— Brixton, Brook, Carlibrooke, 
Chale, nafawater, Oatoombe, Kingston, Hottiatone, Kew- 
poat, NothWDod, St. Nicholaa-in-tho-Caatle, Shaiden, 
dborw«l], Thorley, West Coweaand Yarmontfa. 

Wartover liberty : — Chrutchurch and UoldenharsL 

Wb«:rwell Hundred Abbots Aon, Bulllngton, Chilbol- 
ton, QoodwOTth Clatford, Longpariafa and WherwclL 

Andover Borough : — Andover. 

Lymington Borough : — Lymingtm. 

Portstnoath Boroagh:— Portsea, Portamoath and Great 

Alton Town Alton. 

Alreaford Town :— New Alnaford. 

Bonaey Towa :— Ronuey Infra. 

Southampton Town :— AU Saints, Holyrood, St. John, St. 
lAwraace, tit. Hary and til. Hldiacl. 

Sloke Liberty :-~Bithop Morle} *a Cidlege, Close or Win- 
cbtetcr, Col^K*) Mill. Collvge Wbarf. MU&kI, St. Bartbo- 
lomew Hyde, St. Cross Hospital Precinct, St Cross Mill, 
St. Psitfa, St. John, St. Lawrroce, St. Msry Kalender, St. 
MIclMl, St. Haaric«, 8u Peter Cheewfaill, St. Peter Cote- 
Imok, lit. Switbin, St. Thomas, The Weirs, WliMh«ater 
College aud St. Hary Collegt! aud Wolvesley. 

Tborngalc Hnndred: — Bosslngton, Broaiithton, Dan- 
wood. But Dean, l£ast Tythtfrkv. Bast Wellow, Ellnf, 
VMaehmoor, Leeuind, Lnekeriey, LoBntoek, Lyndhurst, 
HiebidMeTsii, Mlnstetd, Hotti^t, Netber Wallofi, Over 
Wallop, SherfleM Boglish, Stockbridge and West Ty therley. 

Hampshire was first peopled by the Ibemlsns or Bos- ' 
kardiaiis ; sAcrwards by the Celtic Welsh, called ^jegoatiags, , 
who were driven oot by the Belgtaos, at whom three tribes i 
seem to have held Hampahlie in toe tloMof the Cn-aia, 
aamdy—the Brgnl on the ooast, tbe Bolglana in the middJe, i 
and toe Attrefaatea on tbe north. In the year 43 ot the ' 
coniBon era, and in the nifti of tha Emperor Claudius, tlie ! 
Brigtam ima oveieoaBe, im the Romans became masters. { 
Tbaw BMe towna and nada. Venta Belgamn, now Win- 1 
charter, was a chief place, with many roa& leading from it, 
Clansentam was near Soutiiampton. Sticbester was a great 
statkn, and la sopposed to bare been CaDeva of the Uonian», 
■ad to ban been e«Ued by tUe Welsh Caer Segont. Then , 
■ere ether Roman towna and eaaips not ao weQ merited. 
ArulBreon seems to have been at Andover. There are camps j 
at Toksbary Hill, Bgbury, Ladle Hill, Beacon Hill, Woal- i 
bnry, Bary Hill, Somborn, Qoaiiey Mount, Ha>don Hill, I 
GodaUU and UMle&eU. ttome of thcae were, perhaps, 
Webh, Dantab, or BngUsh. 

1b the 6th oentniy, the Bomans having left, and tbe Welsh 
being in power, soiue of the Bniilish ciiiefs landed. Porta 
fbanded Portsmouth. In .'iltt.Cerdie.oTtbi bloodof Woden, 
begaD the Uiqriiom of the West Sanma, the klnga of whien 
am very powrrful, and many of tlien Br«twakl«, and alter> 
wards became kings of Borland. The Idle of Wifcht formed 
a small kingdom under WeiMx and Sussex. Tbe Meanwara, 
too, bad a commonwealth by tbeaiselves la Meon, Halns- 
bridge and Ualnborough. Wlnebeater was tbe capital of 
Wessex and for a long tisse tbe capital of BnalaBd. In the 
9th and lOtb ceniuries the Danes wasted Hampshire. 
Winchester, In civil wars, was frequently attacked, in the 
Parliaineotary war, several battles and slrgrs took place in 
HaaipaUie. Tlieie are many Itonjin, monastle and caalel- 
Uted anihialtiea, some of which artt ii> good preservation. 
Hampahtre is the birth-place of tbe poets Young, Wartoii, 
Uibdin and Watta ; of Bishop Wlukliam, Sir William Petty, 
Joaas Banway, Unioel, Charles Uickeos, tiir Jauwa Lan- 
eastsrand Pocucm. 

The B(?al Hants County Hospital, WInebeeter. fbnnded 
1736, was the earliest nrovindal one in the kingaom; the 
anonal Income from endowments is about £800, and from 
sobitcriptioaa Ice. about £2,000. The new bnlloing, from 
plant by Hr, Bntterfleld, at a cost of £30,000, is altaate 
m tbe Komaey road. Consulting phyaldan, Thomas Hitch- 
cock M.R.C.P.; physician, WUllam England u.D.; Mir- 
seons, F. J. Butler, m.d., T. C. Langdon p.k.c.s., and 
William A. Richards ii.n.; chaplain. Rev. B. FlmutMM 
H.A. ; house surgeon k secretary, A. ft. W. Sedgeflckl M.B. ; 
matron iL lady superintendent of ntinas. Miss Suah Ann 
Freeman; dispenser, J.'Joyce. 

The Royal South Hants Inflrmarv, at Sonthanpton, is a 
lam, handsome building, in the ftallan style, erected in 
1838 ; its beautiful. chapd, in the Perpendicular style, was 
built in 18H by Dr. Oke, with a portion of tbe raotwy en- 
trusted to him by the Ute Ulss Dowllng } George A. E. 
Lake h.d. hon. sec. ; William Robt. White esq. house sur- 
geon; Rev. Thomas Garrett, diaplain; Hies Fanny Lay, 

Haslar Hoapltal, aear Oosport, for dek and wonnded 
seamen and marinea, was established by the Inatmmentality 
of the Barl of Sandwich, minister of George II. ; ft is on a 
scale commenaarate with its object, and arranged fur ad* 
iidtting 3,000 patients at once ; It is a qusdrangntar build- 
ing, 1,600 iBet long, with fine piastas, baring a small chapel 
and every reqnlsita office attached: John W. Reid m.d, 
deputy inspector general in charge. 

Royal Vietnla Hospital, at Netlev, is a noble and moat 
extensive bnllding, forthe ree«ption « laTalidedKddlers: it 
is capable of aeeommodating l,fi00 patients, and waa erected 
ill 1863 at a cost of above £400,000; principal medical 
ol&cer, Surgeonfreiieral H. H. Massy U.D., c.b. 

The Hants County Lunatic Asylum at Knowle la 3 miles 
north-west of Fluvham ; It la an exteiMive estabUshment, 
embracing tbe usual offieea, and also a htm : Joha Maaley 
M.D, medical superintendent; Walter Herbert Barker B.A. 
HBtistant medical otAcer; Rev. George H. Maeoa b.a. 
vbaplaio ; f, M. Aylen, clerk. 

Her M^es^s prison, Windiestef, Curt. Chas. W. HUI, 
Roretnor; Bev. J. A. Ladbrooke,ehaplilR; F. J. Batler 
M.D. surgeon; W, A. Richards, deputy snigeon; Jamea 
Ureig, chief warder. 

Conmen far ths CoutUg.—C. W. Waters, Winchester; 
S. Cliifke, Whltebardi; B. QoUe, Fkrehaa, It B. Uar- 
fleld, Sootbamptoa 

PoLLiHO Places. 
PoUlng plaoea and ptacea at which the Bevlsing Barrister 
is to hoM Us eonrt ^appolntad the Slat al August, 187i> 
(30 Vk.) bi pnisaaMse a " Tbe Ballot Act, 1878." 

HIabop's Waltbam 
Hartley Wltnn 

NoBTBBBit Division. 

New Atreafi«d 
Stock bridge 









Newport Ventnor 
Ryde West Cowes 

Staorwell Yarmoutb 

The Kevishv Barrister to bohl his courts at tlie same 

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In the " Proceedings " of the Winebertar' kod Hwnpthtre 
ScientlBc and Llteraiy Society for 1873 ire havs b Hat 
(compiled hy Hr. W. WbUaker p.o.s.) of 915 pftpen, boolu 
dec nhietk relRta to the geology of this coanty end lie in- 
laedltte neijfhbourbood. Poremoet amoog these ere the 
excellent coloured mspa of the GoTeromeiit Geological 
Survey, diowlng the exact position of the varions strata, on 
the scale of one Inch to a mile. Mr. Whltaker's own 
" Ueatidt on the Oeirit^y of tb« London BMln" deseribes 
mlnBtaty the north and northeast «r Hants, and tbe eastern 
dUtriet round Petersfleld h described In the *' Memoir on the 
Wealden Dkirlct" bjr Mr. W. Topley. 

In the Joumal of the OMrtogieal Sodsty" tbcre an 
TalnaUe papers by Sir Charles Lyell, PkAssmi Owen and 
Prestirieb, Messrs. Clarke, Codilngton, Meyer, Woodward 
and others; Mr. Caleb Enns has well described tbe nelgh- 
boarbood al Portsmouth In tbe *< Proceedhigs " of tbe Qeo- 
loflsti' Association, i6L U. 

Tbe general airangament of tbe beds of nek which Jbrm 
Hants is not difBcnlt to nndentand. Tbe chalk forms a 
gmt fidd or carve, or roll, oeeopylng a gnat traet In the 
canin of the county and dipping or Inellalng both to the 
north aad'to the south. In both these directions it Is over- 
laid bj nneh newer strata— saads and days cf tcrttair age 

of Selbome," Gilbert White writes From a notioa of 
rendering their work the more elegant and giving it m 
finish, masons chip this (Woolmer Forest) eanttme Into 
small figments about the rise of the head of a large nail ; 
and then stick tbe pieces into the wet mortar along the 
Joints of their freestone walls ; this embellishment carries an 
odd appearance, and has occasioned strangers sometimes to 
ask us pleasantly < whether we ftsteued out .walls together 
with tenpenny nails 7 ' " 

Thb Uppbr CRBTAOBons FoBWATlOK.— The first 
stratum of this division is called tbe GauU; this ia a stiff 
blue day about 100 feet thick, which is worked for brick- 
aakhag in some pits balf-a-mile soatb of Peterafield, and 
extends thenos by Stnwd Comnun, Gieatham Mill and 
WorUbam, tbrongh AUcr Hdt Wood towards Awnham. 
At tbajBuction of the Oanltwith tbe Lower QreensaiHl m 
bed ol pbo^batle nodules oceors. 

TAe (^pptr Oreeiuand.—'tWa rock Is not trae to Its 
nsino in thto neighboarfaood ; it is Iten caleareons and of s 
wUtisb bBe,resembliog Indeed tbe lower beds of the CAslk : 
It extends from Blnslead, tbrongh Selborne, to Burittm and 
£ast Meon. Tbe beds an well exposed in qoanies and 
deep road eutUngs, and the Malm nek (a bnrd san ds tons) 
llHins a wen-marked dffTSOor Mfcet In bdght. OFfbsslls, 

— 4boM on the north forming part of what Is called tbe Peettiu and yautiti an most common ; then is a good 

London Basin, and those on tbe south the Hampdiira 
Basin. In tbe east of tbe eoonty, however, the chslk bu 
been so mm away by tbe varioos agents of denudatloit— 
' rain and rivers, ftvst, iea and snow, tbe sen fte. as to ex- 
pose certdn neks wUeh lie beneath It, and wbfasb an 
thcrafim the oldest that occar in tbe county. These dd 
farm the termination of a coBsldenUfl traet sailed 
tbe WeaUen, wUeb stretches tbroogb Kent and Sumex to 
tbe sea. 

We shall sow describe tbe strata in suecesdon, eotnmene- 
Ing wltti tbe lowest or flrst-farmed. 

NaocoMiAH OB LowBB CHBTAOBona Fobmatioh. 
^ Fbor snb-dlvlsions have been traced in tbe beds <^ this ago 
by )be oOkien of tbe Gedoglcal Survey ; the hnvcst of these, 
called AtMet;fiad Cloy, Just touches tbe county boundary 
along tbe railway east of Bramshot and sooth of Hind Head. 
Vext an the Bj/tht Bads, composed of sandstones and llme- 
stoncaabontSOOftettbiek; theae fbrna the high ridge ex- 
tending by Hhid Head, Oreyabot Down, Brsmshot and 

collcetloa (made by Ur. W. Cnrtls) In tbe nmseom at 

In tbe north of Hants then Is an exposnre of the Upper 
Greensand at KIngsclenand Burgbden, running east and 
west far about 5 miles; this outaop is gsolo^rally termed 
an telkr, as It is snrnmnded by higher strata (cbalk), by 
whoBS denudation It has been eipoeed to view. A ff mila^ 
Inller oecnn fluther west at Sbalbonrne, which, however, 
hardy enten Hampshire Tbsn two inllen owe thdr ex- 
posnn to a line of elevation rannfav east and west; tiie 
beds curve over, dipping on one side to tbe mortb and on 
Ibe other to the south ; they ctmsist hen of greenish sands 
and lingular beds of gritty sand»tooeov^aid by ydlewisb- 
white malm rock. 

The CAoU.— This Is a soft, wUte, earthy limestone, 
p<>rhaps tbe moat widdy known of all the British rocks. It 
forms the centre of Hants, stratebing from Inkpen Beacon, 
KingsdoK and Odihav m tbe north to Landfoad, Hnntey 
and Hambledon on the south, a distance of about 32 miles. 

Bake Common: tbey dip to tbe west and an overlaid by pHie mass of dialk hen exposed and extending westwards Into 
tbe SmdgaU Beds, composed of sands and clays about Wilts, b the largest expanse of tUs rock la tbe Britlsb 
60 feet In tldeknen ; these occupy low ground about half-a- P*!""^ > fromittbeNorthandSontbDownsnineBstwards, 
mile in width, and extending from Petersfield to two miles ' ""^ tbe BerksUn Downs and Chiltcm Hills north-east 

north of Headley, beyond which point they cannot be 
traced ; they are exposed in the railway cutting north of 
Bake. In the cutting at Petersfield we see the Folkestone 
Be^s overlying the last-named strata ; they are sandy, with 
a bed of coarse grit, coloured red by iron and known as ear- 
stone : the thickness of tbi« last divlskm is about 100 feet ; 
it can be traced from Frensham Common through Woolmer 
Forest and GreaUiam to tbe west of Petersfleld, wbenee It 
curves eastwards. 

The above strata are oollectively known as the Lower 
Ch^msand ; thdr foisils, such as ammonites, nantili ke. 
indieate their deposition in a sea of moderate depth. Eco- 

Forralng tbe base of tbe chalk we find a stntam two or 
three feet thick, called the Chloritie Marl, because it is 
speckled with green grains: it contains a band of (so- 
called) ooprdttes, wbich when ground up and chemicsJIy 
pnpared, form a vslnd>le manure. Tbts bed extends from 
Alton to tidborne, sad thence to East FTOyle, where it has 
been largely worked. Above Ibis comes the Chalk Marl, 
10 or 60 feet thick, which is simply chalk with a slight ad- 
mixture of clay ; next we get the chalk without flints 
400 or 500 feet thick, and lastly the cAaU wUk flints, about 
200 feet thick. All these chalky strata lie In tbe form of a 
great arch; on the north they dip sharply to the north, thai 

nomkally they an not of much Importanoe; the carstone | abmit Andovertfaeylieborisontally,bntfoUowingthemsoutb> 
is nscd far pavements and boiUIng walls ; fai his " Hlstoiy wards we soon And tbem Indinbig In that directfcn, and 

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ihef'tm dom udcruiiA mmnt nMln, banaitli tlM 
8oInt,riili«BranfD In tkeUeaf Wight IntlMiMtetod 
cUkiidgv oOW Portodm, mkaTCsnprtiUon ttf tbb 

caulk !■ to bonogeoflOH a rook that U would not be aaqr 
to awBYar Hi dip, wm It not fagtha nodolM of flint in tbe 
nppar btdi,«Ueh nmallroeear lalbMiiliMgtlM ftlanetof 
baddkig. Hint Is nMrijr pore rilioa: It «iM«d dlmlnd 
in tho watarof tlManlniriildi Um obilk ms forved, and 
In tho water rtfadi kw ilnoe pomlatcd Anmffblt; It «m 
dipoalted on and anaid tko tariou •poDgat, oeblnodemu 
fak whkh llTod In niek nmban on the floor of tke ekalk 
oeean, and kM alw filled ap fiatane, and replaced chalk 
udoiganieBnUar at interralsainee tint period. TheLower 
Cheft b bndor tken tbe Uppar, dnee tbe dUdoot natter, 
irideh In tbe lattcris aggrq^ted into oodolef, b In the former 
eqoaliy dlqiened tbroOBkout tbe rock, fmaiDg ebout 4 per 
eent of HsnuM. 

C9Hlk eontaitta many fonlla, rlalble enougk to the naked 
Inige Ammuntitta are common neu Belbome, 
BtlemnitM loeklog like pointed pendk abound^ globular 
Ma-nidiina of the genera Atumekj/tti, Miewter and 
OabrtfM are oonmon, witk Ufalre ahella like Ptdm 
RttUttf, Itmt r a m tu Cavferi &e., bat tbeae are not all ; 
wbm wm dUntegrate the rock and examine it microaco- 
pleally -we find it largely formed of tbe tiny itaeUa of 
enatoiea called Fmambdferaj wboae deacendanta now in- 
habit tbe North Atlantic, their dibria forming the aoft 
gfeyiah- white oou on wblcfa tbe Anglo-American tel^frapfa 
cable lies, 

Chalk, ia quarried at many polnta In Hanta to bam into 
Ume; the rock in Harewood Foreat near AndoTer, wkkh ia 
very aoft ud white, ia eapedally auited for thia purpose. It 
abaorb* water rapidly, to tbat tbe hilla, or downa ag they are 
called, are alwaya dry and even tbe valleya between are 
oaaally -withont the running atreana which are found on 
other formatlona. By the carbonic add gaa contained in 
tbe rain-water the chalk la diaiolTed and carried away in 
adotion, ao that do thickneaa of aoil la formed, and tba 
beanUrol carves which characterize tbe acenery are formed 
of the solid rock covered only with a ihort, aweet herbaf^, 
wUeh ftHnaa admirable paatnraga for riteep. Swallow-^lea 
are hollows connected with Am urea in tbe chalk ; in tbe 
pond at Alreaford, eaid to liaTf been formed by Bishop Lucy 
in King JobnS time, tbe water aometlmea diaappean, being 
carried off by aueh an opening ; the pot-bolea, filled up with 
grard, wblcb are ao notleeable in tbe aides of rail way-cuttlnga 
through the chalk, hare also been tormed by the dlaaolvlag 
of tbe roek by tbe percolation of carbonated water. 

Tbb Tbbtiabt Epoob^Eoobmb Fobkjltion.— The 
strata which reat upon the chalk are of very mnch newer age 
than it. Tbe chalk, as we have indicated, accumulated on 
tba bottom of a de^ aea; it mnat have bem eimaolidated 
and elevated ao aa to bec(»ne land, and then again depressed 
hdbre tbe beds of elay and sand of Tertiary age, which wa 
are now about to deseribe, were laid down on it. Theae 
beda once covered it over everywhere, but after tbe great, 
tbovgh alow, earth-movements took plaee, whkh reanlted in 
thiowlBg the roeka of the aonth oS England into long folds 
or nidDlatianf, mnnlng east and weet, the newer beds wen 
won off the antlellnal cu-Tea, or tops of tbe Hampshire 
fbUs, and ao the beds which occupy tke northern hdlow or 
^n^nal Md, w«te separated frcnn tbe dmllar strata which 
Qe in n almlltr bdlow on tbe sontb, between Portamontb, 
Boaaej,fte. The ocenr r anee of paldiaa of Tertiary atrata— 
oatBtfa as they are termed— ^Ueh ate faoad at w1«m 
polnta between fba LandM Basin on the north, and die 
HampaUra Baain on the aontb, conflm the fbet of tbdr 
ftmer oowwcHon. V« ahill dcaoibs theae two 

LoHSOK BABin^In tha nbaoace of the Thanet aud, 
we find the WoobaiA and Brndb^ Bait tmtlag tatetij 
npou the ebalk ; thqr have a hl^ nertheriy dip, and so 
eover a narrow tiaet of eoutry fron Inlqian, by Baat 
Woodbay, (Hd Baafaw, and snr Odlhaas. Thaas bade are 
mottled sanda and plaatk days aboat twenty feat thick; 
they are somedaMs woriisd fiir briekmaUng. Except a Urn 
oyster ahella {Oatna ieUoMefn«)i finaiis an learoe or 

Ttu London Clay ia bluish-grey or brown bi coloar, and 
about SO feet thick ; It has a rather broad outcrop between the 
Woolwich and Reading Beds on the south, to tlie Hiames 
on the north. Hr. Brislow records numerous foaslls from 
the steup sides of a brook on the loathem corner of Rings- 
clere Common, Including such ahells as Pectuneului bre- 
mroslru, Turrilella imbricataria Ice. 

The Bagakot Beda are of a sandy nature, but with some 
thin bands of elay. They form much heath and waste land 
at Silchester Common and West Heath, and again on tbe 
east aide of the river Loddon, to the north of Aldmhot and 
Winchfleld, extending as far aa tbe Blackwater on tbe 
north and east, and forming a region of sandy flats and ridges, 
on which the troops frequently ezerdse. Foaalls are all but 
unknown In these beds. 

Tan UAMPSHinx Basiv.— Here ag^n tbe TerUary 
atrata occur Ui the same order, hot with a southerly dip, 
and covering more ground; mweover, beda are fonod at 
tbe top of the aeriea which are nawer^^ater formed— than 
any which occur in the north or London Sarin. 

Tk9 Woritolek and Haadmg Btdt eatmid frwn near 
West Boom by iUshop's WaUhaaif Miebdmarsb and Ty- 
theriey, then earving round to tbe south- wast, past Sber- 
field Engliah; these strata are commonly termed the 
" Red," or " Plastic" clay ; they are woritrd at many pdnts 
for brick and tUe-maklng, and preserve tkdr character 
uiicbanged over great distances. 

The London Clay or Boiptor Beda occur between 
West Boom and Uavant, and extend tbenee to Tlmabory. 
On tbe south aide of the Portadown ridge we find a repeti- 
tion of these two series of Tertiary atrata, forming North 
Portaea, Fudiam and South Hayling: tba beda were 
onoe continuous over tbe top of Portadown, but all the 
elevated portion has been swept away. In the Dockyard 
Extendon Works at PorUmonth, In 1870, the London day 
wM findy expoaod In sectlont £00 foat long and 60 fret or 
more In depth, and the " Plastic Clay " lying beneath (t 
was also reached. Large collections of fossQe were made by 
Ucstia. C. J. A. Ueyer and C. Evans, some ot which were 
new to science, and have bean alnee described by Dr. H. 
Woodward (aee Quart. Jonr. Oed. Soe. vol. xxvll. p. 74 
and p. M). 

Tke Bagakot Bado^ntOB an eands and elays extend- 
ing over a eonsMerable area, ftvmtng, bideed, all the south- 
west of Hants between Sonthaaiptoa and Sanisey and the 
sea, Indudlng the New Forest. Serend aulMllvisknis can 
be traced In them : (1). Tha Lower Bagahet Beda. From 
etayi of this age, at Boamemonth, Hasm. J, 8. Oardner 
and W. 8. MIteheU have obttfnsd lacga nnmbos of wdN 
preeerved plant-remains, chiefly leans of tbe dnnamon, 
fig, tbe fan palm, beech, ma^, elm, acada, fbnu, Sec ; on 
die whole tlnsebiAGate a warmer dteate than new prevalla 
la this latltade. These beda are of freah-water origin, and 
were depodted by a large river ruoaingfrom the weetward. 

Nexteome sands and dayaeaOed the Braekleaham Beda, 
mi i^ve them the JBarfwi Sedr; the latter form the 
northpart of tbe New Fbrestuid extend to tbe sea, forming 
thedUb at Barton,' so noted fiir tbe foseOs tbey have yleMed. 
Bemalns of a frv flsfaes, of a erooodOe, and of dwnt SOD 
spades of marine sheUa have been fcand, with large iVujn- 

Digitized by 




muKtea, fnnmliilftni vhteh in mmfld from their nimi- 
bluicfl to pieces ti ntoney (Htmniw, a eobt). 

The Hwdon, Btd$ Uma the loatb part ot the New 
Tormt, re&cUni: fron BeuUm Heath to Hordwril Cliff; at 
the latter place thej inelnds bedi of day vhlefa are highly 
^Mriliferous ; bones of replilee and namnab (the Palmo- 
tkeriMm, kc.) occur with both braekMi-inter and marine 
ihells. The Headon atrata are miutimes called the FUtvio- 
marine Stria, to Indicate tbrtr formation In and near the 
ealuar; of a great river. 

Outliers of Eocene Age. — At Hondon Commoo, 
Conbolt, Windmill Hill^EutStrattonandtwoor threeother 
places, detached patches of the Woolwick and Reading 
BmU occur, resting on the exposed tract of chalk which 
now separates the Tertiary rocks of the London and Hamp* 
shire Sarins. These ontliers are but the remnants of beds, 
certainly some hnndreds of fact In thickness, which hare 
been denodad b; the combined agendescf Ac weather and 
ti e sea. 

Hampahire has none of the Boulder clay, or erratic blocks, 
which in connttes north of the Thames tell of the passage of 
glaciers or icebergs over the surface. But the thick gravel 
beds witii which the hUls are often capped and the plateaux 
covered, are perhaps of quite as early a date. These oecnr 
on gronnd east of Soutbsmpton, 420 feet high, and also 
cover the New Forest at s conaideiable aititude ; on Ports- 
down Hill, at a height of 300 feet, we get an old sea- 
beach. These facts indlcnte a condderable elevation of 
the south of tbe county since the time of formation of 
Theae gravd beds at or a little below the sea level. The 
chalk of the western part of Hants, bordolng Wilt^iire, 

Is thickly strewn wltb bfatdca of a ooane sandibntet the 
wBU-knowa " gi^-wethen," or saraen-stoiMs: these are 
probably the maains of a bed -of aaodstone fMnlng part 
of the Bagihot Seriet, which bnnerly extended lar in this 
direction. In the "Oeologlcal Hagaiine" for 1666 (vol. 
iii. p. 396), there Is an account, by OaL Nieolls, of tome 
large sarsen-stona fbund hi the nefghboniiMwd of Sontho 
ampton, and preserved In tbe court-yard of the Hartley 
Institute. At sons p<^ts, as at Uptmi Grey, there la 
mncb " elay, with lllnto," lying on the chalk, ra|Hesentinf( 
Indeed Ito InaduUe reridne, and formed from it : when this 
oceols the oah grows well, while on a chalky snbaoD we 
addon see this tree. Lastly, we get depoaits of gravd on 
the rides and at tbe botton of the existing TaU«ys, formed 
and atUI isrmiag by the rivers which have scoopad ont theia 

Pm-HiBtobic Mait.— In Kravd bade on Scmthampton 
Common and near Bonraenonth, occuiring at belghti of 
ISO to 160 filet above the Be», and br above the level of 
the ndghbonring streams, flint Implements have bean 
discovered by Hesvs. Bead, Jas. Brown, Btereu, Dr. 
Blaekmore and others, most ni which are now In the Black- 
more Hnsenm, at SaUsbnry: thqp are roughly-chipped 
OTaiorp(dntedlampsaffllnt,aBdbdongto the PalMHtMc 
or Older Btone Period : the men who tuad than wen quite 
ignorant the use of metals. Other flint tools of Ulster 
and more elegant ferm, sui-h as arrow beads, eelts or aw- 
huads, and flakes or knives, have been found at Homdcan, 
St. Mary Bourne, Portonoutfa, Andover, Bishopetow dee. : 
these mostly occur on or near the surface, and are usnally 
rubbed or polished i they are assigned to tbe AMittMe or 
Newtf Stone Period. 

W.J. H. 

The fiillowii^c Table shows the aeteaxe under each kind of crop, and the nniuber of horses, cattle, sheep and pigs la 
Hampdilre, as taken fh>m the agrienltBrai retmns, 1870:— 

Com and covals 

Boots, artificial graaaea, cabbage and rape . . . 

Ctover and grasses 

Pamsnent paatora 


Bare &iiow 


Market gardens * 

Nursery grounds 

Woods and plaatatlona 



Horses for agriculture, brood mares and un- 
broken horses 

Cows in milk or calf • <■ . 

Other cattle 

Sheep, 1 year old 

Ditto, under 1 year 



Hants eontained In 1874 Inhabited houses. 



In 1674 owncn of land behrn 1 acre 81,836 

Owners of land of 1 acre and upwards 6,886 


Total acreage of rated lands 884,648 

Gross estimated rental £3,460,124 

Common or waste land, acres 76,643 

Total aeiaage (rf tlw oonnQr 1^098,106 

Digitized by 




Clu^ CotutabU, Cq>U. H. Forratt West liIUrWlBeheftoT { Suptrintmd»ni ^ Chief Clerks Jrbim Onot 

Alton Divirion, J ompb Waters, npt. Alton. Statioru— 
BeBtiey, Biuted, Fsrrinfplon, Pomtdde, HeRdley, Holly- 
boaroe, Klogaley, Bentwortb, Medsttwd, St^lbcrne 

iltNbe*r i>M«jM, Oeorgt HiBtram, npt. Andover. 5ta- 
ftoiu— AUNtt'a Ann, Amport, Appl«tliaw, Barton Stacey, 
Charlton, Hurstboume Tarrant, LongjMUish, Qoarley, 
St. Hanr Bourne, Sblpton, 'Stockbrldge, Venihains 
Dean, Wallop, Wberweli 

Batingitoke IHofsim, William Rapkina, Inspector, Baalns- 
stoke. Stetim^-EaM OOkj, Hnrlaid Hook, Korth 
WalthM, OM BMloff, PieMon Candorar, abortion* St. 
Jelm, Sberfleld, SilchMtcr, StratfieldBayo, Upton Gray 

Fankam DMmIm, iuaet Uttle6eld, lupt. Farehan. Sta- 
risHj— Bbbop'a Wa]tham,Coahani,*I>rozfbnl,£in«w<nrth, 
Foatley, Hambledoo, Harant, HayUns laland. HUma. 
Porteliester, Sariibury, ShIdReld, SoaUiwlefc, Stabbbw- 
tOB, Tf bAfldd, UpbaiB, Watertoo, Waatneon, Wtckhaa 

Aletntolu DinaiM. WIUImi Cheyaer, anpt. Ootport. 
StatioHt—AXwmttkt^ Bnekhnnt, PoiCon, Bardway, 

Kiaffsclere Divinion, OeorRe Kimhott, isapector. Kla([B- 
elere. ^ofi9iu— Asbmanaworth, Baoshnnt, Eaatwood- 
bH, Hraninerion. Itehlmnwall, UTctatoke, Overton, 

New Furett Divition, William White, anpt. Lyndhont. 
Aa/toita— Beanlien, Braek«iboral,CwtMB,Eaa( BoMm, 
Bftfton, Fkwley,«H]rtbe,*Lymlogton,Harcltwaod.lia> 
ton, Owar, Sway, •Tottoo 

Oldham ZHcini»i,Charlea H. Stephenaoo, rapt. Alderthot. 
S^aftoM*— Blaekwator, CrondaJl, BTenkey, Famboro*, 
Fleet. *H«Ttley Row, HeckReld, North Camp, Mortfa 
Lam, *Odibftm, South Wamborough 

Peier^rld Dicitim, William Maaterman, inspector, 
PeteTASeld. 5<(ifto/i«— Burlton, Chalton, Bast Meon, 
Froafleld, Uomdean, Lipbook, LIh, Prlvett, Rowlands 
Caatle, Short 

Ringwoed Dlvition, Robert Brfnson, snpi. Rinipvood. 
Statiana — Bioteme, 'Boumemoatb, Breamore, barley, 
*Cbriati-harch 'Fordlnfcbridge, Gorley, H«Tne, Hintcn, 
Hoordown, PMteadown, Rockburne,8tanpit,Springboarne 

Romtty DiniMon, Edward Relleway, supt. Romsey. Stn- 
tiont — Baddesl^, Brooghton, Bast Deane, Bast Wellow, 
King's Sonboroe, lllchelnienih, Hottlsfoot, Nursling 

Southampton Dinsion, Harrison Stannanl,aupt.Bltteme, 
Southampton, jftatioiw— Bassetl, Botlty, Bnrtladon, 
Butiocks, •Eastieigh, Pour Post, meDMDile, MUlbrook, 
*Sh[rley, West End, WooUton 

Winehetter Division, Thomas Fly, snpt. Winchester. SM- 
ftOTU— 'Alresfbrd, Blshopatokf, Bramdean, Crawley, 
Enston, Pair Oak, Hnnley, Hlchddever, NorlfaiDfrtm, 
Otterborne, Owslebury, Roplev, Sparsholt, StiUon Scot* 
n^, Tlchbome, Twyford, Worthy 

lile of Wight thoition^ Henry BIderfleld, anpt. Nawport, 
Isle of Wight. ftatUfrw-^Arreton, Bembridge, Bradtng, 
Brixton, Calbome, C^Hsbrooke, Chale. Bant Cowes, 
Fnafawatmr, OodstaiU, Havland*. Niton. ^OakflaM. Saint 
HaUna, •Samdowa, Son VteW(ShaIfleel,8hanUln, *Vant- 
nor, *weat i^oww, Wootton Bridge, *Yarmoath 

*Savaaatf StatUnu. 


Harked tbaa * ars Ospaly-LtouMDSiits. 

Ashley Lord, ICalHaU hnnl, Cnnborae, Salbbmr 
AtTierley Col. F^anda Henry, Langnud ■Mwr, SbnkKn 

Isle or Wight 

Athcrley Oeorge eaq. Nertbbrocdt honae, Bishop's Waltham 
BailUa Col. Qeerge Clenent n.n. Baona Vista, Sandown, 
Isle of Wight 

Baring' MMjor.-Gen. Chufca^ NnUn bona^ Vest Cowea, 

Isle of Wight 
BariofT WUIiaa eaq. Noman court, Deu, SaUabiry 
Barton Alfred esq. Longinaad hooao, BbbopatolM 
Baiea Edward eaq. k.f. Manydown jiark, Bariagatoka ball,Basl^ke 
Benaon Wllliani esq. LangtUM, AtaMafiffd 
Bancra Oapt Haj^ a.w 
Best Capt nionaa, Bad Rloe, Andosar 
Beat Rev. Thoaoaa, Red Rtea, Andavar 

Btaak Mi^ Gaerta Fraada, Chre park, Fanbam 
BlaiMhaid BMaid eaq. FUrflald, X^agton 
BdtoB The URbc Hon. Lord, Haokwood park,BMlBgatoke 
'Boabana-Oarlar John «sq. Adhnrst 8t. Mai^, PstersfieU 
Bnahaia-Cartar John, Jan. eaq. 19 High aticot, Portsnonth 

BonhaD>Carter WlUIao esq. Little green, Gosport 
Brace Capt. Francis Edward, Catlsfleld, Fareham 
Bradshaw Prank eaq. Absbot, TItchfleld, Fareham 
Bretberton Frederick, BImaltant, Parebsm 
Brlgga Llent^Col. George, CatheriDgton house, Horndeao 
Braiuwker Henry Francis esq. Moortown hoase, Rlngwood 
Brawell Capt.L«^on K.ii.FMdifleM,IIUIbrod^8oBthmptn 
Bmea U«at.-Cal. Coartenay WUUam, Teatwood, Totton, 

•Bulpatt William Wbitaar eaq. High atieet, Wincbeqter 
Bamqr The Bar. Bdwatd. Bay hoaae, Alverstoke 
Bnnringbam Henry eaq. Fn>yle boaae, Alton 
Bttfiard Mr Harry Pwd bart. Junior United Ser^ Clnb, 

Cahhoipe The Right Hon. Lofd, Eltethaa park,WlaebAeM 
Calthofpa H^for-Gea. Tba Hon. Somenat John Ooagb, 

Woodlands vale, Ryde, Jala of Wl^t 
CaaqAell LleaVOit. PhUlp Arthar Playdefl Boarcrie, 

Oaboraa hoaae, Wlnabaaiar 
■Caraimn The Blgbt Hoa. tba Bari <rf, Hiffbdae aastle, 

Newbory, Berks 
CaiiMglaTlie Hun. John Jorvis, Atbenmnn club, Loud-m «.ta 

Digitized by 



Carpenter<tanil«r JobuMq.ii.F.BookMlnuj imrk^ParelMm 
Cbidi Admiral Hanry, 7 Portland temoe, SooUUaa 
*ChoImoitdde;The Meat NoUt tha Muqnla of, 1 Bjpds P«rk 

■treeti London to 
CbnrehiU Geot^ esq. Aldarliolt park, VwdlnBMdge 
Oape Jamea eaq. PoUnm fldda , Byda, Ida of Wight 
ColTllla of Culroaa The Rlgiit Hoa. Lonl K.T., P.O. Cnlross 

lodge, CowM, lala of Wight 
Coatmerell Rear-Admiral Sir Joba Edmond k.c.8., t.c. 

80 Ondow gardeoa, 
Compton Franda oq. MInatead Hanor booae, Ljndhnrst 
Cootfl Vice- Admiral Robert c.b. Shales, Bltterne, Sonthamptn 
Cotton Benj.Teniple esq. Alton, Freshwater, Isle of Wight 
Cowper-Temple The R^ht Hon. WlUlam FnocU ii.p. 

Broadlands, Romaey 
Carrie Raikeaasq. Mialej manor, Famborot^h station 
Coram The Hon. Henry Dugdale> East Dean, Sidisbarjr 
Dalgetjr Fradeiick QoBnenaan esq. Loekeriey hall, Romsey 
Dart Joasph Henry esq, Beadi hoasa, lUngwood 
Dean Wn. GlapcoU esq. Little Down booae, CbrlatehQreh 
Deane William Henry esq. Fairfldds, Fareham 
de Horsey Vice Admiral Algernra Frederick Bona, United 

Service clob, London 
Dant Villiers Francis esq. Backland, Lymliq^ton 
Dererdl John eaq. Porbrook park, Cosham 
Deterell Wm. Henry esq. Bossington house, Stockbrldge 
*Dlgby-Beste John Richard esq. Dotlelgb gmg. Southamptn 
Digweed Lt.-Co1. Wm. Hy. Itchingswell bouse, Kinf^srlere 
OoDgJas Tbe Hon. Edward Wm. Heather lea, Christchnrcb 
*Drammond Sdgar Aiheling esq. Cadland, S«atfaampton 
Duff Robert George esq. Carlton dub, London a.uj 
Dutton The Hon. John Thomas, Hinton boase, Alresford 
'Dntton The Hon. Ralph Heneage,Tlnubaryiiuuior,RomBey 
Earle Lieut.-Col. William Henry, Andover 
EcclesCapt. William Hall, I^irOak; Biahopatoke 
BlUottCapt.Oeo.H.v.Paniborougb park, Fam borough station 
EsdaUe Wm. Clement Drake esq. Bnriey manor, Ringwood 
Etwall Ralph esq 
Etwall WUIiam esq 

Everett George esq. Bridge Bnd, Bonmemouth 
Everett John-esq. Colbarjr, Totton, Soathaaiptan 
Everett William esq. Dene Wood, Boamemoatb 
*Everaley Tbe Right Hon.Viscoant,Heckfleld pl.Wincbfleld 
Eyre Geo. Edward esq.Tbe Warrens, B nnuhaw, Lyudbarst 
Fairbahrn Sir Thomas barL Brambridge boose, Sootliampton 
Farndl Philip Elliott esq. East GroTti, Lymlngton 
Farr William Windham esq. Ilfonl house, Rln^ood 
Field Capt. Edward r.n. The Grove, Ooeport 
Fiti-Gerald Richard Purefoy esq. North hall, Preston Uaa- 

dover, Ba^gstoke 
Fitz-Eoy Francis HoraUo eaq. Frogmore park* Biackwater 
Fitzwygram Major Geo. Sir Frederkk Wdlington hart. 

Ldgh park, Harant 
'Fleming Tbos. James WUlia esq. 1 Cantdeo creMsent, Batb 
Forrest Ueot.-Gen. Wm. Cbas. c.b. Uplands, Winchester 
Fox William esq. Adbury, Newbury, Berks 
Glynn Wm. Anthony esq. Sea grove, Sea view, laleof Wight 
Goad Capt Geonie Maxwell 
Goff Joseph G. 8. esq. Bale park, Salisbury 
Grant William esq. Uonditon bouae, AnglMey, Gosport 
Oream Oeo.Tliompson M.o.CrawleyDown pk.Wortfa,8iusex 
Gunner Thomas esq. Heathdeld, Whieheater 
Eammenley Hugh Montolien eqq. Ridgeway, Lymiogton 
Bamood Oneme Sir Onhatn William Eden bart. Norton 

lodge, Freshwater, Yarmontta, Isle of Wight 
Hankey Capt. Henry Barnard «.k. West Leigh, Havaat 
*HarcourtCol. Francis VemoD, 8LCbue,Ry4akUe of W%fai 
'Hania AdoUrai The Horn. Sir Bdward AM John k.c.b. 

11 Dpper Wimpole street, Loadoa le 
Hanla Oipt. Bdwaid Jmm» Benm eoort, Chriatehtinii 

Harrfa Chaties Edwwd esq. Tylney ball, Wlnchfldd 
Harvey Bdwd. Nonrse esq. Periaw bo. Dibden,Southaropton 
BnwiMrPeterJ aaaaDuff aq.HurstborDePriora,Wbitehareh 
Heatb Allan Borman eeq. Faceombe munor, Hangeribrd 

Heatboote Lt-Col. Eustace P«nn, Lyndbnnt 
Hemy John Snowdon esq.GMt Dene,BoiMbnn!h,Lor Wight 
Heyteabory The Right Hon. Lrad, Heyteobnty bouse, Bath 
Higgena Wm. Jamea Jamieaon eaq. Hanhledon, Hmrndean 
Hitchcock Thomas h.h.cp. Weeke, Winchester 
Hodgkinson Capt. Thomas H-n. Elm Leigh, Havant 
Hodgson Rev. Thomu Dongas, Tbe Beefairy, East Wood- 
hay, Newbury, Berica 
Holdii^ William esq. Beenhun court, Saogsclere 
Hornby Thomas Wynn esq. Dpbam booae, Bishop'sWalttanm 
Houghton Thomas Aldtrman esq. Armsworth ho. Alreaford 
'Howard The Hon. Jamea Kenneth, Haaleby boose. East 

Woodhay, Newburj-, Berks 
*Hulfle Sir Edward hsrt. Breamore boose, Salisbury 
Homphery U.-C0I. Sir Wm. H. bart. Penton lodge, Andover lodge, Burdedon, Sonthamptn 
Hyde Francis Colville esq. Wllderton, Bournemouth 
Iiemonfcer William Henry eeq.Middleton hou8e,Whiti!burch 
Jenklnson Hy.Thoa.Jobn esq.Ower, Fawley, Southamptoa 
*JervoIse Sir Jervolse Clarke bart. Idawoith park, Homdean 
■Jervoise Francisjervoise Ellis esq.Herriard bo. Bashigatoke 
•Jollffie The Hon. William Sydney Hyiton M.P. Heatb 

Iwase, Petersfldd 
Kennsrd Adam esq. Crawley eonrt. Winebester 
Keppel Admiral The Hon. Sir Henry a.CB. Stoke cottage, 

Bishopstoke, Snatbampton 
Kingsmill Wm. Howltyesq. Sydmonton ct. Newbury, Berks 
Knight Montagu Geor^te, Chawton bouse, Alton 
Knighton Sir Wm.Wellesley hart. Blendwortb Idge.Homdean 
Leach Thomas esq. SearonI lodge, Ryde 
Leacock Thomas Murdoch esq. Oakhill, Ryde 
Le Miirchant Le Marchant Thomas etq. New lodte, Ryde 
Lewis John Delaware esq. Westbary honse, Peterafield 
LindseyJbn. esq. Bnrlyna bo. East Woodhay, NewbaT7,Berks 
Linzee Robert George eaq. Jermyns, Romsey 
Long George esq. Grand parade, Portsmoudi 
Loi^ Walter esq. Belmora cottage, Bishop's Waltham 
Long Walter Jerris esq. Prashaw house, Bishop's Waltham 
Lovell Francis Frederic esq. Hincbedea, LjmEngton' 
Lowth George Thomas esq. Cbiswtck, Bournemouth 
LowtherCapt. Harcni K.M. Thornton, Ryde, Isle of Wight 
Lushlnfcton Frederick Astell esq. Rosiere, Lyndhant 
*.VIacdonald3irArcl)lbld.Keppelbart,Woolmer ldge.Lipliook 
Mackinnon W. Alexander eeq. fi Olouceater sq. London v 
Macnagbten Steoart esq. BitteneHanor house, Soutbamptn 
Maine The Rev. John Thomas, Dover court, Soothsea 
Malmeabety Tbe Rt. Hon.the Bari or,Heroa ot-Chrlstoboccb 
Hanh Matiliew Henry esq. Bambridge booae, Andover 
Martin Capt. Thomas Hutchinson Mangles K.v. Tryarmayne 

cottage, Bltterne, Bouthamptnn 
HarUnean John esq. Heckfleid, Wbichfldd 
Harx CapL Geofge Fxanels, Arle Buy, Alreaford 
Maase Rear.AdBd. Fradarlidt Aagoatai, Upperloa, EaaU 

bonne, Sossez 
Mittbel M^jor-Geo. Charles Bdwud, 18 InveriHia tsorrace, 

Kensington gardens, London w 
*-Mildmay Sir Henry Boaterie Paokt St. John hart. Dog- 

menSeld park, Winebfleld 
Mills John esq. Blstonw park, Ringwood 
Mitchell James Wm. eaq. Clifden, Booohorch, [aloof Wight 
Mttford EIy.Befe^esq.l6Hobartpl. BatODaq.LondoB«.tP 
Monteflore Nathaniel esq. Cold BMt, Soutbaapton 
Mooca WUttam Westby cm). Higbtm, Bonnemoolk 
Homnt Jolia eaq, Broekeoluirst park, I^mfaigtoa 
HcNUt WUHam Genge aiq. WadoR ptaee, Readiiw 

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Mnaiy Utnt^. Or Bobvt MUkr xam a BoUjrbMk, 

Kag&teBLt..Col. AnbwrRbt. k.p. BI1ghnw>nt,flonthtmpton 
ureweome C«pL Gm^, Haaor bovM, AMcnhot 
NidMdioD WUttuB Mq. Bnfaw ptrk, AHm 
•Nomuitoa The Risht Hoa. Um Bui at, SomBtUj pwk, 

HortUmok the B^[ltt Hon. Ou SmA at, Slx»ttan pvk, 

O'CaUaghui Adral. George WQllnn Dooglwa Dooglua 

C.B. Deer hesf, Rowtand'iGaitle^ Hannt 
OamunDer Adnlnl Sir fCnuniu o.B. The Towen, Tftr- 

nontb, Ub of Wlgbl 
Pakeokam ReBF-Admin) The Hon. TboBMi Ale»Dd«r, 

FnaUjiu, Lindfiekl, BBMtz 
Pidqr Admlna Ar Thoam StUne tart X.C.B. HooriUll, 

Shedfidd, Butley 
Pdhtm The Hon. Evelyn CorawalliB Andowii, The Cot- 

iMga, St iMTcnee, Veotnor, lale of Wight 
Pe«rhyn Bdwd. Hugh LeyCMteraHi. The Toft, Booroemovth 
Pereeral General JOhn Uumll c.v 
PhfUinon Tlee-Adml. Aagtutus* Sbldfleld booM^ Botley 
Ptovdm WilUHDi Hy.CbkbeIeeBq.Ewbantho.BMlngatoke 
Pofrfiam Frandi White, eiq. Wootbm lodge, Wootbm 

bridge, Iile of Wight 
Portal Ueat*CoL Robert, Ashe park, Micheldever 
■Portal Melrllte taq. chairman fjf Qaarter Searioiu, Larer- 

■toke bouse, Uichelderer 
POTtal Wyndbam apeoear eeq. UaUbaager ho. Baatngatoke 
POrtMKmth The Rt Hon. the Eari of, Uuntboiune park, 


PorrUCafit O. T. MaltUod a.N. Blackbrook cot. FMdan 
Pypar Rot. Richaid, Rockbome, SaUibory 
Rawlins Robert esq. Sooth Tiew, Whitcbnrch 
Raymond Gen. Henry Phipps, UeatbOsld house, Bittene, 

Beora Chariea eoq. 30 Victoria rd. Gipsy Hill, London i.e 
BciynsrdsoD Col. Edward Birch c.b, Ruabingtoa manor, 

Rlos Vioe-AdmL Bdwatd Brldgoi, Haonptoa hOl, Bldiop'i 

Rieket ts G«orge Robert Qoodln esq, Sorblton, Snrrey 
Booke WaOam Wowa esq. Woodsfde, LyuhiAton 
RyenA Sir Kelm hart KampahoU park, Baslngatoka 

SBBdaawB Ghpt. noa. IiMar, 8 Qmbb^ HBrieMf RrightM 
Bartorii Bdwaid John esq. Varaadi boua^ Tltchfleld 
Sawyer Cbariaa lUdiard John taq 

Selater-Boodi The Rt, Hon. Georga h.f. Pfiai7, Odihmni 
Selttor WUIIan Loiley esq. Uoddlngton bow, Odlham 
SeoU Lord Henry John IContaga Donglai U-r. Palloa 

boose, Beaoliea, Soathamptoa 
*Seott George Arthor Jemlae caq. Rotherfldd park, AHoa 
Seriy Chariea esq. m.p. Brooke bonae, Newport, Isle of 


Seymour AJBl.Nr]Cb!bwla,o.B.CadUngtoa, Hondaan 
S^poioar Alfted esq. UoUyhrook bouse,Sblrtey,SoutbamptoB 
Shedden Wllllaia Llndesay esq. St. Helen's pi. Lyningtoo 
Sberwin grange,Faniboroagh statkm 
SlmeOD SirJohnStapben Barrlngton bartSwaInatott,Newport 
Blmonds Wm. BaiTOweaq. h.p.AMmU's Barton, Winchester 
Smith Nathaniel Bowden esq. Brookanhurst, Lymiagtoa 
Smith Spencer esq. Brooklands, Sjuthampton 
Smith-Barry Capt. Rlcliard Hugh, Army Si Navy dab, 

Stephens Capt. Frederick, Bentwortb lodge, Alton 
Stephens Richard eaq. BaMlagtoo house, Bournenonth 
Stevenson WllUam George esq. Foxlease, Lyodbarat 
Stone Williain Henry esq. Lea parit, Godaltning 
Stuart Gen. Charles, Uobome, Chrlstcburch 
Hjkes Sir Frederic Henry bart. SeaHeld Croiton, Pareham 
l^agett Rev, Thomu Heathcote, Awbridge Danes, Romsey 
Trench PbiUp CbarleaCbeneviz eiq.Cardridge,8oathanipton 
Tomer Capt. Robert Lambert, Swanwlck Glen,Soathampton 
V'emer Ueut- Col. WLUIam 
Waddington John esq. Langrlsh house, Petersfleld 
Walker Tyrwhltt esq. Twyibrd house, Winchester 
Warren Major Richard Pelham, WorUog ho. Basingstoke 
Weld Joseph esq. The Lodge, Walbaapton, Lymiagtoa 
W'ickliain Capt. Henry Lamplngh, Tlchbome pk. Alveatbrd 
Wickbam WlllUm esq. Uinstead Wyck, Attou 
Wigatoa Admiral James, Bitteme, SontbamptMi 
Wood Arthar Hardy esq. Br^:hUing park, dnssex 
Wood John Gatbome esq. Thedden grange, Alton 
Woodham Rev. Thomas Fielder, Farley rectory, Romsey 
Woods Henry esq. Wamfaid p^, Siabop's Waltham 
Yoong Oqtt. Frederick, Pelham lodge, Ryde, Isle of W^fat 
CUrk ifftht Ptaee, Thoinu Hngbaa Batle eaq. Wlneheater 

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ABBOTT'S AVJX it > vlUage and pulsh, in the North- 
em division of the oounty. Andgver onion, coanty ooart 
district nnd petty senlonal division, partly In the hundred of 
Wherweil, but ebfeflf in the bunared of Andorer, arcb- 
deaeonry and diocese of Wincliester and rural deanen of 
West Andorer, 3 mii<«sontli-westfroni Andoverand 66 mm 
London, situated on tlie PUIUll hroolt. The church ot SL 
Mary was built in 1716 ^ GoTentor Pitt, founder of the 
Char'baTn.hmily : it la ofmek and has ehancd, nave, and 
square tower surmounted by four plnnaclei and containingS 
bellaaml dock : there are ueniorial garlands in paper hang- 
ing round the churchy some of them upward* of one han- 
dled years old ; tb«y are supposed to be peculiar to this 
eburai. The register dates from the year 150S. The liTinfr 
la a rectory, yearly value £650, with residence. In the gift 
of Hiss Burrou|th and held by the Rev. James Burrougli 
Fenwick m .A., of Emmanuel Colletfe, Cambridge. Here is 
a CktBgregationat chapel. The Rnv. Thomas Best is lord of 
the nantH- and priadpal landowner. The soil is loam ; sub- 
soil, chalk. Toe chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and 
swedes. The area is 3,351 acres ; rateable value, £4,611 ; 
and the population fn 1871, iucloding the tithing of Littlb 
ANN, was 703. 

Allen Stephen Henry, EastoTer 

Best Hod. Mrs. Upper cottage 

Damford The Uisaes 

Farr William Holdway 

Fenwidc Rev. James BnrrODgh K.A. 

FyfleU Mrs 

Allen 3teph«i Henry ,frmr.Bastover frm 

Batchelor Tom, miller 
Coleman Jamea, carrier 
Orainger William, plsmber 
Johnson John, BajfU inn 
Oram Cbat^es Henry, boot maker 
Pitt Walter, esTpentw 
Plummer Edwd. farmr.LittlePark farm 
Potter Qeorge, beer retailer 
Redman George, baker k grocer 

LiTTLi Anv lias to the east ; St. John's Cross, half a 
mile south. Sir Richard Colt Hoare sUtes two eamjps 
as beinir mentioned by Polydora Tirgilj these still exist, the 
one called Bary Hill and ntuate on an eminence west from 
Attdover, and in the parish of Clatford, strongly fbrtifled by 
niture as well as art ; the other, csJled Pollubury, or Balks- 
bury Camp, with a aingle rallum, is nearly si}nsre, it is in 
Andorer ; lit Domesday Book it was called the manor of 
Anna. In this parish some Roman reBuina of teaselated 
pavements in good preservation w»a finind 1^ the lector, 
which were sent to the British Uuaeum. 

Parish Clerk, George Webb. 

Post Oppicb.— George Watts, reeeirar. Letters arrive 
by meaeenger from Andover at 8 ft dc are 
despatehea at 0.45 p.m. The nearest moncj order office 
is at Amport 

Here are National and Inhnt schools, endowed with £3p«r 
year, left by Mr. Creswick, payable out of hia estate ; 
James Dear, master ; Miss BUsabeth LilUngton, mistress 

Cakribb to Andovbr. — Coleman's eart, friday, return- 
ing same day 

Robinson George, butcher 
Ramsey Robert George, iarmtr 
Staddea John, farmer 
Tilling Alice ( Mrs.), beer retailer 
Toovey Henry, fiamer, Down farm 
Watts Geo. grocer, miller, tc post ofBoe 
Webb George, blacksmith 
Whicher Thomas, baker & grooer 
Young Walter, boot maker 

ALDEBSKOT is a town and parish, and station on the 
tiouth Western and South Eastern r^ways, ndM^ng the 
roanty of Surrty, in the Northern divisien of toe county, 
Farnham union, and Fambam and Aldersbot county court 
district, Crondull hundred, Odiham petty siMional division, 
diocese and archdeaconry of Winchester and rural deaneir 
ol Odiham, 86 miles from London, 3^ north-east-by-north 
&om Fambam, and 1 mile from the Baaiogstoke canal. 
The South Eastern railway hat a station at the camp. 
Prior to the foundation of the camp here in 1854 this was a 
mere village, but, from the demands from the camp, It has 
ROW grown Into a oonsiderabie town, dtuate to the south of 
the rarracks, and contisting of seveml streets : it is wdl 
paved, lighled with gas, and is under the management of a 
Local Board of li members, 9 chosen bv the ratepayen 
and 3 by the Secretary of State for War. The parish 
church of St. Michael is an ancient edifice. In the Early 
English style, and conrists of chancel, nuve, north aisle and 
tower i the nave and north aisle have been restored : in the 
ebanoel are tablets to the Tlehborae ftunily, who were the 
ancient pro|n1etors of a manor and lands In this parish. 
The register dates from the yeq^r 1571. The livbig is a 
vicarage, yearlv value £150, with residence, In the gift of 
the lessees of the tithes and held by the Rev. Heiiry James 
WcstpOf the University of London. T<ie parish was divided 
for eceledastical porpoees in 1870, and a neW church, called 
Holy Trinity, hns been erected In Victoria road at a cost 
of about £8,000 ; the district attached to the chnrcb is 
omflned to the new part of the town : tlie church Is in the 
Early BngHsfa style, and oonsisto of nave with clerestory, 
chancel, aisles, north and west porches and vestry ; the 
walls are of Bsrgate stone facings, with concrete core lined 
with brick work' and Bath stone dreuings ; the bniidlng is 
lUrhUrd by two large windows at tlie east and west ends 
filled with geometrical tracery, and the aisles and 

Official BstabliBhmentai, 


Bank k Government Insorance k Aunnity Office, 
Wellington street 

PoitmoMter — Samoel Bentley. 

Mails arrive at & are made up at the post office, South 
Camp. Letters tat the town are despatched thence to the 
Town office (Mr. a Bentley's), by mall cart. There are 
three arrivals k deliveries daily : the first at 7 a.m. ; 
second at IS p.m. : third at 6.80 p.m. Box closes at 
S.fiO a.m. 1.46 p.m. 7 p.m. k p.m. On sanday there 
Is one delivery In the morning at 7 despatch In 
the evening ; the box closes at 7 p.m. thett Is no later 
poet by additional stamp 

There are Pillar Boxbs at Messrs. HicUey k Bowler's, 
tbe Green ; at Mr, W. S. Dowling's (comer ol Vietoria 
rood), Hteh street; at the Cambridge hotel, West end; 
at the * N^B Head,' North lane; at the Prince of Wales 
hotd, Ash road ; at Bank comer (Queen's rood), k b 
Oraovenor rood 

clerestory with triplet lancet-head windows ; the chance)^ 
arch is boldly moulded and of great bright; the carved 
stone pallet was presented by Mrs. Anderson, The Uvin« 
is a perpetual curatiy. The |»trons are Viscount Uiddletun, 
General Sir A. Lawrence K.C.B. Bishop A.nderMn, Capt^n 
Newcome J.v. and W. Wainwright esq. j.p. Mr. Stapley, 
of Fambam, was the arehitect, and Messrs. Martin, Wells 
k Co. of Aldershot, the builders. The endowment consists 
of £300 from tbe EcclesiasticHl Commissions, with pew 
rents and the endowment of the late T. Anderson esq. of 
Waveriey Abbey— the whole is valued at about £400 a 
year; the present Incumbent is the Rev. John Lovell 
Gwatkin Hadow h.a. of Trinity College, Oxford. The 
Wesleyans have a handsome church, aituste In Groavemir 
road. Tbe cemetery is near the Redan Hill. Hetearetwo 
Board schools. The National schools were erected in 1880. 
on freehold land belonging to tbe parish, at a cmt of 
£1,000, raised by voluntary contributions, and a gmat from 
tlie War Department of £106. Tbe Catholics have schools 
here, and the Wesleyans a Sunday sehooL ^le Lock Hos- 
pital is In the Farnham load. Hera k a eonnty pnlfee 
sUtlon, and the Metropolitan police have also a sUtlon 
here. Here are brick and tile works. There are several 
music b^. Tbe Bcciaslastteal ComnUsskmera are lords of 
the manor of Crondall. The eolttvated lands prlnripally 
belong to Messrs. Newcombe, D'Oridant. Allden, Stovold, 
RosMl and Stevens ; the Crown owns nearly all the other 
portions of land. In 1841 tbe parish contained about 8,700 
acres of beath and conunon land, 731 acres of or^^ land, 
Id aorea of hop land, 630 acres of meadow and pasture land, 
190 acres of wooi land, and SO icns of building ^tes and 

gardens. The area Is 4,173 acres, chiefly common and 
eath ; rateable value, £41,560 ; the population In 1871 
was Sl,662, Including 10,067 military in tike camp. 
ParUh Clerk, WillUm Fludder. 

Local IiwtitutioiiB, Aic. 


Wbbz Datb. 


8.40 a.m. 

6.40 p.m. 

11.16 a.m. 

Victoria road.... 


1.45 p.m. 

6.90 p.m. 

Cambridge bote! . 

8.35 a.m. 

1.90 p.m, 

6.45 p.m. 

North lane . . . 

e. a.m. 

6. p.m. 

9. aan. 

Prince of Wales.. 

1.16 p.m. 

12.90 p.m. 


6.45 p.m. 

Bank comer .... 

8.40 a.m. ; 

1.36 St 

0.40 p.m. 

6.40 p.m. 

Gromnor road . . 


1.15 ft 

7. p.m. 

7. p,m. 

InaUBAKCB Aqbktb: — 

OffHAam Lift. R. Eve, Oxfiiid villa, Victoria road 
London^ W. Cibitaa, High street 

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Aoya/> T. WUI& High ttreet 
Soverriyn Life.Q. H. Bryint. Victoria nad 
Staiutard, W. B. Pcrter, Vfetorii road 
Ami. W. E. Poster^ Victoria road 

X^CAi. Board of Health. 
Office* — Victoria road. 
Clarkt Wmiam Edward Porter, mAidtar, TIetoria Toad 
Medical OOtoer, J. Shoolbraid u.n. Victoria road 
<8itr«qr»r, J. Oaliworthy, Gnwraior nad 
Intpeetor of ATufMncM, Q. Cirtar, GnareBW road 
CMb^, G. Carter 

Mastlaga bald the firat Toesda; In aaeb nontb. 


Clerk, Rlcliard Eve 
Public EaTAauaHiiBRTB:— 

Alderahot MmwJut C». Limited, High itfoet, R. Etc. 

■oUdtor, dark j H. Wmvg, lame 
Ctmetmrjf, Richard Bte, clerk to burial board 
SietiM Offiet, George bote), WeUington atreet, William 

Coolaoa, of Goildford, Hipervlwr 
Lock Httpiua, nmfaam road, Joba CoIeBan Barr, aar- 

KftmdHcaliAoeTjBaT.W. A. Barker Ma^ehnUn : 
AHee CbanlUer, matrmi 
Mittkm Hall, Soidlm-i' Home k Xtutttute (under the 
management of the ftonnder, Mita Daniel), Qneen'i road 
lietn^oHtoH P^ice StatUm, oppodte the Bait In&ntry 
Bazndu, Odj Wenhan, inapaetor 
Camtg PWiM Station, Higb atnat, Charlaa Hcnrj 
Stepbenaon, saperiDtendenL Local magbtratea ait here 
OS thmadaya. and occasionally on mondayii. Captain 
Neireome is tiie cbalrnian Sc ueasn. Lamb k Broi^ ma- 
giatrataa' deriu 

SoUiers' Horn* ^ Wnleyan Institute, Qroavenor road, 
Hn. R. RUhton, aupcrintentlent 
Stamp Office, UlKh etreet, Wm. Sheldrake, diatribntor 
County Court Office, over the Market place ; conrt day, 
alternate months; William Jacob Holiest, regfatrw; the 
district comfffebendlng the following places AJdershot, 
Ash, -Badabot, Bonme (Upper ft Lower), Bouitey, 
Bottom, Blackwater, Chun, Cofe, Crondali, Dockenfleld, 
Swshot, Farnhuo, Fambmnch, Preaslwin, Fiimley, 
Hawl^, Headier, Hanny Hfll, Kininlay, Pattenbam, 
Ranibld. Beak, Tflnwd, t^ogham, Wayboune, Wnddea- 
bamJtVataley > » ' 

Pdblio Offiobbb: — 
Atoiotamt Owermor, W. H. Bishop, Victwia road 
Clerk to tke School Board, Thomaa JamiiiKt, Station rd 
Deputy CeromoTy WiUiam Edward Footer, Vletorit road 



Xe^ttrar wf Birtht Dt^ho fbr Friodey JHetriet, 
Qeor^ Day, Victoria road • 

Jttvittrttr ^ Marriagos, W. H . Bishop, Victoria road 

Beli/nsinff OMeer, Qoari^ Day, Vititoria road 

SherigV Officer. Jamea Haidi, Weat end 

Ftf^ Clerk, Bidmd Bra, Vletorta road 
Fl&cbb or WOBOBIP ;— 

St. MiehatVe Church, Rev. Henry James West, vicar 

Boly Trinity Churehf Victoria road, Ber. John LotcU 
Owatkhi Hadow K.A. Inenmbeiit 

Cathotie Sehoa Church, Qtiean'i road. Rot. Richard 
Oeorge Davbiprleit 

Prttbyterian Church, Vletoria road, Rer. ^TOUam Jamea 
Bodea Roome, minister 

Wesleyan Chtaiel, Qneweoar road. Rev. Richard Wataoa 
Allan flc R«T, John LaTcrack, nriBUters 

Trinity Chapel {Particular Baptitt), Victoria road, 
mlnhters vatioos 

Primitice MethodUt Mieiion flMiR,Asb road, ft Chapa, 
Victoria road 

Misiion Batt ^ SoitSerf InttUute 

BoABD Schools 
East Bnd, James Walker, master; Mrs. Lncy Marsh, 
rolatreHi Miss F. M. Thomai. in&ats* mistrem 
North TVtrn, Miss Wilson, mistress 
Wett End, Geo. Wm. Dominey, master ; Miss Frances 
S. WalliB, mistress ; Mias A. Wood, infaati' miatresa 

National, Mies B. Miten, High atreet 
CafAoIic, Queen's road. Hits Louise Dlgard, mistress 
United Preabyterian Sunday, Mr. W. Kearall, upt 

NBVB?AP8B8 ;— 

Alderahot Advertiser t Farnborougk Gazette (Jamea 
Hay, proprietor), puhlfsbed on satoraeys at Victoria rd 

Aldorihot and Sandhuret Military Oaxette ( Wm. 8fad- 
droke, prop.), published on Saturdays at dO & 31 Hista st 

Alderghot Oaxetle, (A. L. Lmew, proprietor; J. W. 
Oliver, ngent), pnblisbed on aatanlaysatla WdlingtoDSt 
Railway STATiOHa: — 

South Weetem (Aldersbot IWb), Wm. Godson Adklaij 
station master 

South Eastern, Alderahot, H. B. Pett (of North Camp), 
atation omater 

Omniboses leave the Royal hoU!l, High street, to mett the 
trains, for the conveyance of passengara 1^ tbe Sontb 
Baatem railway at North Camp 

CABBiBna^PkkCMd ft Co. to all parts; Satton ft Co. to 
all porta 

Alderahot Camp.— In 1854 a ver; extensive camp 
waa established, the Government havlngKvth&tobJeet pnr- 
chased a )arg« tAct of heath and common lands, wnich 
eztapds into the neighbonring parishes of Famborongh, 
Yateley and Crondali : the Camp, North and Sootb, conoists 
of rangM of wooden hnts in parallel lines, on the south of 
which permanent barracka have been erected for all branches 
of tbe service, with quarter* fer ofHcera, riding schools, 
slaUhig, hospital and other buildings suitable fbr tbe troops. 
The Queen's PaviUon, for the reception of Her Mi^eaty, la a 
building of wood and cormgated Iron. Tbe officers' clnb- 
bonae la also of eormgaied iron. There are two stationa at 
the North Camp, one on the South Eastern railway and the 
other on the Sonth Western railway. The Camp is tbe bead 
qnarten of a military district, the remninderof Hampshire 
oehtg in the Soathem mlUtaiy distriet, the head quarters of 
which are at Portsmouth. All Saints' chnrch was erected 
in 1863 for the use of the troops : It Is a Gothic building of 
rod brick with Bath atone draselngs, oonristlagof cbamel, 
nave and aisles and has several stained windows and will 
bold 3,000 persons. There Is an Iron dinreh In tbe Sontb 
Camp, which Is need also bv the Presbyterians, and the 
Catholics have also an Iron chnrch. There are various in- 
atitationa for the benefit of the soldiers, inciodlng an amateor 
tbeatre in the South Camp. A hospital for the military 
baa been erected on an emmenee called Gun Hill, near the 
Sonth Gamp and overlooking the town : It is a handsome 
balldhig, 01 brick with Bath stone dresdngs, and has a 
dock towCT and dock with four dials, 8 feet in diameter, U- 
Inminated : It will hold upwards of S6ft patients. Tbe eoat 
of tbe bnilding was npwarda of £45,000: Messrs. Martin, 
WeOa ft Co. were the bnddois. 

South Camp Post, Monbt Obdib ft Tblbgbaph 
Ofpicb, Savings Bank ft Government Insurance ft 
Annnl^ Office, E Lines 

AftasMftr— B. W> Harriwa. 

Letters airin at ft are deUvarad in camp three tiaies daily ; 
first at 7 a.m.; second at 13.15 p.m. third at 6j50 p.m. 
' Mails are dispatched at 9.5 a.m. ; at i p.m. ; at 7.15 p.m. 
ft at 9.10 p.m. On oiuiday tke offloa Is open from 7 to 10 
a.m.&flrom9to7p.m.. There is one delivery at 7 a.m. 
ft one dbpateb In the evening. Box doses at 7.15. 
There la no Uiter post by additional stamp- Honey orders 
are granted & paid between 9 a.m. ft 8 p.m. ft on Saturday 
nnQl 8 p.m. All tbe canteens in eamp have boxes for 
recdpt of letters for this office 

All letteri fbr the military, except those going to private 
addressee in tbe town, shoold be addrassed— Aldersbot 
Camp, Famborough Station; or tbay will be ddayed one 

Ga$ works, Sonth Camp, H. Onthwalte, manger 

Staff of thb Ditibion. 
Commanding the Oimsion, Gen. Sir Thomas Montaga 
Steele k.c.b 

Aides^e-Camp, dot, A. Maclean, 1st Dragoons; Capt. 

J. T. CrosUe, OOtta Rifles 
AseistanI A^fuianl ^ Quartormaotcr-aenaral, Bt.-Cd. 

Tbe Hon. B. Q. Cnnon, SSnd Foot, Q Lines, Sonth Camp 
A«fMan<)Qi(artemwu(er.O«nera/, Lt.-Col. Lord W. F. E. 

Seymour, Cohlstrenm Guards 
DUto whiU IHrecter of Qynmtuia, Ua\M W. B. Q. 

Cleather, 47th Foot 
Deputy AsntttaU A^nUmUOeiurml, W. F. Qat- 

acre, 7f tb Foot, Q Ums, Sontb Camp 
De^ufy Ao^tantfor Xutkotry, Capt. W. Bennett, 19th 

Deputy Aasiitant Quartermaator»Osneral, Copt. B.J. 

Lagwd, 4th Foot 
Deputy Assistant <hiartermaster-Oeneral utiile aatiot' 

iny Inspector a/ Oymnaeia, Capt F. A. Gms, S*th 

Foot; iOkeef Oymnaalnm, P.B 
Dmuiy Atdttant Qn w ^ erm nrter-gsnsngl wUls Ii^ 

Mpeetor tfArm^ SigmOSiiy, Mtj/ot P. A. Ls Mssailcr 

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C9lmaonttuSt^R.A.C6l. W.B. H.KdH* c.i., ma 
Colonel on tluSt^B.S.Coh ntaroyM. H.8o»erMtm.B 
£rifmao JVitfM' Jt.A. dpt. H. KdoUti, Y Um. Soatfa 


Camp Qtiartermatter, O. Mnririiy, Q Uim, fiOmth Cup 
UiMr<0riiutffni» Gaois« Doi^lu, » Hat, Q UiKt, Soath 

Provost MartKal, T. Trout, IS Hat, Q tines, South Camp 
Veterinary Surgeon, Jama W. Callow ; oflnoe, Launtto, 
Thorne hill 

Oarriaon Xndtruetort, Bt.-HaJor W. Sliaw, 103nil Foot, 
Q Linet, South Camp ; k Major S. E. Orr, 84tb Foot, 
West lafcutry bairadu 
DUtriet Commiatary General, X)ap.^7oni.-0aa. U. B. 

Irrlne c.b, W Linaa, Sooth Camp 
CemmiMtary General {Ordnanety, I>ep.*CoaL-Qeiunl, 

J. O. Hamlajr c.B 
IHeiriet Paymatter, Staff Pajroiaatara B. PO. Oreanwood 
Prin^pal Medical Offii^, Sufv>*Oaa, D. R. Macklnimi 
ChapUdnt to ihe Forces : — 
Church of Enyland-'Bev. Thamu Carter Staalay LL.D. 

principal chaplain, Z Lines, South Camp 
Presbyterian (Iron) Church— Rev. J. U. HUler, Z 

Lines, Sonth Camp 
Catholic— Tlev. M. Cnffe, principal chaplain, 3 Parlt, 

Tillaa, Victoria road; Ic Bev. T. Hoore. Sooth Camp 
Wesleyan MiniMtert aatborised to icinister to the Wes- 
li^in troops— Rcr. R. W. Allen ft Bar. S. Lafanck, 
Iron church, Cambridge road, West Bud 

Staff op Briqadbs. 
Commanding Cavalry Brigade, Major-O«mal Sir F. 

W. J. Pita Wjgram bart 
Aid»-^Camm, Cleat. Q. A. Webbs, 15tli Uoasart 
M^for ^ BHgadSt OapC R. T. MaiUard. 16th Laaeen 
OmmandinollayalATtmgry, CoU W. B. M. adlly o.b., 


Medor <if Brigade, Capt. H. Kntdlys 

Commanding Boyal Bng lm e n , <M. Plfavy JC. H. 

Somenat r.b 

Commanding First Infantry Brtgado, Vitfor^taB. T. 

H. Pakenham, H Lines, South Camp 
Atda-de-Camp^ Oapt. H. O. Wonlsy,.25tb Foot 
Mf^for ^ Brigade, Capt. R. C. Hare, 22nd Pool 
Commanding Steemd ti^antrji Brigade. Nafor-Qea. W. 

O. Cameron cb. ; offiee, K House, Offleoa' quartan, 

Centre Infhntrv banacfcs 
Aide-d^amp, Capt. E Z. Thomt&n, 4th Foot 
M^^or of Brigade, Capt, W. T. Dooner. lOdth Foot 
Commanding Third infantry Brimae, M«lor-Qen. P. 

Peyton : oBce, 34 Hut, D Lines, North Camp 
Aidt-dt-Camp, Capt. B. T. B. Sparhi, 96th Foot 
Moijor qf Brigade, Bt.-Major W. C. P. Btoiyneuz, Sbid Ft 


Soathcamp, Oovemor, Col. W. B. C. Welkslay 

Z Unes, South Camp. 
MedUal Si^hUendMt, Surgr.-H^). A. F. ChurdtUl. M.» 

School Dbpaetmbht. 
Sub-Inspector {Ut division), William Sataga aaq.; 

office, £ Liues, South Camp 
Sub-Inspeetorjind dioteien), 8. Ooadby esq 
School for Ojicora' CUUren, OtBcers' mess hnt,0 Llaes 
South Camp, Hiss Whenat, lady prinelpal 
Libra BIBB. 

Prinoe Contorts Library (for i^Hetri), Soatt Canp,frOT 
Garrison Library, Sautti Camp 

Victoria Soldierr Library, OsatN Moekj PafO^pieat la- 

fuitrj bairacks, ft*<t 
Medical Oscars' Idbrary, Hospital hUl, Soath Oanqi 

Soe. (r irtomrer, 8atgao»>lf i^w A. P. ChnrehUl M.B 

Railway STATioire:— - 

South Eastern, North Camp, Hy. B. Pett, station master 
South Western, North Camp & Ash VaIe,Charies Hateham, 
station master 


AlUen Jaasa, Blm piaoe 

Allden Rlebd. Woodland rO. Victoria td 
AUden William, CampbeB ho. High at 
AllenRev. Richard Watson [Weileyan], 

Attfldd Reuban, Malthoose laae 
BaAer Edmund John m.d. Vtetortard 
Baroett WUIfam, 28 Wellington str«et 
Bateman Alexander, Redan bill 
Bateman Charle8,Arthur t11. Victoria rd 
Benham Thomas, 3 Warsaw villss, 

Victoria road 
Bolton Henry William, Portsdovn rilla, 

Victoria road 
BariM John, 1 Wsrsaw tU. Victoria rd 
BymeCoLThomasEdwardtAldershot Idg 
Cnristmas William, North town 
Clintoa WUllsm, Normanton, Chnrdi 

lane west 

C<riien Rev. Jacob rRabbi],3tatloaroad 
Caffe Rev. Michael LCathoUe chaplain 
to the fbrceaj, 3 Park tIL VlctotlaTd 
Danisll Hiss, Mission haU 
DavU Rer. Richard Geo^ [CathoUe], 

Queen's road 
Ere Rlchard.OKford TUla,VictorIa road 
Farquharson Rev. Arthur T. [cbaplatn 

to the forces 1,S Grosvenor ter 
Fielden Capt. Henry W. ft.A. [paymas- 
ter, Army Pay Depart. | , 9 QrosTeaor 
terrace, Qrosvenor road 
Foster Win. Edward >.a.&. Undum ho 
Gasecome His^ CUver bo. Victoria road 
Gosden Mrs. Brooke boose. Ask road 
Oroenwood Charles, Statkm road 
Ual^ood Thomas, Perth si). Victoria rd 
Hsdow ReT.JohnLoTellGwatkinK.A. 
[inenmbentof Holy1MBity],il Lome 
Tillas, (hieen's road 
Hovett 3 Calvert fOa. Victoria rd 
Ui^besHy.SPemberton Tils. Victoria rd 
Hn^es I'homss, North lane 
Hughes Thorilas, Victoria road 
JenBlnos Thomas, 4 Statkm nad 
Jones Henry, BeeAwood villa, Vic- 
toria road 

iMtmek Rev. Jobs (Wari^aa] Oro*- 

Tenor road 
MaaPwiald HaKy. Roafc pi. West tad 
MbUb nrodsriek WUUMi 

Martin Mrs. fi Trlnltv trr. Victoria rd 
Mom Raff. Tbonaa fCathoIle chaplain 

to the fin«ea]. South Camp 
Neweome CapL George j.p. Manor bo 
Newnbam Wm. 4 Pa^viis. Victoria rd 
Prole Mia. Clarnnoat ho. Victoria rd 
Pnnt UenL-Cot. John, Alder^t parii 
RidwrdsoB Thomss, Hilley tarraea 
Roome Rev. mUiamJames Bodea[Pra»- 

bvUrian], The Mause, Victoria rd 
Seues Hugh, Victoria road 
i Shaw Major Wilkinaon, Lome house, 

Victoria road 
Sbootbiald Jobn m.d. Maple villa, 

Victoria road 
Spittle Jobn Henry, Wattfhw road 
StoTold Mrs. Aylii^ boosa 
TapUn Predl[.2 Calvert viLVletorlaroad 
Trestratl Henry Ernest i.B.a.p. bdin. 

Victoria road 
West Rer. Henry James, Vicarage, 

Church lane 
WestCapt. Mttfaw.Rebd.K.A.Victoriard 
Wilson J SBMS, The Bank, WelUngUm st 
Yoaag Walter Wilson m.d. Victoria rd 


Adcock William, beer retailer, T<ower 

Famhsm road 
AdoeU Pkwik,hair dresser, Wellington st 
Atdershot Advertiser FartUwrough 

Gazette (i. May, proprietor), (pub- 
lished satarday), Victoria road 
Aldershot Brick ir Tile Works 

(Frederick Bggar, jvoprietor) 
Aldershot Gas ^ Water Co. (John 

Ligfatfi»t, hoD.sec; Wllsoaid)oa^as, 

managers), Victoria road 
Aldorsf^t GaxetteiJ. W.OliYtTMtat), 

(pnblislted tatardav ),lSWelUngton st 
Aldershot lee, PiA ^ Poultry Co. 

Lim. (Robert Coxhead, manager), 

Grosvenor road 
Alderthet Market Co. Lim. (Rlchaid 

Bve, clerk), High atreet 
Aldorehoi MOUm Gaxette (WllUam 

Sbsldrako,prtUsfier),(publl8lwd sat.). 

High street 
Alszander Wn. shopkeeper, Victoria id 
AUeo WllUam, goTmuitent contractor, 

Campbell hooiik High atnet 
ABaaftUoTd, eboalata, 80 High at 

Archer Alfred, refreshment noma, 4 

n^on street 
Annsti^ong James, shopkeeper, Oros- 

venor road 
Astridge Geo. beer retailer, Waterioo rd 
Atkins Edwin George, music seller, 67 

High street 
Aathuia John, beer TOtaller, Little 

Wellington street 
Aylwfai EbeDeter,bulcher,SSHk:ta street 
Bailey William, JeweUer, AO} Higb st 
Balding Sophia (Mrs.), tobacconist, 

Untoi atreet 
Barnard MaryAon(Mre.), dressmaker, 

Victoria Toad 
Bamud Thos. harness ma. Victoria rd 
Barnes Henry, oooimefdal trsTeller, 

Cross bouse 
Bamrtt JameB,greengrocer,The Market 
Bamett Robert, fiuiner 
BarreU ft Co. limited, aerated water 

msnnfacturers, Arthur street 
Batdielor John, plumber, Uidon street 
Bateman Daniel, farmer. Redan hUl 
Bateman Richard, ogra BarehBilt,91 

High street 
Bavaage George, greengrocer, Hi^ at 
BaTentock HBrry,taUor,2Grosvaiorrd 
Baynham Thomas, professor ot music, 

6 High street 
Beale ft Martin, solicitora, Victoria rd 
Beckett Thomas, tailor, Church street, 

West End 
Benbam Thomas, commercial tiavellar, 

3 Warsaw villas, Victoria road 
Bennett Fred, boot ft shoe ma. High at retaller,Clambrldgest 
BeutIeySamuel.pOBt office, Wellington st 
Bex George, beer retailer. High street 
Hiifaop William Henry, r^iatrar of 

marriages, assistant overseer ft vA- 

lector of income tax ft bouse agent, 

Wellington villa. Victoria road 
Blackburn Jas-Taddy ,fanner,Camp frm 
Bolton Henry William, brewers' agent, 

Station road 
Bond Charles, boot ft shoe maker, 

Alexandra road 
Bone ft Cummins, vatetinaty auigeonSf 

Lows! Fambam road 
BnvoaMn Wn^vtMiVvciri Vor^ towo 

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Brake Kmrj Jmty Bills, aoetlonwr 
tc estate agent, vietoria road ; it at 

Brakes Tkm. shopkeepsr, TIm Greea 
Bnnnan Tttomas, marine slort dealer, 

64 High Btraet 
Broadbeat tc Elsie;, brlek makm, 

Grosvenor road 
Broadbent John> eab proprietor, 4 St. 

James crescent, SlatKMi road 
Broadbent Jonatliaii, ffraeer, Can- 

bridge atreet 
Brown Tom, batcher, 9 Wellln^n *t 
BrowniDCf Jobo, Fd* ft HowuU, Dog 


Bnckland Oeorga, WkUg Swan, 

Horth town 
Bnradl Hioibm, tailor, ViotorU road 
Bom vmiiaa, amy rap maker, Vic- 
toria road 
Borrows William, grocer, 46 Union St 
BnrtA)frediaoeph,aipatr.S Victoria rd 
Bnit Riahanli umbef — rebant Jtiwod 

toToer^ Tlelorla road 
Busby tc Lloyd, marine store dealen, 

Uigb street 
BvenJ(dianar( Mrs.), dress maker. 4 

Etna villas, Victoria road 
Cnilal A- Cmmtiet' Bank (J<iba 
Tbomas Vfestropp, mBn.),VP'ell)ngi<m 
St. ; draw on head office, London 
Carslake John, hoot maker, Rorth town 
Carter George, in^ieetor of nuisances, 

Vietoria row! 
Cemetery ( Riebard Bre, clerk to burial 

Chapman Bmina (HnOi haer retailer, 

Union terrace 
Charter Geo. Wm. baker, Alexandra rd 
CtaiU5 tieor^, shoe maker, Victoria rd 
Chriunas William, farmer 
Chrismas Winjun. IknBer, Park fiim 
Cbarebward Richard, Churehvmrit't 

Victoria road 
Clark Waller, cab proprfetor,Clinrcb la 
Clinton mtllera, anctloneer k hoMa 

agat, ^>praiser, faluer, uf^u^terer, 

dilnet maker, interior decorator, 

hoaae fnmiaber ft genual camp 

fBrBltat«Biana&etaicr,10*17 High 

atreet 4c 67 Urioastnet 
Ooake "nioa. beer retailer. WatM-loo rd 
CoWtatt Henry, beer retailer tc basket 

maker, 33 it. 34 Wdlington atreet 
Cobbett Luke, shoe maker. West end 
Cobua HeoiT, greengrocer. The JMarket 
Codlia Lavfaiia (Hra.), fitacy repori- 

tory. Union »treet 
Cofley Jas linendraper,l WeHingtonet 
CiAen Woolf H. pawabti^r, general 

merebant, dealer InmilltaTynDlfiirBis 

& stock fariek maker, 13, 10, SO ft SI 

HMi street 
Cole Wm. boot ft sboe maker. West end 
Coleman W. T. ft Co. provUion stores, 

Albert road 
Colyer WiUlara.Bbopkeeper,Blrohett rd 
Comfort William, ininter, 47 Unhm at 
Comrie Jobn, excise otficeTj Ctlitxt 

villa, Victoria road 
Cooper George, draper, 91 High street 
CooperHy.Aop«eeper,Low.Famham rd 
Cooper \niliam, beer retailer. High st 
Cmwman ft Lacy, geneial marcliaatB, 

49 High ttnet 
Costa Robert, potteri meatmannfac- 

tnrer, Brighton road 
Cox Harry, printcrftstationcr,6Unlon 


Oox J'<An, bricklayer, Redan hill 
Goxbcad Hy. boot maker. Redan hill 
Cnneton Irrin, builder, Cambridge st 
Crooka Thomas, Cambridge koUl, 

Caabrltoe street 
Crowther lliomsa, boot maker, Lower 

Croxbrd Benjamin, baker, Union st 
CnllcB Beaianrio, gfoeer. West end 
Cailv CMm, Iwlr dmsr, 10 Wet 

Bailao itnat 

Daeombe Edward Charisa. oatSttar ft 

boot maker, WetUagton street 
Dannady Bartholomaar, baer rataOer, 

Union street 
Darracett Prande, draper, SS Union st 
DarraoottTbas.grooerftb^er,77 High at 
Davies Blimbetb(Hrs.),k)d^ boose, 

1 Oaklands, Victoria toad 
Dawca James, butcher, The Harket 
Dn George, registrar of births ft deaths 

tor Pilmley district ft relieving 

officer ibr ^dershot, Vietaria.road 
Denner Ed vrd. shopkeeper iCarabiidgest 
Denny James, boot maker ft ibo}>- 

kaefMr, High street 
Denny John, boot makar, 30, 31 ft ti 

WdingWa street 
Doe Jamea, Hy pro^telor, Qaaaa's 

mad ft South aamp 
Ooagfaertv Hury, JZoyoi Exehanfe, 

58 BIglistrert 
DowHng WiUtom Sanael, outfitter, 

HM street ft Victoria road 
Dralksa Oeorifa, gardeoor. 1 -Park 

villas, Vietoria road 
Drvwttt Bdgar,photogtaphr. Victoria rd 
Dudley Edwd.Bams^,abopkpr.Hlglisc 
Daley Robert, boot maker. The Green 
BastwAod Jamea.beerTetBlier ft builder. 

Redan hill 
BcciestoneHT.shopkceper,Alexaodra rd 
Egan Bemsrd, boot maker, 18 ArtiUny 

tenaoe, High street 
Bgoar Frederick, arehltect ft anrrajor, 

Gmsvenor road 
Elderfleld Fraads, photograpber, 87 

Wellingtoa street 
Elliott Geo. Wm. shopkeeper. High it 
Ellis Alfred, oncfittcr, 78 High street 
Ere Richard, salieitor, notary public, 

vestry clerk, derk to the burial 

board, commiisioner for taking oaths 

in the supreme ronrt of Judicature ft 

secrettfv totlie AM««hot Harket Co. 

Limited. Oxford Tlib, Victoria road 
Falrebifal Bebecea (Ufa.), ahopkaeper, 

Groarenor road 
Faulkner ft Co. soda water maonfiie* 

tnrars, Briithton ro&d 
Faulkner Oeiuge, pakitcr, Halthouae la 
Featherstme Rkhaid, AUxtmdra, 

Alexandra road 
Field George, abopkeeper, Lovrer 

Farnham road 
Finch Emannel, stone mason ft ander- 

taker, fiS ft 50 Hbh ttrett 
nneh Jim. Bopal Camp Aefd, HIgb st 
Pitxgerald Jane Hannah (Ur9.),staop- 

kei-per, GrosveiMr road 
Fletcher Thomas, Pavilion, West end 
Flight Frederick William, miUury outr 

titter, 13 High St.; ft at Winchester 
Port Thomas, hair dresser. 46 Union st 
Foster William Bdwd. solicitor, deputy 

coroner ft clerk to the board of health, 

& commissioner far takluf oaths in 

the supreme court of judicature, 

Victoria road 
Fountain Thomas, Royal OoA, Union st 
Freeman Frederick, beer retailer ft 

flslimomrer. Union straet 
Pridier Bdmniid, painter, 8 OakJaads, 

Victoria road 
FallcrJas. (Mrs.), milliner, Victoria rd 
Gale James, Queen's hotel, Higfa street 
Galsworthy Edward WilliBm,carpeBter, 

3 Gladstone terrace, Qrosvenor road 
Galsworthy James, architect ft sur- 
veyor, victoria raad ft 1 QIadatone 

terrace, Groavaior road 
Oalswortny John James, carpenter, 

Grosrennr road 
Ganter lipoid, w^h maker, Union st 
Qarlaod WOUam, builder, Bin road 
Gayler Henry Jorfah, aboe maker, 

Alexandra road 
George Jas.Heslop,confeetBr.40High st 
Gilbert Wm. carpenter, Waterioo road 
Giles Jamaa, earpntar, North lane 
GOIaaa Jaaaas, shopkeeper, Victoria rd 

OoadehiM Charias, gmoer. 7 ArtlUery 

terrmM, High street 
Goods Jehu, balier. High street 
Goes Edwd. beer retailer. WelllngtoB st 
Qonid Robert, grocer, 08 High street 
GonkiingJha.booCnaker,6ebast^>ol rd 
Graddon John, groeer, Grosvenw road 
Gray Hmuy, tobacconist, 174 High st 
Green Alfred, wood tamer, fidwwd st 
OreenClias.greengrDcer, Redan gardens 
Green Thomas, Kreengroear, 14 Ardl- 

lery terrace. High street 
Greenwood Gsorge, coal mer. Hl^ st 
Orover WllHam, beer retailer, Unlofl st 
Gnnntr Cfaaries, The Crimea^ HM at 
Gunner Emma (Ui«.), Sir Colin 

Campbell, Ash road 
Hall Benjamin, flsh dealer, Nortb town 
Hall Hy. baewttr. High sL; ft at Altoa 
Hall Henry, refreshment room ft Ash- 
monger, % ft 90 Oaleo stiesC 
HaDiday DsTld, general dealer ft hair- 
dresser, 87 ft 3d Uahm street 
Hally &dwln,anlmal pa1nterrAlaxDdr.rd 
Haiamerton ft Co. brewers ft wine ft 

Bfririt merchants, Wellington street 
Hammond Henry, tailor, Alexandra rd 
Hampson JaoMS, iriba(i(fk«af,Cbrdi. In 
Hanrahaa MIeberi, brewers' 

Wellington street 
Hare Henry, Prince o/ Wales. Arii rd 
Harlaad Omar, house decorator, Vic- 
I toria road 
HametiHioh sal ,ftatloner, Alexandra rd 
; Harris Robert, chemist, 00 High street 
1 Harris Wm. watch maJtO WsUingtoo st 
; Hart John, shopkeeper, Grosvenor road 
I Hartnctt Edward, sliepkeeper, 1 Etna 

rlllas. Victoria road 
I Hatch James, sheriff's officer, Westend 
' Hayes Henry Wm. upholsterer, High st 
Uaynes Mana Ann (Mrs.), tobacconist, 

4 Union street 
HMd Mary (Mrs.), stnnr hat maker, 
I Victoria road 

' Hcaly ft Go. ale atorsa, Vietoria roU 
Heaps Charisa Thomas, Cordwaimtra' 

A rvu. Union street 
Heath Richard, cowkeeper. North lane 
Heathman WUtlam, ^ Idertkat Armt, 

It pbotograiAar, High street 
Hedhy Eltia BeUnda (Mrs.), ladlea' 

school, Albert villa, Vlotoiia road 
Helen John, shopkeeper, 61 High st 
Herv^ Charies Stanley, photographer, 

Oroevenor road 
Hickley ft Bowler, groeete, The Green 
Hill Aun (Mrs.), boat builder, Fam- 

boroDgh road 
Hill Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Drury la 
HillsftSannders, pboiograpbers, Groa* 

venor road 
Hobart James, beer retailer, Victoria rd 
HobbsTbomaSfboot maker,urosveaorrd 
Holdemest Edwin, shopkeeper, SI 

Wellington street 
HoldoB Geo. beer retailer, Plckford at 
Holmes William, beer retailer ft car- 
penter, North lane 
Hooker WilUam, bird fancier, Unkm st 
Bother Tbomas, grocer, 17 Union street 
Howard ft Co. giecers, ft agents ibr W. 

ft A. GUbey, wine ft spirit merchants, 

Unlm street 
Hoirtey Patrick, beer retailer, Drury la 
Hugglns George, lioeadraper, 35 Wel- 
lington street 
Hughes Fredk. maricet grdnr. North la 
Hughes John, builder, Elm road 
Hughes Riebard, stationer, 45 High st 
Hughes Thos, bremrs' agb Victoria rd 
Hughes Thos. Fricker'$ hotel, High st 
HumpbroyBdw. boot ma. Sebastopol rd 
Ingofield Charles, shopkeepw. North tn 
Ingram Charles, grocer. North town 
Instone Joseph, brrier ft wheslwrlght, 

Short street ft Ume street 
Jaeklett Jsph.photoirrphr .Grosvenor rd 
Jamea Charles WflUam, shopkeeper, 

Victoria road 

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JamM Edwin, apUoliteicr.Alflundnird 
J«7eJohaBurton,outattr.33ft34Ulgli it 
iajre Joahna, boot muker, CuBbridgs rt 
Java William, oatfltter, Hiffh atnet 
Jeffries Thoma*, baUder, High ttnet 
Jflnklu William, bailder, Albert road 
Jerome Oaaielj^oe maker, North town 
Jobutone WiUtam Henry, tlntloner it 

tobaoeontat, 15 ArtUlerjr ter. Hlofa st 
Jooea ioaeph, boot aMker, VlcCona rd 
Kdaqr Bl&ibetli (M n.), atatioiMr, 85 

Kemp Oeorge, boUder, Groavenor road 
Kent Jobtt, liuTler, Elm road 
Kilpatrick Jobn,ffre4n9rooer,90Hlgh at 
Kimber George WilUam, Th* Otmnen 

hotel, Hi^h atreei 
Kimber tienrr, aluqikaepar, Qaaenanl 
Kinjr CatberlM, (Hra.), abopke^, 

Knee Joba, Royal hotel. High atreat 
Knight Bdlward Joaeph, wine k spirit 

merehant, Victoria road 
Knight Jamiw, bbot maker, Red Lion la 
Lnban Arthr. Iw«r rtlr.Aldei«hot atnbbs 
Lamb it Brooks, acriidton ft elerka to 

magiatntM, vletorin road 
Lambert Henr7,blaek«inltb, Waterloo rd 
Laww Robert, wheelwright, Cboreh la 
I<awrenoe Joaeph ft Co. blrminghnm 

ft abeOdd warabonn, street 
Laiaredc JoaBph,pawiUiro)urftJewelier, 

96 ft 37 High atraet 
LeaTer Jataes Arthnr, npholstarer, 

13 Welliiwton atreet 
Lee Praderick Jaa. brloUayar, at 
Lenr William, kidging bonae, 1 CalTwt 

vulaa, Victoria road 
Lewii Henry, general dir. 3 Barrack rd 
Lloyd Robert, armer, North lane 
lMdf)rWm.rumitorebroker,6iH)gh at 
Lock HotpUal (John Coleman Barr, 

sorgeoa ft medical officer; Rev. w. 

A. Barker, ujl.. chaplain ; Mrs. Alice 

Cheralller, matron), Farnham road 
JLoHdon^Coitntj/ Bmtk (By. Goi^on, 

nan.), Wellington atreetj draw on 

head offloe, London 
Lnck Rhdiard, shoe maker, Hllley ter 
Manlay Wm. beer retailer, North town 
Harah John Blake,oonfteUoMr^Igfa at 
Marafaall Robert, whitesmith, S8 Wel- 

Ungton street 
Harun, Wella ft Co. buildera, carpen- 

tera, briokmakera. Ironmongers ft 

general contractors, WalliiMMi at 
Uartin Frederick WUUua, solidt«r, 

Victoria road 
Hmob Tbomu, baker, Victoria road 
Haion Thos. brewm' agent,Albert id 
Master Charles Hoaklns, brewer ft 

wine ft spirit importer ( Henry Btooe, 

man.). Friary brewery stores. Union 


Maatera EUiabath (Mrs.), fiuaey repo- 
sitory, 24 WelUngtm street 
UatthewB Charles, boot ft Bhae inaker, 

Alexandra road 
If «y James, trade ft general printer ft 
stationer, book ft music adler, Htfao- 
grapher, bookbinder ft paper bag 
maker, diesiakerft heraldic stamper. 
Proprietor of the " Alderahot Adrer- 
tlaer," 6 pagea weeldy, one peony : 
a capital meuium for local ft geneni 
adTertiaementa, Victoria roan; ft at 
Famboroagh. See adrertlaement 
Mayne Henry Wliiiam Julian, Iron- 
monger, 41 High street 
McCartney Samnd, The Gmaral 

Stinge, North town 
McDoweU John, aaddler, 1 Station rd 
MeGockin Patrick, greengrocer, Ar- 
tillery terrace. High street 
McKeone Patrlek, lodging hoase, 2 

Victoria terraee, Qoeen^ road 
McKende Andiew, tnOor, S Union st 
XcNeal ft Cojbit oontnetors, Sthxamp 
Melar Pioltpaatry eo(A,7Wdlingtoa st 
Mvrilt Wm. confaBUwiT, Vletorii rd 

Merritt William, afMpkeeper, High st 
Hew W. B. Lsngaton ft Co. brewetM 

(J. B. Knight, agent),Vlotoria road 
Military Prison (Col. W. H. C. Wd- 

lealn, governor), donth camp 
Mllla Fnok, aaddler, Unktn ttmet 
MUton Jod Thomaa, dolhlar. High st 
MiMoion Ball Solditrt' Some ^ 

InotUute ( Hlaa Daniel, manager) 
Monk DaTid,oon(eetioaer, Aieiandra rd 
Moore Henry, botcher, 44 Union st 
Hoi^ian Maty (Hra.), bew retailer, 

Victoria nmd 
Horrla Chaa. nphobtem, VletnrU rd 
Morris WiUiam, Ifag^ fftad, St shop. 

keeper, North town 
Moss Philip John, Railway tavom, 

GrosTcnor road 
Moth John Wm. shopkeMw, High at 
Monday JaaephftCbaa.paliiten,(ngh *t 
Mundy Bmeat, leather menAut, 17 ft 

18 Wellington atreet 
Hurray Geo.Hy,photogi^»her,Hlg4i st 
Newman Chanes John, professor of 

moalc, Groarenor road 
Nntbeen Geo. dilmo«y sw«eper,Hlgh at 
O'Conner GartMt, reporter, 1 St. 

James' crescent, Station road 
CNalll John, boot ft ahoe maker, 

Artmery ttrrnce. High atreet 
Oliver Joseph William, printer ft book- 

adler, 12 Wellington atreet 
Othen John, beer retailer.Cambridge at 
Page Hiomaa, Ajuiel hotel, Qaeen'srd 
Parish Thomaa Priideriek, outfitter, 

High street ft Unfon atreet 
ParrotC Henry (Mra.^, aeailnary for 

young ladies ft gentlemen ; instruc- 
tion in Bnifllsh, French, German, 

drawing ft dandng, Careodlah villa, 

Victoria road 
Partridge Bros, portrait ft animal 

pdnters, Alexandn road 
Pearce James, The Beehive, High st 
Pearson Jamee, ahopkeeper. Ash road 
Peteritln William, brrier, Barradt rd 
Peters James, tool maker, 32 Union at 
Pettcngell Henry, baker, Qrosvawr id 
Phillips Francis, inn. pawnbroker ft 

jeweller, 8 ft 9 High street 
Phillipa Hy.photograpber,Fambaro*rd 
Phillips Joaeph, jeweller, High street 
Pickett Mary (Mrs.), ahopkeeper, 

Alexandra road 
Plckfonl ft Co. carriera (Simnd Colea, 

agent), Pickfbrd street 
Piin John, Tks Cricheters, High it 
Pomeroy Joseph, Ironmonger ft eoal 

merchant, HIgbstAet 
Potter Oeorge a Co. moileal instro- 

ment makers, Grosvenor road 
Potter Tbos. Beales, draper, 48 High tt 
Preston Wm. beer retailer. West end 
Polllnger Wm. beer retailer. West end 
Eandul Joseph, glam, china ft earth- 
enware wai«hoose. 87 WellingUm at 
Ransom Davlil, farrwr. High street 
Rayner George, tailor, Victoria road 
Reavell Wm. grocer, S Wellliwtaa st 
Reevea ft Blsnop, stationers ft tobac- 
conists, 4 ft 6 Orosvenor road 
ReevesOeo. Wm.eoach bnllder.High st 
Reycroft Fraaels, t^or, Waterloo road 
Rich C. ft A. (Hlasea), dreaa makera, 

Victoria road 
Richarda William, contractor ft coal 

merchant, Little WeUlngton atnet ft 

Albert road 
Richardson Bdward,baotft shoemaker, 

Little WeUlngton street 
lUckarda Bdwd. beer retaileisWeat end 
Rickaida Edward (exon. of), Royal 

Amu, Union street 
Roberta Mary (Mrs.), registry office, 

Victoria road 
Robinsoa George, fruiterer, 11 High at 
RodweU Martin, draper, 8 ft Ulg^ st 
Bodich Christian Frederkh, tailor ft 

habit maker, 3 StatlM nad 

Ruabridge Ebenestf , gon ft rifle maker. 

Station road 
Rnaaeil Ed 
EosBsU Mary Ann ( Mis.), gramgrocer. 

North town 
Salter Henrv, ^IZtancs hotel. High st 
Seal John, nahmonger, Wellington at 
Ssnnders Alfred, taUor, 8 Stamn road 
aavage Sarah (Mrs.), beer leidler, 

Aldershott stobba 
Schaller Fmnds, gold ft direr smith, 

watch ft clock inaker ft tobacconist, 

44 Hlrii street 
SeottEmlly(Miss),dras.mkr.lMbert tIs 
Seabright John, builder, Groarenor rd 
SeabrightSamDd,carpenter, Victoria rd 
Seares Archer, grocer, 7 High street 
Searie WtiUam, ahopkeiper. North lane 
Shannan Frederick, ^nt CampM/, 

Alexandra road 
Sharp Chattee John, eating bouse, ft 

SahaMnger, 17 ft 18 Union street 
Sheldrake William, ataUoner ft aUmp 

office, High street, ft iumer. Smoky 

Shepherd John, Armer, Maltbouse la 
Shoolbrald John m.d. snrgeon. Maple 

vlUa, Victoria road 
Shuff William, shopkeeper, Edward st 
Slmea Martin Beckett, aaddler, Sa 

Slmnonds Riehard, miller, Albert road 
Simmoiu Levi Bamett, carver ft gilder, 

14 Wellington street 
Slmonds H. ft G. brewery stores, ft 

■plrit merciutnts (Henry William 

Bolton, Bgent^, Suuon road 
Skeet WUIiam, iromiionger ft tin plate 

irorker, 4 Wellington road 
dkinnerAmbrose,tfoutA Western hotd, 

Station road 
Smith ft Cosens, grocers. Ash road 
Smith Edmund, beer retailer.UnlaD ter 
Smith Henry, bea retailer. West end 
Smith Henry, tailor, Victoria rmd 
Smith John, beer retailer, Short street 
Smith John, J}tiio o/ York, ft hone 

breaker. Dog k«mds 
Smith John, tobacconist, 5 High street 
8nowLoaisa(Mr8.) ,diopkpr. Qros vnr.rd 
Snow William, plasterer, Grosvenor rd 
Snowdon Edmand,sfaopkpr. West Bod la 
Sokes' Homo ^ Wssl^aii Institute 

(Mia. C. Bisblon, supt.), GrosvDr.rd 
Solomon Bros, faaiaware BMrchanti^ 4S 

Union stivet 
South Eastern Railway Booking k 

Parcels Office (Hy. Sdwd. Pett, 

man.), 11 welU^rton atraat 
Soothon Albert, paperha^er, 4 Alberta 

villas, Victoria road 
Southon Eli, builds, High street 
Soothon James, carpenter ft 

keeper, Victoria roiid 
SowdonWaltlioen drpr.38Welllngto^ 
Steadman Saml.boot maker, Victoriard 
Steele Albert, Fietory, Union street 
8tephensWm.John,shoe ma. Victoria rd 
Stwens James, beer retailer ft brick- 
layer, Waterloo road 
Stock well Alfd.boot maker.Cmbrdge. rd 
Stone Hy. Imperial hotel, Grosvnr. rd 
Stone. lUehard, silk mercer ft draper, 

31 ft Si High atreet 
Stone Wm. saddier.O Wellington street 
Stoodley JoMph, cowkeeper. Station rd 
Strange Edwd. beer retailer, Unkm st 
Stroud Ruth ft Sarah (Misses), school, 

Victoria road 
StyanAlfd.(MraO,l>Mr retaller.HUth at 
Sumpst(ffChaa.Wm. groeer,Queen*a rd 


Snmpster Urban, pork buteher ft 
grocer, 87 Unloa street ft High st 

Sutton ft Co. carriers (Joaeph WlUlam 
OUtw, agent), WeUlngton street 

Swan wm. Angnatos, Oeorge ewi- 
nunial hota ft poetlaK khub Jc 
Inlaad revenue oOat, WcIUogtMl (rt 

Digitized by 



Swinjard Alfrrd, ^pe nw. North town 
Siaikowiki Alex. i^tgrphr.Qoeen't rd 
IUbu Junce, beer relatler, Hlgli it 
nimer Aitni, iboe mker, CEtM vik. 

Tsjiar, Aodetwn k Tevlor, txml, coke 

k nit iMrehante. Soatb WMtem 

■tiUon ; ft at Famaoroefrh station 
Ti^kr Ja*.totiaenmlet, 90 WeDington at 
Tftjkv Wm. beer retailor, nnion street 
Ten? Banal. batcher ,99 Rtahrt IcAahrd 
TbompaDB Jaaea, beer retailer, Aih rd 
Tbonpaon John ElUott, Lord aeUon, 

GroiTeBor road 
Than ton Tfaomafl, picture frame ma. 

8 ArtUIer; terrace, HiRh street 
Todd Joaepn, agent to Sing^ Sewing 

Haehioa Co. Victoria rd The Green 
Tomklnsoa Aroold, grocer, ^ 3t. James' 

crescent, Statfoa road 
ToiUe Wm. Tfaos. sliopkpr. Victoria rd 
l^eacj Tboatai, groeer, North town 
Ttatnil Henry Ernest, physician, 6 

Trinity terrace, Victoria road 
Trfgg Priscllla (HiaaJ, dress maker, 4 

Station road 
Trodd Qemva, batcher, Alexandra road 
IMItt Bemy Pan), balr drtsaer, 

TonKT Banrr, beer ratalle^ Cbiutb la 


Tarrill Frederick Richard ft Co. com 

aierehantt, Hi/ih street 
ITpfldd G«oi^ Hay, batehar, Unloa at 
Vfae Saraael, grocer, 16 Union street 
Vinson Charln, forage contractor b 

com dMier, Victoria road 
Wakelin Rlebard,chln«,glass&carthen- 

wara dealer, S3 Union street 
Wallis Edward, grocer, 35 Hiirb stwt 
Walla Jsph.Haiikall.fruitr. 
Ward Charles, greengrocer,Brlglitonrd 
Ward Hy. sign writer, Cbarch st. west 
Ward Isaac, Da1t$ 9f Comuaight, 

High street 
WardJobn.bootac shoe ma. Alexandra rd 
Wird Wm. sbopkeeper, 7 Station road 
Wtsley John wm. n-alterer. Union at 
Watts Henry, beer retailer, 2 lltgb st 
Webb John, Army ft Nary.V/tat end 
Webster Chas. Rej/al MilUary hattl, 

High street 
Webtter Wra.'grocer, 89 High street 
Webster WUIism John Charles, Hed 

LioH, Ash road 
Wells Alfred, hair dresser, 48 Union at 
Wdlls Emma (Mn.). shopkpr.Albertrd 
West James, confectioner, Union street 
Westbrook Geo. shopkpr. Alexsndra rd 
Whale Henry, Welhitffton hota,WtA- 

lliigtoD street 
Wheeler WUliam, town crier fe bUl 
_poster, Malthouse lane 
Wnlta Thomas, auat l oager, home ft 

estata agent, appraiser, valaer, 


military tailor, outfitter, cabinet 
maker, upholsterer, portable furni- 
ture mann^tnrer, nmlablng Iron- 
monger, eertheawara dealer, carpet, 
bedding, paper hanging ft general 
fumisliing warehovse, camp ft bar- 
rack furnisher ft tent mannbciarer 
9 to Ifi Unf OR street 
White Thomas, draper, milliner, boater, 
baberdiiaher, silk mercer, bootft shoe 
warehonsem an ft grindery warehonae, 
ft S3 High street 
Wilkinson Ann (Xn.),shpkpr. West end 
Wtllhuna James, pharmaceutical chmst. 
VIctorls road ; ft at Lyncbford K>ad„ 
Wilson ft Doaglas, gas Alters ft mani»> 

fecturers to Gas Qt. Victoria road 
WUmo Robert, The HM]/ JBwrA 

Aldershot stnbba 
Wll<on William, 4* Cattle, 

High str«et 
Wiluhlre Wm. beer rtlr. GrafTcnor rd 
Wood Thos. Prince Albert, Ninth twn 
Woods Chas. shopkpr. Grosvenor road 
Woods William Henry, UUor, 6 St. 

James terrace, Station road 
Woolcott Geo. chemist, 10 High street 
Woolf Wm. shpkpr. Lower Famham rd 
Wortbhigtoa W m. bh^nath. Victoria rd 
Wim C. ft Co. wtae ft spirit ft beer 

nerehantSf Victoria road 
Tonng Walter Wllaon m.d. ntif^^ 
Victoria road 

New ALRBaFORD is a wril-bullt union ami market town, 
and statioa on the Hid Hants railway leased to tbe South 
Wettem railway, and polllnir place for the Northern dlTiston 
of ibe county,n btchesicr pet^ sessional dlvUon and county 
court distriet, rural deanery u Alrasfbcd, anhdeacoory and 
ilhwese of WlnAeiler, 67i miles fnm London hy road, 10 
nortb-eaat IVom Southampton, 10 south-west mm Alton, 
and 6} north-east- by-east from Wlncheater, on the old road 
to the latter city. Alreeford was Incorporate*! at an early 


Old Alresford Is a parish in the Northern division of 
the county, hundred of Fawiey, Winchester pat^ sessional 
division and county court dtetilet, AJreafora nnion, rural 
deanery of Alresfvd and archdeac<mry and diocese of Win- 
chester, sepamted from New Alresford by one of tba streams 
whkhaubaeaMnllyfiiraithvItahan. Tbtelnirch<rfBt.lIary 
la a well-bailt stractore, with a tall naaaln tower, and a 
fine peal of 6 bdls : it has been greatly Improved by the 
substitution of itone muUions for ^e old wooden ones, and 

period, and aent a member to Parliament in the rdgn of , by tlm addition of a transit ia tbe Early BnglWi style : a 

Edward I. which nrivUege has long alaee been lost. An 
iataealiag totn r a neve are tbe airaama of pure water, which 
abound with troQt ; they take thar rise principally from a 
ibeet of water, which Is the source of tbe river Itchra, called 
Alresford Pond, eoTcring an area of 98 acres. The Bishop 
ofWiseheater htdds a oourt-leet at Hichaelmas, and the 
nagiatratea for tlie diviskm rit in petty session once a fort- 
night, at the Town hall. The market Is held on Thursday 
for the sale of com and seed. The birs are tbe last Thonday 
in July, the first Tbnrsday in September, tbe flrst Thursday 
after October the leth, and the laat Thursday In Noremher 
for ibeep and cattle. There are two branch banks, a sanogs 

cfaaned arch has been inserted, and the whole interior ren- 
dered of an ecekaiasUcal character: Admiral Lord Rodney, 
who died in 1793, Ilea burled here. The register dates from 
the year 1550. The living Is a rectory, yearly net value 
£55^ with reaidence and about 96 acres of glebe, in tha gift 
ot the Biabi^ of Winchester and heU Inr the Rev. George 
Henry Sumnw w.a. of Balliol College, Oxford, rural dean 
and bon. canon of Winchester. The charitiea are £3 10s. 
yearly. In the parish are Old Alreaford House, tbe seat ot 
W. W. Bulptdt esq. J.P. and Upton House, tha seat of tlie 
Ulsses Onuow. Toe Ecdeslutlcal Commissioners are lord n 
of the manor. Tbe principal landowners are T. A. Houghton 

bank and two breweries. Tbe church of St John tbe i j.p. and W. W. Bulpett s.r. eaqrs. Tbe aoll is chalk ; sub- 

soil, chalk. The chief crops are wheat, oats and turnips. 
The area it 3,671 acres i tateable value, £4,714; and the 
pomlatton in 1871 was fiBl. 
PariMh Chrk, Stephen Uerrit. 

Baptist is a plain building, and has chancel with chancel 
aisles, nave, aisles, mrui porch, and jmuare embattled 
tower, with clock and peal of 8 bella. Toe r^^ter dates 
fnm 1734 for baptismB, 1740 for marriages, and 1698 for 

barlals. Tbe living is a rectory, yearly value £340, and \ — 
abont 14 acres of glebe, and an annual rent charge on the , Post Off icb.— William Padwlck, receiver. Letters from 
Mid Hantaraflway of£41,witbi!esldenee,hi theRlftofthe I New Alreslord arrive at 6.30 a.m. ; diapatobed at 7.30 
Bishop of Winchester and held by the Rev. William Sealy | p.iB. The neareat money order oflke is New Alreafivd 
«.A. of St. John's College, Oxford. There Is a Free j a National school has been eneted, at the aoU expenaa of 

GraBmar School at New Alretfind, founded by Henry 
Perfneaq. oTOMAIicafordfin tbe year 1608; tbe endow- 
ment coartsto of a house for the master and acres of land: 
there are also National and British schools, and an Orphan 
home for tbe children of soldiers and sailors, supported from 
the Pttrfotie Fnad. Hw chariUUe bequeato amount to 

Miss Onslow, wblch in I87S was transferred to tniateea to 
be held by them for educational purposes ft an Indaatrial 
Home Tor girls; Miss Mary Irvin, mistress 

ever £40 a year. Hera is a 
town bas some land and tbe &lr 

AHMswoRTH la a tithing of Old Alresford, 4 milea north- 
east from New Alreaford station. A service ia held ereiy 
ttonal chapel. The 1 Sunday by tba rector of Old Alreahud in a room licensed 

la given by a former ' by the bishop. Armaworth House, a modern manmon of 

Blibop of Wincheater; tbe trustees are the bailiff and bur- | Italian architecture, finely rituatolna well-timbered park 
Retacs, who expend the money in supporting tbe charities, ' of SO acres, and aurrounded by extensive woods, is tbe seat 

welfare of the tvwn. In tbe parish are I of Thomas A. Houghton esq. j.p. who owns Uie whole of 
seat of WHIian Benson j.p. and Aria Bury, the land ; tha piqinlatlon (tf the Uthbig in 1871 waa IdO. 

an d to t he 

of^iT^. F. iCarx J.p. TheEwlMlaitil^C^ 

are iMdetrf the manor. Tbe principal laadownets are Lord ; Letters through Alreaford (wbkh ii tbe neareat money 

Aibbarton, C^t. G. F. Marx and W. Season esqra. Tbe 
wO Is dwlky loam; subei^, chalk. The chief crops are 

order and telegraph ofBee) are deUverad at 8 a.m. and 
dispatched at 6 p.m 

a'heat, onto, and tnmlpK Tba area la G9S aens ; rateable A school fbrehiUren of both sexea la maintained by Tfaomaa 
ma^ £0,006, and tbapofmlathm to 1871 wu l,w3. A. Hougbtonesc. ; Mrs. White, miatnsa 

ParUk Om-t, Janm Bait Godbpibld, mIlea .north-Mst from New Alreaford 

1 atalion, extra-paroehlal. In Alresnml union, adjidna Ami- 


Digitized by 




w<Htb, aud beiotigs (o Thomits A. HougtitoD esq. j.p. In | 
I he >ear 1 13S Heury de iilou, Biahop of Wincliester, egta- 
UUavd « commanaery here, and give it, with adjoining 
Jiinda, to theKnigUU ofSt. Johaof Jeruialem; Uieir ancitiDt 
cliapd SIIU reniaiiu, but is not uwd. The area U 509 acnNj 
lateabld lalue, £S5I ; Uxe population la 1871 was 5. 

Post Sl Money Okdbs & Tblbokapb OFPicB,Savlngi 
Bankft Qoteromeiil Insurance ii Anoaity Ofhoe, New 
Alrwfiird.— George Feploe, pCMtniBstar. Lattera delivered 
at 7 un. & 1 {kill, i ibe box cIchm tor dJepatcb M 
B.ID. & 8.45 p.m. but leUtn caa ba posted by tfa« nirht 
mail till S j).tu. with an exira stanip. Uonax onTttre 
KTBiitcd Ic paid irou 9 a.iu. till p.m. Mo busioesB 
transacted on §aDda>s aA«r 10 a.m 


Liverpool ^ London j- GUiba, J. B. Hoody, Baatstiwt 
Norwich l/nioH Fire ^ Life, \V. R. CarUtr, Broad attuet 
Pelican LUe ^ Pkams tire, G. Lawrence, East street 
Royal, W. Wright ; E.T.T. Hellyer. CapltlJi Countiesfink 
RojfMExekang»,\f. U. Hunt, West street 
Sun fire, E. T. T. Ud]ytt, Capltiri tt Counties BaiA 

Covmr Hagibtbateb vox thb ALRBsroEo Dm. 



Dutton Hon. J. T. Uinton hoase^ chairman 

UensoB Wiitiam esq, LanKtoiia 

HooslitoD T. A. esq. Arnuwonh bouse 

Wickbam Capt. H. t. Tiehborue house 

Marx Cap). Q. F. Arle Bnry 
CZ»r», Edward Blackmore, £«>t street 

Petty aeseioDsare held at tlra Town hall every olLamate 
thnrsdaj. The following places are included in the Petty 
Sesslooal Division i—lTew Alresford, Old Alresfonl, 
Bighton, Roplev, Blehop'd Sutton, Bramdean, Uinton 
Ampner, Chertion, Beaunorth, Kilmiitonj Uvington, 
llditMirne, Itebeii Stoke, Northington,Smimiton, Brown 
CudtM^CbUtonCandovw, WeatTiatieii(ca.paA>diiaIj, 

AI.BES70R0 Union. 
Alieiford isanaion of 19fwUl>cs,Hltfa apnpidatloalnlg?! 
of' ;,Ji70. Tlis toUowiMc are the pwisties comprised In 
tlrt wloi*:— IfcHUworlfc, UfafetM, Blriwp^ Suttes, 
Aarndfta, Braira Cendorer, Cheritoa, CUltua Oandover, 

Sotr Alresford. 

OochfiflU, Hinton Ampner, ItchenStiike,KUmUlon, New 
Alresfurd, Northitigtou, Old Alrearord, Ovington, Uopley, 
Swanratea, Ticfaborne It West TIated 

Beard day, titemata frldigv 
CUri, U. H. Mo«>, West street 
Amttant Ovarteer, Oeorga Lawrenca, East street 
ColUeUrtf George Lawrence, for New Alrvsford ; Ernest 
Broad, for Old Alresford: Frederick Ford, Bople^-, 
Itichard Halmes> for Cheiiton Edward Gnbigsry ior 
Itchen Stoke 
SeUevinff (iffteer, Worthy Light, Broad atrset 
Vaoeinatim OfficeT$, Geonte Lawraaoe, Bast stra^, for 

Alresford dietriet & Fredorick Fonl,dbr iEU>pl^ district 
Medieal OMeert, Charles Edward Covey, £aat stXMt te. 

Joseph W ilUam Ekeuii, Broadstreet 
SuperattendMt Hegittrar, Qaarge PqikW} East street 
Segittran qf Birtlu ^ JJeatht, W. Light, Broad street, 

for Alresford, tc. Frederick Fordt for Hopley district 
Regi$trar of Marriages, W. I4gbt, Broad street 
)r«ri*miM, Tlcbboroe down, w. P. Peeke. roaster ; Rev. 
W. U. B. Stodier cbaptaki j C. B. Corey, iwrgiioii i 
Mrs. Peaks, matron 

RoxAL Sahitary Adthobitt. 
Clerk, M. H. Mow, West street 
Miiduxd Offiur, Joseph William Ekem^ Breed etroet 
Inap«etor of ykitaneetf 8. B. Bvsritt 
Public Establish ubhts:— 
Inland Mevenue 0,ffke, Swan hetrf, West street 
County PoNm 5falJon,Statioa road, John GibbB,BeiKMnt 
Pubuo OpFicBBa: — 

Clurk t» Uagiatratea, for Alretfttfd dlstriet, B. BUok- 
more, East street 

ColUeior itf Queen'M Taxe», 0. Lawrence, East street 
Dittributor Stampt, George Peploe, East street 
Treaturer to ChuritM School Boardt £. T. T. Hdlyer, 
West street 

ScnooT.8 : — 

Free Grammar, West at. WilUam Daphne, hmi master 
National, The Deam, Charles Uergan, mesW; Kiss 
Annte Nfohels, iafiiTiC»' mIstreM 
Britiah, The Dean, Hiss Bnma Harris, nistms 
RaUwag atatiOR, Alfred Carter, emitoi master 
Carribr to WinobbstbB/— Walter Joyee, from Breed 
street, drily 


Barker Hi«. East street 

Bensee WflHam j.r. Langtosa 

Blankmore Edward, East street 

Blaekmere Mrs. East street 

Brewmwn Cat«y, Broad stnist 

(Aaston Urs. We»t street 

Corey Charies Edward, East street 

Corny Mrs. West street 

Dunn Mrs, Broad street 

FrOBch Mrs, Broad strtet 

Hellyer Udwatd Thomas Trew, West st 

Hnnt Charies Edward, West street 

Hnnt Miss Marianne, East street 

Htmt The Misses, Broad atrodt 

Hunt William Henry, West street 

Jackson William, West street 

Judd Stephen, East street 

Marx Capt. Geo. Francis j.p. Arle Bury 

Moberly John Cornelias m.a. Ea^t st 

Penn Hev. Thomas Forteu LCongtvgb- 

tional], West street 
Pewsey William, Brosd street 
Sealy Rev. WiUiam n.a. Rectory 
Shield Joaeph Ridley, West street 
Spiera Mrs. Broad street 


Abbott Thomas, grocer, Unnd street 
Adams, Moberty & Sbcnion, solidtors, 

East St.; ft at Jewry st. Winchester 
Adams James, tkHor, Broad streot 
Alre/tfbrd Market Houm CbjnjHwy 

LitnrttdiVflUism Henry HaDt,seer»- 

tary). West street 
Alraip>td Orphan Home (Miss Jane 

Harriet James, matron), Broad at 
Alretjord Working Man'i Institute 

(Frederiek Eddolt 9, manager } 
Dailt-y W llli&m, boot maker, Broad st 
IMier Charles, lined draper, Biuod st 
BarDiird I'liomai, boilder, ^Vest street 
BiTMs Uubm, gnoer. West street 
Birratt Uemy, Bssn uraptr, Brosd st 

Brtehdor Fred«4ek Cbsrtes, china ft 
glass dealer ft mlaeral w«er bubu* 
iBCtorer, Brosd street 
Beag^y Oooniie, grocer. Broad street 
Beeson Thomas, taHor, Broad street 
Hen ham By.ehlnaft gtsss dsalr. East st 
BHekmoie ft SbleM, striieitsTi, Beat at 
Blackmore Edwanf (firm, Bladtmore Jt 
Shl6ld),eoHettor, clwk to maglslratca 
ft eommiMloaer to adminfsta oMlisln 
Supreme eonrt, East street 
Bolpett ft Hall, bankers (John Howes 
Braohtr, nasager). Bast street ; draw 
on Barclay, Bevait ft Co. London 
Butler John, Horse Oroom, brewer 

ft wine ft apfarit merchant, Broad st 
Capital ir Cotmties Bank (The) 
(imiiich), (Edward Thomas Trew 
Hellyer, man^w) West street; drew 
on head offie^ Thnadassdls street, 
London e.c 
Chandler Morris, tailor. But street 
Chapman Joba Flood, iwnmonger. 

Bast street 
C3ark John, district snrreyor ft mad 

oontraetor, Broad straet 
Collis Oliarlea, landowner, termer, com 
merchant ft factor, artlAclal manare 
ft oake merchant, Hallway statisn ; ft 
st BfahDp'a Batten 
Connor Tho*. HaMi, dwoalst, ft agent 
to W. ft A. Gllboy, wine ft spirit 
nerehants. West street 
Corey Cheriss Bdwd. surgeon, Bast st 
CfoefcliMnl J hn. coat mer. Hallway ststn 
Crook Mary (Mn.),baker, WestelKet 
Curtis William, bookbinder, Eaat atrset 
Dancjaster Mary (Mrs.), Ikney reposi- 
tory, Broad street 
Daphne William, master of gras»ar 

school. West street 
DvflU Joseph, RunHin^j7orM,Westst 
OsRy Jss.waterere88grower,TbeDean 

Eddolls Rebt. ft Son, saddlers, West st 
EddoUs Hsniy Bdwd. groeer. West st 
EluM Jesepta Wm. surgeon. Broad st. 

ft at Bi«Mp's Snttoa 
Powler Robert, shoe maker, Bast street 
Free Orammar School, ( Wm. Osphne, 

bead masttr), West stveet 
Fry Young, watetimkr.ftiswllr. Broad st 
Gae WorMe (Edward Blackmore, sec. ; 

Geo. Lawrence), eollsctor, The Denu 
Olsdstones Wm. Unen draper. Broad mt 
GlerrsherHary Aan( UlM},ladiBs' school. 

Broad street 
Godwin John Bsrwaker, grocer it pork 

batcher. Broad street 
Green Richard Pratt, grocer, Broad st 
Gamier Isaac, wheelwright, West st 
Hall John, ndller, Broadstreet 
Hall William, blacksmith, Ttie Dean 
HarrySeth,«aleh mkr.ftjewllr.Bn»d at 
Heated Henry, hatcher. Bast street 
Hasted Martha ( Hrau'),buteber, West at 
llenntng Wm. beer retailer, The Deau 
Ilewett Henry, bricklayer, Bart street 
Hodges WillUB. bateber. Broad street 
Holt WUlfauB, Glebe, The Soke 
HnmfteT Francis, Swan eemtnereittl ^ 
Jiuniijfhetel^poetinffheuee, West at 
Hunt ft Co.bicwen, wineftsplrit mer- 
chants, nmltslen ft coopers. West at 
Hnnt Wulism Henry^ sgrekitoet ft sur- 
veyor. West strett 
Joord Wm. Handley, boot mkr. East st 
J eyce Watter, carrier. Broad street 
Ktoig Abner, dairyman, Eaat street 
King Jane(UrB.}, toy dealer, Eaatst 
King Herk, dairyman. East street 
Lapham Joahoa, fishnuH^er, West st 
Lawrence George, stations, news agent 

ft aeslsunt onieser, East street 
Light Worthy, relierieg otHcerftr^U- 
tnr of blrtna, deMbs ft marriages, 
Broad street 

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ymyMi A\fnH, YoluHtter, Weit »t 
lliiberl; John Corndius h.a. (Hpid, 

AdftiDS, HoberiT & SluntM), Mlid- 

inrJt ewMMMOBw lorottha bi liii- 

pRmecwt, Ea^t tlttet 
iloodf Jaues BarlliohHiMV, engmw 

k fiialtr. BBst •treet 
Montou Mwd. okbiHet maker, Wert tt 
JJuMoi IlioBka*, uplMlMM-f BmmI at 
Hon MatUww Hue, clerk to guar- 

dkiu, W«t •UMt 
^m> WUUan, Sun, Esat street 
PiKeJeMe,aMldler, Brtmi streat 
Paj-ne Waiiuo Ac Gxoigv, WobuiJcan. 

PifM Miquot (Miaa), Udtw' aebool, 

Caeod Gfloqtc, piMber, Bmd elrNt 
I'Mn^ Joha. iJiuBber, Wot Mnwl 
hwa7 muiam, vooper, Wut ilrMt 

finlMtt WiUlM WUtw /.P. Old 

Houghton TlKiinu AldcrmiB J.v. 

Armiwortb house 
Juris LeoDtrd, Upton eotttge 
OdsIow The Mtwee, Vpbm houH 
Sumner Be*. Qeorgit Henry m.a. free- 
tor, k boa. canon of WfaMbaitar], 

IFkiie iter. Ttinlnalil jla. tomte] 

Prirett Bdwd, Imir ireuit, WmI at 
Purver Jolin, boot makrf, VVeat streut 
Richardson Jnhn Howard, chemikt, 

Broad etmt 
Boyle JaMs, dotliifr, WtA strt^t 
ttait Jatiieji, ahoe inaker. Brood street 
SmtiiitffK ii«aA<JohD H. brdcher, ac- 

bmry}, Beat atreet; open every fei- 

dav froai 3 t» 4 p.ia 
Shield JoMpk Rfdler, «olicItor (firm, 

Bteckmore Sl Shield), Bartativet 
Si^h Frederiek, blackaitiith, VVe^t at 
Sinitli Hairj'.eem laereht. Broad aireet 
ilmHh Hohot, taker. Eaitatreet 
Smith TbomM, watarcKai meamw, 

Spaiy Haary, liunnonirer. West atreat 
^piai* WahM HatT>', felhaoDgbr, Broad 

SttWH Sm (Hra.), 4nat aia. Wait at 
(Hd Alreafiird. 


BeoneU VrmA., miller, Wtdr mBl 
Broad Ueary, wheelwrittt 
Otmrf Jofan, water creaa ktow^ 
Dori^y John, juii. water creat irrawer 
Elkrby William, ftrm hailitf to Thomas 
A.Hniwhleaeiq.IjiDhiii.frni.Ai auwtJi 
Freuch Charlaa, lifcrmer, I'obduwn 
Gauld Tlioaaa, iarm bains' to the 
Mimts Onalsw, Upton farm 

Slabha WillUm Budd, farmer k aheep 

dealer, Broad street 
TInard CUas. Penceful Ronu, Ba»t at 
Todrie lidward TtioiDad, watch uak«r, 

Weit aliaet 
Weffton Henry, tailor, Eaat street 
Whatmore OeorffK, heer reilr. Weatat 
Wheeler Jamed, BeU, West street 
White Harry, blacksiDith, Broad street 
WtilteTho*. cbliiiiiey ttwm'per, Tlie Soke 
White Williaia, Iwer retailer, The Soke 
Wfn^nre Frank, Dolphin, West atreet 
Wild ilarrj, Cricheitrt' ArMt^ Ttch- 

beme down 
Wil»oB JBa.etrinney atrerper, The D-'Sn 
WUtua Jha. chimney nraeper, Bnadst 
Varaood WMIiani, t4ina«r. Broad alnal 
Voaag Ucmry, poocr. Broad aUaat 

Hmtm Jmailiaii, rtennnTl to T. A. 

Hoai^ton e*q. Armswiirth 
Old Aimfcrd Inditirial Home/or 

€HrU (^tae Satan pyaneis, natiw) 
Parsona David, Itrmsr, Hill nnn 
RaraptonWm.blaek«H(iili Alsoafoiiadr 
SiheMer Jaine*, fiirmer, IxHVer 'i-*r^iff 
:jmitb Williaai, famer, PinttkatoBe 
Twine lillzabeth (Mrs.}> abopliBtvar 

ALTOH, in theNortliem diviaioaof theeoaoty. iaa mar- 
ket, ndon and county court town, parish and railway ata- 
lion on a branch of the South Weatern railway, io the petty 
Maiooal division and hundred of tbaaame name, dtoceaa 
aad arduteacoon of Wlnclieater and rural deaneiy of 
Altm wertera dividon, 40 inUoa from London, 17 north- 
east &oin WInchealOT, 11 MutMiy-eaat from BaefaigBtokc 
and 8{ loatli-weat from Famham. Tiie river Wey riaCit 
doae to the town. The only historical event conneMcd with 
AliDB is the de&at of tbe Royal fonxL tinder Cohmel BoIm, 
by tbe hrliaaieiititiinB, commanded by Sa WOllarn Waliar, 
in 1043. This plane returned a reprwentative to Parlia- 
neotin tlte rtiarn of Edward I. and it ia now one of the 
poUinff places for North Hanta. The town ia llgiited with 
i;bs and i* aader a Local Beard of Health «f 11 a>ambers. 
Tbe ehuRk of til. LawHooa ia aa aaele at aad apadooa 
edifice, supported by lofty colamas of tbe ParteMlcalar 
style: from the centre of tlM cfanreh on the floath side rises 
a Norman tower (with clock and 8 flae toned ImIIs), wliich 
is sannonnted by a a^re : it has asoulb porch : tbe cbumh 
«s mtored in 1867 at a eoet of about £3,600; a new 

town, on which lerer^ pnliiic buildi^ have been etaeled 
from desij^na by Charlea E. Barry es^. arehitiwt. A 
Uedianlca' iuatitBtion waa eatabliabed ia 1^ ; it liaa a 
readin{{ room well aapplied wl± daily and oth«- newapapera 
and moDtbly macaxlnea, aad a liluary coutniainjt 1,700 
volumes : there arc also many volumes of abridxtnaan vt 
speciflcatlens, lent by the ComniHioiien of Pstaiu fbrla- 
ventlona, and a natural history musetlin, sclentifleally 
atraBK«d : Uie museum U wonliy of attentiwo chiedy frnoi 
its containing a good local ooUection ofgeologtral spcci«ana 
and hirda : leeturas ar« d^rarnd in tha couns of tbe wiatar ; 
it Is also used for eoiieerts : Mr. W. H. Oarley latiwaeap^ 
tary. Tbe Cottafle Hospital, established herd in 1860, kas 
been found tnaathctent for the demand made on it, and the 
new one will provide 13 addltkinal bed*. The Hospital Is 
supported by vainntaryeoutrlbutiona: tbe secretary ia Uie 
Rev. Winiam Durst ic.a. vicar of Alton. The N«w 
Assembly Rooms form a fine building; ihe largo hall willliold 
000 persona. In addition to wliich there are cumiaittee rooms 
and other convanlencea for the use of the publics the 
secretary is Mr. Radnor Lacas. Works I'w ohtainii^ a 

otltan cimmber was added, also a flne-toned organ ; there '■ snpply of water for the town were coiumenced in May, 1876, 
are two tiandsome stained windows, the one at toe east end | and have been completed at a cost of £ii,O()0, under the 
iKing very lar^. The refrlster dates from the year 161&. The ' direclion of Measra. Ootto k BeesUy, of 6«orge atreet, 
liviag iaa vtearage,yeany Taiaeaboat£dflO with rraidence, I Weatndnster: the water is obtained from a well sunk 140 
intbegiftofthel>eanandCbapterofWindieBtersnd heldby feet into the lower chalk: the supply is consUat, and 
the Kei'. WilUaiB Durst h.a. ef Bmmamid College, Cam. | hydrants are Axed at »liort dUtanees in coae of fire. A 

bridze. The Ticaria) rent-cfaari^ are eomotated at £'280 
yearly, with an additfonal £1 |wr acre on bop land. Tbe 
cbarek of All Saiota, sitoated on tbe Winchester rosd, is a 
moot baiidt^ In tbe Bariy Engiiah sQ-le : it was erected in 
Eroa deaigm by Hr. F. C. Dyer, arehiteet, London, 

Are brigade wai published in 1863, consisting of tlw land- 
ing tradesmen of the town — numbering at preseat abant 
tweniy-four members— who muster the tint vVedueaday of 
every month for drill, and have three lire engines, one o 
wiricb has steam power: a sum of £800 wassubscribedoatlH 

at a cost of about £3,500, raised by subscription : it consists ! formation of tbe brigade, bnt the members bear all ourreat 
of fkaacd, nam, traaaapt and orgau ebamber, and has { ezpenaea. Thomas Geafe iMqasitbed, in 1053, four tene- 
sittia^for400 pemma, all of whieh are free. The register tnenis. In Church street, tobeeonvertedlntoalnshouaea,aa(i 
dates from tbe year [ ]. The living iss viearage, yearly | which are now inhabited by eight poor persons appointed by 

value £300, in tiie gitt of the Bishop of Wincbeater at»l 
held by the Uev. Francis Jer\-oise Caoaton H.A. University 
College, Oxford. Here are CongMKational and Wcaltyaa 
einpds and a taeeting-faouae for the Sodety of Fifonds. 
i^.'gar'a Grammar ticbool was founded in 1613 by Ur. 

tile vicar and clmrcbwanlens tor tlie time beuw ; tbi; 
endownwnt of the above has' been lost ; a rent of 6ii. pe<* 
week paid Inr tbe inmates, from which fund tbe fabric i- 
Tuahitatiied. normandy Cottage, Normandy street, ia aup. 
jwrted try Miss U. Crowley, fur tlie rei^liltiioe and niatn1en> 

Jubn Eggar, for the ioatruction of 31 boys in Greek and ' ancfl of six aged women. Cbariliee amonnting to £8fr 

latin; tbe iaoonie, about £2fi0, is derived iron money 
iitveslBd witb tha Chuity Cammlssioners, and other 
«urees. Petty aearions are beU evary altemato Taaaday 
at tbe Town BalL A market for corn Is held every 
Tooday, and one for cattle and siieep every alternate 
Tnesday ; the markei-houie has been enlai^vd- A con- 
•Men^te lamb market it heM on the Batta, near tbe town, 
tbe day after Stoekbridge fair, In July. The annual fairs 
are on tbe last Saturday In April (for shaep and cattle), 
and the iCOth uf September (for horiies, sheep and occasion* 
flllyiiops). Here are two brawertesaauapapin-mantttaetory. 
In tbe neighlumbood are extenilva hop plantations. A 
plot of gr«uiid hat beea given by Heary Hall esq. in a com- 
uaodlng and adraatag^s puntlon tai the centre of tbe 

yearly are diairibuled. ThBdden Grange, tlia eeat of John 
Gathome Woodesq.J.P.isdtaatfldS)milea wedtlVom Altop • 
the grounds are extensive and beaotlftilly wooded ; neat 
It a chapel of ease was erected in ISM; the wh<rie expensL- 
was bginie by the late John Wood esq. Moataga Qeorgv 
Kniglit esf. j.P. of Chawtun, is lord of the maiMir of Alton 
BsstbKNric; and the Hon. Jolia Thomas Dntton of Alton 
Westlirook. Tl« principal landowners are Hontaga Qeorge 
itQight esq. j.p. aiid John Gathome Wooi esq. j.p. Tiie 
soil is clay ; subsoil, chalk. The chief crops are cum and 
hops.. The area of the pariah is 8,0^ acres ; rateable ralne, 
£i&,0M; thepopalationin 1871 was4,0J2. 
AxflTHT ia a tithing of this parift]i,about I mile north-eut. 
Huriah Clerk, /obn Robert Uenvood Adams. 

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Offlciftl XstablUhmenta, L6oal biatitutiona, ftc. 


Post &Moitet Ordss, TsLBaHAPB Office, Savlnn 
Bank Sc GoTemment Annoity k Insunnce Office. — Joan 
Bryant, postmaater, High atreet. Money orders are 
granted ft paid from a-m. till 6 p-m. Lettera delhered 
at 7 A ; despatched at p-m. &. 6 p.iD. 
Box cloee* at 12.40 p.m. tc 7.30 p.m. ; but jetten can be 

Soated fbr the 8 s.ri. despatch 10 iidnutM after the box 
I cloMd by an adaitiona] stamp 

CauvvY Naoutratbs fob Alton Pbttt Sbbbioital 


Bnmfnfcham Henry esq. Froyle, Alton 
Ko^fat HontaifU O. nq. Chawion hoase 
Scott Oei»c« Arthur Jerrobe esq. KotherfleM park. Alton 
Staidiena (^tain Frederick, Bentworth to^ 
Vickbam Wm. esq. (ehaiman), Blnated-wyek, Alton 
Wood John Qathome esq. Tfaedden grange, Alton 

Clerk to the MagittTatet, A. F. M. Downle 
Petty Sessions are held at the Town hall aveiy altonate 
tnesdar (cattle markat day). The fUiowIag places are 
Indiided In the Petty Hesdonal DMsIon:— Bentworth, 
Binat«d, Bentley, Chawton, Coldrey, Dockenfleld, Bast 
Tisted, East Worldham, Farri^on, Proyle, Hartley 
Handitt, Headley, Holybonme, Klng^ey, Lasbam, Med- 
atead, Neatham, Newton Valence, Selbome, SiMlden, 
West Wmrldham ft WIeM 


Commtrcial Union, H. Holmao, High street 
JSeettotnic Life, P. Latenbyi Capital ft Counties Bank, 
High street 

Hand in Hand, O. H. Swansborongb, High street 
X4«arpool ^ London jt* Olobe, W. B. Bird, Hlgb street 
iMimn Assurance Corporation, A. Hetherington 
JtatUmatProviiltnt Int/itulion. C. StewaTt,Ackender ho 
/Tormieh Unbm,U. H. Host, Hi^ street 
PhftnUe Ftre* W. Leilyett, Captial ft CoBnOes Bank, 
High street 

Queen, Q, H. Swanaboroag^i, High stre^; ft J.V.Dntton, 

High street 

Boyalt F. Lasenby, Ca^tal ft Coanties Bank, High street 
Jtoyai Exehange, A. F. M. Downle, High street 
Staffordshire fiire, A. A. Warner, High street ; J. Har- 
vey, Batts road 

Sun Fire, H. Plggott, High street 

Cottage Hospital (Rev. Wm- Durst, Hon sec. ; Louis 
LesUe w.n. physician ; William Curtis, surgeon } 
County Court, held at Town liall every two months, 
Patrick H. Leonard esq. Jn^cj HenryNicol, treasurer; 
Alcxandtr Francis Hauenzle Downie, registrar ; Charles 
A. Biddle, binh bailiff. The following places are within 
thejurfsdfctfon of the court :—Chawtou, Coldrey, East 
Tisted, Farringdon, Lasham, Uedstead, Newton valence, 
IJhalden, Wield, Ben'Jey, Bentworth, Blnsted, East 
Worldham, Froyle, Hartley Uauditt, Holybonme, Neat- 
bam, Selbome, west Worldham 

County Police Station, Winchester road, Joseph Waters, 
JSnffine House, Amerr street 

Inland Revenue Office, Swan hotel, Frederick Hay ft 
AlfM William Sandetaon 
Market House, Market place 

Stamp Office, High xtreet, Richard King, sub-dietributor 

Volunteer Fire Brigade, J. H. Dyer, superintendent ; U. 

Chalcraft, deputy superintendent; £dwd. Dyer,hDn. sec 
The Alton Assembly Raome ^ Town Hall Co. Limited, 

Messrs. Bnlpettft Hall, treaauren ; Radnor Lucas, sec. 

High street 


Andrews Miss, High street 

Asbby Miss, Roscrea ho. Normandy st 

Baiaent Mrs. Atutey 

BalfourWm.Oreen ii.D.Weatbrooke bo 

Barham Mis. Anstqr 

Bell MIsa, Borovers ootlage 

Bell Miss, I^ngham cottage 

Bell Shepherd, Brooklanda 

Besant Lady Lydia, A*penlea 

BIddle Mra. Church atreet 

Blake Mra. Rodney house. High street 

Bodd Edwin, Church street 

Burreil Charles, Weyboume house 

Burrell Hairy Percy, High atreet 

Causton Rev. FruB. JerroUa k.a. All 

Saints' Vicarage 
Cbalcraft Henry, Amer; fkrm 
Cbalcnft J(diB, Anstey Mga 

Altoh Uhiow. 
Tiie Alton Union comprises the following plaers :— Alton, 
Benti^, Bentworth, Binsted, Chawton, CoMrey, East 
Titled, East WorMham, Farringdon, Froyle, Hartley 
Mauditt, HeadlCT, Holyboume, Klnnley, Laabam, Med- 
•ted, Neatham,liewtonValeiiee,SelDorBe,8haldeD,West 
Worldham, Wield : the worktoasa la at the eut end ol 
the town 

Board day, every alteroate Wednesday. 
Treasurer, Henry Hall 
Clerk, Matthew Hale Moan, High street 
Asststant Ov rseerJe CoUeetor, Frederick W. French 
ReUeving Officer, Walter Waters, No. 1 district, Hiah st 
VaeeinatiM Offlcere, Walter Waters, High atreet. No. 1 ; 

William Harbor, No. 8 
Medical Officers. Louis Leslie M.D. Amery konae. No. 1 ; 
Arthur dortia, uiKh street. No. S; Robert BljAInatone, 
No. 8 ; John Woods m.d. No. 4 
Superintendent Registrar, Matthew Hale Moss, High st 
Registrar of Birtns ^ Deaths, Walter Waters, High st 
Regintraro/ Marriages, Edward Rieqnler, Market street 
Workhouse, Hany Wilson, master ; Rev. Willism M. Ire- 
land B.A.. chaplain; Louis Leslie u.D. sargeonj Mrs. 
Elizabeth Wllnon, matron 

RoBAL Sanitary Acthobitt. 

Trramtrrr, Henry Hall 
Clerk, Matthew Hale H<m, High street 
Medical Officer^ Arthur Curtis, High street 
Intptctor ^ iVittMRCM, JobnBeierBl8ke,yietoTla foundry 

Ubbak Sanitast AuraoRiTr. 
Treasurer, W. W. Bnlpett 
Clerk, William Trimmer, High street 
Medical Officer, William Curtis, jun 
Surveyor Jnspeetor of Nuisanees j" Collector, H. W. 
Elliott, weal cottage 

Pttblic Officers : — 
Clerk to the Burial Beard, William Trimmer, High at 
Sheriff'e Officer, John Moore, High at. Andover 
Toien Crier, William Finden, Church street 
Treasurer to the Highway Board, Henry Sail 

Schools :— 
Eggar's Grammar, vacant 

National, Church street, Samuel Mussell, master ; Hia> 
Mary Aoons, mtstresa ; Miss Jane Smith, inranU' mistress 
British (boys). Normandy stmt, William Henry May, 
master; (gi^B), Miss Cella Jonea, miatreas ; Hi« Diana 
Sharp, Infints^ mistress 

Railway Station, James Richardson, station master. 
Omnibus to meet every train flrom Swan hotel ft pasting 
Cabbibhs to: — 

BASinosTOKB — John Pink, tues. thnrs. ft sat. from 
' Wheatshea^' Market place 

FaRehah — Simpson, tues. thurs. ft sat. irom ' Royal 
Oak,' Hiirh street 

LoK DON— Savers ft Cox, per rail, Irom Ihdr office. Mar^ 
ket place, daily ; Edward J effieria from Anstey, daily 
Nbwbury ft RBADiNG— Oeorge White, tues. ft thurs 
Odihah— George White, wed. ft sat. from ' Royal Oak,' 
High street 

Selbobnb— Bright, tues. thurs. ft sat. from ' Rtwal Oak ' 
West Mbob — Simpson, tues. thurs. ft sat. at 2.30 from 
' Royal Oak,' High street 

Cbinn Rev. Samuel [Congregational], | Dyer William, Weslfield 

Lenton lane 
Crowley Mrs. Ann, Highfield house 
Crowley Frederick, Aahdell 
Crowley The Misses, Normandy house 
Crowley Mrs. Normandy bouse 
Cnrgenven Jamea, High atreet 
Curtis Arthur, High street 
Curtis The Mines, Hlgb street 
Curtis WUIiam, High street 
Curtis WJliiam,Jun. High street 
Dance Mrs. H street 
Deaue Stephen, Anatey villaa 
Dnhber Mrs. Anstey terrace 
Durst Rev. William k.a. St. Lurrence 


Dyer Edward, Rawdnn honse. High st 
Dyer John Herbert, Ivy bouse 
Dyer Hiss, High street 
Dyer Mrs. Market atreet 

Dyke Joseph, Market place 
Farthli^ James Henry, Anstey villas 
Godwin Mrs. Normandy atreet 
Green Mra. High street 
Gunner Wfllfam Terrell, Will hall 
Gunner George Woodrooffb, High street 
Hall Edward,-Cu1verton house 
Hall Gerald, High street 
Hall Henry, Manor hoave, High street 
Hetherington Alfred, Anstey vtllBs 
Holmes Rev. F^eriek M, [Congrega- 

tionAlJ, Normandv street 
Ireland Rev. Wllllarn'MIIton B.A.An9te 
Jones Miss, Railway terrace 
Lsngrish Miss, High street 
Leslie Edward Jas. Louis, AnMey rillaa 
Leslie Louis M.D. Amery house 
Little Mrs. Bulbeck house. High it 
Lucas Radnor, High street 

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Lam H n. Amtor 

Mij Vimua H.Treniayne 

frerille Emanuel, Tltorne Tillaa 

Palae Mrs. Cfaeahaoi eottage 

PifM Bn. JoHnh[ Wealqwil.H%h st 

Ptcbell OA. Sir George Samuel Bnwke 

larU Alton bouae 
FetarHI»,Tfoe Limes. Huh strvet 
KtlMa Mnu Baventnck bouae 
Ponb Bar. Frmaeia K. it.A. [curate], 

Rodney liouu 
Roe Henry Shackle, Amery hill 
Ro^rs Mrs. Marketplace 
Saym HIm, Hij^ atieet 
Smltit Henry, Linden cottage 
Splcer John Henry, Alton lodffe 
Stewart Charles ll. d. Ackeudnr hou^e 
T!]tR»n Hmrv, Normandy street 
Trimmer WilliRm, Hitib street 
Wake Mis*, Wvtt cottaiia 
Wniianu Mn. Hiithatreet 
Windihank Mrs. Roaa oottute 
Wood John Gatbome j.p. Tfaeddeo 



Aekknd John, batcher, Uiftk street 
iibM JoliB Bobert iieavood,huil<lsr, 

Lenton lane 
Aldenlade WiUiam. haiket k sieve 

maker, Market ■tr«i>t 
Allea Jamea, coopn-. Market ■ire<>t 
Alt3* AamrMyRMMU If Town Hall 
Co. iMtittd (The) rMeam.Bulp«tt 
k Hall, treaiurers ; Radnor Lucas, 
sec.). Hixli street 
AmcsThontM Wm. taiior, Hl;h street 
AndrewsOeorgs. lima bomer 
Andrews Thoa. Tk* BM, Nonnandv st 
Baiemt Frederiek.iwkar&can^tioaer, 

Hiftb stmt 
Baker Willian, frroeer, Hlifh atre«>t 
Bar bam HeDry.blacksmitli.HopPoie la 
ilastin Richard ,|rrooer,pro vision dealer 

Je gjauB k china mer. Normanily et 
BeaweltThonav^dairynin, Nomiatidv at 
Benwtfll WiliiBiu, baker 4c grocer, Nor- 
mandy street 
Berry Jao** ( Hiss), dress maker, 8c re- 
gistry olBce. Turk street 
BelMr Cbariea Henry ic.K.c.v.8.t.. 

veterinary sorgeon, High atreet 
Biddle k Etsos, steam printsrs, Nor- 

maDdy street 
Bird William Barber, liaoi k woollen 
dnper, clothier, hatter, outfltter k 
boot k ahoe waratmnae It aewing 
naeidne agent, London ho. Hifch st 
BlackibrdWm.sreengrocr.PforniBiKly st 
Blalie JohBBez«r.agneiillaral engineer 
kironfcbnss ft«ndar,V|etoria Itodry 
Blake Walt^Frederlck, Crown ft com- 
wnial hotel, k wine k spirit mer- 
chant. High street 
BlakeWalier Fredeiisk, millwright kc. 

Choreb street 
Breeze Ann (Mrs.% china k glass 

dealer, ttigh stroet 
BritUh if Foreign Bible Saeiaty 
Alton Auraiary (Sir G. B. Wechrll, 
pToident k sec.; W.Terrell Quniter, 
tresaurer) ; depdt, Altvn houae 
Brituh Workman Church of Eng. 
land Tempernnce Soeuty't eqffee 
i dining ro0iM(James Bootb,mana- 
jnr), Loiton lane 
Bryant John, postmaster, Hlffh street 
Bidpett k HaU,t>ankers ( Radnor Lucas, 
nunager). High street ; draw on 
Bardav, B««an k Co. London 
Banteit H. triutee of the late private 
lunatic uylum ( Wm. Green Baifour, 
■opt), Wcstbnoke botua 
Batlcr JuM Fndarick. snctr, NoN 

Casar Jnlina, hair dreaaer. High street 
t^Ubilgmael, groeer, Htoh street 
CuntmljiCountiMi fioni (TAe>(P. 
Usealw, maawer), Highst.; draw 
«Bhead«fllB«, Loudon 


k bop itrowers. AmeryjLAastey fiinos 
Chapman Edwia, boot k aboe maker. 

High street 
Chase Jamas, Iwar retailer. High street 
Cbesterfleld Thomas, linen k wooUen 

drapCT, rlotbier k \>oot k sboe ware- 
house, Hicli street k Markft street 
Christmas William, butcher. lli|rh st 
Clarke Wm. beer retailer. Church at 
Clinker Qrarge, blacksrnitli. Market st 
Coleman Samuel, WindMUlinn 
Collia Cliarles, corn merehanr, Turk st 
Corps Mary (Mrs.), laundress, Kor- 

mandy street 
Cottage Hospital (Rev. William 

Durat,h[>n. sec. ; Louis Le^ilie, i(.i>. 

pbjsicfan; Williain CurtU,surKeAn) 
Cotton Rose Matilda (Miss), boarding 

k day school, High street 
County Court (A. F. M. Downle, re- 

fCistrar), Town hall 
Coventry Jas, Bud Lion, IVorniandy st 
Cox James, Leather Bottle, Amtry st 
Cox Tom, carrier, coal merchant k 

furniture van proprietor (see dajcn 

k Cox), Market place 
Cux1Ustram,aaddiarfcharBaM maker, 

Normandv street 
Crowlev k Co. brewers 
Curtis Win. k Arthur, surgooRa.Hlghst 
Dawes Jame*, groeer, Uigti street 
Doggiwll WUliam, baker. Uarket place 
Duwnle Alexander Francis Naekentle, 

solicitor k n^strar of county court, 

k clerk to nuMristrates k eomuiis- 

sloner nf tsxea, Hiifh street 
DyT J. H.k B. surveyors a bnllders, 

High street ft siding, iUilway •tailon 
Dvke Joseph, draper k clothier, H igh st 
Rigar'a Orammar School, Ansley 
Elliott H. W. clerk to the burial 

b<«rd & surveyor to tbe local board, 

West cottagM 
Faidon Joseph Henry, linon k woollen 

draper, dreeamn. k milliner, Hi}:h at 
Faulkner Fredk. butcher, Normandy st 
Fewtrell Charles, tajior, draper k 

general outfltter, H^^ street 
Pinden William, town crier k bill 

poster, Church street 
Ford Fredk. plumber ft painter, Hiitfa st 
Fosbuar7 John, boot ft shue maker, 

Newtown terrace 
Posbnary Wm. boot ftshoe ma. High at 
Francis ttemod, general dealer, Nor- 
mandy street 
Fpo^t George, grocer, Winohester road 
Fuilick Genr^e, cartar, Hfirh street 
Qardener Klisa ( Hiss), milliner ft dress 

maker, High street 
GoM Works (B. W. Elliott, sec.; 

Fredk . Barnley, man.),Wincltester rd 
QatehoHse George, Cattle, High street 
Gates Geo. shopkeeper, Normandy »t 
Gates John, bear retailer, Anstev road 
Qilt>ert Joidab. boot ft sboe meicr fte. 

Market street 
Gilbert Rebecca AdelaUe (Hiss), board- 
ing ft day school, High street 
Gill Alfd. boot ft shoe ma. Nonnaody at 
GUI Jbn. boot ft shoe ma. Vicarage hill 
Ginger Cha*. Iruomoitger, High st 
Gostelow George, Oolden Fot 
Qougb Charles, beer retailer, Netlier st 
Gunner William Terrvll, farmer ft bop 

grower, Willhill 
Hadland Pmlerick Hugh, Royal Oak, 

High street 
Hale John ft Chas. coachftcart makers 

ft wheelwrights, Wlticbester road 
Hale Henry Robt. tailor, Normandy st 
HaU BUJab, boot ft elioe maker, H Igh st 
Hall Hy. brewer ft maltatsr, Turk at 
Hall John, baker, Hlifk stieet 
Halliday Wm. ftewsagent, Anstey road 
Hankiu Wm. beer retailer. Hop fole U 
Hantt if Berks Oazotte (branch office) 

(John Blfd, pronrletor ft publisher) 
HarrboB Robert, hdr dresser. High st 

Harwood Florence (Hiss), prep a ratory 

school. Birch cottage 
Harwood Jsph.corrB8pondent,Bireh cot 
Hav Praacb, iHlaud reveone officer, 3 

Atastay terrace 
Hsvmans Sarah (Mrs.), ahopkeeper, 


Hayne Thus. linen drai>er ftc. High st 
Ha>tflr George, Barley Moie, Nor- 
mandy stRet 
Heath George, coach builder, High st 
Hetherington Alfhnl, whitlesaleft lur- 
nlahing iroiimoDf^r. bir iron mer- 
chant, ga« fltur, locksmith, bell- 
hangrr fte High street 
Hewett William R. Innmonger, Nor- 
mandy street 
Holdaway Ororge Augustus, currier ft 

leather c'ltter, Normandy street 
Uolman Horace, family drap4>r, silk 

tu«rcer ft tindertaker. High street 
Hopwood Ben], boot ft ^oe ma. Turk st 
In«rrell Robert Deuiis, JJuh^s Smd, 

High strset 
Jackson H>-nry, baker, Lenton lane 
I Jefferia Edward, coal mercht. Anstey rd 
Jeffreys Barah ( ulae), hney repoaltoryr 

High atiMt 
King Rlebard, bookaelbn-, statlonw ft 

printer, ft sUmp oHice, High street 
Kingston Sarah ( Mrs.), ludglag hona^ 

Bellsiie cottase 
Knight Eliiabeth (Hiss), upholstacar, 

Normandv street 
Knight Wniiam Frederick, general 
draper, mUllnerr, dressmnking ft 
boot ft sboe wnrenonae. High street 
Rncitt George, Plough, Market street 
' Lambert James, com dealer, Hitrh st 
' Lszenhy P. branch manager of The 
I Capital ft Counties Batik, High st 
' r^iie Bdwd. Jas. L. surgn, Anaiey vils 
"Ledie Louia, H.u.pliyslciaa, Amcryho 
' Lock ft Coleman, builders ft cabmst 
makera. Vicarage falil 
Lock Nimrod,lilacksmith,NormandyBt 
\ Loe Edwin, wine ft spirit mer. High st 
I Lovell Frederick Thomas, hair dreaeer 
j ft picture frame maker. High atreet 
Lucas Radnor, braaeh man. to Hessn. 
' Bulpettft Hall,bankw«, High street 
Lutr(3«orge Hy. millwright, Anstey st 
I Madgwiek Robert, Sman commercial 
I hotel ^ posting bouse, ft agent to 
' London ft South Western railway, 
I High St. ftcoal mer. Railway station 
Hanning Henry Jordan, pork butcher. 

High street 
Marlow Robert, butcher, Market ptaoe 
Hay Wm. dair)m'in ft farmer. Anstey 
May Wn. Hv, master of British sehod 
Sftchanies' tn»titut» ( William Curtb, 

? resident ; William H. Darley, sec. : 
Sdward Ricquier, resident lihrarian) 
Merrett Thos. ft Wm. buildr*. Newtown 
\l\\>% Kfaihard, tohaeeonbt. High street 
Monk Albert JeBhiy, chemtat ft dnig- 

gitt, Higli street 

mandy street 
Morell Bmha ( Hin), preparatory 

school, High street 
Morgan ft Motb, grucers. High street 
Moss Matthew Hale, rlerk ft snperfn- 
dent registrar to Altos Unloo, Hi^ 
street, Alton 
Monday William, saddler ft hameM 

maker, High street 
Newell Emma (Hn.), confectioner, 

Normandy street 
North S'tst Hants Agricultural 
a fMCM fion( W.S.Boyland .secntary) 
Oekley Jamas, Quesn't Arms, Nor- 
mandy street 
OrtordEdwd.AaUmy Jknfe/.Aas^ id 
Pan Sarah (Mn.), Market hotol, 

Hsrket plsce 
Pahw Ellicabeth (Miss), boot ft sboe 

maker, Lenton lane 
Parsons Oeo. bootftshoe mo.Leatonln 

Digitized by 





ParPBiB Wlllism, lioet ft shoe ncksr, 

Nnrmandy strrat 
IVmiden J«Imi Honliin, fl«ddler k 

faancMi mnker. Ilifthsinet 
Plnnitt Emily (Mn,), fiuM!yi»poiltory, 

I'lfTROtt HpTiry, prof, of mnslr. Hlfrh "t 
Pifer ThomsB Hrnry, heker, Hifrti tt 
Pitt Cbarloa, fl«liaioag«r it fruiterer, 

Tark sfrect 
PlltChariott«(Hr«.)>*li<N>k«epr.Tiirk >t 
B«id io)inDicKK>n,ttphoutnnr,Hi|li »t 
BMardson James, ataiion ntHtar, 

Railway stntton 
Rirkett & Kirkun, oorndi floar (actor*, 
KT*cen & provMon deatan. Mnrket it 
Birquier Edvard.reeistrarof manrtq^ 

for Alton UnloRdtotriot, Mftrkctat 
nobrrtn Tho*. Kin.g'g Hetid, Market it 
Row William Trimmer ft Son, vatcb 

mahna ft tawellrrs. Higtt atmt 
SonderwHi Alfrwi William, inlaad re- 

TOnne ofiiofr, 3 Amtev terra oe 
5at>m(r0iJftMA( Radnor LucB*,aetnai7'), 
H^t) f treet ; open ilaily from 10 till 4 
Swna ft Cox, rarriata, coal tuerchanta, 
ftfnrnit«reTrapropriiitori,Market pi 
ScarrottTliomaa, ft abin* itvalM-, 

Uairket ttnet 
Simpberd Oforfre, atatioaer, Hipli st 
S'<MulJamra, ^'heattketif. Market pi 
Smith ft TneMy, saiMkn ft barHu 
High ttvwt 

Bmlih W, H. ft Son, newsffgfDtf, 

Railwa? •tation 
Spicer H. ft \V. R. ft C«. handmnde ft 

bank note paper makers. KIitrV nrflls 
8taulmr Jamea, watch maker, Htgrh st 
Steer Emeat Hpory, plnmber. Acre rd 
SrevvnsAnn (Mni.),fihopkpr. HHrketnt 
Stewart Charlea i.i,.d., f.r.a.s. yonng 

gentlemen 'a boarding »eliool^ Ac- 

kmder honae 
Stone John Jimea, Importer of wines ft 

spirlta, H!|^ atrert 
Stoodli^ MoHaP«rtTflev,««teh fteleek 


Swan^-borfiuah Geonre Herbert, awc- 
Honeer, land agent ft vaiii«r, Hfglr st 

Tiltman Henry, prtifrseor of music, 
If nrmandy xtreet 

Todd Ellen (Mrs.), dre^sma. Amerrst 

Tokely John, Ntker ft g rocer, Nor- 
mandT street 

THmmer Cha*.ftWiB. an11cl(ors,Rigb at 

Trimmer Dniile}, efalniiiey twecpCT, 
Tntk slrffpt 

Trimmer William (Arm C.& W. Trim- 
mer), solicitor ft cleric to the local 
bosnl of h^vlth, High *-traet 

Trimmiiw Alan Jnbn, ehaniat ft dmg^ 
giK, High Mn^t 

VBrndfl] SiLoannah (Mrs.), grocer, 
Higli street 

Waiiier William James, locksmftb ft 
bd hanger, Viemge bfl! 

WHner Ellzaltetb (Mrs.). Imlcni Hop 
Pole lane 

Warner Isaac, plumb-r, pnlntrrft house 

decorator, Hiith strvet 
Warren Willinm, pork hntPh*^ ft horse 

ft trap proprfetor, Honnnnrty street 
Warwick George Wmtam, hoot ft shoe 

maker j^ormandy "treee 
Waters waiter, registrar of hirths ft 

deatba ft rdteTtng offieer for Alton 

district, High street 
Wellit Thomas, BtatiDnerftphotograplier» 

Hicb street 
White Esther (Mn>.).!*pkiTr.M8rket st 
Whitear John ft Preiferiek, mtllers ft 

coal merchants, Anstey mill, Alton 
Wigley MsTT Ann (Mrs.), hoot ft shoe 

maker. High street 
WildChfirie«,heer Prtaller.Norman^yst 
Williams Alfred Thomas, auctioneer ft 

n tate agent, High street 
Wilion Oeorge&Co.groceriiAc.AnBteynl 
WInkworth !4tephen, shopkpr. Newtown 
Winkworth Wm. ftuiterer, Market et 
Wooflman Henry» baHder. Nether st 
Worthington Qeoige^ Wt^a Horte,. 

High street 
Wr^bt[mn«ynreeper,Amn7 ft 
Wright Henry, cutler, Market street 
Wright Wn. umbrella ma.'tohnKnniSt 

ft faaey repoaitor;, Market street 

AlfcVXBSTOEE Is an incorporatlnn, pariah and village 
and urban sanitary district.^ miles south from Gospori and 
15 miles hy road and 2) hy steani launch west from Ports- 
mouth. The parish iiiclmips tiie town and port of Goa^Kirt, 
ibe ctwpelric's of Akolbsea and the districts and tiantlets 
flf Elbom, wiib Hardway, Fohtok, BaocKHUKSTand 
BUDOBMAST : it Is in the Southern diTisioo of the county, 
eoanty court district of Portamoitth, (Iioce'>e and arch- 
deaeoarv of Winchester and rural deanery of AUerstoke. 
gtokea Bay pier and statloa are in this parish. The Act 
of Parliament for this undertaking was obtained on the plans 
Mr. Hamilton H. Fulton m.iiv[it.c.b. and the works 
vere designed and carried out by Uim. The Gosport Boad 
station of the tioutli Western Company's Slokes Bay 
branch is contiguous to the Stoke and Bary roads, ana 
about hair a mile from Alverstoke Tillage. TheVhurch of St. 
Mary was an ancient Norman edifice, consisting of nave 
and aialea, with long narrow chancel, enlarged in 1866 by 
half a new church, one bay of nave and ai^lei), and a beau- 
tiful ehancel with aisles and vosti? ; it is bujit of stone and 
has square tower, partly of brick, wiih clock and 8 bells. 
The register dates from the year 1559. The living is a 
rectory, with the chapelry of Aaglesey annexed, grosa 
jearly value £l,3fi0 and gldie, net £7fiD, witli resldevce, 
fnlbe gift of the Bishop of Wincbester and held by the Rev. 
Thomaa Walpole m .a. of Balllol College, Oxf 'rd, rural dean, 
and bon. cauon of Wtncbestfr. Christ Church has been 
erected in the Stoke road as a ebapel of ease to St. Mary's ; 
it li a faandaome stone stroeture in the Early Eiwliah a^le, 
and eoDsista of clianed, nave and sontk alale. The Alver- 
atolte cemetery Is situated in Ann's Hill road, near Bury 
croaa: the grounds are between Sand 9 acres in extent, and 
have two mortuary cbapels. Haslar Hospital, Porta Monck- 
too and Gilkicker, and the Blockhou«e Port, Brows Down 
battery and Fort Oomer ore in this patisb, Fort Rowner is 
part^ so. Alverstuke incorporation comprisea Alversloke 
and Gosport, and Burrow Island or Bat Island. The ftross 
estimated rental is £63,302; rateable value, £46.341 : for 
■offieeta, see Gosport. A cbapf I tor DiBEenter* of all denomi- 
nations, called the Union chaps), is in Sioke roail. An 
e^bilshment for reli'sious and literary instruction of 
BOhlien and sailors is placed in Stoke road, nnd call«'d the 
Industrial Home ; at this establishment also about SO desti- 
tute children are educated, clothed and ied ; this charity 
'4epends on public support. Tlie charities aiuoutit to £1B 
yearly. Brleks are njade to pome extent in this parish. 
Henry Rruce Atnaud esq. is lord of the manor. The prin- 


Abbott Mra. S Prldennx, Stoke road 
Adamea George Thomas,4CleTelaBdrd 
Arthy Rev. Waller Bridge R.M.The Htrft 
Ashworth Mrs. l(i Queen's rd. Stoke rd 
BarkerCapt.Hy.AndrewsR.A.Clifton vil 
barton Hev. Juiin [chaplain of the 
fbrcei], Richmond honse, S oke road 

cipal lendownen are the War Departneat aaid the Ad- 
miralty, Mte. Purvia. Her. Richard F. Carter, Braairael 

Chnrciit-r e^. Witlism Leane asq. John nnd Henry Stares 
e^qs. and Colonel Martin. Tlie soil is loam ; subsoil, 
clay. The chief crops are pasturage, market garden pro- 
duce, wbent and grain crops. The population of the entire 
parish in 1671 was 2^.637 (15,339 In Alventoke, liMludng 
27 In the Ceast Guard station and 7,417 io Oosport) : area^ 
»,841 acrea of land, and l.iaD of water; mtcabU mIw,. 

yarith Clerk, George BidilW, 18 High street, GoqnrL 

Post ft MoNBT Ori>er Ofpicb ft Pavinga Bank. — 
Edward Ka>ser, receiver. Letleia tbrough Gosport, 
Alverstoka village; deliverv 7.3£ a.m. ft 2.10 p.m.; 
Sundays, 7.86 a.m.; cleanHl for diapateh, 8.S& adtt. Ib 
7.30 p.Ri. ; Sundays, 10.S0 a.m 

Post Ofpicb. — Stoke road, Cbarlea James Rsitt, receiver. 
Delivery at 7 a.m. ft 1,30 p.m. ; snnday, 7 a.m. ; dis- 
patcheri 9.5& a.m. 3.30 p.m. ft 7.40 p.m. ; no di«atch on 

Public Establishmbntb :— 

Urban Sanitary Authority, ntRces, Stoke road, Ilomtio- 
CompignS, clerk; James Walkinsbaw Aider, medical 
officer ; J. W. Stroud, surveyor; H. J. Norrls, inspector 
of nuisances; Robert W. Mltcliell, collector 

A teeratohi House of Industry, A. W. Constable^ master ;. 
Mrs. Constable, matron ; Samuel Clark, porter 

Cemettrry, Ann's Hill road, John MitetwU, re^strar tt 
porter; Walter 0. Held, clerk 

Misaion Hall ff Reading Jtoom for SoUUert ^ SaUorg, 

Stoke road, U«nry Cook, missionary 
Axsixtant Overseer if CoUector, Qaxrgi Snook, oreraeeis* 

'office, Stoke road 

Retimng ff Vaccination Qffictrt Qeorge Peanoan, St. 
John's place, F<«-ton 
Holmer AlmhoMU, Alverstoke village 


A National school of larae dimensions was erected here In 
1612 ; there ia also a smaller Nntinnal sohool ia Newtown. 
National, Alventoke village, Henry Sandford, naatv; 
Miss Mary BurmiMgham, mistress. 
Christ Church fKirls ft infant), Newtown, Miss Esther 
Loveridge, mbMreas 
Sailmay Stations, Stokes Bay It Oofport read ft Brock- 
I hurst, Joseph Dyson, superintendent 

Boville Edward, Bnry read 
Boyliag Mias,Arihnreotlii^,New(owa 
Brenton John, Bnry road 
Brown William, 11 ftM ter. Stnke road 
Budden Arthur Ktlward, Heel terrace 
Bondey Wm. Queen'a rd. Stohe rend 
Bnmey Rev. Edward K.A.,XP.Bay ho 
Barton Thomaa Even, Amroia eottagea 

Bayly Miss, 1 Peel terrMe, ShAe road 
Bieknall Mrs. 94 gueen's rd. Stake rd 
Blddle Thomas, 8 Queen's rd, Btoke rd 
Btden William Veraon 
Blake Alfred StarKng, Staanton lodge, 

Stoke road 
Bitkv John GAivnn,8 Elliott pLShAerd 
Bonbam-^Iarter Wa. J.r. ultle green 

Digitized by 





Caiia Mhg, 14 Rlekard tt V«9 town 
enter Qipt Gw.irm . a,w. Prirett Idtr 
Oare Mr*. 9 Bnme ter. Uoleiwarth rd 
CbuiilnctilcT. RMid. M . A.I Ariihurtn.rd 
Cfanrchward Sud1.15 Pee) tfr. Stoke rd 
Ctem wHp tT fter. Oronre Oodfrpy Ward 

[dnplafn K-N.], 1 Clifton tHIbs 
Cobb /sRiPS, Lilly cottage 
Cobb Major John s.k.l.!. Ctopton 

bonae, Bnrrroad 

we tIUbs, Bury road 
Compign^ Horatio, 9 Peel ter. Siokerd 
Davidson Mrs. Stoke road 
Dolmar Predh.Wm. Stok« Ito. Stoke rd 
bore Jowph, 11 Qoeoa's rd. Stoke rd 
Bdye Hrs.The Holt 
ElUcott John, Shafu>8bDT7 ter.Stoke rd 
mUcott Mrs. 10 Peel terraos,Stoke road 
Elliott Mn. Bary tcrutgo 
Fegan Henry if .o., R.N. Bnry road 
FemsWm.R.H.SbaftetbiirT ter^^tokerd 
Fidd Capt.E(Iwd. h.ii., j.p.TbeGrove 
Piiher Alzeraan, The HoHies, Stoke rd 
Poqnett Fmnc. B Qa«en'B rd. Stoke rd 
Vrtmv David, Avenue Itoaae, Stoke rd 
Gibson Ut*. Anglesey lodfte 
Goodere Hiss, 4 Queen's rd. Stoke rd 
OmTca UoTgan, Bury road 
Orenfell Capt. Habert Hy. R.x.Biiryrd 
Hampton Mrs. 7 Qaeen't rd. Stoke rd 
Uarconrt Kev. Charles Henry, 1 

QoeoK^ TCBil, Stoke nad 
H«Rb AIM BdnaN, Stoke nad 
Hiitbatt Frederick Charles, Dagniar 

terrace. Prince of Wat«s' road 
HUl Woediaanc.l!.Fahrthome,BDry rd 
Hobba WinUm, Oak v]lla^ Bary road 
Hoase Mrs. Bary honse, Stoke road 
Howlett John, Brane ter. Stoke TOMi 
Ilant Mrs. The Holt 
Jennis "VTm. Brock b.n. Bury cottajce 
Johoson Jan. Weymouth cot. Bary cross 
JohnstoneHrs. Ballard lod|{e,Bury load 
Kane Hiss, Bury lodge 
I^sr Charles Jaroea 
Leftver AIM. Wm. 3 TMolty pLStoke rd 
Lester £dwBKt Rolb, i Prtdeaut, 

Stoke road 
Lester Hrs. 26 Queen's road,Stoke road 
I>i(^moreCeI.CharIeeH.rBenKnI staff], 

S Clarmont Tillas, Stoke road 
Main WiUiam, 10 Queen's rd. 3t'>ke rd 
HarknrBenJ.Wm. ii.D.,c.B.£lnspector- 

canenJ of hospitals], AlbeK cottage 
Hartin Henry John Carter, Glendower 

lodge, Bnry road 
Mason Benjamin David K.H. Myrtle 

eoCt^^ Stoke road 
Mnedy apt. John UeDonald K.K.JUI. 

Stofce bonae 
Mureh John, Si Queen's road, Stoke rd 
Norooek Lleot. Charles James U.K. 

Tower oottage, Bnty road 
Oiinrd Major AlbertHea.B.M.gBury rd 
Parent Gnstave, Hafaala cottage 
Pearee Hits, SQasen'a road 
Pgi Tjma n Jaaai^ Shaft ssbwy terrace. 

Stoke road 
PrireU Hn. 13 Qseen** rdAoks nwd 
Puttoek George ConstaUa, Siny road 
Qoew Geowe, Alver road 
Haitt Mrs.? BUlstt place, Steke voad 
Bansay Capt. John it.x. Bury rood 
Raeves Oaonfe, Violet oattage' 
Reeves ThomAs 

BidoDt Henry Alfred, Jessamine villa. 

Stoke road 
RIdont JameL 1 Thlrra cot. Alver rood 
Ridoat John Heniy, 3 Seymour plarc, 

Stoke road 
Risk Capt. Wm. Bond R.if . Bury road 
BoberU Rev. William Ulnto u.a. 

leoratej, The Holt 
Babntaen Mls», 14 P^l (er. Stoke road 
Reilaey Hajor LenAx it.M.L.i. Bwry rd 
RosaeU Jobn, Brllevue pi. Stoke road 
SdawCol. Henrv s.B.AI*en:llffi;hoTt9f> 
aeofslM Hbf, Bury croa 

Sharpies RoVrl , 4 Paitet road 
Shepherd Joseph , Paget road 
Smith Alexander, V2 Shaftesbury ter- 
race. Stoke road 
Smith Lowtber AniTWrtas B.R. 17 

Queen's road, Stoke mail 
Smith Hrs. Portland house. Bury mad 
Strong Capt. Henry Haribnl s.x.l.i. 

Bary rwut 
Swale Cnpt. George Lennox, Bniy rd 
Swale Mrs. Bury villa. Bury road 
Tozer Mrs. SSQueen'sroad. Stoke road 
Tribe George, Peel lo>ige, Stoke road 
Vioer Geo. James Vanghan, Clay ball 
Viniian Samiul, Uly ootlagf", Stoke rd 
Wadland Mrs. 8 Peel terrace, Stoke rti 
WalpnJe Bev. ThooBs m.a. [hon. canon 

of Winchester], Rectory 
Walton Mrs. Bucklands, Bury road 
Webh Wm. Chao. 3 Trinity pi. Stoke r.l 
Weft Caleb, Id Peel terrace. Stoke road 
White Henry, Prince Alfred street 
White PfalUp, 10 Queen's rd. Stoke rd 
WiikiasJohn, Shaftesbury Urrace, 

Stoke road 
WUUana Wm. Jas.Laarel eot.Stoke rd 
Wolfe Ura. 1 ClaremoDt villas, Stoke rd 
Wood Mind, Aim nwd 
Wood James Lambert, Bury Plaoe ho 
Wood Williani Frederick [paymaster 
4 Brane ter. Mnlesworth road 
Woods HenTyChn*.H.D.CwnbiMge vils 
Wtigbt Arthur, Cambridge Tillas 
Wyley Uent. Frank Wm. K.v.Stoke rd 
Wyane Mim, Bary road 

cox unite I AL. 
Abraham Henry Williani, com St coal 

merchant, Sloke rood 
Adamee Geerge Tlumas. bnlider tee 
Adams William, sbopkeeper, Joseph 

street. Stoke road 
Adnams Geone, farmer ft coal mer- 
chant, CUy ball 
Anning Joan (Mra.), ladles* school, 10 

Bllwtt iilaee. Stoke road 
Artiiur Copes, baker ft grocer, Newtwn 
Baker Moms Joseph, master marioer. 

The Hollies, Stoke road 
Betts Mary ( Hra.), preparatory achool, 

10 RiiAard street 
Riddle Thomas, collector to Goi)>ort 

Oss ConpanV] Newtown 
Blake Alfred Starting, solicitor (firm 

Blake liReed),SUanton Idg.Stoke nl 
BondJhn.Aeadeisy, Vernon ho.Stoke rd 
BottomlerTboa.beerTetallr.Ann'sHill nl 
Boyse Wfiliam, beer retailer, Newtowu 


Brown GeoTna, oowiteeper ft greea* 

grocer, Newtown 
BrowiilngCathme.(Mre.),beer retailer, 

Cha'rlts street, Stoke roati 
Browning John, Five Bells 
Budd James HenTy, wateh ft elaek 

maker ftjewelleP, Stofee road 
Camnbell Edwd. H. greengr^. 8tok«rd 
Capiin Stephen, bricklayer ftc. Clam- 

niont cottage, Stoke roari 
Carey Thomas, White Hart tavern. 

Stoke road 
Carrol James, basrratsDsr 
Carter John, farmer ft landowner, 

Privitt lodge 
Cartwright John, draper ft stadoner. 

Stoke road 
Chase Sophia (Mrs.), marble mason ft 

hoiider, Stoke road 
Cbarcher William Henry, statuary ft 

mason, Stoke road 
Cleife Henry, beer retailer 
Cluett Jana (Mrs.), baker ft confec- 
tioner. Stoke road 
duett John, fancy repository ft news 

ac:«nt, Stoke road 
Collins Joseph, painter, plamber ft 

glazier, Henry street 
Compign^ Horatle, soltrltor, PmI 

temee. Stake road 

Cook Henry, manatrer of Reading Room 

fbr Soldiers ft SaJlors, Stoke road 
Cooper John llalcmne, builder ft beer 

retailer, Stoke road 
Co-operative Stores (Jobn Qllcott, 

manager), Heniy street, Newtown 
Craven Harriet (Mrs.),milllneTft»traw 

bonnet maker, 9S Stoke road 
Cray James, tailor. Stoke rond 
Cresdee George, bricklayer, Bury crow 
Dasbwnod ft White, (team snw mills 

proprietors, Prince Alfred st.Stoke rd 
Daysn Jane (Hn.), milliner ft dress. 

maker, Corndd cottage, S'oke road 
Dear Sarali ( M rs.}, baksr ft diepkeqiert. 

Stoke rosa 
Delicate Oeoi^, Lamb inn 
Itoling WiUiam, eonfeclioaer ft fancy 

repository ftc. Stoke road 
Downer Wm. &rmer. Bury Cross form 
Feltbam Rob«'rt,beer reilr.Ann'shill rd 
Fwrins EiizalK'th(Mr9.),Iodging house,. 

8 Queen's road 
ferrins Fanny (Hiss), ladies' school* 

Sbafthury terrace, Stoke road 
Freemaat3e.Sarb,(Mrs),hutchr.Sioke nl 
Fuanell Thomas, boot maker, 5 Soatli 

view. Stoke r(«d 
Galpin John, rope maker. Stoke road 
Gotport Gaa Coke Co. (Hy. Com- 

plgn£, treasurer ft tee. ; Geo. Brown 

Irons, Bapt.\ Newtown 
Haekman William, botcher. Stoke road 
Harris Atfrrd Bdwd. sttTveon, Stoke rd 
H«rt&]| Robert, The WUtthire Lamb, 

ft horses ft cabs lor hire, Bury cross 
House Chnrles William, farmer ft land- 
owner, Privitt form 
HowlettJobn, admiralty telegraphlstft 

organist of Trinity church, 5 Blllott 

place. Stoke road 
Irons George Brown, sopt. ot Qas 

Works, Newtown 
Johnson Charles, brewer ft beer re- 
tailer, Stoke brewery 
KayserBdwd. shopkeeper, ft postofBce 
Kent Emma (Mr».),8liopkeeper 
Knight Charles, shopkeeper. Stoke road 
X.ear Cliarles ft Son, builders, contrac- 
tors ft house ft estate agents 
Le^ Isaac ft Son, florists fte. Bury 

nnnerieft, Bury road 
Looey Fredli.tobaccnBt Jntatnr .Stoke rd 
I,oneyTheoph,Bnrtn.becr rtlr.Stokerd 
Luke John.lodging bo. Knapp Green 
Hansbridge WIoTfred (Hri>.)» abop- 

keeper, Clay hell 
Harsh Jho-shoe ma. Henry st. Newtown 
Mariin Sarah (Miss), beer rtlr.Stoke rd 
Hisselbrook Stephen, Sceptre, Benry 

street, Newtown 
MitJiien Hall ft Beading Boom for 

Soldiers Sc Sailors (fienry Cook, 

missionary), Stuke road 
Mitchell John, registmr ft porter ol 

Alverstoke ceBietery,Ann'a Hill road 
Hitchell Bobert Wake, collector to 

Urban authority,? ElUoH pI.S>oke rd 
Monk George, batcher. Stoke road 
Mortfmore Wm. sbepkaeper. Alver rd 
Newton Hary (Mlas), linen draper 
Newton William, nvc«r fte 
Norman Jane (Mrs.), fruiterer fte. 

Stoke road 
Parker Tliomas, batcher 
Pliippard Jane (Mrs.), milliner ft dresa 

nwuter. Stoke road 
Power John William, ironmonger ft 

nsfitter. Stoke road 
Ralit Charles James, stationer, ft post 

ofilce, Stoke road 
Reeves Frederick,sbopkeeperftcoaldlr 
Reeves Joseph, beer retniler, Alver road 
Reever Robert, beer retallt-r. Stoke rd 
Richardson Archer Young,bcer retailer, 


Samways Edward, boot ft ahoe maker, 
Clay tmll 

Senktr Samoel { Mrs.), bsiMerft nDder> 
taker, Bnry cross 

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Seward Hannab (Mri>.).baker jcsroccr 
Sima William* beer reUiler, Clay ball 
Smltlt AUnd, groea It jffoilsiun mer- 
chant. Stoke road 
Smitb Alfd. baker, grocer &c. Stoke rd 
Smitli Williain Henry, chimney aweep, 

17 llenr? itreet, Stuke road 
Snook Qeorere, assistant overseer & 
collector, 9 Elliott street, Stoke road 
Snook Julin, carpenter k beer letailer 
Stanley Sophia (Mn.)> dieas maker, 

lieni? street. Stoke read 
Steele Jiuie (Mrs), com cbiidlr.Stoke rd i 

Stodgel) Henry Charles, model boat St 

sbip builder, Sbike road 
SuttoaSaml. chemist A draKi^l.Sloke rd 
Tribe k Son, dairymen ft coal mer- 

chanti, Kewtnwn 
Tribe Georife, Royal Arms, ft brewer 

ft wine ft spirit merchaat. Stoke rd 
Trodd Juhr), Lodfrtng ho. 6 Queen's road 
Tutton Henry, Hardener 
Walter Alfred, grocer ft ebeesemonger, 

Stoke road 
Wells William, master mariner, 31 

Qoeeii's ruai 

Wbiicombe Thomas,cftb proprietor 
Wilkias Jaa. beer retailer, Bury cruM 
Williams J hn.Fv&ti'VC0cij>,C lay hall 
Wilson John ft Son, buters ft grocen. 

Stoke road 
Wolfe Hyxarpentr^beer retlr.Stoke rd 
Woodhead Qeo. b*w retlr. Queait'sioad 
Wuorlman Hicbapl.shopkpr. Bury road 
Woods Henry Ctiarles h,d. sazxean, 

CanibridKe villas 
Wvatt William, boot ft shoe maker, 

Joseph street, ;>toke roai 

AXSVIXhD is akamletanil ecclesiastical parish, formeii [ interest of a fund, towards which the late Jose|^ White esq. 
in 1641 from the civil parish of Hursley, from which it ts 3^ of Ampfleic) House contributed £S00, and partly In portfoiu 
miles west, 4 nortb-east from Romsey and 3 north-wei>t \ of the rectoriul and vicarial tithes of Hursley : ft Is in the 
from Chandler's Ford station, on the Salisbury branch of ' eift of Sir Wlliiara Heathcote hart, and held by the Rev. 
tbe South Western railwav, in ttie Northern division of the I John Prvwen Moor, jun. m.a. of Uriel CoUeirp, Oxford. The 
county, Buddlesgate hundred, Winchester petty restisnal j principal landowners are tbe Rt. Hon. Sir William Heath- 
dlTlalon and county court district, and In tbe rural deanery, i cote bart. who is lord of the manor and the Rev. John 
archdeaconry And 'dloceM of Winchester. Tbechurcb of St. | White. The wil is sand and loam; subwll, sand and 
Uark is a Gothic building of considerable beauty, of blue , grayel._ The chief Crops are wheat, barley and oats, Tbn 

brick and stone, and conusts of cbancel and nave : It has 
a ^ate roof and belfry, with an octagonal spire containinft i 
bells: tile church was built at the sole coat of Sir William 
Heathcote hart. : at tbe western entrance of tbe churchyard 
is a fountain, curiously built of atone, with an appropriate 
inscription and surmounted by a ttosa. The ttfnAer dates 
from the year 1841. The living is endowed partly with the 

Moor Rev. John Freweo, Jan. m.a. 

Rowe Tbomas 

White Rev. John, b.a.. Ainpficld house 


Bishop Henry, boot ft shoe maker, ft 

post master 
Capleboni £dward, shoe maker 

Ca(debomQeo.brich ma.ftrrnir.Batlake 
Davys James, tanner 
Oradiilge Joseph, farmer. Lower farm 
Hampton Thomas, farmer 
Hayes Francis, black«mirb 
LaTiagton Hicbd. WhitK Horsn inn 
Melrtme tieorfte, fiirmpr, Kailake &nn 
OBbt Mary (Hra.)> fitnuer, Cuckoo 

area Is 3,676 acres ; and the popniatlon in 1871 was 4S2. 
Parith Clerk, Henry Bishop. 

POST Oppicb.— Henry BI»hop, postmaster. Letters re- 
Mved thronKh Remsey arrive at ga.m. : dispatched at 
0.30 p.m. Hursley Is the nearest money order office 

Seheot, Walter Penn, master 

Owton Frederick, carpenter 
Parker Frederick, grocer ft baker 
Periford Oeo. Earroer, Broadgate thtm 
Poole Mary (Mr8.),fimncr 
Ring Elisabeth (Hta.) 4e Sen, &nnen. 

Chandlers ford 
Sly Stephen, &rmer, Hiltlagbury 

AKPOBT (or Avport St. Mart) la a tillnge and 
parish on the PlUbUl Brook, in the Northern division of 
the county, Andover hundred, petty seaslonaldlvWon, union 
and county court district, rural deanery of Andorer western 
division, and diocese sud archdeaconry of Winchester, 4} 
miles west-by-south fmm Andoter and 71 from London. 
Tbe parish extendi 4 miles to Weat Cfaolderton. The chureb 
of 8L Mary is an andent edifice, and consists of chanoel, 
nave and transepts, with square tower : it has been enlarged 
and restored, aud has several verj- handsome stained win- 
dows, that In tbe cbanctd being In tbe Perpendicular style. 
Tbe register dates from tbe year 1660. The living Is a 
Tlcara;<e, yearly value £7dO, with residence, in the gift of 
the Dean ft Chapter of Chichester and held b) tbe Rev. 
Charlea Buchanan Wollaston, u.a, of Exeter College, 
Oxford, canon of Chichester. Heie isapUee of worship 
for Primitive Methodists. Amport House Is the seat of the 
Han)ulB of Winchester. There Is ua almahouse for six 
widows pf upwards of 50 years of aije, each lomate having 
a bed-room and sitting- room, and other offices, and rectHv- 
ins weekly ten shillings, and clothes, fuel, eoap, candles, 
and medical attendance i the trustees are the vicar of 
Amport and the rectors of Quuley and Thrnxton. The 

Amport Butler Heory, farmer, Gollarda 

Winchester Marquis of, Amport house ; 

ft Is, ilban}, PiccaiUllj w. It 

MThite's, Carlton ft TiaveOera' cluba, 

Loudon 4.10 
Gordon Graham 
Gully Mn. The Lodge 
Knatcbbull Tbe Misses, The I.odge 
Routb Robert Alftvd, The Hra 
Wollaston Uev. Charles Biudianan, 

H.A. [vicar ft canon of ChlcheaterJ, 


Harquls of Winchester, who l« lord of the manor, and the 
trustees of the late Rev. W. KnatchbuH aod R. A. 
Routb eaq. are tbe principal btudowners. Tbe lolI Is very 
light ; subsoil, cbslk. The chief crops are wheat, barley, 
onts and tumlps. The area Is 3,931 acre* ; rateable value, 
£3,147: and the population in 1871 was 671, locluding 
the tithings of Eabt Choldertok arid Sabboh. 

HiDDLBCOT, 4 miles west. Is a tlifaing. East Choi^ 
DERTOif Is a tithing and hamlet, 1 mile north, adjoining 
Thruxlon. Sabson is a tithing adjoining Amport, but 
Including the liamlet of Daksby, which la partly In Apple- 
sbaw pariah. 
ParUh Clerkf Harry Emm. 

Post ft MouBT Obdbb Oppicb ft Savings Bank.— John 
Shave, receiver. Letters arrive by messenger from An- 
dover at 7.30 a.m. ; despatched at 6.35 p.m 
Eeaintrar of Births ir Deaths for SiU^DUtrict 

Ludgerthall & Believing Officer, Herbert Wear, Sarson 
In 1818 a school was erected here by the late Mrs. Sheppard, 
10 which the Rev. Tbomas Sbeppard o.d. added a bequest 
of £40 a year, for tbe education of poor children ; Mn. 
Mary RawllDson, mbtreas 

Grace James, shopke«p«T 
Poore Wm. Klchard, land steward to 
the Marquis of Wlocbester 

Sast Cholderton. 
Oodley Rev. Edward Ulchanl [curate] 
Blackmore Ann (Mrs.), butcher, Mollina 

Heani Qeo. White,farmer,Geoif;1a farm 
Kent Tbomas K. fanner 
Wells William, farmer 
WbUeJofan, White Uorie 


Cole William, shopkeeper 

Ouyatt Samwl Chanel, carpvttw h 

Paiue Henrv, &rmer 
Pike John tiawkios, mUler 
Wear Herbert, registrar of Urdw ft 

deaths for sub-district of Lndgmtaall 

ft rellevlmi officer 
Wheable William, WkUe Hart 


Amiiotbk is an ancient munldpal and parllamentarv 
bmrongh, market and uni<ai town, and atation on the South 
Weateni railway, giving uame to the hundred, and petty 
nalonal diviidon, and Is a polllnir plaee for North Hants : It 
is la tbe rural deanery of Andover wcatern dlrlalou, arch- 

deaeonry and diocese of Winchester, 66^ miles from London, 
18 north-east from ijaliibnry and IB west from Baahig<- 
atoke. The town etands on the ri*er Anion, near thesldtta 
of an exte&alve tract of woodland bndcriiw on tiallabiwy 
plain ; It la principally dlspoaad in three broad streets ; sloee 

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Iheopodiwoi the S.W. rMwky many now bntUinm and a 
dJitrict called Newtown hare ^prullft up In tb« vicinity of 
tka Katioii ; it U well aupplM with waur and ItRbted with 
KM. Sevoral packs of nouoda are kept in tba neighboar> 


Tbt boronith dates Ita Incorporation from the tine of 
Kin; John, atid was reprvaented In Farllainpnt In the rdfcn 
ef the first Edward, but afterwardit anffisred ita privllefi;ee to 
sleep till the 'i7th of Elizabeth, from which period it re- 
lurned iwo meinbrrs until 1867, wbeo the " Reprcaeotation 
of ihe Ptiople Act " rednosd tlie number to one. By the 
bform Act, 1832, Foxcotte and Knivbt'a Eabam were 
added to the parliameiiUiry horoush. AsdoTM givea the 
title of ViKonut to the Earl of Suflolk. 

The corporaiioa eon^U of a inayoT^ 4 aldermen and 12 
council lors : it baa a separate court of quarter aeMiona and 
nmmissioii of the peace. A burial board consI«tla{|r of 7 
Bifbers was fomud in 1869. 1 be cemetery la at the north 
end of the town, adjoinir g the cliurcb ; ii is about 4 acres 
inotent and has a chapel fur the use of Noneonformistt, 
aad an excellent mortuarj-. 

The dinreb of St. Hary Is a liandsome and spacJous 
•dSee, eiHited at a coat aT nearly £30,000. and at the 
•xpease of the late Bev. William 8tanlf7 Goddard d.d. 
loraeriy bead master of Winchester CoU^ : it ia In the 
Eariy Enalijih atyie, and eonsisls of chancel, na*e and 
■Mss, with a loftj tower (with eroeketed plnBaelea)^ which 
coolaliii a peal of 8 belli and a elodt, uid la a conivieuoiia 
ohtaetfron all parte of the Delgtabourhood : the (Aureb will 

atrcat every Monday. The jritr mat^tet* on FHday, ia baM 
at the Masons' Arms, Winchester •tre<>t. There is a sheep 
fair on tbel7tb November and a wool fair on the last Friday 
in June. The proximity of W^Uli fair, about 3| mUes 
weat, contrihiitea materially to tba commarelal pmqwrity ol 
Andover : thia blr, one of the largeat Id the eiuuty, is 
veiled by fafmen from almost eiery part of England. 
There are also two very consiiierable aliecp fiilra IwU at 
Applesfaaw, J}} miles north-west from Andnver. 

At the fo.)t of Bury Mill, on the Pillhill Brook, are the 
M'aterloo foundry and Ironworks, conducted by Hesars, 
Tasker and ^ons, |]^neral engineers^ ironfMinders and agri- 
cultural Imphsment manufacturers. There are breweriea 
and two banlts. 

Catherine Hanson, In 1370, approbated an acre at 
ground as a walk, planted with trees^ for tba recreation 
of the townspeople. 

The Roman road from Wlneheater to Cirencester passed 
near Andover, and ia still tUible In Uarewood, near Wher- 
well; and the Portway crosses this road to the north. A 
Roman station Is supposed to have existed here, a sappoal- 
tion which acquires a probability from the remalnaof aeveral 
Roman encarupments In the immediate nelgbbouriiood, and 
of a large one on the sonrolt of Bury Hill, about S mHea 
south-west. Folksbury, or Baiksbury. is a Itfge camp, 1 
mile soatb-wesL The Devil's Ditch is 3 miles north-west. 
On Danebury Hill, a long elevated ridge which termioales 
In a lofty beadlaod overlooking Salisbury, is a complloatad 
clreular eutieneluaentt with very high ram parte; and near 

bold abont &30 ; the seaU are all firee : In the galisrlsa are i It are several barrows, one of them c«iied Canute'* Barrow 

the remains of tao curious tombs, taken mim ti» old 
cbsreh, wb'ch Itaie bt«B restored, one representtng a male 
sad temale kneellnir, «1th a tonb between then ; the other 
bssoa the left the flaure<rfa man seated: on the right are 
seven flgnres Inwellng; an InKrlption underneath bears 
date 1611 : there are aaveral very handsome suined windowa, 
two being in memory of the Goddard and Gales famillea : 
the organ is a flne one, and stands In a chapel erected from 
designs by W. Wliite «sq. P.S.A. under whose dfrectton the 
whole chuKb has been tborougiily rtrfltted. The roister 
dates from the year 1S80. The living Is a vicfirage, wiih 
Foxeotte chapelry annexed, tithes commuted at £670,la the 
gift of Wlaebuter College and held by the Rev. Charies 
Collier H.A. ^ni(y College, Dublla and ad tundem of 
Oxford, F.8.A. surrogate. 

The Free Grammar School, founded In 1668, has an en- 
dotrment (^£30 yearly and a house, where ten twya of the 
town are educated free of cost : there Is also a sofaocd for 
tweuty poor children, founded by Jolm Pollen esq. endowed 
with a liouae and £10 a year. 

Ad|oiali« tlie chureb, a school-boose has been erected by 
Bin M. Gal« and endowed with £10.000 £3 per cent. 
Consols; part Is used as an Inf'int school and tlieotl>er part 

Another camp occupies the summit ol Quarley Hill, also on 
the borders of the plain and 8 miles west froin AmJover, and 
various tumuli are scattered orw iu nelirbboBrbig downs. 

The Mayor and Corporation are lords of the manor. Tba 
principal landowners are the Bari of Portsmouth, Colonel 
William Henry Earia, Albemarle Dewar, Frederick Bilen, 
R. D. Walbey, Alfred Butterwortb, William Fowie and J. 
P. Good eaqrs. 

The area is 8^ aeres ; rateable value, £-23,439 ; the 
population in 1871 was— of the parlsli and municipal borongh, 
5^1, and of the parliamentary borough, fi,744, which In- 
eludes 67 In Poxootte parish and 176 In Knight's Eoham 
parish ; and of the Local Board district, 4,105. 

ParUh Clerk ff Organist, John WUliam Chnter. 

HATaBRDKB ia a hamlet, 3 miles nsrth. By an order in 
Couaeil, dated Uaj 7, 1868, all parts itt tba parisb of An* 
dover nurtb at the doutb Western nllwav ware formed into 
an independent ^slrict^ named the dutrict diapelry of 
Christ Church Smannell with Hatherden: Sniannell was 
separated from Hatberden In 1873. Christ Chutteh Is a 
modem fllnk and brfek building, and eonsists ai cluwed and 

u a School of Industry, In which a limited number of girls 1 „ave, with bdi tunwt and 8 bells. Tlie rMrister dalM from 
m malntalaed, clothed and educated. Here are likewise | (he yew 1858. The living is a vicarage, yearly value 
VitiaMd and Britidi schools for boys and glrU, and finir £1*8 net, in the gift of the HUhop of Wincliester and bald 

Dissenting places of worship. 

The Bapust chapel Is a handwrne building of stone and 
white brick, with two stone porticoes and a circular stained 
•rtatdoi " " 

by the Rev. George Allen Procter m.A. of Trinity College, 
Dublin. Hera is a Free school for S4 poor children of 

^ ., . I .... . , Hstlierdeo and WlWhern, endowed by James Lamboome 

TOdow. built in 1806 by public subscriptloa, at a coat of („ 1725 with £30 a year. Tlie principal landowners are 
'^'S**^""' „ . ». u • ^ J. ^ ^ i Alfred Butterwortli, Colonel Earie t Tliomai Child. The 
The Cottage Hospital in the Jonrtlon road U a handsome | ar,.. i» S,9M ao«a; the popuUUon In 1871 was 321. Wild- 
ndlffidt building; It tias erected In 1876, at a cost of over hbrk, 3 miles north ftom Andover, U in this parish; 

£2,000, chiefly through the liberality of Sir Chariea Pressly 
x.c.B. Henry Thompson esq. and the late Mr. William 
Que, and ta supported by voluntary contributioas. 
There are almsbouaes for six poor men, originally fonnded 

here is a Wealeyan Hethodbt chapel. 

Su AHiTBLL ia a hamlet, 9i miles nortb-east, formed into 
a separate ecclesiastical pariah in 1876. Christ Chareh, a 

in 1686 by John Pollen esq. formerly one of the representa- luodrrnbuildlngof flint and brick,eon*bts of nave and north 
tlveaoftbis boiougli ; also almshouses for tour aged women •^K «iti> bell turreu The living Is a Ticerage, yaarly 
and another for four women, called Spital Almahooses. . ^alue £110, lu the gift of the Bishop of WinebeslOT and 
Cbarilka producing £900andistribnledyeuir,andanotlter I lieldby the Rer. John SamuelJuoea. Here ia a national 
lor four wonea, endowed with 3s. 6d. a week, ritnau In the school anpported by the Dewar endowment of £36 per 
Comauni Aer«. 1 annum. Littls Lonnon, 3} mlias north ; and Wood- 

Tbe spacious Town ball, erected in 1825, at a coat of hoi;»b (or Woodbamo), 3 mUes north, are ha«lelB In the 
£7,000, sunds an arches and is a atone bnliding In the PuMi of amannall. The nrinclpal landowners are Mn. 
Classical style ; the large room Jo capable of seathig 300 Longman, Colonel Earia fc Hi. Georfco Thomaa Tabor j tba 
perMma and ia uaed fnr concerts, lectures and meetings; it nrea Is 8,961 aeres ; the pOpoUtlonIn 1871 waa4O0. 

2'J!li^*IiJl'^''''*"!T'''K!'*''l'' '^"'f»'<^"y'»'] Ea»t AHTOdhSmlleinorthjFtBKLBT.Smllesnortb. 
MisiDsea,and other rooms : the borougli sessions are lield in ' . h*ra>m. 
h qnarttflv and the borough maghitrates meet on the flrat , «»» J " "nWi. 

and third Monday in the month. 

CnARLTON , 1) nilea north - west, where there la a place 

A com market is held every Friday under the Town hall, of worabip for Primitive MethodiaU, a Hisalon ball and 
A naikct for the sale of tat and store stock is held in Bridge , a National school, ia a baalet in the pariab of Andovn. 

Oiaoial XrtabUahmeiita, Local Xnstitutioiu ftc. 

PooTfc MoirBTOBDBR&TBLEoaAPB Otfi OB, Saving! I 1.56 p.m.; ntght ndl for London it all other ptaees at 
Bank tt Government Annuity Ic Insurance Office.— ! 8.30 p.m. Money orders are granted & paid batween 9 
Charles Tredgold, postmaster, High street. Letters are : «t 6.p.m _ 
dlspatehed by day mall for London It all plaeaa north of j Post Oppiob, CharUon.>-John Clark, reenver. Lettcra 
LBodni, it Wales, Ireland It Scotland at lOJO. a.m. it | arrive tbrongb Andover at 6.30 a.m. } dlspatobsd 8.4C 

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Wai.1. Box.Wej'bUl nmd/cleCTed at 13^ p.iD. A 7.80; 

UEHVsa or PARLiAxvNT^Uest.-CoI. H*«iy Wdlai- 
ky, CanlMtt park, Andorer ; & 37 Bill Btxmi, Beikeley 
■qutve w. ft Qonds' dnb, L»iutMi t.w 

Jtttuminff Qjfftcer, The Msjor, 


Secobdbr, William WaJdron Rtvenhfll esQ 
Nayob,, Edward Reynolds esq 

Henry HammaDS | William Henry PtrscmB 

Chirles Herbert ' Robert Dowling 


Henry Pratt Moore 
George Clarke 
Thomas Henry Edward 

John l>eTon Cnldecott ' 
George Cnrito 

Sorouffk TVmrmrer, Samael 

AI£red Reeks 
Fraocla Samel Shaw 
Frederick John Ash 
Thomas Butt 
John Thomas WooJs 
Geon^e HayM 
Shaw, High street 

Town Clerk, lUehard Footno-, Briitee street 
Soreugh Surveyor t Inspector, Alnm) Poriteas, East st 
Borough Coronsr, Htny Footaer, Bridge street 

BoKonon Mahtbtratbs. 

Hemy Thompma est) 
Jabet Henry Elliott esq 
WHIim Henn Puwaeen 
ncdniok BUed Mq 

The Sf iTor 

Hmry Pntt Mom esq. (ez- 

Twrmer Poutter Clvke esq 
Gltes Westbwy esq 
ThonMBHeirdBlorllmoK esq 

CUrk, Harry Pootnpr 

Attistant Cterk, Rieband Footaer 

CouHTr Maoistratbb vos thr Ansotek Pbttt 

Sbbsioval Oitision. 
Winchester the Host IToble the Uarquis of, Amport St. 

Mary'a, AndoTf r 
Portsmon th the Bight Hod. Ibe Earl of, Sursthonmfl park, 

Beet Thomas esq. Red RIm, AadoTer 
Best Rev. Thomas, Red Rice, Andorer 
Earle Col. William Henry, High street, Aodover 
Irenonger William Henry esq. Middletos, Whitchurch 
Marsh Matthew H«Hryesq. RamrMfie, Aiidover 
Hawker Peter James Duff esq. Hurstboume Priors, Whit- 

HamptaeiT Kr Wm. Henry hart. Pentoa lodge, AndOTer 
Heatn Alua B<wmaii eaq. Paocombe, AwbTsr 
Clerk, Thomas Lamb esq 

PettT Sessiuns are held at Mr. Thomas Lamb's offices, 
Hlj^h street, every alternate fWday. The following 
places are isdnded in the Petty Sessional Dlvlsien: — 
Abbotfs Ann, Amport, Appleshaw, Barton Stacey, Bnl- 
Ungton, Chiibotton, Foxeotte, Fyfield, Goodwortti, Clnt- 
fom, Qrately, Hnntboume Priors, Hurstboume Tar- 
rant, Kimpton, Kniirhts Enham, Leekfnrd, Longparlsh, 
Lonestoek, Liokenfaolt, Monxton, Nether Wallw, Over 
Wallop, Penton Grafton or Weybfll, Penton Atewsey, 
Qnarlcy, Shipton Bellinger, South TIdworth, TaagleT, 
Tbaxton, Upper datfird, Ventaams Dean ft wberwcli 

Ikbcbakcb AasNTs:— 

Commeraal Union, W. Stare 

Seenomie lafe, W. B. Madgwkk, Biidge street 
' lAmdon Auurance Corporation, Reynolds ft Worsam, 
Bridge street 

JVatiemal Protiident InaiituHen, Q. Clark, High street 

yorurich Union, W. H. Parsoas, Hlg^atceet 

Plumix Fira, T. Lamb, High street ; W. Wwida, Hig^ at 

Quern, B. A. Atkins. Hl|^ street 

Jto^al, J. Moore, High srroet 

Jtoyat Exehemge, J. Smi^, High street 

Scottieh Widotn^ Funtf , T. H .B. Comfibon, Thrazdon 6omn 

Sti^brdahtr* mrt, A. Purites^ Bast atnet 

Sun Ftro, H. Footaer, Bridge st. ; P. H. Poofs, High st 


County Court, Town ball, Patrick MarcellhtBS Leonard 
esq. Judge ; Harrv Footner, ra^strar and liigh bailiff- 
The eoonty eoart Is held at theTown hall every month ; 
the distrEct comprises the following places : — ^Abbott's 
Ann, Amport, Andorer, Appleshaw, Barton Btaoey, 
Bideden, mnlty, BulHngton, Charlton, C)iilbolton,Chste, 
ChniTllle, Goodworth Clatford, Clatford Upper, Cold 
Henley, Conholt, Cottage End, Cottenwortti. Ounley, 
Baft Cholderton, Eggbnry, Faccombe, Flflelo, Porton, 
Foxcotte, Freefoiic, Pullerton, Gralely, Matherden, Hunt- 
beame Priors, Harstbonme Tarrant, Kimpton, King's 
Enham, Knight's Biiliam, Linkenholt, Little Ann, Little 
• London, Littleton, Ltrngjiarlsb, Lndger^ll, Monxton, 
HaUens Poad, Hewtoo Btaoey, Northiagbon, Pentoa 

GfaftOB, Penton Mcwaey, PiU D»wd, Quarley, Redds»> 
bam, Be<l Rice, St. Asrv BBnme, Harson, 8bintoa, 
Shoddesden, Satannell, &OHthington, Sioke, Stone 
Hanger, Tanglcy.Teeteombe Bridge, Thrazton, THd worth 
North, Tidworth Snuth, Tafton, Uptan, Vrnibam, 
Weehe, Westorer, Weyhili, Wharwdl, Wkltcbweh, 
WUdhcm, Woodcnt, Woodfaoasa. 

^fftsc Cj^e«, Chantry street, Rabcrt Bant, aBparf bar; 
J. H. Ftomrng, offleer 
Miuieum, Bridge street 

PoHet Station, Wincbcater street, George Mtnlraai, anpt 
Stamp OMee, Highstrset, Prcdk.J. Bmwne, distrltotor 
Reading Seomo ^ Library, Bri^ street, Charlea Stoat. 


AlfDOTBR ir»ioi». 

The Andover Union comprises the following places: — 
Abbott's Ann, Amport, Andover, Apsleehaw, Barton 
SUcey, BulliiiRton, Chllbolton, Faccombe, Fexcotta, Fy- 
field, Goodworth CJatford, Orately. Hurstboume Tar- 
rant, Kimpton, Knight's Enham, Loagparlsh, Unkenholty 
Penton Grafton or Weyblll. Penton Hewsey, Quarley, 
Shipton BelUnffer, South Tklworth, Tangly, Thiuton, 
Upper aalford, Vernharoa Dean, Wberwell: Tat«able 

. value, £110,148. The: Workbottse is a brick building, aoA 
consists of main buildings and two wisfcs; tbfc groenda 
oocupy 4 aores : there is mi inflmary, built of Iron, in the 
rear nr lofuctioaa disease* 

Board day, friday. 
Clerk, Tlioniafl Lamb, esq 

Ageistant Overseers g- Collectors, Frederick William Stare, 
Upper Clntforil, for Abhctt'a Ann & Upper Cla^rd ; 
Walter Fuller Wear, Andover ; Charles Baichelor, Hurst- 
boumeTarrant: WiiliBmTovey,jun. Longparishj Henry 
Wheeler, Ternhami Dean 

Relieving fir Vaccination OMeers, District No. 1, John 
Coster, Charlton, fur Alndover, Apple»haw, Enham 
Knight.s, Foxcotte, Penton GraiVon, Penton Mewsey. 
District No. 2, George Sia(w, Ibtlwrp, for Faccombe, 
Hurstboume Tarrant, Linkenholt, Tani{Iey, Vemham'* 
Dean. District No. 3, J<^n Hodaway, Lonj^arixh, fur 
Abbott's Ann. Barton Sta4»y, BuIliDirton, Chilbolton* 
Goodworth Clatford, LongparlshjUppar Clalford, Wber- 
well. District No. 4, Herbert Wear^ Saraon, Amport, 
for Amport, Pyfleld, Grately, Kimpton, Mo&xtoo.^urley, 
Shipton, Tidworth {Sooth), Thruxton 

Medienl Officers^ Diitrict No. 1, Septimus Brigvs Fnrr, 
Andover, fbr Andover, Abbott's Ann, Enham Knights, 
Fbxcotte. District No. S, Jabes Henry Elliott, Andover» 
for Chilbolton, Goodworth Clatford. LongpaTi:<h, Upper 
CIatfi)rd, Wberwell. District No. 3, Julian Willis, Sut- 
ton Sestney, for Barton Stocey, Bullington. District No. 
4, C. Victor Helsdon, Weyhfll, for Penton Grafton, Pen- 
ton Mewgey, Shipton, Tidwftfth (South). DIsirlct Ho. 5, 
William John Henry Lush, Fifield, W Appleshaw, Am- 
port, FyfleM, Grately, Kimpton, Monxton, Quarley, 
Thruxton. District No. 6, Jolm Henry Gihnonr. HuMt- 
boiime Tarrant, fur Faccombe, Hnrstboarne Ttztant, 
Linkenholt, '^ni^lev, Vernham's Dean 

Superintendent Registrar, Thorns* Lam)) esq 

Registrars nf Births ^ Deaths, Edward BeynoMa, And- 
over; Aueuatus Horrell, Hurstbonroe; John Rodawa^', 
Longparlsn ; Herbert Wear, Ludgershan 

RegiMtrar of Marriages, Reuben Cross 

Workhotm, Herbert Mnsselwhite, master; Rev. Charles 
Collier; chaplain; Septimus BrigKS Farr, soT^geon, Sirs. 
Amelia Husaelwmte, aiatroD 


Clerk, Thocoas Lamb 

Msdieml Officer, Septinas Briggs Fan> 

Inspector Ntueances, George Hayter Stags 

Ubbbn Savitakt Aotbobitt. 

Treaererer, 9amad Show, High street 

Clerk, Richard Foocner, Bridire street 

Medical Officer, Septirans Brifrgs Farr, Cliantry street 

Swrweyorfr In^ipeetor of Nuisances, Mtred Purkess,Baatst 

Cotkemr, Walter Fuller Wear, High street 

Clerk ^ Registrar, lUchard Footner 
Keeper efCemaUsry, Bdvaxd Anthony 

Public Opptcbrs ;— 

Clerk to the Commiesioners of Land Sr Afse^sett Taxes, 
to the Income (f Property Tax CommiesioneTS, Clerk 
to the Ittffhvmjf Board ^ Clerk to the At t e e eme n t 
Committeef nonaa Lamb, High street 

Digitized by 




Vertrg Clerk, Richard L. Thorpe, Briftffe strwt 
Clerk »f ih» Pencit, Thomas Lsmh, Hiirh rtraet 
Clerk to the Hmrini Board, RIebin] Pnntii«r, Briilire it 
Trmmtrtr t9 the Clarify Trueteee, Pliilip Hnry Poore, 

Miriwt fimx : Clerk, Rtchftrd P«otDer 
Meadle^ Clerk of the Mitrket,3»». Anlhoirr, Nnbary Bt 
Surveyor of Taxee, i . Wanwnrht Wlnrhwier 
Sitrvetror to Hightety Board, Qeo. H. St^g, Adelaide nl 
Sheriff"* OJ/leer, Jirtm Mook, fTKtti 
Intpeetor n Waght* i Memmtm j Inspector e/lfui- 

avNm. Alireri Piirkas, EeM street 
TffWM Crier, George Mftjcoefc, Hew»treet 
PwbHf Analytt Jor the Borough k County, Atlhnr 

Angell pIld. 4 Portland temee, Hoataunplon 
ScBOOLS : — 

Grammar^ New ■tTfet, Rev. AHNd Davie* Cope v. a. 

maater; Rer. Hetirr Mares.A. sfMislant n.Mter 
S^teol of Tndn»try{fn/tiliii\.%), Mtn LocyBHcoek, miatreai 
Infant, Chureli htlt, Hi*. B. Bmraley, mtotresB 
Ntitinwt, Bart atreet, Hmt; Arrwd, mauler; Charln 

RattenbDrj, aariatant meater ; Miu BIfza Brings, mrs- 

tma; Hlai LnnlM PhilBmore, tnfiints' mistr^w 
British, Jamee Clarlnon Hason, master; Ml<» Matilda 

Elizh.Ho1liihiy,niistraNi HfaaesrahPowcn^ln&iitB' mittts 
Free, Hatlientes, Wv. Aim Sleel, miatrem 
BHdmoed, Smannell. Mlaa Braily Kite, mlatRaa 
National, CharitoH, Hiaa MoraDt, nistreu 
KsvaPArate: — 

Andowr Chrontr h, Miaj (Ftadfc. iohn Jttmea Bmrae, 
pnMbher), HlgiiBtreet 
Railvat Statiow*:— 

AndoKor Jttnetioti f Andmer Ttmn, CSiariM Baiaten, 
•tatien maatrr 


Onniboaes from the Star A^irter hotel to JnoeUmi station 
to meet erery train 
Carbisks (wirfa the plaiMiQi^ go te, Idiu Ui^ atartfrom 
k days of d<>p8rtare) : — 

ABBfnrT'0 AiTK — Perritt, * CSieqnera,' wed. * M. at 3 p.m 

AUPORT— Piper, .^fwlnn, non. \ni\. fri. jc sat 
Appi<b8RAW— Jefferies, 'Qeorge/ wed. ft frt.; l>wla, 
Ifew Inn, fH 

BRonnnTON — John Morgan, Tfew inn, fri 
Childolton — Baiter, ' Wellington,' Uies. !c fri 
Bartox Stacbt — WebbjJ KiuK'a Head,' tues. & fri 
BAStHGSTOKB— Penny, Globe,' fri 
CoLLtNGBOURNB— Ralph, * Qlobe,' fil.; Smith, Vtm 
Inn, fri 

Chcte— 3milh, New Inn, fri 
CoMBB— Fanlkittr, 'Globe,' fri 
Ftpibld — Piper, ITew inn, non. we<l. fri, ft aat 
HuBSTBOURNB Pbiorb— Lawlev, ' Cluiuiuni,' fri 
Hl'rstbol'kkb Tabrabt— Laiabden, < Cliaquem,* wad. 
ft fri 

Imilpbs— Faalkaer, ' Globe,' (H 

^UNGacLEBB — Carter, ' Globe,* frtdur 

LoHOi'ARiaH — fjimina, 'King's HcAd,' tuea, AM.; 

Watts, * Fbrvftera' Anna,' wed. ft aaL ; Webb, 'Kkag'* 

Haad,' ton. ft « 

I.uD«BR«iRAi,i^Braniea, New tern, M 
Marliioroit»h — Beale, 'Olobe,' fri 
MosxTOM — Piper, Mew Inn, raon. wed. fri. ft aat 
ItKVBCRT — Pauihaer, 'Globe,' fri.; f^nbden, *'01w- 
quers/ rnon. ft ihorn. ; Penny, ' Globe,' fri 
Pbktos — ieReries; ' George,' fri 
PawsBT— Cook, * Chequers,' tnes. ft M 
BALI8B17RT — Pfpei^ New Inn, tnes 
SfiiPTOic— Byleis Hew Inn, IH 

St. MAKTBOiTRKB—Kellr, 'Globe,* tMB. ft fri.} ImnOKf, 
* ABgei.'fti 

Thruxton— Piper, New Inn, man. wad. M. ft lat 
Tbdworth— EyIea, New Ian, Wed ft fri 
Ybrnrah — Chflndler,* Globe,' fri 
WbyhilIi— Jefieries. 'George,' wed. ft fri 
Wallop— MM^nn, New Ina ; ft Paricr, * Globe,' frt 
Whbr w>, * Wellington,' tnev. ft fil 
WmcmaTBlt— Gnek, •PoreatePs' Arms,' wed. ft sat 
Wb ITCH 0acH— Carter, ' Globe,' fri. ; Penny, ' Glebe,' fr 


Aanett Henrr Artiinr, Weacon road 
Baker Hts. New street 
Banksllrs. Hope Title, Newtown 
ttael^ Oeorge Henry, B«-ldge rtmt 
Barnes John. Chantry street 
Buion Rev.Hy.ll. >. A. [cerate], 
Batt Alfred William, BaatSeM ruad 
Batt Mlas, Western rosd 
BattHra. Eastflddnad 
Brown Misa, New street 
Brown RMwni, H^h street 
Birant William Pnrehas, Douglas ho. 

Louden street 
Bnrna Roae, Western road 
Batt Thomas, Adelaide road 
Csldeeott John Deron, Lnndon street 
Chfitcr John Willlani, Ifigh street 
ObA William, High street 
Clarice Mrs. Rose cottage, Adelaide rd 
Clarke Tamer Ponlter j.p. We«tem n) 
CirilferRev. Chaa. H.A.,p.s.A.Vtearage 
Conpton 'Pfaonas Henry Sdwd.Hfghat 
Cope Rer. AHM Owiea k.a. [head 

master orGmrnmar seboo)]. New at 
Coideaait 'nw.9anByB(de,Wini'faeater rd 
CoE Mrs. Winchester street 
DsTiaen HareU Selby, Bridge street 
Davison Joaepb, Briqgeelteet 
I>owHBg Mrs. O. Weatem road 
Dowllac Rehert, Western ntd 
Barle Col. William Henn J.P. Hteh st 
Barie Mrs. High street 
Bdwerds Rev. Thomas Bdward Mlnlt 

[Congrvgationai ], New street 
Ellen Frederick 7. P. Baetfleld h'>iMe 
Ellni Frederieli Charle*, EnstMeM hoase 
Elliott Predtrirk Hawes, Lon>ion etreet 
SIHott Jabn Ht^ry j.p. London 'street 
Etwsli Hianen, New street 
Parr SeptfmiM Briftga, Chantry hiuse 
Piggeas Urs. Laora plaee, Leadoarread 
Peotner Harry, Hillside 
Pbotner Riehanl, Bridge sitaet 
Good John Patten.Down ho.London rd 
Goodall Misi>,Pavey'sf.inn 
Oae Heary, East street 
Qnyatt Mn. Lmdon street 

Harrison Mrs. Jancttea road 

Hailer Rev. Joseph rBapttatJ, Bast at 

Hawkins Benjamin, Western road 

Herbert Charles j.p. Bastanton 
Hooper Alfred Frederick, Lnndon street 
Jonas George Waldron, High street 
Jiidd James Thomas, Jancuon road 
Kellow Charles Walter, Bridge street 
King Edwin, Chorefa Mil 
King Mrs. Bdward, Janctlon read 
Ltmb Thoinas, The Elms 
Lnn»ley George, Heath he. London st 
LaUkaat Robert Unma'', High Street 
Lock Mrs. East street 
Longman Mrs. Plnkley honm 
Midhtne Manrlce WeiByes> Boynton 

lod;!pe. New street 
Mills Mrs. London street 
Moore Mrs. Clianrry street 
Horttmora Thoe. Hesr^ j.p. Winton pi 
Oram James, Bridge street 
Parsons W'm. Hy. j.p. Newhnry lodgn 
Poore Philip Hy. Highffeld, Western rd 
Preody John, (>omindl ho. Western nl 
Reynolds George Kossath, Bridge eat 
Satehfl John Psyne, Lonwm road 
Shaw FrancfoSamnel, Jnnctien road 
^kelton Hiss, London street 
Smhh Rev. Aaron [Primitive Metho- 
dist], Chantry street 
SmlUi John, Hirii street 
Stoddard Mn. Portiaad hone* 
Thompson Co). Cherlci, Hareweotl 

house, London road 
Tbompeon Henry, Bridge street 
Thorpe Richard L. Bridge etrret 
Vineeat Hemy Beckley, Walnut oot- 

taga, Salisbury road 
WatDon Albert, UHlway hoase 
Weatbory Giles, The Knoll 
Wheeler Mrs. I^nra piftce, London rd 
Wickham Wilfred Q. Douglas house, 

London street 
Wiltshire Edward, High street 
Wyatt Mrs. London street 
Allnm Anne (Mrs.),iireflsma.Chantry st 
Andovvr Advertieer (fri<tay) (James 
Charles Holmes, publisher), High st 

Andovorif Weyhill Horm Co. Urn. 

horse dealers (Geo. Lnnelq', man. ;. 

Thos. Lamb, see.). London street ; ft 

at Weyhlll ft Crieklewood, M kldlesex 
Andover Chromele (Predeiick John 

Jas Browne, pubH*her), Hiffh street 
Andovor Cottage flomiial ( Rev. A. p. 

Cope, hon. sec. ; Hiss Eaaton, lady 

snnerintendent), Junction read 
A Htbver Oat(f CokeCo. (Horry Foot- 

ner, seeretery). Bridge street 
Andover Water Workt Co. Lim. (P. 

J.J. Browne, secretary), Hirh street 
Annett Henry Arthur ft ^on, builderr, 

9npers lane 
Anttumy Jeraes, beadle ft clerk to the 

market, Newbury street 
Archer Charles, cou ft wood nerehaat, 

C^atry street 
Ash Prederiek J<din, dmpc^ High st 
Attwood William, cooper. High street 
Ball Emmannel,narineetorealr.Newst 
Barehay George Henry, manager to 

London ft Goanty Bank, Bridge at 
Barnes John, gmeer. New sticet 
Barratt Jakes, boat maker, Baatetreet 
Bartlett William, baker ft shopkeeper^ 

MarihoroHsh street 
Batt Alfred Wm. arrbitoet, BastflM rd 
Beale Prmk, buHder. EaM slreec 
Beare RrAert, boot maker. Bast strael 
Beare VVilllam George, pianoforte tnner. 

Bridge street 
Beck John, ptarabenk glmier,I.ondon st 
Bennett Jna. MeleBmth.ftM!himgr.Ht,st 
Bennett Wm. tehr.of imaic, Junctkmrd 
Best, Frederick, bM^rh-^, Hich stnet 
Bett e rti4 guO«or g c ,ftew»fta«iyrtWi*rwi#» 

Whwnmter armet 
Blaekmere Tfaos. ehopiipr. Ailelaide pi 
Blake WllHam, shoplneptr, Barlowa la 
Btnnchard Hen. bakarft greeer, IHghst 
BloxhamWilliamFluherbett, maltster, 

WIMon plaee 
Braeher wm. fcirmer, Bsstantoa ftrm 
Braml^TW. watch Jscloek nia.Hlghst 
Brazier Sarah Antt(Mr80) druanaker. 

High, street 
BrocK Thomas, eaddler. High street 

Digitized by 





Broekway WllUun, Junction jnn, 

Junetlna road 
Brook Hchd. cattle dir. Fnulknen down 
Brown Geo. Wm. cabinet tna. Hinh st 
Browne Frdk. Jhn. Jaa.lH>ok«llHr,Hi.Bt 
Bneklatid Landar, draper, Hjifti itreet 
Bull Luke, ehimmv gweeper, New at 
Bulpit George, Rvd Lion, London nt 
Bunce John, shopkMper, New etrettt 
Barley George, linen draper & outfitter. 

High atrast 
Caldecott Joba Devon, com merchant, 

London street 
Callow Henry, seedeman, Wlncheatemt 
Capital Countia Bank {branrh) 
(George WaldronJonea,nian,), High 
Itreet ; draw on head office, London 
Chandler John Edward, marine store 

dealer. East street 
Cheris Jama, hair dreaaer k Jeweller, 

High street 
Chlddy H illiam, carpenter t whtO- 

wrlght, The Acre 
Child Cbas. refreshment rmi. London at 
Chitty William, boot maker. Bridge st 
Chitty WlllUm, Jun. boot maker, 

Winchester street 
Church qf England Temperance rt- 

frethment rooms. Union street 
Chuto' John William, protestor of fflosic 

& organist. High street 
Clark Henry, beer retdler, London st 
Clark WiD.gTOcer & brewer, St agent for 
W. ft A. Oilbey, wine k a^rit mer- 
cbanta, Hlgli stroet 
Clarice Arthur, gnn ma. Winchester at 
Clarke Tunua- Poultar, land ngant, 

Western road 
Cockings John WAodward, watch ft 

clock maker, High street 
Cole Lewis, cabinetmaker, High street 
CoMwook Henrv (exon. of), farmers 
ft timber murctiauts, Batchelorv bam 
Coles Mary Ann(Mr8.), Star^ Garter 

hotel, High street 
Comfort Ellxaheth (Mri.), atraw bonnet 

maker. High strret 
Compton Thomaa Henry Edward, com 

merchant, HighBtrevt 
Cook Cbarlea, draper, Higbstreet 
Coombs Ororge, shopkeeper. New st 
Cornelius Harry, boot maker, London st 
Cross Charles, blacksmith, Adelaide rd 
Cross Renben, brewer. Chantry street 
Curtis Geo. brener, Adelaide brewery 
Daris Dml.JilackgiHUhe'A r»)«,New at 
Daviaooa', eatate ft brmers' agen ts, sur- 

Tevors ft valuers. Bridge street 
Dartion Harold Suby, auelnr. Bridge At 
DeaneAnn ftSon,carjMatenfttiirnien, 

Wincheater atraet 
Daane Sewior Annie (Ulas), droM 

maker, Winchester atreet 
Dore David, naturalist, High street 
Dowling Henry, grootr. Bridge street 
DowllngRbUwIneft spirit owr. Hi^ at 
Dowlbig "niomw, gtmeral IronmoMer, 

Uugey Geo.furnliutedaoler, Hlah street 
Edmunds John, Ironmonger, High «t 
Edwards Henry, grocer, Wiiwheslar st 
Elgie Sophia Olra.), hardwan dealor. 

Bridge street 
Ellen Frederick ft Son, snctioneera, 
general valuers, land, houie, estaieft 
commission agents. The Auction Man 
Elliott Frederick Augustus, farth«i- 

ware dealer, Winchester street 
Elliott Fredk.H a wesjsurgeon, London st 
Elliott Jabez Uy, surgeon, London st 
Eyiea Geinge Charle*, builder, con- 
tractor ft surreyor, The Acre 
FarrSeptimus Briaga,«ut^.Chantry ho 
Feltham BlltarMra.), -Sa^bjChantry st 
Flander Wm. Borbugh Amu, The Acre 
Figgess Wm. King, hair dreaser.HIgh at 
Flamiiq; James Hare, Inland revenoe 

officer, Junction road 
Footner ft 8on (Harry ft Richard), ao* 
Udtora, Brldgs street 

Fouthrop Thomas, cutler. High street ' 
Fox Freilerick, flshmonginr. East street 
F»x Wm. watch maker, Winchester st 
Fry CorneUus ft iton, bolidoa, Port- 
land place ; 
Fry Emma (Mrs.), bnuh ft basket 
dealer. Market place ) 
Gamester Walter, Angel, High street i 
Qsmmidge Lydla Norton (HImi), ladie*' , 
school. East aireet j 
Gates Rbt.veterinary snrgeon.Bridge st , 
Qodden Elizabeth (Miss), ttncy re- 
pository, High street . i 
Gooddeo George JaiiiesRandall,SM<fDA 
hotel. Western road i 
Ooodluek Wm. Elephant inn. New st ' 
Goodwin PMk.hakerft^«pkpr.Highst < 
Goutd Robert Geow A.l*.8. laiuily ft 
di«pensing diemlat ft druggist. Mar- 
ket place 

Oradldge ft Son, ehemiata. High street 
Graves Richard Ashby, assistant mana- 
ger to HoTW Co. litndon street 
GregoryJane(Mrs,),ladles' sch.Lndu.rd 
Hammans Henry, brewer, maltster ft 
wine ft spirit merchant, East Street 

Harris Blsh.( Mrs.), bakn- ft grcr. East st 
Harris Geome, baiter. High street 
Harvey William, tailor. High street 
Hawkins ft Clarke,linen drprs. Bridge st 
Hawkins BenJ. timber mer. Western rd 
Hawkins Barbara Sharp {Un.),Lamb 

inn, Wlnehasler street 
Hayes George, linen ft woollen draper, 

rilghstwJt ^ 
Haaa Uanry, groow ft baker, Win- 
chester street 
Heap John, fitrmer, nutlkner'a down 
Uendy Edward Francis, bootmaker, 

London xtreet 
Herbert Charles, farmer, Eastanton, ft 
land ft estate agnt. ft surveyr. HIghst 
Hewett Joseph Gnce,iaddler, BrMge st 
Hillary Wm, com merchnt, Hu'ket pi 
Hllller William Haydon, hairdresser, 

High street 
Holmes Jiimea Charles, printer ft sta- 
tioner. High street 
Howard Thomas ft Sou, butchers ft 

pork butcbers. High street 
Hunt Robert, supervisor of inland 

revenue, Chantry street 
Ingram Susan (Mrs.}, dress maker. 

East street 
Iriah James, hlockamltfa. Chantry st 
Jackman Elizabeth (Mrs.), confec- 
tioner, Bridge street 
Jarvis Jsmes, Globe hotel, HEitb street 
Jerome Chas. roach builder, Chantry st 
Jonas George Wa]dr<m, manager to the 

Capital ft CounUes Bank, High st 
Jones William, horsedealer.Chantry st 
Judd Thomas, farmer, Finkley 
Kellow Charles Walter, miller, Marl- 

twrough street 
Kimble John, lieer reialUr, Bant street 
King Sarah (Mrs.), butcher, Bridge st 
Kingston Charles, gmcer. East street 
Lamb Thomas, solicitor ft commis- 

siooer for oaths. High street 
Latlum Robert Thos. suigaoa, High at 
Laylon Robwi. wholesale ft retail niii, 
bone ft metal luerchant, ft cual mer< 
chant, High street 
Layton Zacebeus, china ft glase dealer, 

Market place 
Leach Geot^, Black Sican, High st 
Lee ft Webb, tailon, High street 
Levy Thomaa, boot maker, High street 
Library, Reading Room ^ Institute 
(WillUm Hewett, h •Ml. sec. ; diaries 
Stout, librarian), Bridge street 
Locke Mary AHii (Miss), mUliner, 

High street 
London 4: County Bank (branch), 
(George Henry Barclay, manager). 
Bridge at ; draw on head otb. Loudon 
LuA Lonlsa (Mis.), fkrmer, Down 
House iaru 

Maeklin Henry, tobaccoidrt. Market p 
Madgwiek Wiltiaiu Butler, pharmts- 

ceutlcal chemist, Briilge street 
Malcolm John, beer rvtailer, Union et 
Hargaretts Ann (Hits), boot ft alioe 

draler. Bridare stn^t 
Marsh Ann (JAt*.),Bithop BUazaittn, 

Martin Stephenson, h«m breaker, 

London str««t 
Haslen John,A0M ji- ueri.HlKli st 
Mason Robi. bakerftitmcer, Loiuluii ac 
May Geo. shneing smith, NVw street 
Maycock Geo. town urier, New sireeC 
Mavm George Clapton, blacksmitb* 

Winchester street 
Miller George, llurist, Hl^b street 
Miller James, nursarymau ft seedsman. 

Bridge street ; ft at Churlton 
Mintram George^ superintendent of 

county police. V\ inchest*^ sitvet 
Mnore Henry Praii, coach builder Ac 

harness maker, High street 
Moore John, auctioneer, sheriff'sofficer 

ft honey merchant. High street 
Moore Richard Healey, grocer ft pn>> 

vision deaItT, High street 
Moore William Ward,Aai/u»y tavern. 

Western road 
MoKton John Sargent, plumber. 

Bridge street 
Morrant John, miller, Pitt's mill 
Morrant John Geo. miller. Town nUl 
HuDdy Franci*. Naeinn, Bridge at 
Mutmm, Bridge street 
Newton Thomas, carpenter, London at 
Nieklen Ann (Miss), toy dir. Market pi 
Oram Jemea. corn, seed ft uiauure 

merchant, Bridite street 
Packer Harriet ( Mrs,), my dir. High at 
Packer Samuel, tailor. High street 
Page ThoHias, stone mamn. High st 
Page Walter, plumber. High street 
Pamdl Bilward, Fidly, Marlboro* at 
Paraons William Henty.liuen ft woollen 
drapers, milllnera, twltwa, uutHtters, 
ft general furaisben, Waterkw hooae. 
High btreet 
Pearoe Job ft Sons, &rmers, Newbury 

street farm 
Penrse Predh. photoKraphar, High st 
Phillips John, grocer ft baker, New 

street, ft eonlectioner, Hfifh street 
Pike Beoi.bu))derftwheelwri~vhr,Newet 
Ponting Philip, groeer ft baker, WU- 

chesier street 
PooreJohnftSon, brewers. High street 
Poore Philip Hitary, coal niervhant. 

High street 
Povey William, blacksmith, HIghst 
Purkeas Alfred, borough surveyor. 

Bast street 
Reeks Alfred, White Hart family fr 
commercial hottl ^ posting house. 
Bridge street^ ft suctiooeer, vnluerft 
estate ment. High street 
Reeves Jacob, Wker, East street 
Reynoldsft Woriam,aueiioiieara,eBtate 
auents ft valuers, ■rcbiteets ft snr- 
veyors. Bridge street; ftatMJewry 
street, Wliichrater 
Reynolds Edward, carrier. High atreet 
Scott Frederick Augustus, eoel mer- 
chant, Bridge atrrel 
Seymour Sarah (Mrs.), ladlea* school, 

High street 
Shadwell Martha (Mrs.), dreas maker, 

Portland place 
Shaw Samuel Si Son, grocers ft provi- 
sion dealers. High street 
Shiner Fredk. VictoriaA rms, Soper'a la 
Shipton Jo»e|>h, cinfiwiloner, Bndgeat 
Skeetes Frederick. Welliiifton Inm, 

Winchester airw-t 
Smallbones, Jas. Pelican, New street 
' Smith John, solicitor, perpetual com- 
I mlasioner ft commiasioner to adml- 
I nister oalhs. High street 
Smith Sydney WiUlam, linen draper, 
I High street 

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flpidtattn Gm. builder, Butfleld roid 
Bpeeah Emllf, pnrfbMw «f fnneb It 

Mwie, Nrwtown 
Speiwvr John, Matmt' Ann, Wlii- 

ehettrr fttn-et 
Sttddea John, miller, Rookibniy mill 
SbtfS GMT^e Haytrr, ■nrrejor to 

Hifrbmy Board, Addidderoad 
Sttre William Henrj,&niwr,1 HaiNOQ 

tUIm, Adelaide road 
Bterem Geone, ahopkceper It blaek- 

•Billb, Nrw ttrwt 
StoeUey Tbonua Clarkr, plamber, 

W»iem rnad 
Stride Herbert, coach bQttdtT. BridfK at 
Tahor Geo. Thoe. bnner, FlnlUey iartA 
Tilbot Betsey (Mra.)> King's Hrad, 

London ttreet 
nfker Sc 8oiu, general entdneers, Iron 

fbondera tt B(frlculiaral tmptement 

ntano&ctnrer*, Watvloolron worka, 

Upper Clatford 
Tiyfiir Villlam, tatlw, London afreet 
Thorpe Richrt.L.Tratry clerk, Brldg:e at 
"niUiv Hy. shodntt raith, London at 
Tredffold Charlca, potinuslrr, Hlsh at 
Trinder Geo. furniture broker, High at 
Tnbb John, Queen Ckmrlottt inn, 

London nwd 
Tall Wm. baker ft eora dealer, Biffhat 
Tnmer Annie (Ura.), fiimcr, liown 

&nB, London road 
Turner Wm. boot maker, Wincheater at 
Tamer William, painter. Chantry at 
Tioey Charlea, plumber beer retailer, 

High atreet 
Waafey Jame*. greengraeer k flah- 

nonger, Highktreet 
WalaoB it Hoiff, englneera ft iron 

fimadeiB. ft msnnfteturera of ele- 

Taton ft bone mUla, Acre iron motiu 

Waterman Ann (UIm), toy dir. High at 
Wataon Wliliam, Ftrrettert* Arma, 

London atreet 
Wear Hanry, buUder, Chantry atreet 
Wear Walter Fallar, aaalatant oTeraaer 

ft eoUwtOT t£ rataa. High atreet 
Webb Danl. eattle dealer, Miriway Vd 
Webb Fanny ft Elitabetb (Hlaiea), 

eoofeetioners, High aireet 
Weatbury GDea ft Son, land agents ft 

aurvqrora, "Hie Knoll 
Wheeler I.aev (Mra.), marine atore 

dealer, Lonaon atreet 
White Sarah(Mra.),(?«or9e AoMIIghat 
Wilde Wm. boot ft ihoe ma. London at 
Wilaon Richd. H. coal mchnt Highat 
WlUtkin Sack Hiring Co. (William 

Hewett, agent), Bridge atreet 
Wood ChariM, Ironmoi^r, Brldze at 
Wooda John Thoa. farmer, Adelaide rd 
Woods William, KTOcer ft whie ft ipirlt 

merchant. High atreet 
Yoai^ George ft Son, grocers. High at 
Young Henry, batcher, Uarket luaee 


Carey John, farmer 

Cook John, baker ft vroeer 

Cooper Henry, Beytu Oak 

Coaler John, rellcTing officer for An> 

do*er diatrlct 
Dickman Henry, bear retailer 
Green Charlea, cattle dealer 
Green William, fimner 
Hopgood Samuel, baker 
Marchment Henry ft Sons, ftmera 
Miller Jamea, anrferyman ft seedsman 
Pearet Job ft Sons, nrmers 
Smith Henry, Buck f[ Dog 
Spinney Edira.bIackamithftiiheelwTgbt 

Withers Chsriea, boot maker 
Withers Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper 


Procter Rev. Geo. Allen h.a. [tIcat] 
Betia George, poulterer 
BuDce Henry, Ball Crown 
Butterworth AlfU. flirmcr ft landowner 
Child Thomas, &rroer 
Itowling Robert. Jan. &rmer 
Haddeney Ify, wmer, Ptaeoa Ho.fna 
Hedderley Jas.hrmer, Ronndaway fim 
Hunt Ahner Henry, carpenter 
Wright R(ri>erT, &rmer 
Yonng Sablna (Mrs.), &rmer 

Little London. 
Jones David, brmer 
Kircher William, farmer 
Stockley William, Her$t ^ Jbckey 

Colebrook Samool, Britith Oak 
Gale John, farmer 

Balden Harry, shoe maker 
Bcnham Levi, ahopkeeper 
Brackstone John, sack maker 
Bracltstone Joseph, farmer ft bearrctlr 
Holmes Aaron, blacksmith 
Hurford WllUsm, tailor 
Lansley George, carpenter 
Paddocks James, firmer 
Skeates John, ifare jr Hounds 

Gale Sophia (Hrs.), ahopkeeper 
Panting John, catife dealer 
Ponting Walter, cattle dea'er 

AHD WELL is a mall TUlwe, formerly extra parochial, 
bat now a partsta, la tbe Northern division of the county, 
hondred, union and county court district of Basingstoke, 
and consiatfl of a mill and a fiirm, the property of Win- 
cbesrer Collrge ; it Is 4 miles east from Basingstoke. There 
Is no ehnreh, but there are remalna of wliat la supposed to 
have been ■ monasterT. Wlncliester College U lord of the 

Haltoa Tbouaa, miller I LItiind Rtehard, 

I Alfred White 

< manor. Tbe soil Is day, sand and chalk; nibsofl, day. 
I The crop* are cidefly wheat, barley and roou. The area Is 
I 143 acres; rateable value, £317 j and the population In 

1871 was 23; there are only tlx houses. Letters through 

Basingstoke, which la the nearest money order and tele- 
graph office. 

&rm bailiff to Ur. 1 Sparshatt John, blacksmith 

AKOIiSSET (or Asolebsyville), a chapelry, In 
the parish ami incorporation of Alverstoke, Soutliern divl- 
Bum of the oonnly, connty court district of Portsmouth, Al- 
verstoke rural deanery and WInctiaster arebdeaconry and 
dwoese, is a beautiful village of modern date, commaQding 
extensive views of the Isle of Wight, Spithead and the 
llotherbank, 3 mile4 south from Gosport and 15 west from 
Portsmouili by road and 3^ by steam launch. The earliest 
bonding, Uiraldge Home, was erected In 1S2C, the first 
stone uTiog beni laid by the then Hsrqub of Anglesey. 
at. Mark's chapel is in tbe Elizabethan style, and was opened 
in tbe jear 1844; it is a red brick building, with stone 
drfsalnsa. The register dates irom tbe year 1845. The 
livliqi m ft cbapeliy annexed to Alverstoke and held by ihe 
Rer. Thomas Welpole x.a. of Balliol College, Oxford , rural 
das,aiidlKmorarycaDonofWlnchester. Here is a large hotel 

with assembly room ; also another bnilding, containing read- 
ing room and baths, with pleasure gardens attached. The 
situation is elevated, and the surrounding seenery eomamnda 
onlverssl admiration for Its beauty and great variety. Tbe 
Goaport terminus of the South Weaton railway is about 3 
miles north. The Gosport Road station oi tlis South Western 
railway is about 1 mile north, and Stokes Baj station and 
firee pier on tbe same nllway are contiguous to tbe village, 
and turm tbe aborteat route for tbe Isle of Wight. Porta 
Gllklcker and Monckton are also contiguous. 
Pariah Clerk, James Larcom. 

Letters are received from Gosport. Tlie nearest money 
order office la at Alverstoke. Wall Lbttbr Box, next 
Anglesey hotel, cleared 0.S0 a.m. 3 p.m. ft 7.10 p.m. week 
dayaj ft 10.10 «.m. sundaja 


Bambridge Col. Percy, 4 CreKent 

Blake tfamuel, 1 Crescent 

Brown Hfea, 1 Belmont 

Clarke Capt. John Ray Stanley r.h. 

S Belmont 
Clayton Thomas, 4 St. Mark's place 
Crntckphank Mtss, 16 Cre»cent 
Cmirkshank Hrs. 10 Crescent 
GamUer Hear-Ailmlral Fltigenld, 7 

Gibson Hr«. The lodge 
Grant William j.p. Monekten honse 
J<Anstone Mrs. Hope, 1 Hast terrace 
Laagtry Miss, 2 St. Mark's place 
Larcom Mirt, 3 Crescent 
Lareooi Mrs. 2 The Villas 
Lear Cbaries, B North terraca 

Lobb MIsi, The Villas 

Haddtgan Mrs. 1 St Mark's place 

Mansel Miss, S East terrace 

Meade Warren, 3 Crescent 

Noyes John, Nigbtingale lodge 

Oliver Capt. Samuel Paafleld B.A. 8 

Eastern villas 
Russell Mrs. 14 Crescent 
Salmon Sir James m.d. [inspector 

geneMl of boepitabi], Cteacent 
Seotl Hon. F. 9 Crescent 
Simson Miss, Eastrm house 
Slaughter Bernard, 3 St. H&rk's place 
Snook George, Peel cottage 
Sueter Capt. John Thomas [paymaster 

R.n.], a St. Mark's place 
Soeter John Thomas, S ClaremMt 
Thompson Mrs. The Lodge 

Triggs George, 9 St. Mark's place 
Vinson Geoi^e, Little Aaslesey 
Williams Charles Little Anglney 
Woodward Miss, Angles^ villas 
Yeo Gerald Aubrey, 4 North tenaee 


Anglesey family hotel ^ potting house 

(opposite the baths), Samuel numby, 

Barnard Mary (Wlv*.), Angleaey Amu 
Bnrton Ellen (Hrs.), lodging bouse, 6 

North terrace 
Burton Samuel, dairyman, 2 North ter 
Cruicksbank Harriet Susan (Mrs.), 

baths, reading rooms ft pleasure grdns 
Edgworth Hichd.besr retallerft sho|riipr 
n^imalfarg<iret(Hrt.),k>dglng house, 

Osborne terrace 

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Lake Mory (Mrs^), ludgiog hoDK, 7 

Hotth twraoe 
Ueade Wirr^n L.K.Q.F. issL. phyii- 

eian & nrgsooi :£ Cme^t 

Prouftfaten CwoUm (yilm), lodginR 

hau»e, Q North terrace 
Roser Caroline ( Mn.}, twkar k gvooer, 

Sotth uamtt 


Tilbury Dinnelj sexton of Hatlw aaw 

cttiiietery, Caiaetery lodicit 
Wolfe Jolut, market ffsniaiiBr, k dairy 

APPIiXSHAW it a mrWi in tbe Northern divbion of 
tfaeconnty, Andom hundred, iMttyMttional divldon, aoion 
ud oosnty court district, dloeeK and Rchdeacorny ta Win- 
chester and rural dMMry of Aidarar weatera diviafon, S 
miles east-seath-eaM from LndgenhslI, 5 nonb-weit tnm 
Andorer and 7i from Loadn, on the VnltsMre border. He 
«hareh (not dediostad) Is n annll, aneient atone and brfefc 
building, faartng na«e, south ponb, sqnare tower and small 
wooden spird and has a fliat, presaittM by tbe vicar, "nie 
register dates froia Um yemr 1640. Ike living is a vicarsge, 
jwiy value £'270, frith residence, In the gift of ttuDean and 
Chapter of Chichaater and held by the Rev. Evan Yui-ke 
Nepean m.a. of Queen's CoUefpe, Oxford. T)ie Primrllve 
Methodists have a obapei here. A jpleasure and pig fair is 
held oa Hay SSnl ; rery large sheep fairs on October 7tfa 
and 8th and November the 4th ; and on November dtb, a pi^ 
ftir. The trustees of tbe late John Edwards esq. are tordu 
of the manor, and with Hr. Tboniaa fiaUy, principal land- 
Child Charles, Rose bill 
Crook Isaac, Ragved Appkshaw 
Bdivarda ChariesTVaBarbonae 
HarrlaoQ Hra 

Nepean Rev. Evan Yorite m.X. [vicar] 
Stock Mrs 

Walbey IM>ert DanM 
Andrews Richard, wheal wrIght, Ragged 

ovnera. niesotl is gravel; subsoil, ctaalk. Thecblef crops 
are wheat, barley, oat* and turnips. The area Is 697 

acres; rateable valuej£t^70; and the population In 1871 
was S97. 

TiLLBT DovN (or Chilly Down) la a hamlet three- 
qnarters of a mile north-ea«t; Ragg£D APfLBSHAw la 
half a mite i>ast. 

Parish Cleri, George Davia. , 

PostOppice.— Richd. Barton, recdver. Lettenarrivaljr 
messenger from Andover at 8.15 B.m. ; dispatched O.SU 
p.m. "nie neanet money order office is at Amport 

There is a school for poor children^with au endowment of 
£5 per ansam, tbe bequest of llln. Fraacea Offley, la 
1761 ; Miss Annie Mooroyf mistress 

Carxiee to Ak dots r.— Henry JeSHn» mdoesday ft 
ftid^, ratsmiog same days 

Bailey Thomas k Hury, fiirmera k 

Baker Frederldc Perkins, Iron Pear 

Tree, tt brewer & firacr 
Barton Richanl, tailor 
Bishop Jame*, sbopkemter 
Bradbury WUiiam, «tuasxiiim Ragged 

AppleuiBW ' 
Bader WUUaia, skat maker 

Goddam WiUmia, sboe maker 
Haeker John, carpenter 
Hall ThniHa, inUor 
J«iHea Hnry, baker it eairier 
Lewis William, Bttll 
Poore Tboataa, Uaeicamitfa 
SaOU Oiariaa, moer ft baker 
Truh Thomas, Cfasasr k 4iBtEfaflr 

ASHB Is a vHlage and parish In tba Northern division of 
tbe county, Whitchurch union,Overton hundrediKlngsdere 
petty sessional division, Basingatoke county court district, 
dlooese and archdeacoiuy of Winchester and rural deanery 
of Baalngatoke soutk-veateni dlri^oa. 62 miles from Loa- 
doD, 1 mile east from Owton station, on the South- 
Weatem railway, 7 nftles west from Baslnfistoke and 5^ 
euMtorth-esst irom Whitchurch, Tbe charehof tbe Holy 
TYlnltywai rebuilt in 1878 In entire accordance with ISih 
caotn^ architecture, on the titeoftiietdd church: the late 
George Gilbert Scott wss the architect: the old 14th cen- 
tury screen has been restored to its proper position: It is a 
good meclmen of what a viliaf^ church should be : It has 
chancel, nave, and smaH stained east window. Theregister 
•dates from the year 1619. The living is a recfany, yearly 
value £450. with residence and 26 acres of glebe, in the gift 
of and held by the Rev. Fnucis Walter Tbtqrts m.a. of 
Oriel Collie, Oxford. Miss Mitford, tbe author, was bom 
here. Ashe Park, tbe seat of Llent.-Colonel R. Portal j.p. 

Portal Lient.-Col. Robt. j.p. Ashe park 
Thoyto Rev. Prands Walter m.a. 

who Is lord of the manor |and prlndpal landownrrj is ap- 
proaobed by a long avenue leading from the Andover road : 
the mansion Is in the French style, and was erected by the 
owiter in 1865 on fbs site of tbe farmer edifice : it Is aitif 
ated 00 an emiitenoe, and has a wide and pleasant view ot 
the aurroundlng couutry ; the park lands cover an area ot 
50 acres, and are planted with oak, ash and elm. The soil 
is light; subsoil, ch^k. The chief crops are wheat, barley, 
oats and turnips. The area is 2,107 acres ; rateable value, 
£9^25 ; the population in 1871 was 174. 
Parith Curh, John Purdue. 

Wall Lettbs Box cleared 12.15 k 6.30 p.m. ; sandays, 
10.45 a.m. Letters through Hicheldever. The nearest 
money order office is at Overton 

A school was erected by enbscrlption in 187S-9 ; will seat 
SO; la supported by Lieut.-Col. R, Portal, the reetar ft 
the children's pence; a residence for the achool teacher 
(Uiss Susan Hunt) was added in 1879 

Level Willtam,&nn bailiff toUent-CoI. 

Robert Porul j.p 
PlkeJohn,1krmb^Uirto H.E. Balnblrd 
esq. Ashe Warren Iknn 

Beckingham Beii). farmer, Lower Ashe 
Becklngbam Geo. funner. Upper Aibe 
Dollar John, fanner, Litcfaneld grange 

ABBLEY (i R small village and pan^, about S miles east 

from Horsebridge station on the South Western railway, 6} 
north from Romsey, 4 south-east from Stockbridge end 7 
vreat from Winchester, In (he Northern division of the 
eoaufy, Buddleagate hundred, Stockbridge union, Winches- 
ter pet^sessioiul division, Romsey county conrt district, 
and in Winchester diocese and archdeaconry and Romsey 
rural deanery. The cbnrch of St. Mary is a very ancient 
^uetnre. In the Early English sty le^ and has chancel, nave 
and a belfry, consisting of two recesses in tho west gable, 
having a bell hung in each : it was restored In 1858, when 
a floriated cron was erected on each end : the whole build- 
ing b covered with ivy. The roister dates from the year 
\r&. The livinz is a rectory, value £365, with residence 
and 40 acres of glebe, in the gill of and held by the Rev. 
James Hannay m.a. fellow ot Worceeter Coll^^ Oxford. 
In the parish are vestiges of several Roman camps and a 

Hannay Rev. James [rector], ! Taaaton Miss, AsMq^ house 

Beetory bouse 

rirenlar entrenchment of cousidaTible dfmemloiis, supposed 
to be Danish or British. Ashley House, the seat of Hiss 
Taunton, is a brick building, erected in 1854 by the Misses 
Tanuton : it stands on a ccmslderable elevation, and com- 
mands eatensive views of the sorronndhiK country. Miss 
Taunton is lady ef the manor and sole landowner. The toll 
Is clayey loam ; subsoil, chalk. The chief crops are wheat, 
barley and roou. The area Is 1 ,851 acres ; rateable value, 
£1600 10s. : the population in 1871 was ISO. 
Parith CJerA, mUiam Keteey. 

Letters through Winchester viS. Stockbridge. The nearest 
money order ft tel^mpfa office Is at Stodtbridge. There 
is a Lbttsb Box !n tlis wall of the rectory house, oleareri 
on week days at 6.'25 p.m. ; on suodays at 11.15 a.m 
Here u a Dasie school for tbe infants; the elder chlldrea 
attend the schools la tbe aif)ainlng parish of Bronghbm 

j BumettDav1d,stewardto Miss Taunton 

ABHLST WALK township vra* formed by an order of 
the Poor Law Board, dated the 29rd November, 1868, out 
of the following places, formerly extra-parocblal, In or ad- 
iolaiaK the New Forest, part of GodshiU, Qodsbill Wood, 
Oodsfill IndoBure, Ashley Walk, AsUey Lodge, Mudmore, 
Ogd^s, Amberwood, Byeworth Lodge, Miller's Ford and 
Greenhouse Farm, in the union of Pordingbridge : the river 
Avrni bounds It on the west. Qodsbill ts 3 nUes east of 

Fordlngbridge, in the Soathem dIvMon of the eonnty, 
Pordingbridge union and couoty court district. Here are 
the remains of an English encampment, supposed to have 
been fonned by Codlc, who landed in 48S : on one aide the 
hill is perpendicular ; on tile other thive It is encompas s ed 
by a donMe trench. The principal landowners are Sir Ed- 
ward Hulse bart. C. P. lirune esq. and the Crown. Tba 
soil la of a nixed character— sand, giavd and clay; anb- 

Digitized by 




Mil, etajr. Tb« ehW crs^ an whMt, barlay, oau an< ! LstUn we roe*ived through Salisbury vtA FosdUffM^ie. 
tarnipi. The '^!^J|*. ntetble value, £757 ; | _ Tb« oeareit money order offiot li at PordlugkrUgv 

tltt popoklioB is 1871 «M S77. 

fiartlctt Jmm, ftraer, Ghidihtll wood 

Bmwtaad Qtange, tarttt keeper, AMtf 

lodgt, Aablty walk 
Coole HkuLely fivmer, Ogilou 

Desoon Stephen, fivmer, Ogdene 
Gnrd Oeorf^e, eenml dealei% Ogrieu 
James Pretfo-lelc. &mer, FiMi unu 
Kemot Joaephj fitmer 
La«h Aim ( Hn.), ftrmw 

Ukt Wiliiam, Kcntral dealei 

Ifatioaal School, iohn SamWt auutw 

Moaland WHIiam, farmer, Amii bra 
I'ope Edward, farmer 
Rake Ambrose, dmber dater 
Vine; John, fiarmer 
Whlu William, finmer 
WM Jane (Mrs.). Fighting Coclu 
) WittTliomaif-fcrair 

ASEMA^SWOBTH it a parUh 7 miles aoutii-weat i The Earl of Cbrnarron ia lord of the manor : the Barl of 
firon iTewbur; station aiid 8 north-west from Whitchurch, ' Portsmouth, C. A. E. fVmor esq. and Mrs. Btwall, lessee 
in die Northern division of the couniy, Epinjier hundred, under the Eccluaiaatical Commlsaionera, are the principal 

Kinjiclen union and petty sessioual diriaion, Newbury ' — "' —-' • — j 

coDtity court dfartiiet, dloceae and archdea»)ary ofWla- 
ehsrier and rural deaaeryof Andover northern division. 
The ehoreh of St. Jamea Is an andent fabric of old English 
ardtiteetare; it has a chancel, nave and wooden bel£(y. Tba 
regUter dates ftom the year 1813, those eariier having been 
destroyed yst fire. The nviog b a efaapelry, anneied to the 
rectory of East Woodhay, Joint annual value about £l,4KI, 

landowner*. The soli Is rather heavy; eubeoll, red aari and 
chalk. The chief crops are wheat, oats and tumlpa. Tlia 
area to 1,806 acres ; rateable Ttlue. £I,&90t the populatloa 
iB 1871 was 240. 

Letters through Newbory. The nearest money orda office 
ii at Wooton llill. Bast Woodfaay. TTall Box, north of 
Tillage^ cleared 3.35 p.m. ; eaudays, 9.45 a.m 

in the gift of the Bishop 01 Wiacbasterandheld by the Rev. i Here is a National school, built by subKilption In 1872 & 
Tbamas Don las Hodinon m.a. of Trinity College, Cam- supported by contributloos k the chUdreo's pence ; Mrs. 
bridge. The nimldve Uethodista have a small chapel here. | Fauuy Krooue, mtstreaa 

FenBwChHks A. E. emwr, CkaKb , H«wkiMJeBeph,Pf0NvA,J[ shopkeeper I Lanriey Th-was, bladwaith 

fton KlBBbar Al«a. JohnLfimnr. MMior txern fmiaamiiimr^f tatmm 

Vnomt John, ftmer | Imaiej CjanlMy, £fooi I 

ATnraXOX it » pleasMit TlUagfl 4^ miles north-east 
fiom WiachMter, 4 west frtm Alreiiird and htf a mile 
south from Itchen Abbas stMien, on the MM Hante railw^, 
it the JTartbani divWon of the oom^, hundred of Fawlsy, 
WinchMter petty sesaiooal dirkion, owion and ooonty court 
dtatricttrtiru 4tmurj of Alrvefard aad archdeaeonr; a«d 
dkpcesi of Wifieheater, siiwtfed on the river Itcfaen. The 
cburchofSt. IHary is an ivy-cowed buOdinffofnd brick, 
cMwstii^ of chancel, nave and aisles, sud a square tower 
conuioing a fine peal of 6 bells : it was erected at the expense 
ef the late Hsuvliloneae of Oaraarvon, the flnt wife M the 
last Duke of ChaiKlee, father of a late Duchess of Backing- 
hvB and Chaados : the pews are of malMiiany. The register 
dales from tlie tear 10f3. The living Is a rectory, gross 
yeariy vmloe aljoDt £368, in tfae gift of the Bishop of Win- 
dierter and held by the Kev. William Edward Onsen u.a.. 
of Worceater College, Oxfiird. Avington House Is a large 
brick mmloii, the seat of EJward dhelley esq. with the 

Green Rev. WUUam Edward, M.A. j Sliell« Edward, Af inftoa park 
Bcetm; | OoodcliUd Johb Walter, shopkMpkr 

deer partt of aboat 300 acres and the boMM pirk ibotit 80 
aem,o)ithe Itehen: itwu (he rarideaeeot KtngCSiaiieslI. 
whilat the Idxw's hoase (the p w o at bamekc) at Wtoohester 
WM betaK kvBt: the site on which theeonnrTatory stands 
waa tiun ocoqiled bj tfae baaqaotlnf-raoB : the ttone |rfllara 
wUeh saatained the roof form the support of the pressnt 
cotuervatory. Edward Shelley eaq. la lord of the manor and 
prineifal landowner. The soil is loan and chalk : subsoil, 
chalk. The chief crops are wheat, oats, bsriey and turnips. 
The area Is I^IS acres; rateable value, £1^13 : ud the 
population in l671 was 196. 
Parish Clerk, Charles KImber. 

Letters throogb Winchester. Th? nearest mon^ order 
offices are at Alresfiird ft Wlocheater. Here Is a Lbtter 
Box, cleared at 4.50 p.m. oa week daye ft I0,i3& a.m. on 

ytUional School, Mrs. Vtarj Honld, mistress 

Lever Willlani, sbM maker 
LoOidi Ckaitoa, fmur, ATiogtoii flm 

BAI>3>S8tJBrK' (or North BADD&>LBr,orBADaLET) 
U a tlUsgt!, situated on an open heath, oa the road from 
Ronaajr to Porlaaoatb, 1 mile west &«m the Cbandlenfiml 
■tailoaoBthe Salisbury branch railway, 77 miles from Loit- 
doD, 3 east fnm Bomsey, 12 soutb-weat from WlDchestar, 
north from Southanpton. in the Notlhera division of the 
craaty, Unraley union, Romaey petty seaaional dlviaion, 
Kiiig*t9i»lKinie hundred, Winchester county courtdtotrict, 
dlanae and ftrehdeaeocry of Winchester and rural dnnery 
of Ronsey. The village consuts of a lew small bouMS. 
prlndjfially wUli thatched roofs. Tfae diurch of At. John (re- 
built in 160B) ia a small stone structure, oov<ered with ivy : 
it has chancel and nave, n-lth gallery at the weatem end, 
asd 2 belb : t}ie desk and chain to which the Bible wes 
ftniMriy attached still remain. Tlie register dates from the 

year 1082. The livina Is a vicarage, yearly valae £110, in 
tbe gift of Taakervilu Chaaiberlayne esq. and held to the 
Rev. Ninian Hosier brr S.A. of St. Catharlae** Colleae, 
Caiobridge. Tankerville Chamberlayne esq. la lord of tbe 
manor and the priocipal landowner. The soil Is sand and 
loam; subsoil, alay and gravel; there Is much bog land in 
the pariah. Tbe chieforops are wlieat,barle{y and oats. Tlie 
area h 2,582 acres; rataabU value, £2,fi9fl ; Um popuhtlsn 
in 1S71 was 67. 
Parish Clerk, George Munday. 

Letters throagh Romsey, tlu nearest money order office 
A school was mned In 1876, tumiortsd 1w tlM Mtry anl 

farmer* of Baddesley and ChUworlk } Jobo DIUU Dibble^ 


Rsed Gen.SirTbomae.c.B.Hinor bo 
Tajlor Hias, Great hili 
Allan Walter, funnier, Slon Hill &rm 
Bull Geo^ Henry, farmer. Castle fiina 

Hoaldos David, fiarmv 
Matthews Alfred, ftrmsr 
Pnker WUiara, farner 
Qasbleigb John, tarmcr 

Rose Aadivw, fimaer, Knlghtwood Ikrni 
BmlCh WKIism, gioeer ft saw mUta 
WatiUgc J«li» ft Thomasffivmars 

SOTTTH BADSBSLET, 3 miles east from Lymisgtea, 
is aa eedcaiastical parish, lenaed in i85U iroMi tbe civil 
^ilsk of Uoldre and includes tbe hamkts of Eabt Eito, 
^ORLET, PiTTB Dbbf, ssd LoYAi. CoURT. With tbe 
exception of six biases at Norley, it is wiihin tbe Per^ 
neniary boroogh of Lymhigton, and is in the tiouthern 
divbion of tbe eonaty, New Forest hoBdred, Lymlngton 
uuon and county court diatricl, and in the mral deanery 
of Fawl^ and arcbdeaooarv sad dlooese ^ Winchester, 
Mtaalsd on the sea coast. Thediurchof St. Mary, built in 
18SB at the expense of tbe lat« W. P. Willians-FreeiHan 
sq. of Pylewell Park, la a plain crscilbrm bulldiox, with 
cbaneci, nave and tnnsepts, and without tower or ^reh : 
it wfflseataeo persona : the sitUngs are all free. The regis- 
ter dates from ibe }car 1858. The Hrlnff is a perpatoal 

curacy, yeariy tsIw £100, in tbe gift at W. Ingbaaa 
Whltaker esq. aa4 held y the Eav. Joha WUliam Uall. 
iLA,. of Trinity Collage, Cambridge. Pyiewell Park is the 
•eat of \V. Isgham Whltaker esq. and Is a floe brick 
maniien, with a aouth-east aspect and esmmaads a fp>od 
view (tf the Solent; U stands In . park of S38 acres. The 
wineipal laadowavrs are W, lagnam Whltaker esq. who 
Is lord of tlte nansr, J. OuplaMis esq. J. Weld esq. and Sir 
H. P. Bsrrard bart. The soil is chiefly kam: subsoil, 
gravel. The chief erops are wheat and barley. The area is 
3,000 acres ; tke popolBtion In 1871 was SM. 

Parigk CUtrk, Joseph House. 
Letters through Lymiag&en, which is tke nearest noaqr 

order oAce : there is a Pillar Box at Bast Bod 
UiMd School, HiesChtrl^ Dovty, adsbess 

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Don MIm, Elmf 

Dnplmta Julet, Newtown ptrk 

Han Rev. J»hn Witltam h.a. [ineniD- 

bent I, Eatt End hcniM 
Millar Idn. Elms 
Northeote Oapt. The EIcdb 
Whltaker W. Ingham, Pjlewcll park 
Badden George, earpenter, NorJey 


Chabb Joha, &rm^, Carter'a £irm 
Cnmeb Charlea, ahopkeeper 

DownerThomas, fiiniier,The Elms &rm 
Farwell Heniy, farmer, Loyal court 
Ferrett Robert, brro buillff to J. 

Dvpleaiii esq. Newtown &rm 
Koisnt Charles, shopkeeper 
Parker Jamea, blaekamlth, Pylewell 


Perkirw WilHan, ttxmer, East End 

Phllltps Frank, nrmer 

Price John, chief boatman, Pitts Deep 

Coaat Guard station 
Rlckson Oeor^e, shopkeeper 
Tirrant George, beer rebtiier 
Whei>ler Bt^njainin. beer retlr. Eaat end 
Woodford Jamea, i^rmerf Norley 

BABTOlf STACET ts a parlili 5 miles eouth-by-west 
from Whitchurch station, 61 from London, 6 souto-east 
from Andorer and east from M icheldever station : it In- 
elndes Uie tithlnga of Bransburt, Dbatton and Nbw- 
TON Stacbt, and Is In the Northern dlTtrion of the county, 
Barton Staeey hnndred, Andorer union, »>anty coort dlg- 
trlet and petty seRslonal division, dtocese and archdeaconry 
of Winchester and rural deanery of Andover southern 
dlviston, situated on the river Test. The church of All 
Saints, which is cruciform, is an excellent specimen of 
Euly Eaglish ; it has chancel, nave, aisles ana transepts, 
and stained memorial window, with a fine Perpendicular 
tower eontainlng a peal of 5 bells. The register dates from 
January 20th, 1713. The living Is a vicarage, in the gift of 
thft Dean and Chapter of Winchester, yearly value £iG(i, 
with residence and &5 acres of glebe, and helcl by the Rev. 
Abraham HorwiJl Stogdon m.a. of Trinity ColIi>ge, Cam- 
bridge (snm^te). There are parochial charities at the 
annual value of £40. Tha PrtidUve Methodbte and Wea- 
leyanahave earaa chapel b«n. The Roman road from 

Birch J. W. Dravton park 
Hill Jowph, Barton cot^n 
Stogdnt Rev. Abraham Horwill, x.x 
[tIow Ie Borrogate], Vicarage 


Alexander George, beer r«taJler& shop- 
keeper, Bransbury 
BrIckwoodCaleb,Btaoe ma Jcparish clerk 
Chilea John WlHian, carpenter 

Winchester to tfarlborongh runs thron^h rbe parish, and in 
the neighbonrhood are some andent barrows. Here is 
Drayton Park, oocnpied by J. W, Birch esq. but tbepro- 
perty of the Lady M Crea^, who li lady of the manor and 
principal landowner, llie swi li loam ; subwil, chalk. The 
cbief crops are whtfit, barley, oata and turnips. The area is 
4.943 acres ; rateable valae, £5,307 : and the population ia 
1871 was 547. 
Parish Clerk, Caleb Brickwood. 

Port OPPrcE.— MI*s Sarah Ann Roe, receiver. Letter* 
through Winchester, vtd Stockbrid^e, arrive at 9 a.m. ; 
dispatched at 5.45 p.m. The nearest money order office Is 
at Lonttparish 

Police Station, Samiel Birch, constable in charge 

There isan^ndowed Free school for twelve children, founded 
by ElizabethjE Durothy Wright, now araalgainated with 
the Mational school ; Hiss Itarriet Pearce, mtatress 

Cabbibrs to Wivchbster.— John Smilh,from Newton 
Staeey, on wed. tt sat. : James Webb, wad. k. Mt 

Courtney Charles, fanner, Bransbury 
Davis David, blacksmith 
Farley Walter, Plough & shopkeeper 
Freanon Henry, fitrmer, Uoody'taown 
Freanwn Joeeput &rroer 
Froome Arthur, baker 
Jndd George, fisrmer, Uanor £irm 
Lewis Anthony, farmer, Cocum ferm 
Maclin Charles, Swan, k boot maker 

Pothecary Geo. farmer, Newton Staoey 

Bobbins Henry, stone mason 

Roe Sarah Ann (Miss}, shopkeeper fic 

post office 
Russell Wm. (Mrs.), millir, Bransbury 
Smith John, carrier, Newton Stacey 
Symonds George, W. &nner. Hill tarm 
Tanner John, Aiopkeeper, Bransbury 
Webb Jame^ carrier 

BASING or (Old Basiko), is a parish and considerable 
Titlage, in the Northern division of tne county, Basingstoke 
hundred, petty sessional division, union and county court 
district, dlocece and archdeaconry of Winchester and rural 
deanery of Basingstoke northeastern division, S miles 
north-east from Basingstoke, on the river Loddou. The 
South Western and the Basingstoke branch of the "Grea*. 
Western railways, and Basingstoke canal pass throagh 
the parish; a high embankment of the Soulo Western is 
near the church. The church of St. Mary is an ancient 
structure of large dimeuima (capable of aeatl^ 000), con- 
sisting of chancel, nave, aisles extending to ends of cnaneel, 
with tower and clock ; there are but 3 bells, the others 
liaving been taken away and deposited in neighbouring 
churches in the days of the destruction of Basing House: 
there is a handsome marble font of the l.'hh century, 
also a vault of the Panlet family hi which the Dukes of 
Bolton have been interred : there are several monuments, 
one to Henry, sixth |Duke of Bolton, by Fiaxman. The 
church was restored in 1874, under theoirection ofT. H. 
Wyattesq. architect; the general futures of this church 
are unaltered by the restoration, which was mnch needed ; the 
sum expended was £2,800 ; there were some few tiles of the 
13th or Hth centuries found in the flooring of the church, 
as also BO tne carved stones, shewing ihnt the church was 
originally a Norman bnildlngof some grandeur : a handsome 
organ was added In 1678, at a cost of £400. The eartiest 
entry on the register is a bnrial In 1055. The living is 
a vicarage, with Up-Nately annexed with a handsome 
vicarage house, erected In 1860, by the College and the 
Vicar at a coat of between £3,000 and £S,m, in the 
ratronage of the President and the Fellows of Magdalen 
Coll^, Oxford, and held by the Rev. Robert nUkner 
Hease^ X.A. formerly Fellow and tutor of that college. 
The tithes of Basing parish were commuted in the year 
1840 : the vicarial for £475, and the rectorial for £705 ; 
these belong to the President and Feilovra of Magda- 
len Collie. The income of livhig of Basing nitb Up- 
Nately Is made up of a grant from the eoIlKe of a portion of 
theabove tithes, together vritb the vicarial and rectoitel tithes 
of Up-Nately, making a total of about £640, as the value 
of the living. Besides the Dnke of Bolton's charity of £34 
yeariy, there are smaller charities left by Henty Lamport, 
bv the Upton ftmlly, by WliUam Barber, and reoenUy by 
Charles Webb of Basingstoke. Basing has been dis- 
tinguished as the scene of a severe battle, fought in 871, 
betvreen the Danes and the English, when the latter, under 
the command of Alfred and bu brother. King Etheldred, 
were defeated. There appears to have been a castle here at 

some remote period, for In a grant made to the priory of 
Monks Sherborne, in the reign of Henry II. mention is 
made of the Old Caitle of Basing ; this appears to have been 
rebuilt in a magnificent style by Panlet, the first Marquis 
of Winchester : on the breaking out of the civil war UaMne 
House was put into a state of defence, and garrisoned and 
held for four years, by John, the fifth Marquis of Winches- 
ter, for Kins Charles I. (of whom there is a full length 
portrait in the house at Hackwood), but was carried by 
storn^ by Oliver Cromwell, who destroyed the place ; the 
area of the works occupied 14j| acres : the furm was Irregu- 
lar, ditches very deep, the ramparts high and strong, as is 
evinced by the remains; the north gateway and a portion ot 
the outward wall are still standing. Some intercsthig 
excavations have lately taken place in the ruins by order ot 
Lwd Bolton. About a mile and a half sonth of the vill^e, 
and sltn'ated partly within the parish, Is the park and 
stately muisfon of Hackwood, the property and rew'dence of 
Lord Bolton. The Union vrorkhouse for Basingstoke dis- 
trict stands In this parish ; it is capable of conl^ning 436 
Inmates : for particulars see Basingstoke. Lord Bolton hi 
lord of Basing manor, The Rt. Hon. George Deleter-Booth 
H.P., J.p. of Byfiete Manor, Chaloner Wlggett Chute esq . 
of Cufauds manor. The chief landowners are Lord Bolton, 
Chaloner W. Chute esq. and the Rt. Hon. George Sclater- 
Booth K.P. the trustees of the late G. Lamb esq. Lieut- 
Col. Hardinge and 3. James A. Salter esq. f.r.s. The soil 
is London and plasticclay and chalk; subsoil, clay and chalk. 
The cbief crops are wheat, barley and roots. The area is 
5,101 acres ; rateable value, £10,533 ; and the population 
In 1871 was 1,33s, Inclndlngtbe Inmatesof the onkra house. 
PariMh CUrk, Daniel Weston. 

Post Office.— Thomas Vickery, sub-postmaster. General 
morning delivery commences at 6.45 a.m. ; middle day 
delivery from Itasingstoke at 13.90 p.m. ; dispatched at 
10.45 a.m. b. 7 p.m. Letters received through Basing- 
stoke, which Is the nearest money order & telegraph office 

Schools : — 

There is a National school, erected by subseriplton in 1866, 
ata cost of £640, ftcapable of holding 170; anendow- 
ment of £20 a year was left by Mrs. iMphia Sheppard, 
widow of a former vicar, Dr. Sheppard : a master's bonse 
was erMtedby subscription in ltf/1, at a cost of £330. 
There Is also a nigbt school, endowed by the Rev. R. J. 
Ward, late cnrate of Basing, with the interest of £300 

National, Horace Ingram, roaster ; Tekie Knlf^t, Cfaril- 
tiana Blake, Sarah A. Moore, a^tant teachers 

Night, Robert W. Iffansbridg^ master 

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Ccrpeoter Rst. Edwud Stuhj, b.a. 

Dowliiur Alfred 

Gl>n«ile Rer. WlUism Shtrtman m .A. 

aardlBge Lieat.-Col. Hnay 

U«7dea WllUan, H inriek honM 

H«Me7 Rmw. Robert P. h.a. [riearl 

Porter Rieltstd 

Rieh«rd<ion Mrs. PtaU'b hill 

Salter S. Jama [Mngfield 


etepbeat Jobs Bdwaid. MIU hoosa 

TjTwtU Mis. Sprliigfldd hoow 


Barbn Geo. miller & fmr.Baiiiig oiill 
Bartoi Ueai7, fimwr, Tbe tiranjfB 
Bond Thou*, ■uldler 

Boeelay Qeorge, Bolton Arm* 
Cane Carollae < Urt.), fkrnier, Cufauds 
Cane Michael, ftrmer, Cuftuda 
Cruttihfleld DiBah (Un.)> farmer, 

DowDhara Thomaa, farmer, Blacklanda 
Eccott Thoinaa,thopkeeper 
Qoffe ChBrlaa, hay ft atrav dealer 
Qofh Matthew, eapw dealer 
Hall Richard Carter, blacksmith 
Heal Prank, carpenter 
Holdawajr Maria (Hrs.)t*hopkeeper 
Hutton John, haulier 
Kenle; Rlehardf iI«(iXtoniiin, bfrmr 
McKay Goor^n Philip, asalsUiit owrsr 
Mansmdge Kobert Wm. land measurer 
Hatthew* Charles, Croicn inn 
Monran Jaa. Hen. fiirroer. Baaing lodge 
Pliimps John, shoe maker 
QuUlcy Marjr (Mrs.), oowkoeper 

Rarnblrd Hugh Edward, steward to 

Lord Bolton 
EtoHell John, bricklayer 
Smallbooe Charles, farmer, Pooca fcrm 
Smallbane Heory, ftmur, Uala Am 
Sinllh Brotliers, millers, Lowv BailBff 

Sl Baitrop milU 
Smith John, basket maker 
Soper Walter, shoemaker 
Tnyln Thomas, brmer 
Tucker Charles, brmer, Deanlaodi 
Vickerjr Thos. wheelwrlghttc earpealer 
Watmore Morn ( Urs.}, shopketiwr 
Wellock WUllam, ftnoar ifc mUler, 

Upper Mill farm 
Weston Daniel, grocer 
Wing Joha, famer 
WigK Maria (Mrs.), ftra«r 
Wlgg WlUfam, brmrr, DBtsh b» 


Baiibobtokb is a mnnldpal bonragh, market, ntUway 

and anion town, and a polling place for the Northern divf- 
alon of the coanty, hi the petty sesalonai division, union 
and handled of BasiiHptoke, dioecM and archdeaconry of 
WiadMstsr, and rami deooery of Basingstoke soatb-west- 
era divMon and Is sitnated In a fertile part of the county, 
on the 9onth Weetern main ilneto Southampton ; ihe Sontfa 
Western line toAndover, Salisbory, and the Weat of Eng- 
land, iolns here, aadoesalso the Great Western railway from 
HeaHuig to Baanntohe: It is also the terminas of the Basing 
attrite eaiud, and is dniated on the rif er Loddon, 46 miles 
fr»n London by the old road, and 47| by railway, 10 north- 
cast from Winchester, 15i south from Reading, lo south-east 
from Newbury and 32 north from Soathampton. Accord- 
ing to Domesday Book Basingstoke was a royal manor, 
which had never paid tax or been distributed Into hides, and 
had, at tbe survey, a mariut worth £9 Os. 

BufBRStoka aant nwabm to Parllameat finm the flSrd 
Sdward I. to 4tb Edward III. when at the sollcilailon of 
the Inhabitants, It Is supposed, the prlTil^ ceased. 

The town possessts a enartarof liioorpo ration, granted by 
JamcB 1. aBu eonilrmad by Charlea I. ; and ander the Aet 
Aih*6th WltUamlV.iigmnMd by a mayor and ftnr 
aUarmeD Bad twdveeonmottCoaneaiBan, with the assist- 
ance itf a town clerk, sergeant-at-mace, and other sub- 
wdtnate officers. Manstratea for the town are also ap- 
polalad under a comDussioa of tbe peace. In pursuance of 
Cbc let, and pet^ sessfainj axe hakt aranr Tuesday at the 
Torn Hall, befine the nayor and migfttiltes. A police 
ibree, eonsistlniit of a luperintandent, a Mrgeant, and Ato 
oonsMbles, is undra the control of a watch com mittee of the 
corporation. Tbe oouatv magistratas hold petty sessions 
here on the flrat and ttiira WedncMlaT In wary month i and 
a oNirt-leet is held under the lords or the niaB«, the jtiris- 
dkrtioo of which extends over 10 Uthings. 

Tbe town is lighted with ns, and supplied with water 
obtained from the ehalk at South View, raised by steam 
pomp from a well in the Beading road to tiie unk at 3outfa 
View : there Is suiBcient pressure to throw a constant suppljr 
of water to a conaidarable height in cases of fire, through 
fcjdrants in different parta. 

Tbe church of St. Michael and All Angels Is a fine Gothic 
stnetore, coosistlnB of ehaaesl, nave, aiues and side chapel : 
the nave Is said to have been meted In the relgo of Henry 
VIII. noder the diraetioa of Fox. Bbhop of Winchester, 
Bad ia a good spadmea of the arehltacture of thai period : 
at the west end Is a square tower, with angle turrets, 
having' a peal of 8 bells, and chancel aisle, now used as an 
organ chamber ; galleries have been erected on both sides of 
tlKchareh; It is capftUe ^ seattnc 1,400: there are seven 
atalned wladowi^ sad a earvad oak imlplt on stime base, 
plaeed In Bemory of BUum WUbernroe : a small library, 
the ^ft of Sr Ooonfe Wheler, is deported In the parvise 
above the south porch. The register dates from the year 
1506. Tbe living la a dischargra vicarage, yeariy value 
j£«7, with reddeoce, in tbegifk<^ the Pra^t and Fidtows 
of Magdalen College, Oxford, and bald by the Ber. James 
Elwiu Hillard d.d. of Out ooll^. 

Tbe CoagTegatlonal Church is (ha oldest nonoonformbig 
Iwdy in the town, dating back to 1S83, when the Bev. John 
ikoic, ea Us i^tmcnt by the Aet of (ToifbrBlty from the 
itactosy of Kir^wortliy, wlndiertcr,lKeame its pastiv: 

its place of mreting nnUl IMO waa 1b Cross street, iritSB 

the building In London street was erected, which was en- 
larged in 1860 to ito present dimensions : the style <rf 
arehiteclure is Roman*j>orlc, having an imposing front 
fiiclng the street : it Is capable of seating about 600. An 
organ was erected by sumeriptlon in 1876. The pastor 
ia maintained and tbe expenses defrayed by the voluntary 
system, pew rents having been abulished about 1873. Com- 
modious class rooms were added to the large school room at 
the rear ol the church In 187i at a cost of £500. There are 
about 500 scholars on the books ; minister. Rev. H. Birron. 
Thm Is also a Congregational chapel in New road, and 
there are other places of worship for Primitive Methodists, 
Countess of Huntingdon's foUoweta, Wesleyans, Baptists, 
and Bible Christian denomination, the Brethnn, and B 
meeting home for the Sodety of Priends. 

The Cemetery, situate at the highest point of the town, 
with the disused burial ground— the Hotjr Ghost chapel 
Littn — cover* an area of ^ acres : it contdns two mortuary 
chapels, and is veitad In b Borial Board. 

The Society of Friends faava a tmaO burial ground BdJtrfB- 
ing tbe Cemetery. 

The Queen's Grammar school, formerty the Holy Ghost 
school, was foaiided and endowed by Lord aandys In 1555 : 
it was rebuilt on a new site In 1835, under the iflreetlon trf a 
scheme of tbe Coon of Cbaneerr, dated lltb June, 1833 : a 
new seliool room was added In 1874, and It ii now capable 
of holding 80; it Is a handsome brick building, pleasantly 
situated on the Andover road, having 9 acres of recreation 
RToand attached. Tba capitation fees are £3 for boys und« 
11 years of age, and £1 for boys above that age, and the 
school Is open to all boys of the nrfghbourhood. The Crown 
has the patronage ; the Queen Is the Tlsitor.and the govern- 
ing body consists ofelght trustees, of whom three are elected 
by the Town Council, three by the Municipal Charity 
Trustees, the vicar and mayor wlnv members ex officio; 
the school bas an endowment of £200 yearly, artsing from 
land and houses, and the second master is entitled to £20 
yearly from ^r James Lancaster's charity. There are 
twelve exhibitions oi £15 : during the past six years the 
bnlldlBgs hive been twice enlarged. 

The Bine Coat School was founded in 1646 by Richard 
Aldworth esq. and has an endowment of about £180 ynriy 
value for maintaining, clothing, educating and appren* 
ticing eight boys, being boos of indigent persons of Basing* 
stoke : the boys are boardad and educated at tbe Natioiml 
Boj s' school, Crosa street, which wilt bold 3i4, and la top- 
ported by a null endowment, school penee, and QoTemmBnt 

The Girk' and Iniknts' National schoo1,CharchifBBi«,fK 
capable of holding lUO girls and ISO infdnto, and la supported 
by subscription, Government grant and school pence. 

A small Mission school was built In the Reading road in 
1874, and conveyed to the vicar and churehivardenB for the 
time belag. 

The British aebod, Saroa road, was founded In 1840, and 
boll t In 184 1 , at a cost of £600 : It la a mixed Khool, and la 
capable of holding 906. An In&nt tohool iDom has boea 
added (1875), at a cost of £700. 

BnalDgatoke la ahnatad in the oantf* of an axtMslTC 
i^ricultnnd dbtrlet, and bas b eonsUenUe trade In con 

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iniiltj«oftli,.tlmbfrand«tlier tnetehuidise. Hert *re the 
North HftDta Iron WorkH, it luve brenei7« tnd uw ntilki. 

A Town HkU wu^twtei in IBM, snd coi»iilt-of ■ read- 
biipnnm, a JuUee room, rotlring room, lutmlsomo ttone 
stBiresM learfinfr to ft-SpAelom hill or ball-roorn, council- 
ToomaBd ant»4<eD«, wltfi other oonvenimt offices, town 
clerk's and Iwrougfi •umfor'* offioos; and behind rtie 
boildinfi ii a marhet for the mh of naat, poultry, ftaht aad 
Tegetables ; tha oeab of evMtton Md the Hte amooutM to 
upvardt of £lO,OOOi 

A ftirgpe Corn Bxvhango mu opffied by Lord Bolton In 
P«i>ruf7, 1865 : it ta^a handwNMttaildin^, with leOatanda; 
the aapftal was Drigjnall* railed hj aharea of £25 each, 
whleb have now been paid off; the Corporation has taken 
it under Its control. 

The principal martet day i* on Wedaewlny, far com-and 
cattle ; there la aim a market on Satarday for meat, 
poultry, fUh and vep;etahle». An Important elieep fair i» 
heM on the 18th of Jbly. 

The 25th Hants Rifle Volunteer Corps, formed in 1875, 
has a strength of 60 men ; Iti armoury is in Chorch street. 

The Mechanics' Institute and Club, New street, is affiliated 
to the London Workin(( Men's Club and Union, and was 
eataUished 1641: the present .hall was built In 1670. at 
a eost of £1,200 (including J^OO for site): it is a brick 
buildiofr, containing: a club room capable of bvldiny 200, 
lante reading room, library with 2,000 volaraes, daas rooms, 
and litearian's reaidence : It !■ supported by snbscriptiuos of 
mombera, of whom there are 907. 

IWe are Almahouaes in London atrset, founded in 1607 
by Sfar Jamas Deane, for eight aged pensons, two- of whom 
•M elaolsd foom the parisli of Deans : there is an anmal 
dbtrihutlonof£1286a.6d.wnongllielnmateii. Alnubouaas 
in ibickwood road were founded by Joseph Page esq. of 
Baaald. UiddleseK. in 1806, for three taidigeiitparaona, who 
Eaedvefis. weekly and coab: tbare are alao three Blmshowies 
in Reading rood unendowed. 

The rharities belonging to the town are very considerable, 
)e4t by tlio Duke of Bolton, Sir James Lanoaster, lUohanI 
Ahlworth esq. founder of tlie Bin* Coat Bofaool ; Richard 
Deane, Francis Hussell and John Hall eaqrs. and Messes. 

8nllb, Payne, St«ck«r and PeiMrt«a,and in OMdsm 
times by the late vicar, the Rev. Robert Cottle and Charles 
Webb, Dr. Sheppard and Hra. Sieppard, his widow, who 
built and endowed the Naiioaal spools for boys and jdrls. 
The nmoont for dlstrilNUion in money and kind Ja £I£e 

The Cottage Hospital situated in Hackwood road, wae 
.built and turnislied at a cost of nearly £'^,000 raised by 
subscription from the inhabitants of the town and oeigh- 
bourhood : its object is to supply sick and anffering poor 
persons with medical attendoiice and oai«fiil niirainfrlaa 
quiet homo; it will depend on voluntary cantribuUuns ; 
presidant, Tliomaa Pain esq. ; hon. sec. John Dew. 

St. Thomas' Home Is litaated on the north side of the 
town on an elcTatfd and healthy site; the complete scheme 
comprises seven cottages, three lanD^{ee,e)uipel, superior's 
and wonlon's rooms, Infirniary, general kitchen and offices, 
suflicieiit, nlien complete, to bold eighty-four penitents, and 
the working staff : at present the buildings are available 
only for Lhlrty-six inmates : the home is designed for the 
frieodlesa and fallen, and U worked by the sistera of St. 
ThooHM the Martyr, Oxford. The Rev. Reginald P. Bigg- 
Widier M.A.iitbswardaDand the biabopM tb« dloeaie is 

vlsftor : the land has been pnPcbaM, the areaant bnlldings 
erected and the hislttaU»n maiatainMLby voltu>lBry oSeiiogs 
andannadBubsrpiptionfl.pByable at the Capital and'CanBttec 
Hank, Basinf^ke. 

The Holy Ghost chapel,, a onee bcanllfiit sdifioe^ the 
nttne of which are on the north side of the town, on an 
eminence- eommaodlng an extatsive proapett, rnu 
Sir WIHimn, afterwards Loed wha, wllfc Bichard 

Pox, Rfsbop of Wiitchesber^ obtafaiai a lioeace to found a 
free cbepet, and therein likewise to instmet yeulh itt 

Among tlieeminent natives of tkis>place may be netieed 
John de EMslngetoke, a distinguished salmlar of the thio- 
teenth oentury, and ArdtdaaAm of Leieaater abaat the yew 
1^; also SirJames LancastAr,.an emineot OKvigHtor inthe 
rrign of Elfsabeth ; Dr. Joseph Warton p.r.b. who was 
hewl muster of Winchester CoDege, and bis brother, the 
Rev! Thomas Warton b.d. profoMor of poetry at the 
Unirereity of Oxford and peet laureate: thn iatner of the 
Warbms was »iatr of Basingstoke, also ppoftsnr of pcetry 
in the atwre nnlTcral^ ; Ida reuama lie In the ehaocal of 
the chnrrh. 

Abont a mile aonth ts Hackwood House, a large handsome 
mansion, the seat of Lord Bolton, which was designed by 
Inigo Jones ; it staads In a wtOl-wooded park of about 7U0 
acreStalMdtea with deer and abonndinK with fine old oak, 
beeenaad tAhat timber treea. 

An ArchiBoIogiealand Reld Club waaibnned herein 1B7B; 
the ftev. J. 8. Millard la pnaident and Charles F. Gssksey 
eM. hnn. aee. 

A Bteam LsModry and Rath Osmpany has bean ftrawl 


The Corporation are lords of the nnnor, and tliere are 
numerous landowners. 

The soil is chiefly lettm ; the snbsnil Is ehnlb. The land 
ia mostly fvable, prodnoing abandant vrops of aafnfoln^toi^ 
alps, wheat, barm' and oatit. 

The area is 4,086 acres, ahout 107 of which are common, 
restTictnl to certain honsehnbiers of tlie town ; rateable 
Ttrine, £*-'6,S08; the poputatien of the munfdpal borewgh 
and parish in 1671 was 5,574^ 

WiNKL£Bi]KTisalance oirculaF camp. Smiles nortiv 

Verger, Edward Alfced HopUni. 

Babtrov next BA»iitG»TOKB (of wbieh It nqp be 
eonstdered aanburb) Is a pari)>h, a(tfoi*dng the town on the 
east. The chorch of St, Mtary Is aoppoeed to be an aimient 
atructore, though no records nave boen preserved to fix it^ 
exact dato: it was formerly one of tho sniaHeat in tlie 
diooeee, hut In the year 18116 It was enlarged by elongation, 
through the liberality of the lato Lord Mtoa and etl*er*. 
The register dates foom the year 1730. The living is a 
dtBchat^e<l rectory, ibar times of pmsentadon ont of five 
being in the gift of (he trustees of the Rev. Richanl Joha 
Shidds M.Ji. of Uaiverstty College, Durham, the present 
inciimbent{tittiesc8amutedfora rentcliarge of £85.) Part 
of Haehwood House and park an in this parish. Ixird 
Bolton, who is lord of the manor, and with Mre. noaseli 
Apletre, are the principal landownera. The soil is loam ; 
subsoil, chalk. The ehlef erope are roet«) aainfbtn, wheat, 
barky and oats: the area Is 43d aoKsi ratoable valu> 
£1,066 ; the populattao In 1S71 was IM. 

Pmritk CtirMy Janet Halir. 

Official Xtstabluhziienta, X<oeal Xnstitationa, Ae. 

Post, Mo»bt Ordxb & Tblbqjuph Offtcb, S»*Ings 

Bank fc Oovemment Amrnlty ft Inanranoe Office. — Mm 

Jane Curtis, poatmlatreaa 
BoT closes for dispatch to London, eoantn- te abroad at 

9.20 ajn. &: 3.65 & 0.48 p.m.; to Rtmohlgft Weat of 

Eng^d at 7.45 p.m 
The deliveries commence at 7 ic.Il a.ra.& 5. p.m. Mon^ 

Older office tt savinga bank open fcem till 6 ; Saturdays 

u till 8. Tdegtafib offiM open 7 tiU 9i Sundays, 8 till 


PlLLAB BosB8~Winflhealsr st. ; Sanun id. & Churdi st 


SsastovAL Dxrisios 
golaiter William Lntlay, asq. chairman, Hioddiagtea 

house. Odih&m 

Beach William Wi^ BnuMtm»flB[|. OaUcyhtll, 

Bdim The Bight Hon. Lord, Hackwood pack, Baaiogstoke 
Jerv<^ Fras. Jervoisc £llis,aaq. Hnrriaidlia. Basbif^atoke 
Portal Wyadhan fljieaacr, esq. Mnlshswgao, Baainettalaa 
Byevoft 8ir Nelaoo, barL ICenpahott park, Basiniffhika 

WarresL Mt^r Rhdiaed PeUtaaa, Wotting house 
Htzgersid Richard Purefoy, esq. Nivth hall^ PfsafeoD 

Bates Ed wand esq. m.p. Many Down paiik 
CUrka, limn. Lamb iL Btwiks, seltetton, Winalieater wt 

Petty Sessions for tite divirion are held at Basingstoke, 
every riternatewedneaday, at the Town haH, at 12 o'clock 
at noon, l^e following {uaees are included In the peity 
sessional division: — Andwell, Basing, Bmrnley, Bnidley, 
Church Oakley, Cliddeaden, Deane, Dumnier, Rastrop, 
ElliBfleld, Fartefgh Wallop, Hertrard, Hartley Westpail, 
MapledOTwen, Hrrtimer \*'e9t end, NatolT Senm, ffewn- 
ham, NOTth WatAam, Nntley, Preeton CiandDver, Pop* 
ham, Pamber, St. John ^lerbome, Siichester, Stratfleld 
Turgisa, Straffieldsaye, Sherftdd-npon-Loddon, Tnnworth, 
Up lately, Upton Gray, Winriade te Kempdiott, Weston 
Patrick, West Sherixmie, Wortlng, Woodmanoott, Woot- 
ton-St. Lswreace, Weston Corbett 

BoROcaH UiiaiVTBATU:— mie Ul^, aad Ex-Mayor, 
UeniT Downs, Bichaid Wm». Bobert Afcbsr Dmvia, 
lUehord luaifidil, Hannr PorisnMOtb ft Arthar Wattis 

ClerA, FandaS. Cbandur 

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IIaif7 PorttiDoatii | H«aiy Allen 

Comnum Coundthra. 

WiUlua Ktan Bbtoh 
Joha Hm 

G«orge Prad crick Owin 
John CbarWPiUntaiiCartla 
Edmrd TapUn 
ArkM Sapp 

Town Cj(n-&, WUliam Hsitry Bft/lty 
Sargufh Surveyor, aimoii Westcolt 
£«rMi$A TrmMurtr, Uvtay Fowler 

CBAarrr Trttstiss. 
(Appoialfld by Loni Chancellor. J 

Jokn Sebofleld 
Jolui Follett 
Fradsriok James Tttmple 
Steward Tobias \V«ltb 
Jamea Ponlter 

Haay Downs 
Ridwnl Wallis 
Saniwl Chandler 
Richird Knight 
Ueury Porlaiuoutli 

Rar. J. E. Millard d.i> 
R«T. WiUiam Biag Work- 
man M.4 
Henry Allan 
Jolui Wathm. Lodwidga 
Artbor Wallii 
CXeri, WilliwB Hwry B»>1b7 
Trtaturrr, John- Dew 


C)Mni/y .Ffre, A. White, Wbidieater atrrat 
Economit Lift. H. Down^, Wlndietter rofwl 
Imptriml, H. B. RoynliM, The Auction mart 
lAetrpoMttm^ St Globe, H. H. Powdl, London at 
Midland Fire $■ Life, J. B. Boper, Wote stmt 
Mutual Life ft tMUftarm, J. B. ^oper, Wote atreet 
Jfonotek tTmim, \V. Olover. London atreet 
Pktenix Ftre, Davis at Stepiiein 
Provident Life, A. White, Winehestfr f treet 
Rmilvay PoMDengem' , M. Downs, Winchester rotfl 
Jtvjfot, F. Tenpiv, Choreh street; R, Itayiibird, Auction 

Soyal Sxehan§«, S. Ctiandler, Omrch street 
Boyat Parmrrt', H. Down", Winchester roacl 
Scottish Widowe' FM)td, W. BfTTisii, Station liill 
Staffordshire Fire, H. T. Yelf, London acreet; J, Jibb, 

Sun lire, J. W. Lamb 
Standard Life, A. While, Winchester atreet 


The BMrinoatokfl Union oompriaea the tbllowinK plncea: — 
AndwdC Baaiatr* Baalagatoko, Beech Hill (Berks). 
BmUey* Brsmley, Chnreh Caliiay, Cliddt»den, Deane, 
Dununar, Kaatrop, £lliafield or llUlleld, Farit:i([li Wallob, 
Hartley We«tpall, Uarrlard, Mapleilnrwell, Xately 
Seurea, N«wnhani, North Walliiam, Hutky, Pamher, 
Popham, Preston Ganikiver, Sherborne St. Joiia, 8her- 
fldd-apofi-LoddoB, Sikheata", Sterenton, StrattleUsaye, 
Tonworth, Up-Nately, Uptoa Qrey, West i^Iierbome'or 
Uonk Sherbome, Weston Cerbett, Wcalon Patricia 
Wioslade with Kempshott^ Woodmancott, ^^'ootUn St. 
LaamaM, WortloK; gnm estimated rental, £141,7^:2, 
nteaUo wlaa, £lM,lQi. Hbe Union Workhouae ia at 

Board d«y, Griday, iortniKhtly. 
CltTh, GeofKe Lear, Cvm straeb 

Amstaxt Oaeroesrst Baaingatoke, Vr. James Smith, 
BMingstoke; Basing H CUddeadeD, Mr. Oeorge P. 
MaKny, Boafaig; Domnter, Mr. Leonard BilUuure, 
JDa»mer; Eaatrop, Us. George P. MeKay, BrvIok; 
Hartlaj WeatfAll, Mr. John Lawrence, Hartley Weat- 
sail; Naldy Sauna. Mr. Oeorge P. McKay, BsMug; 
Fraatoa CaadoTar, Mr. DMiiel Ugtat, PreatoD Caodover; 
PaiDber, Mr. WUUui Fdtett, loo. Pamber ; Sharbome 
St. J«lin» Mr. Clnriw F. WMl«, Shnteme St. John; 
BtntiMd Torgis, Mr. JoJhn Lamence, Hartley We<t- 
pall ; Sherfield, Mr. WUilain Stratfont, SharfleM ; Up- 
Aately, Mr. George P. McKay, Basiagj Uptoo Grey, 
Mr. Janwa Golyar^ Uptoa Qrey: Weat Slierbome St 
Wootton St. lAwrenca, Mr. 3mepti Follett, Monk Shei^ 
banw: MortlBMr West £iil> Mr. Mathew Fwd, Moi- 
tlmv Wast £Dd 

JitlieviHg Vaemtatim Offieart, 1, Basingatoke diattiet, 
WUlian Lord Curtis, BaekwMid road, BaatawMoke; 
3, Bramley diatrlel, Joseph Jibb, Bnml^ ; 3, DunaMr 
dMriDt, Janin BiUlmeve, Dummer 

Mo^eiU Officertt U G. F. Webb, Basingstoke; 2, B. B. 
Sweeting, Msi>i«Moke ; 3, F. D. UUIer, Basbigfl'oke ;4, C. 
H. JohMon, Baaiogatoka; 6, U. U. Davis, MortlaMr ; li, I. 
F. Wttlte, SvaUmiWd 

Siiperintendfnt Segistrar, Georfie I>sr, Cms itMtt; 

Deputy, Uanry J smmw Thatcher, Cbureh atreet 
Re'jisirttr»«f Births ^ Deaths, 1 dlatriet, Lwke L. Bed- 

J rove, Wote street, Baaintiatoke ; 2, Joaepk Jlbb, Bnunley ; 
■mes HUltaioro, Bamoer 
Ri-gintrttr of Marriages, Lake L. Redgreve, Wote stn-et 
Worhhmue^ Baaing, George Atkina, master; Rev. B. F. 
llesaey, ehaplalB; R. B. dmedag, snrgaoa ; — AtUns, 

Rural Saaitaky Autkoritt. 
Clerk, Georse Lear. Croaa street 

Mediral O^fffeers, C. F. Webb. R. B. Sweetlnp;, F. D. 

Miller, C. H. Jolinaon, G. H.Davia&I. F. Walker 
Itupectirr of Nnitancen, No. 1 dlatriet, John Lawrence, 

iMrtley Wesfpall; 2 dlHrlct, Frederick Kar^, Baalog- 


Urbax Saxitary Authority. 
Clefh, William Henry Barley, New street 
Medical Officer, Charles Frere Webb, New street 
Surveyor Inspector, Simon Westeott, 1 Suffirik tIIIu 
Collector, Henry Sinitti Ackland, Charetasqaatt 
Itoad Suneijor, Henry Wigg 
j Public E-sTAsusuuBXTti :— 

^orONffA Ptff/ct! Nation, New at. Mark Qlbbord, aoprdt 

Csmetergf J. Hutcliins, raKU:nr 

Corn Exehange, Wote street 

County Court, held monthly St the Town Uall, Patrick 
I Marcellinus Leonard, estj. Judf^j — Uaconochie, eac]. 
I deputy judge} John Workman Lamb, re«^trar. The 
1 County Court district compriaes the following places :~ 
I Andwell. Ashe, Basing, Ba.<ingfitoke, Beech Hill (Ilerke^ 
! Bradley, Bramley, Branialiill.BroadOatc, Church Oakley,. 
I Cliddeaden, Deane, Doginerstleld, Dummer, Eaatrop, 
i Elliafield, Elvethani, Everslt-y, Ewharat, Farleinh Wallop, 
I Greywell, Mannlngion, Hartley Westpall, HartlevWitney, 
I HaikfI>-ld,'Ilasely, Holdaliutl, Herrlard, Ho"k, liodding- 
I ton, Kemp»hi>tt,Uttle London, Mapl«durwell,Mattingle>-, 
Murreil, Nately Scures. Up-Natalv, Nalely H<)lt, Newii- 
bam, pfutley, "North Wamborough, Odinam, Overton, 
Pamber, Puphiim, Preaton Candover, Rvc, Uorhcrwick. 
Stapcly, Muiik :jlierbome, Slierbome St. John (iuciudiii^ 
I Beaurt-pairu), Shcr6eld-iipon-Loddon, Siicliesier. Soai.'i 
I Waruburo'igli, Steveaton,Stratfle](lsaye,Stratfit4liiTurKiH, 
Teilley, Tunworlh, Ujitou G rev, Walt ItAm North, Westen 
Corbett.WesUMi pBtrit;k,Winciifiehl (including Dogiiien- 
: flt^lil], WiriBlaile, Woodmancott, Wootton Si. Utwreooe, 
I Wootton Upper. Worting 

'. County Poiu-s Station, Londonat. Wm. Rapklna, inspatr 
' 7-iro Brigade, John BuivAaa Soper, aupertnteiulent 
Inhmd Revenue Office, Svmm villas, Ily. Ilosers, officer 
Stamp ^ Lf^aey Jj»ty Office, J. Poulter, London streat, 
sub-dlKinliurur uf ttaiops 
Toicii Holl, Charles Pritchard, keeper 
Hanti Riji' Foluntier Corps (Sotli), Armoory, Cliureh 
St. Lieitt.-Cul. Hardioge, capUiinj J. P. Lewis, surgeon 
Public OrricERa:— 
County Coroner, S. Clarke, e>q. solleitar, Whitcknr«ii 
Shsriff''s OJfi^er, John Moore, High street, Andorar 
Taw Coiltctor, James Smith 

IntpeeUtrs of Wrights ^ Measures, M. Ribbard (lur 
boriN^) ; W . Rupliiiu (Basiogstoke dlvlalon) 
> Ttwn Vrior, John Luxfurd, Ooiat lane 
I Pl&oss of woR»uir: — 

St. Michael i( All AngeU Church, C}lMii\tt.tnxt,'S;i%. 
\ Jas. hlwlii MtUard, D.D. vkar: Rav. UlrleZ. HKl^.oarMe 
\ St. Mary LhuTch, Eusttop, BflT. Richard Jolui tItMta, 
I if.A. rector 

I Congregational, London st. R«r. Henrr Btnron, mtalsUr 
. Congregational, Worting Tmra*! end 
1 Countess of Huntimgdoiirs Chapel, R«t. Wiaiani Hotate 
I Hines. imniMer 

Friends' Meeting Htwe, Wote street 

Weeleyan Preaehiag Boom, Potter^ lane. Rev. Alflwd 
Cooke, miitiatflr 

Primitiue Methodist,F]taitielA rd.Rev.Thos. Keaeb,amtr 

^«to intlepuHttent, Nrwroail 

JBbsnetrr Baptist, Chnrofa street 

Alina House freaehing Boom, Chnreh street 


Quesn't Grammar, Worting road, Rev. Arthnr Porster 
Rnttv it.A. head master; W. B. Milne, second maartsr': 
T. Hi L^iwttiHi PH.D. thM master; Hi Adaau, Trid. 
ColL Dublin, fcurth master 

Mtuetoat fr ^-aHofttl (boys),Cn)«>at By. Weitks,nHtst 

Sritisk (mixed), George Oage, nutMSf 

Infiints', Miss Naomi Russell, mistress 

Mission, Itrading road 

national (girls a lufjuta), Uiss Elli^th Kirk, tnMms ; 
Mlas Isabella Coleman, tuAnts' mistress 


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Railway Stations:— 
South Weiitem, John Harrey. Btttlon muter 
Great Westtm, Rkhtrd Walker, station maaler 

C'akkibrs to ; — 

Alton — Ilale;, from ' Enslneen' Arms,' tuaiday it mt 
BADOHirRaT— iSlanley, from < Feathert,' wednewaT 
Hartley Westpall— Sewry, froni ' Angel,' wednnday 
SiNOBCLKRB — Carter, teota ' Fralbert/ wedimday 
North Walthaji— Phillis, from 'Three Tuna,' dally j 
Fanner, from ' Rose Sc Crown,' wednoday 
NBWBtTRY — llsley, from ' Engineers' Arma,' thar. & mon 
Odiham— WooUbrd, from * Feathers,' wcdneaday 

Otertok— Ford, from ' Harrow,' daily 
Fahbbr— Kent, from ' Feathers,' wedneadar 
Prbstoh Cahdotbr— Jonea, from ' Ansel,' wed. St aaC 
RAHaoALB— Pontin, from ' Feathers,' Wednesday 
Shbrpield— Sumner, from ' Railway Anna,' Wednesday; 

Upton, from ' Feathers,' Wednesday 
Tadlbt— Lipseombe,from ' Self Deftnee,' wed. ft aaL; 

Hayero, from ' Feathera,' Wednesday 
Westok— Holdaway, from * Feathers/ Wednesday 
WHiTCHtRCH— Penney, from 'Feathers,' Wednesday 
Rbaoiho— Vates, from ' Fenthers,' Wednesday 
WoouMANCOTB— Tarrant, from * Feathers,' Wednesday 


PRIVATE residents. 
Ackland Henry :4mith, Church square 
Ackland Mrs. New street 
Aken Mrs. Loddon villa, Wiiuliestar rd 
Ames GeoTBe, Station hill 
Annandale Robert, Basing road 
Attwood William Spencer,Caaton'aroad 
Awliery The IHIssea, Loddon cottage, 

Winchester road 
Aylife Charles, Bell Vue bonse, Hay pi 
AylilK William Cbarleo, London street 
Baker Mrs. Asnes villa, Wortinir road 
Barron Rev. Henry [ConiiroKatiunal]', 

Cleveilon house, Ewex road 
Basset Ambrose, The Shrubbery 
Bayley William Henrv, Sherborne road 
BeUley William Phillip, Burgess road 
Bflldam Hiv, Church atrret 
Bickerstaff Col. Robtnt, Bolton kdge, 

Norn hill 

Bfgg-Wither Rev. Realnald Fttzhugh 
1I.A. [d«acon ofSL Thooiaa'UomeJ, 
8onth riew 
Bird Mba, Ivy cottam, New street 
Blatch Wm. Hy.TheBrewery.Brookat 
Bllokhom Thomas, Winchester road 
Btdand Robert Spencer, Down grange, 

Winchester Toad 
BoltonLord,Hackwood ho.; MdPrinees 
gardens & Carlton club, London »m 
BuddFraneis,TheCedar8,WInchester td 
Bartierry Thomas, The Hount 
BnmwB Cbnrcb lane 
Bnrt lira. Caaton'a road 
Buahell Fredk. Wm. Elm cot. Sarum rd 
Butler Mrs. Ivy cottage, New street 
Caldecutt William Watson, Church aq 
Challls The Hiaaes, Church street 
Chandler Francis Samuel, Church afreet 
Chandler Samuel, Church street 
ClerkSlrGeorgeRussellE.c.B., o.c.b.i. 

Winton house, Winchester road 
Conran Edward Petman, New street 
Cooke Rev. Alfred [We)>Ieyan] 
Cook man Mrs. Church lane 
Cooksey Charles Frederick, Shirley 

cottage, Soath view 
Conpe Hi^r Robert, Basing road 
Cox Ellsha, Chiuvh square 
Dale George Luke, London atnet 
DaQman John, Woteatrect 
Deacon Rlchanl, Loddon lodge, Wote st 
Deavin William, Winchester road 
Dew John, Church street 
DoMU Junaa^ote attest 
Doman Un. wlndiester street 
Down Henry, Manor ho. Winchsaterrd 
Drewett Edgar, Wote street 
Dunn George Freman, London street 
Dunn Will&ui, Castons road 
Edney Thomas Jtdin, Caatons road 
Field Samuel, Goldlngs 
Fowler Henry, Winchester street 
Fraser Rev. Simon James Gordon M.A. 
[H.M. Inspector of Schools for Wilt- 
shire], Bramblys 
French Wm.8ouUL View Tila.Bunress id 
Oertish William, 2 Saram Tillas 
Gtblett Jackson, Brook street 
Gibson James, New street 
Glover William, London street 
Onvaeiark Hiss, WesUande, Whiehes- 
ter road 

Green Mrs. S Lome villas, Wortlng rd 
Greenwood ArthurK.A.,LL.D.,F.o.>.K. 
Fluxlleld college 

Hailstone Cornelia*, Church street 
Hardy Rlchd. South view, Wnrilngrd 
HarrisCaptalnGeorgeEdwd. Sanimrd 
Harris Walter, Sarum rood 
HatHeM Mrs. Wincheater street 
Hayes Haw'kealey Rocbe,Wi9cheater st 
Herd Mrs. Church square 
Hill John Bray, Southrlew vlllia. 

Burgess road 
Mine Joseph John, Church stiwt 
Hinee Re*. WiUiam Horace [Coonteaa 

of Huntingdon], Wote street 
Hoara Elijah. 4 Sarum vllhu 
Hoare Mrs. Church street 
Holdaway Alfred Edwin, Wlnch-ster at 
Hunt Mtse, Prospect villa, .South view 
Hnssey Prertk. South view, Worting rd 
Johnson Charles Henrv, Wote street 
Kench Rev. Thomas tPrimitiveMetho- 

di»tj, Flaxfleld road 
King Mrs. Brook street 
Kingdon Thomas Maton, Market place 
Knight Richard, Winche8t«r atnet 
Lamb Roger, New street 
Langiey Mrs. Selbome vils. South view 
Lear Oeoi^^, Cross street 
Lemsn Mrs. Winchester road 
Lewis Jamee Potter, K.D.Winchester at 
Lodwidge John Wathen, Ashley lodge, 

Wincheater road 
Loe Harry, Wote street 
Lnnn Hiu,S Lome villas, WortlDg road 
Marea John, Gastona road 
Marsh Frederick,Onm cot Worting rd 
Martin Thomas, Church lane 
Matthews Mrs. Bramblvs 
May Capt. John, HawkHdd, Wbichea- 

ter road 

Millard Rev. James Elirin D.D. TIcar-. 

age, Church street 
MElTer Frederic Dantell L.S.O.P. LOMD. 

Church sqnare 
Morgan Rev. — [Catholic], BuioeM road 
Milward Alfred, Southern road 
Mussell Henry, Church sqnare 
Owens Charles, Church lane 
Pace Arthhr,8 Selbome vIls. Sonth view 
Paget Edward, Church street 
Pain Thomas, The Grove, Cliddeadenrd 
Pelliam Thomas, Burgess road 
Perkins Edward, Church lane 
Peters Samuel, West Ham 
PoRsmouth Albert, Wote street 
Portsmouth lidraund. Church street 
Portsmouth Henrv, Norn hill 
Pontter James, Winchester ntad 
Redgrove Lake Longman, Wote street 
Renouf -Urs. Church lane 
Ruddle Henrv Joiin, London street 
Rul« Rev. Ulrle Zuinglias [cunte], 

Rutty Rev. ArthurPonterif A.Qoeen's 

Grammar school 
Shields Rev. Richard John H.A. [rector 
of Bastrop], Kiirley house, Essex rd 
Simmons The Misses, HlghBeld, Wort- 
ing road 

Simpson Charles Pipe, Castons road 
Sims John, May place, London street 
Sims Robert, London street 
Singleton Samuel, Charch lane 
Umallpelce William, Wote street 
Smith James Webb, Wote street 
Smith Mrs. Erith house, London street 
Smith Walter J<An, London street 
Smith WiUiam, London atreet 
SoperJohn BniYet«,HUUlde,SonlhTle« 

Stalner William Henry, Fonntalnvllle, 

Bunms road 
Standiffe Wm. Cockcroft, Castons road 
Stark Wm.Plsyters Wilkinson .Hillateed 
Steeven* Ctariw James, 1 West End 

vlllaa, Winchester road 
Stephens Gerrald, Church street 
Sterry Richd.Foylelodge,CIiddesdenrd 
Sweettnr Robert Bray, Wote street 
Taplln Edward, Cross atreet 
Temple Frederick J. Church street 
Thatcher Henry James, Church atreet 
TothlU William, Church tans 
Vidler Mrs. Sarum Cottage 
Viue Miss, Church atreet 
Wadmon Walter, New atreet 
Wallia Arthur, Coombehurat, CUddes- 

den road 
Wallis Richard j.p. Eaatlanda 
Wallia Walter. DsvMuhire lodge, Win- 

ctiester road 
Warne Thomas, Church sqnare 
Warwick Robert Wlssett [paymaster 

B.M.], Beech kidge, WorUng road 
Webb Charlea Prere, New street 
Webb Steward Tobias, Cross street 
White Edwlo Charles, Sunnyaide, 

Essex road 
WhlteFnnk^uSolk villas, Worti^rd 
White Hra. Edward, Cross atreet 
Whitley Henry Edward, Westlands, 

Winchester road 
Woodcock Rev. Nathudel [Baptiitj, 

Woolbiough Rev. Joseph BessWUJiams 

x.A.rvlcar of Chute Porest],FairaeU, 

Winchester road 
WorknuRev. Wm.Rt«[H.A.Chnreb sq 
Woriunaa The Misses, Church square 
Yeates Rev. Hy.3.^nes vIa.W(nttiurrd 
Yestes Benjamin Rnflu, Agnes villas, 

Worting road 
Young Rev. Henry, 3 Sarum villas 


Ackland John ft Son, butchers, Win- 
chester street 
Adams Richard William, tailor, Wln- 

clMster street 
Adams Sarah Ann (Mrs.), brewer ft 

spirit dealer, Wiocneater street 
Allen Henry, chemist, Church atreet 
Allen Sarah (Mrs.), midwi&. Goat lone 
Angell & Boa, outflttecs, Market place 
AttvTOod Joseph Aliaey, bookseller, 

Awbery ft Co. milUners, Winchester st 
AyUffe William Charies ft Edwin 

house deeorators, London street 
Baker Jonathan, Boat, Goat lane 
Baker Joseph Henry, grpesr&prorisioD 

merchant, Churen street 
Barnard Jas. boot ft shoe ma. London st 
Barnes Robert, Swan, ft blaekamlth. 

Wote atreet 
BaneU Robert Tylw ft John (Harrv 

Lo9, maBiMir), brewen, maltaten « 

spirit merchants, Wote stmt 
Bartlet John, boot maker, Uaekwwd rd 
Barton George, baker ft com dealer, 

London street 
Batingttokt Cemttary (J. Hotchlns, 


Batingeloke Cottage HotpUal (Thof . 

Pain, esq, president; John Dew, ' 

boa. sec.), Haekwood road 
Bit«fMfftt9n .Firs Brigade (John 

Burgess Soper, superintendent) 

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Sluiiigstoke Gat Works Co. (John 

Dew, iee.)t Busin^r road 
BtMJigitoke^ North Hanta A rehtto- 
b)ffkal 1r fUld Ctttb (Charia F. 
Cooksc?, hon. aee.) 
Bttiingttoke Saving* Bank (Georze 
Lear, tec. ; Saml. Chandler .aetiury), 
T«waball; opeDwcd.ll till 
Bamipteike Sheep, Lamb, Hrr9« fr 
Cattle Fair (Henrv l>own*, hon. 
Hc.), ffincbester road 
Satinff^obt Steam Laundry tf Bath 
Co. lAmited (Alfred l)<>wlin^, wk.) 
Bijler WiUian Hsnry, solicitor, town 
elerfc, perpetaal commiffuoneritcom- 
nis^oner for oaths & rlerk to Urban 
Moitarr aathority, New strret 
Beard ^niiirl (Mrs.), straw tKUinet 

a^er, Flaxflehl road 
Beard Tbaaamt aeooontant, Bro«di at 
Biiken John, boot awkor, Ooat lana 
Benzie James Robert, watch maker, 

Berrf Mary ( Mn.], baker ft newMgent, 

LoodoD atreet 
Biid Joanbf nooer, Loudon atreet 
Btaekith tiwMon de la Haje, organist, 

Sdaram villas 
BkekBan Charles, nnbrdOm naker, 

WlKbester atreet 
BLUITDBa FRXDERICXf wis* ft aptilt 
nerdant ft aermted water auan&e* 
torer. London street 
BluDden Jame«, carpenter, Hackwood 

road. See iidvertiaement 
Blnodea Wm. ihoemaker, Reading rd 
Bond Wm. Edwin, herbaliat.Flaxtteldrd 
Bone GUbert, veteriiHUy surgeon, 

Saram road 
Booker Edward, eommerdal tiSTeller, 

Essex lodge, Worliiw road 
Bowles Irwin, Skip, Church street 
BristawWm.Arthr.hor*e dir.Castoos rd 
BritUk Workman Pubtie Hotue 
(Jaaea Thatcher, man.^ Potters la 
Bnoaiaeld Bnina (Hi*.), dressmaker, 

Bwwa Oarnve. beer rtlr. diddesden rd 
Bock land William, fcncy repository, 
tbeebeapest shop In the town,Wotest 
Sodden Sarah Ann ( Htts). baby Unea 

k berlin repository, London street 
Bnlpin David, tbopVeei*er. Brook st 
BaraenT Tboa. dr^Mir, Winehesler at 
Bargca Cbariea, aliopkeepnr, Chnreh st 
BnnUttoD Bdwd. beer l«taller» Wota st 
Burton Alfred, Wlmt*ktnf, Win- 
chester street 
Boder Janen, ftriier, Viakkbaiy ft 

Worting wood 
Butl4 Jamoa, maehlolst, engineer ft 

beer retailer, Soatbam road 
Bye Tfaonaa, boot maker, New road 
Carb JoaB FH, the Bailngttoke 
graeen ft proviiion Mores, Station hi 
Cranon WIIItaiB, batcher, London at 
Cepitai ^ Cauntiet Bank (branch) 
(Henry Fowler, manj, Wtncboater 
street, draw on btad office, London 
Castle Wm. be«r retir. Sherbnume rd 
Cballis Jaeob, beer retailer, Reading rd 
Chandler ft Son, solicitors, Cfanrch st 
Chandler Francis Samuel (flrm.Chand- 
ler ft Son ), atdicitor, clerk to borouch 
Jastioes ft clerk to guardians 'of 
Hartley Wintney nnion, Church st 
ChandUr Samuel (firm. Chandler ft 
Son), soUdtor, perpetual commfs- 
rioaer ft commiMoner for oaths, 
Clunch atreet 
Cheyney Henry Bartholomew, baker ft 

•bopkeeper, Readimr road 
Churcfa Thomas, marine store dealer, 

Baring road 
Clark Thomas, farawr.BackAin £tnn, 

duke JeBiow (Mn.), fhdteref, 

ClBikc W. H . refteahoMiit toobm. Rail' 

Cleeve Henry, haker, Winchester street 

Cliff Frank. Wmer, South Ham 

Cole brook Charle«, h.r.c.v.s. reter- 

iaary snrgeon. Church street 
Complin FrnnchGeorge,Ao««ftCrx)tofi, 

Church street 
Cook John. White Bart, ft baker, 

London street 
Cook*ey Ctias. V. aeeonntant, anetlon- 

eer ft estate agent, Woie street 
Cooper George, florist, Hackwood road 

ft Woie street 
Cowdry Wm.beerretailer.Hackwnodrd 
Cranstone Wm. bricklayer, Readiogrd 
Curtis Jeoe < Miss), bookseller ft post- 

mistreas, Woie street 
Curtis John Cbarles Pittmaa, fMrmar, 

BHnkletU farm, WiocheiiKr road 
Curtis William Lord, relicviag otKeer, 

Hackwood road 
Daniels Eliia ( Mlas), Rett Lion famUy 

ir eommereuit hotel j( potting houoe, 

London strert 
Davis ft Stephens, timber, ooal, coke, 

slate, manure ft oil cake merchaots. 

South Western ft Great Western atas 
Dawkins John, beer retailer ft wheel- 

wrtght, Plaxfleld road 
Day John, jun. u.r.c.t.s. veterinary 

surgeon. Church square 
Denn Jamss, CtutU, Reading road 
Deane Jane ( Mrs. >, dressma. Station rd 
Dixon William Clarke, steam plough 

proprietor. New street 
Doman Walter Edwd.printer.Cbarchst 
Doublfday GeorKc. fishmonger ft poul- 
terer, MTote street 
Downs Henry, land sgent ftsnrveyw, 

Winchester road 
Drewett ft Raioage, photographer*, 

Wote street 
Dunn Brothers, drapers. London street 
Bdnev ThosJohn,Keneraldlr.Marketpl 
Edwards Hy.commel.tra*I]r.Csitnn«rJ 
Elton John,chimn^ aweepr. Reading rd 
KIton Japh. chlnnyjwpr. Hackwood rd 
Evans ft Co. coal aserehanta (iohn 

Dallman. manaKcr), Wote street 
Evans WiHiam.biilorftwoollendraper, 

liverv ft moaming orders executed 

on the shortest notice, Church street 
FeRCOttJfan.eoachbulldr. Winchester st 
Perffuson Caroline (Mrs.), Junction, 

Station hill 
Finlinson Chirles James, artists' 

material dealer, London atreet 
Finlinson Matilda (Mrs.), servants' re- 
gistry, London street 
Flatnnn Bllaa (Mrh), sbopkeeper, 

Plaxfleld HMd 
Fleetwood Lucy (Mrs.), tobacconist, 

London Ktreet 
F(rih>tt John, carriage builder, Wln- 

ebester street 
Ford Alfred, grocer, Market place 
Forster Henry John, detrctlve sergeant 

on L. ft S. W. railway, Cliorch it 
PowIerOeo.bakerftshopkeepr.C3iurch st 
Franklin Oeo.ft Co. gmcera, Chnrrh st 
FMmklln Charles, cattle dealtt, Urlng- 

ston villa, Essex road 
Franklin Mary Ann (Ulaa), gneer, 

Church street 
Franklin Thomas, draper. Church st 
Gaffe Geonre, agent for the City ot 

Glasgow Life Insurance Co. ft the 

Liberator Permanent Benefit Build- 
ing SoeletT, Hackwood road 
Gardner Jane ( Mrs.), Horw ^ Jockey, 

Hackwood road 
Gordopr Thomas, tobacconist,3tatlon hi 
Qaskin Edward Cliarles, pro ft asor of 

music, Lodilon cot. Winchester road 
Qaydon Alfred Heani, watoh maker ft 

iancy repository, London street 
Gnnge James, beer reUller ft painter, 

Flaxfleld road 
Gerrish, Ames ft Simpklna, wholesale 

dothlBg nmnbetarera. Station Ull 
OlbiDn Janeii ardatect, New atreet 

Qilkes John ft Son, bakera ft grooets, 

Wote street 
Olauville Edwin, grocer, Wote itreet 
Glover ft Milsom, plumbers ft decora- 
tors, London street 
QloverWilllam (firm Glover ft Milsom), 
atrent for the Norwich Union Pire ft 
Life Insurance Co. London street 
Goddard John, blacksmith, Basing road 
Qoffe Charles, beer retailer, Bunnlan pi 
Oraysroark Miss, voune ladies' board- 
ing school, Westlauds,' Winchester rd 
Green Alfred, china ft glass dealer, 

Winchester street 
Green James, beer retailer, Flaxfleld rd 
Oreenaway Geo. anetiooeer, Chapel st 
Greenwood Arthur ii.A.,t.L.D..r.o.B.B. 
boys' boarding ft prefuratory school, 
Plaxfleld college. See advert 
Greeat George, liruiterer ft flsbmonger, 

Woto street 
OrecorySsrahAnn( Mrs.), watch maker, 

Winchester street 
Gritfln Edwd. shopkeeper, Flaxfleld rd 
Hale William, builder, London street 
Ham Henry, printer, New street 
Hampghire Chancer of A 'grindture, 
Henry Downs, hon. sec. Winctaeiiter r.l 
HAKTd ft Berks Gazbttb (John 
Bird, proprietor ft publiaber), two 
editions, FrldayftSatni^iqr .one peninr; 
circulation 5,000, deliverea weekly by 
appointed SKents or travelling news- 
men in every ^illase or town within 
l>>urleen miles of Bastngsluke ; chief 
office, Chun^h street; branch ofSces 
at Alton ft Pitrnham 
aantt R'fle Volunteer Corpt 

(Lieut.-Col. Hardtnge, captain ; L. 
P.l^wls, surgn.),Armoury,Cburch st 
HarrisDeboTah(Mrs.J,dreM ma. Hay pi 
Harris George Edward, thrashing 

machine owner. Serum road 
Hayden James, Rising Sun, Chapel at 
Haydon John, blaeksmilb, Wote atreet 
Hayes ft Webb, aureeons, New atreet 
Herbert Edwsnl Nathaniel, hnkw ft 

shopkeeper. Church street 
Herbert Pred k . Se(f i>e/eiiee,Chureh st 
Hibberd Hark, superiateodent of boro' 

police. New street 
Hibberd ThomHa,machinlst. Plaxdeld rd 
HiKgens Joseph, hair dresser. Market pi 
Holder Hv. Jas. shoukpr. Plaxfldd rd 
Hinder Rd. Thn-e Tun«, Winchesterat 
Holley Hen. shopkeeper. Winchester at 
Hopktne Edward Alfred, profueeor of 

music, London ptreet 
Howat John, travelling draper, Essex rd 
Hudson Agnes (Mis9),!>tationer,Kentfal 
funcy draler, ft asent for J. Pullar & 
Sons, dyeri to the Queen, Pwth, 
Falcon house, London street 
Hutchings John, tailor, Winchester rd 
Hutt Maria( Miss), dress maker ,Wutost 
Ifould Olivia (Mrs.), Tfte Lamb, tc 

shof^eeper, Hackwood road 
Ilsley 1'hoinas, beer rrtaiter. Basing nl 
Jarkson Henry, draper, Church street 
Jackaon James, marine store dealer ft 
feUmonger. Readbig road. See advt 
Jacob Charles Jos^h, bookseller, Win- 
chester street 
Jacob* John, saddler, Londonftreet 
Jefierys James, shoe ma. Wlncbeeter st 
Jennii^ George, builder, Wote street 
Johnson Benjamin Owen, tall'tr ft geiH 
ilemen'a outfitter, general draper ft 
silk mercer, dre*s maker ft milliner ft 
undertaker. Market place 
Joyce Geo. ^^m.coal agent, Cbnrebat 
Joyce James, wood turner, Reading rd 
Kearsey John, mannre u>er. Wote at 
Kent ft Lnun, builders, Potten lane 
Kerrldge HoBe( Mra.},tempamnee hotel. 

Station hill 
Key Sarah ( Mrs.), refreshment rooma, 

London street 
King Charles, architect ft somTor, 
Castcns road 

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Kingston Ana (Hn.), lodging hooK, 

London atreet 
Lamb <r Braoka, siHelton, d«rks to 
eonnty nagiatratet it rfgiurw of 
county court Ac eommlMlomn for 
takinr oatha tt aduNtwlcdgnMnts, 
WhKheatar skrwt 
Lambden WUUaai,«hoe ma. Ctaareh at 
Lauriey John, thoaiBg amUh, LoMioa 

stiMt. Bee advert 
Lanawno Charles Edvanl, maiiaaerof 
Bwfngatoke canal. Canal wharf 

litw Qeopge, clerk to irnardlaaa, super> 
iDtendent registrar ft «Iei4 to Hifiii- 
my bonri. Crow ttnet 
Tmwj WlJUMiijfruitarer, Croat atreat 
Leavm Wn. ian.PMrTrn,fUxmi rd 
Lee 1%0BM, Stag fr Hemnda, Wtn- 

cheater roaJ 
LewuftMiUer^byjIeins, Wincbesto* at 
JJtchHel't Wm. Angel, k Udr. W««e«t 
ZittU Diut Pan (T/ie), home fuml- 
Bhers (Joeeph John Hfae, nunagflr), 
Church street. Sea adTerttaement 
•lAoyd Thomaa Baas, Ironmonger k 
bfej-cle agnit^Harfcet plara. See advt 
Loader Freak, vatch ma-Winduaterst 
Lodwidge 3c Klngdoo, ironnongera. 

Market place 
Loe Harry, brewers' nianaffer, Wote at 
London # Ctvnty Bank (Oeofge Lake 
Dale, manager), London street ; draw 
on Headomce, LoDdoa 
Loztbrd John, bill poster k town crier, 

l>)e Thomaa Jas. draper, Market place 
M^r Gew^, talbr, Sanim road 
Marsh Frederick, mason, Station road 
Marshall Mai7aixabeih(Mi»a),intlliaer 

k dress maker, London street 
Ma$onie Hall (John Hall, tylcr), 

Church street 
May John k Co. brewers, maltstera Sc 

apirft raerchantf. Brook street 

Eliia (Mn.),newsafrent,Ch<irchBt 
Mechanics' ItutUute ^ Club (Oeorge 

aBge,sec.; Fdk.Rogpni,libm.),Newst 
MlUf George, watehmakfr, Victoria st 
SlilaomChw. fronmonger, Wfncfaealer at 
MilwardAIfd.boot maker, WlnclMBlor at 
Moody Wnilam ft Son, oonftetlonera, 

WineheBt«r street 
Moody JameSjCabinet m^er,B pbolsterer 

ft appralter, London at. See advert 
Moore Thomas, fnraur, 7iabl«i 
Morlej Olive Harriet (Mrs.), mlUiBflr, 

Wote street 
MaDdayItobt.Hjr.groengroer.ChBreh st 
Maody Inae, Ooldtn LUm, Cliddes- 

den road 

Mnsselnhile Wm. boilder, Cn»8 street 
Neabitt David, fiimllurvdlr. Chureb at 
Nlclmlla Mmt (Mbs), girb' boudlng 

school. Church street 
North Hiinta ArthaologieaHf FMd 

Club (C. F. Cookaey, lion. sec. ft 

treaa.), Wote street 
Owes CMS.nmbrellKftstas'ma.Woteflt 
Owen J ohn, ennfcetkmer, WlnelMiter at 
Paget Robert Gardner ft Son, rope, 

twine ft rick elotli mantra. Church st 
Palmer John, Harrow, Cbnrch street 
Peanie Hany Edward l^rbox. Jolly 

Farmer, Bunnlan fA*M 
Peat Charles, riMplceeper, Sourbem rd 
Percy Jane(Mios),clotliee dlr.ChorchBt 
Perry Edward Charleo,eliamlstftdmg- 

gist, London street 
Petman, BaileyftPaia,wfna marehMts, 

New street 
Phelps Hea.Qmm's jlrm«,Bunnlan p) 
Pldgeon Qeoive.hfllrdreaser, Chnrchet 
Pike Peter, bailder ft hiind maker, 1 

Cltfton terrace. See adrert 
Pilher Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 

Haokwood road 
Pledge Janiet>, pork butdier, Onrcb 

stnet. Seeadrert 
Vapa Maria (Mrs.), draper, Cbardi at 

Portsmouth Albert, lnNimen(;er, Vote 

street. See advert 
Portanoath Hoary, fiarmer, N«m hill 
l^ortsmonth John, Armer,I>swnGrange 

fwm, Wincbeator road 
Poult«rJ as.a pholstrer.nndertkr-eaMnet 
mk ft appnlser, Iiondon st. See advt 
Powell Henry Mills, muifeal repoaitory, 

London atreet. See advertisement 
Powell WIIMam, builder, Reading road 
Powers Thomaa, saddier, WIncheiiter at 
PrfStoe William j[ardener, Wote street 
Pil^toe JohBf BiUj LoMoa stveet 
PritdMfd hall fcpr.Chtuvh at 
Quoen't Grammar SohmI (Rev. 
Arthur Forster Rutty h.a. head 
muter), Wortfn^ road 
RaeJ 94. travelling draper,PlMBiiixPk.viI 
Randall DavM, fellaaanger, Reading 

road. See advertisement 
RaynUril, Caldeoatt, Bawtree, Dowling 
ft Co. Limited, com, seed, manure ft 
oil cake merchants 
BaynUrd ft Sons, land agents, sarvey- 
on, architeets, Tataersftauctioneera, 
The Auction Mart 
Remding Bank ( J , ft C. Simmonds ft 
Co.), Wote stmt; cUef oflce at 
Heading; open on wmnsaday from 10 
till 4, friday from 1 tiU 4; draw on 
WilMama, iWcon ft Co. Loadoo 0.e 
Redgrave Lake Langomn, registrar of 

bfrthq, dnrtha ft marriHiea,Wote at 
Redgrove Ridid. boot maKer,PotterBla 
Roberts Hy. baker ft grocer, Chuicb st 
Rotters ft Wllliaais, dnaa makon, 14 

Stanley terrace, Kssex road 
R(^;era Aaron, bntcbar, Wote street 
Roger8Hy.inIandrev.oner.l3anim vils 
Royal Countta {Hmni$ Berht) 
AgruntUuralSoeietjf (HemyDowns, 
faon. sec), Wiaebetter read 
Ruddle Gewge ft Heniy Jdin, drapers 

ft clothiers, London street 
St. Thomas' Home (Rev. RcginaU P. | 
Bigg- Wither M.A.deBean),8oatli view ' 
Safp ARlEA8,cbeniiat, groca-,ft agent ' 
for W. ft A. Gilbey, wina ft apirit 
merobanta, Hnrluft piaoe 
Sargood Geo. Tlioa. >koemaker,Wole st 
8ayer William, Cattle Market taeent, 

ft gun maker, Victoria street 
Schofleld John Jan. coal mcreliant ft ' 
nilncTHl water maker, Bonnlan (riaee 
Seal Edward, flahmoacer, Church at 
Seymour Hary(Mrs.),fruitr. London st 
Stackelfbrd Sosannah (Miss), straw 

l»nnet maker, Wincfaeater street 
Cemetery atone works, StatfaM hill ft 
Old Haute at Homo, Reading road 
Shergold Phaip,FoxJ|'H(WlKto,Wote st 
Short Samuel, commercial traveUur, 1 

Lome villas, Wortingrnad 
fltms Brotlwa, builders, London street 
Sims Sarah (Hn.), aaddler, London at 
Smsilbone Gau. Sidney ,baker.S«ram rd 
Smith Brotbers, grooen, Wole street 
Sntth Charles, gmer, Uhiirck street 
Smith Chattas, Pota. Brook atnet 
Satil hJa9.a«oeaaor of taxes, Wl nchBstr.rd 
SneHgrove Wiltiam, whiteaaalth, Hack- 
wood road. See adverttsemaiit 
Soper James, hoot maker, Church at 
SoPBB JoRR BoBOMB, engineer ft 
fou»df>r, manaftctarer of every de- 
scription of hat water appaiMue, 
pumps &c. Baeingatoke iroavotke; 
London dep6t, Vauxhati atatkm sutf 
StewHs Alexander Peler, oaviasreU 

traveller, Caatoos toad 
Stratferd Thomaa, butctier, Cbureh 

atreet ; ftat Moramer 
SnmpaterGeoTge,l)ecr retailer,ChapeI it 
Sweeting ft Johcsoo, annieoiis, Wote st 
Tairiin JUcbanl, tailor, Wateaireet 
T^OIn WttUtn, enaiier, Wole otroet 
Tamnt Robert, Jolaa', Cbarek street 

Temple ft Co. iroftmongers, Choreh st 
Thatcher Henry Jamee, depMy anpcT- 

bitendent registrar of Mrth*, dea th a 

ft marriages, ChnrA slreet 
Thorn George, Anckor,k eatlle dealer, 

London street 
ThomeHy- Bdw.uphnhrtper.Wlncbstrjt 
TIgwell Joseph, bnHder, Ca»tona road 
Tilby Frank, Railtetiif A rme,1in6k St 
Tlmpson Hortlmer Adetphua, pboto- 

Srapher, Samm road 
Bree WllKam, tailor, Vlt^a street 
Toener ATtlHir]«]M)dngamMi,tianm rd 
Tnbb Gewge, Jwai>k Aay, Charcb «t 
Turner Joee^, shopkeeper, PlaxAeldrd 
Turner WilHam, pig dealer, Readhigid 
TyTTell Alfred, grooer, Mtuk«t plaee 
Upton Wfltiain, Hme Inn, Woning rd 
Vine Charlea, com flMtor, Londini st 
Wadmore Walter ,groeer, Winchester st 
Waner John, baker, Haekwood road 
Wwia ft Steevena, eagfneeta, trmi- 
fonnders ft agricnltnral ImplaneBt 
■aleers, Iforth Huts Iroa worin. 
Station road 
Walla Geo.Chas. shoe maker, Loitdonet 
Wareham Hear;, Crown, Winchester st 
Watson Hy.plumberftpointcr.Chnrcli st 
WalsonJ m. Fredk.bnne Aunder, Wote at 
Wataon Edward Jas. piamber,Chureh at 
Watta Hoary, Bargt, SlatkHi road 
Webb Steward Tol>laa, iiolicMor,Croaa at 
Webster SamtMl, beer retailer ft flah- 

monger, Reading road 
Weamook Heaiy Artfaar, reftoahoMnt 

rooeaa, Woto street 
Westcott Slmoa, borough enrvn'or, 1 

Suifolk vitloa, Worting read 
Wlieeler Joha, saddler ft harness iBak«r, 
eerUfleata of boaor awanled at the 
Hampekire BabiMtion, July 1890 ft 
IMe, Church atrs«t 
Wtiile Alfred, auctioneer, Winchester 

street; ft at Oreywcil, nincMeM 
White Edwin Claries, tlaaber ft baric 

merchant, Canal wharf 
Whits Thomaa, eastrator, Brook atraet 
White Widter, cooper, Wote street 
Wifig Heaiy, Feathtre, Wots atreet 
Wifig John, fwmer, New atreet 
WilkinaCharW, shopkeeper. New town 
Williamson Jamea, taHor, LoMien vtrret 
Willis Henry, saddler, Winebester at 
WoedbridgeArihur,trtmeeBBbt,Wota H 
Woodcock Rlehard IE Son, iMlr draiaero, 

Wote atreet 
Woodman William, private aehool. 

White honae, WtnciMsterroad 
Wyeth Waller, boot maker, Now atfoet 
Yeatea Bm^ntta RaAis, maoMaa pria* 
tetf orden In prhitlaff easealed at the 
cheapest raves ft Ibrwardad post fine 
or carriage paid, Chuieh atreet 
Young Anne (Mrs.), kairdreaaer, Win- 
diester street 

AyUfib Edwin, Eaatrap tetraeo 
Adana Richanl Wiiiiam, 9 Butnp ter 
Barker Alfred, EaatM^ boaao 
Bransby Mra. 4 Eaatna tenaea 
Hills George Edward, 9 Easirep tcr 
Jesse Mrs 
Naylcr Peter 

Coopor Williaa John, auelfonear ft 

valaer, The Henaitoga 
Smith Brother*, millm, Bastvap milk 

Wortinar Town's Xnd. . 
Woraam Ueary 
Allen Ann (Mrs.), farmer 
Batcher William, g^ocCT 
Dagweli Henrv, shoemaker 
Oarrett8arfa.(]|ia.),fnar. Oeiaw^ra 
GoodaU Henry Janea, WUUHmrt, ft 

Wodley Robert, beer retdlar 

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B^VaKUSaTisaTilluMKDd pMl<<h7 inUesnoinh-wMt 
fnm Ikttm^Bkt, 5«oufli firara AlderaiHtoafltatfon tad 10 
wKtrtmt tea Ncwbiay, on the Newbory branolt of the 
Gmt Wiiifcf ndlw^, in the Vortbem divleioD of Ihe 
tamtjf fanired of Evhwari ufUoo ind petty eeaeioiiol 
Arinn of Ktefputeie,- Aewhtiriy oounty oourt district, 
tmrnt wai ■reh t&wnry of WiaohMtar ondirocal deonery 
of pMiBptHhe iwrtt'cutern tltriiie*, on the Berkihlre 
koria. The old ehiiKh, an ancient Nunnan itructure, 
■ftir UI itovn in and the preaeat -one, aamed St. 
awpfc—t of flint and Mono, haa been erected on Jfae site, in 
A*£Bly BaglUiatyle : iteoiufatsofah«Bot:l,naTe, with one 
ttawd irindow : the tower, which contains 5 bdu, rtaea at 
•ficMthride-of the Hare, aBdiewmeiinted by.a tain 100 
Mh%k:tbaTMria<tfaAnd floe^ Fibbed: the interior 
%ttiBaakaeKfln,theglfk<rf'ArchMshop Warham. In'palUne 
•loini iht oU ehnah, n did Hons vat fbond In the wall, 
'rtirft TO acat by tm Re*. John Jnhnttone, the late rector, 
tethe BrilUi HnMnm. The reiiUter datet ftom the year 

Bmw Rer. Slehavd Jamea, Otk honae 
K ' hyC o oi gg , The Poplwe 
Bealooia Wm. Xrthuz, Ji^ant hoiue 
Hntfl-WiAar J. Bau^uutt houae 
JaritaThtaiat, BrmrnUfC hill 
Hasioer Hev. Williwn S.C.L. fracte-1 

AOcaUmrd, brmer 
aqrMB Jnha, frratf 

167ft. The Uflng h a rectory, Toariy value jQUO, with 
resideme, iu the gift vf the Bishop of iXHochester and 
held by the Rev. William i1aKrin«r e.c.u of Unoolo 
College. Oxford. The WesteyAn» ami Primitive M«lbodlftto 
have chapols here. The ohavitles anKiuut to £4 yearly, 
which are diuributed to tlie poor by the reo'or. The l>em 
and (%apter of WiiiebMter are lorda of the laanor. Tho 
priaolpal landowner is tlae Duke of U> lliiMf tun. The cropo 
are ite usual eereal*. The sdl Is chieHj eiky ; subsoil, oh^. 
The Biva is 1,675 acros; tuteable vahi>!, £'2,474; tha 
popalatkn iu IHjl im 656. • 

litfiuBsfr 1 mile north and Ham 1 norUi-wett aM 
tiUunn In iMt parish. 

Pariah Cbrk, WlUlam Hanry WeaL 

Kln^wdara it ttie BMieat 

Letters throuKh BasisffstoVe. 

mODc; order office 
■Here Is a Kational tdiool, with rpsid(>nce for the matter ; 
average attendaiioe 90 ; John Smith, master 

Doe David, woodraan | Lewis David, i^npheepar 

Follett George (Mrs.), farmer Pearce Thon)o«i, baj dealer 

Pord Qtorms, 0e»rg« ^ Drmptm ^ Pearce William, shoijtuii pvt 
Greenwood William, Arm baOlff to Rahbitis Alfred, veterlimry turgesn 

Wllllav fiotttlaiid esq : Rapley Henry, farmtr. Ham wn 

Giindry (Hn.) — , fbmier | Haplpy lienrj-.jsn. farmer 

Harding James, shopkeeper ; Smith John, furmrr 

Jaeab uwries, Maoitsaiith i Smith Sokn, Hdioalmtatrr 

Jasotai Gamge, ftrmar Treacher Oeotge, yeoan n 

JeStrjf Riahard, iV«w tnn 1 Webb Wm. beer nrtaihir fcwhedmrigM 

BBATTUSU it a narfsh and liberty in the Sontfaem 
pinion of ibe connty, aondred of Beaallea, union of New 
FsRit, Boafhwotpton ootmty court district and petty ses- 
wml diviiion, diocese and archdeaconry of Wini^nter 
lad rersl d ui n e i y of Fawley, 7 miles north-east from 
LTmiofrion, 3 south-east from Beanileu Rnad staflon on 
Ike Segt ba ieyton and Dorehetfler railway, 05 from London 
ad 8 MKh-WMt from Stnitlitmpton, viS H>'the : it Is 
dtaan^oB o'navinble river bearing'the nme -name, whrch 
bas it* rtae near Ljndharst and flows into the Molent, or 
Itleof Wight efaanitd. BmHea is on the road between 
Hjihe and LyminKton. On the eastern side fbrniei4y stood 
Bmdtea AtAi^, -fonnded bv Ring John in ISOt, noted In 
Uicaiy H hBTingaffbrded an asylum to Harjntrtt of Anjou, 
wife of Henty vl. after the battle of Barnet, and also to 
Pwtm Waiteek In the rpigitof Henry VII.: tlterofns of 
tbc atibn are dtoaled in a valley, surrounded by a mone 
vsll «heb b mantied with ivy, and Is In many places 
Dsuffoitire; the atrance iabya. stone gateway, near to 
«Lich is a square adiflca, supposed to have been built for 
tkt inett-hMue for roj'sl and distinguished visitors, but 
ecavfrted into a &mitjr seat alter the Uissolntion ; the hell 
h (Battsi : wtwsnl la a long bidUing which, from the 
-atoit ud beigbt of tlia aparuaeHta, Is auppoaed to liave 
hcts tlN domitory : the tBcieiit -kitchen Is aleo standisg. 
Tbccburcbtd'St. Bartholoiaew wasfonnerly the refectory ef 
tkmdaat abbey: it it a atone buUdhig, consisting of nave 
with uraoK bBttreaaas, aiaall baUry with 1 bell, and acme 
fliiiird (:lua : the polpit, which Is oTatone, Is very remark- 
jMe, sad is auailar to that at Uagdalen CoUege, Ojtford. 

register date* from the .vsaj- 1054. Ttie living is a 
*a»tite reelory, ymly value £340, wUh residency in the 
laktf hard Haory Scott M.p.aud hedd by the Rev. George 
C9>CT Stmnlng U.A. of Trinity Cdlege, Cambridge. The 
hb*, ahieh are for horses and cattle, are held on the 1,'ith 
-^Fil and 4th September. To tl» north-east is BrauHeo 
Htaib,pan of a lan;e tract of heath-land joining the fbresU 
<n Iheesatt are aaJterns. Palace House, aa ancient reiU 
we,lttbeaattor I«ni Beai7 Scott m.p. who la lord of 


^nt LorS Heiirv Jobn Uontagn 

UoiKlas x.p. for Sotrih Hanpshfre 

kJ.r.PUaee house 
f^abiu Simn, Cartle bouse 
MttingBer. Geo- Covey K.A4lectory 


SlBDdsB Jane (Hrt.), shopkeeper 
Bnable Jueefrti, farmer, t^nas fiarm 
Brtable Kidurd, Sinner, Warren brm 
Bvdca Janes (Itrt.), miller 

JAn, vetoinary suiveoa 
"-knttt EMa t. WalteTj thoiikeepers 

Qhabb Tfaonws, farmer. Beck farm 
Cabltt Elmer, land agent to Lord Heniy 

Scott ki .p. Curtle honae 
Ooallng James, farmer, Ra*cnt Beck 
Qealing Jobn, ftrmer, Sowley Ic 

Buckleshard farms 
Gregory Samuel, farmer 
Jiidfl &iwin, -farmer, Newbouee farm 
JnddEIIen (Hisi),farraer, Bargery farm 
LaneHnriet (Miss), Montagua Atikb 
Martin John, farmer, Newiands fam 
Netris -PredBrick Charles, shoemalier 
Paok 'Geocge, farmer. Ley Green farm 
Palmer John, farmer, Brewery farm 
Payne Edward, carpenter, wheel- 
wright & blacksmith 

the manor and «oIe landowner. The soli is chiefty lotm ; 

subsoil, gm^eT. The chief crops the natial ee»ea)«. Hm 
area is 8,632 acres of laiid and 1,336 wutrr and f'nrsbore ; 
mtntble value £5,428 ; the population in lfl7! was 9W. 

BTTCXLKitsRARD Is 8 bamM fntlrit parislt.9 miles aooth, 
on the west bank of the river Bfaolltn. OTTGKweos to h 
hamlet haif-a-mile east ; PBMinntLBT, 1 mile noi1b.iMlt. 
Sowley is a hamlet miltsi senLh.wi«t, near the Solent; 
here is a large pond. 

Dentsy Lodge townsWp wiw "formed nnder an order ot 
the Poor Law Board, ihited 16th March, lSd8, and was 
added to the New Forest Union by asobssquent order dated 
eth April, 1868 ; It ioclndrt tlw follawtng places: Ifcamnor 
Cottage, New Enclosure Cottage, Lady Cross Lodffe, 
Whltlsy Ridge Lodge and Garderer'it House in WbHle;- 
Rfdge Walk ; Dennv Lnige and Braullm Rosd or Black- 
down in Denny Lodge Walk ; Kingc-hot, Sandy Hill, Ipers- 
bridge, Houghdown, OatebrldgK, Cimlntte, Ottarwood aad 
Hill Top, iiiiMliy in Denny Lodge Walk ; and Oioay Pond 
Farm, CalTerley Cottage and part ol' Ipley Farm. Losd 
Henry Scott h.p.Is lord of the manor anil the (Mlnoipal'lflnd- 
OMToer. The soil is clay and giwel ; sufaaoiL day ; the^hief 
crops are barlev, nais andwiieat. The area H U^OMasm; 
ratai^ value jei,%t4 ; the popolnUon In 1871 waa 801. 

Post & I^onet Obder & Tblboraph Opfic^b, Savings 
Bank k, Goverument In^u^ance It. Annuity OlBce. — Mrf. 
Mary Pajne, postmistress. Letters arrive fntm South- 
ampton at 6.10 a.m. L -tterd delivered at 7. Letter box 
closes at 6.15 p.m. ; dispatched at 6.3(> p.m 

Hero are sclioole far brtys k girls, supported bf Lord 
Henry Scott U.P. aided by a small weekly 'payment by 
the ohildrenjJametStevais, matter; Mitt Annie Bunnan, 

Cahhibrs : — 
LYMlHaTOM— Hrs.Manr Stickland, io&fren, evavy wed 
SovTHAMPTOir (via ^the)— Mrs. Sarah Jone^ to ft 
from, every tiietday, thursday ft Saturday 

Pike Oharles, farmer, Clobh farm 
Read Hesiry, farmer, Cripptofiate 
Seager Jsrmes, farmer, Penneriey farm 
Wettcott David, batcher 
Wbeable Il<enry, fanner, Bonley 
Wheeler John T. farmer, Keepli^ 
White Waiism, tailor 
Wiltsfaife Jas. farmer, Swinealc^'sfam 

Haoiropp Mrs. Penneriey lodge 
Carpenter Samuel, farmer. Lodge fam 
Feltham James, farmer, Ueoo>>- fam 
Giles GeoKe, Royal Oak, Hill Top 
Hill Thomas, farmi-r, Hlil Top farm 
j PurklSB Aaron, faroier, Denny lodge 

l^fflUKPTUA fa ft Tfllagie aw) parish In the stfntbcm I I^reliam petty seislmial divMon, PortaaMBth county • 
'™»*lhaea Bat5 , kanAcd of AMsdown, Havant ualon, | dhtrict, Haftiit nral deanery , and archdeaeoury and lU 

^ court 
and diocese 

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of W!i]ebeflter,Bbout 1 mile west frain HaTant iration and 6 
north-east from I'ortsniouth. Part of tbe town of HaTant 
la in tbls parMi ; the namea are given under Bavant. The 
church of St. Thmnaa la an and^t atrnetare, conabtlng of 
chancel and nave; it aniierw«nt thorough reatoratlon iit 
1669, when a restry and porch were added ; the chnrchyard 
wan alsoenlar^ced, tbe whole at a coat of upwards of £1,U00 ; 
the nave ii separated iWmi the chancel by a fine old Norman 
srch ;lt coDtains tablets to the Lee-Wamer tamilji an onran 
-was added in 1879: in the chancel is a handsome stained 
window, presented by Frederick Lightfoot and lUcbard 
Hewett esqrs. ; it Is of three ligbts, the upper portions 
representing Tlie Crueltlxion, the lower portions Tlie Last 
Supper; In ]i»76 a north aisle was added. The register 
dates from tlie yesr 1688. The living is a rectory, \carly 
Taltie £330 IOm. with r«vldvnce and 26 acres of elebe, In tbe 
gift of Edmnnd Joseph Daubeny «q. and b«idl>y the Rer. 


Bean BJchard 

Daubeny Re^'. Edmnnd Thomas, b.a 
GibbiDfl Henry, Bidbory house 
Hipkin Henry, Manor oonse 
Kay Mrs. The Elms 
Lane George 

Lemaire Paul, Brunswick hoime 
livesay Tbe Misses 
Herewether WilUaio, Railway villa 
Hoore Richard Franela, Clifton villi 
Newman Rath, Gratwldc villa 

Ruasell Hhi, Bmokslda 
Sfiell William Philip, Belmont house 
Snook John, Belmont castle 

BIddleeomh Geonre, King's Head tnn 
Ball WilHam, miller (Janes Nalhaniei 

Hillman, manapir), Lower mill 
ClarkeSaniuel, miller, Upper mill ;'&at 


Dnrrel) Thoa. carpenter St wheelwright 
Foster Maria (MlH),friDr. Belmont tana 
GlbUns Henrj, fivrntr, Park £irra 

Edmund Thotnas Daubeny b.a. of Magdalen Collwe, 
Oxford. A Primittre Metliodist chapel was erected near 
the railway crossing tn 1B75. The Hon. Ralph DBttDn.wbo- 
is lord of the manor, and tiit FredoHck Fitawygram oart. 
are the prtneipal landowners. The soil is loam : snbaolU 
chalk. The cnief eropa are wheat, oats and barley. The 
area is 3,436 acres of land and 1.964 of water ; rateable- 
value, £6,990; and the population to 1671 was 716. 

PostOfficb.— Mrs.Lucy Tadd, receiver. Lettenreedved 
from Havsnt at 7.46 a.m. & 9.16 p.m. ftare dbnatehed at 
10.30 a.m. k 7.16 p.m. The nearest money order eflSce is- 
at Havant 

There are schools, originally erected In 1668 by W. H. Stone 
era. Ac enlaived by rate in 1873, now transferred to the- 
School Board 

School Board School, Mra. Sarah Dngdale, taiatroa 

Giffin Spencer, grocer 
Cover John, boot tt shoe maker 
Oreen Robert, grocer 
Hipkin Henry, fanner, Manor ten 
King David, cowkeeper 
LIpMomb R<^iert. Golden Lion 
Locke Elizabeth (Miss), blacksmith 
Nash Edward, carpenter & wheelwrigbfc 
Pettet William, beer retailer 
Pile Hnbert Charles, cattle dealer 
PoOT Altil. frmr. Bedhampton Parkflvm 
Sharp Aaron, beer retailer 

BS17TI«ET (orBEi!TLT)isalargevil)age,pariBh,liberty 
aiid atatioii on the Alton branch of the South VI'eBtrm rail- 
way, 43 miles from London, 6 north east from Alton and 4 
wcst-sottih-west from Farnnam, in the Northern ditidnD of 
tbe count>, Alton union and county court district, Odiham 
peUv sessional division, dioceae of Winchester. archdeaconry 
of Surrey, rural deanery of Leatherhead ; ine river Way 
dtirt* the parish. The church of St. Mary ia an ancient 
atmct ore, having chancel, nave, south Ri^le, and tower wltli 
bells. The register dates from the year 1670. The livinic 
is a rectory, yearly value £700, with residence, In the gift 
of the Archdeacnn of Surrey and held by the Kev. Charles 
Jackson B.A. of St. John's College, Oxford. Here is a Bible 
Christian chapel. Thecharitiesare£S00year1y. TheBishop 
of Winchester ia lord of the manor. 'I'he principal landowners 
are F. T. Giles esq. W. Howcllffe esq. Rev. H. Legge, Mr. 
James Eggar and Mr. White. The soil is clay ; subsoil. 

Davison Crawfurd, Alleynes 
Duncan George, Coldrey 
Egftar Mrs. Jobn-o'-Pesae cottage 
Egear Mlsaes. The CotUge 
EluhiBatone Robert 
Giles Frederick Thresher, Marsh house 
Jackson Rev. Charles, b.a. Rectory 
Jackson Ernest Auirustus, Rectory 
Knight James, Welches 
last Rev. Joseph [curate], Ornfion cot 
Mason Mrs. Ash cottage 
Petrie John, Cedar cottage 
BowcliiiVs William, Noribbrook house 
Soaramell Joseph 
Seammell Miss 

Seawell Thomas Augustus, MartUnda 
Wanl Mark 
Weatbrook Mrs 

Aylwin Ebeneier, butcher 
Bnigent John, farmer. Bury Court 
Bewsey Christopher Thomas, Red Lion 
CoUliia Henry, Iwker Sc grocer 
^gar Januia,&rmer, landowner k hop 

grower, Jenkln place 
Eggar John, farmer, landowner k hnp 

grower ; St at Blasted 
Elphinstone Robert, surgeon 
H ogg Catherine ( Miia) , dr>i«maker 
Hounsfaam John, btackainilh 

cMk >nd clay. The chief crops are com and hops. The ar^ 
l»9tW0»emi nucablevalne,£4,636; the populatknla 1671 
was 731. 

East Orebn is three qnartera of a mile east. 
Pati$h Clerk, Frederick Faichen. 
Post It Hon by Ohsbk Oppicb tt Savlnga Bank.— Joseph 
Tomnsett ft Son, reeeivera. Lettm are rec^ved through 
Famham at 8 a.a.; dispatched at 6.15 p.m.i sundaya, 
10.90 a.m 

Tblbqraph Office at railway station 

Aiiseuor ^ Collfctor, Frederick Faichen 

National 5eAwif, Mlas SarahCooperft MIsaHarrii^miatreaBea 

Raihoay Station, William Suenten, sutlon master 

Carbibrs: — 

Alex. Sayers, betmen Alton ft Famham, paaaet thnagh 
monday Sc friday 

Jas. Luna, passing through from Froyle, tnea. tbarii Je Mt 

Hunt Joseph, Suit 
Ingt Henry, Star inn 
Ings William, wheelwright 
Knight John, fanner 
Mason Bdwud, farmer, Perryland 
Messenger Jamea, farmer ; It at Bon- 
ham's, Neatham 
Newman White, farmer 
Pamplin Frederick, farmer. Hole bonsO' 
Rainrd John, market mnwier 
Stacey George, maehlatot 
TompflettJoeephjtSoii,gToeerB,bakeT« ft 
draper*, ooal merchanu.ft poat olSca 
Turner Susanna (Mrs.), comftaeed dlr 
White Thomas atawant to tieorgv 
Dnacan esq. Coldrey 

BEHTWOB.TH la a lai^e Tillage and parish 4 miles 
west from Altoii. 9 south from BamuRStoke and 52 from 
London, In the Nnrlhem division of the county, Bcrmond- 
splt hundred, Sattinitstoke division, Alton onion and county 
court district, diocese and archdeacoury of Winchester 
and rural deanery of Alton western diviaim. The church 
of St. Mat7 is an ancient atmetare, having chancel, naTa, 
aislea, with small pointed tower containing 4 bells : there 
IS a stained east window, also one in the south aisle. The 
register dates from the j ear 160S. The living is a rectory, 
yearly value £H07. with residence and 97 acres of glebe, in 
the gift of and held by the Rev. Henry Staverton Hathewa 
M.A. of Ctsre Collefie, Cambridge. Here ia aCougnita- 
tlonal chapel. Bentworth Hall is the seat of the Hon. Mrs. 
Ive*. Bentworth Lodge, 1 mile east, is the residence of 
Captain Frederick Stt-phensJ. p. Tbe pi fnclpal landowners 

Coulthard Jaines Battin, Burkham bo 
Garrett William, Summerley lodge 
Ivra Hon. Mrs. Bentworth hall ft 

Gaston grange 
JIatbews Rev. Hear; Staverton K.A. 


Murrell Mrs 

Stephens Capt. Frederick j.f. Beat 
wonh lodae 

conn BBC [AL. 

AyUng Geoige, wheelwright 

are the Hon. Mrs. Ives, who is lady of the manor, Jamea 
Battin Conhhard esq John Gaflwroe Wood esq. Captalifc 
Stepliens, W. Uarrett esq. and Edward T^nrrenee eeq. The 
soil is elay ; subsoil, chalk. The chief crops are wheat, 
oata and tamlps. '1 he area is 3,7M acree ; rateable valnet 
£4,140 i the population in 1671 was 661. 

WiTBLROD (or Wivelet) ia a hamlet, 1-nile sovth-eiat. 

Parith CUrk, Jamea Button. 

PoBT OPPiCE.^ohn Hooker, receiver. Letters received 
through Alton at 6.80 a.m.i dispatched at 4.45 ^m. ; 
sundajB at IIJM) a.m. The nearest inonev order office i» 

at Alton 

National School, Frederick Proctor, master 
Carrier. — John Hooker, to Alton ft back, dally 

Bone Comelina, blacksmith 
Brown William, beer retailer 
Oagen Goddard, brmer, CUUer Ult 
Ooddard James, Inn. Stin 
Goddard Jamea, nrmer 
Uookar John, Bhof^etper ft carrier 

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Xjwicare Bdwud, ftmur, Wsller's 
pltw. East omI k New Coppiee fiirou 
PimckJAB^ w h e el wright 

Roberts Robert, fann*r 
Smith Peter, Cirmer^ Sell pla-n 
SpaneeT EUih.(Hr8.),fiinnr. Wirslrod 
Stawvd ioMph, brmer 

Ward Jamev, planber, painter, glukr 

9c hoaee decorator 
Wills Sophia (Mis.), Star 
Windlbukk Henry, batehsr 

KOWSOIS ta a yfHage and parish in the Northern dtvi»ion 
•f tbecouaty, hundred of Bishop's Sutton, Alresford union, 
Altw pettj aeasional diviaion, Winchester county court 
dWrict, mral deanery of Alresford and archdeaconry and 
diotcse of Winchester, 56 mil»« from London and 2) north- 
drt-bf-caat from New Alresford. Thechoreh of Ail Saints 
■ a ray ancient structare in the Early English style, 
wai has a cfaancel, nare. aisles^ south porch and square, 
l0w, canieal-rooC-d wooden tower containing 1 bell : the 
windows an stained ; the font, of Pnrbeck nwrfole, is verv 
floe. The reffiater dates from the jw 1573. The living is 
a netoty, ktoss yearlv value £400, with residence and 
21a. Ik. i»r. of gkbe, In the gift of CapUin Hanning Lee, 

of? Devonshire place, Portland place, London, and held by 
(he Rev. Alfred William Cooke LL.B.of Trinity Hail, 0am- 
bridse. Captain Hanning Lee is lord of the manor and 
chief landowner. The soil is light Inam; eubsoU, chalk. 
The chief crops are wheat, oats and tarolp*. The ana i» 
3,005 acres : ntcable TaliN, £3,030i nnd the nopalathnhi 
1871 was 368. 
ParUh Ci«rkf John Knello'. 

Post Officb.— Mrs. Ann Shadwell, receiver. Lettera 
received from Alresford at 7.30 a.m. Jc dispatched at 7 
p.m. The nearest money order office is at Alresford 

National School, Mrs. lilita Sophia Norgnte, olstreaa 

Ckristtm Genfce, Bluhton Wood hoave 
rooke RcT. Alfred Wm. LL.B. Rectory 
Alder Geonre, wheelwright 

WUflwn Hy. Cinner, H^hdsle 

Bone James, Three Horse Shoes 
Canoons Henry, shopkeeper 
Cox Thomas, farmer. Manor, Wood* 
lark Ac Drayton farms 

Jones William, ikrmer 
Noi^ate Isaac, stiopkeeper 
NorKnte Michael, blackitnitli 
Norton George, stemunt (o Ctpt. Lee 

BIHSTED is a large village and parbb S miles south- 
west from Uentlf^ statkm, on the Alttm braocli of ihe 
Soatfa WMtem railway, i east-hy-noith from Alton and 
44 froa London, io ibe Iforthem divitioa of the county. 
Mar the Sam:y border. Alton huodi^, union, county court 
fstiict and petty sessional division, diocese of Winchester 
aad archdeaconry and rural deanery of Alton western divt- 
sion. The river Wey skirts the I«nsh on the north. The 
church of St. Cross Uan ancient Komnnatruetiire, and has 
ebancei, nave, aisles Hud a square tower, surmounted by a 
tpire, havine 6 bells : there are two side chapels attached 
to the church : io the Westcott ch^iel ibere is a recumbent 
inre of a Knight Templar, auppoaed to be in memory 
ofooeoflhe Westcott ftmily. The rq^ster dates from the 
year 1590. The living is a vicarage, united with Kingsi^, 
ioint yeariy value about £405, in me gift of the Dean and 
Cbapter of WinciMSter and heU by the Rev. Charles Bing- 
ham Wnl^ M.A. of Trinity College, Dnblln. Then is a 
diArict ehnrch at Rowledge, on the border of the parish, the 
rwgiw geilnn coming from Surrey : for particulars of tliis 
Mtlarinstieal parish, see Post Office Directory of Surrey. 
The PriMitirc Methodists and Unseetarians have chapels 
here. Binated la entitled to send five children to the 
Grammar school at Bolyboum. The Great Lodge, Mice 
Hdt, the residence of Clement HUward esq. Q.o. i« held by 
UmBBdcrerown grant; the mansion ocenploi the dte of 
the fimor royal palaee In the fcrest, and has been laiely 
Rstoml and extended, and with its extemdve gardens and 
~ I la imrtly surTonndcd by theandeat moat. This forest 

with the nearly adjoining forest of Woolmer, together ex- 
tending to about 10,000 acres, have been crown property 
from time Imroenorial, and until disafforested somefiOyearft 
sinee, were well stocked with dear. Tlie Holt now con- 
tain* some fine timber, ehleSy oak witbsome splendid beech 
and yews. The Hon. John Thomas Dutton is lord of *he 
manor. The principal landowners are the trustees of the 
late Sir Charles Miller Hayes, bart. £divanl Cobden, W. 
Wfckham J.P., Clemoit Hllward Q.c. Geo. Langrish, and 
Henry Wheeler esqrs. The soil is malm ; subsoil, gravel. 
The chief crops are com and hops. The area is 0,930 acm ; 
KToas estimated rental, £10,285 i rateable value, £8,872 i 
the popolatlon in 1871 was 1,3^. 

Jbingtuk is a hamlet, 1 milenorth, on the river Vty; 
Weotcote, half a mile west; Wyck, a hamlet, 1 mile south- 
west; Whbatlry, a hamlet, 1 mile south-east; Black- 
ness, 1 nils north-east; Abbot's Holt Wood is a laige wood 
to the east. 

Paritk CUrk, William Othea. 

Post Office.— Samnd Pamplin, receiver. Letters re- 
ceived from Alton -at 9.30 a.m. ; dispatched at 5 p.m. ; 
Sundays, 11.30 a.m. The nearest money order office is at 
Bentley. Wall Box, laingtoo, cleared at 4.40 
Rt^trar <^ BiHkMk JE>ea<A«, WUltam Harbor 
Here Is a National ■ohMri, erected by voluntary eontribn- 
tIcHw, at a o(»«t itf abont £l,SOI>; Cornelius Bulheek^ 
master; Urs. Bllen Bnlbeek, mlstnin 

BhI John James, Holt pound 
David Rev. Bdwd. b.a. (enrate) 
Herood Danid 

Hdwsrd Oement Q.C. Great Lodge, 

Afioe Holt (letters tbro' Famham; 
Sbeppard Mrs. Holt pound 
Wheeler Mrs. Wheattey 
WkUna William j.p. Wyck house 


AadnvnrTedeTfe,fiinBerlE hop planter, 

Andrews James, fiomer ft hop planter, 

West eonrt & Hay place 
BalgeDt John, fiumer k. hop grower 
Bsmea Hsrry.lf'Atto/farr.&sbopkpr 
BartlET HaiTy,Batitoajf Arau 
Bod John J amei, temer * hop gromr, 

Hdt pound 
Bw> wn )irfu i James, hdwr. Holt pound 

Rnnch Samuel, carpenter 

Buule James,shopkeeper ft beer retalr 

Carter William, brickUyer 

Case William, slioe maker 

Chalcraft Hy. & John, frmrs.HtIl court 

Chappetl George, farmer, BIscknees 

Clear John, nrm bdUtt to James 

Cbalcraft, Wheatley 
Cobden Edward, ftrmer ft hop planter 
^Kar John, mrmer & hop grower 

iMngton farm ; ft at Bentley 
Elkins John, Forest inn 
Friday Edward Geo. miller ft farmer, 

Grove Land mill 
Harbor Henry, assistant overseer 
Harbor Wililnm, relieving officer 
Hayden DuvlA, Jollit Farmer 
Hedges Stephen, Buck's Horn Oak 
Helyer Getwge, Criekeiert 

Inwood Daniel, JuD. farmerfthopgrwr 
Langrish George, &rmer ft hop grower 
Llllycrap Robt brick ma. Holt pound 
Lock Chas. King's Arms, ft Uadtamltfa 
Lncaa James Hooker, mdier ft fiirmer, 

Islington mill 
Hoore Thomas, fiirmer ft hop planter 
Othen Thomas, bricklayer 
Pamplin Samuel, shopkeeper ft Cirmer 
PampHn William,&rmerfthopgrower, 

River Hiilfitm 
Powell George, fiirmer ft hop grower 
Smith Wm. wheelwright ft blacksmith 
Spier James, carpenter 
Spier James, farmer, Hogett flurm 
Spier John, sawyer 
Spier Thomas, bricklayer 
StabUn Thomas Frediricl^ grocer, ft 

Post office, Buck Horn Oak 

BISHOPSTOEB Is a large and wdl-bnilt Ullage, parisb 
Bad snuiaa on ibe Loudun aitd South Western railway, 
m i^lcs from London, fi| aortb-eajit from Southampton 
and 7 soatli-wcst from Winchsster, in the Northern division 
af theeoaniy, hnndtcd of Fawky, Winchester nnltm, petty 
Mrisaal dMrion, coimly eoort dittrle^ rural deanery of 
tUktffi^ W«Hhani,arehdMeoiiryand dloeese of Winchester. 
The paririi comprises tbebamleu of Fair Oak, Horton 
Hbath, Btorb Commor, Pti^b Hill and part of 
Caovo Bill; it has many scattered Ikrm booses. The 
-Wsgi Is phsaaatly sltnaiad in a irdl-wooded country, on 
caat hu^ of uw river Itdien. Blabopstehe railway < 
■MlMi ii ainaMd at the ezlnmiity of the village, on the I 
Ml af the rtwltehcn, at Barton, in the pariah orSoatb; 

Stonebain, at which place the brandi to P<irtimontb, Ffere- 
bam and Oosport commences ; also the Italisbary branch. 
The church of St. Mary, rebuilt 18^, is a plain stone struc- 
ture, with square tower containing 3 bells : It contains 
several monuments : the east window Is stained. The reg- 
ister dares from the year 1650. Tue livii^ is a rectory, 
yearly value £617, witii rrsldence and about 48 ame of 
glebe, in tbe gtfl of the Bishop of Winchester and held by 
the Rev. Robert Bverson Harrisson k.a. of Christ's Golle||e, 
CambrMge. Here is a Reading Room erected In 187& 
at tbe expense of Captain Hargreaves and supported 
by him. Here Is a Bible Cbrislian cb^Ml. At Crowd 
Hill is a Wesleyan cbapeL Twynam's diarlty of £i9 
yearly Is fiirniel. The cSnntyChesse Harke^ estaUWMd 

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IMS, h a BfMcloiM •qom •BclMure, rituted close to the 
railway and fax two lines ot raili uong tlie front of the 
abedi, and storet, which are on the «ast and west Met : the 
mirket u beM on the third Thondl^ in every month, when 
great qaantlties of cheeie are »old. Here la a larore corn 
min,eBiTt6d on by Mr. William Henry Barney. Stoke Mount, 
tlw seat of Captain "nionias Hargreave* j.p. is Intfae itslfan 
style, snrnwuntiil by a tower; H eontrins a mtgiHSoent 
«oHecdoD of slatmry, antiqae cabinets, nisaaic work, pfo- 
tures, Berres chliia, Valerie pottery Sec. In the entrance 
faft]| u a very tine piece of statuaiT by Romaaelli, *' Paiut 
«t Hargnertte," and a vslnatria antfqve eaUnet from Milan 
inlaid with ivory and ebony ; in the oratory are aeme good 
specimens of mosaic work tU. ; in the ante-reom, a fine 
antique Idtfa century cabinet inlaid with ebony and Ivorr, 
irith portrdta of Kaplmri, Mtobad Atigeto, aim Laonaroo 
da Tnei : In tlw billfard room a flna mosaic picture af tiie 
** Roman Fornai" by Sifnor Galamtt, a Florentine mosaic 
cabhiet of alabaster by Andrianl of Pisa, and picttires of 
Italy 1^ Kneble, Anthony Satso, and Marks ; in the gallery, 
atatoary by Rosietti, Rome, aobjecti "Time is Predoui," 
"Fontana del 'Amore" and "Faith"; by Chevalier 
Benzoni, Rome, subject " Charity : " b.v Senor Gnlglielmi, 
Rome, subject " Vanita " ; by CDevaUer ArgentL Milan, 
aubject " Repose " (a fine spednuu), and by ChesaUer 
TadolinI, Rome, suMeet '* En " <a \ery bfauiirul piere of 
atatoary) ; alsa an wabastBr by Aadrianl of nsa, " Leda 
wid ftwan," two lar^e vases of alabaster troa Florence, 
aevaral IMh centnry «Mnets from Florence, Vmiea and 
Milan, and various pictures by foralgn artists. The mk 
amd giouBds of about HO aerM extend to the river Itcnen, 
«Dd are well hid Mt, omtaininjr a cbofoe coHeetion 
-of conifer* and many rare and beawtlfnl plants ; in the 
STowtda is a Carillon Hoek and chimes, playini? 14 tunes: 
tnrflQKli the kindness of the owner tlie bouse and gronnds 
are frequent^ thrown open during the summer months for 
pfealea, fStas Ac. Long Head House is the seat of AlfM 
Bartonasq. t.v. Stoke Lodge is the residence of Oamve 
, YoDge eaq. Stoke Common is baif a mile north-east. Tne 
Benesiasneal Commlsriooere are lords of the manor. The 
cfalef landowaerd ore James Edward Bradshaw, Caleb Bar- 
foot, Alfsed Barton, William Barfbot, John Itansom, John 
LavtaotM and Bdvrard Loner esqa. Miss Mary Twynam, 
■Dd Winchester College. The soil ii mixed day, loam and 
•and ; aobHlIi Ol^ and sani. The diief crops an wheat, 
baiiey, oats, peas and beans. The area la 3,431 acres ; rate- 
«Ua valae, J^.107 ; tha population In 1871 waa 1,670. 

PaWtA Clerk, Tlionas Freadi. 

Post k Monet Ordvr k TsLBoiUPa OPfiCEfSariBgi 
Bank ft Govflmment Insorance ft AnoHily OiBaB. — 
Geoise Walter Oolden, postmaster. Letters neelvod from 
SontEsAttten at 6.30 a.m. ; dispalcted at 7.90 ; 
Sundays 13 noon ; second arrival, week days at 3.30* 
Wall Box cleared at 6.15 week di^s onjj 


Alliance Rra, W. H. Barney 

Commereial union, C. Golden 

Royal, H. J. Cooke, Bastl«lgh 

Standard Life, W. H. Barney 
Ctmnty Ckerte Market, Edward Drew, derk 
A School Board consisttng of 5 members was formed In 

167B, and schoolsare aboat to be erected 
Board School (mixed), Edwin Sims, master ; HiSi Elba 

Chamberlain, asslrtant mistress 
Ra&teay Station, Henry Willmer, snperiirtendent 


dally, except toeaday ft tlmraday ; itarrts, dally to Wln- 
cbasterj Andrem, mondaypwaanesd^yftaatarav 

Fair Oak, 9mfles«onth.«atrt, bm eedetllfdcal pnU, 

formed in 1871 out of Bishopatolce.' HoRTDK Heath, 
a quarter of a mile south, and Crowd Bill, half a mile 
north, aM banleU 4b Utia parish. The church of StThomaa 
la of brick, with stone dressings, erected in 1863 : ii eonilsta 
ofapsecbanedand nave: the stidned east window It to the 
memorj- of the eMen son of Jaraea Edward Bradslmw esq. ; 
those in the nave to (he memory of Peter Light, yeoman. 
The register dates from iheyearlS?]. 7lHsltvfa)g&avtcar- 
ajie, yoartr Talae£l7£,preaem patron the reetorof Blibap- 
stoke, and subseqaeirtly to l>e m tbe gift of tiie Birirop of 
Wlnebeater for ever, and held by the Bev. WWiam Henry 
Parker d.d., i.t..D. Fair Oalc Pai%, the seat of Jamas 
Edward Bredshaw esq. Is sHaated half a mile north-east 
of the village. Oalc Lodge la the proper^ of niomn 
Tw y nawesq. and 1* now oceapied by Cant. Bccles j.r. TIm 
area Is 1,477 aa<es: the-populatianin 1B71 waiTSl. 
/^«rM Clerit, Geotge Hsnett 

Post Opttce.— Thomu Edmund, postmaster. Letters 
received from fioathampton at 8 a.m. ; dispatched at 6.30 
p.m. The nearest money order olftce h at Vidiopatake. 
Wan Box, Horton Bettb, cleared Rt 6 p.m. weak days ; 
10.40 a.m. Sundays « 

A Natfonal school was erected In 1867. at a ooat of fWO, 
rabed by voluntary eontribtrttons : thhi was enlarged la 
197&, ft wiB hold \h\ ehfldien: Hbs Katn RoM^ 
miitreSB j Hiss Ently Wenonj aialatant mbtresa 


Barney William Henry 
Barton Alfred j.p. Long Mead house 
Bels^ Mrs. Pye hill 
Cooper Captain Egbert William 
Eaoombe William, Manor lionae 
Fanllmer Rev. Frederick John[eurate] 
Bargreares Captain Thonis j.p. Stoke 

HsrriBSOQ ReT.Rht.Eversanif.i..Bactnir 
Koare Oliver WiUiam Simpson 
Keppel Admiral Hon. Sir Ueniy«.C.B., 

J.p. Sttriue cottage 
Robinson Captuin Bevcrln, Oak bank 
Kobison Major-General Uiq'h Oeorge, 

Stoke iCnowle 
Simeon Cornwall, ft John's 
Yonge George, aioke lodge 

Barney William Henry, miller, oom fii 

coal merchant, Biahopstoke mills 
Buhoptlohe Cfieese Markut Co. Limi- 
ted (Edwanl Drew, clerk) 
Btqres Jirim, tsraar ft timber daaler 
Stores Thomas, blacksmith 
BulpitUohn,boot.maker,StDke common 
Carter Edwin-ft Son, brick uieliera 
Cawte Charles, carpenter 
Cook Joseph, boot & shoe makar 
Crosaley Jeaeph, carpenter 
Cult Eitwia Henry, relieving offioer, 

Stoke common 
Dnnr Edward, cleik to Bishopatoke 

Cheese Market Co 
fitheildBe George, Awhor inn 
Praneh 'rfaomaa, taihir 
Vij SeUiiR (Mn.}, groesr 

Golden George Walter, bsk^, grocer, 

provlrfon dealer, ft poet office 
King Frederick, farm bailiff to Walter 

Perkins esq. Hanorftrm 
Lalaliley Ciiarles Ali-xander, house de- 
corator, plumber &c 
5IIaselbrook John, boot ft shoe maker 
I'arsons Thomas H. farmer 
Uending Koon (C. A. liiUriiley, sec) 
ScovellHenry, assistant overtner ft cletk 

to School Board 
Seurle John, builder 
fUirimptonUee. farmfT,LongMead form 
Stumeu Mnry (Mrs.), Jn^/er 
Woodford John, blacksmilti, :itoke com 
Ynldreii Charles, carter, Comrosn 
YaUtren 'Miomas, carter, Comnuo 

Fair Oak. 
Barfoot Caleb, Lake furm 
Barfoot William, Firtree 
Bradsltaw ,Capt«iu Joba Charles, Hall 

Bredshaw James Eilwd. Fidr Oak park 
Burley James White 
Eeekd Capt. Wm. liall j.p. Oak-lodge 
Hake Rev. Tliouas Gordon T.A.K..C.L. 

Light Hxs 

Milwapd Uardwick Browning 
Norman B«irford,Swi«s cottage 
Parkti- Aw. William Henry d.d.,i.i«b. 

Ames Jaasea, grooer, Horton iacath 
Hailey Clnrfaa, Uinng JSwn 
Barnot CaMi,ftrmer, Lidse farm 
Barftaot John, farmer, QnabMgb fum 
Barfoot WUllMB, fumtr, VUtnt fiirm 

Blake George, blacksmith. Lake 
Boyes William, blacksmith 
Boyes William, farmer. Crowd hlTl 
Brwtow gardenr.Horton hth 
Bundy Thomas, bntier, Stroud wood 
Cawta George, beer rataUer 
Uummer Thomas Edmund, grocer, dc 

DuiTantJoscph,beer retailer, Crowd UD 
<lale Silvester, farmer, Stroad wood 
Godiog William, tarmer 
Hampton Geo. farmer, Mortimer fam 
Heath Hy. wlieclwrlala, Honon heath 
Holdaway Geoi^ fanner 
Houghton E'lmunH, grocer 
Hnll WillJam, k«ilitt'toJ. BaiiioB-caf. 

East Horton &rm 
Kyta Charles, nddlar 
Lavingtuo Jobn, iarratr, Vast Horton 


Meare Ridiard, carpt-ntcx ft whem- 

wright, Horton hestli 
Mwraat C.boot ft riioenkr.Hortinbtk 
NoriManBurrQrd,snrgeoti,awi8» cottage 
l>o«e)) Francis Martin, tailor 
Howell 8ersh(Hra.),mni>nerftdfMilM 
Short William, bwr retailer 
^^ms Wm. grooer ft baker, Crowd UH 
finalltrova Richard, hurdle it bo^ 

maker, Crowd hill 
Spearing CharleB.riioew)<r. Hortaablb 
Siacey Jamca, grooer, dnper ft gonaal 

merclmnt, Horton beaih ; ft at Wett 

end, ft BUterae 
Swaio Chanles, 4iUd George inn 
Wnrwlek Jamat, fimMr, Crowd UU 
Warwiek Wm..fomer, liorlan teatk 
Webb Sanri. hnrdle nskr. Bovton heatk 
Waodmao Jaiaei ft Son, aaddlen 

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BISK0P4 BUTTON h a vWage and pnhh in tiie 
Nartham dlrislonoftheeAimtr, hvntlrMl of Biah»|^s Satton, 
union and petty — elanal dhmon of Alralbnt, Wlocheeter 
cenntf eoart dbtrict, iwal decnerj of Alvesford and diocese 
and anhdeaconij of W-ineheater, IJ- mile* eaat-aeatli-aHt 
froa New Alreeford station md 9 east from Winchestar. 
TlwdiiiRhofSt. NiebolM is Ml oU Hormam InitldinDr, wMi 
ckRMd, mam, soBth fonh, and a snail woodsa bdfrjr wlUi 
9 bdls. The vefcbttT dates from 17SD. Tbn Ihhiff a 
viearafni with Hie ttnptihy of Ro{^ anaexed, Joint yearly 
Tshte £350, with Tcsideaos, ts the prift of Tbe Hisses Tanner, 
and bM by tin RaT-TlionM WoodhiMue K.A.. of St.9obn's 

CoUis Charles, The Elms 
Kkens Joseph WilUsm' 
Ray Mrs 

Yalee Arthar Scotland 
Yates Aederick 
Yattt Ttavor Aoxiutns 


Bunes Charies, grocer 
Benaett WHliain, grocer & baker 

Coll«f(s, Ozfaid, w4io reMM at iUpley. tht BUiops «< 
Winchester Ibrwrir had a palaee here. Tbt Eeclasiawia! 
Conailssieners are rords sf na manor. The prlnci^ Umi- 
ounm are K. WyndliBm sm). Mr. C. ColHs and ftUas Bow. 
The soU is «baik sad elay ; Mbsoti, cbalk. Ttie chief craps 
are whf»t, oaSa and brnilfw. The area is S,74d ttDrasi rala- 
aUe rat OS, £4,«H : the Mal>itlon in 1071 w»» 491. 

^mrkk Clark, Tkonw 6iik)s. 
Post UmcKp— Mrs. Boim Thweat, neeiTcr. InSttus 
rrarfved from Alreaftrd Bt6/4J(B.m. ft sredtsptitohed at 
7.S0 p.n. Alnsfcrd is the nearest tnoner order nfftee 
JfatPHtml &eha9l. Hiss BlartAia Rlteibeih Price, mlstfess 

Collis Charles, laadowaer, farcner, corn 1 Hutchiufid k Rolna, coach butUUn 
merchBnt&factor,artifleialinanttre jc Jndd Oeorge, brmer 
cake mcrehant, Bishop's Sutton flour Loe Ulchael iUvers, Urmer 
mills ; & at If aw Alrsstoil < Newman . Stamhroolc , beer retailer 

Cooper John, shoe maker | North Thot. &rmr. Wedt«ru Csurt&iU 

Corbett VrillIani,caTpeDtcr& bricklayer '. Padwlck James, blacksmith 
Bkens Joseph WQlbun, sur^n ; k a.t. Parsons Jane (nrs.), iarinar 

Broad itrset. Hew Alresurd Port Qeorge, Ship 

Hall WnUam, oaer retdhr | WorthloRton James, wboelwilKht 

Walter J. Long esq. ; WUIiaai Kaapp Joaas esq.; Jaaw 

SISHOP'fi WAJmTMAM. is a snaH market (own, head 
ofa oom^ eoart dbtsiec and palilas plaoa,ki tke Nastbatn 
dinrisn ar tin eoanty. sad tarsiiinw «f a short line trsss 
BsUey JoDetloa on the Lwodoa aMl Soath Weslem railway, 
%i miles from Losdoa, 14 iwrth-west from Qoepori, 10 
soatb-soutb-eaat Ihmb winchesier and 6 nerih from Fars- 
hsm, in lbs hnadRd of Bishop's WalOam, Drozfiird petty 
sessfamal tfvUoa aad nniaa, and dteossa t»i areiideacoDrv 
ofWInrhwHirand rural dsanery ef Sbbup'B Walthva. Te 
the srath-WMl of the town am the miss of Wahham Palaee, 
onee the pnlnee of Henry de Bh>is, Bldhop of Winckaiter, 
which was nearly demoliiiMd in the Civil Wars, Imt even 
«nr imees of Its liinaer mafroifliesiiee tdsv be discovaavd : 
the pslaoe was v1<1Im1 H«ary II. who held a osa a cil of 
the nobles of the realw hen, previuu* to Us embarkation at 
PortssMOth Jbr Rranee, to com»rt sMasaros fitr carrying on 
tbeCnuadea. Waltham i hasswas formerly a large commoa, 
and has been endoaari. The church of Bt Pvkr is an 
saeient strmeture. built of eloae and flint, is the Perpea- 

Aeular style, barinf^ chasoel, naxe and aisles, with square Royml, O. Loaier, High stroet 
Ante tower, whMi oontains 6 beUs and a dock : it«s»uiiia i Hofai JSaekmnif*, B. B. Hewitt, High street 
eertral small bat handsome aumiUMntB, whirh date £eoni i PcaLio BsTABt^nuHBHTa 

Clartt esq. and Mafoi^eneral BMuHoa ca. the soli is 
partly olay; other parts, aaod and laas} sntaoil* HNvd, 
du^ and flint. Hk chief crapa are wheat, oats and hariey. 
The area is 3. dfiS acres; rateaUe ralaa, £L,a»i Oapopa- 
lBtloa in 1B71 was 1,618. 

AaNToiT, 1 wi\m narth. and Wbbt Haa, il i r as- i |iarteaa 
ofa nUla wuth east, sae tftUnfls; DmiM, 1 mils Mrtk| aad 
J>oiiuiDeB, 1 mile Bortb-eest, an hanlrla. 
Paviak Cttrk, Klward QarDetc 

Post ft Hob bt Order fcTaLMRApa Omcm, flBvfaui 
Bank k Government InaarMum k Anwiibr OAse (saS> 
offie«).r~WUUani Baiolay. postmaafesr. Letters arrive. 
1st, 4.S6 sjn. delivered at 7 a.m. ; Snd, IA6 p^n.'dellrarad 
ati30p.a.; depsrlwe, 1st, I(U5a.m,; 'Ad, 6.36 pA 
Tbe boa eioseson saadaya at the same taas 
iKaU&AHOB Aqbkts :— 
J^hoBHue fitn, K. Austin, C^pioe hlU 

1629: there are sittings far l,tlO« pccssns. I>r. Wa«d,aR« 
of the tranafcatm of the Bible in the vdgn of James I. is 
faaried ia ihe cbaneel ; he was chapWa to Bishop Andrews, 
and rector of BMop's Walrham. ia 1849 the westeaduf the 
nsTc was conplelefy rebuilt, ataeost of £244: and In 1868 
thecfanrrh was ihoroughlv restored, at a coet of £1,904, and 
aa organ waa added in 1878 : tbe whole of the nave la on- 
wsropriated. The regrUerdatn from die year MtS. Tim 
linBr is a rectory, In ihe gift of tbe Mshop of Wlnehsster ; 
tbe tithes were commuted, in 1840, fur £1,3^X1, their net 
Tnrlv value bdng a boot £900, ivlth residence; tbe Rev. 
WiDiiam Brock m.a. of Queen's CoUege, Oxfiird, Is the 
rector. Here is a Consnqfatiaari chaMl, ereeted In IflfH. 
There was an endowed Oram mar school, in which edacation 
was provided for 10 bnysof the parish of Bleh<ip'i Waltbam, 
bat the ineonw of the endowment Is now hivettlciil with a 
view to accuinolate in order to provide school buildlnjTS and 
fer rarions other jmrpnaes. Tlis charities arc of the annnal 

valae of about £130 for distribution. There Is a readlne Cabbibus to 

Couittif Coiir-^.heid every alternate month attba€raBllBar 
school ; P. M. Leonard esq. jud)ie; Charles iUebard Gunner 
C8(|. refflslrar; Georffe Apps, high bailiff. The district 
comprises the ibilowliw parishea: — Bishop's VaUham, 
Corhampton, l>roxfiwtn Darlcy, Baton, Hambledon, 
Meon Stoke, Soberion, Upbam, wam&rd. West Meoik 


Cluri ta Jltagt»tra1e$ far Dmtford DteMon, CtualeB 

RJtfbanl Ounsfr 
Ritgiiitrar of Mirth$ ff 2>m4A«, WiUiam Gtibert, Qnat 

Howehia street 
Stamp DiMtr&uttr, Jota Heald, Bank street 
Schools : — 

1%ere Is a -Board sclmd here fir beys & slrla : ttiesebasl- 
room has be«n«nhin{ed k is rapable of holding'flOO (Mldrsa 
JH»ard (boys k f^rb), ffteaezor SitDS, master 
/fiAmf«, Mrs. Jane HlllitT, mistress 
Rmkwof Station, Jamea Wbitmey, statioD : 

room and library in St. Peter's street. The market is Md 
on Friday, aad im on the second Priday la May, July 30lh 
and the nrst Priday after Old Hiehaelmas Day. Aortlibrook 
House, the residence of Gforve Atheriey esq. j.p. is in tlie 
vicinity of this town. The Ecdesitutlcal Camudssloneni ace 
ISTds of the manor. The principal landownen are John 
Edwards esq.; R. A. Burrell esq.; T. W. Hornby esq. j 


Amm Oan>g»> Nortlrtvaok villa 
Atherln Gecm j.p. Horth Break ho 
Brack Rev. WiHiaa m.a. Rectory 
Clarir Pranda, Baeingwell street 
Odea Arthar, St. Pieter's street 
%ertBa William, Wkirhsster road 
Bfrinfttea Ha).-Qea. ftwlertek Bebert 

c.B. Verwon hUl 
GUI Mn. JMmine home 
Gsg^ Bev. Helanetkoa Louis [Coa- 

gregational], Winchester mad 
Greaves Henry k.r.c.b. Bank etssat 
Oaaner Mrs. Bank street 
Bale WHite Henry, Basingwett ft 
Bsaid John, Bank siroet 
n— Biia a Cluries, Hiahfteld 
H««ltt tenjai^ Bradley, Hl^ strest 

Hewitt Benjamin Thomas, Rlph itrret 
HeUaway Charies, High street 
Holloway Joseph, Frafn&ot«.eettafn 
Horwoea Gaonte, DaslnfrweU etveec 
Jenner 4£eBritsh, Palaoe house 
Jennar Miss, FtAey hoaie 
Jmas WIHIam iCnapp, MIU haoaa 
KlWek William, smi. 8qaaie 
Lercatt Edward Coltinwok, Tbe Her- 

Lock J antes, Tbe Grampe 
Hatdiem Gearfta, nrognon'hooas 
Morgan Hn. Bijoare 
pRiKent Charles, Highetrast 
Ricbftrd Mm. 8t. Peter'satrsat 
Sand IMsa, Hirh siraet 
fleott Mrs. H1|^ street 
Sims Thonas, Pfee street 

BoTLBT k SotfTHAvrroiT— Hetry Lemsr, taes. ftnrs. 
k saL , Patar £muett, tues. thus, k iRt. ratani same 


GoftPOHT — William Suter, tlmrsday, return same day 

William Suter, every Wednesday, thur«day k satnrdqr 
WmoHBSTBR— Peter Emmett, wed. return same day 

TleVner Edward, High street 
Turner George, St. Peter's sttaat 
Wright Miss, HiRh strset 
A^ O es T ge^hi^hatUfl'te aaantyoanrt 

iippaJfidai, whariwri^t ft oarpaatar, 

Narth brook 
Austin IUebard, anetioneer,CDpploeh01 
Baker John, harness maker, Baak st 
Barolay WilliBm, itsttoner.bsot ftshoe 
vsanmonse k post oiKee, High stiaet 
Back Osoroe, tailar, Hlg^ strest 
Ben ham Edmd^mbr.<c ffis'ter, SqniM 
Bishep Tbomas, dairymaa 
Biilt»p's WMthom Oat f CMs Co. 

£im, <PrabClRPk^.),BaafaigireUBt 
B>iAaianAdam^maf,yaHhsw Bhaae 

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BUckinan OhdotmI, &noer, Ashlon 
BlackniKn Peter, fiimer, Ashton 
Blackmaa Thou. &nner, Winchnter rd 
Blackinaa William, ftmer, AMiton 
Blsnclunl M. H. & Co. mtnufkcturen 
of terra eotu ware, blae Siaflbrdihire 
nods of every dcMription, bt^l red 
Suing bricki k rooflnir tU««, (clued 
•toneware pipes k arricullum land 
pipes, Clu« works ; & at 74 Blaek- 
man road, London t.e 
Bond Vary Ann (Mrs.), Crown hotel 
Brown James, shopkeeper. Bank street 
Brown Thos. John, st&lioner, Hiuh st 
Bnddln WUliam. baker, Hltifa street 
Cinne Joaeph, Fortster^ Armt, Win- 

cbttter road 
Carver Wllliani, firnner, Stnkes farm 
Chalk Abraham, &rmer, Winters hill 
Cheater WiUlain, assistant overseer k 

land surveyor, Albion cottlira 
ChurcberJohn M ondey & Sons, cabinet 

makers. Market place 
Churcher Wm. brick manfr. Winters hi 
Clark Ic Nntt,itTocer8ftdnpers,Hltth8t 
Clark Francis, solicitor, fiasinftwell at 
Cole Arthur Robt. blacksmith, Bank »t 
Co-operative Stores (Henry Collins, 

manager), High atreet 
Davis Jacob, shopkeeper, Basinifwell at 
Davis John Tank,famlttir«dlr.Highst 
Deacon £mma (U laa), abopkpr. H In h st 
Dewey Betsy(Hr8.),in)Droon|p-.I1ighst 
Dewey George, White Hart, Bank at 
Dowae Edwln,bricklayer,Baringwell st 
Dowse EUah.(Mrs.),iihpkpr.Ba« 
Dowae Geo. bricklaTer, BastnKwell at 
Dowae Henry, bridtlajw, Houcbin at 
Dowie James, White Horse, Ashtos 
Dowae Thomas, beer retailer, High st 
DafiettThoe boot fc-lioe warrho-Bank st 
Edwarda AUgail (Mrs.), grocer 
Bmmett Peter, carrier, 8t. Peter's at 
Foard Chas. Edwd. tailor kc. Bank at 
Ford Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, fiaaing- 

well atreet 
GarnUlD Rielwrd, timber Bterclunt, 

Windieater road 
Gamblin Tboinaa, martet gardener 

Gamblln Wm.plamberftc.St.Peter'BSt 
Gamett Edwani, hair dresaer. Bank st 
Gsmett Goorge, refreshment rooms, 

BaBinrwell atreet ( 
Gilbert William, reglKtrar of birtha & 

deaths, Hoachin atreet 
Oreavea Henry, sargeon, ftank street 
Gunner & Renny, solicitors, Bank at 
Gunnvr & Co, bankers ; draw ou Bar- 
clay & Co. London 
QinWm.FountaiH f tiR,Waltham chase 
Hale Michael, shoe ma. Baslngwell st 
Hale Wm. shoe maker. Basingwell st 
Hall Harriet (Mrs.), King's Head 
Hall HeniT. Wheat She^f 
Hemming Charles if.D.snrgeon,Highst 
Hewett John, builder, Baaingwell at 
Hewptt William, bakpr, Broitk street 
Hewitt Benjamin Bradley, solicitor, 
commiasloDer for taking acknowledg- 
ments of deeds by married women, 
commissioner for taking oaths in the 
aupreme court of Judicature, k agent 
to the Royal Ezcbange InsDranceCo. 
High street 
Hewitt BenJ. Thos. treasurer to the 
Swanmore parl^ ericketclub, High st 
HollowayAugustns( Uiss),ladie8' school, 

Frogmore lane 
Hnriey Henry, miller &c. Abbey milla 
Irish Jo»eph Hy. veterinary surgeon 
Ingram Walter, beer retailer, Hank'st 
KllliekWm jan-draper ft grocr.Hluh st 
Knight Jamea, brmer, Watlham chase 
Kniiiht Rkhaml, fiirmer, Battaftm 
Langrldge Mary (Mr*.), Bunch of 

Orapes, St. Pster's street 
Lalshley Jas. former, Waltham chase 
Lawrence George, grocer, Bank street 
Lock Jamea, dealer in ftreign ft briilth 

spirits, St. Peter's street 
Locke Thomas, flahraonger. Bank street 
Lomer Qeotfft, eurrlerft leather seller. 

High street 
Lomer Hv. carrier ft: shopkpr. High st 
Lomer Jonn, beerretidler,BMhigwelt at 
Marsh Gilbert Uenula, tajlor ft draper. 

High atreet 
MatchamChas, brewer,8team brewery 
Padbary Jas. watch ft eloek ma. High at 

Padborv Valentine, blacksmth.Brookst 
Psice Chnrlea, beer retailer, Dundridge 
Patce Henry, shopkeeper, Ashton 
Paicfl Henry, jnn. maltater ft beer re- 
taller, Brook street 
Pay ft Son, nnnefrnien. Station road 
Penny Savings Bank (Thomas John 
Brown,treas.fthon.BecO,ln&nts' sob 
Pink William, carpenter 
Pitman Charles, shoe tna. 8t. Peter'a at 
PrattThnmaa,ftnBer,NortbBraok iann 
Beading Room (Thomaa John Brown, 

hon. aec.}, St. Peter's street 
Reeves George ft Son, coal merchants, 

Railway station 
Ucbards Henry Solomon, oil ft color 

man. High street 
Richards Solomon, ironmonger ft black- 
smith, Hoachin street 
RichardBonJohnHGward,chm)t.nigh st 
Richmond baflilf.WinehBtr.rd 
Savage Alfred, hoot ft shoe ma. High st 
SavageFredk.llv.grocer&bakr.High st 
Savage Henrv, larmer, Dundridge 
Sign James, builder, Waltham ehase 
Soal Geo. mai4ne store dir. Red Lion at 
Steele John, former, Waltham Chase 
Sloneage James, batcher, Bank atreet 
Stubbington James, shopkeepKr ft beer 

retailer. High ntreet 
Stiibbs Cbarlea, former, A«hron brm 
The Workman's Hall, Basingwdl st 
ThompBonOeo.eonfctnrJtgrocr.Bank at 
TrebbeekWllliamTboma«, WhileSwan, 

Bank street 
Warner Stephen, former, Forest form 
Wells Henry John, farmer, We«t hoe 
West John, bntcherf Sanare 
West brook Henry Richard, farmer. 

Lower Preshaw farm 
White John, grocer, Hi^h street 
Whiting Thomas, chimney sweeper, 

Baaingwell street 
Winter Wlllism, painter, Rasingwell st 
v< oodmen J. ft Son, fasrnesa muters 
Wright Hy. chimney sweeper. Hank at 
Wright Hv. ninhrella mender. Bank st 
Wyatt Henry Copas, ftrmer. West h le 
Wyatt John, farmer. West hoe 

BZSTEBNB is a tithing and parochial chapelry 9 miles 
aoath from Rlngwood, lOSflrom London and 6 north from 
Chriatchoreh harbour, in the Southern division of the county, 
Fonlingbridge county court district, nnhm of Ringwood, in 
the rural deanery of Pordlngbridge western dlvi^m, arch- 
deaconry and dlooese Wlncheater. situated in the valley 
of the Avon. Thechnrch of St. Paul Is a handsome ediflce, 
erected in 1848, chledy through the exertions of John Mills 
esq. conaisiing of chancel and nave : it is ihe church a 
distriit of considerable extent. The church was licensed for 
the celebration of marriages In 1864 ; the othnr registers date 
from the year 1874. The living is a chapelry annexed to the 
vicarage of Ringwood ; the Rev. Henry Marlow Wilkinson 
B.A. of W(»eesterQoll^, Oxford, is curate ill charge. Juho 

Milk John J.p. BIsteme park 
WUkinson Re V. Hy. Marlow B.A.[cnrate') 
Andrewes Samuel, former 
Ayles Charles, former 
Ayles Wimam, former 

Mills esq. j.p. Is lerd of the manor and principal landowner 
and has a seat here, BiatertM Park, a large, plain build- 
ing, pleasontly situated in a purk of 15U acrm. Th« soil ia 
loam ; subsoil, gravel. The crops are variou*. Tlie popu- 
tatlMiIn 1871waa69S. 

Sahofobd is a hamlet 3 nilM south-east of RlnifWAod. 
Parish Clerk, Edwin Wiseman. 

Letters are received through Ringwood, which is ibe nearest 

money order office 
Collector of Income |- Assessed Taxei, Meshac William 

Hf^re is a school fbr edncating ft nartly dothiav girls, sap- 
ported by Mrs. Hills; MIh Hannah Isabella Pearsm. 

Bnmea John (Mra.), farmer, Wiek frra 
Barrow Sarah (Mrs.), fanner, Saadferd 
Dean John, former 

Elliott Edward, former, Bi«teme form 
OaitrUltieo.form bailiff teJohnMlUa esq 

Law Thomas Joorah. furmer 
Law ford .Morri*, farmt-r 
Watera William Henry, former 

BITTSRNE is a village and eeciestastical parish, formed 
in 1859 from the a\\\ parish of South Stoneham, In the 
Bon them dlvlaion of the county, Malnsbrtdge hundred, 
Southampton county eonrt district and petty seasi<H)al divi- 
sion, diocese and archdeaconry of Wlaehrster and rural 
deanoy of Southampton, sitnated on the east bank of the 
estuary of the Itchen river, eommanieating by Northam 
bridge with Soutbaoipton, Irom which it ia diatant about 
two miles north- east. Tlie Southampton and Natley Abbqr 
railway pssea near the village, and has atationa at Bltteme 
road and Northam Bridge. The church of the Holy Saviour, 
consecrated In 1869, Is Gothic, wltli nave, tower and spire. 
The roister dales from the year 1808. The living Is a 
vicaragn, joriy valoe ahont £17fi basldaa pew rsBta, in 
thegiftof thefilabopor Wlneheaterandbeldhy the Rev. 
Hcnra Usbome B.A. of Balllol Goll^, Oifiird. There is a 
Reading Boom, the inrofarty of tte vlear. BlttemaMaBor 

Honae near Nonham bridge stands on partof Ihe stie of the 
Roman station of Clausentum : it Is the seat of Steuart 
Macnsgfat«n eeq. j.p. tiitteme Grove is the arat of Mafor 
T. Bramston Hamilton (Iste r.a.). Heatbfleld Houw, the 
seat of General H. P. Raymond j.p. is a handsome square 
holklln^ in the Italian style, very prettily sitnated in exten- 
sive and well timbered groands, and eommandinr very fine 
views. The Ecdesiastical Commlssiotiers Br« lordd- of the 
manor. I'be mindpal taitdowners are W. 8. Gillett esq. 
C. Pink esq. w. H. Rlchardsnn esq. and Captain Douglas. 
The population in 1871 was 1,720. 

Parish Clsrk, James Hodkinson. 
PoBT ft HoRBT Ordbk ft Tbi.borapb Ofpicb ft Sav- 

inga Bank.— WilUam DaneDs, postmaster. Letters arrive 

by mail cart tram Southampton at 8 46 ft S.80 >m. ; 

delivery eomnenees at? a.m. ft S.80 p.t^. ; dispatehad at 

10.10 a.m. ft 0.80 p-m 

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PtHet Sutin, J. SUIflOM, nptriatendaBt 
Pdblio Officiii:— 
MatHtat Officer Public Vaeeinator of^h J>itiriet oj 

Soutk Stonekamjjoim HotImuI Lilly 
Chmrch Seluoi, Hairy WlllUm Cook*, naster; MIm 

Annie Jcdin, mbCroH ; lIn.Mary LonlMBytbrd.lafiuiu' 


Railway STATioiii :— 
BitttTM Rood, ChMximWhitehtr, •Mao mutn 
Sertham Bridge, Willlem Inglia, tMlon nuter 
CotfTHTAHOB.— RodHtt*awi, 11 tliKNv'^ KoTtlun 

to railway tennlBoa, SoDthuBpton, daily 
CAmRiBRSToSoiTTHAKPtoir^Hamy, dail7> 6 p.H.; 
Roekett, Ba abore 


Apidsfbid Juha, Pear Tree bouae 
AuehmDly llta«,GniTe<»Uaga 
Axtall Jainea, Uerondale 
Bertram J$.tae», ElUiigowen cottafe 
Care Ura 

CsTdt Capt^ Edward b.k 

Coots Ylee-AdaL Robt. c.b.,j. p.Sbales 

Coaena miUan, Rortllan eottafte 

Derrick Abraham, Hvrtle cottaire 

Doaglaa Capt. Uy. Sholto, Uoorlands 

Dumper Henry,Oak villa 

Dyer Uia. Wektwood 

Eoe His. Vine cotta^ 

Errington Georye Henry, Uerry Oak 

Fjtzfterald Capt. Tbomaa Kaaaa, Eaat- 

field lodse 
GUtett WiUiam S. HareSeld 
Grimstoae Oswald, Uer*ham honae 
HamilUm Major T. Bramatoa a.A. 

Bitteme erove 
Eatheretl Hi^. Heatbfleld villa 
Hayaom William, Hope cottage 
Hove MiOor, Sydney houae 
Uoare Rev. Jamea O'firyen Dott Wehd. 

M.A. [vicar of Weston]. Brownlow 
Lilly James Hoyland 
Mack J smas Andrew 
Hacnagliten Steuart j.f. Blttane 

Manor bouae 
MariE* Janus 


B.if., J.p. Tryermayne 
Hartia Mrs. Bitteme lodge 
M atoa Miaa, Qrove lodge 
Maedi Qjlaa, Alma villa 
MitehiaoD WUUam, Albert terraee 
Holyneaax Adam, Charlton cottage 
Horaannt Charles, Hldenbuy bouse 
Peart Hn. Cbapel atrMt 
Pediell Bev. Horace Bobert, Mborlandt 
Pomcry Edwin, Wilton cottage 
Baymond General Heiuy Pbippa j.p. 

Heatbfleld hooie 
BeduCapt. Prederiek, Bitteme cottage 
Bicbanbon William Henry, Cbettd 
Sock Rev. Edward Deoola [curate], 

Cloudeiiey house 
Scback Hrt. y«w Tree cottage 
Seaton Caplain, BeUwood 
;Seatoa Daniel 

Seymour Henry Culme, Glenville 
1 Skelton Thomas Alfred, OakfleM 
dkipwitfa Col. Henry, Horelands villa 
iJmfth Augustus, The Ridge 
i*mfth Hfb. Eureka bouse 
Usbome Rev. Henry B.A. Vicarage 
Wakeford Thomas, Sussex place 
Wlgaton Adml. James j. p. Bitteme hill 
I Wiliao Prank, Thomhlll park 
Williams Montgomery Walter, Vine cot 
WilsoD Ura. Oak eottage 
Wise Richard, Albert terrace 


I Alder Thomas, pork butcher, Alma rd 
, BanicaJoliB,boot maker ,ComaMrciaI at 

Baveratock Joseph, Angtl 

Bishop Mary Ann (Mi».), beer retailer 

BUtenu Reading Amm (Heory Wil- 
liam Cooke, sec) 

Bucklngfasm Edward, Wick k tile ma* 
nufiwturer. It builder tc contractor, 
Eynsham hall ; St at Woolaton 

Chalk Thomas, tailor 

Chaike William Rbodea, grooer k 
baker. Common 

Coasena Wu. Geo. carpenter, Cbapel it 

Danelle WiUlam, poet ^lc«,aee Hamp- 
shire Trading Co 

Diaper John, rafresbmant rooma, 
Pound street 

£de Jamea, Rtd Lion 

Eden George ft Son, brewers 

Bgarton George, thatcher 

George, Uaelumitb.Commerelalat 

Hague Lemuel, cabinet mkr. Chapel at 

Uiiuett George, grocer, Commercial at 

Bampthirt Trading Co. (William 
Dandb), grooeia, provision dealers, 
corn ft eoal merenanti, weua for 
W. ft A. Onbey's wliwe ft aplrita, 
Qalimew's Duuia at out ft BaM'i ft 
Uoradean ales 

Harvey John, carrier 

Hilla Thos.grocerft provisB^.Hlgh at 

Home Geoi^, fimner, Glenville cot 

Jarvia Edmund, baker 

Johnson Wllliara, chimney aweqier. 
Commercial street 

JuddTbomaa,beerFetailr.ComBiei>dd at 

Lake Robert, Uaekemlth, Comiterel. at 

LangriahWra.roadsurvyr. Breretonldg 
Lilly John Hovland, surgeon ft medical 
officer, public vaccinator of 4Ui dia- 
trict of Soutb Stonham (firm, Seab» 
Moon Edgar, painter 
Moore' Daniel, batcher. High street 
Morgan Mieah ft Sod, frimaij Mooi^ 

Morgan Morris, &rBier (flnOf Morgan 

Micah ft Son) 
Nevill Matthew, cowkeeper 
Newton James, builder, Alma road 
Nortbcote Alfred Philip, toy dealer 
Otiien Henry, market gardener 
Packer damuel, saddler. Chapel street 
Paekham E. A. painter, Commercial at 
Payne Robert, flshmngr.Conunerdal at 
Phillips Charles, shoe maker, Alma rd 
Pionlger Tbomaa, clerk to corania* 

sioners of taxes, Rose wood 
Rawles William, uUor, H%katrert 
Read Geo. greengroctsr, Comnerdal at 
Rockett Charlotte i MrsOj bear nudler 
Rockett John, carrier 
Rowland Jamea William ft Son,buUdan, 

Inkerman road 
Seaton ft Lilly, surgeons 
Shrimpton Miuy (His,), stationer 
Staoi7 JwBe^ baker, grooer ftmaml 
BMrehant, Chapel sc. : ft «t West end 
ft Horton Heath 
Stanbrook dtapheo, plastmr 
Taplio Cbarlea, blafkamitli 
Taplin Henty, shoe makw . 
TapUn John, beer retailer, CoBmoa 
Taykir WUUam, Commtr^ foit 
Wake Joahua,pInmber ft painter, Com- 
mercial street 
WateoQ John, boteher ft bev retailer 
Welch waUam Henry, Pond itnK 
Weet WUUam, painter 
Whifcher Charlea, atatkiD master, Bit- 
teme Road station 
White William Hy. grocer, Cbapel st 
WUlcox Walter, baker 
Willlnmi Charies P.BrtEst,Bath eottage 
Witt John, builder, Iiikermaa road 
Witt William, timber ft coal meiehaiit, 
Blenheim's fisrm 

BIiEOHYNDEN Is a suburb of Southampton, which : 

BIiENDWORTH is apariah and village adjoining Horn- 
dean 5 miles north from Havant. 7 south from Petersdeld 
near the forest of Here, in the Nortnem division of the county, 
hundred ofFinchDean.Catfaerington union, PetersAekieoanty 
eoort district and petQr wesinniil division. Wincheater dio> 
eeae snd arcbdeaeonry sad rural deanery of Havaat. Trinity 
ehoreh ia a handsome atone bnlldlng ia the Decorated style, 
condatlng of chancel, nave and south aisle, with polntea 
spin containing 3 ttells: it was completed in 1851 at a ooat 
of £^300 : the old parish church is now nsed as a mortoary 
chqid. The register dates from tiie year \6M. The llvi^ 
ia a reetory, yearly value £24i lOs. in the gift of the Bev. 
Reginald Whitehall Hanesson and held, dnce 1834, by the 
Rev. Edward Langton ward u.a. of Wa%im College, Ox- 
brd. On BleadwOTth Down ia a barrow. BMOdfrorth Lodge 
is thsaeat of air WliUtm Wellesl^ Knighton bart. j.p. and 
CBdUBgton,the seat trf Admiral Sir Michael S^r>D<»ir«*C'B' 

Barnes Capt. Albert. Hook cottage 
Gale Richard, sen. Crookl«y 
Knighton Sir Vnillaai WeUealey bart. 
Jj. Bkadwarth lodge 

Sir J. C. Jervoise bart. Is lord <A the manorand owns neariy 
the whole of the parish, Sir William Wellesley Knighton 
bart. and Admiral Sir M. Seymour q.c.b. are also land- 
owners. The aoil la of a chalky nature; subsoil, elialk. The 
chief eropa are wheat, barlw ud eata. Hie area Is 1,41S 
aeres; rateable nloe, £1,053 ; and the popahttfam la 1871 

WHiTBBXLLand Forest Grbeh are 1} milai eontb-eait 
on the Sussex bender; Wbllsvorth, 2 miles sonth-eaati 
Padkoll, S mlies aondi-weat, (n the fiiceat of Bare. 

PeriOt Gerit, William Dowdl. 

Letters received through Horadean, which Is the nearest 

money order office 
Hera is a Natioaal school for glrb ft Infanla, which has 

an andowaieat of £34 yearly ; Hba Oeargma Dorathy 

wmiamB, ntoii ~ 

Seymour Admiral Sir Michael a.c.B. 

J. p. Cadlington 
Ward Rev. Bdwaid Laagton ii.a. 
[reetorj, Baclory 

The boys attend Homdean school 

Borrow Alfred, &rmer, brick ft tUe 

maker, Padnoll 
Oaldsnith Jas. firaer, Blaodworth firm 

BOABHUHT Is a small parish in the Sonthem division 
of the coMBty, hundred of Portsdown, Pareham union and 
pet^ seirional dlvMon, Perlamouth county cenrt district, 
dioeese and arehdeaeoBry of Wtechester and raral deanery 

of Alverstoke socth-weatem division, 3 miles north-east 
from Fareham station, 8 north firom uoaport and 86 from 
London. The ehareh of St. Nicholas Is of a data anterior 
to tha Conqaeat ; bitdly any of ite aneient ftatBres have 

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been altered : It enndsia of chaaeel nd lunre, ifitfa analt 
b«lfr7f«iteteibi«^ beH: HiefintU-Mina: iter«b»p«cu- 
liaily intamtlng Usauk iiiiidow iiLtlleahiiid^ al—inad on 
tba inride by t.flM leo-amtutj IomI) to tm H«ailo«e 

&mlly. The regteur dates from tin year I16S8. The IVWogr 
ifl&doBatlv«*coBW)Udltf«d with Baadiwtek, hi tdiejritt of 
Thoniis Thistlevayte esq. and held the Bet. William 
John Birkbeck u,A.ofA«Ux CoUege, Oxford, .who resides 
at Soothwick. At North Botrbmt b a Wealeyan chapel. 
On P or t adu wn it a monoment to Lord Nelson, which ferrea 
as a landmark : it consista of a atone colamn about I2B &et 
h^, hsrim a boat of If elaon on tlie aummlt, and baan an 
iiMcnption'to hit miataj, asd records tlie battle of.'ftsfU- 

AdliDM WlUkra, fanner, Apsley Bown 
_ &RD t Priors Iiald 
Aslett Geoi^e, farmer, Lodge farm 
Buddi Benianin, fimner, AsUanda 
BDrd«i WlUfam Thoataa. miller 
Carrer WiUianij fanner, Uonar farm- 

Crook Arthor, faxmer 
Ciook Qodfrey, iarnier, Quu Sam 
Crook '^omas^.narketgjiEdcaec 
Crook WUUaiD, carpent«r 
Paithfiil Edward, farmor 
Foot Bdwaidr macket gardener 

fiar. Fort Nelaon la exfanafm, and wHl boU gnns of the 
aiveat calibre : it holds SOO nuv, and forms oue cf tlie hflf 
de&HM flf PwlMaeaih harbonr. The view faam Portsdown 
is very fine, overlvokbiK Pbrtaaieatfa harbour. Its shipping, 
tiw towns- of Portamonlh, OMport and Far^iam ana the 
late oi' Wight with the ChannaL Thoaua Tbiatlewajitfiesq. 
U lord of the manor an(^chief landowner. The ami b loam 
and clay; subsoil, chalk and clay. The area la 3,006 acres; 
rateable Talue. £1,066 ; the poptriation In 1871 vaa 371. 
Parith Clerk, Thomas Horton. 

Letter* tttroogh Fareham, which Is the nearest money order 

Ghidd Van- (Ura.), shopkeeper 
Harris AJtVeii, farcner, Ponnid farm 
Nobes Henry, fiirmer, Goat's hoiua 
Pariett Richanl, blacksmith 
BuMell Thoniaa, farmer 

BOXiZVRX Is a -vtry extensive psrfsb, extending Into tlie 
New Forest, a mile and a half sontb-eist from Btvckenborst 
station, 97k miles from London, 17^ sonth-weat from' South- 
ampton ana 3 north fnm Ly mington, and comprises tjle 
titunga of PiLLBT and Warbokhe, Walhakptom, 
Bhttbavsibt, Soutit BiDDBSlAr, and Hast Bol- 
BKB (Boutfi Badde^ey wlll'bs'finind' in this work under a 
separate heading ; Sway, iomerly part of this pariah, now 
forms aseparate p^ah); part at the pariah is within the 
snHamentaiy borough of Lfmtngjon ; it la In Ae Sonthem 
aMahm-of theeounty, nnton, petty sessional division and 
county court district of Lymlngton, partly in Ae e«t dlTl- 
slon at the hundred of New Foresl; apd partly In the hundred 
of Christ church, diocese and archdeaconry of Winchester, 
and rural deanery of Pordingbrldge eastemdl^iaion: therirer 
Boldre'flows through the pariatu The church of St. John, 
which'was reatared in is a very ancient stonestructare 
In the Early English styje, consiatfng of chancel, nave and 
aialea, with a low square embattled tower, which was partly 
rebuilt In 1697 : it contains, in the belfry, a piscina, in good 
preeerratlon ; also a fine monnmental bust. In alabaster, of 
John Kempe e»q. who represented tile borough of Lymlng- 
ton in the reign of Cliaries I. The diurchjard is a pictu- 
resque spot, wiih a maple tree of nnnsual size. Theregister 
dates from the year 1660. The IMng Is a dlschar^ ficar- 
age, yearly value £300, in tiie giftofJohn Lane Shrubb esq. 
and held by the Rev. Edward Henry Hers m.a. of Dni- 
verslty College, Oxford. Warbeme hoose Is the seat of 
David Jones esq. and Yicar'a Hlli the residence of Bdward 
Henry Pember esq. q.c. Bbldre Orange is a spacious resi- 
dence, iheaeat ot John Lane Slimbb eso. cammandiug a 
lovely prospect of the river, Lymlngton and the Solent. The 
principal landowners areSir Ham Faol Biorard bart. Joba 
Honmt esq. David Jones esq. W. J. Whitaker esq. John 
Lone Shrabb esq. the trustees of the late Rev. A. J. Knap- 
ton and E. H. Pember epq. Q.C. The soil la clay and loam ; 
subsoil, gravel. The chief cropa are wheat, bariey and oats. 
The area Is 13,095 acres of land and 1,176 waterand fine- 
shore ; rateable value, £10,681 ; the popalatlo»in l871 was 

Parish Clerk, Albert Jenvey, KIley, 
Walhampton li miles south. Is a suburb of Lymlng- 
toiij in BeUre parish, and witbin the parllaraentaty boi«uiH> 

Drummond Hiss, Riwndale 
SleaRev. Edward Hy. uu. LvIwL 

VieaHs bill 
Knapton Mrs. Boldre hill 
Mair John, Uapt hill 
Hoeoa W. J. C. Tweed 
Pember Edward Hy. q. o. Tioar's bUl 
Shrubfo John Lane, Boldre granse 
Bryant William, mlllerft faxmef 
Coil Charies, bUckamith 
Jenv^Charles, builder 
Hew- Charles, iarmer, Heywood 
Sb^aid Joseph, blaoksmitb, Portmore 
Woodman Samnel, ftmiier,Sandy dvwn 
Worthy William, Bed Lim 

Murden John, Leiosster vUla 
Shedden W. Lewis, St. Austens 
Sweet Edward David, Battramsley bo 
Arnold Jtmes,.farmer 


Fallairton David* WaUuw^tan peril 
lanHi Jasaes 

ll«wTte.Parii^W«lh«i|>tNi oottaga 

Tudor Captain, The Warren 
WoM Jwoph, J.P. Th« lodge 
BaowD Henry,. supaitviaaF of SKlae, 

if ope cottage 
l^owner JatM*^ fermep 
Dawmer Tbomae, fur men 
Goaring Joseph, fanner 
Head. George, ahopkMfer 
StspbeDs William, Waggon^ M^ram 
Weetmore Thomas, farmer 

of Lymlngton. Walhampton Honss Is iiow tbt resldemee 
of MtM Pullerton eaq. and the aeat of Sir Hasry Paal 
Barrard bart. j.p. -viho U lord of the manor and principal 

Pilley lilfaing is S mliea sonth-wsst firom the church, 
and separated from Lymlngton by the Boldre or Lymington 
water. Here was an endowed school, which was founded 
by the Rev. William Ollpin (a former vicar), for the educa- 
tion and clothing of 90 boys and SO girb, being the children 
of poor labourers of the jmrlsh, wliioh has become extinct 
Araijgh the erection of new schools. 

Letters through Lymlngton, whteh b the nearest monegr 

order eifice 
Schools: — 

At Pllley Is a Church of Englitnd school, erected 1S76, 
holding from 70 to 60 children, under Qovenuneat In- 
spection, and meeting tlie requiremeot<oftbepai4sh;iIiaa 
BJIzabeih Johnson, mistress 
Infants', Bbldre, Miss E. Bell, mistress 
Bast Boldre, fi miles east from Lymington, {• an eo- 
clesiaatical parish, formed In 1&40 from ^e civil parish of 
Boldre; it 19 'in the Southern division of tlie county, New 
Forest hundred, Lymington union andoonnty court district 
and in the rural deanery of Fawlt;y, archdeaconry and dlocsse 
of iVlnehester. The church of St. Paul, built in 1839, is a 
small btick edlSce In the Eariy Engliali !tyte ; It has only a 
nave and turret with one bell ; it baaSSO srals, allfree. The 
register dates from the year 1840. The livinf is a vicarage, 
yearly value £100, ili the gift of the Blabop of Winchester 
and held by the Rev, Joseph WiatOunnliig tl.A. of Queens' 
College, Cambridge. Here are Congregational, Baptist 
and Primltivs Methodist chapels. Tlie Crown U lord of the 
manor and principal landowDer. The soil is mostly loam ; 
subsoil, gravel. The chief crops are wheat, oats and barl^; 
thepopulation in 1871 was 650. 
Parish Cleri, Joseph Bandell. 

Letters timmgh Sonthtmpton, viA Beaollen. The nearest 
monejr order oSm tsat'BeauIiea 

Mixed School, Vacant 

Carribr to Sodthaupto:t. — George Wilkina, tuesday, 
tiiara^. ft satniday 

Gregory Jas. farmer. Bull hilt, Rlley 
Kidgell John, shoe maker, Piliey 
new Wm. fanner, Silade'h form, Pllley 
Rowe Fredk. Carpenten' Arms,PiOey 
Seager John, shopkeeper, PUley 
Vardy William, Fleur-<U-Lis, PUIey 

Vcurbome & Piliey. 
Jones D^vid, Warbome hcuse 
Egg William, farmer, PLlley 
Figgena Mary(Hrs.), shopkeeper,I^ley 

East BDldve. 

Gunning Rev.jQsephWlatjcA. [vicar] 

Burt Rev. John [Coagregatiaoal] 

BkidLecombeADniMrB.)^a»E &jnill«r 

Foas Joseph, fkrmer 

Qragory Ueairy, abt^ltaeper 

HiliThomas, shoe maker 

Ormau Charley beer retaUer 

Parker Edward, blacksmith 

Pereey Thomas, JVev-imt 

Randall Joseph, cooper & ahopkeeper 

W bite George, farmer 

Wilkiaa Qemg^ rinpheoper k carrier 

BOSaZHfiKDOSr Is a mall pariah om mUe west Irora I of the London and South Weetcm naUmy, 3 mOea loatli 
Hoiaabiidge station on the Andwtf and IjUdbrUge branch | fi«m Stookbridge, 7 north from JEtomaey and 88 from boa- 

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to, fai tbe Stwlhcrs dtvlntoik tS tfas tamakft bairfnd of 
nonvtie, nten of BudiMdn, BmnMf cMra^ Mart 
dkoricrud pctt^ acMioMt dlvMoD, dtoaaas and ■rofadaar 
taarj of Wmebestcr and rand daa— ry of Rosmt, on the 
rinr Teat Tha chanb of jAua, which ilsiida wftiiia 
the flmnndaof Bawinirtoii Hoaae, la a. rary amall atroebiK, 
z^tta 18801^ flint. In the EarJy Bn^ldi atila: it haa 
rlwaral. u«c, north limnan^ aooia parai and belfry with 
IML Thei«siatflrdatea.minLtlw ya*r 1<66. Th«livin(r, 
ii a rectory, annaxed to Braaglttan, tbe commuied tiUw I 
tent'Chaive of both b £917, in the gftt of WUliJUn Baria^ | 
CM. and h^ by iha Rsv. Stauiaka Lae of Quean's i 
College, Oxford. Boadngton llonae ia a UaodaoiBa mu- I 

Doranril WIlUaM Uvtrj^iJt. Inmli^gafannae | 

•ten in the BUubathaa tt^lc, fhMaatl* iMoatedbuftiMll. 
wnottadpailLoffiOMfaBftheaMftof WUUnin Venry DemraU 
eaq.j.B. ntelnlotidof ikaninnocamliaalelnndoHMr. On 
the amnnit af Hm Boasn road fiwn Vlncbaatar to Old 
SaniB. tpM and filri* Raman imiamBta and ootaa haw 
baan fowid ai vackMftttnica. The nil la peat, Kiwfal, lonoti 
ehalk and' clay ; aubaaU, day and dialk. Tlw cUat onpa 
ara wheat, barley and oata. Tliaarcala615MnasiafaBUB 
valna, £d66; tlia poraialfan In IWl wafr40,MA nh: 7 

hcHM. LoUaaa tbMttRli Windiaatae aid Sa wfc bddg*- 

StockbrlilKe & Bronghton ara the nearest nHiney order ft 
talagraph oMcs. 

TNMddo Jamea Waliodey, faraier,B«aibigtan*CnnmA>iu 

BOVLXT ia a parhh, amall market town and atation on 
the London and tVmtii Wrstem railway, in the Southern 
divUon of tlie eonnty , hundred- of Hameindge, Sontli Stone* 
ham anion, Sonthampton petty seasonal dlvirion and -eonnty 
court district, dioceie and aaebdeaconTy of Windnater and 
laaal ihaiaij af Biitep'a WaMians.?^ nilee from London, 
3i MWtfa from Bishop's Wnltlianrt and 6 norlb<^*t hum 
l*aatfaaBpton,aitDatal;onthariaar UnmUe* whiohia here 
aas^iaUefiirbanea: tberdlwayatatian,ontbeSoatiHwp- 
taa, (ioapart and Portsmouth branch of tba Soutb-Wealaro 
railny, is half a mile north-east from the Iowa, and from 
here bnnehea the lln* to Bishop's VFaltbaro. Tlie chunrli 
(tf AH SainU Is of white brick, in tbe Ea;-ly En^IlBh style, 
eaasaoaled in 1836 : it eonalata of chancel (added In 1850), 
Bare and tower with 3 bells: it was boUt to supply the 
place of thft old parish church, whEclf stood a mile m>m the 
town, part of the nave of whfen only nmanu. The reffiater 
dates rnmi the year W70. 1%e Imns Is a reetofy, yearly 
nha £989, wia resldenee«nd opwarcM of 11 aerea af |^be, 
bi the cm of and held by the Her. John Horiay Lee x.a. of 
St. JiAn'e CoUe|c«, Cambridge, roral dean and hon. eaaon 
of Winchester. Here ia a Congregational chapel. £7 lOe. 
ten ^nfird'a tAai^ la diafeAntad yearly. ConaidenAle 
mdt b done here in tteber aad flaur. Tba market fat 
enand oaCda b hoUavei? allatnaie Moaday. A market 
faoaia M eraeled In IMft, at an aapnM.of between £690 
iod £740 : It centema a poetrait of tke bte Janes Wamar 
esq. oBie of tlia liMiders of tiie Botlay and Hoalb HaiUa 
Evmm'Clab. The catelnaledWiUianjCotahaU long lealded 

at a fitrm here. Two porllona of tbe ecderiastical dfstriet 
of St. Jamea, West End, luiown as Botley Gale and I^ng- 
Common, ai well as a portion of the parish of Droxford, 
known aa Steeple Court, have beenuoitad for all ecclesiasti- 
cal purpoaea to the pariah of Botley. Charies Warner eaq. la 
lord of the manor. Tba princi|^ landowners are Wllllain 
Warner. Thoowa Warner, J'olui Gater, C. S. Carey and 
Heary Jenkyna eaqra. Tbe soil Is Tarious ; aubsollt loam. 
Tbe dilef erupt are wheat, barley and oats. Tbe area b 
1,831 aewaj grosa rateable volae, £4^801 ; tbe population 
in 1S71 was wl. 
PariA CUrk, Chadea Henry SUvader. 

Post Ic Vokey Ordbr k. TsLaGiuyH Orricv., Savfaigs 
BanklcOavamaaent Annuiiy& laHauUieOttice. — Waller 
MansbrldKB Brodi, snbH^taaatwr. Lattera raedwd 
through tjanthamptoa a« 3.50 atu. ftji ; dliytelMd 
at 11 a.ra. dcO p,m 

I«3UBA;»ch Aoest.— Sftm i^Ire, W. R. Snillaume 
A National school fur b^a & girls v«» ereeted In ISfiS, ft 
haa since been twiee enlarged : It will hoM about MO 
cbiMreo; John Frederick Appieyard, master; HntBllen 
BcU, bdurti' mbtraM 
Haiuwat STATioir, Janes Wbttmey, station moater 

Cabsuh* T9 I— 
Loi»nov— Bailway company 

SouTBAXFTtnr— Bastable, monday, Wednesday A; friday 


Carev Charlss Baecton, Graft bonaa 

Clark Edward lknu>y 

Cbrfc Jarau 

GaUbBme Uerbrnt 

Balding WiUiom, Pertland villa 

Harding WiUiani,Jnn, A.A. PorCUmd vil 

Lee Rev. John Horley H.A. [rector & 

raiddaan & ban. eaooo of tVlacbes- 

ter], Rastosy 
Oas^UOB Jahn 

Waoaw ThoMaa, Hnlmadand 

Waroar William, Steeple eonrt 

Abrahams WHllam, t&iior 
Bdl^ JBmes, carpenter 

Bailey WBIiam, carpenter 
Bamptan Sarah Ann ( Mia.), broom ma 
Banies WiUian, Bugle, inn 
Boatable Charlee, carrier 
Baatable George, blaeksmttb 
Bell Uan Ahner, cod merehant 
Blackman James, painter ti ^aiier 
Bolting Wro. IVatuan, RaHteay lipt«t 
Brock Walter Uansbrklge, grocer, 

draper, k stamp office 
Clark WiD. St Jas. millers k maltRters 
Coleman Rldiard, Bolphm. hoUl 
Cooper Dean, farmer, Upland 
Croncher Jana( Mrs. ), TAres jIorfe«Aoa< 
Edwards Edirard Ashley, brewer ft 

cooper, Botley steam brnvety 
Edwarda Joseph, CtUherima Wkul 
Goddard John, grocer 
Goddard John, leo. shoe maker 

' Gnilhuime John Swlnbame, tiolMrmer 
I Hack William ft John, eaitoa 
I Head BenanI, farmer, Haildoxfiifd 

Head Tlieopbilnseillett.groeerJc draper 
I Ilohnea WilliaTtt, baker 

Knight Tliomas, newsagent 

Lacy Ann (Mrs.), hameaamnher 

Lewrr Alfred John, batcher 

Msrcnant William, baker 

Malibrd Brothers, timber merdmati 

Hem Alfred, surgeon 

PTowse irUm Henry, ftnaiar 

S»wyer Henry, abofdMeper 

BUveater Oeorae, brleklaTer 

Smith Hlehard, brmR', Boeriey gtnan 

Sprlngatt Fraderick, shoe maker 

Stubba AM«d, whedwright 

WaBaarlhoB.fivmer, Hdmmhiiil ftim 

Wamar WHUaiDrf 


BovnflKicouTH b-aveey^eaaani waterioffi-plaee and tmm, 
b the padaboB. of Cbibtabnch and Hddeafanst, in tba 
Sstuhan didaion of the cosntry:, nnion, lumdrad nod 
CDBBtv omat diaaridt of ClDialdbnrah, EonUogbrid^a nml 
dmaery mmiara. dvbfen, and WindMSter atebdcaoonry 
ud dbeeae : it b 6 milea north-oaat from PMle, 5 meat- 
WA-«K from Cbdatafaaxeh, aad 115 fr«m London. The 
Branch line from RJngwood, through Chrblchnroh to 
Boamemontfa, has Ua termfauia he», whiob b caUed 
BsaraeiaoBtl) Bast, wUb the tentiana of the line tern 
1^ b edbd Bonmemonth Weat; both Unaa babng to 
dw ladon-and Sooth Wwtana raUmy. 

Tba town baa increased rapidly, and ooataina nnsMtooe 
npatbui and elegant maawMs and villas, and b much 

frequented by Invalids- on aoeotmt of lb mlM aaid genbl 
atmospbare, tta fiaciUties for bathing', and the beaudftil 
aoansry In tta nelgbbowbeod. Boanwraonth b ppa- 
eminently adaplod for a watering' alaoe fbr aommer and 
vrinter : in the latter aaaaon It iaahaltared from eold whida. 

Sir Jamea ClaA oad Oh. AitUn ft «inaviUe, la their 
raapeetiva pnldkatiau on dlmateai aondUntions, and w«ter- 
Ing-placea, s tooug l y reeomamBd tMe fiweared spot, iir 
pneaerriog the bralth that b ggsdaaad- itoaigUMBlaf tbe 
coottitatlcB that is.impaind, 

Tbe Pier, built in lK7fl, b well vorthy of the plaee : it b 
ofltuo, froBdaslgaB by C. Bui«h eaq. o.s. : Iia total Isaglh 
b8401eat,andood£S,fi0e. Measra. Baribdm ft Co. af 
UnuSim, vera the oontnctora. 

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The barbour of Poole U entered from tbe Great Bay, west 
«f tbe IbIo of Wight, and i* •ubdlvlded into the Chrfstchnrch, 
Hengblbury, aiid Poole Bays, Boamenioutb being lituated 
at the oenire of the latter Bay, The ipleniiid tcenery of 
hill and dale, studded with weU>biillt reridences, farms a 
plctoremue view; the terrace*, riopea, and roads are 
irregularly laid out. On the bonlers and In the vicinity cf 
Bonmemouth are many handsome realdenees of the nobiliiy 
and gentiT ; the coantry consists partly of wood and forest 
lands, and partly of common and down landi^ covered with 
beath tod gorse. 

Tbe town is governed by a Board of ImproTCineat Cora- 
misiIoDers of 17 membm.* 

St. Peter's ecclesiastical parish was formed in 1815 from 
the cItII parishes of ChristchDrch and Holdenhurst. The 
church of St. Peter was originally a mere sea-side village 
church : to this a south aule was added, afterwards a north 
aisle ; later a clerestory was built over the roof of tbe old 
chapel, tiie>last reitiains of which were then cleared away ; 
It has chancel, chancel aisles, north and south transepts, 
with eastern cbapels with groined alone rooft and a tower 
and spire (the organ is on the north side) : there are two 
vestries, one over the other, for tbe clergy and choristers : 
the eastern halfof tlie chancel has groined stone roof: there 
Is an elaborately BGuiptured reredoa, which was erected by 
Mr. Earp : on either aide of the laerarinm, in tbe eastern 
bay, Is an inlaying of marble and alabaster, and In the nest 
arcade sedilia : the two western bays have rich Iron grilles 
dividing Ibem from the transepts : the seatsfbr the choir are 
of oak, and richly carved : the piers are generally clustered 
shafti of marble tni atone, the taaMt aaeJ bdng Pnrbeck 
and Devon. Tbe register dates from the year w4S. The i 
Ihrinir la a vicarage, having an endowment of £50 yearly 
«nd residence, in the gift of Sir G. £. H. Tapps OervU 
Heyrick bart. and belaby tbe Rev. Edward Harland h.a. 
of Wadbam CollaRe, Oxfnd, prepeodary In Llcbtkld cathe- 
dral. Here are National acboola, encted In 1850,and added 
to In 1874, with mastCT's leridence, supported by voluntary 

The eeeleaiastieal parish of tbe Holy lUnlty was fiwmed 
in 1867 from Hotdenbartt dvfl pariafa. Tbe diureb was 
erected in 1860, and is of diapered red briek : It lacmdfonn, 
with apse chancel, tbe organ being on the north aide : the 
nave is lof^, with an arcade m five arches on either 
side, with carved stone pUlara with ricbly carved corbelB. 
and has a clerestory : the east window of richly stained 

Slaas, in seven lights^ was erected bj public anbacription to 
le memory of Robert Kerley esq. the donor of the ^te of 
the cliDrcb : the pulpit is of alabaster and colored marble, 
erected by the cwigrcffation to the memory of Captain 
Matwdl Falcon r.h. In 1873: at the western or chief 
entrance, b a spacious veatlbnle with an apse centre, extend - 
Ing from south to north, lighted by 11 dwarf windows, with 
carved stone pillars. The register dates from the year 1867. 
The living is a vtearage, enoowed with £ISO, in tbe gift of 
tmsteca and held bv the Bav. PhlUp Ftank fillot h.a. of 
Trinity CoUrge, Oxfind. 

Theecclealssticalparlaliof St. HIchael was formed in 1874 
from the parish of et. Peter. Tbe church Is of stone, with 
Bath atone dressings, in tbe Bariy English style, at presen t 
(18B0) eowfati of saveandalaleatowUshlc Is intended to 
addcHnceIaDdtower;itwU)sFat600pmons. Thereglster 
dates from the year 1874. Hie living Is a vicarage endowed 
with £I£0 yearly, In the alternate gift of George Durrant 
esq., of Norwich, and the representatives of the late J. B. 
Wanklyn esq., oi Cbeam, Surrey, and is beld by the Rev. 
Edward Wanklyn it.A., of Qneen'B College, Oxford. The 
&vt room of a set of Parochi^ Schools waa opened in 1676, 
it Is a mixed school for boys, girls and infiints. 

The ecclesiastical parish oi St. Clement waa formed In 
187S from Holdenborst civil parish. The church is Bituated 
at Splngbonme. and is of stone, with Bath Btone dressings, 
and was erected in 1872 : it consista of chancel, nave and 
north aisle, eeparated by an arcade of six arcliee on pillars, 
with organ to south of chancel : a memorial chapel occupies 
tlie north-east end of aisle: there are no flxed seats, out 
chain are used : it will seat about 850 persons : the entire 
cost of 8i(e, building of church, schools, and vicarage bouse, 
and of the endowment of llvliw, was defrayed by ndmand 
Christy esq. of Tbe Knole. The register dates from tbe 
^r 1673. Tbe living is a vicarage, yearly value £340 with 
residence, In the gift of fidmund CnrlBty esq., and held by 
tbe Rev. William Purton m.a. of Trinity College, Oxford. 

Tbe church of All SainU. which stands in the dvil pari-ih 
of Parkstone, was erected in 1877, it Is a plain sttme build- 
ing in the Early Bngrlirii atyle, eoosiatli^ of cbancd and 
nave with bell turret, and one bell, tbe entire cost of build- 
ing chnrcfa and vicarage and of the endowment vraa defk«yed 
by the late Heniy Bury esq., at Brankaome Tcwer. The 

register dateB from the year 1877. Ttte llvlnglsa vicaraffe, 
y wly valoe £200 vritb resideooe, in tbe gift of tbe Bury 
Bsmily and hdd by tbe Bev. Edward Alaxandor Bury ic.a. 
of Univnsity College, Oxford 

The Catholic Chnrch of the Sacred Heart ts a tmndsome 
Gotliic structure of stone; it has chancel, nave, aisle and 
tower : the open roof is supported on an arcade of arclws, 
wiUi richly carved stone columns: the nave is divided froaa 
the aisles ny a double row of columns supporting trsnavena 
arches, the tower is 80 ffaet high and Is furnished with an 
Angelui bell : the High altar and Lady altar, each with 
its reredoa, are of Caen stone richly carved by Earp of Lon- 
don ; it will seat about 500 persons. 

St. Andrew's Presbyterian church waa opened In 167S : it 
is of brick, iaced with Swanage stone, in the Early English 
style ; the roof !s open, with enriched sprandrils, stained in 
oak: the fittiinsareof oak: on the south aide is a atained 
window of dabwate darign : tbe cborch will aeat 950 
persons : a aebod room and veatry are formed under the 
church. G. B. Bruce esq. has been a ltif[e subscriber to 
the buildhig fund ; total coat £3,400. 

Tbe Society of Friends erected a meeting-house in A. venue 
road in 1871. 

The BapUat chapel erected in 1S76 from designs by C. C. 
Cntkt esq. la a tubstantlal GotAic baUdiiMr* of white brliMc 
with stone flidngs and the firont is of Bath and Swanage 


The Richmond Hill Congregational chapel is a handsome 
cruciform Gothic stone structure, erected at a cost of nearly 
£4,000: it waa opened In March 1850, and can aeat 800 
persons : It was enlarged and lengthened in 1872. 

The East Cliff Congregational chapel erected in 1879 is a 
liandsome building of white brick with Bath sUine facings, 
having a tower 00 feet high in which a cluck is to be pUuied 
as soon as sufficient funds have been raised, tbe fittings are 
of pitch pine, the cost waa £4,000, and dttings are provided 
for 650 persons. 

Tbe CenetOT witti mortuary chapel lately conetroeted 
by the Burial Board is situatea on the Wimboume road, 
about a mile from the centre of the town, the chapel cnmlsts 
of nave, chancel, transepts, tower and ^irire, under one 
roof ; tbe tranaepta and mneel comprise the ewweeratad 
portion, while tbe nave fa iba Nonconformist section ; the 
area of the gronnds Is twenty acres, and the total cost was 

The Gas and Water company's vnrks are dtuatad abont 
a mile wa»t of tbe town, tlw water aupply U obtalnad from 
near I^rkBtona and is « tbe purest qnall^. 

The Town Hall, situated in a central porition opposite the 
Arcade, comprises hall, local hoard offices and profesafonal 
chambers. The principal fo^adels in the Qiristcburcb road, 
a portico and vestibule lead to a qnudons hall capable of 
holding 800 persons, with dais and orchestral gallery ; the 
buildings belou to a limited company, under whom the 
Bournemouth Commissioiters, tbe Local Authority, are 
lessees, they were designed by and erected under tbe super- 
vision of C. C. Creeke, architect of Bournemouth. Pet^ 
sessions for RJngwood division are held here on firet and 
third thoradsys In tbe month; and at Chtistchuroh on 
second and last mondays. 

The National Sanatorium ia a sfdcndid stone building for 
the reception tlF convalescent eonsnmptive patieats of both 
sexes, and for those anSMngfrom otherdisetsea of tbe cheat, 
who may benefit by a temporary residence in a dry and 
salubrious locality : this institution was opened in 1855i aad 
is supported partially by voluntary contributions. 

The Hahnemann Convalescent Home has also been 
eatabltohed for the same etasa of casea as the Sanatorium, 
bdng treated on homoeopathic principles. 

The Firs Home for incurables receives patients afibcted 
with cheat diseases whose cases are too severe for the 
Sanatorium ; It vrill hold 21 patients. 

The Bournemouth General Dispensary waa founded in 
1868, and combtnes wards for ui^t surgical and medical 
cases ; the naoagemeut of the Institution ts in the bands ot 
a committee ; tbe presideat Is Richard Stephens esq. (d 
Eastington Bonse, Boumemouth, to whom, together with 
the late C. W. Padta eaq. M.r. the first president, lbs 
butltution owes its nlgin. 

The Hip Hospital ia abranA of tte London Hip Hospital 
for children. 

Tbe Herbert Home, ritnated near Alum Chine to the 
west of the town, is also devoted to the treatment (tf con- 
sumptive patients. 

Bournemouth is divided into two sections by tbe brook 
from whieli the name to derived, along tbe banks of which 
a beautifully l^ld oa% pleasure ground extends for fully a 

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■He. From tbe Square, U»e centr* of the plioe, dfnrga 
roadi leadiaK watmrd to Pooie, rMtwaid lo Cbiwehnrch 
ind Dortb to Wimborne. 

Tbe Exeter P«rk hotel la pleMUtlj dtoaletl nmi the pier, 
tod the Beth hotel is neu tbe bean, orerlookiiig the b^e. 
Tbe eraniiodoai «nd sptdoiu Teading>KKMBe and library, 
wbkli tie pleaaantlT ritnated on the beach, are well auppliea 
«ltb tbe London aiM provincial oeweiiapen tad perioaleab : 
tbe Iibt«7 connet* of Kreral hDodreoe of etasdard and use- 
ful wwbi : adjoinlof are tbe hatha. 

Tbe BonnieiDOQth Aqoarlam aod Winter Oardent are 
now befair coMtmeted fton deaigiia by Mcomv. Fletcher, 
Lnmdea k Co.: the inlarai] nmnganenii ar» heiiv earried 
eu oader (ba dbeelhiB of Mr. C. C. Oreekc, ardilteet of 

Tbe fioameiDonth Clnb, dtnated close to tiie pier, at the 
foot of tbe West cuff, le a well-imo|p>d ballding In the 
claMle atyle of anbltectnre, from de^rn* ^ Mean*, Tuck 
k BartoQ, erected at a coat of £3,000. The Meyiiek Club 
rortr^cNoen is in Avenue road. 

On (be Weat Cliff is the Coaat Guard Station : from tdU 
■pot are the moat magnificent sea views in or near Boame- 
tDoath: ontbertoht, or sontb-weat, are the Ule of Pur- 
beck, Corfc Castle, Poote Harhoar and Brsnksoffle Tower : 
OB Um left, or aontfa-east, tlie Isle of Wight and the Needlrs, 
snd Hengiitbnry or Chrlstchnrch Head, 

There are three Banka : the Wilts and Dorset occapies a 
oamtndiBe pnaStioD near the Arcade : it Is built entirely 
of Han HIU stone, from dsAlfrns by C. C. Creeke, aod cost 
£5,000. The National Provincial Bank In Sonthboume 
terrace It also of good elevation, with Bath stone front. 
Ueans. Eliot, Pierce, Eliot tt Eliot bare also a branch ho-e. 

Thm are two newepapers published here," Bournemouth 
Tisiton' Direetoi?," U published weekly, and tbe " Boume- 
■OBth Ofaeerrer,'' U paUUbad U-wklr. 

SIrO. B. ir.Tappa Oerrb Heyriek hart. Is hnd of tlw 
manor of tlie liondred of Weelover and prtndpal landowner, 

The population hi 1861 was 1 ,910, and In 1871 was 6.S07 
in St. Peter's parish, and 634 in Holy Trinity parish, and 
fi,M6 fn tbe Local Board district. 

Boscombe la an Important and rising snbnrbof Bouroe- 
noath, ritnated on tbe coast totheeaetward: It Is separated 
from Bonmemonth by tbe Boscombe Cbiae Gardens. There 
are here many houses of good ciaaa occupied by resident 
([entry. Here k a temponuy chnrcb called St. George's 
IB the Wood, which la attached to the vicarage of Su 
Ckmenta : also a Bap^ ehapd erected in 1675. Here Is 
a natural aellzer spring aaid to possess valuable medicinal 
properties. Tbe greater portion of Boscombe U included 
in Uie di«trict of the Bournemouth Improvement Commis- 
noners who are tbe aotfaoritlea In sanitary and other matters. 
Hoe Is a tnmneh home of the ristara of Bethany, where 
aboat 100 orpban giria an trained for domeatle seniee. 

SpBiif«BoirBiiB ia ^Mmt half a mlla from Boanwmonth 
east railway aUtiaD. Tbe Weslsyans ereetad a chapel in 

1867. / i~ 

Savings Bank ft Oovemment Annuity ft Insurance Office, 
Arcade. — William Dnnn, postmaster. Letters arrive 
from LMKkm at 7 a.n., 1.30 ft 0.15 p.m. : dispatched at 
10.30 a.a., IS noon, lio, 5.0, &30 ft j>.m. Telegraph 
efflce open firon 7 a.m. till 9 p.m. Money order oflfos 
open from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m 

LASiiMnrvB Ckbscut Branch Pobt ft Money 
OaoEK ft Tblbgraph Office ft Savings Bank.— 
George Warren Bowring, receiver. Letters are dispatched 
0.86 a.m. ft 1 1 a.m. i.O ft 8 Telegraph office open 
Grom 8 a.m. till B p.m. Money order office open from 
8 a.B. till 6 p.m. Letten can be roistered a qiuuter of 
■n hour befine tbe dispatch of each mail 


St Telboraph Oftice ft Savings Bank.— Mrs. M. A. 
iUier, recetver. Letters are dispatched at 9.96 a.m. ft 
11.40 a.m. ft 8 p.m. TelMraph office open from 8 a.m. 
till 8 p.m. Money order office open from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. 
(eieept aonday) ; Saturdays from a.m. till 8 p.m 

The Pibb Brahcb Post ft Hotrsr Ordbr OpprcB. 
—David Sydenham, receiver. Letters dispatched at 9.50 
ft 1I.£0 a.m., ft 4 ft 8 p.m. ; no dispatch on Sundays 

Post ft Monet Order Oppjcb ft Savhigs Bank, Boa- 
combe. — Henry Roberts, receiver. Letters diapatcbed at 
11.15 a.m. ft 7.25 p.m, ; ninday departure at 10 a.m 


tisTiags Bank.— Hubert Honey, teoelm. Letters dis- 
patch^ Et 9 ajn., 8.IS ft p.m, ; sundaya at a.m ■ 


Priory Road 

Commercial Road . . . 

Cambridge Road 

Bath Hotel HIU 

Richmond Hill 


West Cliff Road 

Dean Park 

Manor Kond 

Wyndham Road 

Christcharch Road..,. 
Boscombe 8pa Road . . 
Railway Station East- 
Grove Road 

Railway Station West 



a.m . 



n m_ 































































Inbdbancb Asbnts: — 
BritiMh Empire, J. Newbery, Commercial road 
Commereial, W. W. Ames, St. Michael's road ; Kemp, 
Welch ft Pinder, Avenue chambers; J. Short, 1S4 Com- 
mercial road 

Crotrn Life, B. W. Cross, 56 Old Chriatcburch road 
Eeonomie Lift, Haukinaon ft Lane, Richmond chambers ; 

A. R. Ward, 13 Branksomc terrace 
Imperial Fire, J. G. Sb^herd, Wilts ft Doraet Bank 
Late Fire, Hanktnson & Lane, Richmond ebaaibers; 

Cooper Worth, Avenue road 
National Fire, C. Worth, Avenue road 
Norvsich ir London AeeUUnt, B. W. Croal, 56 01 

Cbristehnrdi road 

NoTuieh Union, Hanklnson ft Lane. Uiebmond ebam- 
hers (Are) ; J. S. Barrett, Town Hall chambers 

Pkoenix Fire, Rebbeck Biuthen; H. M. Aldridgs, S 
Weatover villas 

Prudential, C. Worth, Avenue road 

Qtuen, W. 8. Bvan«, Russell house. Commercial ruad ; 
H. R. Cotes, Royal Bath hotel ; A. B. Uarrk, 1 Wind- 
sor rillas 

Royal, Hanklnson ft Lane, Riobmond chambtn 
Royal Exchange, H. Nash, Albtot road 
ScQltieh Wtdom' FundtU. Lamb, Westbonne 
S^ttiok Provident, A. H. ioWSe, Old Christehureh rd 
Staffordshire Fire, J. Smith, Balmoral; J. WaiU, 82 

Commercbil road ; T. H. Hawkins, 3 Adelaide to-race 
Standard, Rebbeck Brothers, Gervia place; J. O. Shrp. 

bvd, Wilis ft Ihniet Bank 
5uii Fire, J. Droltt, jun. Town Hall efaambera 
BouRyBMOUTH Ikprotbmbkt Comxiebiohbrs:— 
Clerk, James Druitt, Jun 
Medical Officer, PMUp W. Q. Nnno 
Surveyor, George Robert Andrews 
Inepector o_f Nuiianct*, Maorice O'Connell 
Collector, Alexander McEwan Brown 

Public EsTABUaHMBifTS 
Coaet Guard Station, Henry Stocka, aaperintendent 
County Police Station, William Alexander, sergeant 
Stamp Office, Thomas James Hanklnson, Exeter road 
Publto Batht, Alfred Roberts, proprietor 
Library Reading Roonu,' David ft Hisses E. ft A . 

Burial BoardyJ. Draitt, Inn. clerk 
Fire Bris/ade,W* J. Worth, captain 
PhilharTnonie Society, E. L. Lane, secretary 
Schools : — 

Holy Trinity, Ojcford road, WUUam Beaumont, master 
St. Peter's, (boys, girla ft Infimts). Tbomu Tlnmpsun, 

St. ClemeflVs, Springboume, Charles Wyatt, master; 

Miss Jane Ewena, mistress 
St. Michael's (mixed). Hiss Ellen Heath, mistress 
St. Margaret's (laftnts). Miss Mary EUaabetb Hooper, 


. St. Malburgh Catholic, MIn Josephine Kelly, mistress 
British, Oxford road, WlUlam Woodhouse, master 
British, Boscombe, Charles Jackson, master; Mlsa 
Isabella Davies* mistreaa 

Hotels: — 

Bath, Merton R. Cotes 
Exeter Park, Henry Newlyn 
Ths Osboms, Joseph Dines 

The Boscombe Spa Highcl^ff Mansions, John KLnsr 


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Qutm't, Matthew B. E. Dent 
Branktome Temperance, John Newberry 
BeUemu ^ Pitr, Tbomaa BeechtT^ 
Railway Stations:— 

Bott Sour n tmeuth, Oeorge Leach, station muter 
West Bourtumouth, WlU^m Ponmrd, Btation muter 

Oairibua ft cih* attend at itaUont la ttaie lo mart 

all tnbw k eoovcy puaeiig«n to any part of Boime- 

TDOUth & Boflcombe 
CAaniBRS TO Bodrhbhooth ft Pools.— Cormliiu 

Hurt, firom Cbriatcbnrch, pUN* tbioti^h daily ; Harry 

I><MMen, wad. ft ut 


AityflWillett, Hughndoa 

Aldrich Mrs. Shnltrook honu 

Aldridge Hy. Moorinff,fiWeatover vils 

Alefoauder George Smle, 16 Bfank- 
aome temicC 

Allen Hra.SoathiiK>ra 

Alien WiUkBi, Bdenholm* 

Arnold Mrs. Kremlin 

Ash Ber. Haleott Robert t>aHl Tciuatt, 
of St. Peter'e], Curohaland lodge 

Atkins Alfred, Bayfl«ld, Branksome 

Baker William, 5 Clarence Tilbu 

Baldry Alfred, Athelney 

Balleatlna Mn. Glengoil 

Balston Mrs. Claremount house, Hold- 
en hurst road 

Banger Mies, 3 Crowther terrace 

Banbiater Edward, St. Cathberts 

Barlow Hies Mary, Eastholme 

Baftmby Mrs. PemehMfdt 

Beecfaey M». NortluDOor 

Beechey Tbomaa, Tacbbirrak 

Belbta Thaasaa, Hoo Me«vy, BraokMoM 

Bell Miss, Croat well TlUa 

Bell airs Rev, Henry Spencer Kniwiek 
M.A. [curate of St Peter's], St. Al- 
bans villa, VTeatbourne 

Bennett Rev. Alex. Sykes M.A. [curate 
af St. Switfain], SL Cross 

Bennett Her. Hy. Morden ■.a. [evrate 
of St. Peter**], Bolsawood, Weit. 

Bennett John StephewM, South* 

beane ttmea 
Beatlcy Mn. Bean villa 
Be«t Miss, 16 Weslover viltaa 
Biddulph Sir TliM|riul« William Utrt 

Mary Bouroe 
Birch Rev. Hy.rCathoUcI, Presby<«ry, 

Richmond bUl 
Bisbop John Corry, Lewistoa 
Blake Hn. PalrileM 
Stake ThoBu WiUinn, HurttbMrae, 

Blane Mrs.Tb»Birks 
Bleckley 8arfeeH-M*|or, Furwlaiid 
Blenkinsop Mrs, Vetlore 
Bleokinsop Wm. Henry B.A.>M.B.Nor- 

ton villa 
Bwue IMrs. WootoD Mil 
fiolgtr Hiss, A.tlierton 
Boodle Mrs. Sea-moor ho. Westboume 
Boulton Mrs. Brantwood 
Bonlton Mrs. PH«tnore house 
Bounsall Miss, WestbouTOe 
Bower Misses, Ellendale 
Bower Mrs. Thorpe vilia, Westboume 
Bowles Lleat.-Col. Bramley dene, 

Brackeiibnry Rev. fidmund Bennet, 

B.A. [curate of St. Peter}, Saugeen 
Bradvhaw Miss, Fem^hle 
Bressey John, Sunny hill 
Briantlohn T. Pern mount 
BrigKs Joseph, 16 Brankaome terrace 
Brtfigs Mrs, HUnetborpe 
BroAs Rer. WHllam, Charawood 
Brook Alfred, 1 Lulwwth TlUai 
Brooks Miss. Clayton 
Brown Her. Meredith m.a. The Hnes 
Brown Miss Miriam, Zuricli 
Browne Rer. Chancs G<>rdnn n.a. 

[curate of St. PeterVJ, CranJelgh 
Browne Rev. Elliott Kenworthy b.a.. 

OXOK. Duriey Ciilne 
Brownlee Rev. Robert Dtek,Corra Linn 
Bruce Hajur-Qen. Michael, Glenelg 
Buchanan Mrs. Sberbum 
Bull Rer.HenrvWllkbMon M.A.[oWBts 

of Holy Trinity], ffvolebna 


Bnrgesa R«T.Qenrge [Congregational], 

Cambridge lodge 
Barrows Maj.-Gen. Artbnr 0«o. Hadley 
Burslem Wllloiighby Marshall m.d. 

Eagles 01 as 
Bury Rot. Edward Alexander H.A. All 

Saints' vlearafie, Branhsfrnrt 
Bury Mrs. Brattksone tower 
Bullcr Mrs. 3 Stanhope gardau 
B^me Rev. Jainas, 1 Toronto 
CainiB Right Hoo. Earl, Undlsfiune 
Catlendiir Mrs. Hatharop, Westbonme 
Campbell Col<mal Colin John, Klllater 
CampbeU RIhs, Fernblll 
Carpenter M«ik> Ptirk moiiBt, Brank- 

Cartwright Mrs. 1 Wooton mouBt 
CassHls J«)m, Glencaim 
Castrae Josiah, Chawum 
Cecil Henry, firegner 
Cheston Cliester, Tanntie'm 
Chick Mrs. Pembroke villas 
Clay Miases, Ravensdown 
Close Jolin Dotmln.*, Bndhur 
Ck)|gh Hiss. C^dd' 

, Colman Rftiss, GlenBnnaa 

, Colman Re*. Robert [Baptist], Coombe 

I Hurst, Branksome 

I Cook MHjor Alexander, Whynnoor, 

, Cooper James, Hollyhnrrt 

i Coote Thomas, lisle house 
CofierasD Edward, Erinbank 
Ca4>fJey Mrs. Whoritoa 
Cotea Mrs. 17 BrankKau terrara 
Cotton Miss, Oedling^ 
Cotton Thumu Poster ii.A. Oedling 
Cousins Rev. SWaey LsbUa B.A.8Kurrte 

kMtare, WesttMMime 
Cox Matthew H*nry, BNenbnnk 
Crahb Mrs. Wewlside, WesthsorMa 
Cranslome C. E. AmMeside 
Crause Mrs. Shslbouroe frmise 
Creeke Christopher Onbb, Dean Himt 
Crompton Jehn Gilban, S West «lMr 
Cross Edward WUIIam, Jen. M OM 

Chriatchareh read 
Crowther Benry, Brackendale 
Cuobtr Kdward, SL Elmo 
Davenish Mattbsw Henry, WestBeld 
Oavies Rev. Dr. Edwin v.aM.1.. 1 Bur- 
ton villas, WeetboHme 
Davles ThoDUU Pwrlsr, Heywood 
Davis Steuart, Spenser house 
Dean Miss, 1 Apsley villa 
de-Bourbd Le Marquise, Beaoonsflald 
Denlson Hon. Mrs. ft Miss, Cliff house 
Denman Hon. Mn. Heather bank 
de-Pietra Rev. John Baptist [Catliolfc], 

Presbytery, Richmond liHr 
de Ste Croix' John PMIip, If aim villa 
Digby Miss WIngfitM, The UpUnds 
Dixon Rev.JihnK.A.ABibeMr 
Dixon nionrts, Lyntem ? 111a 
Dobede Mrs. GlMicora house 
Donald CEnt. Thomas, Hlntea Hrs 
Donellan Capt. Alexander R.«i.l>ooarss 
Dotellan Mrs. Bonaiee 
Doaglas Jastjn Geo. U.H.B.Tan«alloD 
Downhrg John Davison, BlNonwisk 
Dmitt Janie^,n». Avebury 
Drummond William, Algorta 
Dmty Ww. VatHncey m.d. Longmoor 
Drmy-Lowe Hon. Mrs. GanUvoe 
D unbar Arehfbdd narailtoa,Northfield 
Dwnaan Thomu, Clovffly 
Dyer Mrs. 14 Wcstover vfllu 
Dy«r8w4nsrron, Rose villa 
Bagio^larhB Mrs. ChippeMlale 
flatoBReT.WalterPrede.Ma..ABtBe} Mg 
Gden Lwly, Ariicndale 

Eliot S«T. Philip Pnmk ma.. Trtaity 

Ellis Rev. John, SooMrsot boow 
ElUcton John, Fir gr*vs 
Elton MIm, The Haven 
EnswcAth John, 3 pah^tead vUIu 
Etheridfce Geoiwe, Wooton rise 
fiverett Rev. Charles Henry B.A. [rec- 
tor of Paocombe with Taogleyj, 
Palls Wm. Stewart H.J1. Curraghmore 
Parmer Lieut.-CoI. Dorset lodge 
Parnall MIsm-s, Staffi<^ld 
Pe&mley Mrs. Taviion lodge 
Pteliowes Lleut.-Oen. Peregrine Henry 

K.u. Hwrwood, Bntnkiome 
Fellows Rev. Ueary J. Twridon, 

PMwIck Otrar^e John, Crag bead 
Penwfck WUlitm, Ekmi* Tilla, Weat- 

bonme *■ 
Peversbaio Ladv, Coolhuwt 
Pltege^d Mrs.'Atberfleld 
Fletcher Mrs. Heather Dean 
nyter Mrs. BMrdbqwa 
Foster Lambert, AmaAdt 
Fox Hrs. Ravensoliff 
Fraser Rev. Henry Foie M.A. [florata 

of St. Peter's], Cookston *iUa 
Fnuer William b.a., m.d. Yorevale 
Ftyet Frederic, Bhnnurat lodge 
FnllCrtOQ Mrs. Weston, SontbouliBy 
Fumell Thomas T. Ocklbrd 
Fyft Hrs. Wflberibree 
Pyler Miss, Bnriraod bIm 
Gakon Hiss, GlengarWi 
Gardiner Mrs. Tay mount 
Oarflt Mtiass, Holme dene 
Ganlde James, 1 Ctevehmd i«u, 

Holdenhnrst read 
Goaier Mm. Grafton bouse 
Godfrey Mrs. Haidefwood house 
Oolton Mrs. Norwood 
Goeeh Oeonre, Pncde road 
Ooedwhi Mrs. Candoe 
GardMi Rer. Adam Stephansan it.A. 

Gordon Mrs. Duff, Rosa nwBBt 
Gould Rev. Geonre Peace M.A. [Bap- 
tist], Straihmore, Littledown road 
Govlty Mn. East Conbe 
Gravdy Miss, Sanatorium 
Qreea'Armitage, IfortUaads 
Greenbi]IFredk.Hoorlands, Weatbounie 
Oreenwell Baker H.u. Surrey road 
Grey Admiral Hun. George, Upton 
Grimths William, Knighton vUla 
Ouliiaume Edward, Waveriey 
Haggard James, Pnefaun<t 
Ham Wiltiam Janes, 9 Roslyn villas 
Hammersley Mrs. HiHIeld 
Hammond Henry Anthony, Snndridg 
HnnklnsoB Thomas James. Hastbnry 
Hardy Wm. Gsnrge h.b. WestChevln 
Hatfend Re*. Bdward [vicar] 
Harvey J^ Henry Audley, CnMosr 
Hawkks Mrs. Bnaet, Hikoto 
fiawWMThea. HogbM, BiBclWBillBe 
Hay CWoNel Cbari^ LlewdkR 
Ht^m Misa, St^udUk temw 
Hayward H isa, 9 ^.aiMdinnw vUHi 
Healbcote WiWan, Mui^n 
Helyer Henry Thomas, Albert lumse 
Hetuming Wm. JOouglas, Glenalaiiwd 
Henderson John, Dunbolme 
Hill Mtees, 8 Bi^nksoae cerraM 
Hill Mrs. Dol Peris 
Hill Rev. Rowland m.a. f tifirate tff St. 

Sorter's], Dalkeith 
MiBMB Hi*. BoUey Dne 

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Hinn Qeonte Mcrrlnui, Albert nmi 
HoUioiue His*, E>ni 8«liraod 
HodXMMiiL 7 Snfibk tmes 
Hogiu TbMBM WUkhi, Vcmmrt 
Uotner Heuj Peter, CMkiMwii vWa 
BoTdfidlJohD, St. Agaen, Wmtkeane 
Bwhon Ml*. HTlanii* 
£iiftal B«r BietlleiicjTliaBaraMM do. 

Hill MiMn, Hlffhfteld 
Humbv Win. Warren m.d. Ssn&Toriiun 
iluDt TfaMBU, S BnukMme Urrao« 
HiIcMm ChH. RabtM ^Dsf nn tpwan 
HyteUatoB Hagnn Hanley. itaiifa^ 

HatchioMD Mm. Bblana 
Hj*! Pnwis CelvUie J. P. Wlldtrltm 
liBae lli«,TM«m 

jMkioD RcT.WliliaHtCaoST^Ktfoul], 
The Huae 

JackMii A«T. William [Primitive He- 

ibodlnl, Liltleriown road 
Jicotu tUlpfa Denfaan, fit. Jobn'a 

Wood road 
Jaewbe Hl>«, PMbeale 
Jaquet Hddle. CaWcrtiauBlfi 
Jotlift; Alfred Herbert, Brsdlaf? 
Jonpfl Frederlek, Clmdwell hoaae 
Joaeit Hn. Colonel, UoonMo 
Jtj Henry, 4 Wflatover vIltH 
Judd Mra. Wettkoume vilh 
Rcarrnt Hn. 2 Lnlwortb villaa 
Kmp-Weldi Edwhi Bnekland, Din- 
more, Westboume 
Keaaawav Mrs. CniM RaU lodg* 
Kenrielt Haaeall, RldgMDouat 
Kettoringbam HtebMl Sanaei, 1 

Elcowe Tlllaa 
Kettle Hn. Weslbonroe bouse 
King Hofib, The 8i|iiBr« 
King John Danie)Jspb. Kaatftamtty ho 
King Hiaa, Phra Hum 
Kint Hn. WalUt, Barley loditv 
Kiitpstriek Uiu, Lnton motmt 
Kir*anJobuStntford,l Richmond gdna 
Knifttat Bernanl, StaTwtoB 
Knott Utss, Boardhayes 
Laety Charlee James^ Oiendorgal 
Lacey Un. Rybtnne 
Lambert Hiasefl, Pentref hooae 
LaiDtoiiGeo. Hen, h.d.I Beaamontter 
i-ancaster Beniamin, Sunny aide 
Lane Bmetit Lacan, I SaSblk terraee 
Lane GastaTua, Crofmoor Rev. Cbarlea, Eaatwood 
Lanfrton Hre. The Hea bMsa 
UuKhlinHrs. H^maonfao.Weatdiff 
Lajland Ura. Torwood 
Lta Misa, Roskcen 
Lefroy Tbomaa Edwaid P. Canbray 
LeGeyt Ueut-Col. Chas. Wu. SwInTfl 
Leslie Uisa, SuJuileiu 
I^etch worth Tbciatas, West moor 
Lewin :$t«-pbeii, 2 Beanmont ter 
tewiiiStpnnJun.Kemiinre, Westboume 
Lewis Rer.Hartin b.a. [Preabytertan], 

i>t. Andrew** maTiae 
Lloyd Hi», Aalon lodn 
LbRd Williain Jones, Femellff 
LoAtiB Hajor Cbarlea, Wyodbam lodin 
Lofran Mra. Cliff aide 
Loring Rer. Uenrv Nele M.A. Cllve 
LoTeAii«BU.Bd«nrlbBrob,RtebiDODd vis 
Lowth Oeanre Thomas J.p. Cbhwkk 
Uff Willlan. Seabera 1mm 
Macdonald Miss, Steeton 
HrGlll Rifv. James | Pr esb y f hn], 6 

Weshw vlHas 
MacfaeH Mra. Eldon lodge 
Mackenzie Mra. Howrah 
UtAie JamcM, Oarfe dale 
UaelacUaB Ht«. 7 ft 8 WeatOTer vllhu 
HeJfabon Jelia Hamy, Allendale 
Mc>'dle Mrn, StTantrlor 
McWiUiam JmiAes, Oairaryan 
HiridMtk Mr*. Hay btmk 
Capita WilHam, Maf4ry home 
MartiB «tmbm, Rat^ 
Umhi Wniun, PiM villa, Weftboma 
Uutfa n«deriefc,3t.Rden,WBtboam 


Vartyr U Is*. Purbcek boMa 

Haakelyiie Urn. Oakaey 

Hasten Re*. <ito, Bdwd. Fna-SaToaa 

Maude Mrs. Bntekenwoad 

Maole Hiss, 2 Lansdowne vOlaa 

Hay H». Oakwoud 

Majne Hra. Cliarlea Otway, Belvedere 

Hayo Thomas, Connaaglit 

Hem George. 8 Htanhope gardens 

Mean Hiaa, Btigahot lodge 

HksbeU Hiss, Brooi«aeld 

Hidwiaore Tboaiaa Wilsm, Mcn7> 

mod. BnnkaenH - 
Hihie OamU Rnfna, Caiw—olr 
HfaiM Arthur W. The Sqnn 
Moody Hinaea, Qlsn fern 
Hosre Hias Uarriut U. HamstodE, 

H«Dr« Joasafa, HdfaH lodge 
Moon WillUm Wastbyi.p. H^^bb 
Morfran Rrl . C<ne,gandliant, Bnuikaome 
Uorras Hi*, Briorley 
Nankiwll FnuikM.o.S WestefcrTDlaa 
NanUrall HeriMrt, PenneHya 
Neal Mrs.'tfunoy moor 
Newcomh Mn. HaKlan 
Nixon Cliailea JtNiea, Addlscombe 
Norria dteehen Perdval, OnNerdan 
Nunn Pliiii(> W. O. Haplestead 
Oakes Ca|*t. Alboam, Wamnden villa 
Oahea Hra. Usillugbam 
Oldfaaai Hn. Hsamontb vtUaa 
Orred Htss, Woodboy 
Packer Thoaws, Calmdew 
P^et Capt. Cbarlea, Ploai^ Let 
Panton Hiss, Weston grange 
Parken Augostua Henry, Brandra 
Parker Oapt. John Lake, Laydua 
Parker Miat-, Eritrmoor 
Payna iUward, Ytene 
Peel Robert, Uenglstbnry howe 
PenrhvR Bdinrd Hnghteyoester D.I., 

J. p. The Toft 
Penney Jamca, 19 Branksome lerraee 
PerciVal Aogiktua George, Honlsy 
l»hd|i<tR«v.Eilwatd KotM.ii.A.CaBiacba 
Plercey Oeorget Chaddadey 
Plndcr Hav. QaoiBe, Ledaharo 
Piader RtgiuM Oeorn Ledaham 
Piper Un. Bllinffton, Westbonroa 
Pirrie William, sianmora 
PiCt Hen. UtaML Cumlodoa 
Pomfrec Lady, cbnldon 
Popliam Ura. Winterboume 
Powys Hon. Mn. Bemey bomse 
Powya Mlaa, Brinley 
Powya Mrs. Wb>ncot 
PrasootRev.OldMd KeUaU M.A.[ch^ 

lain of Ihe Saaatoriumi, Ringstoad 
Preston Daniel Bloom, Heathtirfield 
Preston Danald William, 1 Csrlsbaiy 
Prioe Mrs. Ualaometta 
Pritehaid Edward Franck, Stanflold 
Procter Rer. LovtU Jas.K.A.Ovartii. bl 
PnrtauBcT. Wm. » . A.9t.Clenuts.vienra 
Pyne Hra. St. WlUrod 
Ranfcia Un. 9 Sborwell villaa 
Ratdlffe Un. Hradown 
BawUas Thenas, Durluy Dean ft Wlm- 

borne minster 
Read Hra. Nearstead 
Read Ura. Stlrtina house 
Kebbeck Chattes Wamn, OsfvIs vlUa 
Rabbeek Bdward Wise, Eden gkn 
Rebbeek Un. Gervis villa 
Rebbeck Thoaaa Warren, 3 Aston villa 
lifod Hartin, Stiriing house 
BeynaldsJohn, Broome lodge 
Ibqaolds Un. Giunoldiu 
Rfaoades JBmaa,il«Ileybury,BnuikaMne 
Richards Mlis, Woodlands 
Hiekants Henry, Tranuiere^ranksni.plc 
Rloketts Rev. tit.Vlncent Fltzhsrdinge 

Lennox u.a. Pafa-bolm 
Ridley John Rudkln, Pemdale 
Rippon Oipt. Gardon, Pare* Tflla 
Robsru Robert, Wester HanmNkb, 

SobsonWllUBn, MwtCM 


RobsoB Wltliam, SuntBorflBU 

Roe Hn. BlcboTllia, WeatboniM 
Rofien Hisses, Birtiey 
Rome Rev. Jawsi L, Oaves aottoM 
Rotten Mrs. Pewterjey 
Rowdea Mn. 8t. Faith's 
Rowlandsui Col. Wood lodze 
Roy Hn. Rmdean 

Rud« Rev. Wllham John u.k. [cbM. 

laHi cf Pin Hone], St. KatlMMM'a 
St. Joka HiaaaK. Abngdoa 
Si. JohB R. P. St. AadrMr, KwnaHa 
Salt Heniw m .o. BgnaDaont 
Sandara EidmuMl Ireton, Astoa Graya, 

Snndan Tbowaa Riebacd^aoMaaiMili 
SeheMd Miss, Ivoti 
8ehoIeAeMThiH.HonAald,BeaeaM hall 
floett Mn. (of Rmtmo), Tba Cedan 
Scoit Murrftj- Charles, BryanatOD 
»con Thoaias Badiey la.n. AldiagtM 
ScarOeU Rev. RobertOffvii • A.CcmlB], 

St. Clement's rectory 
Seaiple Edward, Bllenlle 
8barp Henry, Loaeley bnnt 
Shea Hisa, Btenlieim hooae 
Sbepbenl Jota Qraat,Bauk Ikmml OU 

CbriBtdwRh n>ad 
SbortoTba. PraaMtton,PBric«Ida,Wathn» 
Simpson Hiss, Hope Lannox 
tttnOsir Hisses, Baeefawoed 
BladenRev.Bdward Henry Halnwtrlnff 

M.A. The More 
Bnedley Un. Marstlen, BrinUav 
Bnkh Ifiss Aiignata,Walt«Q konsa 
Snitb Un. Hope Lsonox 
Smith Wm. Allis m.d. Uooat Vernon 
HneU Mn. Windleaham 
Snow Wm.Vi<!aryH.D.Ri<!faaiad.grdas 
Sola Ironaiongef, beatbUa 
Southey Miss, Falrwoad 
Spencer Harrison, Hsrionbarea 
Steedman Un. Py6eld 
StepbcBs Edwd. Ba»twood,W«etboums 
StopbflnsEUehd.a.p., D.L. BBsliiurta.ho 
StafAeason WlHIaa, Haywoad 
Stevens Tom, Clausebtam 
SUMTs Rev. John Hy.Edinbnrgh Mge 
Stnmg Un. Iffley Wast eUff 
Stuart Hiaa, BarsMoD 
Siaart William, Heattiteld 
Sinrton Hon. Hn. Ma«M 
Sdliran Adm. Sir BartbotoiaawJaaMa 

K.C.B. Tregew 
Surgey George, Chivertaa 
Sworn RobffTt, 1 Stanbope gardona 
Sydenham David, Harlae Ubruy 
Talbot Miss, Hinton Woodbouae 
TayktrSirH. o.c.ih,K c.ic.o.Tba Roost 
ThkkpanayTbomas Bdward, BtbdvUto 
Thomas William W. Vale view 
Thoapeon Mn. Netfaerconaptea 
Thomson John Roberta i(.B.DiiBaiiiB 
Thorps Mim, Okeburaa 
Thorpe UIss, The Cottage - 
Tiafford Fradk. Cbaries, Ckiswlok ha 
TiaatniB Henry, Highlands 
TravaniraHenr^boaA Bnakaome tor 
Trotter Coutta, 8 Riehnond HUdsaa 
Tuck Peter, 1 Cliftonville, Bxeternad 
Tuner Henry Qanton, Uolmaiood 
Tyrrell Urs. WoodviUe 
Umileby Leadbatter, Woottaa lodge 
Drqnhart Hn. CroHWr^ 
Utterson Hiss, Peoralt 
Verner Llent-Col. Wn. i.p. FenuldB 
Veyaie Misi, U Wntover vlUaa 
Tlbart Uisa, Ualvem 
Waldran Mrs. Creadahr 
Walker Capt. Edgar, Welbsdc 
Waaldva Rev. Edward m.a. Lrhsar of 

at. ltlchad's].4 Beaumont tamee 
Ward Arthur Hdward,I3 BrankaOiaa ttr 
Warden Uias, tit. Michael's temea 
WarrsD Misses, Kensington hoiM 
Waters Mn. Gverton lodce 
Waten Mn. Palnenton ladge 
WatMjohn, 1 laKlewood.WntbaOTM 
Way Lawia Albert, The Havoa 


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WflUs Phillip, 3 Lamdowne 
Wert Oeorge Herbert if Woodoote 
West MIm, Asefaam home 
Wheeler John Baldwin, HsmI DeaiM 
White Geo. Sir Henry Dali7BpleK.o.a. 
Harden Ash 

White John Gregory ic.D. West KnoU 
Wilkin MiM, St. ReimloB 
Williams Hn.St. Margaret's 
Willi! MIsa, Rosendale 
Woodroffe John Pitz Hcniy L.K.Q.C.P. 
IBBL. Diqiensa^ 

Wrottesley Hon. Edward Benoet D.l^ 

j.p. Hiddleton lodffs 
Wrottnley Hon. Uisses, The Orova 
Wrndham Henry, Nnrrlmiton 
Wvnse Rev. John HeDry [C«thoUe]» 



Abbott WQllam Oeorge, baker Sc eonfectioner, I Eastbourne 

terraee, Holdenhariit road 
Adams ft Homer, architects, Adelaide chambers 
Adams Henry, Ironmonger ft aoetioneer> 1 I^nsdowne road 
Adams Joseph, hardware ft china dealer, &iringbonnie 
Aldridge ft Aldrldgc^ soUdtors ft notaries, Commercial road ; 

ft at Poole 

Aldridge ft Bona, wine nerehtnta, ComrnereW road 
Aldridge Henry, lodging hoase, Heathflald lodge 
Aldridge Henry Mooring, solicitor, commissioner of Bnflrllih 

ft Irish courts, notary ft perpetual eommissioner, S West- 

OTer villa 

AldwortJt Richard, carver ft gilder, 34 Old Chrlstehorch rd 

Alrxaoder WUIIam, police sergeant, Madeira road 

Allen Martha ( Mrs.), eating hoone, Holdenhntst road 

Allen Thomas, npholsterer, St HichaelV ri«e 

Allison William Cumberland, hair dresser Sc perfumer, Old 

Cbriatchnrdi road 
Ames George, riding ft posting master, Lansdowne crescent 
Ames William White, house ft estate sgent, ft secretary to 

Western Provident Association, Birkenlee, St. Hichsd's 

road ft 35 Triangle 
Amey Louisa ft Aunuta (Misses), dress makers, Oirfbrd rd 
Amoore Herbert, dbpendng chemist, Lausdowne crescent 
Andredift Lavestari, bncy goodB,OldChristclmrch rd 
Andrews George Robert, town surveyor, 3 Sussex terrace 
Andrews James, lodging house, Silverton house 
Andrews Phoebe (Mrs.), shopkeeper, dpriogboume 
Anffto-Oerman CoUeffefor Ladie» (Thomas HorsBeld 

Scholefleld, principal), B<»cobi-l hall 
AnnettsFTedk.Geo.eom,seedftco«I nien!faant,HoMenbnrst rd 
Ainold Thomas, tailor ft habit maker, St. Michael's road 
Amott Charlotte ft Annie (MiaaesJ, shirt makers, hosiers ftc. 

7 Wootton place 
Alter Sophia (Mrs.), lodging house, Staunton house 
Artb James, builder, Victoria house, St. John** Wood road 
Ashton Henry, Herbert Home taoem, 138 Commerdal rd 
Atkins Richard Cliariea, com ft coal merchant, 4 East- 
bourne tvraee, Holdenhnrst roa<l 
AtUnaon Joaepb Batlcy m .c.P. eommerel. school, Avenue rd 
Attewell Wm.h4tr dresser ft china dealer ,3 ft 5 Commercial rd 
Axford BlisB (Miis), lodging house, Charborongh house 
Ayles Ann ft Sarah (HisMS), io<^ng house, Glnimore 
Aylee Ann (Mrs.), lodging boose, Somerville 
Bacon Walter James, en^neer, smith ft lm|riement detler, 

St. Michael's rise 
Bailey Charles, plumber ft water fitter, 1 Palmerston cotts 
Baker William ft Co. merchants, commission i^enls ft 

general salesmen. Hampshire stores. Commercial road 
Baker Alfred, shopkeeper, Springbouroe 
Ballam Joseph, London hotel, 1 Commercial roid 
Ballard Thomas William, Soj/al Arm£, Commercial road 
Ban&eld Brothers, cabinet makers, 14 Triangle 
Barber Mary Aon (Miss), lodgins hoase, 3 Heatherbrae 
B8rlo«ftCo.furuiture removrs.Commerdal rdJfcWesI bourne 
Barlow Edwin, tobacconist, 7 Shaftesbury ter. WeMboume 
Barlow Sainl. earthenware dlr.7 Shaftesbury ter. Westbonme 
Barnes Edward, boot ft shoe maker, 1 Southboume terrace 
Barnes Lucy ( Mrs.),stat!oner ft funcy repos. 6 Lansdowne rd 
Barrett Benjamin, plumber, 1 Adelaide villas 
Barrett Henry, basket maker, 134 Commercial road 
Barrett James Sdter, soUdtor, Town Hall ebambera ; ft at 

Parkstone ft Poole 
Barrett Robert Arthur, photographer, Orchard lane 
Barrow Edward, house decorator, St. John's Wood road 
Barrow Stephen, boot ft shoe maker, Holdenbunt road 
Barter Mary Elisabeth ft Lonlsa (Hisses), ladles' aehool ft 

flindebed apartments, Horden house 
Bartlett Brothers, cabinet mskera, 11 Wootton place 
Bartlett Francis, boot maker, Commercial road 
Bartlett Francis Edward, poulterer, 6 Wootton place 
Bartlett Henry, hatter ft outfitter, Holdenhnrst road 
Barton Charles, painter ft plumber, Sprlngbonme 
Barton William, shopkeeper, Springboarae 
Batten WllliMa Amalek, shopkeer, Springbonme 
Beaochamp Joseph, carprato-, lansdowne road 
Beckhason Lucy (Mrs.;, fiinilsbed apartments, Springfield 
Beecfaey Thmnas, BeUeeve k Pier hotel. Pier head 
BeM^ ft Hoghel^ aToeers, 81 CcMnmerdal road 
Belhia Robert, ninnil wa^ manahetnrer, Souflioote td 

B«II Eliz^th (Hiss), lodging bouse, Auckland house 
Bell Emily Victoria (Mrs.), fancy repoaitoty, 4A 0\S 

Cbristvlinrcb road 
Bsnnett Charles, chemist, 37 Old Christ^oreh road 
Bennett John SterenMm, managerof the National Provincial' 

Bank of England, Southboume terrace 
Bennett Richard, boot ft shoe maker, 11 Norfolk terrace 
Bennett William, hoot ft shoe maker, TamM road 
Berdiier Edward, boot ft shoe war^KHise, 6 Gervis arcade 
Besant Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 55 Old Christchureh rd 
Be van Geoiye, liverv-stables, fiellevneyard 
Bevis Elizabeth (Mrs.), furoished apartments, 3 Heath- 
side villas . 
Bishop HearyCorry, saddler, 64 Old Christchureh road 
Biachford Henry, builder ft oootractor, Sandle heath 
Blacklock ft Co. chemists, Commercial rosd 
Blake Thomas William, surgeon, Hursthoume, Branksom* 
Blanchasd EIIia(Hrs.), laundress, Holdenhurst road 
Blenheim Thomas, basket maker, Holdenhurst road 
Blenkinsopp William H. physician, Norton villa 
Boucher Charles William, upholsterer, 112 Commercial rd 
Bourne Brick (c Lime Co. Limittd ( Edmund I. Sanders, 

managing director) ; office, near West station 
Bournemouth Bank, Eliot, Pearee, Eliot ft Eliot (Edward 

William Cross, Jan. manager), 56 Old Christchureh road i 

London, draw on Glyn, Mills ft Co 
Boumemouik Building Society (Wm. Anstice Wheaton^ 

sec.), Lauderdale 
Bttumemouth Club, Lim. (Capt. Pazet, sec.). The Pier 
Bournemouth Diepenaary (John Fitaltenry Woodroffe,. 

rerident medkal officer), 1 Madeira nle 
Bowmemoutk Fire Brigade ( Willhim James Worth, capt,),, 

Poole hill 

Bournemouth Qa$ ^ Water Comjmi^e (George Oooeb^ 

man.), Poole road 
Benimemmah Heme for Invalid Zoittaf (Hn. Nugaot^ 

matron), St. Mary's 
Boumemou'h Oft«m!er(dteven8(Hift Waters, proprietors), 

Albert road 

Bournemouth Philharmonic Society (Ernest L. Lane, 

■eo.), 1 Su&Ik terrace 
BoumBmOuth Steam Laundry Co, (Mrs. Mary Martin, 

manageress), Littledown road 
Boumemouth Steam Packet Co. (David Sydenham, aec.). 

Marine Library, The Pier approach 
Boumemouth i Stour Vale Dairy Co. (P. Clarke, man- 
ager), Commercial road 
Boumemouth Toum Hall Public Buildings Co. (Alfred 

H. Dunford, sec.), Town Hall chambers 
Bournemouth Vieitort' Directory (VfiDiim MateftSmi, 

publishers), Commercial road 
Bowden Heni^, blBcksmith, Heathponlt road 
Bowles Fredenck, shopkeeper, Holdwburst road 
Bown Hary (Mrs.), furnished apartments, Hilda 
Bowring George Warren, bookseller, stationer ft fancy re- 
pository, Lansdawne crescent 
Bowring Robert, shopkeeper, Sfningboume 
Bozall John, tailor, SO Gervis arcade 
Boyes Walter, furnished aportments, Seaview house 
Brackenbury Rev.Edmnnd Bennet b.a. preparatory school, 

Brearey Sarah ( !tf rs.), furnished apartments, Holdenhnrst rd 
Brewer Henry ft Co. fruiterers, 16 Commercial road tt 

LansdowDe crescent 
Brewer Ann Louisa (Mr*.), furnished aprtmnts. 2 Apsleyvll* 
Briant P. ft Co. wine ft spnit merchants, 58 Commercial rd 
Bridge Susin (Hrs.),furnlsbed apartments, 1 Richmond ter 
Bridges Alfred Robert, bill poster, Southcote road 
Brlggs ft Co. poulterers ft pork butchers, Commercial road 
Bright Frederick John, bookseller, ataUoner, newssgent, 

berUn wool ft fitncy work dealer, 8, ft 10 The Aiade^ 

Subscription reading room 
Brindley Emma ( Mrs-j, lodging house, Boona Vista 
Britieh Foreign Bible «oiety (Bournemmeth Aux~ 

iliary) (Admiral Hen. O. Qny^ president ft seeretaiy)^ 

depAt, V ictoria library 
Brittou George, riding ft drill master, Oxford street 
Brock Robert, nmiiy grocer, The Arcade ft West Hill road 
Brooke Charles William, wholeeale ft builders' ironmonger, 

lead, glast, oil ft colour merchant, Holdenhurst road 
Broomflekl Willett. modeller ft nannfiMtnrer of ornamental 

eenfan flowers, jriister enriehuMoti fte. St M idnd'k rd 

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BiwMbaK Jt Haink (MbM), fldlllMrt, Ic Iidb»' ODtfltton, 

S LAOadoima onaoeflt 
BrgwB Duifsl, prtvato boudiav hoaw, WcatM ball 
Brown Bdwaiw, deeoimtor, fiprloKboanie 

firown Bllabeih { Mra.), lod^ng: hiiiua, 1 Heatherbna 
Bro>n Frederick, farntslied apartraeata, Oxfiird roail 
Brom H«t>ry, gneet provision atorea, Lanadowna road 
Brown Hy. Vm. flsti ft icmme dra1», 54 Old ChrUtchareh rd 
Bram Fatienea (His.), lodglod lioiuw, 11 Braakaoaw tar 
Brown Sidney, buUdnr, Penrose, Surrey road 
Brown Tboaaa, beer ntaiter, Diapenwy road 
Bnw&iDg Mu; Ann. 4cC«roUB«(UlaaH), lodginff booae, 

Bnckland Betsy { Mn.). lodsinR bow, 3 CUftonvllle 
Baddoi & Son, lailors It faabit maker*, Tbe Squara 
Buffbr William, JJolphin inn, SprinirlXHime 
fiati Hrary, china ft aartbenware dealer, 96 Triamtla 
Bnreb Thoniaa, painter ft itlazier, Hnldanburst road 
Barden frathaidei 8aiith, cook ft coaftotknertCoiiinerdal rd 
Bnrdou Henry, grwier, Sprin^boume 
Bunlem Wlllou|diby Harthall, phvalcian. Easle't crag 
Barton Edgar, architect, Heather bank, U'eatbouma 
Borloo IwHBaa Artbur, ofgaoisi, 4 Crowther tamoa 
flatkr Bdvlo, eora ft o»al mmhant, Cotland road 
Bailer Oetggt, watcbnaker, Lanvdowne road 
Bnller William, earrte^ boildar, ft dealer In hameM, m^, 
wUpa, mate ftc. camaKca of every detcriptton let on hire 
by toe weak, mouth or year, 1(M Commercial road : ft at 

BaU Emma ( HIh) ft Woodfcrd Charlotu (Hn.), lodging 

home. 9 M<HiBBouth TtUaa 
<Mdy John, builder, £ebin«a villa 
CUnw Blixabeth (MIm), fiwey draper. Old CkriMeharchnI 
CaadWft Sobs ( W. C. JaduM, uaaasar), wiBewordwati, 

M Commercial road 
Curpeatar M «ria (Mn.), lorigli^ Imwm, Glwi^ 
CarjMflter Mark, boildar, Part mount 
Cartar Henry, lodgins hooaa, Stranraer 
Canwrigbt William Jame*. &ney draper, S GerTte arcade 
Caw Eliza Ana < Him), milliner ft drew maker, B Triangle 
Ontral Worimm't dub (Albert Muriiaunnj man.), 17 


Chalk Geon^, funltara dealer, Bxater road 

Cheat Joamb fCiagweU, boUdar, ft eatinflT hoDM, lUS 

Commerdal road 
Chappell Thoxnaa. bnilder. Ntvwleh road 
Cluaehea Jobn, ebopkeeper, Tomce road 
'Cboales ilarffant Emma (Hn.), furolahed apartments, 9 

Sttffijfc terrace 
Clamp Jobn, Jewdler ft watch maker, 17 Oerria arcade ft 

Old CbrietdhoKh road 
dark Alfred, bonae decorator, Holdenbnrst road 
darke WiUlata ft Thomas, com ft coal merehante, 72 

Commmial road 
Clarke BenjaniOt pork butcher ft prorisk>D deaUr, 140 

Commercial mad 
Clarke Cbarlea M aedonald, artiiit. Galruhorongh 
Obike Blhabeth(Mrs.), fnraishni apartments Boekhlllt 
Clariu Bank Aaaia {Uim), ladies' eebool, St. Michael's rd 
■ClemeBit MariL, Uaea dnver,9» Commerrial nad 
Coates Ann ( Mr*.), lodging bonae, S Croydon vUIaa 
Cofttes Mary Ann (Hrs.),lodglnr honae, Chilcombe 
CoUmn Confngaby U ydc, milliner ft drapr. 0} Coiamerel.rd 
Cde OeoTie, iltkper. Cemmereial road 
Cola Jaaea, earn, seed ft eoal meteliaat, HotdenhiiTSt road 
Cola RobtTt Samuel, com merchant, 11 Trtaoide 
Coleman iaabeUa (Hra.), lod«ing houae, Boeobel tower 
HJolaa AUM Caae. operaiiTe ehenlst. 4 Victoria terrace 
Coles Ellsabatk (llte).drm ft mantle anker, Anitue mad 
CollHiet Praanda BeiugDe,ba)rdmser,13aervlaanads 
Collins Annie (Mn.),draH maker, 8oalbeote road 
Coltman William, trunk manufacturer, SO Triangle 
Conptott Thomas A. M-O. physician, Netln 
CsB^ Bdmaad, boildar, Holdenbunt md 
Cmtvmt of the Crou (Uadame PUiUne, superior), Brank* 

•ome Wood read 
Cask Ann Eliia (Miss), teaeber of mnsle, 1 Qervit arcade 
Cook Phineas, stationer ft fiincy repository, 1 tiervia arcade 
CooaAs Walter, painter, Hpringbonma 
Cooper Harriet (Mra.),loaKii>g bonse, 6 Altos terrace 
Coonr Tbowas Henry, lodging house, Sonthgate 
CotfieM Marian (Mim), lodittii« house. MUlbrook 
Cotes Hcrtoa Bassell, Soyat Bath hotel, Bath rd.Bast cliff 
Cooper Robcrt.boiue decorator, Knyveion road 
CrcdteChiiNr.Crsbb,arefai(«ctft iBrvcnror,TownHaUduBbrs 
Crock 8aanid,ftiniished apartments, Heriden 
CtoamJt Son, eabiDeinib ft carpet waraho. Comaerdal rd 
Caff Hflnn Jaowa, baker ft coobetioaei, 4 Hallway terraee 
CiMbv Bdwaid, smbilMt ft aiirrqnw,Cl«oBviUa, Exeter rd 
OntisOaari«e*8i«,eiKllliHkaen,&'MaBKU;ftatPoole | 

Catler George, fldinHmger, CommeroUI road 
Cutler Jane(Mr«.), runiinlMd apartmcuts, Holdenhtuat rd 
Daoombe John Jamea, paioler, Holdenhurat road 
Daere Cbarlra Qeorge, beer reiailer, 116 Commercial road 
Daniels Henr*. baker, Springboume 
l>aiiicla John William, baker, Spriosboume 
Dash George Frederick, hatter, 39 Old Christebureli road 
Davis Albert, builder, eiurrey road 
Uavis Alflrsd, hosier, batter, irlover ft sfairt ma. Victoria ho 
Davis Ellen (UiBs), lodging house, H»mUtoa rUe 
Uavis John, bookbinder, 49 Commercial road 
Da via Joee|di, kidgioK buuae, E^pioetie 
Dawes Albert, ^an(^rtewarebuuae,30 Old CbtMehareli rd 
Day Emily (Mrs.) ft Hon, pbotoKrspbers,3Laiudom(eroad 
Day LouIm & Ksther <Hia«u), drMM makers, Oxford road 
Dean Suaan (Miaa), fundahed apartmenta, 1 Apaley villas 
Dehenham Edwin, photographer, 17 Old Cbrtotchureh toad 
de Msilly Reighley (Madame), ladUte' adwol, Suitbnry 
Dent Matthew Iknjaiuin Edwards, QnccnV htUl ft re- 
freshment rooms, Poole road 
Deutall William, lodidng bouse, St. Leonard's 
Dicketts Charles, tailor, Oxford roa<t 
Diekinaim Henry Salter, solicitor. Town Hall chambers 
Diifey Geoi^, li«hiuonger, 96 Commerdal road 
Dines Joarph, The Otborne private /amilg boarding 

houae en pension, Bxeter road 
Direct Coal Supply Co. (William Henry Ueeke, sole 

agent), SO Okl Cbnstcfaureh road 
Dixon ft Hayden, Ironmongwa, Old Christehurcfa road 
Dobson Joxepb, elating house, Uoideahont road 
Dolamore WUIUm, lodging honse, TnwgUle 
Domlny Joaeph, linen draper, Commercial road 
Donellan Alexander, wlae ft spirit mer. 10 Wellington ter 
Douglaa John, lodging houae. The TVumacks 
Oouvlea J nstyn George Dliilmm H.D.aurgeon, Tantalko 
Dowdlng Charlea, tarulahed apartnenu, Holdenhufst mad 
Doirting-Deaa Ann (Mrs.), loosing house, Maacet^ 
Down EclwardQeorge,tobacconbt ft newa agnt. 6 Woottoa pi 
Downs An.bmse, baker ft ooofrctionar, Old Uhiiniehnrchrd 
Drake John Herbert, builder, Bpringbwime 
Druitt Jaoee, Jun. wrileltBr ft deputy ooroQer for the haa- 
dred of Chrlstcbarch ft libeny vt Westover, Town Hall 

Drummond Elisabeth (Mrs.),lodt{lng house,4 CliftonvUIe 
Dmry Catherine ( Hlsa), private boarding ho. Tboraeycraft 
Dniry Wlllhuo Valleaeqr ic.o. sorgaon, Umgmoor 
Dudman Jamrs, baker ft eonfeetloaer, 8 Shaftesbary ter- 
race, Westboums 
Dumper Esther (Mrs.), baker ft oonfsetner. Holdenhuest rd 
Duncan ft Morsan, cfaemiati, Lansdowne creaceut 
Duncan Alexander, dispensliv chemlsl,The Sqoare 
Dunford Alfred Henry, accountant ft secretary to Towa 

Hall Company, Town Hall ebambera 
Dunning Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, St. Clare 
Dyke Mary (Mrs.), lodging boose, Carisbrook 
Evit Cliff Sttam. Mineral Water Worie (Wm. D>ke, 

manaaer), &L Jubti'a Wood road 
Eaton Jobn, dining mama ft cab proprietor, Oiehaid lane 
Eaves Frederick, lodiring house, TManon 
Bdgecumbe John Gilbert, watch ft elock ma. Comiaerdal rd 
Bdmbton Sarah (Mrs.), lodging bouse, Oowanbrsa 
Edsall Edward, furnished apartments, tl Westover vUlas 
Edward Fanny (Mrs.), furolahed spartmenu, West Hill ho 
Edwards Ab^ { Mrs.), furalsbed apartments, Tlnterne 
Elliott WlllUm, ballder, Tiverton road 
Ellis Jsmes Howanl, riiopkeapar, Sprlngboame 
Ellison Herbert, builder ft ooatiactin-, Lansdoaaeroad; ft 

at Chrlstchureh 
Ellison William, builder, Soulhcote road 
Evans JNph.Iodgiag honse ft carriage proprietr. Sunnimdal* 
Evans Walter Soott. hatter ft gloTer, Commercial road 
Evelyn Harriett (Mrs.), lodgbiK houae, 4 Suttulk tarraoa 
Everett Silas, hricklsyer, UoMenhurst road 
Byers James, lodging bouse, St. Aubin's villa 
Falls William Stewart, physician, Curraghoum 
Farmer Edward, lodging honse, Trales 
Farmer Edward John, draper, Spriogbinrae 
Ferria Alfred, Iwokselltr ft sUtiooer,3 Old Cfarlstehureli rd 
Field George Albert, furnished apartmenta, EmsBeld 
Flndlater, Mackie, Tudd ft Co. wine ft spirit uiercbantl, 

Lansdowne crescent 
Fippard Charies,oaek ft eoaleetIoaer,4TrUngle& 8 aonth- 
bourne terrace 

Flemlngtun William.gardener,Alum Chine rd. Westbourne 

Foot Isabel (Hlaf>),dnMs maker,9 Alton terrace 

Forsyth Blltabethft Maty (Misses), fumithed apartmoiU, 

Holdenbunt road 
Forward William, station master. West Railway sUtton 
FniielsSibelle(MUs),bookft tract depdt,630ldChristch.rd 
Fkanklaad John, loag^ug house, Bdmondshaia tower 

Digitized by 





FnnUind WBHan, lodginfrlioaM, San Bemo 
Fnuer WiUUnn b.a^ h.o. sarftcan, YorcTala 
Freer Joto, ufAoInlerer ft caUiM* maker, 136 ComancL rd 
Fripp Frcdariek, Bon ft Hoamdt, Sprlngbaanie 
Frodfihaiii Hy. Dodd, buer ft (KinwctioMr, 67 Comawel. rd 
Fudge Geo. butcher, 42 ComB>rd. rd. ft Old Chrbteliurcb rd 
Farmaga Cbariea. lodgfanc h<Hue,Tbonitoii haow 
Oarbelt Chariei, lailor, saoid Chriateharch road 
Gamd Jama Henry, boot ft shoe BMdur, Sprim^Knime 
Garrmd Saaaniiali (Hfu), lodfpnr faoH"«, Barfi^lsre 
Oartard Sarah (Hiu), fumiHiea apirtaenta, Beaamont 
Garrett Hafrtett(Mn.),fumialied aprtants.3 lUchmond ter 
Gavin C!birlea, watefa malur, i 10 Comaierefal road 
43«ime David, dental aBrRaoii, BnmkBoaie lodge 
Gaorge Charles, builder, Lanedowne road 
Oibba Carr Cutmer, Pembroke Hottl, Weat blU 
GIbba Frank Fmieriek, tailor, Diapennry road 
Giffiird Sarah (Mrs.), lodging houae, Glaanton bo«a> 
OUbart Williatn ft Co. ohecnlsts, 15 Commarclal road 
Gilbert Edward, proTision dealer. Orchard lane 
Gilbert Williain, lodging hoase, Gleiigwry 
Gilbam Rebecca (Mr*. I, lodi^ng hnase. Abbots' lea 
GilliBRhaiD Edward While, butcher, 104 ComnienHa] road 
Glendinning Eliza (Hra.), lodfting home, Broome ride 
Goldatein Joaeph^ loan office, 46 Old CbilatcbTirch road 
OoUop Add Jane (Hre.), lodging haoee, Adeline villa 
OoocD Geo. man, to Boum^outb Gaaft WatcrCo,Poolerd 
Ooodeii George J, R, refreabmcnt rooma, Bait RaU. alatlon 
Goodftllow WilHam, saddler ft bameM ma. CommMdll rd 
Gooae; George, loditing hoiwe, The Retreat 
GaaneySarabAnD(HTa,),ftinil>lwd apartreenta,8Beaaliea ter 
Gould Aagnfttus, gmcer, Springbouma 
Gray Mary Ann ft Elfaabetb (Mines), milHnen ft diafen, 

122 Commereial road 
Greatbateh Edward DaAtel,bDiwefteatateagent,18Triangr1e 
Greubatdi Mary Aim (Mia.), stay ft corset dm. 18 Triangle 
Green Elliaft BUan (HisBea), lodgtog house, Holynwd 
Grean Albert, taxidermM, 43 <Nd Chrfstchurch roMl 
Greoo Albert Harry, hair drewer, Orofaard tana 
Green Charlea, lafireahnent roons, Tba ftuids 
GuMB Bliiabeth (Mra.), private boudlng ho. Glanroy ball 
Green Sanael, ddr}man, Springbonne 
.Greenleavea Cecilia Henrietta {slT%J),]»A\eif scliod, HUver- 

ton college, Creacent road 
Oreenwell Baker m.d. surgeon, Sarrey road 
Grifttths ft Ketteringfaam, aonlpiors ft stone ft marble 
masons. Lansdowae monumental works, Utttedown mad 
Dubbins Charles, plumber ft glaxler, Oxford roB'l 
Ilabgood Annie ( Mrs.), lodging bouse, 2 I>nrant villas 
Jfahnemann Convaleiena Mom6{Mn. Ellsfibeth Mabyn 

Lanriilin, lad^F superintendent), West cliff 
llallWilliam, eating liouae, 4 Lansdowne road 
Hanger Charles, laikn-ft tobacconist, Holdenhorst road 
Hanger Henry William, taikir,49 0Id Christchan-h road 
Hanklnsou ft Lane, anotioneers, surveyors, boose ft estate 

agents, Richmond chambers 
ilankinaoB Frances (Mn.), lodging booses, SuMax faoue, 

Havdoek house ft S Rlebnond taffaee 
Hankinaon Thomas Janes, buokaelkr, stathmer ft Imey 

reporitory. The Sqoare 
Hannaford Emma Henrietta (Mrs.), Jemller ft dealer In 

gems, Bellerue corridor ft Lansdowne road 
Bantt ArttUerj/ Votuntsen (Atk) (Capt. B. W. Rebbeek, 
oflteereommandlmr) ; bead q»«rar«, Chrlstclrareh street 
Santa VolunteiT Corjn {Vith) (C. 0. Creeke, captain 

eomnandlng) ; head quarters, Oxfon) road 
Hardiman Rhhard Hen. coach baiMer.Old ChrlalehvrdiTd 
Harding Geoi^e. painter, Cotlands road 
Harding James, painter, Cotlands road 
Hardy William George, physician, West Chevin 
Harler Harriett ft Annette( Hl«ies).lodgtng bo.Invnneaa ho 
Hamden Emily ft Henrietta (Miaces), BUlllncrB,OU Chrlst- 
chnreh road 

Harrifl Albin Booth, ftiniiabed apsrtmenla, 1 Windsor vfllu 
Harris AnRe(HiBa)^panmenti>,Eehovil. St. Jirtu^ Woodrd 
Harris Luke, greengrDcer, Moldenhurst road 
Hart Frances (Mi»), dr*^ maker, 10 Wootton place 
Hart George, preserver of birds, animuls, flalies ft reptfles, 

10 Wootton place 
Harvey Herbert,fiBicy gla«8 & ebina warebo. G^rvis arcade 
Haskell Anne (Mrs,), lodging house, Littleton house 
Haskell Caroline (mwi. glaasft cbinadIr.6Southbonme ter 
Haskell William, fumlsheii apartments, 8 Suffolk terraee 
Hassan Geo. upholsterer & fornlture dir. 88 Commercial rd 
Hatchard William, bigh bailiff. 10 Branktone terrace 
Hawker Charles Rreoli. bolMer ft undertaker, Oxford road 
Hawker WUIum, photographer. Old Chrfstchurch read 
Hawkes Artbnr John, boot ft shoe maker, 
Havritea Charles George, boot ft shoe ma. HoUenhimt road 
•Hawktau Wm. ft Co. mlacral water maBafti.TBnBoe road 

HawUna Thoasw Huf^, glsM ft oUna wan]W1ue»4B01d 

Christchoreh road 
Haybatl Cbas. Boht.7VMmtMUarmf.01d (^rlstahreh.rd 
Hay ter Eli ft Son, oom ft oeal meriL Old CIwIatBbimih mari 
Hayter Frederick ft On. corn, seed ft ooal ncrchanls, ft 

dhsftcabnry terraee, Westboume 
Hayter Henry, sbopkeepiT, aprlngbaanw 
Hayier John, Fox {tin, Tanaea load 
Hayward Robert ft doa, basket makara ft bmih tetor^ Al 

Commercial road 
Heads ft Co. palnteraft plnmbers, Spriogboune 
Heather Oeorge, lodglnii house. The Reaches 
Hellyer William Agate ft Robert, general dnqMra^ Biatle 

ft millinery warehoaae, 8 Triaoi^ 
Helyer Henry Thomas, arcbiteot ft aurveyor. The Arcade 
HelyerJfan.^haw,snwingft moulding mills; office, Albert 
Hemming William Douglas, anrgean, GkaalnuDd 
Henderson Jam»«, lodgna house, Coma villa 
HnheH ConvmUieent Hmm» (Hi* Charlokte Lonlia 

Swinny, matron) 
Hervey John, grocrr, 91 Triangle ; ft Weatboame 
Hetherington Martin Lutber, ehembt, 79 Commercial mad 
Hewer Santh Ann( Uiis),fumkhed apartmata.1 Waatovsr vUs- 
HIbba Hsr/leit ( Mrs.), drau maker. East Cliff terrace 
Hibtdage John, builder ft undertaker, Conmeicial road 
Hickman WUIiara, taik)r, St. Michael's rise 
Hiles Marian (Hiss), fanishad apartmeiUa,BBiaiiksoneter 
Hillary Sarah Bvans (^Hias), fiinasfaed apartrantaJullaa vil 
Hinton Edward, lodging bouse, Landseer 
Hiroos Geonie Merrlman, snrgeou, Albert road 
Hiseock Oeorge, builder, St. Cathelene, Waatboame 
Mixon John, CommercuU^ TtmwraMcthat.Cwuaud.iit 
Hoadley Horatio, lodgim; boaae, HoUyereft 
Hoare Brotheta ft WaUea, tadldan, Vkloila wnka,. 

Htddenfanrst road 
Hoare Jauea, GrUerieit netounn^, 9B ftSS OU Oriri- 

ehoidi road 
Hoddlnott Francis, draper, 65 Commercial road 
Hodges John, Uncn draper, Bradford bouse 
Hodges Mchard, batcher, S Lansdowne road 
Hogg ft Smith, upholsternrs, 6S Conmardal read 
H<^g George, furnished apulnents, Creaeent road 
Hogg James George, faoose ft estate agent, 10 Wootton (4 
Hoffue Thomas Wilton, dental eorgeon, Temiont 
Hole Thomas William, boot ft shoe maker, Sprin gb e a nie 
HoUIb William Henry, collegiate aehool, Westboume 
Holhiway Charlotte C. (Mlsa),Iadiea' aehool, 3 Osrriaareade- 
Holloway George, invalid hasse for genllenun, Batcoart bo> 
Holloway Thomas James, baker, dpringboame 
Hums fvr Contwnptbat IneurdbUt (Mbs Jane Kbg, lady 

superintendent), Pirs home 
Hooper ft Rldout, boot ft shoe makera, Orelnrd laae 
Hooper William, plumbsr ft painter, Orafaard lane 
Hopgood Elisabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, BieadiamdB 
Hopgoed Geonn, carpenter, Bssatllaods 
Hopkins Jane (Mrs.), lodfdog house, Rosatrevsr 
Horner Elfta (Mrs.}, lodglog hoase, Tarifii 
Horsey George, Wllfiara, shopkenter, 120 Coraasarciat id 
Horsey Hubert, grocer, Haetinga Boase, W ss t he ui M 
Hotjntalfor Hip Viataata ChiUm{mm fimMOt 

Csdenhead. meiron), Laasdome mad 
HoDghion Hannah (Mra.), home for InvaUd ladha. Cleave 
Hounsell Oeorge, lodging hoiue,'Oft 10 Weatovar vUlas 
Howartb Cbariotte (Mra.), leMHT hoasa^ Sanabfy 
Htigbea Robert, taitor, Norwich road 
Hughes Sbirlf^, tea dealer, 32 Triangle 
Hume James Ktrkwood,jwiraie tutor, 6 Bast Cliff terrace 
H umphrma William, niedieal rBbher,68 Old Christctaurcti nl 
Himt BPiabatfa (Ulsa), aUlliner ft mantle aaker, 8S Com- 

Hunt John, baUder, Gravel Pit eettage 
Hutchings Bmily (Miss), baribi iKftmay, 74 OU Christ' 
church road 

Hnlehinaon UagneaHaDlajr.prepanitoryechoel tbr tiie snny 

ft Uidversity of Ozftird, BarUiwtoR hoaaa 
Huxishle Jameis carpenter, St. MIcfaael*arise 
Hydropatkie SatttbUakwuittiOSlm Forward, im|irMor)r 

Brankaome tiirraee 
Ingram William, Joiner ft wheelwright. Orchard laoe 
Innas Teresa (Uts^), lodging house, Agiaeoart 
Instone Enoch, drill sergeant of yeomanry, 2 Stowr cottager, 

Holdeiihurst road 
Invalid Soma for La4iaa(Mita Bauna Laaiy, pmrlelor), 


Invalid^ Cotttga Soma (Frsdariek Batters, vaaager), 

Cotlands road 
Jackson Bdward, plasterer ft groeer, Saringbeunie 
Jackson William Charles, aianager to Candler ft Seaa^ viae 

merehanta, ft tebaeeonlat, CoMierelal toad 
Jamea Bather (Sfrs^^ dtni mUtar, S BeanUen Imet 

Digitized by 





Jta«^3mge, hniyar, S Cluciidoa villas 

Junn Inae, eaman, HoMenharrt ro«] 

JuD*t Nicholas, builder, Hold«nkunt road 

iw'm AhntauB, diBmliit, Commenria) poad 

^ty ( Mn.), furoi^ad axiiriBBflra, Sanay lawn 

Jenhini k Son, uenenl daroratoni, Old Chriatefaureli roid 

JaaMaa itmeph, cmb Je mrriaiia praprietw, Anaiy nii 

jemiiigt Edward, lodfrlnj; hou«e, 7 ttmnuoiiK tarraoa 

Jamakh Aaa (Hiaa), tndirlDif bauM, Clany lodge 

JoliDi Jane ( Una), di«M iMur, Oxfbnl rottd 

Johnson Ben, Blio|)lifppan, 8)(riw)>oivna 

Joluaoa LaaitB| ^luceii CoaiHaicitf road 

JobiHon Man Ann (Uia.)i Indiilnfr bonae, IS SnflUk t«r 

Joinn Alfrad HarMsti auctioMer> hooaa k etUte ageat, 

Old Chriatchamh Toad 
Jonea William k Bon, huilder8,0ranTillavillaa, WaithoitM 
Jwm laaae, butdiar, OM Chriatchaieb road 
ioj HCBI7, Mldar, 4 Wattow yUtai 
Joy J^n, neriat ti aaadsiaan, Orrvfa raad 
Joy Sarah Aona ( Ura.), nlUnar jE«beN nwker, 9 Tarraoenl 
Jot Stepban, eoal deal**, Sprinabevriw 
Judd Sarab (Mte), ladin' seliaol, WcatbrniifM vUIa 
Keate AmeOa (Uta), lodittnff heaaa, HaiM 
KeepiiHC Qemyr, f)v proprietor. 9 Pine toUaffm 
KaaM^-Walck it Pindar, arcidteuta k aurveyore, Ateatie 


Kempater WiUtaM John, lodpifiE boaea, Aylwin tower 
Keat ViUlw, buiUw, it. JobtPt Wood road 
Keriay Brothen, blackamiths, Orekard lane 
Kilbarn Sarah (lira.), lodtriiw hooaa, HoaUeml 
Kilner John, Higi^^ Matuiont kotal, Waet diff 
King Oeone Uatid, groear k aroviaion mar. Cuamerdal rd 
King Hogb, milliner k linendiaper, l^e Bqnan 
Kte John Thomaa M.a^.T^ Tateriaary augeoa. Camiuir 
KiM WUUaaD, lodginft bo«H, Withyaoibba 
U£ Jahn, lodging botve. iteoma vUla 
Kiteber Henry, gaa fitter, Saathcata read 
Knight Baraard, Itnaa dra^, Coaiinercial road 
Knight Janoa, buUdarlc aoatraetor, Poale foad 
Laeqr k Sob, a^lnra, A.a«Ba load 
LaldiDw Hanry ie Oa. Aiingk poaUiif mmimt, OM Oukt- 
diBich soad 

Laab EUaa (Hia.), fnnd»bed apartneati, Baamthal 

LaBMU Oaofge Henty, BUfgeon, 1 Baaamont tarraoe 

I^aeaTboMaa, lodgiM; bonaa, Brookaide 

Lane Qaatavoa, wiaa k wfbit mar. M OU GbrMduucb rd 

lane Marit. iirahbad aaartaaata, Mriroia 

Laney BrotAera, dyera, Holdenhnnt nad 

Lajhtaora JiAa, wmtnlunsker, 74 Com m erc ial read 

law Minter, dnpor. Old Chriatcharcb ro«l 

UwaoB k atMoJmj, baUdera, Beat Clitfwarka 

iaaeb OeOTfir*t ikitlon maMer, Bonmemoaf h aaet itallon 

Leach Jamea Ralfi^ pawnbiolvrr B4 Triani^ 

l«e Joaiab, baker, 130 Commercial road 

Lea^ Bnma (Mta.), dram maker, »U Mkhaal't road 

LiTuoa iMia Bdwardj pwifaenr of maeic, flan Reaaora 

I«ffefatt k Frya, giaeeca & agtnla fcr W. ft A. ailbar, 

wine Jc iphit mamtaaata (Artbar W. lUnoa, maiMffaf), 

The Square: kmt Boaeumhe, London, MaMetona, Rwlaaa 

itGnaawiah. Bee adwtiaemwat 
Levis Barriett (Hm), hidging boBse, flrdgfidd 
lawk Jaaitma (Hra.), lodginK boima, Arlington 
LiekMd Alfred, grocer, lea dealer k provlrfoa mwohant, 

Baatboame tamee, HeMeDfamat road 
loe^vk^xiwdfgaoeaBaJceoal^imaXNd Chiialsbntata rd 
Lo«^yw Chariaa, poaltarerft pork botobcr, 99 Old Cbftot- 


Lng Thaaaaa, lobaoeaalrt, 02 Old Chrbtcbardi road 
Laaa AagMliia Bdgar Barch, aiuaaDD, Rtobaaead tUI* 
Loiell Fivdariek, lodging houn, Cbareb hoaaa 
Lyons Garaldtna (Mia.), wardrobe daater, Orohard lane 
uwood Hcnrr, fruiterer ft paultwr, 80 Coanmdal road 
MabCT WUUam, MMer, earpa*tcr, undertaker, eabinat 

Mniar It giaan9reear,Topas eattage, HoUmbBiat nad 
MeEwflQ Mary Laaiia( Mlm), lodgfaw house, 6 ItafiUk tar 
Jfackla ft Co. eoni, floor ft oral nwrsheuta, Comraeralal rd 
HcMQko WUUua, boUder, Carljle rillas 
HcHaa William, booksdlw ft itationor, 77 Commercial road 
MeWUIIaM James, baUdir, CalmiTan 
Mallard Henry ft Co. flahaaeagera, U8 Cowaereial road 
Maalay JiAn, famkhed apartmeata, 8 WesUMW villas 
MaanaU Jaaaes WUliaB,atoae, taarUe ft gfaaite nanaaMatal 

Haaadl John, furnished apartments,! CrofdoDTiUas 
Maat Eteaad Prieath, aoeountaae, heasa ft aetata ft Id- 

waaee a«eau^ II 8uBoUc tervaie 
Mmu agent to Prodealfal Life Aasaiaoee, Weet 

Hnsb Benjamin Oeeigv,cab paoiirictor, St. Joba's Wood id 
Hinh HaHT, Lgtudnau Tap, OM Cbrtatehunh nad 

MarahaQ W. A. ft Co. auotioaasrs, hou*e ft eatale aganta,01d 

Chrisrcliureh roail ; ft at Cbrivteburch 
Marsnn Cliarlea, perainbaktorft toy depAt, 3S Tnani^la 
Hartln Alfred Llf^d, lodging hmiae, Trinity lodm 
Martin H«nry Charity, grocer, Holdenhorst road 
Martin Snpbta (Urs.). privata boardbig honse, Sanny ball 
Hsrtlo Thomas Riohard, mineral water maan&otiiiw ft 

tobacconist, Boornemotith soda-waier woriist lATiiaagle 
Masterman WlUun Alfred ft Co. eagliab ft furelga goods 

dep6t, 92 Old Christcharcb road 
Ma<tprmaD William Henrr, Uami draper. 38 rommerolal rd 
Mute Willian tt Seas, priatera, boekwllers ft paUlshera ot 

tbe BoainaiBOatb Vlskors' Diracton;,OoaimaiirlalnMd 
Hatibewe WlUam Henry, clothier, 51 ODrnmeretal road 
Uattoeka Haanab (Mn.).far&ishMl apartments, Ambarifny 
Mattocks Willlai»,)ew«Iler,3& OU ChH^bnreb road 
Mny Ana (Mrs.), lodging honaa,Oakwaod 
May Aagnstna, fruliffer, 13 Oervia araada 
Helmoita Oenrge William, eaUaec maker ft nndertakar, 

Cotland's raad 

Merritt Samael. painter ft deeoratar, S Cleialaad vlliaa, 

Holdenhnnt road 
Mcnton Walter, dental aiirgeon, Laimann lodge 
Meyriek Cbtb (Joseph BatW Atkinstm, snc), ATenae rood 
Michelmore Tbos. Wilson, alitor, 30 Old Cfarutcbaaeh id 
MlokKhwalt Bicfaard, lodging honse, Leioestcr booaa 
Miles Charles Thomaa, archlt^t, Olen Lea 
HOes Frederick Good, wine ft aptait nierehant,flB Triangle 
Miller Charles Joseph PaokeU, alatkinerft piotanfraaie 

maker, Northcote road 
Miller Jamea, builder, 8 GroerMior plaoe 
MiUa Alfred, sewinir machlae aRcnl, 9 Railway terrace 
Hfaadoa George, saddler, Orobard lana 
Minea Robert, lod«iflg house, Haetlnga honse 
Hiaes William, plumber, painter, gmshr, ft lodging house, 


Hintar Saml.bullder ftcontraotr. Beanlien waeka,Norwlclird 
MltGiiell ft Co. efalna ft glaa deakrs, Commareial road 
Mtteb^ John Alfrad, Tetarinary surgeon, 6 MaaidngtOB ^ 
MobbsJt^iCosmlsslon agent, Bossei teiraoa 
Hoidy BMiaa ( Mm), lediHng iMuee, Litiledawa md 
Moon Fanny (Mrs.), ledglng house, Atberalone villa 
Moore James Henry, arcbltect, St. Michael's lodge 
Moore Joseph, dentist, Uclfbrd lodge 
Moore Septimus P. i.l.b. private sehl.Haver8lodt,Weatbmft 
Mootbam Orby Ceeil, umbrella maker, OM Chrlsldiareb rd 
Morgan Frank, bicycle agmt, 30 Triaogle 
Morgan Sarah (Miss), lodging hooaa, Sutkcriand ball 
Morns Henry, plumber, Tsnace road 

Morrish Bmma (Hlas),draas maker,6e Old Cbrlatcbnrch rd 
Moiaa Sampaon Buckthwtf t, earponter, Soatheote read 
Moeee Kmu ( Mn^), lodging beaas, Dnrrmt villa 
Mott Edward Godfrey, hoase decorator, Oleadaruel, South- 

Mott Rubert, water ft gas fitter, Holdenbnnt road 

Mundeli Joa^ M, birily greecr, HoUaahorst road 

Mandon George, saddler, o Womrtoq terrnae 

Munro Amelta ft Bllea ( Missee), drees nakera,8aulhooU fd 

Huraell Henry, pabterft aign writer, Norwich road 

Nanklvell Frnk m.d. snrgaoa,3 Weatover vlHaa 

NiaklvsJl Herbert, pbystetea, Peaniellyn 

Neeh Harry, statianw ft adveftidag w«at, Albert road 

National Provianal Bmk qfBniflaHd (John fttsnaaon 

Bennett, manager), Saathbomaa luiraaa j drawaabaad 

office, London ex 
Nmtionai Sanatorium (Dr. William Warren Hornby, veai- 

dent offiew; Mlas BablaaOravely,aiatron), Banatoriom 
Naykr Mary CUra (Mlm), mUllaer ft drsea aaker, 74 Old 

Chrislohuroh road 
NesUtt George, pbotogreptter, Triangle 
Netharcote ft Son, bnildera ft contractors, Holdenbnrst md 
New William, lodging hoase, Uural baak 
Newbery John ft Co. eeai marehanta, 47 ComBiaaalal road 
Wewbrry JrtiB, Brmmlmwmefati^ wwnncfa i (snqafr- 

ane» Aetel, CoMmaMlal road 
Newell CaroHne Moriidi (Miao). ladlea* sohoo), Roseaeath 
Newiyn Henry, Bxtter Park hetd, Bzeter Park road 
NewBsan ft Go. photograshers, Old Christcburah road 
mdmlsoB BadlyftI^(Mlsasa),mUllaere,UGerviaaraade 
NidMdaon Bamnel, lodf^ag house, Solent difft 
NIcklcn Chariea, toy maker, 56 Old Christchareh road 
Nobbs Charles, printer, Heathpoolt road 
Norris Jane (Mlso),fumtsbedapartmeeta, Rowan Tree boose, 


North Fredk. Jae. sugar botlerft oon&ctioaer, 7 PurbeA rd 
Nort<ni Geoige Poplar, balKr ft aonfeetioner, 104 CoaaMi- 
clal road 

Nana Philip W. O. phvaician ft eiwgeon, Maaleatead 
Natbeem Saiah lodging bonee, llollaad tawar 

Oakkr BHMbcth (Mta.), hidglag house, Stoney «i>ow 

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Offer Bdwtrd, dgar I id porter k tobteoonbt, 7 Gervli ucade 
Offitr Bdward, printer Ic bootcbtndCT, Oenii road 
OIlTor Biehard, t^«S Htridentaunt mad 
Orphan Honufor Clbildrm (Mn. Aim AtIm, matron), 
Oxftrd road 

Otlisnoti ft BeoDctt (MlNei)> basket k toy wardwose, 14 

Old Cbriitehorch road 
Owen John, tmytyot k valuer, Pook bUl 
Paclur Thomaa, butter k hoflier, 4 Qervb arcade 
Parker George, upholsterer, 7 lYiftngle 
Parker Uary (Miu), lodji^iDg houw, Hlghhory 
Parkin Augustiu Henry, iirchitect, Bank chambers 
Parsons Thos. bitker k confectioner, 72 Old Chriak-hurch rd 
Parton Trederick, french polisher, Norwich ruad 
Paafleld Wm. Bawlree, lineudraper&mlUiner, 4 Triangle 
Payne Edward, dentiot, Ytone 
Peace Alfred, furniture rernorer, 84 Commercial road 
Pearce Christopher, Jeweller, 36 Triangle 
Pearee Edward, todglne bouae, Audley 
Pearce Geoi^ina (Mrs.), lodging hooae, Stanley vlUa 
Pearce Tbomaa, upholsterer, 66 Old Chriatcharch road 
Paw? fidKri, furnishing ironmoneerfc gasfitter, 1 Triangle 
Pettey John, Prince of Waist, 64 Commeicial road 
Pett«y William Henry, Pettey's (bdiy (BUaba l^bv, num- 

ainr),Oki Christchnrch road 
PhiUipa Alfred, reterlnary forge. Old Chrbtehufdi road 
Pblppi John, greengrocer, !S Triangle 
Pienhr k Hatcfains, solicttom, A^diide ahaabea 
Pike Jamea, beer retailer. Terrace road 
Pike Btefaard, bnilder, SpringboiirBe 
Pflti Frands Robert* npaolatarer, 73 CoaimerolBl road 
Pirrle WIIlleiD, ph^riclan, StaaioMe 
I^tman Geo.Chlsnwu, boot k shoe maker, 60 Commereial rd 
Pledger George, shopkeeper k taj doakr, 3 BaKbontne 

terrace. Moldenburst road 
Polaon Elisabeth (U».)> lodging honse. Bdntoadaham botue 
Pottle John, t^lor. Old Christchureh load 
Poulten Helena (Hias), lodi^ng house, Flrwood 
Powell Thomas Joseph, stationer, newaagentlE dealer In 

fancy goods, 71 Commercial road 
Preston Ann Derham (Miss), faniiabed apartments. Sea villa 
Preston Donald WIlMam, sulleitor, Obaerrer ehanibera 
Price Exra&Son8,pianoforte war«bouse,S6 01dChiiaiehn)h.Td 
Price John, tailor, 5 Railway terrace 
Price WUllam, lodging house, Woodcroft 
PilmaTesIBrotbete, jewellera fc ailveramiths, 31 k S3 Old 

Cbristchureb road 
Pfltehard Edward Franeia D. artist, Stanfldd 
Procter ReT.LoTell Jas.M.A.preparatory seboid.OvertOD ball 
Proctor Frederick, lodging boose, Saadrimrbam 
Proctor William, rumiabed apartmenta, 4 Richmond terrace 
Porkls Alfred, printer k bookseller, 74 ConiDMreial road 
P;k« Sarab Jane (Misa), lodging boaie, Chine TlUa 

William, oeeretary to BonmeiBOiith Cab k Carriage 
Company, 1 Bosalyn villa* 
QulltOD Biuma (Hiss), lodging house, Lis-Uon 
Ramser B. Manselt, profossor of music, Rvedale 
Randall Henry Qwxge, bair dnaser, k luey warehonae, 

Eaatbounta terrace. HoldeBburat road 
RawUna k Sob, aollcitora, Town Hall ehamben 
Read Henry Hatahall, honse decorator, Lansdome road 
Rebbeek Bros, housed estate agents It Talnera, Ger* Is place 
Redbouae Elizabeth (Mrs.), famlsbed apartmenta, Napolt 
Bedhonae Blitabetb Wyatt (lllsa),mllUMr * dnaa maker, 34 

Old Cbriatchurch road 
Reerea Esther (Mrs.), fumfahed apartmenta, Brondeabuiy 
Reerea Frederick, Cricktitert' hotel, SprlnRbonme 
Aeid Al«t.furDisai:d apartmestts, Stuw villa, Holdenbnntrd 
Relfii k Bowkett (Miwes),ladiea'aehool,3 Branksome terrace 
Itemiiwton Frands Haidy. boys' schiwl, St. Aloysins 
fieynolds Uarian (Mrs.), lodging liouse, Tbo Hollies 
Rice Henry, private boarding boose, Ravenawood 
RIm Samae, tea dealer, Diapeuaan road 
Rietaardi George, fiunlly boarding bonse, LaagbiA ball 
Rlcbarda Henry, lodging houae, Pascadale boase 
Rleketts John, shoe maker. Oxford road 
Ridley k Crowtber, fumisliing k general Ironmongera, 
stove k range makers St hot k cold water engineers, 33 
Commercial road; 19 Triangle k 53 Old Cliristcburoh road 
Bldout Marv Jane (Mrs.) k Hons, ftmlly buiehera, 11 

Triangle, HoUenhunt road ; k Hariut ptaee, Poola 
Rim Herbert, cabinet maker, Oxford road 
RfltarU AUned, The Batha, Beat Cliff 
Boberu John, house decorator, Cotlands road 
Robertson Alexander, decOTator, 1 Shorwdl villas 
RoMoa Fraoces (Mrs.), iiirabbad apartments, Sb. Kllda 
Bogers Annie Hary k Sarah Eosebia (Ulsaai), (nrlvate 

boardbw honse, Ldgh wood 
BoRonAUhMlRlcbd.draperJc furrier, Old Christdianb rd 
Rogen BUaabeth (Him), hxlglngbeiisr, Berkiay graaga 


Rulk Jdhn l»odweil, faoaler k clothier, 8 Triangle 

Rolls Thomas, carpenter, Poole hill 

Ro>e Charles, steam saw mill, Hddenborst road 

Rourke Blixaheth k Martha ( Uisses), furuiabed apartments, 

1 Laurel villus, Holdenhurst road 
Row George, accountant, ioaa, oommtsdon k inaarance 

agent. West Hill road 
Row Samt-s Hkhard, Itutober, Commercial road 
Sabdl Edward, lodging house, Hoseley dene 
Sadler Edward, lodging hoose, Hanoter ludve 
St. JotepKi Home { Remun Catholic), (Hfm Mary Ana 

Shea, lady superintendent), Blenhdia bouse 
Salmon Wm. Thos. gas fitter k htdglng ho. Bdmondabam lo 
Saunders k White, contractors, Hmiuington place 
Sait Henry, pbyaidan, Egremont 

Sandt-reoek Thos. John Buckler, private tutor, Wdford vll 
Scobell James Theobald, builder, West Mill nHd 
Scott George, fl*hmonger. Old Chrlslchnrch road 
Scott John, lodging house, 15 Branksome terrace 
Scott'Thomas &>dley, surgeon, Aldington 
dullard Henry, eonfectloner, 5 Genria areade 
Seaman Alfred, eating bouse, Holdenhurst road 
Searl ft Huttemaii (Hlsses),lodging house, Eversley 
Shqf'teaburg Refrt»hmmt Jtooms (Hdacm Carpentor, 

manager), 31 Triangle 
Sliarpbam Cbaties, d>er, Wootton place 
Sbaw Elizabeth (Miss), furnished spartmmti, Heathdde 

villa, Holdenhurst rood 
Shears George, carpenter, DIspenaanr road 
SttemmotidB John, ehembt, Old Cbtwcburch road 
Shepherd John Qiant, managar ttf WU(a k Doraet Bask, 

Old Cbristchureb road 
Short John, grocer, 124 Commerdal road 
Short Steoben, Victoria hotel, S6 Commerdal road 
Siiorto Taoams Ftampton, AmIIv groeer, C<«imoRjiBl road 
Sillenoe Henry, baker, 10 TWangle 
Sincldr John, private hotelli bmidliig house. The GIbb 
Srnallman Joseph lulwd.friBey draper,? Old Christchavoh vd 
Smith Elfxabeth (Mim), miiliner, 4 Sua*ex terraee 
Smith George Fabian, lodging bonse, West Cliff boaaa 
Smith Joliu, acvounuut It lodging house, BalaMiiat 
Smith William AlIU, aargeon, Mount Vernon 
Snow William VIcary, piiysidan, Richmond gardens 
SoftlairCaruIiaeTuck( Hrs.),Laa«(iowii« hot. LansdwBcxree 
Southiourm WintorkSummgr OardmiB CkdeiiAt,TlMBqre 
Sparks James, tail<«, 6 Porbeck road 
Spreadbnry Frands, ironmonger, gaa ft hot watar fltter, 

plumbtf k sanitary engineer, 13 Triangle 
Spreadbury James, plamberft gas fitter, St. HidwaPa road 
Sprtggs Bltsabetb (Mrs.), funibbcd apartauata, Baetarldge 
Staidey William, lodging boose, Baveriar 
Stare Annie Lavinla ( Ulm), fundsbed apafCmasta, Saa giova 
Stod Jane ( Mrs.), dressmaker, Fir cot. OM Cfariatehareh rd 
Stephens Edward, Wettbounu hotel, Westbonme 
Stephens George, printer ft bookbinder, Lansdowne ermeeat 
Staveaa Mary Jane (Hlsa), lodgbm boaaa^ Matatboo 
Stevens Tom, arehlteet, HtetaiBMiil ehamboB 
Stavenaoa William Harataa,pianolbrtaftmadeiraraboaiaa, 

60 Commereial road ft 9 Gcnla arcade 
Stewart Hary Blkabeth (Mhi), ffeiMrfa prinato JM, 

BlchmoDd terrace 
SUcklandCbarlea, eoatraetor. Spriaidmurae 
Stocks Henry, coast goatd ofHcer, Pier viUa 
Stocks William, oil ft colorman. Tenaoe road 
Stone George, furniture remover, Addiugton TlUa 
Stovy Jotm, coal merchant, Nrnwiebroad 
Strange George, boot tt shoe maker, 49 Old CbriatHHiieh rd 
SireetUeo. boot ft shoemaker, U(ildenbiirsti!d.ft4 Wsatonpl 
Stride AJioe (Miss), dram maker, Hddenbniet road - 
Stroud Alfrea Horati& bulkier ft contractor, Brysatirlon 
Stroud Sarab(Mrs.), laundnaa, Hokteobutat road 
Stumw Edward Waltr .greengrcr . AlumCbine rd. WeBtboama 
Start George, upholsterer, eabloet maker, iindmakar, bed- 

atead ft bedding mannfiaMivr, appiaiser, aaetunaar, 

bou-e ft esute agent ft carpet warebsoseaiau, S0 Oom- 

merdal road 

Summers Walter, public acconntani, 5 Eastbourne tenaoe 
Sutton Ann (Mim), lodging house, Hampatead house 
Swafidd John J. nuraeryman ft florist, Old Cbriatehuab rd 
Sweetapple William, fiimished apartments, Clarendon bo 
Swinny Chsrlotte Louisa (Hiss), matron of Herbert Con- 

valeauent home 
Swvrr Annie Louisa (Mtm), furnished apartmenta, Cralgrve 
Sydenham B— M— ft A—, B<^ Marine Ubiwy, beok- 

sdleis, staifooefa, miufe aallera ft pabiyisn of loaal 

guides. The Pier appfoadi 
Sydaobam ft Hacdoaald, printers, Oxfad road 
SyaiM Eliaataatb (Miaa), lMlgli« boaaa, ten deal 

Digitized by 





Twmt Aanm. lodniDfr hoow, Grltttnkam 
Turner Bdwud, coal agmt, 3d Triangle 
TuntonSilu, hnmr, HoMaohnnt road 
Taylor Dirid, boot ft shoo nak«r, Orriiard Iftae 
TiylorEIkfaa. iuna((T to P«tn'» d«Jrv,01dCbrMebarch td 
Tkjior John Raa, batrber, 8S ftSt Comaierdal imid 
Tkrlor John Thotnw, watcfamaker ft tobaceonbt, 118 ft 143 

ComiMrcial road 
TaylOT Richard, lodsinft hoow, Th* Hawthorna 
lUniKn William, kidgiog boose, 7 Crowther tomn 
Tbicli Georve, boot !c shoe maker, 65 Old Chrlatehoreb rd 
Thomas David, loHfriiv hooae, WarblinKl»n bouae 
Thomas HpIkd ( Miss), lodsfng bonFe, Yelverton 
TbompaonJooepbJohn ft WaltrrWio.tcrtnc<!(HiUta,LoDdoD ho 
ThonpaoD Edward John, gas fitter, Bonthcote road 
Thompson John RoberH, physician, Duofldin 
Thompson Joseph, furniture removal depoaltory, London ho 
Thompson J«sephJohn,carria^ftll7 proprietor, London ho 
TTwrnwu Alfrtid (from Winter's, London), hairdresser ft 

orsainental faalr laanDfiietnrer, 9 Qranville erewent 
ThomaoBftlfred ( Mr*. ),milliiwr ft dresamaker.90r«nTlll« crea 
Thome Geont*, boot ftahoa maker, Nortbcote road 
noma Wmiam. InmmoBeer, Hcddnhurat road 
Tonks 0«o.Wbi. atair builder ft bar flttei, H<ddeDbiuit road 
Toogood Janea, lodfilnr house, 5 SoSolk terrace 
Toi^ood William, lodKhw fanuse, Ktn«er 
Toogood WllHam Eaial), baUderft contractor. Sprinirboa'iu 
Tsar flobert, lodrios hotiM, 14 Westover Tillaa 
Tmn HmU Co,(Am. H. Danfcrd, see.},Tom Hallehabn 
Treranloo Henrjr Thomas, solicitor, i Braalnoma tarraee 
Trowbridge Charles, com ft coal dealer, 8pilii|4»an« 
IVoa Unfa, saw mills, Soatbeotc road 
Tncker William, distriet aaparialandeBt for Pradeatlal 

Aaaniauee Company, St. lOehad'aread 
Tunier Uearr Qnntoo, medlenl praelltioner, Holmwoid 
Tyiherlolgli Oeorge, tailor, 8 Windsor viilaa 
Underwood Robert John, cabiiwt maker, ATenna road 
Underwood Samuel Cope, lodging bouse, 14 Branksome ter 
Taogfaan Joseph, refrvthment room, S9 Triangle 
TauTUle ft RoUs (Hbaes), mUUnm ft dress makers, 61 Old 

Cbristeburcb road 
Vbieent William John, fhilterar ft florist,01dOhristehnrcb rd 
Vtaie George, lodging boos^, Lewlsbam 
WadeJdin, aoUdtor, 18 Arcade 

Wallur John, ns ft water taiepector, 8 Branksome terraea 
walker Kat« ( Mn.), dress maker, 3 Branksome t«naM 
WaUMrLiiey( Hias), fomiabed «partmntBJuchl.9PoBtbiU vlls 
Walker Mariane (Mrs.), kxlglm house, Madeira 
Wahsr ntomas, Iwdginff bcmse, Honrdtb hoaae 
Wild Arthur Edward, solicitor, 18 Branksome terrace 
Ward Bbtbcdi (HraA lodfting boose, Cotlanda road 
waid-Lea James. coSm ft dining rooms, Terrace road 
Ware Carolioe ( Hn.)i lodgtos hooaa, t SaiMton tarraet 
Warebam ft Pariu>r< Uiases),?itrBldied aparmeota, Harbert 

TiHa.St.John'a Wood road 
Wardiaa hwk.btttcber, 106 Comereial road 
Wantea John WAX, tailor. 96 OomnflKlal toad 
Winhun Tom, frniterer, 3? Obi Christehurob road 
Warmlofitoa Bmnnael, lodging hooaa. Sr. Allian's ciiS* 
Wairea Ckarlas Hem?, (NLlbter, plumber, gluier ft booM 

deeonlor, OslonI road 
Warren Clara(llfaa).)od{rii^r bouse, lona 
Wanrea Thomas, lodging nouse, Blenhrim tower 

Watia Oconp ft Sona, Rardaaera. SprfBcbouma 

WatU James ft Co. butchers, 84 Triangle 

Watts Edward, watch maker, Orosvt-nor plase 

Watta Jamea, builder, Laaadowne road 

Webber John, SoHth WmUnt Mel, Holdoaburtt road 

Welch Charles James, bvuae deeorator, UtUedoim road 

Wdls John Thomas, organbt, 8 Lansdowne road' 

Welsted Amos William, sbofikeeper, Northoote road 

West Oeoryn Herbert k.a. Axoliam school 

Wettboume Cojfet Tavem (Henry Lawson, DUHMgor), 10 

Shaftesbury terrace. Weatbovme 
Wheahle Alfred, lodfriug house, Peoafauret 
Wbeable Charles, cHrpenter, I«nadowiie road 
Wheaton William Aiistice, seoretary to building society ft 

lodging botue^ Lauderdale 
Wheeler John, ftimisbed apartnenta, 1 Clarendon rill as 
Wheeler Thomas, lodfring bouae. South Cliff cottage 
Whitcher Htmrr, huildpr. HoMenfaurat road 
Whllller William H. builder ft shopkeeper, HoUenhuat rd 
Whitcher Edward, dairyman, 33 Trianvle 
White Knoeh, auneryman, Holdenhnrst road 
Whita Prodericfc Ames, greengroecr. Old Cbriat^ai«b rd 
White Henry, RaUwavnoM, Uddmbuntnad 
WUte Joha Gregory, pbTsidBa. Weat KnoU 
Wbltlock Gaorge, coat dealer, Oxford road 
Whitlock rilephen, rrultererft greengrocer,38CommardaI rd 
WUtloek Stwhen ( Un.), lodging house, 3 ft 4 Snrbitam ter 
WUmaj William, draper ft out&tt«r, Holdeohaiat road 
Wleknao Rachri<Hrs.), lod^ng house, Watartord 
Williams Clmrks, belihaoirer, St. Michael's place 
Wiliiams Edwin, builder, ft lodging bouse, iJeron towers 
WlUlaau Thomas Rice, private boarding house. South Lea 
WiUiaoaonJameaWm. m.a. private tutor ,Cheltenham honae 
WlUb ft Trantum, groeera, 60 Old Cbrbtcbureh road 
Willis George, lodging boose, Locksley hall 
Wlliia Cbarbt, gukStter. 7 Burton villas, Weatboame 
Wilson ft Pardv. printers. Triangle 
Wilson Elizabeth (Mrs.), ftaej repoaltoTTi S3 l^bugle 
Wllaon Henry, furniture dealer, Orchard lana 
Wilson Mary Klixabeth (Mrs.), hMlging bouae. The Beacon 
Wiisun Walter, carriage ft flv proprietor, Exeter road 
WUt$ ft Dormt Bmkmc Co. (branch <tf) (John Grant 
Sbepbetd, sMnager), Old ChHitcbnreb road ; diaw on 
Glyn, HlUa, Currie ft Co. Loidun 
Wlu ft Kemp- Welch, solidtora. Town Hall eha^wn 
Witt Albert, lodging bcwse, 11 Weetover vlllaa 
Woodft Co.general ft fundshing ironnionger8.0>mmerclal rd 
Wood Will&m, plumber, 87 Triangle 
Woodi Edward, lodKinv bouse, S Wooton naonnt 
Worth WUilaa JaMft Co. fumltBM dealeta, Oervla ateade 
Woltb Coopar, aaeoantant, taMaraaeaagaotf atuck ft aham 

brerita^ Atcbim road 
Worth Edwin, chemist, 40 Old Cbrlstchnreh road 
Worth John, nimiafaad apartments, Habercon 
Wrigbt Predo^, Jeweller, S3 Gervta arcade 
Wright Henry, boot ft shoe maker, 41 Commercial road 
Wrigbt Jane (Mlaa), ludidng boua^ Hercbialown 
Wrigbt John, hoot ft shoe maker. Comowrelal road 
WyaU William ftSon, jewelleraft opticians, SiSouthbome ter 
Yerbury ft Son, tailws, fi6 Commireial road 
Young Alfred, baker, Springbonme 
Yoaag Harriett (Mrs.}, dress maker, 4 Alton toraca 
Young Thomas liy. butcher, 6 Eastbourne terrace, Holden^ 
hurat roaii 

Warren William Joseph, artist, Coifbrd villa 

Watton Jaaa Aaaie (lira.), lodging bouae, 9 Branksome ter i Young William Huztable, plumber, 2 Newport villas 

Prattnan Hon. William Hoay B. Wen^ 

worth lodge 
Reeka William Henry. Esaez villa 
Savage James, Borthwlck houae 
Shaw Mrs Loehlel 

Shelley Sir Percy Florence bart. Bos- 
combe mauor 
Stednian James m.a. Fewhnrst 
Sweetlove John, Palmetaton road 
TayspQl Mrs. 2 St. Clement's villa 
Warren HIae, Kenaii^n Ttlla 
WoUr Sir BeniT Dranannd x.c.B., 
a.o.M.0., H.p. Boaaombe tower ; ft 
Carlton & Atbennum cluba,Ladn.«.lo 

AMwtt Alexander, bookseller, stationer 
ft booM ft eatate aseiit, Asbin road 
Bartiett Arthur, ahopkerper ft Mscuit 

baker, Freemantia 
Bennett Jas. greengroeer, 8 Garvla ter 
Battle Ann (Mr*.), aladoMrft newa- 

agent. Palmerstun road 
Bbhop PliiUp, saddler, Oladaloaa mad 


Barton Alfrad, Ravenshoe 
Barrage Mr*. 1 St. Clemrnt's villa 
Bnltnaa Rev. Allan m.a. rcurateJ.Uerl 
Cbristy Edmund, The Knnle 
Otamy Commander 0. C. k.m. Bob- 

eomba Cbine 
Ctosdiy Edward, Bronghton villa 
Drage Joaeph, Ganooyle 
Duneaa Genge, Roasmore 
Bthel Anna Re*. Hotber [Home t€ 

flbleiB of Bethany 1 
OUdiasi WllliamJoBas,88omerset vUlaa 
Graham Hiaa, Hope Side 
Barr^ John, Cottarall, Cbaaalay 
fiinsoB Mr». Preatbary 
IrmogM- Hba, Wbervell 
Xeanhai Lt.-Col.TlMMnaa Edward s.a. 

Lyneti) write 
Leedhaa Mra.8tadlanda 
Maedi4mM Oaamk Coima 
MUmay Mm, (SSaMn Beor 
Hewton Vtwik. Ha«ilH,OaatnuB villa 

BtMombe Meehanita' Itutitutt (Geo. 

Hitebel, man.). Haviland road 
Boteombii, Springbourru ft P^m* 
(Anon Promdtnt Infirmary (Mrs. 
Maria Hey, matron) 
Bnwn Aletander McEwan, flimitvra 
dealer, auctioneer &c. Palmenton rd 
ButtMi James, fumisbed apartmenta, 

Uoncrose villa 
Church Abraham,lodglngho.BungaIow 
Cole James, datirmaa, Ashley raid mkr. UaTitod. td 
Cunnlngton J<rim, Palmenle» Arms 
Cutler Edmund, butcher, Oiadatone rd 
Cutler Felix, builder ft grocer, Aahley rd 
BIgar John, tailor, Puneratm roaid 
PlateherOeo.8idBey, beer rtlr.Tower id 
PreemantleWm.wteliau. Palmefatmi rd 
Goddard Cbarlei, oom ft coal merehant, 

Gladstone road 
OoodenoaghO— P— ,drpr.Palmerstii.rd 
Oonld John, groow 
Han Hy. bout ftalioa mkr. Olateona rd 

Digitized by 




Hawks Chail«a -Gtorgc, boot tc ifaoe 

msker, Pdmento« road 
H iteh man RobC)oilgiiig<ba.QnniTl]le bo 
Hodges8lmeon,dKiryHni.3I>nBmBd. ter 
Home of the SiaUrM vf B«Mttnjr 

(Hotber Anna Kthel, anpartor) 
Hewlett AlAcd.paiBter, Glad ttonc road 
KeepiiwAnn (Mrs.)» Idm. ho.Cbildera 
Kilner John, Boteomi* Spa kettl 
KDlgfatBeniBrd,drapr.2DramnionH ter 
l«mpard Jbn. linen drpr.Palaierstoa rd 
Lane it Co. fcroean, Oladstone road 
Lane John, Kroeer, Tumt nad 
LererMt ft Frve, groeers, (^sttAnreh 
road ; tc at London, Gr«enwi^, Port- 
sea b Hafditone. See adTert 
I.ock;flr Francis Geo.plamlKr,8h6Uy rd 
Maeev Cbarlefc tatlor, OMatone nad 
HittBwra Geo. taflor, Palmerston road 
MEtchell Geo. builder, PalnwreMn road 
Nurgta' Inttituts (Hra. Maria Hey, 
mtFOB), Palnmiton load 

Oxford Janee, baker ft con&etioner 
Plunley Wm. earpMiter, PalnMrstoi rd 
Potter Francis, fruiterer ft eeedwnan, 

PsJiuerstuti road 
Preston James, bnilder, Gladstone mad 
Provident DiupenaaTy (P. W, U. 
Nona ft H. G. Turner, medloil 
oAeen: W. Uenon, surgeon dentist) 
Pnrdea Charlas, stiopkeeper, AiUoy rd 
^ RweCbarle*, lodeintrho. Drumiaond ter 
I Roften Arthur, fumitunj dealer, Glaid- 
I stone roa<l 

I Savaipe Jamee, preparatory •ebool> 
I Bortiiwlok Imum 
I SeottHary(Ht*.),mIlInr.Pa]merstonrd 
1 8eott Wm. uplKMetenr, Palmorston nl 
: Kn|iaoMHenTy,lHitd)er, Palnentonid 
i Sparkca Hy.eabtaetmkr.Pelmeralniid 
I Stadman Jamea, surgeon, Fewkvrst 
1 8treetPiedk.bal(erftfcrcr.Palmerstonnl 
, Su«elJobn,iranoMager,iaerri« temee 

ftydenhaa Ann EUzabeth, Mair ft 

Louisa (UUsas), iadius' school, Ford- 

iofrton Immm 
Tanner Tboms. baker. Gtadstene road 
TaokJlia.Way,blaek>iBth.GUdatDne rd 
WaUen William ft Henry, bullfiers 
W^doa John Richard, oOMniHioo 

■gent, Gladstone read 
Ware Haary, builder, Oladstone roftd 
WeMter AJlsn, florist ft aeedeDian, 

Gladstone road 
WestbckOeorga ft John, inmmonRen, 

Wheeler Cbarks, ctrpsntor ft aboii- 

keeper, Freenantle 
White Oaolel, buUdri-, GUdstone rood 
Whiting Jaa. chiMey awp. Portnan rd 
WlckB&nta( M rs. ),mllar. Palmentn.rd 
WlIUs Bmett Juoea, irroear, 4 Urun- 

mood terrtoe 
Worth Bdvin, ebemiet, I>riuanond ter 
Wyeberitgr Jaa. Uy. grcr.Paiiaeiatan nl 

BBAI>I«K7 Is ft parish and small Tillage, 6 in ires north- 
west from Alton and 8 south from Basingstoke, in the 
Northern dWMon of the coanty, Bermondspit hundred, 
Baalngatoke onioa, petty sesrionu division and coanty eoart 
district, Alton rurn deanery western division, and Winehea- 
ter archdeaconry and diocese. The church of All Saints 
wbidi is Tery ancient, baa a chanoel, nan, south porch and 
is surmoaated by a dorecotc tower, In wtai<A is 1 bell : it 
has been restored and seated whh open bencbes. The re- 
gister dates ftom the year 1649. Tlw Hvinp Is a rectory, 
yearly value £SO0, with resident. In the gift of Charles 
RuEDbold esq. aiul held by the Rev. Henry Anthony Plow 

Plow Bar. By. AaUhuu b.d. rreetor] 
BUiop Henry, fiumr, upper lEam 

I Clark Thomas, siere maker 
I PhllUpi Joaepfa, shoe maker 

B.o. of Queens* Collage, Carnhndge. Here Is a dutrity, 
produclntz £20 yearly, one half of which is applied in educa- 
tion UM the other half distribated In olothlng. Lord 
Templemora is lord of the manor mm) prtaelpal tendowner. 
Ute Bi^ belay; subsoil, cbtik. ThedilereropanMoeNala. 
The area la 975 acres : rateable value, £879 } toe yopalatioa 
In 1871 was 104. 

PariBh Clerk, William White. 

Letters tiiroiwti Alreslbrd. llieiManst money erdir offlee 

Is at Preston Candoi er 
Parochial School, Mrs. Emily Pfailllps, mistreea 

I PhiUipi Sarah (Urn.), ihopkeeper 
Wilson Nathan, brmer. Lower farm 

BILAI8H7IBLD tea hamlet %. mllee eonth-west fma 
Miebelmanh and S north-cast from Ronsey, sod U was 
formed into an ecdeaiaatknl parish in 18&fi from the parishes 
of Hla!^l^, HiobeliBarkfa and Ronwey Extra: U is in tiie 
Southern dltjalon of the county, Ronisey nnioa and county 
court district, Thwanate hundred and in rural deanery 
of Romsey and arc-lidenconry and dk>ceee of Wlochaater. 
AU Saints church, built in 186fi, is in the Gothic style and 
consists of cfaanoal,-na*B and north aisle, with belfry cod- 
tahdngSbellB: the eavtem window is slaiaed. Tbengister 
dates from the year 1855. The living is a vicaram, yearly 
value £860, In the gift of the Bishop of Winchester and 
hdd by the B«v. John i>urraat u^. of QusMe' College, 
Cambridge. Tha Han. Ralph Heneage Uuttoa is load of 

Davtea Rev. George, Cobon 
Durrant Rev. John K.A. Tlciraae 
HiU MiM, BnUfldd lodge 


Bound Jamea Hlggbi^ ^eelirrigfat ft 

Chapman Mary (Uta.), beer retailer 
Colea Henry, grooff 

the manor. The priaoipal lan-lowners are the Right Hob. 
Sir William Heathcote bart. Hon. Ralph H. Dutton, B«v. 
G. Davies and Miss Hill. The soli is chalk and gravel; 
sobwil, chalk. Ths cbuf crops aos wheat, barley and oata. 
Tha popolathiaia 1871 waa 460. 
Paiuh Cierhy Slepbea Seorqr. 

PostOfpicb.— 3tephflnScorey,raceivar. Letters received 
from Romsey at 8 ajn. ft are dispatched at 6 p.01. The 
rnarast money order ol&ce to tba pariah ft Us hamlets la at 

Then is a piUdic demeotaiy aehool here, erefitad in 1876, 
ooder the Michalnanb dcbool Boaid ; Tbomaa Jehao«> 


P»y Arnold, temv, Vnikins ftm 
Fielder Charles, tboe maker 
Gale Walter Henry, carpenter, wheel- 
wright, steam threshing macUoe 
proprietor ft steam aaw proprfeter 
Gnee James, boildcr 
Harris John ft Wm. farmers, Hall &rm 
BtvkeThomaaOaRiia, fWrmer.Pncknell 
HIacoek Henry, Wheataluqf 

KiMf Tboa. ftnder. BrakhfliM hewa 

Matbeam Robert, finner 
Rnmbcdd John, shopkeeper 
Saunders Joshua, fiumer 
BeanundlWm. fiffner,KlliehWood-Au<m 
Seorey Stephen, shopkeeper ft wood 

deuer.ft postoSee 
WlogliBn WiHiwn, bl aehs w Mi 

•p.'^M.-tKTtnAV ia a parish, la the Northern dIvWon of 
the county, Meon Btoke hundred, Alreslbrd union, Droxford 
petty sessional division, Winchester county court district, 
runu deanery of Alrenbrd and archdeaconry and dloeeve 
of Wlnobesta, 6 miles sonth-by-eaat ftom New Alresferd 
atathHi and 9 east from Wlncbnter. Tha church of S8. 
Simon and J ude Is a small anck^t edifice, counting of a 
chancel, transept, nave, and small spire containing 2 
bells ; the south transept was added when the building was 
restored : tliere are aevml stained wbidows, tha gift of Sir 
WiUlom and Lady Gomm ; othen to the memoiy of the Rev. 
£. A. Bagot aod his sister, the Bon. Mrs. Legge. The 
register dates from the year 1573. Tfae llvlnx Is a rectory, 
yearly value £226, with reMdence, in the fnft of the Lord 
Cbanoellor and hdd by tbe Rev. Alfred Bishop h,a. of 
Queen's Collie, Oxford. BremiJean House is tbe residence 
of the rector. The ctutrittes amount to £9 yearly. On tiie 
estate of Mrs. Greenwood, in this parish, Is the site of tbe 
celebrated Roman pavement, the remains of which are in 

tbe poaseaslon of tbe Winchester corporation. There are 
three manors within the parish, one boonging to the see of 
Winchester, one to Magdalen College, Oxford^ and Wood- 
cotes manor, whlehbelongs to the Greenwood family. Tha 
principal landowners are Hra. Greenwood, Edwin Bndd and 
tbe Preddent and Sebolata of Magdalen College, Oxfcrd. 
Tbe soil is light loam and clay ; subsoil, chalk. The chief 
props are wheat, oats, barley, turnips arid a few hops. The 
area Is 1,237 acres : rateable vatne, £1,653; and tfae popula- 
tion in 1871 was 258. 

vvooBcoiata three-quartem of* mile east Bramdean 
CoauBon aorcn 100 acres. 

ParM. Clmk, JaoM UbwUbi. 

Post Ovpigb. — James Hawkins, receiver. Letters Brrivfr 
fh>m Alresfurd at 8.30 a.m. ft 3 p.m. ft dirpatehed ait 
10 B.m. ft 6 p.m. ; Sunday, dispatched at lU tt.m. The 
nearest money order office u at new Alresfuni 

Bishop Rev, AIfredii.A.[rai!tor],bam- 

dean house 
Coles Mrs. Wm.Cowper,The Lodge 
Uoyd Cborks, Rectory boose 

Nageol Edmmid Charies, Woodcote 
Thaclieray Rev.Tbompson 11.A. £reator 

of fCIlmlsttm] 
Aitwld Albert, Iw ma i, Woodfiavm 

AUtins Louisa (Hn.), grooer ft dfape r 
Barnard Jamea, cabinet makar 
Bodd BMi, temw ft teloaNMr 
B«nM WUUmb, oaipenlar 

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Hiwkfai JaiMi, boot 

BmwUm Jvam Bd«n>d, gnem it 

drapMVi ft port oRco 
RsiMon JolHifibofkeeptr 

8«n«r TliiMO, Imw 
TniMT WUlim, Wubmlth 
•oltanl mMfaiu owmr 

BRAHLSY Is a parUh ud plfltmat vUUse 5 uUm 
north froa Bafiogttoke, 4 aoath uon Mortbner tUtioa, on 
ibe Baofoffrtoke oiid BoMlIiig brsnch of tiie Gnat WMtarn 
nllwa; and 51 froa Londoojn tbe Nortbem dlvUtm of tbe 
eooDty, bondred, petty MMUxial diTiihrn, union and county 
court dlMrict of Basinptoke, dloceae and archfteaconry of 
trjachcti«r ud niral doaneiy of Pwlngitnkir oortb-eaatarn 
dlikha : • feeder of the ri«er Loddon teaverm tlu paiUh. 
The cbaich of St. Jameo ta aa aaelant •truetare: the old 
dooimy, Iobk walled op, but now vUUe on the interior, is 
of the Nonnan or Trsntitlon parted ; Lt was diacovcred in 
1874 and above U, beoealh. the plaster, was fbond a very 
Bodait and Interestiriff freico painting of the mntder or 
Tboaiaa i Beeket, anigned to ti early a date as tbe thirlaent h 
eentury ; tbert >re ako other remnants of freooo painting, 
wbicfa Mems to have originally eovcnd the whole or the in- 
terior walls: tbe priwat windows date from the Parpen- 
diealar period : theebaneellsoftfaesamelmadtbaadheifibt 
u the nave and is Kpvated irom It by a Parpendienlar 
jood-sereen ; above tbb stoodf at the line of tbe HelbrnHi- 
tlon, a rood or Image and a rood-loft, removed in 1573: tbe 
original steeple or Mfry was replued hi 1636-40 by tbe 
pnsBOt square brick tower, which eootaiss fi bells of the 
sameperiod: In thesoath aiaela aprivate chapct,whichcon- 
tains a handsome recumbent marble monnnent (by Banks) 
to Bcfoacd Brocas : there are mural tablets to Dr. ffluur. 

the cdebrated Oriental traveUer, and likewiae Loo^h and 
Green, former vicare: then are also several Aoe b ra sses. 
Th* regiater dates from IfiSO, and tbe dmrebwanleoa* aoooBiit 
boolu fiom 15^ Tbe Uvtiff la a Tlearase, the great and 
amall tithe* are eoaunutad at £510 aird £l60 reqwctivdy i 
the Provost and FeUom of Queen's College, Oxibrd, ai« 
patrons of tbe living and Impropriators of the grvat tithes 
and giut a beneflcftl leaae of the aame, with the reetory 
bonse, to tbe vioar for the tina b^ng : the Hev. Charles 
Eddy u.A. late fallow and lator of that eolWe, ia tha vicar. 
The Duke of Wallinffloa, wbo is lord of the manw, Mn.. 
Broeas of Bcaurepaire, and Queen's College, Oxfind, are' 
tbe chief landownns. The soil is ehicAy aand and day ; 
aabeoU, sand and clay. The chief crops are wheat* beaiu» 
oato and barley. Tbe ana ia 2,S56 acres ; nleabla vahM, 
£3,350 ; the population in 1871 was 480. 
^aruA Clerk, Aolmae Ham. 

PosTOvriCB.— David lAwr«iiee,receIver. L«ttec»tbn»udi 
Baalngstoke, ditpatehad at 6.4U p-m.: anDdaM>atU& 
a.m. } dellveredat8a.m.; eandays, Theuaiiak 
money order k ulcgraph otfica is at Uasingatoke 

Rsaiitrar of Births if VeatJu.Retuving Officer 5e*0*l 
Attmdaitee Officer, Joseph Jlbb 

Ingptetvr Nuteantee, i. Lavrreacev Hartley Westpatt 

^arocMai School, William LmI. maatw 

Sddy BcT. Charles m^. [rkar] 


Batter BHsabeth (Ifre.), fanner 
Bntler George, fivmer 
Cane Alexander, shopkeeper 
CUft Cfaarlei, farmer 
Clift Louisa (Mrs.], &rmer 

Gift WllUam, ftrmer 

Englefleld Ell, Six BelU, k ahoa maker 

FolTett William, farmer 

Follett WUllan, bnoer* latebmore gm 

Poster Wm. The Pfreoti#,ftblae1uiDlUi 

Ham Ambrose, carpenter 

Ham Jamea, carpenter 

Ham William, carpenter 

Holloway George, blacksmith 
Lawrence David, sbopkpr. it post offlor 
LovesTOve George, thatcher 
Matthews Thomes, nfller ft ftrmcr 
HitabeU Sdwia, aiiopkeepa^ 
Mnlfbrd William ft JiAa, larMn 
Yatea Charles, wbestwrigM 
Yates Daniel, skopkMpar ft hear rataflv 

BBAMBHAW is • parish partly In Cawden hundred, < 
WihaUre, and partly In Redbrtdge bondred, Romaey petty 
w l onal division, New Forest nnlon, Soatbampton eoonty I 
court distriet, rural deanery of Amesbnry flnt portion, I 
SaiiabofT arefadeaeonry and dloone, 6 milea nerth-weat ! 
from BedbrUgestMlofi, 81 from London, 6 nortlHwest from 
LynAniat and II north-weat fVnra Southampton : the whole 
of the Hampehtav portloa la within the New Forest. Tbe 
ehaidt ei St. Peter, eltiuted at tbe nortbem extremity of 
Ibe^taM, oa IN aedMly tUekly planted with trees, i^ an 
andeatballding^eonsisthigDfefaaneel end nave, with square 
btkk t»w«r, mantled wltb Ivy and containing 3 bells. The 
re^ster dateaflnma tbe yeu* ISOJ. The living Is a vicarage, 
grosB yearly vahM £161, whh rarfdeoce and 99 acres or 
lUi^ la tfaerlftofthe Dean and Cbaptar of Salisbury and 
Md by tha Hav. Joeepb Henry Maclean. Him Is a aaiall 
Veal^an and a Bapost cfaapm. The principal landowners 
an Geonra Edward Byre eaq. the Hon. Mrs. Glyn, Lleut.- 
CoL aaatbcote and Sir Henry Panlet bart Tha anil la of a 
■lied eharaetar, day and sand ; sabsoU, elar. Tbe chief 
en^ an wheat, bariMr, «ata aad tandps. The wimbar of 
acrn la 5,US, of which 1,680 aia In Wika ; rateable value 
of Hants poetiaa, £l,MS; and of Wilts pordon, £1,440: 
tfaepopalationteiazi waaSee, af wWchfi7anbt WUtej 
tbe prbeipa) put an eapsged la agHeuhnn. 

BaooK Un to tbe south, partly ta ths Heats portion aad 
psctly In the WUta poctbD : here b a mlsskn roam, when 
s si i if an heU Inr the vloar ee week day^ 

FmxxuAM Is a namM partly la the Uanta portion of this 

parish and partly la Minatead pariah. A sehool-ch^Ml baa 
been ereetea, which was opened and licensed by the Bishop of 
SalMury In 1861 : service Is held every Sunday evenlag 1^ 
the viear : the school k supported by subscription and the 
chOdren's pence. ThcBaptlstshaTCasmall|daosofiMnhip 

PvazLsr, a hamlet of tUa parish, Ii In Wilts. 
Sexton^ Ueniy Hateb. 

Post Office, Bramshaw. — Robert Fielder, recdrer. 
Letters rMwlved from Lytulharst at 7.50 a.m. ft 2.30 
ft dispatched at 6.90 p.Bi. The nearest money order office 
la at Lyndhurat 


Here an sehoola mider GaverauMat for boye ft giria, fa> 
sepante baUdiaga, the property of G. R. Byn esq. : that 
for boys is supported by pnbUo aubserlptloo ft children'* 
l^nee; the ^Is* sebool Is supported solely by 0. B. 

tfamwi, Bdwaid Bataatt, oiftllMlcd Biatar; Wm 
Newman, cerlllioatad miatieaa 
Fritkmn, Mm. Haobeal, mlatasM 


LTHtnaroif— wnuam King, thanday 
RoMnBT— WilHam KlnR,tbanday 
Balisburt— WllUam King, tueadn ft satnHay 
AocTHAHFToir— Moaai MlBi ft William Klng,tMBdBy» 
Mday ft sMurday 

JBndbnme Fnderick Aahs J.p. I^bain 
Bndhoraa Hra. BnuBsbaw lodce 
Byn O e o cga Bdwavd t. p. The Wamna 
fflyn Hon. Mia. Bramble HiU lodge 
Glrdleatone Frands, Bumalde house 
Heaifeeato LL-Ctd. Basmeo 3.P. Peon 
Mawleaa Bar. Joseph Hmiry [vloar], 

Kmpson ttev. Samuel ]f.A. [oaiate], 
Bumaide eott^e 


AnsUn Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper 
Csopar ArfbsT, Maefcsmltb 
Cordnv Henry, fanner ft cattle dealer 
Davis Henry, cattle desler 
Domonn Winhnnt ritopkeepep 
IhMsr briah. aboB mahff 
Fialdar Robert shoe maker 

Fox Edwin, &naer 
Qntterldge WllUua, brmer 
Henbest Aan ( Mr*. ), fiaraar 
Henbast Osmon, oowkeepet 
Henbeat WUllwa, farmer 
Klnfi James, carrier 
Khig William, farmer, Bew hUl 
King WlUlam, jan. eanier 
Milk Henry, shopkeeper 
Hilla MosMi, carrier 
Nale George, fhrmer 
Revnolds Enoch, &rmer 
Weeks William, blackiimith 
Youni; Ansten, cattle deaUr 
Toung Charles, wbeelwt^t 

Tboma^ cattle dealer 

Ryaa Joseph 

Ctatcber Haory, hoasa dealer 

HUllet Biehard, saddler 

KneUoB Ab^ ahopkecpar 

Loader Jeaeah, ftrmer, Bnrehan wood 

WolfcJofaa, MM 

Young Anatin, settle dealer 

Young Cbariaa (Mn.), Srviit Drsfw 

BeneU William M. Prltham _ 
Hnthcote Admiral BdnuDd, Ftflham 

Blrange Fnocb, Valetta cottag* 
Andnwe William, Bo^l (/at 
Brockway Jamea, fannar 
CoBdrey Jamea, shopkfcper 
Cwdrey Thomas, brmer 
Spratt Jame^ mmer 

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BSAUSHOTT with tlie Hamlet of LIPHOOK 
ii • pwiib 1 mile north froni Liptuok itatloii on tbe London 
and Soath Weil«rnnilwfty,QinUMii(Nrtli4Mtlh>inP«tan- 
fleld end 47 from London, in the Nortbem dtvMon of the 
couDty, Branwhott union. Finch Dean hundred, Petenfleld 
petty seadond division, diocese and trchdeaeoiir; of Win- 
«bener and rural deanery of Peter*fldd eattem division, 
«iliuted near the Sussex border. The ehnreb of St. Mary is 
a crndfonn structure, principally tn tbe Early BogUsh st) le, 
with alowtov«rand spirecontalninije bdls : tbe nave and 
aisles were rebuilt in 1873. The reg^ter dates troin 1560. 
The living la a rectory, yearly valne £785, with residence, 
in the gift of tbe Provost and Fellows of Qaeen'a College, 
Oxford, and held by the Rev. William Wolfe Capes h.a. 
foroteriy fellow and tutor of that college. Tbe Rev. John 
Monkhouse, a late rector of this parish, bequeathed nearly 
tbe whole of his property to the Provost and Peliowi of 
<lneea's College, Oxford, in trust, ibr the purpose of ednra- 
tin; tbe children of this parish. Sir Archibald Maodontld 
bart. has a Catholic chapel, with rerident priest at Woolmer. 
The Bible Cbrbtians have a chapel at Liphook. Tht-n are 
four schools in this parish, dtuate at BTamabott, Hammer, 
Liphook and ConfiNrd, on Uie National system, and governed 
bf a acbool council, elected annually by the parishioners : 
dif ine seriloe is held in tbe last three on Sunday evenings. 
Bohnnt Farm was fbrnMriy a deUebadsart ofSvmtx, but in 
October, 1844, was annexed to Hampdnre. Here la a paper 
nsill; and edge tools are made at Conford. Henry Charin 
Butler esq. of Downland House, Sir Archibald Macdonald 
bart. of Woohner loAgt, and Hn. Trlatram are owners of 
thenutor. ThaprindpulaadowDera an EUr A. Macdonald 
bart. Henry Cfaanes Butler esq. WUItam Cbalcraft esq. trus- 
tee! of tbe late Rt Hon. Sir W.Erie P.c. JohaT.Longboume 

esq. and Urs. Tristram. The chief crops are bariey and 
wheat and roots. The area is 6,676 aerea, a larore portion 
of wbich is waste land ; rateable value, £7,1U5 13s. 6d. ; the 
population la 1371 was 1,411. 

LtPHoOE is a considerable hamlet and railway station, 1 
mile south-wpst. on tbe London and Portamoutli direct line. 
There is a public reading room and welt-stocked library 
for the use of parishioners and visitors. 

WooLMBR FOBBBT, Wbestsbeaf Common, Coofiird, 
Paasfield and Hammer Vale are in this parish. 

Post Opficb, Bramshott. — James Louch, receiver. Let- 
ters tfarouRh the Liphook office are delivered at 7 a.m. ic 
3 p.m. & dispatched at 7.30 p.m. ; snnday at 10.30 a.m. 
Liphook is the nearest money order and telegraph office 

PoBT k HoNBrOBDBR St Tblbuhapb Offiob, Savinga 
Bank Ac Government Insurance k Annuity Office, Lip- 
hook Sub-Office.— Alfred Fewtrell, postmaster. Letters 
received by rail at 6 a.m. k 1.30 p.m. ; dispatched at l:i.30 
p.m. St for west of England at 8 p.m, ; all parU at 8.30 
p.m. Telegraph buauieai, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; aunda^, 8 
to9 a.m 

Staffdrdalttre Fire, R. Rapley, Lipbnok 
Wtmtmbutgr Firt,H, P. Uixon, Liphook 

Rtliwint OJheTt Bbenner Rowland 

Schools : — 

//atumal, Bramshott, William Oeorfie Gulliver, mailer 
ffatianal, Liphook, Miss Dickey, mloiress 
Katumal, Conford, Miss Lawn, mistress 
yatimat. Hammer, Miss Fanny Hadgwidt,mlstnH 
Railway StatwH, Llpho<A, UonUhi L. Ikylor, statloa 

Butler Henry Charies, Downland boose 
OipwRer. WillUamWolfeif.A.[ rector] 
Cbalcrafk William, Hewshott hill 
Etie Lady, The Grange 
Uacdunald Sir Archibald Keppel bart. 

D.L. Woolmer lodge 
Pearse Thomas l^ederick l.k.c.p. 

Adsm's cottage 
Sherwood William, Alpha cotUge 
Steward Rev. Bdwant m.a. [curate], 

Bramshott house 
Warren Andrew 


Bartholomew John, &rmerft cattle dlr 
Edmonds Wm. Hanty, grocer k draper 
Elstone Edwin, grocer ic bakcr-Conrord 
Loneh J amea, grooer, dnpn, anuer, ft 

poet office 
Moore WiUiam, blackamlth ft naehlnlat 
Mom waiiam ft Andnw, adge toot 

makeia, CenCord 

Moss William ft Henry, edge tool 
makers, Conford 

Moss Isaac, shopkeeper 

Patteoden James, Seven Thornt 

Pearse Thomas Frederick I..R.C.F. sur- 
geon, Adam's cottage 

Reed William, Crieketen 

Scammell Albert John, miller ft baker 

Toop James, blaekamith 

Warren BrotlieiB, pqterinaoafiMSttirers 
ft stationers 

Waymark John, Dmt'm Hut 

Wing Henry, farmer^ Church fiira 

Bntler Mrs. OsboriMs 

Dlzon Henry PbUlp, Hertfmi • ottage 
Dodson Mrs 

Leadbeater Rev. CharUa Webster, 

Hertford cottwe 
Mdlersb Hiss, Uptiook bouse 
Overton Wm. Henrv, Griggs green 
Stevens James Wbittshili.Chillley house 
Tristram Mrs. Foley house 

Cbristmas Caleb, tarmer 

Christmas Jsmes, farmer 

Rdgelor James, harness ft collar maLar 

Fewtrell Alfred, grocer ft pruvi»l»B 

dealer, ft post office ^ 
Gale — , Csrinvr 

Gauntlet George, aroeer ft coal dealer 

Harris Abrmhsm, butcher 

Hogsfleah William, hamees ft ooUarma 

Hunt Alfred, Wkeatthetff 

Lloyd Kesia(Mrs.),stFawbiwiet mak«r 

Uartyr William, RuUwaj/ tavern 

Peake John Maehiu, Roj/iU Anchor 

hotel, ctmmerciai inn ^ jmtuig 

JhtfHM,^ Ore«n Dragon 
Pestdl Swab (Mrs.), shopkeeper 
Rapley Richard, builder, carpenter ft 


Rowland Ebeneser,stationerA^kadl«r 
Smith George, wheelwrh{bt 
Stent James, grocer ft Unea diaper 
Wakeford James, butcher 
U'indlbank James, bUcksmlth 
Wiodibank Richard, bulelw 

.^BAN SGOBX la an eodeslastical parish, fanned In 1874 
flom the pailaliea of Cbrlstdmrdi andSopUy, in tbe South- 
am division of the oDnn^. hundred, union and oounhr eourt 
dlatrlet of Cbrlslohttidi, atoease and arehdeaooary of Win- 
chester and rural deanery of PonUni^Ridge western diri- 
alon. 111 miles from London, 6 south mm Ringwood, 4 
Doru<east from Cbristohureh and 3 eooth<w*«t from Hol- 
snesley stations on the Lmidoa aiul South Western rail* 
way. ThechurchofSt.Mar7,ereetedial8S,intbeLatcr 
Bnglleh etyle, has been entirMy restored and enlarged, at a 
coat of £1,900, and the church repeated : it consists of nave 
and apsid^ chimoel ; three stained windows (the gift of J. 
Henry Dart esq. of Bee^ House), representing the Birth, 
Death and Resurrection of our Lord, have been placed init. 
The register dates from the vear 1832. The living is a 
vicarage, now of the yearly value itf £230, having been aug- 
(ueoted inl876by J. Henry Dart esq. with re«]deDoe,in (he 
sift of trustees, and held by tbe Rev. Francis Frederick 
HcGiyon M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin. The parsonage 
house, a brick building near to tbe church, was erected In 
1844 and la well shdtered. The Wesleyans have a small 
'Ohapelhere. Beech House, tlieresideneeofj, Henry Dart esq. 
j.p. Is pleasantly situatea on an eminence, surrounded by 
woods: it was built in the reign <^ Charles 11, andenlai^fed 
In the beginning of tbe present eentun : tbe principal tsa- 
tranoe by tha wwt front : 'to iharvlit Is tbe handsome 
library, on the Ml is tba spadooa dl^ng^oom ; in the 
aooth-aast wing la the drawlng^iooai, richly decorated: the 
firooDda and lawBi are to the eartf iraere there ara varieties 

oi rich flowers and exotics In profhsloD ; the present pro- 
prietor has erected a tower wtalth commands extenldva 
Tiewa, and has also made la the grounds aooM omaneatal 
pleasantly situated, enoompaased by plantations aS ever- 
greens and commanding exteoslve views. Harrow Lodge, 
the modem residence M Wm. Percy Jesson esq. Is on a 
gentle eminence, having within sight the DoneMiito tailla 
on rhe west, alao the Catherine hills and Uerou Court and 
to the south tbe Uie of Wight and tbe Needlea. J. "Uenry 
Dart eeq. the principal landowner. The soil Isgravel 
and elay, and In some parU yields good crops of wheat, 
barley and oats. Some of the InhaMtanU work here in brick 
making which is carried on to some extent, but the greater 
part are employed la agricalture. Tlw popolatiun In 1879 
wss 1,U.'W. 

Godwin's Cnopt,! mile sauth-ea»t ; Thorney HiU, I 
mile north-east ; Waterditch, 1 mile soutii ; Neacroft, balf- 
B-mile south ; and Middle and Lower Bockhaaptoo, balf- 
a-mlle west, are within this parish. 

SMflm, J. Medhnist. 

Letters are received tbroogh Ringwood. The nearest SMn^y 

order offiee la at Chrlatchureb 
In oonneetioa with the etaunh Is a good pariah day fc 

saaday aehool, anpporied,hy Toluutary eootrlbutioos 

Natkmtl SeikMl, Praaels Graan, niaater; Mrs. Khoda 
tinea, mlatrasB 

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Dirt J. Henrj j p. Bercli hon«c 
JeMon Wflliam Pern. Barrow lorfze 
McGItdb [teT.Fm.Plmdk. M.A.|.«leir] 
Sqw Btdym Qtatnj, Hettbftdd 


Bend) Daniel, hrick maker 
BoltOD Jameo, &]>nier, Neacroft 
Broomfldd Alhrtbrick mkr.Tfaomy hill 
Broonfldri Cb««jihDpkeeper,Thorny hi 
Broomfleld Pmlerfck, bride maker 
Bnm Henrrt&tnner.WaterfaouN farm 
Ball Job, baker ft ibopkeeiw 

GrifQn Oeorgie, farmeF 

Hiiil«!7 Jamfla, brldtlayer 

Hallev William, shopkeeper ft roal 

dealer, Godwio't croft 
Hania Hear;, Carpmtert' Armtfk 

Head Wllltam, tboe maker 
Jerrard OeorRe, ftrmer,Godwln'a eroft 
Johoton GeoTfte, &rmer,Godwla'< croft 
J one* Sarah (Mra.), fanDer 
KerijJamea, Crown 
Lewu Jtmei, fiirroer 
Maidiant Oatkbaker ft Kroc8r,NaeiQft 

Nightiiigale Riebard, road Bamyor 
Pantr Ann(Hrs.)>*hopkeeper, Ncserofk 
Perry WUIiam, taltor 
Pettr ThomM, bmier 
Phllllpa Henry, fiuwer, Waterditch 
Sanodera Bdwanl, ■mlth 
Selli: John, &ri»er, Godwin'* croft 
Shave EU^thateher & ahopkeeper 
StricklandTba. earpenter,Oodwin'a crft 
Sweetlnsbam Richard, abopkeeper 
Vaeber Charles, brmer tt brick maker 
Whittle Jane (Mrs.), Thrwe Tin* 

BBEA.1C0&X is a liberty, pariah and *llla^ and station labyrinth, some eentaries old. The soil of the parish la 
on the dallsiMify and Doraet railway, 8 miles aonth from loam ; anbtolL i^rel. There la a larg« common with in**!* 
SalUmry aad 3 north from Fordlngbridge, oo the west bank log land on Breamore downs. The chief enpa are wheat, 
oftlwAnm, tatbeSoBtheradiirtMBof theeoanta,oa tlw ' barley, oata and tnmlpa. The area is 3,440 acm; rateaUo 
WUtablre border, hundred, onion and connt; court district ■ value, £4,542 ; tbe popalation la 1871 was 686. 
<X Pordrngbriih^. The llring beinf a donatlTe, it is not ' 

-nZ3£:^;.rfi Winn St ^^iTfn^M^^n JT^J JTrMn ^™ Cha«k>«» b H mltes north ffom Bmmor«, and 
.i^TkSirL^Ji^SSS^^^ ' <^ DowntJIi ; It la an ancient perl sh, men- 

^t\ontA In Domesday as " Clier-lefofd." Froraan ancient 
^f*^^" MS. serWce book, now In the British Hnsenm [Bib]. Reg. 
.^^J^JI xxi.l, and which waa given to aouth Chariord by Sir Jo&i 
!^ > Popwm in 140i, it appears that a paroehUI eliurch and 

deaneiT of Potdingbridgm weatem division. Broamora 
sereraf times namn in Domesday Book, and was 
tbe eite of a priory, which anciently stood opon the 
tbe iTon, near to the mill^wblcb is itself mentioned 
Domesday. A few 
rtnrdjard, and 
fterdenv are tlie » 

in^ The parish cbnreh of 6t. Hary 
esnler period than the diasoWed priory, some portions of 
tbe ^eseat etnictore being of Barfy Norman arehitectore, 
and features exist which indieata a still earlier foundation : 
it eonrists of a chancel, nave and central tower : tbe cbanod 
wai restraed in 1874 by the preicBt rector : there !• • very 
ancient porch at the south-west end of tlte chnreh, wltb a 
cbanber over it (now closed), in which are the remains of 
smte frescoes : near the porch is a venerable yew tree, which 
is pnb^ly from 800 to 1.000 years old. The register dates 
from the Tear 167d. The living is a donative, and is held 
with South Cfaarfwd; tiia Utbes are commated at £714; 
the present patron and rector la the Rev. Edward Parker 
Dew of Bxeler College, Oxford. Tbe manor of Brea- 
oi««, which fonneriy beltmsed to tbe priory, has been held 
for many geoemiion* by the fiunily of Hulse, now repre- 
sented 1^ Sir Edward Uulse ban. D.L. of Breamore House. 
TUa mansion la a lar^fe and handsome building, In the EUta- 
bethan style, almost entirely modem, and replaces one of 
umilar stj le, which was hnmt October 19th, 1856 : it standi 
in a park of 137 acre* and is backed hy woods, which akirt 
tbe Salisbur7 downs: near tbe hooia la a cnrloosmaxe or 

Absalom UiM 
Brown Mrs 

Dew Rev. Edwd. Parker H.A. [rector] 
Uwrington Benjamin,Cmastree cottage 
Balae Sir Edwatd bart. S.L., j.p. 

Breamore house 
Whatman CbarltM Mann Comwallli 


AbMkm William, farmer 
Bridle Stephen, builder 
Dodl James, tailor 

Chester. The church wa^ built at the expense of Sir Jidm 
Popbam, who waa lord of tbe manor of Charford, and iritb 
the consent of Jobn London, at that time prior of Breamore. 
Not a stone of the chnreh fa now visible, but some monnde 
near Charford &rmhoaseare anpposed to cover its ruins. 
That portion of tbe ptrish which lies on the east hank of tlie 
river Avon la annexed to the living of Hale ; that on the 
western bank pays tithes commntM at £163 16s. -to tbe 
patron of Breamore. Tbe area is 863 acres : rateable value 
£M«I ; the popniation in 1871 was 78. 
Parith Cierk, Samuel Hobbs. 

Post Oppicb.— Henry Loxley Duell, receiver. letters 
received from Salisbury at 5.0 a.m. a are diapatched at 
7.45 p.m. ; delivery commences at a.m. The nearest 
money order office is at Fordiogbrldge. The telegraph 
office is at the Railway station 
Mixed 5cAm/, Henry bioden, master 
Railway Station^ Robtrt Clscy, station master 
Caembr to Salis bub r.— William Edward Morse, tuts, 
tbnn. it mt 

Ed sail Jeremiah, smith 
Edsall Susan (Urs.), smith 
Frowd Jobn, earpenter 
Prowd William, shoe maker 
Hall George, ftrmer 
Hall Herbert, miller 
Hobbs Hamnd, carpenter 
Jeans Jacob Wm. farmer, Cooke's ftrm 
Kllford Geotge, bakir & groeer 
Morse William Edward, carrier 
Newman Peter, farmer 

Read George, farmer, South Charford 
Rogers Thomas, Bat ^ Bait 
Stanford Charlet, brm bailiff to Sir 

Edward Hnlse oart. Home farm 
Stanford James, land agent ft steward 

to Sir Edward Hulse hart.Homefkrm 
Witt Charles, farmer. Flood's form 
Witt Stephen, farmer. North fbrm 
Wort Frederick (exors. of), farmer 
Wrightscm John, former, Charford ho 
Yonng Alfred Wm. former. Top's form 

BBOCEEirU I7BST is a pariah and atation on the 
tkmtbampiuD and Dorchester branch of tbe South Weatem 
railway, in the Southern divirion of the county, Lymlngton 
petty aeaaidnal division, union and county court district, 
nstan division of the hundred of New Forest, dloceae and 
ardideaconry of Winchester and raral deanenr of Fordlng- 
bridge eastern division, 94 mites fh>m London, 4} north- 
hy-west from Lymingtonand IQsouth-westfoom Southamp- 
ton. The Tillage la delightfully situated on the high road 
from Lyndhorst to Lymlngton, and command* beautiful 
prtMpeetit of a conridenble portion of the New Forest : the 
river Lymlngton passes by the northern extremity of the 
vlU^e. The dinrch f not dedicated) is Eariy Norman, and 
has chancel, nave and spire. Tbe register dates from the 
year IfiOO. The tiring is a vicarage, yearly value about 
£100, with Ticarage built In the year 1870 on a forest site 
icranted by tlie Crown, In tbe gift of John Uorant esq. and 
held by thie Rev. Geoive Oclavlo* Wray LL.D. of Downing 
Cdlege, Cambrid^. Here Is acttapel £ir Baptists. Brock- 
eiihnrst Parle tbe seat of Jobn Horant esq. j.p. who la 
lord of the manor and principal landowner, is a fine stone 
nanaion standing in a well-wooded park of several acres 
and near the bi^ti road to LyndhuTst and Lymington. The 
soil is marl and loam ; aaMdl, grarel and In parte day. 

The chief cropa are wheat, oats and grass. The area is, 
accordinii to ordnance map. 6,073 acrea; rateable value, 
£4,225 14a. 6d.; the population in 1871 was 1,180. 

WuiTLBT RiDOB Is 1 mile noTth-ewt} New Park, S 
miles north : Hincbeslea, 2 west. 

Paiitk Clerkt Pnuk Jtaiey. 

Post k Mokbt Okdbr Office k Savings Bank Sl Teh- 
graph Office.— Miss Elizabeth Butt, recdrer. Letters 
received through the Lymington office, by mail cut. at 
4.30 a.m. tc delivered at 6 a.m. ft 3.30 p.m. ; dlapatdied 
at 11.80 a.ra. 4.S0 p.m. k 0.90 p.m 
Ikbitkaiiob Aobnt.— Cmnerctal C^nien, 8. J. CkM 
JVational School {Brmuk Board) matter 
RaUwttj/ StaHmtf Samnd Close, atatkm mialer 

Rhikbfibld is ■ towDship 3 miles north-west from 
Broekenhnrst station, waa constituted, by an order of the 
Poor Law Board, dated November 33rd, lt}68, and added to 
Lymlnffton union by a subsequent order, dated 30th Jann- 
ary, ll»9 ; it consists of parts of Rbhtefleld and Wilveriey 
Walks, in tbe New Forest, which were extra-parochlal prior 
to the pushir <rf the New .Forest Poor Law Act of |866 

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(88* 90 VIrt. e. W), md bwhidM tfae foUowInfr place* 
BUoiMd Lodge, Rtalnvfidd, Btadyg Cottage, Latetamon, 
Wilverlcy Lodtts aw) Sst k Honia iBdoauw CotUffo. Tba 
Dordieater and SonthimpHm ralhmy pama tbrongfa tke 

townabtp. The Crown la lord of tbn manor and aola land- 
owaer. Tlw soil la day and fnntTel ; aubadi, day j the efairf 
enpa ara o«ta, wtaaat mA baifey. The anm la 7^6«en* : 
mfeaable volw!, £339 4s. 0d. ; tba popiaatfon In VS71 waa46. 

Blake Itev. Robert [Bapttstl 
Rshear Herbert, Whttlpv RiO^e lodgs 
Oreatiiead Urs. Tisdy Cron lodfte 
Lovdl Pranda Frederic j.p. k Lady 

Roae, Hincheslea 
Horant Joha j.p. Brockenhaiat paric 
Madge Richard Koidev, Brookl^ bb 
Parts Hiss, Brookley cottaga 
Smith Nathaniel Bowdan j.p. Brock- 

enhurat Indira 
Staadlsh WuflAfn, New park 
Wrar fier- George OcIaflBS LL.D. 

[flcar], Vicantg* 
Boafd BuiuAf«eb40hDaater 

Bart Elisabeth (Hiu\ Bhi^pkceper 

Collins ComeliTis, beer retatler 

Fuller Frederick, hutuher 

Orav Archibald, Bat A- Bnlt 

GuIUrer GeoFiie, Bbopkeeper 

loi<s Janes, Rose Crown 

Kemith Daniel, beer retailor. 

Lunn Daniel, saw mills 

Uanuel Alfred, Railway inn 

Martin Hoaes, land steward to John 

Honmt esq. j.p 
Maaten CaroiiiM ( Mra.), hlndumtth 
Maatm Thomas, blacksmith 
Miles LeoBantffiinaer 

Perry Thomas, ftrmer, Brookley farm 
Pope James, wood turner 
Putter John, beer retailer, Setley 
Rawlance James, shoe ma. ft sitopkpr 
Read Joseph, farmer. Little Brookley 
Rooke Thomas, Bhopkeeper 
Rooke William, tailor 
Short Joseph, shoe maker 
Smith William, ftrmer 
Sparks Isaac, fiirmer,OTer form 
Ward Edward (Mrs.),fiuvar,flitU7 
Ward James, nrmer 
WatermsB Joaaph, oarpanttr 

BBOOMT tDwnsliip waa constituted Yn an order of tbe 
Poor Law Board, dated SSrd Norember, 1608 ; and byaeab- 
sequent order dated 13th February, IS^, was added to the 
Rbigwood union, and Is in the county eoatt district of Pbrd- 
ingbrid^. It is composed of plaeea which were extra- 
parochial, and oonprlsea the foilowinir: — Breomr Ledffe, 
Broomy New Enelosnre Cottage. Llnford, Un^onl New 
£nek»ure Cottage, Lin wood, Roe Bnclosore Cottage, 

Hires Alfred, Broomy lodf(a 1 Crocker Jobn,&raier 

Coonbs John.&rmer | Deacon WilUam, brmer 

Sboblej and Htrily Hateb, all In the New Forest : It b 
altout 6 milM nortb-eaat from lUngwood. The land bdonKs 
to tne Crown. The soil Is day and gravd; subsoil, clay 
and gravel : a portion of the towoship u uncuitirated ibreat 
land and woods, Intersected by cultivated patebes af wheat, 
oau and roou ; the area la 4,7d0 acres ; rateable nliu, 

£508. The population in 1871 was 12)0. Letterw tbioaip 

Ringwoodf bat no dellTery. 

Qaj AtnM,ftfiiMr 

BAOUOHTOK is a pleasant rillaBe 8i milea north-west 
from Horseltrid0s station en the Ajadorer and U«dbridira 
Itraach of the LoOdoa and Soath Western nulway, 4 aoulh- 
west from Stoekbridga and 13 uertb-weat from Hoauey, in 
the Northern dlTisien of the county, hundred of l'honi^b>, 
Rensey petty sesaioaal division and county court <iUirk:t, 
Stoektwidgfl union, dlooese and archdeaconry of Winchester 
and rural deanery of Bomsey. The choreh of St. Uary is 
an ancient atmcture, and w ohanoal, nave, aialea, oonh 
and Bouth porches, with maaaive low square embattled tower 
containlnK 6 belts and a dock : it waa reseated in 18S3. The 
nslster dates from the year 1665. The living is a rectory, 
with the rectory of Bositington annexed, joint yearly value 
£917, with residence and ^ acres of guba, in the fgXl at 
VUlian BarlDgeBq.andfaddbTtheR«v.8ianlakeLeeii..A. 
of Quern's College, Oxford. Tnere are cbapels fbr Baptiitta 
and Wesleyans. A &lr is held on the 6rat Monday In July. 
Broughton House, the residence of James George Edwards 
eeq. is i^eaiantty situated at the aoath of the village, as Is 
also the Rookery, the residence of Philip Keele Rmmott 
eaq. Henry Smith's charity, of £M 17s. yearly, is for 
dothlng, and other charities of £16 yearly, are distributed 
by the rector and churchwardens, and £20, which wasleft by 
the late T. Baring eaq. is distributed by the rector alone. 
WUUam BariOK esq. j.p. who is lord of the manor, J. H. 
Brewer esq. and Sir William Heathcete turt. are the princi- 
pal landowners. Tlie soil and subsoil are chalk. The diief 
crops are wheat, barley and oats. The area Is 4,171 acres ; 
rateable valoe, £6,302 ; the populMjon in 1871 was 950. 

Crowm Faem and FrbkchmooR, ibrmer^ extra- 
paroehial,areparidifls.thafiH«aerbdng In the occupation of 
Mr. James W. Teasdale, of Bosalngton, with an area of 167 
acres ; rateable value, £168; and had in 1871 a population 

of 9. "Hie aereege of the latter is S71 ; ratealile value, 275 ; 

the population in 1871 vraaSO. 
Prrrigk Clerk, 3vaum Marsh. 

PoHT, HoiTBT OHDBRitTBLBOBApa OpviCBft Savings 
Bank. — John Pope, receiver. Letters recdved from Win- 
chester, via Stoekbridge, at 7.80 a.m. ; dlapatehed at 7 
p.m. week days ; at 19.40 p.m. on ■oadaya 

Oppicbbb fvt tfw BroBgfatOB dtiMek of StoidMdge 
union :— 

Medical Ogtar ^ PiOfHe FaMfNoffm Q^»r, Janta 

Ri^iMtrar of BirtTu ^ Deaths, Relieving ff^ Vaixination 
Officer, CoUector of Ratet it Taxet, Sanitary In- 
Jipeelor ^ School AttttuUtnce Offieer, Jaaias Baeoa 
Regiitrar i^fMa i t i Mgat, John Horgaa 

The school, founded In 1001 under the will of T. Dowse eaq. 
ft enlarKod in 1747, under the will of Dr. Croft, was again 
thnroagnly restored in 1^64 : the income of the school is 
£88 ft £40 additional waa left by Oe late Thonaa Baring 
esq. ; ttoys of Broughton ft of Bmsington are taaght nad- 
Ing, writingft accounts, In confjrmity with the directions 
of the fouiioer ; a girls' ft infiuits' school Is now annexed, 
both being supported by the cndownent ft aunuat sul>- 

National, William Henry Kndler, maatar; XIm Jaae 

Stevens, mistress 
Cab BIBBS : — 

Henry Hay, to Salisbury, tuesday, ft Winchester, Wednes- 
day ft Saturday, returning same days 

John Uorgan, to Salisbury, tuesday : to Winchester, Wed- 
nesday and Saturday ; to Andover, mday ; ft to Roouey, 
thursdaj, returning same days 

Bailey Hinton Richard 
Buckeridge Rev. George [Baptist] 
Clapperton James l.h.c.p. St. Mary's 
Edwards James George, Bro«^hton ho 
Eminott Miss 

Emmott Philip Keele, The Rookery 
Kerby Joseph 

Lee Rev. Stanlake m.a. rrector] 
Hood v Misses 
Baonders Stephen 
Saunders Thomas Leach 
TbBBklM Mtas, The Cottage 
WUeber Mrs. George 


Arnold Jesse, larmer, Waterloo farm 
Bacon James, registrar of births ft 

deaths fcc 
Bacon WiDIam, licensed to let horaes 
BaSey Hairy Godwin, fanner, Ptttle- 

worth fsrm 

Banes Henry, coal dealer 
Bennett Samuel, tailor 
Betterid|{e Cfaarlea, Nea iun 
Blake Richard, harness maker 
Brooke Thomaa Henry, road surveyor 
Clapperton James, surgeon, ft medical 

otficer for district 
Cornwall William, professor of music 
Davis Richard, miller ft fkrmer 
Drake George, blacksmith 
Edwards Jamea George, barrister, 

Brouriiton house 
Fisher Jamea, Qreyhound {nn,ft farmr 
Puteher Robert, tailor 
Oale Amoe, butcher 
Qale Martha (MIm), beer retaUer 
Que Elisabeth (Hn.), shoe maker 
Halwdl Bennett, cooper 
Hammond Jas. carpenter ft blacksmith 
Harrington Qeurge, shopkeeper 
HinwoMi Thomas, bakerft butcher 
Hixon Edward, beer retailer 

ICing Thomas, ftrmer ft maltster 
LraSourn Jatoee, beer retailer 
Hay Henn', carrier ft dealer 
Morgan John, carrier ft dealer ft 

refTiBtrsr of marriafces 
NoyoeCharlea,wood dea]er,FrenchmO(tf 
Noyce Joseph Henrv, grocer 
OUrff Satab (Hiss), dress maker 
Palmer Aldsworth John ft Thomas, 

farmers. Nine Mile WMer 
Petty Gedige, lariuor 
Pope John, draper ft grocer 
Robinson Robert, buuder ft farmer 
Itose Michael, fanner 
(Saunders Johu Khig, bakar ft licensed 

to let horses 
Saunders Lucy (Miss), school 
Seaward Jacob, fiu-mer, Hanorftfu 
Smith Robert, grocer ft draper 
Stone Charies, larmer, RoaKebna 
Woodford Jodah, shoe maker 
Wood&rd Wnilam, shoe maker 


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BtnXINOTOir h • pftHah S ntlis wMt ftom HleM- 
dever ■Ution vu the 9oNth WeMem nllwa^, 61 fnm Lon- 
don and 4 KHTth from Whitehin<eh,in the Northern dlt Moa 
of Uw conntT, Andover nnlun. eomty court dlitrirt aad 

Sy aeNiooal dIfMoa. Wbemll hondred, dtoooe sad arch- 
wary of WinchMter, ind mril deanery of ANUomt 
■oothtm dtTMoD,dtinted on the rlrer Teit. Theelmreh 
of St Michael it a amall and plain stnictarr, built about the 
year 1100: restored In 1H71, at acost of abetit £1,060, rMaed 
liy HilwCTlptlon : it tarn ebaiusel and nave with a low sqaare 
lowv eoatiUniiig 9 and atoe contains a fine orfran, the 
coat of wUdi waa ikfiraved bv Mn. Uoyd, the wUe of tka 
dear: tbe caat window la atabied. Tha ntpwer dataa from 
aboatlTOO. ThelMng la avkarage, ivbii Tnftoninnexed, 

Banowa Ms * 1 Cottm Da¥ld, bnaer, TMlnry ten 

llojd Otf. Fndetia AaafaatoB KJl. Oibbona Otwrfre, Suma 
[TkarJ I Boaa Oaidd, fiLrnar 


yeariy valae £M0, In the Rtft of WHlkm Kemy Iremonger 
eai|. and hdd by the Rev. Prederis Aaabetoa Und v-A. «f 
I>««i broke ColhiTe, Oiford. Hara la an eld ftomaa «n- 
camiment, ealM Tldbury RinK, whan mmtj aitdeirteatoa 
have been fiMnd. P.J. D. H«wker«aq. ialerrioftkemaaor. 
The principal landowners an Ucana. Wlddtam, Rev. T. 
Ridley, the Barl of Portunouth, P. Padwiok and P. J. O. 
Hawker aaqia. and the Bccleaiastical Commfaafoners. The 
aail is lean ; sabaoll, efaalk. Thv chief erofia are wheat, 
barley and oats. The area is 1,6'^ serea; rateable vahie, 
£l,7:(0 ; and the aopulatlon ia 1871 waa 174h 

Clerk, John Whatl«r. 
Letters throuKh Mleheldever. Sottoo Beotoey la the naareat 
■on^ order ofBoe. Wal& Box dcared atfi^ p.n 

Taaner Tfaemas, BvUUigttit Crut 
Whadey John, ahtw ma. ft pi^Uielerk 
Wiggi John, iarmtt 

BTTBOHOIiXBB l> • i41ta«tt aitd pwlsh 3 mitaa aonUi 

from ifewbnry, 4 weet frnm Khagsderc, in the Northern 
divMonof the county. Klnfp«fare petty aoasianal division 
aad nioB, Evbifcar bandrad, aomitjr court diatrtet of New- 
bar;, dioeeae ami arebdeaeonry or Wiaoheat«r atkd raral 
dMmery of Andover Mrtfaem (HrMon. There are two 
chnrehes : tin old ebarefa of All Satnta wan tkorounfaly 
restoied In the jaar M61, by the Hail of Oanarvoa, tke 
Bmnffcr Coimteaaaf Camarvon, and tba lata nolor, Iba 
Bar. George Wallace : it eansitw i of a elnmeel, nave aad 
email shingled tower. The rtivlster dates from tba year IfiM. 
Tbe new parish cfmrch, dT The Ajioemlea, was mated 
in 1886 and mvcli entatited and re-aeatod In 187ft: It b 
in the late Perpendicular atyle, wttk sqiiara tow and 
aUogled aptre, oaneei, nave and ttaaaepts: Itstaadaoaaa 
eletttioD in the centre of tbe palish. Tbe Ilviitg b areetorjr, 
cooaoUdated with tbe cbapelry of New Town, Wat yearty 
raloe £1,200, with residence aad 188 aoaa of ddbe, hi tbe 
rift of tbe Karl of Carnarvon and \\M by the Rev. Geortre 
nayiaoiid Portal k.a. of Cbiiat ChuRh, Oxfbrd, donastic 
dnplahi to the Earl of Carnarvon, Here b a kIkmI, 
sapported by snbaeriptien, with an aadowment sS £10 
yearly. The PrfmitlTe Hethedists havea ptaoe of worship 
here. Petty aeadons, for Klngaelere dlviaion, are 
tJw " Camaa-von Arms,'* Whitway, monthly ; and the boai^ 
of gaanUana of the Kba^kre antan neet at the same place 
once a &rtntf^hl ; &r particulars see Kiagsdere. This place 
teeBM to have been a Kmnan station. On tiie aummlt of 

Beaeon IDll, whbk b e70faet In hdfht Md tfbaat a aile to 
tba west, are thcrenutes of a Brltbh aanamiiiiMiil. aad to 
the eaoth are tbe Sevea Bamwa. Adbary Parit b the seat 
of WUUamFox caq. j.p.: tbe maaabn ta haadaoma and 
conaaiodlDaa, aanoanded by cstensive aad pbtureaaoa 
grouds, and eommanda a ebanaing fra s pe e t. Mrs. Ark> 
Wright baa abo a pleaaaat retldence fam, allied Adbnry 
House. BovgtaaleK Haaar Hoime is a Sne aid reaUeaee ui 
exteaafare gwmnds. at pfeaantoeeapted by Hva.Baa<lKiaaide: 
it bdoaga to tba Bart of Canurvim, The priaeipal land- 
oonMraaae the Rari of CaraarvoD, irfae b loid «f the manor, 
Wiliam Rawlay Ki^n^ eaq. j.p. and Will^ poa esq. 
J.P. The BoU b varbwt drieay wat gravd and chalk hilla, 
wlik allnvial aaU In the hottoaa ; them b aba a eomiderable 
extent oi dawn bad. The chief eropa ace wheat, Wrley aod 
Data. The area b 0^ anea ; tateabb valua, £6,(7^ ; the 
popabtlon in ld71 was 705. 

Waaaa, S mUaa nortb-eaat, WUtway 1^ iMrth.bT.waat. 
Palmer's Ooart and Haattaaraold, ud Idbaiy arc pboea la 
tbb parish. 

Stmton, WUHam Walt. 

Po8T Oppioa.— Itieami Hut, raedvar. Letlera arrive 
from Newhery at 8 a.m. ; diapatefca d at p.m. ; ean- 
days, 12,10 p.m. The aeBaBt meiiBy ordar oOoa ii at 

Weoiton hUl, Bast Woodfaay 
School, Tbemu J. Kellefray, master 
Auistant Overtter, William Pavey 

Allea Thomas W. Wbitway bouse 
Arkwrlfiht Mrs. Adbury iMtuse 
Bax-IrMialdeMra.BDtgBdere Manor ho 
PanahaweCapLA. K.H.AdbuiT cottage 
PbzWnilam j.p. Adbury park 
Lorebck Mra 

Portal Rev. George Raymond M.A. 
[rector]. Rectory 


Baker Georse, boot maker. Spring lane 
Berry Joeeph, boot maker 
Brown Jamea, farmer, Dodaftrm 
Odea Charlea, Carnarvon Armg, ft 
brewery, Wnitway 

Bales Cbarlea Bitxrcy, farmer 
Eelee Gaorite, brickm^er 
BvanaJoB^h Rnaadl^ ftnner, lUdft^ 

moor ftru 
Hardlnft George, brmer, Sbeepwaah 
Harris Ot«rge, mrpenter ft becrretailr 
Hart Thomas, post otttce 
H eameTho*. Prs-frmr. Heatfaerwold frm 
HoUoway Henry, carpenter 
Hooper Robert, hrmer, Werga 
Kelleway Thomas J. achooimaster 
Lovdoek Geoijre, farmer, Whitway 
Lovelock Thomas, hrmrr 
Uandieater Chariea, ftmer 

Moth Jdtn, beer retadter 

Palmer Jamea.&rmer, Brickhooae farm 

Pavey WUIiaTn, dtopkeaper, ftaaabtant 

overseer. Whitway 
Phillips William, fkrmer 
Pike John, brick maker 
Plenty Edward Pellew, farmer 
Sbeerman Robert, hbekaailth 
Smith Henry, fiuiner, Eariatone turn 
Tacker William, farmer 
White Charles ft Henry, fanue/s 
White Charbs, faraer, Coepv's farm 
While John, brmer, Sbeepwaah 

B0BITONbavUli«« and pariah, with the rithtana of 
NUBSYBD and WaaTwr, S ndfaa soath from Patei^eU, 
aad M from Ltmdon, near the Sussex border. In the pariia- 
meatary beivagli of PetersMd, Northan dtridon of the 
eonnty, hundred of Fheh Dcao, PetersAeld naUm, eaanly 
eoort'dbtrict and pat^ aesaiaaal divbian, dlaaeee ud arefa- 
dtaeonryofWinehaaMr aad mal deanery of Pstersfield. 
Tbe London and Sontb-Weatem railway ram throogli thb 
pari^. The chnrch of St. Mary is an aadeat edifice, and 
consbta of a chancel, nave and aiales, with a square tower 
covered with Ivy : It contains mudi that b interesting ; the 
nive » Namma, dating back to eariy In tlie 19th oentnry : 
tbe chancel b Early EngIhA, aad contahis abeauUfalaedlle, 
piadna, and aoadny : tfacre b abo a Ane mKl.sci<een ot 
iWi eaitary mak Mm nMp : then ara aeveral monuments — 
the moat eonapieaonaoneiaof the Bilsons family. Tlw«hnich 
was rotored in 1878, at a eost of £9,900 : it contains two 
Btabed windows, one in memory of lars. J. BoreharaCartb 
aadtheotberofMrs.Souner,wlfeofl!herector. Thengirter 
dalesfrma the year 1678. TheltTtngba rectory, with the 
enradcaof Peterafleld and (Street annexed, in the gHt of 
the Bbbopof Wincfaesti'r,vahiembDut £1,1B1 a year, wit4t 
reridenee, and heM by tbe Rev. John U. Sumner m.a. of 
BalUol <^^«ge, Oxfbrd, «ho b a mal deao. Here la a 
naU Pttadma Mctbodbt eliapd, «Keted In 1848. Tkeia' 

are three almaheaaaa br womea, erected and endowed by 
Mra. Mary Ann Kaanalt la 1883^ for thiee poor woman, 
provMing each with 6*. per week aad lodslnga. On the 
downs to ^e -wmt are b a rr o ws. Gibbon, the biatoian, Uved 
at Bariton Manor fl«uae,andhbfatJiaris bnriedat Bvritoa. 
John Bonfaam-Cirier eaq. itai at the manot, tba Rev. Wm. 
LafCge,J. Row* Baaaion esq. and C Caomdl c^. anthe 
pdad piJ laadewneia. The aeU b varioaa ; eabsell, roek, 
dayaaddalk. The ehbf crops are wheat, barley, beans, 
oats aad boas. Tbe area b 6,43fi aerea ; ratsabb valae, 
£B,S3B &. 9d. and tbe popalatkm la 1871 was 1080. 

DiTcHAH Pabk, formeriy the aeat aad prepertyof tbe 
Cowper and Odes family, waa purchased In 1806 by Ctmrles 
Cammell eaq. by wimm It has Aaat been much anluged and- 
Jmprof ed ; It b 9 miles south-easL 

Paritk Cterif Walter Bone. 

Post Oppios.r-Joha Bedford, raeairer. Letters laodvad 
fraai Pettnfldd at 7.40a.m. ; diapatcbed at 6JS0 p jn. ; ft 
tm suaday bav« at 10.45 a.m. The aeara rt BK»ay order 
office bat Petersfield 

National SehaoU eraaled la 1845, Hbs Baldwla, mMnaa 
aibsBledftMbsB>na,slib U ti ~ 

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BcByoD John Howe, Nnntid booM 
Cumnell Chvlet. XHtebaa bonM 
Forder Bflit)nnlB John Harflald 
Jsekaoa Rer.Gertld U. b^. (ennta} 
IiBcw John, BanntR)) BUI bow* 

Abnrrow Jsmet, bniUer, wbeelwrigbt, 

grocer tt beer retailer 
Bone Wtlter, brlekl^ar k MiUh d«k 
Bqft WniiuDj fcnner, Old jMtdian 

BrUgrr Andrew, Km ftnoeer 
Brown Wn. JtfUy SailorJLmT.WuUm 
ChM WiUiun, fiwmer, Wectoo 
Dean Bnay, frrma-, Weatoa 
Ferry Jaa. Coach ^ Hortt, Onvel hlU 
Forder Beniamin Joseph, Ume bonier 
Ooodere WiUlani UMrge, kner, 

Nnnted Great bm 
Hairison Jobn^ brick tUs naker, 

Lower W«loa 
Hoanaonwiunea, blaekanith 
Loa Join, brawor Ac baer ratallw 

llMnday Wn. &rmflr, Rtanbridge fivm 

Patrick Tbimu, brickl^per 

Port Janie*, Eartner ft boTM dealer, 

I^wer Weaton 
Seward Sainnel Wflliani, iarnaer, hop 

nower, miller fc Ume bamcr.weatoa 
S|>Ten GeoT^ sheep Jc cattle denier^ 

Riuhea villa 
Stubba Joho, grocer 
Walker Janet. &rmer, Uuior finm 
Welch Jeaae, sImm mskw 

BUBZiET is a township in the Sonthmi division of the ! venters of about £40 annaally, called '* Eyre's Charity,'^ 
county, northern division of the hundred of New Forest, ' havinfl: been left by a person of that name many vears ago, 
Fordingbrldge eoanty court district, Rlagwood union and who also bequeathed an 'annual snni of £3 for toe ednca- 
peUy seMlonal division, diocese and arcfadeaeonry of Win- ' tioa of dght poor children. The mwat of Buriey was 
cheater and rural daaneiv of Fordlngbridge waatem dlvi- ' royal demesne nutfl the tine of Janea I. who granted 
slon, by nil 100, by road oB miles from London, 4 east fhnn ' it to a subject at ^e same thne aa other manors adjacent to 
RtnKWood and nortb-west from Lymlngtoo. Holnsley ' the Forest : It Is mtlrely anrronnded by open forest lands 
station, on the Soathampton and Dorchester railway, In I and wood«, over which tbe manor lias extenvive riKhta. 
this township, 3 miles from the vUlago. of Ringwood Buriey Manor House is pleasantly altaated in a well-wooded 

formerly Intersected the Vllle of Buriey, bnt it was loraed 
Into an eeelesiastlealpariah In 1840, and was made a town^tp 
by an order of the roor Law Board, dated 23nl November, 
1868, when tbe extnb-parochlal parts of tbe New Forest 
known aa Buriey Walk and Holmsey Walk were added to 
the Ville, the whele to be thencefortli styled " Barley Town- 

park of 80 acres ; it la tlie teat of William Clement Dralie 
EadaUe eso. j.f. LL-Colonel 4th Adm. Bat. Hants. R. V. 
who Is lorn of the manor and chief landowner. The soli ia 
sandy loam ; subsoil, sand and gravel. The chief eropsare 
wheat, hav, nets, barley and roots. The area of the town- 
ship Is 10;425 acres ; rateable valne, £3,793 14a. ; tbe popn- 

ship ; " sInM that time all those parts of Ringwood parish lation in 1871 was, of tbe townaUp, 681» and of the ecdetl' 
which intersected the Buriey townehip have been transferred ; astieal parish, 658. 

to Barley, and the tithes appropriated to the use of the 
incumbent of Buriey, which hu thns become a rectory. 
Tbe cbareh of St. John the Baptist, built in 1830, is a plain 
Mek bDilding and cuidatB of nas» and gallery, with belfry 
and 1 bell. The register dates fVom the year 1830. The 
living is a rectory, yearly .value £105, and £90 tbe tithes of 
tbe fmrt of Ringwood annexed to the parish, in the gift of 
the vicar of Ringwood and bald by ttie Rev. John Karshaw 
Craig u.A. of Herifurd College, Oxford. A good reetory 
honoe has lately been built on land given by the Crown, 
with funds supplied by the EeclaalatUcai Commlsslonera, 
aided by private snbscriptfona. Hera la a Mixed school, 
supported by conttibotions, tlie children's pence and a grant 
from Government. Here is a Congregational chapd, with 
a Sunday school. There is a charity belonging to tbe Dis- 


Davis James 

Esdaile William Cement Drake j.p. 

Buriey manor 
Harria Rev. Jabez Hill ba. [cnratel 
fiudion Frederick Bolton, Buriey lodge 
Kennedy Edward Brigga, Dunnarkhill 
Ridler Rev. Robert [Cm^mrational] 

Smyth Willbn Jaa. Park HUl cottive 


Barrow Charles, carpenter 
Bennett William, &rmer 
Bromfleld William, fiu-mer, Varley 
Dear Samuel^ carpenter 
Forder Walter, farmer 

Fugett Henry, shoe maker 
Garrett James, blacksmith 
HaytOT James, farmer 
Hillier John, farmer 
Holloway John, deputy forest surveyor 
Holloway William, &rmer 
Hutchlns JamcL farmer. Merry gardos 
Marcbant EU, shopkeeper 
MarcliaDt George, wheelwright 
Harchant John, fitrmer 
Miller John, farmer, fiuiit^ street 
PhiUIpi William, farmer 
Pope John, &rmer 
Roberts Isaac, fiumer 
Rogers Henry, grocer U. draper 
Sanodert Thomas, farmer 

PiCKBT PotT, ooeupying an elevated site in the ITew 
Forest, on the road to Southampton, is within the township 
of Bnriqr. On the summit of toe eminence is the handsome 
reridenee of the Rev. John Kershaw Craig U.K from which 
a beantifal view is obtained of tbe aurrounding country for 
miles around. 
Parith Clerk, lUebard Gulliver. 

Post OppirB. — Heary Rogers, receiver. Lettm arrive 
from Ringwood at eiOa.a.; dtspatchtd at e.l5p.m. The 
nearett money order oflBoe Is at iUunraod 
ColUdmr of Poor Rate», Heahaefa William Hay^ 
Collector of Income It Aetetaed Taxeg, John Tiller iioam 
Hotmaley RaUway Station, John Harvey, station maatar 
Mixed School, Charles Daintree, matter 

Sims Henry, castrator 
Spicer William, farmer. Pound fkrm 
'nnnerThos.frmr.ftcattle dlr.Stocks fron 
Taylor William, ferraer 
Tiller Moore John, grocer, Vineyard 
Trowbridge William, &rmer 
Vincent Robert, Queen't Rtad 
Whittle Sarah (Mrs.), fkrmer 
Young George, fkrmer. High croft 
Young Henry, cattle dealer 

Picket Post. 

Craig Rev. John Kershaw M.A.[rector) 

Dil lamgerbendl Insula 
Phelps His9, Picket house 
Woodford Henry, Pieh* Pott inn 

BUBSIiEDON is a pariih in tbe Southern division of 
tbe county, hundred of Malnabridge, South Stoneham union, 
Southampton county court district, diocese and archdeaconry 
of Winchester and rural deanery of Bishop's Waltham, 4 
miles east-south-east from Soathampton and 8 north-east 
from Netley station, on the west bank of tbe river Hamble, 
which la here mased by a bridge on the road firom South- 
ampton to Titchfletd, Farebam and Portonouth. Buraleikm 
has a quay or wharf, and a trade is done in timber, brieka 
and coal ij small veaaels. Tbe church of St. Leonard is an 
aodent Norman structure, oonsisting of chanoel, nave, with 
bellMtand 1 belland tnnsopUadded In 1832. Tberegister 
dates from tbe year 1850. The living la a vicarage, yeariy 
value £I1S, withre8idenee,in the gift of Winchester College 
and held by the Rev. Evelyn Joa^ Hone m.a. of Wadbam 
College, Uxfiird. William Charles Hnmphrya esq. Is tbe 
principal landowner ; the Bishop of Whicbettsr b lord of the 

manor. The soil la light sandy ; subsoil, gravel. The chief 
crops are wheat, oats, bariev and meadow. Tbe area it 90S 
acres; rateable value, £2',3I6; the population in 1871 
was 664. 

HuNQBBPonn, balf-mlle south-west; Maidenbtovb, 
formerty called Mantlb HnATH.adjtdns Bursledon ; Low- 
ford, where are brick kilns, is three-quarters of a mile 
north; Dodwell, H miles north,ai«hanileta. Oathabeatb 
are barnws. 

Parith Clerk, J<din Payne. 

Post Ofpicb.— Edward Stud]ey,recdw. Letim throagb 

Southampton, arrive at 8 a.m. ; dinatcbed at 9 

Hamble Is tbe nearest money order office 
Here is a National school, eraeted In 1889 by W. C. Hum- 

plneya eaq. ; Henry BaUqr> natter ; Mr*. Selina Turner, 



Beale- Brown Mrs. Hlghfleld houte 
Best Hmry Charley Frebllls 
Coles Miss 

Freeman Mrs. Upton lodge 
Henfes Robert John, Upcott house 
Hme Rev. Endyn Joseph M.A.Vkai«g« 
Hooper Wm. Wallaee, DowdwaU vlDa 

Hunpbrys Wm. Chas. j.f. Elm lod^e 

Whit* Jobs, BnnUdon Towers 


Aaaitt Oeorga, carpeatar 

Devis Charles, beer ret^ler 

Birch Daniel, Ifew inn 

Fox Geo. bailiff to W. C. Humphry! esq 

Gosling George, miller 

Hunt George, grocer 

King John, biacksmitb 

Nwman John. WkUe Swan 

PaAer Daidel, marketgardener 

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Poamy JaniH lUAart Mdritrtjr, 

s&iB«Mi,Tte Lawn 
Son ueniT, beer Rt^kr, Loirford 



Spmhott John, gnetr 
Stndiay Edwird, ihoe maker 
Snttoii Henrj, hm ntelkr 


White Edwin, brlckliTer 
Wiffla John, beer reUikr 

BtTBTOV li a rfllage ud eectealwtlctl parbh formed In 
1878 &«■ the civil pansti of Cbrlit Church, In the douthern 
dirision of the county, pnriih, hundred and county court 
dtetriet of C%ri>tcharcn, FordiD)tl>rid|{e rural dranery wett- 
en dhrtaioii, and WInefaeater arehdeaBonry and dioctxe : it 
Is a mile ami a half north from ChrlMehareh and 7 mitee 
•Mith from Blnfnrond, near the Ana : the village U plea- 
mntly dtoafed, encircling a green. The diarch of St. Luke 
WM erected in 1876 at a cost of £2,800, raised by Toluntary 
■abacriptlon : It consisli of chancel, nave, tranaq>t and tur- 
ret with I bdl. The register dates from the year 1670. The 
tiring is a vicarage, yeariv value £190, in the gift of tiie 
Bfihop of WinriMater and held by the Rev. Thomas Henry 
Bosh x.A. of St. John's College, Camhrldge. Here is a 
CongresatloDal chapel. Bnrton Hall Is the rcflidenee of 
Mrs. Thicent Wing; Whilehays. of Charles Q. Richardson 
CM). Sir George Eliott Heyrfck Tapps Oervis Meyrlck 
1«rt is hml of Uw manorand principal landowner. Tbeeoil 
Is loam ; Mbaad, graveL The chief en^'aia wheat, barley 

Staplb C robs ai^oins Burton. Tlwanaaild pt^HUatloit 
are included with Christchureh. 

Letteraare raedved threoffh Chriatehiueh,tbe amrwt money 
order olflce. Pillar Box daared at 8 a.m. k 030 p.m 

National ScM, Gilbert Pope, master; Hn. Roae Pope, 

Winkton U a village and Uthlng in the ecclesiastical 
pari»b of Burton, aitoated oa the river Avon, 3 miles north 
troin Ctirlstchnreh. The populatioD blnelBdad witli Chrlit- 


There are three Boekamptona, which are hamlets, rilu- 
ate between Wlnktoa and Branqgore. 

Post OpricB.— Mrs. Elizabeth Laidlaw, poetmlttfaiB. 
Letters throngh Riogwood, delivered at 7 a.m. Box 
closes for dispatch at O.iO p.m. Tbe nearest nwneT order 
olflce ii at Chrldi church 


Bosh Rev.'niOBiaa Hearr M.A.,« 
Hodgkiaeon Charlea 
Newmaa WilHam 

Blebardson Cbaa. Gancr, WUtebays 

eherring William 

Whig Hn. Vincent, Burton hall 

Baker Chailaa, &rmer 

Button Thomas, carpenter 

Dnnfiml John, shopkeeper 

I^rweO Henry, farmer 

Hnasey Williaui, shopkeeper 

KeriT John, Pine AnpU, k saddler 

under Joaepb, bulUer ft flu-mer 

Pike Elisa (Mrs.), beer reUller 
Taylor Joba William, &raier 
Wigg Maurlee, tailor le shopkeeper 
Wilioa Jduir grocer ft baker 

Carpenter William 
Evans Miss 

Horlock William 

Penroddocka The Hisses, Wlnktoo eott 
Roek Via. Winkton house 
Broom Ellxabeth (Mrd.), Lamh 
Butler Henry, shoe maker 
Jones Hark, blacksmith 
Keejdng Qeorge^t^kemtf 
Ke^ng James WlUiua, buUder 

Perkins Richard, baker & shopkeeper 
Phillips Prdk.threelilDgmaebioe |»optr 

Taylor Joseph Henry tjuan. of), ghiTar 

WaUen Keith, tailor 

Waterfldd John, farmer 

Barnes William, carpenter 
Craaa Edward, &rmer 
Hamea Thomas, faraker 
Jones Ann (Mrs.), £trmer 
Lewis James, fhrmer 
Nobbs Joseph, farom 
Taylor Albert, farmer 
Whiteber Mines, fkrauM 

BBOWV OAnDOVBK b a parish and village la the 
Ifortbeni dlvialoa ctf the connty, hundred of Halneboroagh, 
Alierfbrd union, Wfaicheiter petty sesrional division and 
eomty coort dletrlct. Alretfiml mral deanery and ^innebe»> 
ter irebdeaeonry ana diocese : on the river Itcben, fi miles 
north from Alrnfcrd station and 11 north-east from Win- 
ehcsttf. The church of St. Peter fa a handsnne edUfee la 
the Tador atyla and oonilsti erf efaucel, nave and square 
tower with lead-eovmd S|dra and 6 hells : it was erected in 
1845, eUdlv at the expense of Lord Ashbnrton. The re- 
gisierdatea'from the year 1613. The liflng is a rectory, 
with that of Chilton Caodover annexed, the parishes having 
heeawiited by aa Order In Council, ie47,Jointtyearly value 
£600 and fiO serai of f^eba. In the gift M Lwd AshwutoQ 
end held by the Bav. Bairt Beresfind Bowling K.a.. of 

Csfdweil Captain Rndariek Bdmnad,i Bailey Frdk. Perry, farmer, Robey's fm 

CudevernoiNa Brioe Hcary, earner 

Alklna Heaiy, fiumer. Manor turn \ Jones GeorB«» ahopkeeper & carrier 

Hertfbrd Coil^, Oxfbrd. Lord Ashhnrton is knd of the 
nasor and aole huuhnraer. The soil is ebslky loam and 
gravel ; snbsoll, chalk and graveL The ehlei crops are 
wheat, taralpe and oata. Tlie ana la 3,110 acm : rataaMe 
value, £i,lW ; and the population In 1871 waa 903. 
PariBk CUrk, Blehaid HaU. 

PoBT Ofticb.— Mia. Mary Pink, receiver. Lettara ftmn 
New Alresfiwd arrive at 8.19 a.m. ; dispatched at MS 
p.m. The nearest money order iMee is at Preston Caadover 
yationai School, Heniy Janes Wooldrldge, master 
CAKKiana to:— 

BAaiHUTOKi-Jones, monday, wsdneeday, friday eat 
Nuw ALauvoRO— Joaes, ttusday 
Winch BSTaa—Brice, monday, Wednesday ft eatnrdiv 

Knight John, wheelwright 
Ncwns William, Woolpaek, Tbt&rd 

OHZLTOH OANDOVXIt is a parish and Tillaffe,9 
miles soMb-west from Basingstoke, 6 north fhnn flew 
Alrcsfimland IS north-east from w hichester, in the Mortbent 
diviiiou of the county, hundred of Mainsborough, Alres- 
tbrd onion, Wiaebester petty sessional division and county 
court dietriet, Alrssbrd rural deaaeiy and arebdeaooorT 
end dieooK of Winchester. Here is a small stream, whicn 
flows into the Itcben. The church la in ruins : the eervloe 
is pofonaed at Brown Candover. The register dates fivm 
the year 1618. The Uvlng la a lactoi?, annexed to Brown 

I>owIIog Bar. Btfrfi Berealbrd if.A | Batting Joseph, fhrmer, Breach farm 
[lector] I BInnden Ann (Uiso), ahopkeeper 

Candover, Joint yeariy value £600, wjtb re^denee and SO 
acres of glebe, in the Rift of Lord ABhburton and held by 
the Kev. Barr£ Beresford Dowling h.a. of Hertford Col- 
lege, Oxford. Lord Ashburbm i» lord of the manor and 
sols landowner. The sdl is clialky loam and gravel ; sub- 
soil, chalk and gravel. The dilef crops sre wheat, turnips 
and oaU. The area is 1,451 acres ; rateable value, £1,1S8; 
and the population in 1^1 wasOS.- — Letteci through r 

ingstoke via Preston Candover. '™'" " 

office is at Preston Candover. 

The nearest money order 

Lewb Lawrence, firmer 

PKESTON OAVDOVXB is a parish and village, 8 
iBlles south from Baringstoke and hk north from New 
Ahesfnrd, in the Northern dividon of tne county, hundred 
of Beraondq>it, Bsslngstoke union, petty sessiomU division 
ud coaaty oonrt district, and in the diocese and aroh- 
deaconry of Winchester and mral deanery of Alrcafiird. 
The church of the Vl^^ Mary Is aa ancient atmetnre, 
having efaaaed, nave anid aisles, under distinct rooEi from, 
and much aborter than tiie nave ; a large sqnare wooden 
bdfry at tbe.w<at end contahu 4 bells: wl^in the com> 
noidoa rails, on the floor of the ebanoel,ls a bran plate, 
rrpnaaulig a fionale flgure arrqrad tn tba bshion of the 

time of Queen EUiabeth ; the inscription shows it to be 
Catherine Dabrigecoort, a member of an old Hampehire 
fhmilv, formerly owners of Strat6eldsaye ; there is also a 
martde tablet to the HaU family, whose descendanu, bearing 
the name of Pits-Gerald, areat present owners of the greatest 
portion of the parish. The register dates 1^ the year 
1688. The living b a vlOMage, arith the ehapdiyof Kntley 
annexed. In the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Winchester 
Cathedra], who are the impropriators of the great tithes : 
the yearly value of the livfng is £^, wltb mldence and 
16 acres of ^be, held by the Rev. Sumner Wilson k.a. of 
Christchureh, Oxfiud. The Primitive Metbodlsto hare a 


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place of worship heiv, Pfcsten Honsp, the seat of Lnrd 
Teinplemore, u so Elisabetbaa mansion, pltsuntlysitoated 
In tlw centre of the pariab. North Hall, the aeatof Bidmid 
Pnrefby Pitt-Gerald esq. J. p. stands finely embosomed in 
trees, near the church. Mrs. Fitz-Gerald Is lady of the 
manor and priuelpHl landowner. Tbe soil ia chalky loam 
and gravel : Bubs(^> chalk and gnvti. Tlie chief crops are 

Templemore Lord, Preston bonse ; tt S 

Upper Brook street w ft Carlton ft 

Tm^ellnrs' dn^s, London ».w 
FltE-Gerald Richard Purefoy, j.p. 

[Oapt. Royal Bucks Yeomanry], 

North hall 
Palahet Hn. Soatli hall 
Snow Hits 

Wilaon Rev. Baomer h .a. [vfanr] 


Allen George, grocer 

Bear Robert, Cmm inn, ft wheel- 

Bradby Anthony, Urmer, Hounds- 
mere farm 
Cliainberiain James, Ironmonger 
CliamberUin Jeremiah, shoe maker 
Dudley James, Pur{/«y Amu 
Gardiner Mary ( Mrs.), former 
Light Daniel, shue muer 
Ltpscomb William Lancelot, fiumux, 

Hanor hna 
Lorell Jdm, dnpor ft groov 

wheat, tnmips and oats. The ana Is 3,457 tens ; rate^ 

valne, £9,fi07 ; and the populaUun in 1871 was 417. 
Parish Gerk, Henry Hutton. 

Post ft Hokby Okobr Officb t Savings Bank.— Mrs. 
Sarah Ann M^or, poatndstress. Letters arrtn from 
Basingstoke at 9 a.m. ft dlspatehed at p.ii 

National School, Miss iSlIen Chidaey, mbtKM 

Lann John, ftraiar 

M^r Sarsh Ann (Mrs.), draper, ft 

post oiBoe 
Smeeth Eli, bricklayer 
Thorp Mary (Mn.), butcher 
Tntt James, brmer 
Wbitear WilUam, blaekamith 
Woodman James, aaddler 
Young John, wmer, seed grower ft 
merchant, Nortb Hants «eed ratab- 

CATHERINOTOM' la a parish, giving name to a anion, 
4 miles north-west Rowland's Csslle station on the 
South Western railway, 5 north-west firom Uavant, 10 nortb 
Irom Porlamouth, 7 soutti-by-west from Petenfield, in the 
Northern division of the county, hundred of Finch Dean, 
Petetsfleid county court district, rural deanery of Ha*ant 
■ml arehdaneonry and diooese of Winchester. Tbe most 
populous part of the parish Is e&lled Homdt«n, situated 
nbout one mile f>om tbe church, and on the higli road &om 
Portsmoutli to Petersfleld. The ehnrch of Ut. Catherine 
if an andent structure recently restored: It consists of 
chancel and nave, with square tow«r contaioing 5 bells : liere 
is a monument of Sir Nieliolas Hyde, chief Justice of Eng- 
Und, younger brotber of the great JjOtA Clarendon, and in 
the courcbyanl onfl to Mrs. Kean, wife of the tragedian 
Edmund Kean, and Charlea Kean, th^ son : Admiral 
Sir Charles Napier is also buried here. The roister dates 
from tbe year 1608. Tbe Hvingis a vicarage, yearly value 
£S80, with residence, in the gift of and held by the Rev. 
Robert Fltxgorald Maysard if .a. of Cains Coll^, Cam- 
hridse. Richards' charity conslsta of £300, tbe interest of 
which is distributed yearly at the discretion of the vicar. 
There is a charity of £16 y^rly* called Appleford'a Itequeat, 
which ia applied to the muntenanee of the schods. Cather- 
iactoa House, tbe seat of Lieutenant-Colonel Briggs j.p. was 
biiUt by tlie mat Viaeonnt Hood ; Queen Car<dinewa8enler- 
tained Iiere previous to her trial. St. Catberine'a, the reai- 
(lence of Misa Barnes ; Mendiietoun HaU, N, Aniill esq. 
and Key Dell Lodge, W. J. S. Strange esq. are also seats 
here. Uinton House was at one time tiie property and 
residence of the Hydes, Earls of Clarendon, and it was liere 
the marriage of the Duke of York (afterwards James II.), 
with Anne Hyde, took place ; the Hinton estate is now held 
by Hyde Whaiiry-Tooker esq. who is a lineal descendant in 
tie female line : a mansion was erected in 1868, on the site 
of old HintoD House; it ia a flint stone bnikling, pleasantly 
sitnatfld, eommtndlDg aome estenalvn riewa. idir Jervolae 
Clark Jervolse bart. wno Is lord of tbe manor, Hyde Whalley- 
Tooker esq. R. Gale esq. Admiral Sir Miebsel Sejnmour, and 
Sir Arthur Cnrtis, the lay impropriator, are the principal 
landowners. Bere Forest is partly withm the parish. The 
soil varies fmm a loam and chalk to stiif day ; snbsoll, chalk 
■nd day. The ohiefmpa ate wheat, barley and oats. Tbe 

pariah and hamlets contain 6,035 acres j rateable value 
£3,643 ; tU populaUon in 1871 was 1,293. 

LoTB DBANlal^milessouth-west: Hinton Is 1 mile 
watt; BmoADVAT, li sonth-weet; Eabtuho Gatb.S 
mUM sonthHweat: Youlls, a mile south; WicocK and 
Loir«woOD, S mflas aontfa ; aU dnaa plaoaa ire titUnfM. 

Sexton, Stapben Pescott. 

Post ft Money OaoBB ftTBLBGEAPH 0FViOB,BavinK» 
Bank ft Government Insnrance Annuity Office, H<m- 
dean^Edward Yeulett, postmaster. Letters arrive at 
3 a.ra. ; delivered at 6.30 a.m. snmnier ft 7 a.m. wraur; 
dispatched at 8 p.m. for the West of England ft ibr 
London ft all parts ; bo^ clo^ at 10 p.m. ; dispatcbed at 
11.47 p.m. (Sundays no exception). Money ordos are 
granted ft paid from a.m. to 6 p.m. ft on aatnrday 

The Catherington union comprises the following places :— 

Blendwortb. Catherington, Chalton, Oanfield, Idsworth 

and Waterloo ; the gross eatimatod rental oi anien 

£11,791 ; rateable valne, £10,203 
Board day, alt^ate tundays, at the Workhouse, Horadean 
Clsrk, Edward Roy Longeron, Havant 
Auutant Overseer ^ Beliavhtg Officer^ E. H. Carrell 
fiuMnntotdm^ Rs^rar, Henry Thonu Betteswortb, 


Registrar of Births, Deaths ft Marriages, 
fFe/-AJioujM{,Horitdesn,Jame8 Westbrooke, master ; Ricbora 
Wellingsj surgeon ; Mrs. LetiUa Weatbrooke, matron 

BURAL Savitahy AuTHORirr. 
CUri, Edward Boy Longcroft, Havant 
Medical Officer, Richard Weliings, Waterloo 
hispeetor (t/'iFuwoMW, Henry Boj8,Jun.lft road snrveyor) 

Than an two National schools in tbe paitah ; that for hoys is 
at Horsdean ; Robert James Averv, master ; and the glris' 
and tnbnts' (near the efaarch), Miss Harriet White, mist 

Cakbihr to Portsmodtb. — Henry Coles, daily (except 



AntlU P. D. Hercbistoon haU 

Baby Lt.-Col. Daniel Antolne.Durlefgh 

Banks Mrs. Laurel cottage, Cow plaui 

Barnes Miss, St. Catberine'a 


DuPre James, Hinton 

Kaynard Itev. Robert Fitzgerald if.A. 

i vicar], Vicainn 
or George Sayle, North home 
Strange William Jamta Stevenaon, Key 

Dell lodge 
Tavlor Mrs 

Wnalley-Tooker Hyde, HIntan boaie 


Clark Henr^ , blacksmith 
Eames James, Spotted Coto'Cov plain 
Hnsled Mary (Mts.1l The Farmer 
Hurst William, J3a? flr Batt, Broad- 
halfpenny • 
Mortimer John ft Edvard, ftrmen. 

Five Heads Arm 
Munton EmUy Ann (Mn.}, grocer. 
Cow phda 

Prior Geo. Sayle, farmer, North boose 
Silvester Alfred Fraderiek^wheelwrlgbt, 
Cow plain 

Elrkman Joseph Thomas 


Adams Albert, palntar 
Adams ft Mitchell, grocers, bakers ft 

com ft coal merchants 
Allen Wn. Harris, saddler&bamese ma 
Barber Altred, shoe maker 
Barber William, boot ft shoe maker 
Betteewortb Henry Thomas, druggist, 

stationer, ironmonger &c 
Clarke Florence (Mrs.), Oood Intent 
Coles Henry, canier 
Edney Mary (Mrs,), SedLien 
Edne; John, trallder 
Edney Wiiliam, coal, wood ft coke dlr 
Flood Mary (Mts.),bricklayer ft builder 
Oale George ft Co. brewers, wine, spirit, 

com ft coal merchants 
Garaett Harriet (Mrs.), boteber 
Ball Phtnds, ah^flepor ft wood dealr , 

Hedgeoek George, wheelwright 
Hedgeock George (Mrs.), draper 
Hde Geom, Ship Belt inn 
Klrkman Joseph TiKn. p.r.cs. snrveon 
Langrish Richard, boot ft shoe mmier 
Langtry — , baksr ft grocer, Cause way 
MUes WilHam.blacksmKh 
Horns Samuel, grocer, baika', 

ft licensed dealer in game 
Moss BUubeth (MrB.)^ haker 
Parr Henry, farmer 
Penny John, bnilder 
Pescott George Svaine, butcher 
Pollard John, Shte Anchor 
Porter Andrew, blacksmith 
Btnbbtngton Jeremiah Samoel, brewery 


Westbrooke Jamee, maettr of tlm mWHi 

Wiles John, tailor 
Yeulett Edward, poatmaster 

Stares Samuel Shaft, The C ettage 
Chaie John, tamer, Woodorafl 

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auk Jama, blKksmith 
Clarke Ctenn. LoMdetn farn 

Wild Noih, bakw, gnes, hnr ittsUer 


Pink Wllltaih, Shronr taoDie 
BlackTDBD Eliza (Mn.), aliopkeeper tc 
beer retailer 


Bo^ H«B.Robt.ftmer,Breaidiniy fitnn 
Orasn BaiiJ.dairy ftniNr,EwUaad gate 

CHALTOW (orCilALXTON)lBa vllUge, 4mnea nortbfroni 
Scnrltnd'sCaatle stationm the direct Portsmouth railway, 7i 
cmtiifron Havantand 56 from London, on the Suuex bord*fr, 
)o the Morthertt dtvMon tin eonnty, bnmlred of Plncb 
Dean, CattieriDKtoa nnion, Petenfield p^ty aeasional divi- 
sion and county oonrt district and in tbe diocese of Win- 
cbciter, and mral deanery and arcbdeaconry of Havant. 
Tbe church of St Michael Is an ancient structure, in 
ibe Eariy EnfflMi style ; It has chancel, nave, end a tower, 
partly eorered with Ivy, contalninfi: 3 bells; tbe cliurch 
nw la tely been re-seated and much Improved, and the organ 
refcnift ; the whole Is now in excelloit repair ; there u a 
lepen' window la the south wall or the chancel. The refri»- 
tn date from 1U& the thirtieth year of Henry VI 11. ; 
they have been well kept, and from tbe first entry, are 
pamenlarly clear and legfhle. The living is a consolidated 
rectory, co petoli ig of <^anfldd and Chaiton, with tbe cha- 

peliy of Idawortb annexed ; tbe consolidation was e&oted 
in 1767, under Brownlow North, the then Bishop of Win- 
cbeftter: tbe Joint annual value is£600, withresldeoceand 77 
acres of glebe, in the gift of and beld by tbe Rev. Campbell 
Lock H.A. of Trinity Colleiie, CunbridKe. On the ditwns 
are many barrows. Sir J. C. Jervoise bart. is lord of the 
manor and principal landowner. The eoU is light ; subsoil, 
chalk. The chief crops are wheat, barley and oats. Tbe 
area is 1,749 acree ; rateable value £l,d7tl ; the population 
in 1871 was 214, exclostve of Idaworth ^uUng, wblob v0 
be fuund under a sepanite heading. 
PariMh Cterk, Tfaomaa White. 

Letter Box near tbe choreh, cleared at 5.45 p.m.: Sundays, 
0.30 a-m. Letters from Homdeaii, per rural post, at 8.30 
a.m. The nearest money onler otBce l» at Homdean 

Parochial School (boys k girls), Uise More, mistress 

Lock Hffv. CanvbaU 

trector]f < Brown Gteorge, farmer, Maaw ftm 
I Brown Beo^, Red Lion 

I Goldsnltb Jameaj famm. Old Uam 
I Sims John, baker ft grocer 

OSABVOBD If OBTH and BOITTH ere decayed partabea, Ibr wUdi see Bkkamobs «od Hale. 

CSAWTOV is a small village and parish a mile soutb- 
•ooth-weat from Alton, on tbe road to Petersfleld, in the 
Kerdien division of the county, Alton hundred, union, 
coanty court district and pettv eesnonal dlvidon, and in the 
diocese and arcbdeaeonTy of Winchester, and rural deanery 
of Alton weatem dtviaion. One of tbe soarees of the river 
Wey Is in this parish. The village le situated in a valley 
watered by land springs, called Lavants, which occaalonallv 
overflimtbeMHaeenthnde. Tbe ebureb of St Nicholas fa 
^etareaqnely ntoated, aarTOiiaded Iqr lofty elme and beeches. 
The old elmrcb, bnllt in tbe lOtb century, was destroyed bv 
fire in Ifereh, 1871, with tbe exception of theohaacel,wbIen 
still remaina, and to this ware added the present nave, north 
aiale and tower, in the Earl; Decorated style : the walls 
bdng bidlt of ffinta, latarabied with Ironatwie, and fiwsed 
iritb Bath stone: Mr. Blomfidd wh tbe ■reblteet: the 
ebarch contains some handsome old monuments of the 
Ki^ht ftaily, and there are two modem stained windows 
fatbe^uecd. The legimer dates fnmi tbe year 15fl7. Thn 
llvit^iaanotory; tbe titfaea are oonmoled at £490 yearly 
■lib iii^liiiiii. fnttaegift oraContagnG. Knlgtateaq. D.^and 

I beld by the Rev. Charles Edward Knight, of Trinity Hall, 
I Cambridge. Tbe charities amount to £10 yearly. Here le 
' a woritbig men's club, which is well supplied with news- 
papers. Near the church la Chawton House, aflneold Etlsa- 
Detfaan mansion, the seat of Montagu Q. Knight esq. 
. which has been In the possession oT tbe same family since 
I the beginning of the 16th centary, some portions of the 
existing bntlding having been erected b* John Knight hi 
' 1533. HoBtagu G. Knight esq. la lord of the maaor sad 
I the principal landowner. The soli Is maxl ; subaoll, gvaeal 
I and chalk. The chief crops' are wheat, flat% barhy and 
liops. Area, S,674 acree ; rateable value. £2,730 : tlie popu- 
lation in 1871 was 483. 
^ Parith CUrk, Frank Trigg*. 

' Post Officb. — Mrs. Ann Shilton. Lettersarrivetbroogh 
Alton al 6.30 a.m. ; dispatched at 6.30 p.m. The nearest 
mont7 order office is at Alton 
Here Is a mix«l National school, supported by voluntary 

' eontribnllons, with eloee upon 80 sobolira; J<riin Co- 

' kl^ne, master 

Downle Alexander Frands Uackeaaie 
Knight IUt. Charles Edward, Beetory 
Knvht Montakcu Geo. j.f. Chawton ho 
WoUe Gcorse, Denmead 
Bmbasa Moolby, Frtneh B»m, Tbe 

CUnker John, Uarksmith 

Clinker Thomas, carpenter 

Hall James, shoe maVcr 

Holt Cfaarlre, &rmer, New Park ikrm 

U inobiaBt.unvakar,fiiraNr,Hoantere 

Ofihrd Inae, C'hat0<milfw,fcgrooer 

Stevene Maiy (Hrs.),sho|ikaeper 
Stevens WlUlam, dairy 
Workfiiff Ken'$ la^rotiement Club 
(John Wyeth, maoagtr) 

CBERTTOH is a parish In tbe Norlbem division of the 
eonnty, hundred of Fawley, nnioa of Alresford and petty i 
sessional division and coanty court district of Winoheeter, ' 
Alreaibrd rural deanery and archdeaconry and diocese of 
Winchester, & miles east from Wincliester and 3 south from 
New Alreeford, situated on a small stream running into the 
Iteheo. The church of St. Michael le a yltia oM Ootliie 
atnetnre, with ebaneel, naveh atalee, toaia porch and very , 
maadve. low, square, flat-«mnd tower and 6 bdls and was ' 
restmed in 1870. The re^ster dates ftom the year 165G. 
The living la a rectory, with the chapelry of Tichborne an- ! 
nezed, in the peenllar Jnriadfetion ofthe lectar, and In tbe ! 
gUt of the Crown, jobitjeariy value £1,600, with resideoce, ' 
and held W the Bev. Alexander Ott h.a. of Oriel College, I 
Oxiird. The parbb has tbe privilege of sending four boys 
to the Grain mar ecbool of New Alreslord. Here is a Con- ' 
gregattonal cbapd. A battle was fought here in the reign | 

of Charies I. called Alrufiird fight, when the Royalists were 
defiflUd. Tbe Rev. Morgan J<Hies bequeathed a enn of 
money, now producing about £12 yearly, for tbe iastmotkNi 
of twenty poor children, Mrs. Godrich, by bw will, left a 
euin of money, now producing about £18 yearly, to be dla- 
tributed In bread to the poor of the parish. Tbe Eccleslae- 
tical Commissioners are lords of ttie nlsnor. The principal 
landownera an the Tichborne trustees and tbe Earl of 
Northeak. Tbe eoll la chalk and clay j subsoil, clialk. Tbe 
chinf crops are wheat, oete and green crins. The area Is 
3,0C3 acres : rateable value, £3,067: and the popuhitlon In 
1871 WHS 61S. 
Pari$h Clerkf Henry Welch. 

Post Ofpick.— William Williams, rect^lver. Letlers are 
received through New Alresford at 7.^ a.m. ; dispatched 
p.m. The neareit money order office U at Alresford 


Brow ni ng Robert, Breok ooEtage 
Pmeb WiUfaun, BiU hoase 
HobaoB Mra. Hookley boose 
lew mea. Marinate cottage 
Orr Hot. AhmmiUr 1I.A. [netor]. 

PHUey l£pT, Frederick d.d. Beaawortb 
I^ott Oivt. Cbeitoa hoan 


Bridger Edward, miller 

fironung William, bladtsmlth 

Badd Oeortre,ftrnier 

Butcher John, grocer k draper 


Freemaa Janes, wheelwright 

Gay Jiaes, Bneklayen' Armt 

Uarfteld James ( Hn.), bla^amlth 

Holmee James, lirmer 

Jeanings Wm. The Sampthire Hunt 

Mould Frederidi. farmerftbeerrfltlUeT 
Norris Jamee, brleklayfT 
Bead WUiian, grocer a draper 
Sherwood It Beatley, grocers k drapers 
Smith WBllBm,blaakftniiCh 
Steel Stephen, shoemaker 
Strugndl Winiau,cowkTCper 
^kea George, fanner, Line Bad turn 
Warwick Laneelet, carpenter 
WiUtema WUllao, taitor, ftpost o9ee 
Wlndabaak JMaei.taUor 


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CHILBOLTON is i TiUaoe ud psriah, 6 miles soutfa< 
eaat from Andover and about 1^ eait from Pullerton stKtlon 
on tbe Andover and Redbrld^ branch of the London and 
South Western railwaj, in the Northern dtvision of the 
county, Wherwetl hundred. Andover anion, county court 
district and petty aewlonal diTidon, dloMsa and arch- 
deaconry of Winebester and rural deanery of Ando^er 
southern dlvitioo, sttnate on the rlverTnt. Tbe church of St. 
Mary was erected about the year 1300, but has been under- 
going gradual restoration from 18(19 till 1870 : it Is in the 
Decorated style and has cbaneel, na*e, itislei, with araall 
square tower, low conical «pire anid 3 belis ; the chancel ia 
under a separate roof, at much lower elevation than the nave. 
The register dates irnm tbe year 1690. Tbe living is a 
rectory, tithes commuted far a rent-charge of £6iO, with 
re»idenee and 10 acres of glebe, in the eift of the Bishop 
of Winelteater and MA by the Rev. Hmry Carmlchael 
Grant m.a. of Jemu CoMore, Camhridgp. A sum of money 
was l«ft by Dr. Laytleld, a former rector, for apprenticing 

Bird William, Chltbolton Down 
GIbbs George, Manor house 
Grant Rev. Henry Carmlchael h.a. 

Tilbury George 
Tilfauiy Mrs. Eazabeth 

Tilbury Urs. Francis 
Wood fl corse, Tustcombe 
Baker Charles, shopkeeper 
Cole Robert, fiinner 
Dowsett David, fiufm btUiffto William 
Bird esq 

the children of industrions parent* resident in this parish. 
Sir William Jones, the celebrated Oriental writer, was for 
some time a resident at the rectory house here, being on a 
visit to Dr. Shipley, Bishop of St. Asaph, and many of his 
letters are dated mm It. Tbe Dean and Chapter of Win- 
chester are lords of the manor, and also the nineipd land- 
ownera. The aoil Is chalk ; subsoil, same. 4lie ehief crops 
are wheat, barW and ntpta. The area Is 3,100 acres; 
rateable value, £3,116 ; the population bi 1871 was 820. 

Post Office. — Francis Wragar. receiver. Letters recdved 
fromWInehester, via Stockbridge, at 7.30 a-m.: diopatched 
at 6.35 p.m. St 11.10 a.m. on Sundays. The nearat 
money order and telegraph offices %re at Stockbridge k 

There is a National aehod, which was enlarged in 187S and 
a room added la 1878, it is chiefly supported by voluntary 
si^Mcrlptions; William Leverton, master 

Gibbs Qeonta, fiu-mer, Manor housa 
Hllllary Anthony, brmer 
Smooker Hatton, fftw inn 
Tilbnry William, fiuiner,brew«r<Ewine 

& spirit merchant 
Wragg Fiands, blacksmith 

OHILOOKB la a parish and sequesterod and scattered 
villase^ ritnate In a valley, 2 miles south-east from Win- 
cheater and 09 from London, In th«j Northon division of tbe 
county, hnndrad of i^wley, and Winchester petty sessional 
division, emnhr eoart district and union and in the rural 
deanoT, archdeaconry and diocese of Winebester. The 
river Itcben flows ttvongh a portion of the pairish. The 
church of St. Andrew, which baa been restored, ts aamall 
Norman atructore, supposed to have been built in 1066, 
having chancel and nave, vlth a low wooden tower con- 
taining 3 bells. The register dates from the year 1556. 
Tbe ItvlDg la a rectory, yearly value £214, with re^denee 

Baker Capt. Edmand J. Sunnybank 
North Ibi. Bar End cottage 

and about II acres of glebe. In the gift of the Bishop ot 
Winchester and held by the Rev. /osepfa IMaaaoz Sim- 
monds M.A. of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Ume of superior 
qualtty la burnt here. The Bishop of Wineheeter is lord <k 
the manor and prfndpal landowner. The soil is a csilcareoas 
loam ; subsoil, chalk. The ehirf crops are wheat, bailciy, 
oata and turnips. The area Is 9,S99 acres ; rateaUe valne, 
£2.931 and the population in 1871 was 288. 

ParUk Clerk, WUIlam Kent. 
Wall Lbttbk Box. cleared week days only at 7 p.m. 

Letters through Winebester, which is also the neaiest 

money order office 

SlffliBonds Rev. Joseph Delasanx m.a. 

Watson liM HlaM 
Cirter Ndwin ft Sods, limabnmeis 

Dyke JvaeSjHeart ^ H(Md, Bar end 

Gotch Mrs. w. H. ftrmer 

Sirttlon Jaa. fiuvaer. Lower ChUeomb 


OHIItWOATH la a vfll^ and paridi, 8 miles south-west 
from the Chandler's Ftod station on the Salisbury branch of 
the South Western railway, 81 miles from London, 4 soutb- 
eaat from Romsey and 5 north from Southampton, on the 
road &T>m Romsey to Portsmouth, In the tiouthem division of 
tbe county, hundred of Malnsbrldge, anion of South Stooe- 
ham, Southampton petty srssional dlvtalon and eonnty court 
disttict, diocese and archdeaconry of Winchester and raral 
deanery of Romsey. The church (not dedicated) is a small 
handsome Gotiilc structure, consisting of nave and short 
transept, with tower and octagonal spire, jetted with slate 
and waa built at the aole expense of Peter Serle esq. : the 
tower contains 2 bells : the cnaoeel window is adorned with 
four full-slied figures of tbe BvaDgeUsti. Tbe chtircbyard 

Fleming Mrs. Manor hooae 
Lewis Miss, The Tower 
Lucas Richard Cockle, The Tower of 
the Winds 

eootidns a naastdean of W. H. Pitt esq. and a moonmeat 
to the Hon. Biehird Qsorge Qninn , late of Chltwortt Mmor. 
Tberegisterdateefromtheyearmi. The Uvb^; is a vicar- 
age, yearly value £70, in the gift of the trustees of the late 
J. B.W. Fleming, and held by the Rev. Ninean Hosier Barr 
B.A. of St. Catherine's Coll^, Cambridge. The dtarities 
aawunt to £S7 yearly. Manor House is the resMenee of 
Mrs. Fleming. The trnstees of the late J. B. W. Fleming 
are lords of the manor and chief landownera. The aoU Is 
loam and sand ; subsoil, gravel. Tbe chief crops are wheat, 
barley and oats. The area la 1,510 acres ; rateable value, 
£1,158 6b. ; tbe popoUtlon in 1871 waa 218. 
Letters through Romsey, Ihe nearest money order offlea 
The (ddldrenof this parish attend the eehool at Baddaalqf 

Lucas Albert Durer, Chtlwortb grove 
Sellar John Alexander, Femlea 
Allan Edward, &rmer, Chltworth ftrra 
Bamea William, blackmlth 

Light Henry, Clump tnn 
Smith John, fitrmer 
Vain Charlea, firmer 


Christohukch is a market and union town, seaport and 
uarliamentary borough, and atatloa on the orancfa from 
Ringwood of the London and South Western railway, called 
the Ringwood, Chrlatchurch and BouTnemooth railway, in 
the Souttiem division of the county, hundred of the same 
name, Ringrwood petty eesaional division, diocese and arch- 
deaconry <^ WIncnester and rural deanery of Fordlngbridge 
western dlvl^on, 118 miles from London, S4 south-west from 
SouthamptoB, 10 weet from Poole, ami 9 south from Ring* 

Tbe harbour of Chrfatchurch, now blocked up by sand- 
banks and shoals, has this peculiarity— that there is hirh 
water twice every tide : this arises irom Its position in rela- 
tum to tbe isle of Wlg^t and vatloas ptrfnts of land rni the 
coast, partienlarly that on wUeb Hnrst Castle is litaated. 

The Avon is ctoased by two bridges, one ot five, the other 
of three arches. Henti(Hi of the town, however, ia flrst met 
with about the jear 900, In the account given by the Saxon 
chronicler of the contest for the crown between Edward the 
BUer and his kinsman Ethelwald In 901 ; the latter having 
cfdleetlMl troops to support his pretensltHia, marched to Wim- 
bome, InDorsetahtre, of which place be took possesiloa, and 
afterirards eontinned his progress to Tweooea, or Twvnhsm 
(now called Christchnrch), which he also captured ; Edward 
haatened to attack his rival, who, on his approach retreated 
to Wlmbome. whence he shortly afterwards fled in tlie tdrht, 
andescapedtoNorthumberiand. Itlsatatedbytbeblstonuia 
Stowe and Speed, that Heogiat, the Engluh conqueror, 
eflbeted his asoondlnvadonof Britain at HensUtbnty Head, 
a promontory mm mile lomli of ClitMchuch, and at thia 

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tfMtadatpfcsnnMletteiMtrcearthworkanayBtilllMtnard. < tlM R«t- Ziriiary Saak Ma. of St C«tlurl»% Collrgc, 
In Dommdmj Sarw^j It is dcMiibed M a bunrh and mjti \ Cambridire. 

manor, under the name of Tbolnam. eontainiae SI idot- { Aruehed to the ebnrchare NaUonU and Infiwt adioolt, 
nuum. The town wasfortifled ia iherdBrn or Henrjp 1. 1 rapDorted by Tolimtary oontribotioDa. 

hj Richard de Redters, Earl of Devon, who alw erected 
the castle, the ruias of the keep of which, on tb« auininlt of 
an artiflcial mound, are of prodif^iis atrengih; the walls, 
mhiA atfll mnala, are more than ten feet tuck. 

The Corporation of ChTtatehiireb is pMcrlptiYS, and not 
indttded In the Hunfdpal Corpoimtlona' Art : it conalsta of 
a mayor, elected by acot and lot, on the 14lh SeptembCT— 
tile majoralty oonraeodait at the Hiehadmaa eourt-leat or 
the kra of the naw^-and Mitaen baigeaav. The town Is 
under the jariadleliftn of the eonnty aaaf(fatratee. Tbie 
boTon^h nirularly sent two members lo parwtment until the 
paadn^ of the Reform Act, etnee which It baa relumed but 
one: tor the Bonadair Act, peaaed In 1832, the ehapelry (rf 
UoIdeDliBTat waa indwled to the pariiamenlirj boroiigh. 
The corporate boroofrh la much feat extemive than the 
pariiaiaeDfeary : it takei ha name from the eboreh, bat waa 
KDOwn to tbe old Eogliali by tha name of Twynebam- 
Boorue, from Ita dtoatloa at the eo^oeitee of the livm 
Avon and Stoor, which togttber fUl Into the aea at Cbrlat- 
diarch bay. 

The town b pleaaantly titnatod : it cnn^ti of one hroad 
liM of street, called the Hivh street, Cbnrcfa atreet, Caatle 
street, and the snbartaa or Porewdlt Baigatas and the 
Bairadtroad. 'nwatnetaareliRhledwUbna: tiieirorfce, 
Bitoate at PorawcU, wen eetaUMwd In at aeoat ci 

Here, m the baalcflttfthe Avon, an the n^|iatIo mB^na 
of (be aneieot prfAry. 

Tbe pres e nt cfaarch was the collegiate church nf the 
priety, which was so ancient timt there are no authentic 
reeorda c^itsorifdnal eatabliahment: accordhig to Camden 
it waa founded In early BngNah timea, on tbe rains of an 
aaeieni heathen temple: tbe inmates tlie friorj were 
aecniar eanona of ibe Order of 8U Aoirnadne ; and In tbe 
rdgn <rf' Bdward the ConfeaMr there was a prior and M 
eanoaa : WiUlam ftaftia bestowed tlie church and eoarent 
on Ralph nambard, afterwards Bfc>bon of Unrbam, who, 
OB hla devatlDa to the deanery, rebnllt toe cborch, about the 
year 1075, on sn enlarfred acale, and dedicated It to Cbriet : 
oo the diagiaee of the Bishop they were granted by Henry 
I. to BaUwio^ son of Riebard de Redters, who procured a 
chaiwB of the order ftom saeolar to y^nlar canorts, and 
faitroooead a certabi number of tbe latter, and placed tb<nn 
under the goTemmsnt of a prior: at the I>ia«olutiou the 
arnioal revenue at tbe prio^ was jCMl 6a. aeconllng to 
S p e c d« £ai7 7a. 9d. aeeonling to Dngdale: the church wea 
than gnaled to tbe iubaMtanta by Hemy VIII. t>r a 
pandual diorch: tbe ebnreb diqilaya eoualderable pw- 
liona of the work of Blahop Flambajd ; in ita Kcneral 
dea^ H eomprdiends a nave and aialea, a transept, with 
chapels or chantrit* proiectinfi eaAtwarda, a chtAr and Ita 
aialea, a lady chapel, built in ]90e, by Lady Alice West, a 
western tower and a capacious north porch: the nave la 
fb*med by a double row of masslTe aciuare pillars, oma- 
roenied with deml-colantRS, and semt-clrcular omamenial 
•relics sptinolng between them from grouped pilasters; th!a 
is eonaMema one of tbe nioet pabet speclraeoa In Etigland 
of the style of Norman architecture: ifae nnnb tramept, 
though mack altered, displays eridentproob of the Norman 
style : the chancel and the whtdc of uui eastern portion of 
the boiMing are more modem than the transept a>id nare : 
the windows are large and ornamental, and the vaulting Is 
haadeome : in tbe choir an the etalle and aeats of tbepnory 
cstabnehment ; these an onmmenled wi'h carving <rf a 
moBl gmlcaqae deaeriptlon : this cburcb contains a magni- 
fieaat aartet acniptnred altarpieoe. represetiting tbe root 
and bnaefa of Jesse; the figurea, foliage, and architecture 
are eombfaoed with happy oMct : th^ are many curious and 
iatceeattav tomba and mooamrntal efllfleo in dUerentporu 
sf tbeboUdlng; one to Haigaret de-la-Pole, Coubiom of 
aaUabBTT, 06. IMl ; one by Mr Fraads Chanun to Hi*. 
Banla; another, by nazman, to Viaconntem Pitiharria, 
repreeentiiig that lady inatruetlng her inftnt sous in tbe 
S ei l ptar ee ; and near to tbe weatern entrance is a hand- 
seme BBfUe Boonment to the poet Pmy Bywhe Bbdlw, 
•reeled ^hb son, Blr Petey Bhelley, bart. of Boeeombe 
How. The register dates from the year 1^. Tbe living 
is a Tiearan, yeaHy value £960, with residence, in the 
gift of the Deaa and Chapter ot Wlacbeeier and held by 

The Catholics have a chapel here. 
A small Baptist chMpel was erected in 1875. 
The Congrettmtional chapel b a large building, having 
extenalTe school rooms attached. Here is a Coiigregationu 
day Khool for 140 boys and 90 girls ; also an in^nt school, 
in which then are 7U ebildren. Ihe Wealejan Hethodlats 
have a placeof wonblp. 

Tbe CeaMtery, openeil In 185S, b about half a mlb west 
of ibe town} tlWM an two handnna Goihle mortuary 

Tbe Town Hall is in High street, and rontalns noma fbr 
petty stMsions, whlfh are held on the aeoond aiid last Mon- 
days in every month, and ibrali parochial matters. 

The cbbf manufietun carried on hen is that of watch 
and dock fusee chains and hooka, which gives eisplotiaent 
to many hands : tbe London, Birmingham and Liverpool 
watch and clock maker* an almost exclusively supplied 
from iiere. Some employment b abo derived from Uie 
flahery ; a little coasting trade b carried on ; malting and a 
couple of small brewerlea. Iroosteue b found in great 

Markets wen fimnerly held ban oa Mondayi, but an 

now discontinued. 

The Barracks are situated lialf a mile west of tbe town. 

The Police suiion in Bargates b a branch of the Hanu 
County constahnlary, aiiJ bas a temporary lock-ap for 
prisoners previous to their being taken to Winchester. 

In eonnectioD with the church are several cbaritiea. 
Clingan'a glA, for apprenticing poor boys <rf Chrbtohurdi. 
has an income of £19* ; the Magdalene charity, formerly a 
hospital for lepers, inoome £*3, now dbtributad in charity 
to the poor ; Admiral Brown's gift. Income £74, a portion 
of which Is dbtribuled to the poor of (bb parish. Then an 
other charities of varlona obaraeiara, tbe yeariy Inooue of 
which is aboDt £00. 

A newapaper, entitled tbe "Chrfstehurch TUam," b- 
published every Saturday morning. 

Salmon are caught in the riveraAvon and Stoor. 

Tbe King's Arms Hotel b mufb frequented by nobility 
aadgentrylntbeflshingseaaon: ftomliabalconycan be per- 
ceived tlieNe«lia,south.-paat: In the opposlu grounds an 
Ifae mins of the old castle and priory. 

Warren Hill orerlooks the sea, and at lU base b a heanti' 
fhl bcadi, with aoathem aapcet, well ahdiered from a 
northern breeas; from hen, In the Tfebilty of Tndtton, are 
extenatve vlewa by land and sea. 

The msaslon erected by Qu'tavu* Brander esq. on the 
dte of the andmt priory was tlie residence, lu 1S07, of the 
late Loob Fhillppe. 

Tbe prindpal landowners are the Earlof Malmesbury, who 
b lord of the manor, Sir O, B> H. Tapps Oervla ileyrick 
barU and tbetmsteea "f the latoSlr Q. Koee bart. 

The area b 21,448 acres of land : rateable value, 
£64.496 lis. ad. ; the popalatioB of Cnrbtchuroh parish 
in 1871 waa &,47&(whieh lododea part of Bournemoutta); 
of the paribmentary borough, 10,415 ; aod of the old town, 

Stanpit b a hamlet, half a mib eaet. 
SoMBRPORD b 1| miles eaat ; Bbt^ S aillai east : 
Stonrlidd, S nllao aoutti-weat. 

Hurn and Xut Varltty >ra mall hamlets In the 
parbb,9mlles north-waet firom Cbristebordi, dtuaie i on 
the river Stour. At Best Parley b a smalt school church, 
erected In 1866 and served by the de^ty of St. Peier, 
Bournemouth. Then b also a small Baptbt ehapd. In 
Ihe vldnt^ b Heron Court, the eeat of the Burl of Alaimes- 
bnry p.c. noted for Its paintings aod flower gardens : the 
library contains the valuable eoilectimi of books formed by 
James Harris esq. auilkor of " Hermes," and ancestor of the 
present Em-l : tbb noble residence b situated near to the 
river Stour, and In tbe midst irf tblek woods and planutions 
richly intetvpened with tbe Portugal lanrd and rhododeu- 

TacktOB and Wick, together form a tithing of 
Cfariatchunb. The farmer b 1 mlb south-west and the 
latt«T b a qoarter of a mile south. 

ParUk Clgrkf Jamea Baker Jenkbw. 

OfOoial BatabUshnMnts, Local InititntioiU} Ac. 

PooTft MonTOai»RkTBLBARAi>B OrpiCB, Savings 
Hank ft Oovcmment InMranoe A Aiiunlty OtBee, Bridge 
aticet.— Bdward John Ptke, poatnwoter. NIgbt m^ 
■frtrcftoBi fUagwood at a45 a.m. : ddlmy at 7 a-m.; 
Up.M.;&tfp.m.;dbpatdi,lU.4oa.n.j lIJOj 1Sl45 

& 8.45 p.m; on saBda>slrttananddlTeradat7a.m. * 
d^iobed at 8.45 p^m. UwBf enhn granted « paM 
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m 
Mbhbsr or Paruavrrt.— Sir Boarr Dromeiond 
Wolff «.o.]l.«.,K.o.B. bescombe Itower, BourannOBlh, 

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Hants ; 25 Albaet gate; Cariton, AtlmaaiK k tt. Jwnth' 
clubt, London 
Beitmibio Q^eer, Mayor for the tine hdag 


MajfCTt Henry Pain eaq 

AbboU John 
AldrwlKC George Ollra 
Beniaier Samuel 
Dniitt Jamet 
Ferrer OeorKo 
Ferrey WiDian 
Holloway John Edward 
Kemp-Wffkh Jamoe 

MeadHennr ThofcHamy 
Newlyn NlchidM dam- 
Pike BdMnl Jvha 
Sbarp Riadon OarracotC 
Small QeorKe 
Tucker William 
WlUlama Ftancia Edward 
Town Clerk, Juaea Droitt 


Haliimbar7 Tbe Eari of. Heron court 

Dart J. Honr^ ew|. Beech bouse, Bnnigore 

Dean W. Clapcott esq. Lfttledown bouse, Hotdenhant 

Dovglao Hod. Bdmr4 WiHIsm, Heatberln, Chridtchurch 

Everett Westboame, Bournemouth 

Farr W. Wladtiam eeq.(flhainDaD), Iford, Chriitehurch 

Harris Captain h.n. Heron court 

Hyde FranciiCoWilleetq. VTildertoD, Boumemoaih 

Loath Oeoive Thomae eeq. Chinrlek, Bonroeatoutii 

Hoops W. w. eeq. HIiAam, Boamemosth 

Penfayn S. H. Lmeatsr eeq. The Tof^, BonmemDUttt 

Stepban B. aaq. Kutlngton hooae, Bouracmonib 

StMrt GflD. Charla. Habome, Chrittchorcfa 

Cftr*, James Dmltt 

Atiat, W. A. Mardiall ft Co. Bridge street 

Commercial Union, J. K. Wdch, Hfg^strest : ft Wooft & 
ataloer, HiRb street 

'OiMreUan, W. Matthews, Bamdr road 

Lmw H.Pain, Barrack road 

Jfational Life, H. Pain. Barrack Towl 

JOnrwiek Imion. J. Oraen, High street 

Phanix Pirt. W. Tucker 

Boyal, H. W. Jenkins, Bridfe stivet 

Jtopal Bxehange, P. Cuff, High street 

Smtr^gn £^^0, Wooff ft SUiaer, High street 

3t^ffbrdsMr» Fire, J. B. Cobb, High street 

Sun Fire, J. Oruitt, High street 
Public BeTABLisHHSNTs : — 

Avonjf Staur Pithery ZHsiriet ( R. D. Sharp, solicitor to 
tbe Board of Conservators), Millhame street 

Barracks, Barrack road, liiomBa Vivian, barrack master 

Burial Board, James Dmitt, clerk 

Caunty Court, Thomas Edward Preston Lefhiy esq. Judfre ; 
James Druitt, registrar ; WUliam Hatchard, hifili bailiff. 
Summonses granted at Mr. Drnltt's office tn High street. 
Tbe County Court It held bl-moiitbly in the Town Hall. 
Tbe district comprises :— Avon, Blackwater, Bockhamp- 
lon, Boecombe, Bosley, Bournemouth, Bransgore, Burton, 
Christehnrch, Dean (Qreat), Hoidenhorat, Hum, Iford, 
MuseUff. Ptriey (Bast), Pokesdown, RedbUl. KIpley, 
Sure, BUriey, dopley, tttanpit, Tbroop, Tnektoii, wick 

Fire Brigade, E. ClariM, aacretwy 
lO^A Hants BMe Ccrp^ F. B. 0. Bjre cm. et^tslto. 
Hants Constabulary StatUmt Banprtet, ueoitie Yaol- 
4reUf sergeant 

IiUanA Revenue Office, Ring's Arms hotel, Castle street 
Stamp Office, Bridgrsr.Bilwd. John Pike, sub-dlstribmor 


The Christcfaorch Union comprises Cbristchurob, HoUea- 
hurst ft Sopley. The grauentlmatad rental of the Cidaa 
Is £MiMt lis. 6d.; rateaUe value, £166,779 Us. Si. 
A workhonse is now in course of en^tion, from dsslgns 
by G. C. Creeke ft H. Burton : it is of n-U brick ft u 
being built upon the pavilion priiiei[de ft will woTids 
beds Tbr SOOIaiaalea, the cost is atlmated at £12,000 
Board iay, first ft tUtd. mond^ in ntaj month 
Clerk, James Druitt 
Collector, William Matthews 
Selievitig Officer, Samael Beasistfle 
MedkMl (r raeeination Offieera, Dr. H. T. H. UmA, 

westara district; Dr. H. W. Hart«ml»eMttnidlalilet 
5up«ruit«ndsn< Rtgiatrar, Hentr Pain 
Re{fi»trar 0/ Births jp jDeathSf Satnasl llemistsr 
Reifistrars ^ Marriages, 8. BemiMv ft Klsdai IX Sharp 
trorUoM^ MichadaiiaBdanQa,mBatari Dr. BenryT.H. 
Mead, surgeon ; Mn. taaw Aiioa Baniideinn, itren 


C!erA, Janiea Druitt 

Medical Officer, Dr. Henry Thom« H. Xaad 
Inspector of Nuiaancety CharleB Buny 
Public OffPicBBa 

CUsrk to Burial Board, Coroner for the Hundred ^ 
Christehureh jf Libertg qf Westover, James Dntlttsiq. 

Inland Revenue Officer, William HcCartnw, Purswell 
Skuiff't Officer, John Moor*. Bkh street, Andonr 

Teum, Criar fr if U^M<ar, Joseph CBaaPratOD, BBigatM 
Town Sergeant, James Hka 

ScBOOL* :— 

Nmtional ( boys ft gUU). Wick lane, Alfred H«niT HnHdge, 
maslar: HlafrBIisaA3ittToogood,mlstseBB; MiBsB.ClMie, 
iafiwts' mlttreas 

Jfationai (inAats), East Pariiv, Mt«k Jalia flrecn, miitreu 
CemgregaHmial (bojs ft Blt&), MlUhva atFeet, Albert 
Graar, niMlar ; Miss Sank Gregofy, mlatite 
Christehnrch Timee, Georgr Harshall, publisher, High st 
Ckriitchtareh ^ Bottmemauth ObeervtTt WlUlamTiwker 
ft Sun, agents, High street 
BtAhoaf 5tonm, Fraderit^ WHUftm Serente, statloa 

master ; Samuel Newman, ddivery agent 
OmmbDi from King's Arms hotel, (^tle street, to tbe 
railway station to meet ail trains : N. S. Newiyn,proprlctor 
RttUway Ooode Parrel Office, CasUe street, If. S. 
Newlyn, Company's igent 

Cakribrs to 

Holmsslby STATiox—Samnd Newman, fromhlshoaWi 

Purewell, daily 

LxuiNQTOH— Jamei Rose, from 'Waggon ft Hor n, ' 
mondsys, Wednesdays ft Saturdays, relurtung same days 

PooLB ft BO0HMBMOUTH— Cornelius Bart,atfla.m.dsily; 
Harry Dowden, wedneedajs ft •aturdays 

BlHOWooD— H. Dowden, mondays ft tnursdays ; retomi, 
tueadays ft fiidqrs 

Salisborit— Harnr Dowden, mondays ft thuradays; r»- 

toriis, tueedays ft fridajrs 

SoDTHA M PTOM— John l^lley, from his house. Castle stiee^ 
mondays ft tbnrsdays ; returns, tueadays ft frldays 


Abbott John, Bridge street 
Aldridge Oeorge Olive, High street 
Ax&nTMrs. Purewell 
Ballard Rev. George Frederick [Catho- 

lici, Purewell 
Burrongba Miss, Purewell 
~<;oot« Mrs. High street 
Devereux WLiTiam, Hengl&tbury house 
Domone Mrs. High street 
Druitt James, H%h street 
Draltt Robert, Bridge street 
Eliison Herbert, High street 
Ferry William, High street 
Fltsmanrice Mrs. Stourrille 
Ooddard John Uryer, Purewell 
Gould Jot^ah, Burgates 
Hartfcnt Henry WUiirau Bridge street 
Hicki Cbaries {Un.), HlBfa street 
Hfdloway John Edward, Barrack road 
HeoghtoQ Re*. WilUam LCoagrega- 

tlonal], Bartaek road 


Jeans WIlllAm, Bow place 

Kemp- Welch Jarne*, High street 

Kinx Miis, High street 

Long Miss, Hrgh street 

Martin John, Purewell 

Mead Henry Thomas Harv^, Castleat 

Nash Rev. Zacbary 11.A. Vicarage 

Pain Henry, Barrack road 

Peers Rev. Thomas [.Wericgnui],Waler- 

loo place 
Popham Mrs. Stonrfleld honse 
Soott Rev. Wm. [curaiel, Stonr cot 
Sbarp RisdoQ Danacott, Millfaams at 
Stokes Heniy, Castle street 
Thompson RerJohn [ Baptist1,Stonr id 
Tighe Colonel Frederick Edward B. 

The Priory 
Tucker William, Barrack road 
Watmoogh WilUam, Bridge villa 
Watt Fwicb Joseph, Bridge street 
Wheeler Henry, High street 
Woodwark Mrs, Chutch street 

Aldridge Oeorge Olive ft ijons, brewers 

wine merchants, High street 
Argyle Pnin.Beraanl,shosma.Parewdl 
Attewell William, balr dresser, cUus ft 

toy dealer. High street 
Avon t Stour Fiekery District {K- D- 
Sharp esq. solicitor to the Boaid ot 
Conservators), MUlhaaia street 
Bagabot deemtor.Porewu' 
Ball Predk. B. photogcapher, ParcweU 
Barnes ft Cull, palnt«rs, Ban^utes 
BarraeMs (Thomas VivlaB, barrack 

master), Barrack road 
Bartlett Henry, outdtter, High street 
Be]blnQeonre,pBinterftgIaiier, Purewei I 
Bemister John Cotqw, coal merebant. 

Barrack road 
Bemister Samuel, relieving oAeer ft 

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Brias tc Yamng (MiMet), mllUaen, 
Bridm ftnet 

BdwMd CMS), HiRh ttrnt 
Broadwar Alfirad, jpbiBiiter, Bridge 
BKMptoa BobertiOoot Je diM milur, 

Bnnm Artkar Hj. watdi nwkr. High rt 
Bmn JtaM Co«rle«, baker k coa- 

ftctioner, BaiRaiM 
Bnd<i«n Hmrr Aitbnr^ coaob buIUer, 

Htefa stmt 
Bndden ianko, fRnner, Grort 
Budden Jcsie. ^imer, Bmrgatea 
Biidden John, beer retailer, Baiptts 
Bonr Obuln, plumber ic Uupeetor of 

notencee, Brulge street 
Barry OecHf:e. grefnpticer; Birgstes 
Bnrrjr Riebazd, beer retsiler. Wlckiane 
Bntler ElUabetta (Mr*.), tbopkeeper, 


Batiar Frands wmiam, ponltrrer & 

butcber. High street 
Butler Fiaok, carpenter k nnderlaker, 

Waierioo hoaie, Bridipt atreet 
Boiler John, Cit«mt ft marfiw rton 

dealer, Bargstai 
Caines Anna (Mrs.), coffee ho. Cas le it 
Cane Bkntamln, beer retailer. Bargate^ 
<^Ba Bicunl, Dphobtercr, High street 
Carter Chariotle (Hiaa), dim maker, 

MmaiBB itmt 
Ckristehureh ^ Bounmiouth Bititd- 

ing Society (EIIm Lane, aeeretary], 

Cborcfa rtreet 
CArJateAvrrA i Boumemnttk Chro- 

nta* iymnxm Toduv ft 9oD, flffea ta), 

Christekureh T^meafOeorge Mirthm, 

pnblldM-), High street 
Clark James, shoemaker, Outle street 
Clark Ton, park batcher, Pnrewell 
Clark Wm. ehiniDey sweeper, Baigates 
Clarke ft Co. watch fusee cliain manu- 

&eCiiren, HlUhaou street 
Clarke ft Lawrence, bicycle aaents. 

High street 
Coakes Isaac, Ritino Sun, Farewell 
Cobb Jeaeph Edwara. photographer ft 

&iiej repository, HiKh street 
Colcbird Robert, fir mer, PurewsU 
CoUios Charles, Dolphijij Cbarch et 
■Coaradl William, architect ft clerk of 

works to the Board of Guardians, 

Uvlngstooe honie 
Cox Alb«rt, baker. High street 
■Cram Qeoijce, shoe maker, Pnrewel! 
Cnnrtlier AndreWf manager of gas 

wofka, Potewdl 
Caff Frank, mOlerftnews sgiit. High at 
Davis George ft Son, bnllders, Bargutes 
Davis Artfaor H. artist. Bridge street 
Davia Cfcaries, boHder ft eoatraetor, 


Davit Bd«d.wlM ft qririt mar. Hlghst 
Derbaai Jas.rtipkpr. ft coal dlr.Purewell 
Difliiy George, grocer, Bargates 
I>ow(iaaPrrakjgf<TAmealmn. Purewell 
Dowden Harry, carrier, Purewell 
Z>raitr ft Dniftt, soliciton, street 
]>m}tt Jwnes, sollellor, ft commissioaer 
to Bdmlnister oathf, oorooer lor the 
Ckttatebarcb Hundred ft Liberty of 
Westorer, r«^trar of the eounly 
eout, ft derk to the anion, to the 
rural sankary aathotlty ft to the 
borial board. High street 
Bnus Joatah, boardirg school ftr boys, 

Parwdl Mary Ann (Bfn.), beer re- 

tstler ft sfaa{dteeprr, Bargates 
FonyGeo.ftBoB, linen drapers,Hlgh at 
Ferrey Oeor^e, organbC, HUh street 
PitoinM Jossfrh, draper. High slreet 
Frond J ohD,boot ft shue mBker,Ca4tle at 
Oas W^rht ( AJidrew Crowtoer, man- 

■ger), Parewell 
Gaddard J<Aa Bedlee, artist, Furewdl 
O aWsrt Jokn Bmr. aarReon,Pafa«dl 
GMUMd]rHa>y<Krs.}, bdnr.Chon'hst 

Goodhall Thomas m.bx.t.b. raterlnary 

•urgeon. Farewell * 
QoBslliig Tboaas, builder, H^h str»-t 
Gray Albert, bookseller ft stationer, 

VV aterloo pisee 
Green John, chemist, Hiuh street 
Gransell Janies, coach baiMer ft t^ycle 

Xt, Purewell 
:r J spb.eonf!etloner ft tohateonlst 
Hardy Predk. watch maker, Fnrewdl 
Hart William ft Co. watch fusee ft 

chain msnuiacturers, Bargntes 
Hart Vm. ft Son, natoralbte, Bamteo 
Hartford Hofiry WiUiam, swrgean. ft 
medical ft vaccination pfBcer to the 
union. Bridge street 
Hayter Predk. H. carpenter, BrMite at 
Hay ward Wsn. watoh mnker. Bridge at 
Head Edna (Mrs.), fruiterer, Purewell 
Head Edwd. boetft shoe maker ,CastJe at 
Hennlng John H. baker, Purewell 
HleksSamaal,edM»l, Porewril 
Hilllsr Uaiy Ann (Mrs.), tailoress, 

Holloway Alice ft Ptvnnr (irtsses), 

hdfea' achflol. Bridge streeet 
HollowayCharlesR. pTamherft painter, 

lead, oil, color ft horiicaltural peat 

merchant, Bridge street 
Holtoway JesM,bueksaildi,Birraeknl 
Holtomrr John Bdwatd, arebiteet ft 

soTTCjfyr, Barrack roail 
HoweWflUam^carpeater, Livingstone rd 
Hyde James Butler, builder ft biicfc 

mana&ctarer, Stour road 
James John, baiter, Batgates 
Jenkins Henry West ft J^n, builders, 

Bri%e street 
Jenkins ft Co. watch, fusee ft chain 

man ufiicturers , Bridge street 
Jenkins Janies Baker, tnetkneer ft 

valuer, Castie street 
Jalle Hdlle. mllUnarft drew maker. 


Ketfbn William, grocer ft provision 

dealtf , Purewell 
King Joseph, brewer, Hffli street 
Lane Etlasft Son, grocen.Church street 
Lane Andrew, aaddler, Bridge street 
Lane Jc^n EUas, draper. Bridge street 
Loader Wm. eating house. Church at 
London Geone, brower, Bargates 
McCartney William, lolaBd revenue 

ofHcer, Purewell 
HcComble Robert Bums, seed mer- 
chant. Waterloo place 
Marshall George, publisher of ' Christ- 
dinrcfa'nma.' ft printer. Hlgb street 

tioneers, valaertf, honse ft estate 
agenia, Bridge St. ; ftatBoornenouth 
Matthews Charles, £htp inn. High st 
Matthews Wm. rataa^lcetr.Burraek id 
Head Henry Thomas Harv^, surgeon, 
medical officer to rural amiitary 
authority, ft medteal ft vaeelnatlon 
officer 10 the union. Castle street 
Headus George, baker, Hlllhama street 
MtnteTnJamesOreeA,aaetf(meer, house 

ft esUte agenf. Bridge street 
Hnnday Jae. Watkin, aeontnt. Bridge st 
Newlyn Nicholas S. King't Arou 

family hotel, Csstle street 
Newman George, farmer, FalrmSeroad 
Newmnn Samuel, carrier. Farewell 
Pack Stephen, shopketiper. Church st 
Pain Edward, Bight Belli, Chureb st 
Pain Henry, clerk to the highway 
board, vestry clerk, sapt. registrarof 
births, deaths ft marriages, ft land 
steward to the Eari of Malmesbury 
ft Sir G. 6. M. T. Gervis M^rick 
bert. Barrack rosd 
Pardy Joseph, working cutler, Bargates 
I^yn William James, linen draper ft 

outfitter, High street 
Pike Edward John, grocer, ft post 

offlee^ BrtdfB street 
PHw Gaof9e,^ladcsnlih, Bargates 

Folmear Elisabeth (Mrs.), i>iiAe 

WeUingttH, Barrack road 
Pope George, carpenter, Purewdl 
Poos Harvann (Mrs.), chlua ft glass 

dealer, Purewrll 
Preston Hy. pianforte tuner, Purewell 
Preston John, stone mason ft ooal 

dealer. Bridge street 
FrestonRobert,eaUnet maker.Bridge st 
Preston William, farmer. Pound lue 
Fan-lMse Henrv, grocer, Bftrgatea 
Rnilwi]/ OiHxU i ParcM Omct 

( NlcholMS. Newlyn, agnt),CasUest 
ReekuCfaaries, com mctor ft auetiuBeer, 

Caatle street 
Reeks George, butcher, Bridge atreet 
RiKiandComilius, Craga Keyt, fthuir 

dresser, Barrack ruad 
Saffery William, letterpress, lillio- 

fiTsphic&cupper plate pmtr.Bridge st 
Scott Wm. ft :$ons, hutchen. Castle st 
Scott Robert, bacon factor, Highatrert 
Seott Thomas William, bHker, Purewell 
Selfe William, Whitu ffari.Barmek rd 
Selwooddamurl, Ge»r]fg, Castte street 
Sharp Rladon Damieott, solicitor, com- 

ml<«i«rier to adinfoister ofttfis, ft 

solicitor to the Cbriatcfaiirch ft 

Boamemontti Benefit Bulldtog In* 

festment Society, ft registrar of 

marrlaget, Hlllhams street 
SMrvdl AanA(Mrs.), baker. Farewell 
Small George, linen draper. High st 
Society for Promoting Christian 

Knowledge (Vm. Tucker), Hlq^k st 
Soft Albert. Ifaihcetif hm, BuTgatea 
SpearmanCha-les, /metfiii, Su^sates 
Splckemell John,beerretall>4>,PBKweIl 
Spickemell WBUam, oaUnet maker. 

Castle street 
Stokes Henry, manager of Wilts ft 

Dorset Bank, Castle street 
Stone James, builder, Church atreet 
Street John, Ironmonger, Castle atreet 
Tamlyn Caroline (Mti.), bonnet maker, 


Tamlyn Joha Linton, dairyman ft 

baker, Purewrfl 
Tanner Joseph, Criipbt ten, ft bolfalCT, 



Taylor Peter, sieve maker, Ctiureh st 
TlAey John, carrier. Castle street 
Trake John, baker, Wick lane 
Tuck RtehsrdJohn,mil)er,Knapp mills 
Tucker William ft !*on, bnokselters ft 
agents for * Chrisichnrch ft Bourne- 
mouth Chreidcle,' High str<«t 
Tucker William ft don, grocers. High st 
Tuckf-r Benjamin Joy, aaddler. High at 
Upshall Thomas, blacksmith, Wick lane 
Vick Henry, pork butcher, Purtwsti 
Wal«lmCliarlas, Jobmaster,HilUiama st 
WaUen Predk. earpsnter, MiUhams st 
Watmeugh William, surReon,Bridia st 
WattoB Jefferiea, mealmaa ft Mop- 

keeper, Purewell 
Watt FranclsJosepfa, 8oliottor,Bridge8t 
Watts Edward, waich maker. High st 
Weaver Henry Geo. Antelope, High st 
Wetsbmnn Robert ft Son, IronuHMgers, 

Purewell ft Barfcates 
Wliitcher William, Woffgon §■ Horaee, 

High slreet 
White George ft Henry, Ironmengcts, 

High street 
White Joseph William, booksdier ft 

stationer. High street 
Williams Fras. Bdwd. grocer. High st 
Wtlfsj- i>or«e( Banking Co. (branch 
of) (Hy. 8toL«s,maAaffer), CMthist ; 
dnw on London ft Westnilnstcr Bank 
Wooffft Slainer, auctlone™, surveyors 
ft valuers ; aventsfur the Commercial 
Union ft Sovereign Life Assurance 
Companies, The Mart, High street 
WorJ^tMet^a^MHtumOeorKt Mar- 
shall, see.), Towa hall. High street 
Wright J lin. boot ft aboe maker, High at 

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Aabfeid John Heniy 
Brotlierton If ». St«ii|ilt hooM 
De Vaax Mn. Stanpit booM 

Dobson Thamu 3oio«rvillfl 
Higffia Tfaomas, Avon \o6ge 
HupkliM Rotwrt, Apeley colttge 

Locke VTadhMB 

fllomu John, Wfek booM 

Nalmethaty Ear? orG.c.B.,p.c.,D.c.t.. 
Heron court ; 23a, Cavenriisli Rqi»r« 
k Carlton cluh, London g.te 
naiTisCapt.BdwdJasj.p.Htron court 
Bacon Oflorga, ftraer, St. Lmnardi 

Bn<]den Ba^nln 


Joy Edward, AlUon cottapre , 
Manhall Wm. Artbnr, Ayenue cottage 
Ne»man Arthur 

Toyne Rev. Frederick Elijah [curate] 
HflinlnBter Geoive, coal merchant 
Dcrliam John Hopklni, farmer 

Tnckton A Wick. 

Button William, farmer 
Dowden Charles, &rm«r 


Blandford Henry, &nner, Menytown 
Baddon Edwin Artlmr, former, Hum 
Fall Richard, former, Dudmore form 
Henvllle Walter Sampmn, carpentfr 
Loekyer Thos.Hy. &rmer,Huni bridge 

XMt Parley. 
I Ooddard Fraocb 

Oillard Hairy, ffrocer 

Oonldinft John, nrewer 

Head Geoi;n(Mra.),SAip jKi>Mr0l« 

Lawrence Henry II Co. brewert 

Stride Henry, bresd ae Uaenit baker 

KellawBT Robert, &mer 
, Reakt Chirlea, fhnner 

PitiDfui Jameii, fiirmer, Eut Mooi* 
8eare William, miller, Huni 
Tack Heoiy, Uaekanilth 

Vine Bamod, gardeoer 

CHTTUCH OAEZiBTU a imall Tillage and pariah half 
a mite south frum Oakley statlm, on the South Western 
railway, 5 miles west from Badngstoke, 50 from London, in 
the Northern diviaion of the county, hundred of Obuteley, 
Basingstoke union and county court district, Basinsstoke 
petty aeaslonal divisioa, diocese and arehdeaconry of Wln- 
obeater and rural deanery of Bailngxtoke souili-weatem 
difiaion. The church of Sr. Leonard is in the Perpendicular 
»ty1e» la fooed with flint and Bath stone d esalngs, and eon- 
•ista of chancel, nave and aisles, and square tnwcr with 
four piooadea cnalaiDlng & bella : the pulpit is of alabaater 
and M finely chiselled : there is a Ireh nte : the church wa» 
rebuilt fai 1800, from the deaii^ns of T. H . Wy a tt, at a coat of 
about £0,000 : an organ was purchased oy subscrlpilon 
In 1674: the "Malahaiiger able" contains tombs of the 
Warbam fornQy, one of whom vaa bom at Malabangerin 
this pariah, ana filled ofllces in the state during the retKna of 
Henry VII. and Hnirj VIII. and wis aneceaalvely Keeper 
of the Rolls, Ambaasador to PbUhi Duke of Burgundy, 
Kpeper of the Broad Seal, Biahop of^ London, Chancellor uf 
England, and Archbishop of Canterbury, which last honour 
he enjoyed twenty-eight years: tliere is also an andent 
stained window, portrsylng the ArchUahop. The register 
dates from tbe ynr 1669. The living is a rectory, value 
£360, with residence and S6 acm of glebe. In the pa- 
tronage of Queen's CtJIego, Oxford, and now vacant. 
Here is an endowed school, estaMtshed I66« under the 
will of G. Wither esq. for the fducatlon of eigbt poor boys 
of Dean and Oakley, in reading, writing, and arith- 
metic, for which purpose be devised a reut-clisrge, at 

{ireaeiit yielding £16 yearly, togctlter viitti i acres «f 
and, a garden, and a residence for the master, aijd other 

Sroperty for apprmticdug the children. There is also a 
rational scbool, which was erected 1866 and enlarged 167^ 
on a plot of ground belonging to William W. B. beach e»q. 
1I.P. at Oakley Hall, capsble of containing a bnmlred and 
twenty adwlHis, and occaaionally receiving this number : 

Aobray RIebwd 

Beach WHIIam WlttaT Bmmsfon v.P., 

J.P.Oakley hall;ftKeiiTil house, Wills; 

St Csritun& Boodle'selnb^ 
Portal Wyndham SpeiKrr j.p. Hals> 

liai^; fclVnvelfen'elubiLondonf.w 

St. Jolm Bdmrd W. If mor hwm 
Allen WIlHaai. farmer. Balls baabea 
Awbery Edward, fonoer 
Awbery Titomas, former, The DeU form 
Blevnlen Henry, alniAosper 
Cobden Bdward, hxamr 

the vchool la attended by children from Dean and Bast 
Oakley, ia under the management of a trained master, wh& 
has a cottage for reaidence : a play-ground for tbe children 
is also attached : the school Is under Oovemment inapection. 
Mrs. A Bramston left £S1 >early for bread, meat, dotldRfr, 
or other usefbl articles to the poor of Dean and Oakley. 
Mslshanger, the ant of Wyndham 8. Portal esq. i.P. li a 
modem mansion, situated In a well-wooded park, and roB- 
niHuding an extensive and pleasant view of the sanonndlng 
country : It immediately adjdna the site of an ancient 
sinicture(of which a lofty octagonal towerls still standing), 
the birth place and reMdenoe of ArchUshop Warham. Uui- 
ahanger was ealaiged by its present owner in 1862. In the 
adjoining village of Ibworth, parish of Hannlogton, also tbe 
property of Mr. Portal, Is a small timbered house, wbicli i*- 
sdll termed the " Warfaam Cottage." Oakley Hall, the seat 
of William Wither Bramston Iteach eaq. u.p. Is situated 
dose to tbe Soutt Western raiiwvr, which Inteneets tbe 
park; the mansion was built in 1705 upon the nte of tht 
former edifice, and altered in I860 : it Is situated in the midst 
of an extensive and wdl wooded-park, covering about 409 
acres, chiefly Id Deane parish. W. W. B. Beach oq. H.r. 
who fa l<ml of the manor, and W. 8. Portal e^q. are the 
prindpallandovmcm Hieaoiliaalight loam; subaoil,chaUc. 
The chief cropa are wheat, barle^and roots. The area is- 
1,605 acres ; rateable value, £^609 ; tbe population In IB71 
was 390. 
Parith CUri, William Uoore. 

PoBT OFFicB.-~Willlam Wells, recdver. Letters tbrongb 
Basingstoke, ddlvered at 7.66 a.m. and 13^ p.m. ; Sun- 
days at 7.66 a.m. ; dispatched at t).66B.m. & 6.40p.m.;. 
Sundays at 10.60 a.m. Overton Is the neareat money 
order ofitce 

National School, Edward Hicks, master; Miaa Laun 

Foster, mbtreM 
BaUuMy Station, James Fyfield, station master 

Go-ldaid Wm. (exora. of), beer retailer 
Dicker Jesse. Bad Lion, Clerk eiig r se n 
ijiwford Loltua, fonwr 
Wood Joaeph, &r 

CUUmXLD It a parbh and Tillage milea north i a ebaritv, via. tbe intarat on £W0, left by a Mr. Blcbaidl, 
from Hanulean, 6 aonth-west from PeieMHeld and 7^ north- and called Richards* Charity. Here are wealeyaa and Coo- 
east from Havant atatlon on tbe dlrtet Portsmouth line. In \ gregational cbapela and Sunday scbods. Sir J. C. Jerrdse 

the Nonhera dlridon of ttie county, hundred of Pinch i)c«n, 
Cathertngton uai<w. Peleraflaid petty aeaslonal division and 
connty court district, diooeaa and ■rehdaieonfy of Wiii- 
cbeater and raral deanery of Havant. Tbe church of St. 
James, oonalsting of chancel and na*e. Is an andent atmc- 
Inre with S bdla. A new diurcli la in courae of erection. 
Tbe reidster dates from 1638. The living is a ractory, 
annexed to that of Chalton, Jdnt annual value, £6U0, lu 
tbe gift of King's College, Cambridge, and bdd by the Rev. 
Campbell Lock m.a. ofTrinl^ College, Carabridgt:. There is 

hart. Is landovrner and lord of tbe manor. The adl Is 
light and dry ; subsoil, chalk. The cbkf crops are wheat, 
bailey and oats. Ttie area is 1,404 aerea; rateable mlae* 

£978 17a. 3d. ; and ibe population In 1831 was S7L 
Parith CUrk, J obn CarpentCT. 

Taylor Rev.Amold Dawes B.A.[curate] ; Higgens Wlilla] 
Cole John, Eirmar & shopkeeper Hobus Joaeph,hlackamltfa 

Colei WUfiam, carpenter * wb^wrgh 1 1 Knight John, beer retailer 

LXTTBE Box near tbe church, deared at 6 p.m. ; nuiday* 
at 10 a.m. Letten throivb Honi Jl>eaa, wbleta la tbe 
nearest money order olHce 
Satienal Sekool, Hlaa Cooper, mistreae 

,m, fsnner I Money George, BUino Svn 

Poate Henry it Son, larmen, i 


OOODWOBTH CLATFOllD Is a pariah and station | Wherwell. Andover petty seadonal dlvialon, nnkm and 
4iit the Andover and Kcdtoidge branch of the Sonth Wt^&m conn^ court disttfct, diooeeeand arcbdeaeonn of Wlaches- 
nilway. In the Nortbeni divukn of the county, bnndrcd of | tar and nral imamj of floutb Andovar,a nllai ionth frott 

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And over and 68 from London, sltnat'd on Ibe river Anton, 
over whteh there !■ a bridfte. Tbe eburrb of St. Peter la a 
■tone atmrtore, roppoped to bave been bnitt in the thirteenth 
teatwry: It eofMbm of efaancsl, nave and Mdes, wtih a 
fqaare tower which oontalna a peal of 3 bella, ftnd qiire: 
tbare are several otainn) windows. Tbe icglttcr dataa fro* 
tbe vev 1561. The Hrtofr !■ ft viearage, Krota yearij value 
£960, with reridenee. In ibcfcUkoT Willias H. Ireaonger 
en. and beM by tbe Kev. HHwaaLaaeellaa IrenoaferB.A. 
of Balliol Coll«:ge, Ox'brd ; the Rev. Edward AtberlonCau*- 
ton M.A. of St. Jofan'a CdleRe, Cambridge, la the enrate. 
Here ia a ehapel lbrPrlniltlv« Hethodlata. W. H. Iremon- 
OTT Mq. who Is lord of the nanor, ano tbe Rev. Thoinaa 
Bart are tbe principal landownera. Hie foil li light loan; 
the •abaoil i» prtodpalljr chalk. Tbadiieferopo are wheat, 

Burt Hra I Bevta Jpme, ihoe maker 

hariejr, oata and tamipe. Tbe area la 9,390 ten* -, nteiU» 
Valne, £a,98S; and tbepopalatHn In 1871 wm4S4. 
PatiMh Cfent, George DowUng. , 

Post O p p i c a.— Ja mra WUItava, receiver* Letten arrive; dlapatidwd at 7.10; on 
•undaya at 11 Tba iNHeat Booey uder <rific« to at 

Hare ia a aebool, fimnded k endowed by the Kav. Laaedlea 
Iremonger, a nrmer reetoFi & auppofted bj a voluntary 

Public Slementary School (endowed), WOUun Deaeonr 

■water i Mrs. Margaret I>raeon,intotMB« 
Railway Station, Wlliian Ckrkaa, atattwi aiaator 
CAmMBK TO Win CBUTBK^— Cbariea Ford, wed. 4c «t 

Camton Rev. Edward Atkerton h.a. 

Dowlfng Mr*. Tboinaa 
Hammaoe Henrjr, Good worth booae 
IreiMo^ Iter.Tbonaa Laeedlea Ba. 

IVlor Jaaoea Edwin 


Bailor R<4Hn,carpaBt«*«beiAwrigbt 

Batler Jama*, Ibrmer k miller 
Carter James, Rof/ul Oak 
Collins John, brewer k grocer 
Corp Jame«, blaelinnltta 
Dew Hi^fT, basket maker 
Ford Charlee, carrier 
Onn CbarlM, bricklayer 
Hunt Henry, aeinar 
H atebeoca WiUiam, cattle dealer 

Loek Henry, beer retailer 
Loscombe Pranda RnaaelLftrmer 
Pain Charlca, bwr, Clatford Oak, 

Smallbonea Thomaa, beer retailn- 
Snow Edward, farmer, Manor lam 
WlUlama Jane*, groevr, baker, k poet 


Wltbeta Heary, farmer, Cewdowabm 

VPPES CXiATFOBD to a pariah in the Northern 
divimon of tbe county, bundred of Paatrow, anion, pet^ 
RcaaiDnal divfakm aiM county court dbtrict of Andover, 
diooeae and archdeaconry of Wincheeter and rural deanery 
of Soatb Andover, a miie and ahairmuth from Andover, on 
tba river Anton ami the Plllhlll brook, which here flowa 
ioto tbe Anton. The Andover and Redbridfie railway 
P row e e this parish. The ehoreh of All SalnU is an ancient 
•tone boiUnig, initiating of ebaneel and nave, wlih a square 
tower. The regiattr dates from tbe jeer 1571. Tbe living 
ia a rectwy, tithes commuted at £ai&, with 38 acm of 
glebe and residence, in the gift of and b«M by tbe Rev. 
Tbomaa Child ii.a. of Qoeen^e Collese, Oxford, and rural 
deu of Soatb Andover. At the foot of Burv Hill, on ibe 
Pillblll bro^, la an extendi re Ironfeundrv, known aa the 
Waterloo Ironworks, condnctrd by Messrs. Tasker and Sons, 
general engineen, ironfonnder* and a^icultutal imple- 
ment muu&ctnrera, having a siding connected with the 
railway. A Worklng> Men's Hall, capable with the Kbool 
to bold 600 perKMia, baa been erected, at tbe expense of the 
Messrs. Tadtcr ; it to also as«l as a librarv and readinK 
nxMoa. Here is a paper mill. Red Rice floose the seat 
of tile Rer. Thmnas Beat B.C.I., j.p. to a noble mansion, 


Beat Rer. Thos, b.c.i-,j.p. H«I Rtreho 
Best Capt. Thos. j.p. Red Rice huuie 
Carter Oeom, Ron oottatre 
Child B«v. AJward u.A. tcarate] 
Child Rev. Tbos.M.*. [rector], Roetory 
Fowle WllUam.OlatfonI lodge 
OOca Piands Oeorv« 
Lywood John, Norman coort 
Tasker Henry, Bronkslde 
Tnker Robert, Bury Hill house 
Tasker Willtonn, Manor bouaa 


AshbtidgeCbari4«,fimiBan of engineen, 
Wat«iioii ironworka 

Bendle Qeorffe, nhne maker 
Corp Jas. Crook ^ 5A«sre, * blaek- 

Corp John, rarpenter& wbedwrigbt 
Colverwfll John, farmer 
Giles Francis Oeoi^, paper maker 
Gavatt William, firmer. Manor Sum 
Heath FMerIek, Ibrmer 
Lawrence Edward Jaiaes, ftnner, Sax- 
ley &rm 

Lywood John, &raier k landowner, 

Norman court 
Newaam John, foreman nf machine 

shoptWsterloo Iron worfca 
Smith WlUlav, beer retailer 

very prettily sitaated in a wall-timbered park of about 10(^ 
acres ; it was fomeriy tbe residence of Giavemor Pitt, aad 
was pnrchased by tlie preaent owner from Lord Berwick In 
1845. Clatford Lodge, tbe seat of William Fowle eaq.i» 
pleasantly situated on the bank* of the Ptllhlll brook. On 
bury hill are the veiy perf^t remalna of a Roman encamp- 
ment. Tbe Rev. Thomas Best la lord of the manor. The 
principal landowners are tbe Rev, Thomas Best, John Ly- 
wood esq. Messrs. Tasker and William Fowle esq. Tlie soil 
is light loam ; anbsoil, chalk. The chief crops are wheat 
bsriey, oata and turnips. Tbe area to S,lfiO acres ; rataable- 
value, £3,8S0 ; and the population In 1871 was 849. 
Paruh CUrk, Rtebard Unnt. 

Letters arrive from Andover, which ti the nearest money 
ord«r otflce. Pillar Box cleared at 7.30 p.m. In sum- 
mer ft 0.3Op.m, in winter; k 11.30 B.n. on aundav 
Tliere to a Nattond echool k a Kbool supported by HaHn. 

Tasker ft Sons 
ScHOOt.s :— 
Church, Hiss Fannv Parsons, mlatress 
Waterloo IronworJu, Hiss Jennings Brailer, mistress 

Smith William, foreman uS iBoaldara» 

Waterloo Iron vrorks 
sure Frederick William, grocer k. 

asstota n t overse e r 
Stare Sarah (Mra.), shopkeeper 
Tasker ft Sons, general euglneert, Iroa 
fonndm ft agricultural Implement 
maauCaetnrers, Waterloo ironworks 
Wear Joseph, ftraman of Falntera» 

Waterloo irwnworks 
Wblte Samuel, Ntto inn 
Willto Alfred, foreman of btadanltha, 

Waterloo ironworks 
Wright WUiiam, bin Inlllff to tbe 
B»T. T. Best 

CIiII>I>ESD£If to a pleaaant village and parish, 3 mfles i to the poor of each parlab by tbe rector. The land chiefly 

sou th e a st from Baajngstoke, in the Northern division of 
tbe eoQBtv, BaslagaKdu bandred, onton and coanty court 
diatitat, WlDebeatardloceae and arcbdeaeontyand Radiv 
etahe twral deanery aootb-weelam division. Tbe rhnreb of 
St. Inaonard to an ancient stmeture. in the Norman and 
PerpeadieaJar styles, with chancel, nave, alale, bdfry and 
1 beU at west-end and open timbered roof: it wu restored 
inie88,Btaeortof £fiOO,by tbe Eari of Portamouth, the 
rector and other iiibabDants of tbe parish. Tbe register 
datSB from the year 1636. Tbe living to a rectory, with 
that oi Farteigh Wallop annexed : yearly value £JS&, with 
reridcoee. In tbe irtft of tbe Eart nf Portamouth and held 
by tbe Rkv. Joshua Willoughby Brjan b.a. of Woreealer 
Oillwe. Oxford. The charities consist of the Interest of 
£i47 ta. for tbe poor of Cllddesden, Parlelgb Wallop and 
tiorstboume Priors, a third of which is distributed annually 

Bmn Rev. Joshua Willoughby b.a. 

Edwards Uev.EdwlB StapletOB[carate] 
Badd GoKga Kenlqr, AnMf 
Oaeve Henry, temr 

Ciifte H«nry, fiirmer 
Cohden Rdwant, farmer 
Hawkins l>avid, wheelwright 
Roberta William, abopkeepar 
BtaUer George, blaekamlth 

belonga to tbe Earl of Portsrooutb, who to also lord of tbe 
manw. The soli to chalk and light loam ; subsoil, chalk.. 
Tbe ehbd* crops an wbaat, bariey, roota and grasa. Tbe 
areato3,IS0aereB:iat«abla*aIat,£2,3!0; tbe populatioa 
In 1871 was 313. 
Paris* CJar*. William Waldren. 

P08T Opfxcb.— Cbaries Moody, reeelTer. Latlara d«< 
liverad tbnogh fiaaingaloke at 7 a.m.; dtopatebed at 
6.50 p.m. Tbe nearest money order & tel(«rapb office is- 
at Haslngatoke 

There is a school board for tbe parishes of Cliddeeden, Far- 
Icigh Wallt^ ft Ellixfield. Hen to a school, which was 
endowed by Ann Doddlngton with £10 per annum la 
1650, for bm ft giris of tbe united parisbes 

Boant Sehtti, Edward Ballard, master 

Spier WIlilam,fiuiMr 
e^wItMir Wlll|sin.</0My Farmr 
Tew George, builder 
Thorpe George, maltster 
Waldren Rlebard, shoe nakar 

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OOLBTTItT (• a tfthiaff and mcleeiuHal iwrfrii, fonned 
In 1872 from tb« civU fOtUk «f EUog, miit* wnt from 
Eliiur, I mile from th« ^adfaarst Road slatioa on tke 
South Westcra railway and 8 nflcs west from Souttiampton, 
In the SoHtbem divMoD flf tks toanty, Radbridge hatMKd, 
New Ptomt union. SoaAaniptM coanty coart dUtriot, 
PonHngbridre maV deanery eaetent divbioa, and archdu- 
eonry and dioceae of Wlnebeater : it comprUea tbe villacwof 
COLB0RT Bud LoHaDOWK. Cbrlst ChuTChls a baniMome 
Dtcntwe, \» tbe Early Ea^lah atyle, and cooilrta 
cbaood, nave, aialea aod amail sptre with 1 bell : it waa 
«MCtedta 1870, at the cMt of tbe Pnd«tek Ibbotm 
«M|. The regiHterdafasfrom theyear 1872. The liiins fa 
« vicarage, veariy nine £3S0t la tlie gift of Mra. Vaadn^, 
4laackt«rortheiS>iuder, and la bald bv the Rer. lUibart 
Biekenlika m.a. oTTduIty (klltg^ Dublin. Colbury Maaar 

Bull Cbarlaa, braer 
Dawkiiu John, thopkefptr 
Allen Ura pawkins Tbocraa, bfawhanift 

Bickerdike Rev.Bolwrt k.a. Vicarage 
Tuartrey Hra, Colbury manor 
Vmicfeey Witliaw, Colbury annor 
Warton Charlea Bygrave 
'^Vfnfrreve Drnmmond, Langl^ tumm 
Wingrove Hr>. Langley faoase 

(a tiwaeatof WIBIan Vaodr^eaq.; It la « red brick rnan- 
•ioa, in tbe atyle of tbe flfteeath ontnry, dtiiabBd o> 
an endnanct^ mm whldi exteaalw aad ^tereaqna TiewM 
are obtained, IncladinK the ffew Foiati, Somhampteii 
water and tfa* lale of Wight. If n. Vaudny la lady of tbe 
manor and the inindptu landawaer. Tbe lell la tir*mf( 
ckif i aabaoll, o^y. Tbs eUef otopa ate oata, batUj, wim 
•OM land In jvatvra ; tbtt MMnUtioa la aboM 750. 
Parkk CSriL John Pudan. 


OaUcnCfaaa. baax ninfler, ft foat offioe 

Green James, fiimer 
QiillfTer William, farmer. DorW faxm 
Hardtng John Tbomaa, boot matter 
Marlow John, thraMr 
May William, farmer, Avtar^ laim 
Perry Wflliam, &rmer 
HitIgM Oeorge, boot maker 
Seaman Thomas, &rmer 

Post OpFtCB.— Charlea BhttanyreoeWer. LettevaraeilTed 
thraofth dauAamptM, m Tattsn, at 7 atm. ; dia^ohwl 
at 7.S0 p.m 
ScBooLa : — 

Nmttonal, CoUniry, Gaau Elford, maater^ Krt. Elfoid.BaC 
A'atiMot, Longdoun, HIaa Elixabeth Ann Allen, mbtriiaa 

Edwardi Oeoixe, fttrmeTt New firm 
Green Ellas, fiuiner 
Green Jofan, fiirmer 
Harrey 6«niwe, beer retaHar k fcmer 
Hoare H. D. ftnner 
Honunan Robert, niirwirymBa 

Mariow Matthew, fertner 
Mintrara Wllliain, fn^<cer 
Payne BetRCji (Mra.), tn 
Fhllpot Heniy, fiumiiir 

COLXUEV OOMMOK U aa ecclesIasUoal pariah formed 
in I84a out of tlu parUhea of Owalebury and Twyford : it 
ia In. the Nortbera divl»ion of tbeMonty, WlneheaterODUDty 
'Court diatrict, and in tbe rural deanery, anbdwomwy and 
•dkueaaof Winchaitar, and Is altoated 1 milea south from 
Wiocbeatar. The chureb of the Holy Trinity is a smaJl 
modani atcuctuie, baTing chancel and nave, with an open 
turret coDtalniag I beU; there are two stained wlndowa. 
The r^ter dat«a from the year IBti. Tbe living ia a 
vicara^, yearly value £143, with residence and four acre* 
■of glebe. In the gift of tbe vicar of Twyford and the vicar of 
OwalobtuT altacnaialy and held by the Rev. Percy Monro 
«t Kutar CoUeKS, OxftnL Here ia a cbaptl of the 
Bible Cbiiatlaaa,eraetBdlnl866; It ia a red brick building. 

Golden Oonunon. 
Blundell Charles, FIsher'a pond 
Blandell Mrs. HeostlnK 
Monae ttav. Percy m.a. [vicar] 


AdBmaSainl. shopkeeper, nther'apond 
Ball«y James, shoe maker, Cnnrd bill 
Bamea J ames, whet- Iwrlght 
Boyea Mary Ann (Ura.j| beer retailer, 

risber^i pond 
Boyea WllHam, wdnter, Ctowd hffl 
<:k>ekman Mra. EliubeOi, brtek malcer 

ft beer retailer 
francis Horace, grocer & beer retailer 
Franklin Nathamel, englueer 

Freeman tie William; beer retailer 
Uover Cbaa. beer rewler & shopkeeper 
Hawkins Charles, &riaer, Crowd bill 
Hawkins Henry, brewer, maltster St 

beer retailer, HennthlE 
Hewett William, bricklayer 
Hunt Wm.Jobn, &rmer» H^ibrdg.frm 
KImber Jam«, farmer 
Kni^c WilUam, fivmer. Kennel ttrm, 


OwtoR Oeu^, f)H*mer, wked,wri|^ & 

timber merchant 
Parsons Herbert, farmer. Crowd hill 
Pliillips Prederirk, brick maker 
PhlUips Peter, farmer, Crowd bill 

Brick maklnir is carried oa here, and there is a saw mill. 
Tbe area ia 1,61B acres ; tbe population Id 1871 was 700. 

Bramtiridgtt is a hamlet in Golden Common diatrict, a 
mile sooth of the ebnrdi, and In BlriumitokepoataldiHinrr. 
Here ia a Catb<riie ehapel, endowed bj oae of the Welh 
fbnlly. BrambridgeHoitselstlwseatorSlrThamaB Fair- 
balm hart. J.p. and Brambrldge the raddeMe of 
Joeeph Atkins esq. 

Pariih Clerk, Thomas Mortis. 

Wall Box, cleared at fi.45jp.m. week daya & 11 a.m. sao- 

daya. Letter* tlirough Wlnebeater 
NatwHol Sckoolt Coldeo Common, Heniy Cooper, naaler 

Pfnk Chartei. Ihm Mllff to John ft 

I^neb Ray, HwuHngflmn 
Twrent Isaac, brick bnmer 
Vesr Phll^. brlek maker 
Woodward Wm. shopkeeper ft baerrtlr 
Yonng WU)laa^ &roter 


Atltint Joseph. Brambridge villa 
Fairbaim atr Ttwmaa bart. j.p. Branf 

bridge honaa 
Hartley MIm, Wooderoft oottafie 
Barnes Georg«, beer retailer 
Barnes Stephen, &rm bailiff 
Ro»Wm. land i^rent, BnunbrMge cott 

COZiElCOILIS (or Colicbb) is a parish, 6 milea aouth 
irom Alton and 6 north-west from P«tersfi«ld, In the 
Northern division of the connty, hundred of East Heon, 
Petemfleld petty sessional division, nnioa and cou'ity court 
■district, diocese and archdeaconry of Winchester and rural 
4leanery of Petersfieltl. The name is sp«It in Domesday 
Book, Colemere ; Colmer In the reeuters 1&9S-1750, and 
■Colemore in Taxation of Hants, 133i ; it has also been 
.wiittea Colmar, without any apparent authority. Tbe 
•cburdi (not dedicated) is a small edifice, bavlnj^ chancI^, 
nave and abort tower with S bells : the north-eaatem pardon 
la Norman and tbe remainder Barfy Baglish : the chancel 
aeraan la of old oak, the Nwmaa font of Purbeck marble : 
in 1845 the eburdi was reaeated with open Itencbea and a 
porch added : a belfty was erected In 1866, and the chanoel 

Herv^ Rev. Thomas k.a. Rectory 

partly rebuilt In 1874-5. The rwiater dates from the year 
1S63. The iirinir is a rectory, with tlmt of Prfciva Oqm an- 
nexed, Joint yearly value £500, with redduneeand SS' acres 
of glebe, in tlie gift of Mrs. Hervey and held by the Rev. 
Thomas Hervey K.A. of Clare College, Cambrldse. The 
land chiefly belongs to the Tichboroa trustees. The tail U 
clay ; subsoil, gravel. The chief erops are ceteab. Tiw 
arealal,47Saerea: rateable valae, £978; tbepopalatieHtn 
1871 was lis. 
PariBh CUrk, Blijab Kamp. . 

Letters throogk Altn, wUsh la tlw neanak mamj eider 


There la a mixed NaUoaal aohobl sapportad by volnntary 
eoutrlbutioBa ; Hias Amelia Ayling, mlstreH 

Ellwood John, fiirmer, Manor fltnn 
Johnson CbarfeB Sebastian, limner, Held fiirm 

COKBB la a amall village and pariah, 6 milaa south-east 

from Hungerford, in tbe Northern division of the county, 
Pastrow hundred, Hungerford union and county court dis- 
trict, diocese and archdeaconry of Winchester and rural 
deanery Andover northern dlvtslmi; It Is situated In a 
deep valley on tbe Beritshlre border and snmunded by 
downs. The dinrch of lit. Swithun is a small bbrfe of great 
antiquity, having ebaneel, nare and low wooden tower. 

Tbe re^stera are very Imperfbet, a great part having been 
stolen. Tbe living is a vicarage, yearly value £140, with 
residence. In the gift of the Dean and Canons of Windsor 
and held by the H«v. George Paaraon m.a. of Hew Inn Hall, 
Oxford. Here formerly stood a convent connected with a 
priory in Picardv, There la a charity of tta. a year, left In; 
the late Mr. Sldaner, fbrmarly leaaea of Ibenreat tithe^ tu 
haglaeato the poor either In bread or Bonay. The manor 

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Is bdd the ProvMt ud Peflowi of Ktiif'a CoHcm, Gm» 
brUv^ wlw are the Mle toadowan*. Tbe mU ta iMb«r 
bearj ; nhaoU, diaUi. Tin eMiif orapi am wh«al, bari«f , 
«atoaad tanlpa. Ilia Brwi»3;Sa8 •»:«•: nlaable valna, 
£13)1; tba popalufon in 1S7I watSSO. 

Eastwick i> a banlet. 1 taile eaat. 

PerUk Cierk, Hairy MatUaira. 

Hooper Mtaa, Comhe oottai^ [ AnoetU Qeo. ahe« makark ■hnpk8t|Mr I KImber Ann (Un.), ftmsr, Bhahriek 

PeanoB R«T. Oeorga m.a. [rkar] | Botlar WUttam, ftrour 1 

Post Ofviob.— Hanry MaMwwa, weeint. Lattara 
oiiivad throDgfa Hmgarlbad are mverad at 84ft Je 
dbpateh e d at 9*40 p.m. The nnraat mowoy order oAeea 
are at Hiu ntifa id ft Uantbaame Tairaat 
Hamba Fne HhaoL aupoctat bv Kla|t*a CoDMaL Cu- 
' " MlM LmriM Mafibam, mliM 

COMPTOK fs a vHlsge and parhlr, S| mllet umtb from 
Wiaebeatrr, iHiuiied on th« river Itchen, in a narrow dell, 
open to tbe east, ia tbe Northern dividon <^ the county, 
bondred of Biiddlefgat«, WIneheater petty aebjonal dirlsion, 
aabn and county court dbttkt, and in the diores*, areb- 
deaeoDfT wd ■'unl dMnsry of Winefanter. Tbe Somtb 
Western railway p as ses tbtMtlL tUa parWi. Tlieeburcfa of 
All Saints i* a unall Normaa sttuRtoie, bavlDg cfaaneel and 
oaTr, with awdowa of later data: it hMawocxIen towerand 
3 bi^ mod andaiit Norman font. Ia' tha rharebwd is 
baried G. I. H luitingfani, Bishap of Htrefiird and Wardea 
of Winchester Co(le)|e, and Is tba ehwab to a marble momt- 
nent to Ua menor^ ; mn it msbe coaununceil tbe earUaaC 

ertioo of his ministry as a carate, and be afterwards se- 
;ted this as his last rvstlng-pUice. Tbe n^ter dales from 
•boat 1070. Tbe Uring i* a rootory, dte tithes of wbieh 
hafabBaneoannntedatJ&afttysariy wkh reeUeooa, In the 
trfft ot tha Biaheii «f ttiwsfaastar and held the Bav. 
ChHlaa Wkkhaaa M^. of WadfeMn GoUegB^ OiftH. On 
thaiHBaiidnff VoctlMaf thaI>oiiKthei»ai«iaaebvffo«B. 

and at the north-western extremity are traces of OUtst 
Cromwell's temponuy encampment, whence, two oenturiea 
ago, lie bombarded the Castle of Winchester, then fcarrismeit 
and defended for the Kiag. The entire parish belontis to the 
[)ean and Chapter of mnebester and the Rieht Hon. Sir 
William Hsatheota bart. ; they are afto iordaof tha maaor. 
The soil Is chalk : subwdl. chalk. The chief eropa are wbeaf, 
hnity and turnipa. Tba area Is S,IIO acras; rateable 
aahia, £4,879 ; sad tin popolationie 1871 was WO. 

aiuLSTBAD, H miles soatb-west, b partly ia tiria pariah 
mad partlT in that of Hnrslay. SaAVfOftD, ^ aaa * e aa t, 
is partly In tMs patiahand partly iathatof Tw\&inl. 

i'artsA Vler*, JmoA Unady. 

Post OrFtcn. — John Wakdy, reodTer. Letters arriie 
fron Wlnebaster at 7 a.nL ; dimtcbed at 7 p.Bi. unwwwk 
dm ft snaday* at 19 noon. The ■saiwt mooKj order 
oocei are-at Winchester ft TwyiM 

CMtektr »f Battt |r ToMrfr Amtmr, Hmm Paaiem 

NmHumut SelmK Mfit L^, abtma 

Han Capt Edward 

Wiekhnm Rev. Charles hjl. D«etM-] 

BaUwiD Jam maltster ft biewar 

Blrt Richard Tbomw, gtowkeeper to 

Robert Seagar Lyne esa 
BtlMridnCharba, MackaoUh 
Ljm BoM.Saa9ar^hmur,G(niptoa Am 

Pearson Jamaa, bnaar ft coUaatar of 

rates, New Bani ftrm 
Solian £Usabeth(MlsB),M«ltiglMHHa, 


COTtTT A MTTQM: b a small viUaga and puMi, 4 oslbs 
aonh-eaat from Bishop's Wallham, 10 north*west ffo« 
nrdwBB and 8S fVom Loadoa ^ road, in the Noriham 
Avbion of the county, lower half of the hundred of Heon 
Stoke, DmfMit mdoa and petty ssadonsl dirbfon. Bishop's 
Waltham aoottty eoartdbtrlct,dioeaae and arefadeaconrrof 
Wtaehaater and rural deaoary of Bishop's Waltfaam. Cor^ 
feaaptoa eloaely a^otna Heon Stoke and Exton, which form 
alawat oae ttnra on tha Meoo river. Tbe cborcb (not 
dedic at ed) b an ancient atroetare of stone, in the daxon 
atyla, having a beli^ooC containing 8 bells ; the chanoal arch 
b pare Sasoa : there b a atone chair bnllt np with tbe 
aontJi wall of the chaaed, and two laUeta to tha meaioty of 
the IflOfr bmliy, and one to the laemofy of John Henry 
Campbell Wyndhan esq.; the walls h>tve rfbs of stone. 
There b an aneieot yew tree hi the diurchyatd, wbieh 
meaaorea 90 feet in circanferaiee: it b presuaed to be 
I^IM ymn M ; andsTthe ttas b an oblong sbau, bearing 
Ave e r osa u a, and which b aupposad to have been uha Saxoa 
allar, and to have been removed at some remote period. 
Tbe reebter dates from the year 1677. The living b a 
vieunge, yearly value about £119, in the gift of Mrs. King 

Wyndham and held by tba Rar. Harloa Robert FlemiDg 
K^. of Trisity Oollsfia, Dnblia. Thee* b an endowed 
school for ejgbt free boy% under the wUl of a Mr. ColUna, 
but the children of tbb parish are now odaeated at Eatoo 
school, erected by the Joint sabscriptlons of the two pariah ee. 
In tbbaahool Sir Nicholas Hyde,chief Justice of the King's 
Bench, who died In 1831 at Hiaton Lodge, received tba rudi- 
ments of hb adocatSon. On tha Down are barrows. Pre- 
•haw House, the residence of Walter Jervb Long esq. J. p. 
is plaaaantiy situated in tbe parish : close to the house b an 
d^nt chapel buUt by the bte Walter Long esq. and opened 
for divine servlbc, Chrlstioas 1864 ; dncc altered by the 
prasent owner ; chaplain, Rtrv. Smith Bird uu.. of 

Trinity College, Cambridge. Ricbaal King Wyndham esq. 
who b lord of tne manor, and Walter Jervis Long esq. are 
tbo principal landowners. The soil b chalky loam ; subsoil, 
cbalk, stone and flint. Tbe chief crops are wheat, oau and 
barley. Thearea b9,SMaeies; rateahb valiw. £S,U7; hi 
1871 the populatloa waa 182. 
Parith Clerk, James Trodd. 

Post Office kc tee Heon Stoke. 

Bird Rev. Cbode SatlthM.*. Tba Holt 
tkmdUK Rev. Uarioe Robert m.a. 
Lvkar], Tkanga 

Long Walter Jendsj.p. Preehswbooaa ! Hnricr Rosriaad, miller 
Wyndham Richard Ki^ Corbampton , Sia^ston James, bnner. Loner fiutn 
honse I Tarter John, braer 

008KAJE, Me Wiblby. 

COVXi b s village and titbbig, snd with tbe south part <^ 
Uawley wsa formed inloanecckdasticsi parish in 1838 from 
tbe civil parish of Yateley, situate a mile west from Pam- 
boroogb station on tbe South Western railway, in the 
Hortfaem dividmi of the county, Famliam county court 
dbtrict, Hartley Wlntney union, Odiham rural deanery 
and Wine heeler archdeaconry and dioct«e. Tbe church of 
SL John, erected by grant and voluntary contributions, was 
conaecrated In 1944 : It b a handsome cruciform strocture, 
built of stone, in the Norman stjl^ comdsting of chaacel, 
naie and transept. Tbe register dates from the >ear 1844. 
Tbe living b a perpetual curacy, yearly vslue £28j with 

OriHaa William 
XnmU lira 

Seosdl Utah MaMvboBBi 
SodM Rer. haads M.A. Panonage 


Aadriwa WUHam, beer retailer 
BlandsB Jaawa, ftrmer 
ahet^tea WflUaai, fhfiaar 
HasBssand Thomas, beer retaflar 

Haidv Henry, flriimonger 
HawllJofaa RoUns, ^nrAor, ft fitrmer 
Houghton Jamea, rata ooHeetor 
Itiatene WUHam ft Son. blackamitbs 
Klraber John, beer retailer 
Lann James, cattle dealer 
Nanh Bdwird,&rmer 
Mash Hanjjsboidueper 
Searb Jamea, beer retailer 

residence. In the the gift of the Bishop of Wincheatar and 
held by tba Rev. Pnocb Sotham m.a. of Hwtiord Callage, 
OxforcL Capt. Salllfau b.h. b lord of tha nianw and prin* 
ciual landowner. Tba ataa ia 1,990 acres; nteahle vslne, 
£3,160; the popnhtbn In 1S71 waa 708. 
Parkk Chrk, John SIggcry. 

Post Offiob.— Samad Siggery, nodMr. Letters arrlra 
from FarahNvugh station, wUch b tha naaieat aumtgr 
order otflce, at 7 a.m. : dispatched at 7.30 pja 

Board Hchool (Cove ft Hawley). AlphonaaDavbi» DMater; 
ifr*. Elizabeth Onddoek, oaUtresa 

Slg^ery Samnel, grocer ft biker, ft post 


Street Fraderid, shoe maker 
Watts Oeorge, fiunner, Brook Arm 
Watts James, fluver. Manor bouse 
Wlckens George, fiirmer 
Williams Oeorge, bear reialbr 
Wltaoo Danid, slioo makar 
Yeomana Richard, potter ft fknner 

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OBAWXiXY 1« ft Tilliire and parish, 6 idIIm oorth-west 
from Winchetter and 4 aaat from Stoekbridge station, tn tbe 
Northern division of th« ooanty, BndJIaigite hnadred, 
Wlnelwster petty aeidonal dlvlrioa, nnlon and eoontv coart 
dbtriet and in the diocese and arehdeaoonry and raral 
deijwry of Wlncbester. The cboreb of 3t Harj is an 
andent flint and rubble structure and exblblu an appear- 
ance of the Bariv Bufi^lsh stTle; It consists of ebanceL nare. 
vettry and south porch, ivitn square tower and 5 belli, and 
has been re-seatecf. Tlie reitister dates from the year 1019. 
The living is a rectory, with the efaapdry of Hiinton an- 
nexed, Joint yearly value £950, with 9 acres S roods of 
glebe and residence. In tbe ({tft tn Queen's College, Oxford, 
and held by tbe Ten. Philip Jacob if .a. of Corpus Cbrlsti 
collcve, Oxftfrd, arebdeacon and canon of Winchester. 
Crawley Court, tlw seat of Adam Kennardesq. J.F.Isa hand- 

some mansion of rod brick and small flints, recently erected, 
principally in the Bliaabethan style : the grounds are taste- 
fully laid oat. On Crawiiy Down Is a barrow. Th« prin- 
eipiu landowners are Adam Kennard and Philip Vandert^l 
eu[«. and the Rev. Oeorge Horria. Tbe BocleslasUeal Com- 
missioners are lords of llie manor. Tbe s)>ll is loam ; sob- 
soil, chalk. The chief crops are wheat, hxrt9f and oaia. 
Tbe area Is 3,6l>7 acres ; imttsable value, £-*.iMI7 ; aud Uw 
popalation of the civil parish of Crawley iu 1871 was 411. 

Parish Cirri, John Gmncell. 
PoaT Opficb— Qeorge Godwin, receiver. Letters from 
Winchvsttir at 7 a ra. ; di«patch«d at 8.30 p.m. wvak days 
ft at B p.m, on Sundays. The nninwt money Older ft law- 
graph olIic<» are al dtockbridge St Winefae*tH- 
Parochial School, Miss Mean, mistrees 
Carkibr to Wimchbstbr.— Fre(lk.Freemanile,wed.ftiBt 

Analc7 Thomas John James, Walnut bo 
ConrtoQ Jacob H 

Jacob VMi. Archdeacon Philip h.a. 

Kenuard Adam j.p. Crawley ronrt 
Newnham Bev. Wm, Ord ii jL.|onrate] 

Tanntoo Bdmnnd Wna. Pyle, Rooikley 

Vawlerbyl Philip, Northwood 


Allee William, larmor, Roolthi^ 
Ansley Thos. Jutan James, horse trainer 
Bailey Edmniid, fiarmer 
CardeB Usury, shopkeeper 
Davis Sarah (Ura.), UaekRnlth 

Ftaemantle Pied<-rlck, carrier 
Uodwiti ueorge shopkeeper 
Grace LouIm (Mrs.), Fox {r Homndt 
Hawkins saiuuel, wheelwright 
Mouse Frederick Jamas, mnMr, New 

Bam hrta 
Jewdi Peter, beer retailer 
Pern a«wrge {tin.), flurmerftowaer 

OBOFTON.l I aiilea aon th'cast fromTitehfleld ud 3 sontb- 
west from Fareham station, is an eeeiestastioal parish, t3rnwd 
tn 1871 from thedvil parish of TItefafldd, in the Bontbm 
divUlon of the county, Portaraooth county court district, 
Alverstolw rural deanery and Wlnohester archdeaconry 
and diooeae. Btubbinotok hamlet is the centre of 
this parish. A ebnreh waa erected in 187B at a coat of 
£4,000 : it Is in the tranaitlonai Eariy English atyle and 
coneisUof chancel, nave and aisles: Sir Frederic Sykeabart. 
prcaented a very fine organ In 1878. Tbe old church of the 
Holy Rood is now used as a mortuary chapel. Tbe register 
dates from tbe year 1871. The living Is a viisarage, yearly 
value £900, In the gift of tlie Bishop of Winchester and 
held by the Rev. Pitt Cobbett. A vicarage bouse was bnilt 
in 1874 by the Ecclniaethtal Commissioners. SeaSeld, the 

OieenflUIsa,Hollam liouaa 
Hilb Edwin, Hill Head 
L^gatt Samuel fiethune 
Suckling Wm. Nelson, Hill Head house 
Sykes ^r Frederic H. hart. j.p.S««fleld 
Cflmble Robert , eowkerper. HiU Head 
Drewett Henry, brmer, Melville 
Haines Elttta. (Mrs.), grocer, HHl Head 
Jndd John, farmer 

LeggattSami. Bethonetfimnr.naltstar, 

brewer ft merebant, Manor fiinn J ftat 

Qoay street, Parebam 
Savage John, Osborne view, B ill Head 

Wbettam Charles, farmer, Court bam 

Bell Grarae, StubUnston todga 
Cubbett Rev. Pitt, Holy Rood vicarage 
Foster Montague, dtubblngton house 
Greenish Mrs 

Palling Mrs. Lucerne cottage 


Blostcad Harriiitt(Urs.), shopkeeper 
Binstcsd Hiehrd. nrmer, Pea common 
Foster Mootagoa, boarding selKHtl,litab- 

Ungton house 
GlaoTilla Roger, ahopkcqter 

•eat of Sir Frederic H. Sykn hart J.P. la a modem maniten 
standing In ■ nark of 75 acres, and eonnandi^ beaattfbl 
viewe. ^tae principal landowner Is H. P. Delmt esq. whnis 
lord ot tbe manor. Tbe toil Is various ; suhMilt, gravd. The 
chief cropa are wheat, barley, turiiipii and oatit. The area 
is 4,600 acres ; the population in 1671 was 894. 

Post Opficb, Stahbington.— Via. Sarah Cook, receiver. 

Letters arrive from Parebmm, t»'ii TliehBekl. at 8.30 a.ia.. 

it 3 p.m. : d^EWtched at 6.1& p.m. ft at 1 1 a.m. oa sae- 

days. Tltchfield Is tbe neamt mooey order office 
ifatioHat School, <3wrioi Sinden, maater; Xrs. Bmmi 

Sinden, mistress 
Coait Guard Station, Hill Head, Edwd, Pitt, chief officer lerftbeer retailer. Peel con 
Lanbam James, tanaer, iVewlands 
Pain Uiuab (Mrs.), blacksmith ft iron- 

Sargent William, boot ft shoe maker 
Smith William, &rmer, Sboota&rm 
Tribbeck Mary Ann (mtt,). Red L-oil 
Troubridge f^amoKl, lieer reutUer 
Weat Richard, beer i«tail«r 
Wliettam John, &rmar. Burnt boose 
Wbettam Win. fanner, fiural bonsa 
WUtear William, Im bailiff ta Thoa. 

Yeatanaa Gto. wbaelwtigfatftaaipMiter 

OBONBAZJi (or Crokdvll) la a large Tillage and ex. 
tOMive parish In the Northern dlvlrfon ot the county, hun- 
dred of Cnmdel], Odlham petty seselonal division, Hartley 
Wlntney anion, Pamliam eoontv court district, diocese and 
archdeaconry of Wincbester and rural deanery of Odiimm, 
4 mllrs west-north-west from Farabam and 45 from London, 
and is divided Into four ^thlnga— vli. Crookham, Crondall 
and Swantborpe, Dlppenhail and Ewsbott, Tbe church of 
All Saints is a large bandsomt edlflce In tbe Norman style, 
advancing to Early English, consisting of chancel and nare, 
with massive brick tower at tbe east end ; tlie Interior is a 
beantlfal qwdmen of Norman architecture; It was restored in 
1846, at a coat of nearly £1,900, and aarain repaired In the 
year 1871, at a cost of £800. Tb« t«g{st*T dates fimn tbe 
year 1507. The living m a vicarage, yeariy valne £593, In 
the gift of Su Cross Hospital, Winchester, and held by the 
Kev. William Uann Harrison m.a. of Worcester College, 
Oiford, who Is also vicar of and resides at South Stonebam. 
The Rev. Charies Ihvnmand Stocks m.a. of Clare College, 
CambiMge, ie tbe oirate hi charge. Tbe reetwlal tithes, 
commuted at £1,963 a year, are now nnder the control of 
the trostnea of St Cross Hospital, Wincbeater. Hete are 
Congregational and Bible Christian ehapels. Bitiabetfa 
Oliver, bouaekeeper to Henry JIaxwdl esq. of Ewshott 
House, gate a sna, which at preaent aaonnta to 
£1,338 Ifie. Sd. £3 per CmL ConM)Is, for the puipoae of 
educating boys of the poor inhabitants of the parish ; Mr. 
MaxweU also gave a buihling to be uaed as tbe school-room. 
Andrewa'chari^of£1616a.;cRflyisfbreIotbb«. Hercia 
mneh hop laad,forwhlcfaan eztmdmrgettf acre 
adds £111 to tbe vicarial rcatHslunte. The parish la rich in 
«BtiqMTtaa Inteieat. In the *' Codex Dipbn." vol. UL la 

found the Saxon charter of King Eda»r,BnBo 978, gmtlag 
the lands of Croodell to (he church drSt. Peter, Winehtater, 
tbe present cathedral. An ancle»t encampment exisu at 
Barley Pound, nrar to which tbe foundations of a Roman 
villa were diacovered soma years ago, and a tesaeiated pave- 
ment aince deatn^ed, bat widcb was of conelderaUe beanty. 
At the soalb-eaat extremity of tbe parish, on tbe edge ot 
Ewsbott Heaib, is Cnsar's camp, with a doable ditch and 
most commanding creillne : across the valley of Booricy tbe 
opposite bloff hason it the foundations of an old beacon, and 
is thence called Beacon H ill. In tbe year 1828, a most ram 
and Interesting eotlec^n of gold coins, of ibe Merovingian 
and other eany French mfnta, was found near Hampton 
Gutter by tbe late C K Lefroy esq. of BwAhi>tt HooiC, end 
are now deposited hi tbe Kennngton Mueeum : they may be 
cootectured to have been dropped In a parse (of which some 
of the ornaments were also found at the same time) by some 
traveller on his way fl!«m onr southern coast to utndoa, 
perhaps ss long ago as the sixth or seventh century. Three 
public-houses of the sign of the * Horns,' in this imrt of the 
parisli, show tbe proxiniity, In dmea gone hy, of tbe deer of 
the royal forests. The Bishops of Winchester claim a right 
of free warren over aone of the lands of the palish. Clare 
Park is Uie seat of Major Oco^ Fratteb Blrdi eltuatad 
1 mile from the village. The Eoelealastkal Commiialenera 
are lords of the manor. The dlocetc of Winebeeter has ISA- 
acres in the parWi. Tbe principal landowners are the 
Crown, Chariaa Jaitos MaxweU L^y esq. Major Blreki 
Messrs. Andiawa, Jotanaton, Chtnndler. Soutber and At^. 
The pariah of Cnnddl eomiriaee a gnat variety of eoils,. 
from tlie Bagshot aaada of uookham sad Bwsnutt to the 
dHlkandeh^efthaodwrtlthliv*. The tauHl hi cultiTntioa 

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it %bt; sobwll.tand, gravd rad ebalk. Tbeenpiana j 
•voceaihHi of snin ; hops are alao eztemlv^T ctiltlvited. 
Tbe'ares li 9,741 ures ; ntetble nlat, £U,177, indudliv 
the wbon tittaings ; the popoItUon In 1871 wm 9,866— vU. i 
CimAhuD, 969 ; Crondall and Swaatbomt, 887 : Diopen. I 
hill, 881 ai d Ewthott, 609. I 
ParUk Clerk, liaae Craiwtone. 

Crookham aad Bmhott tithinn were, in 1842, 
fanned Into an ecclrtiaatical parish. Chrlat Cnurrh, at i 
Crookham, trarted in the y«ar 1841, ia a brick building, 
and oonslsta of chanrcl, nave, tranaept, aiala and vestry, I 
arith a amall bell turret containing 1 bell. The register I 
dalea from the vear 1843. The llring Is a perpetual ' 
tmxmcy, jearlj value £300, in the gift of the vicar of Cron- 
dall and held by the Rev. Gordon Wiekbam m.a. of New 
College, Oxford. Excellent schools tiave rince been added ; I 
and a)nulion»es, errcled with tbe proceeds of a legaej be- ' 
qncathed hj Hies Isabella Cattrell, of Bath, for the benefit ' 
of tbe poor. St. Uar^'a Ewsfaott, erected 1873, ia a chapel of 
) to Crookham ; It is a snail stone huihUog, and consists 

of chancel and nare, and has a small belt turret containing 
1 bell. The Rev. Thomas Robinron b.a. of St. John's 
College, Cambridge, is curate. DInorben Court, tlw Lea, 
Ibebcl Manor, and HealhHeld, are the principal residences In 
the parish. A part of the Alderslut Camp is in Earshott 
tithur. Lane nick works liave recently Den opened at 
CtaUy liffl,iB thli pariah, bjr Mr. W. H. CohaiTfor the 
laaiHi hot lire of stock Meks. Tlw poOT ban £M ymiij in 


fiiel, derived fkvintheisTestmentof aanm of monej obtained 
bj nie of allotflwnts to Ooveramant. Tlw pMrniatkm <^ tbe 
eodesiistiea) parfak la 1871 wm 1,061. 
Parish Cttrk, Robert White. 

TTpp«r Swantiiorp (or Swanfhrapl is S mllai south- 
west; SwantfafHTp, S miles Muth-weat; ItdieU manor, 1) 

Post, Monbt Ohdbr & Tblborafh Opficb k Savings 
Bank, Crondall.— Prampton Jamea Ames, postmaster. 
Letters arrive froo Farainam at 7.30 a.m. ft 2 p.m. ; dis- 
patched at 11 a.m. ft 6 p.m 

Post ft Honet Obdbr Opficb ft Sarings Bank, Crook- 
ham atreet^Jamee Jeasett, receiver. Letten afrlve 
from Faraliam at 8.4A a.m. ft S.5o p.m. : dispatdied at 
6.85 p.m. ; dispatched at 9JS5 a.m. en snnoaya 

Wall Lbttbr Box, at Gaily bill, cleared at 6M p.m. 
week dava ; 10 JO u>. snndg^ 

IveoRANCE Agents : — 
Phamix Fire, V. J. Ames 
Provident Lye ^ County Fire, A. Brooker 

Schools : — 

jBoanliScAoo/, Crondatl, P J. Ames, master ; Hiss Annie 
Bamea, mistress ; Urs. Elisabeth Oliver, In&ata' mistress 

Ifationat (mixed), Crookham, William J>avl8, master; 
Vnie. Hampton, anistant master j Miaa Clamp, as^taot 

National, Ewriiott, Hlaa Redgrore 


At^ Oaorge, Church Hill bouse 

Birch Haj. George Francis J.P.CIan pk 

Biieh Mr*. Heath house 

Bamocha Thomas John 

Cator nederick Henry 

HonUen Edward Robert 

LMte RffT. Umeoa [CoDgngathnal] 


Maxwell LHrov Clias. Jaa. Itcbel manor 

BBhlien Miss. Hill View 

Stooks Rer. Charles Drummond ii.A. 

[enrate in eharge] 
yaaxBeT.Jas.Bdwd. H.A.TheWUtdio 
White Mts 


Ames Frampton James, printer, Iraok- 

selter ft stationer, ft post office 
AiidTew*Fredk.brnier,ConrtHanor frm 
Andrews Frederick, jnn. fhrmer 
Baker George, flurmer. Mill lane 
Banard James, saddler ft haneM 

maker, Tbe Boioagh 
BeKwell George, beer relaQer 
&ookar Ambraae, grooer, baker ft pn^ 

▼laiosi merdlaa^ draper, outfitter, 

itaUan warehouseman, IronaMMigar. 

earthenware, china, ^aa ft gaaenl 

fiaraiahinir stores 
BN«B|ohaQ«>. Kbt^tHtad^ Otofikpt 
Bmoogifaa Thomas John, snrgeon 
Care John, Jolly Farmer 
Chaoadler Robert James, fkrmerft hop 

gniwer, ft brick ft tile mamdaetBrer 
Chnodlsr Samnel, ftrmar, HiU riair 
Cmttwa Isaac, bimder 
Cranston Samuel, bricklwer 
CrmdaU Club Sf Reading Room (F. 

J. Ames, bon. sec.) 
loarJMes AlfM,temer ft aaetloussr 
EUb RMnrd, bnteber 
FkObrook Henry, beer retailer 

Girdler James, boot maker 
Oirdler Samuel, Royal Oak 
Qoddard James, boot maker 
Hall Juhu, Qhsm's Bead 
Hawkins Edmund, shopkeeper 
Hawkins George, &rmer, Montgomery 
Hill Jesse, beer retailer 
Houlden Edward Robert, surgem 
Hunt John, butcher 
Jelly Jsmea, miller 
Kent WUllam, seedsman 
Uardn Jamea, blacksmith 
Martin Walter, blaeksmith 
Mason William, giocar 
Pcaraua John, mariut gardener 
Pierce Jamea, shoe maker 
Pottioary William, Arm baDiff to 

Mi^ Birch 
Reeves Thomas, groosr ft baker 
Rogers Robert, beer retailer 
SUtenee Walter, Feathert 
Snnggs Charles, wheelwright 
Snuggs Henry, carpenter 
Sonne William, plumber 
Spratt George, poor rats ft tax col- 

lector. The Thorns 
Stevens Dsniel Samuel, basket maker 
Stonebonse James, Hampthire Amu 
Taylor Joseph West, grocer 
Thick Henry, CastU 
Watford Thomas, wheelvrright 
Woodvmrd Henry, cattle dealer 


Abbott Mis 
Booms-Sturgas Hiss 

Chinnock Ftwderiek George. DInorben 
court ; ft 86 Cornwall ganlens, South 
Kaisiiigtoa, London $.to 

Galsworthy FMerieknioBaB,Dliiorben 
eoart ; ft 8 Qaeea's gate, London «.w 

Keep Henry 

Keep Thomas 

Kerr Lord Frederick, The Lea 
Maitlaad LL-Gencral Charles Lenoox 

Brownlow c.B 
Pklmcr Mte 

Yoaag Mrs. Heath cottage 


Cohen WooU Henry, brick maker 
Eggar Frederick, road sarrayor 
Evans George, blaeksmith 
Groves Thomas, &nner. Hitch's fun 
Hankins Gee. Wyvern Ar»a,SLgtwXT 
Hawkins William, beer retailer 
Hawkina William, farmer, Grove Sum 
Hoar Samuel, fiwmer ft buteher 
Jessett Jaa. grooer ft diaper Jt post oOce 
Jesty John, fkrmer, Crom mm 
Irill Edward, Chequers 
Keep Hy.fiumeTfthopgrower,HiIIlM 
Keep Thomas, ftrmer 
Knight Thomas, Black Horte 
Luun Thomas, wheelwright 
May James, ballder 
Nmman Qeoi^, wheelwright 
Rivers George, The Home 
Rowbotham WUUam, Fox Ilotmds 
Vnimot Joae^, baker ft gioeer 

Crawley Miss 

RoMnson Rev. Tfaomss b.a. [curate] 
Slater- Browne Ksv. Edward 

Barnard Richard, (krmer 
Baxter John, /forth Home 
Cranstone John, farmer 
Freeman Henry (Mrs.), iarmer 
Onnnhv WllUam, WindmiU 
HaU JoEo, Uaeksmlth 
Hall John, farmer 
Lunn Heiury, farmer 
Parfttt George, carpenter 
Poulter Thomas, hnner 
Smith WUllam, ahonkeeper ftftrmer 
Whitdey Esther (Hiss), shopks^ 

C&JJX. XASTOir b a pariah and amall vUlaae 6 miles 
aoft h eras t from Whlteburcb and 7 sonth from Nswbnry, 
la the Northern division of tbe county, hundred of Psstrow, 
Kl ag s el are pettv eessloaal dlvWon and anion, Newbary 
eonnty oonrt district, diocese and arehdeaeoniy of Wln- 
ebes t er and rural deanery of Andover, nmtbem diviston. 
TW church of St. U ichael Is a small brick building, ereetml 
1775, on the rite of the old one, aad eonalats of a chancel 
aadnave;tliefimtiBofcarved Itallanmarble. Thereglster 
rialm from 1700. Tile living Is a rectory ; the tithes are 
oenmnted at £3fi0 yearly, and there are thirty acrm of 
glebe, with reskletuse, fa) the gift of and hrid hr tbe Rev. 
George Ro«en tlardin« ll.b. Queens' Cdlege, Cambridge. 
Fgpa eeeesionslly Tiaitad this village, aad thecs are some 

lines of hla In Dodslmr, on & grotto constructed tty nine 
sisters, daagfatws of Mr. Lisle, who inhabited the mansion. 
The nri « Oamar n, wlto is lord of the manor and the 
Rer. G. R. Harding ll.r are tlie chief landowners. Tbe 
roil Is heavy ; subsdl, chalk. be chief crops are wheat, 
oats aad turnips. The area is 1,009 attes ; rateable value, 
£741 ; the popnlatloa Itt 1871 was 70. 
Parieh CIm*, Jamas Cnmmlngi. 

Letters through Newbury. The nMnet money ordwoOoe 

is at Hursrooume Tarrant 
The Nattonal school was erected In 1B47 by subBcriptloOf 

St the cost 4tf £333 ; Hiss Harv Talbot, mlstrem 
Carxixe from Aodover to Newbxry passes through 

HflcdiBf Rer. Geih Regan ll.b. [rector] Beudmwe Lloyd, Tkrm Legged Cnee, tuner ft airiiliiit oraietr 

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CUBIkiU3>OE ia a tithlnr, 3 mtles Math-wot from 
Bbbop'B Waitham,andnMr the BoUerMationon the Sooth 
Western railway ; it ma fonnad Into aniaoeleaiaaUeal iwriah 
In 18S8 Irom th« civil pariah of Siabi^ Waltbui ; it la fn 
the Northern dl?iBl<Hi of the county, Droxford onion, anil 
Bishop's Waltham county court district, rural deanery of 
Bishop's Waltham and archdeaconry and diocese of Win- 
chester. The cbnrch of St. Heter was built in 1835, at a cost of 
£1,300; it has a chancel, nave and a smaU square tower with 
a spire and 1 bell, and will seat 340 persons ; the church has 
recently (1879)> been restored, and fact water appnratuB 
added ; an organ has also been pbced in the chaoeiu. The 
register dates from the year 1836. The Ilvli^ Is a Tiearage, 

FBJTATE ubidbntb. 
Barieot Misses 

Bradley Richard WnUatn 

Burnett Rev. Joseph Bernard u.B 

Bnrrdl Robert Anthony, Fairthom 

Cheoerlz-IVench PhlUp Charles j.p 

Harrie Anthony 

Heaoitine Wilium Keale 

HUis Rev. George WilUain [Ttcar] 

Jenltyns Hiss Catherine 

Jenkyna HIas Bdith 

Jenkyns Henry^ BotleyHOI hooie 

Johnson Robert 

Lidddl Bdward Henry, Kltnoek'a 
Martin Col. Henry Richmond k.a. 

Holly cottage 
Powell Edward 

Woods Thomas Fowler, HarfleUs 


Adams Robert John, carpenter 
Ban Caroline (Mrs.), laundre88,C8lcott 
Edwards Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper & 

beer retailer 
Edwards John, armer, Curdidtm lodge 
Eleock Mary Ann tt Emma (lUsaes), 

dress makers & shopkeeper* 

eadowed with £100 mmt oi the tithea of the parish, fai flu 
Kift of the rector of Blip's Waltham and held the Ret. 
Oeorfre William Hflla, of St. Bees. Penfind's Charity of 
£7 10s. yeariy Is for dlstrflmtlon. The Ecclesiastical Com- 
missioners are lorda of the manor; the principal landowners 
are Robert A. Bnrretl esq. Henry Jenkyns esq. Colond H. 
R. Martin b.a. and Mrs. E. Powell. Tlie soil is toam and 
chalk ; subsoil, chalk and ftint. The ehkt crops are wheat, 
oats and barley. The popolatton in 1871 ww flfiS. 

PtaiOi CUrk, Emanasi Eleeek. 
Letters thnnigb Southampton via BaOtf ; tiie asMMt 

iMMiQy onler oflke is at Botley 
NnHaital School (mixed),MisaHary JneKempster, mistras 

Eleock. Ensaoel, boot ft ahoe maker 

Godwin Georse, fkrmer 
Godwin William, dealer 
King Thomas, fiirmer, Hill tiam 
Laws Georfts^&rmer, HiD's Sua 
Lucas Naomi (Hn.), laundress 
Lyan Louis, farmer, Wingfield brm 
Alears Mary Ann (Hrs.),sniith 
Sawtell Charles, fiimier. Grange farm 
Smith James, farmer 
Sparshott James, drillmaD 
Stuhba Williaos, farmer 

KAST DEANB is a parish. In tbs Southern divirion of 
the county, Tbomgate hundred, Ronuey nnlon, petty ses- 
sional dlTimon and coonty court district, and in the diocese 
and ardideaeonryof Winchester and rural deanery of 
Roma^, OD tiie wUtahlre bordw of the cminty, 7 miles 
north-west from Romsey and 2 east from Wast Dora station 
on the SaHshary branch of tli« South Western railway. 
The church (not dedicated) Is a small ancient structure, 
and comfeta of eiiatieel and nave, and has a wooden belfry 
containing 1 bell. The register dates from the year 16^. 
The living wu formerly a chapeh? to Mottisfont, and now 
ia a reetoty, annexed, together vrith that of Lockeriey, to 

Cnrzoa Hon. Henry Dngdale j.p. Eut 

Dean house 
Nunn Mrs 

Aylwwdaeo.L. allr JcfrBr.Halbir7 ml 

the rectory of Mottisfont, joint yearly value £900, with 
re^enee, in the gift of and held by the Rev. Paulet St. 
John B.o.L. of Downing College, Cambridge. The Hon. 
Henry Dngdale Cunoa is lord of tiM manor, and, with 
Gaptila Wltltau Baring, the chief landownos. TkeaaU 
Is loam md clay ; •ubaoil, ebalk ud el«y. Hw eUef crops 
are wheat, barley and oats. The area Is 1,OJO acres ; late- 
able ralne £1,505 : and the population in 1871 ma 196. 
Parish Clerk, Charles Coster. 

Letters are received tiirongh Salisbury, 
order office IsatRomaey 

The DeMvit money 

Jerrett Levi, sroer I LaTii4;tan James armer 

Langridge William, ftnur Southwell John, botcher it shopkeeper 

Langridge William Tbomaa, biewer, 8outh«dlSamiiel,fltfmr.Holbwy&rB 
beer retailer U. maltlter I 

PSIOK'S SEAN is a 'parith 5 miles north-west firom 
PetersUeld and 4 west from Llss station on the direct Ports- 
mouth line, In the Northern division of the coontr, hun- 
dred of East Meon, Peteisfleld petty Beadonal aivlitlon, 
union and county court district, and in the diocese ana 
archdeaconry of Winchester and rural deanery uf Alton 
eastern division. The neighbouring scenery Is wild and 
romantic. The church (not dedicated) is a small ancient 
Norman huDding, with chancel, nave and short tower and 
3 hells : in the urarehysrd Is a remarkable box tree and a 
large yew tree. The register dates from 1638. The bene- 
fice is a dupdiy, annexed to Colmoie rectory, joint yearly 

value £600, in the gift of and held by the Rev. Tbonas 
Hervey m.a. of Clare Colle^^e, Cambridge. Goleigh Farm 
Is the property of Winchester College. The manor and 
nearly the whale of the parish belong to the Tichbome 
trustees. The soil varies from a stiff day to very lightst^; 
subsoil, chalk. The chief crops are wheat and oats. The 
area is 1,506 acres of arable land; rateaUe Talue £1,183 ; 
the population In 1871 waa 144. 
ParUih Clerky Siyah Komp. 

Letters through PetersBeld. The nearest order 
office U at FBtenfiflld 

Allam John, &rmer 

James Philip Foot, fhnnflr,Cbiirdi fiu-m 

Mansfield Henry, baker 

Handy Btepben, fimner, Hanor tern | WUtsEllndMtli (Mra.), IFMbAenB 
WamerBeiyamin,fiumer,Gcdelghlkra ftriMjAeepor 

WBST DSLAJT la anaridi partly in Hants, bttt prindpally in Wilts ; partieulazt irill be oond in the Pwt Office 

I^ectmy of Wilts. 

DEANB tea parish aad pleasant vUlage 3} miles east 
from Overton atation on the Sovth Weatera rallwiay. 57 
from London and 6 west from Basingstoke, in the Nortnem 
dlrisioii of the CMntv, Barisgstoke onion and county court 
diatriet,Overton hunimd, Eingsclere petty seaaional dIrlaioB. 
diocese and ardieaeonry of Wiaoho«t«r and rural deanery 
of Baifngstoke south-weatem dlTMon. The cbiuch of All 
Bainta, i^ieb Is Gothic, of the ear|y lOlh century, oooslsts 
of chaaosl aad nave, awi saaare westtrn tower with d 
pinnacles and contalnina 5 bells : was vdMllt in 1818, and 
re-pewad 1665: the chancel la separated by handsome 
arches: the windows are at^Md: over the eomnHinion 
table to a fine paintiog (>f the Saviour on the Crou, at the 
base of which Is the fiagon and J^ten : it contains several 
BOnnments totheBranstonand wither ftmiUcs aad otbeia. 
The register dates from the year 106S. The Urfaig to a 
rectory, ia the gift of WOUam W. B. Beaoh esq. u.F, 
tithea comnatad at £326, with 71 aorea of glebe, and held 

by the Her. Rraneb Osbem Olflkrd h .A. of St Joln'k Col- 
lege, Oxfi>rd. The &tber of the aatfaoresa Hiss Jane Austen 
was rector of Deane for some years. W. BranmtioD left in 
1^6£lSyeariy&rrepaIrof-thtochnrob. nenlsaeharge 
on the manor of Ashe of about £70 yearly for the support 
of two aged ponoBB of tSiis parish in nie abasboase at 
Basb^st^e. WUllam W. B. Beach esq. m.p. who to lord 
of the manor, and 8fr Nalson Hytn& bart. are the land- 
owners. The eoil to gtwoSy ; sobsoU, chalk. The eUef 
cropa are wheat, terkrr, oats and tnnilps. The area la 1,667 
aeres. Including woods; rateabto valae, £8^4; and the 
pmiUation la 1871 «ias ISS. 

Paruk Clarh, Georjgs Boae. 
PiLLAB LBTrBC Bcx, cleared IS noon k. 6.14 a.m. ; san- 

days, lOJIO a.m. Letters throngh WJittchm«h. llie 

naarast MOMy order affica to at Onrton 
Hon Is an faitet sidiool bailt ft annported Vt W. W. B. 

Beneib eeq. m.p. ; Miss Ellen GooU, mtotreas 

GlArdR«r.FnuieI»Oebenix.A.[Teetor] 1 Gldg Rer. Geo. Robt ic.a. Date chop- 1 Lane John, fiirmer 

I lafii-genenl of the foicaa], Deane bo | Tlmattea Hn^ Sarab, Dtana OaU 

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DIBDKN iimpurUndvUhn.In tbeBoDthern dMaioD 
of tin eomtf, nnim of Knr Wtatgt, Sonthuupton petty 
mhIoimI divWon «nd eooDtj eoim dUtiiet, diooen wii4 
arebdMConn of ffinchrttcr and rural devwry of Fawley, 
4 wtOm mmth from RadbrUge Matkm oq the rioutb West- 
era railinr, 9 by road from Southampton and O) from 
London. TUa tibee wa* a«eiaaflr «ailM Depedeaa, on 
ueoont of ha ntuatloa In a tblekly-wooded dell, aad wai 
of BOBK Imporlaace at the time of the CoaquesL IXbden 
U howided on ifae «a»t by tbe SoBthanLpton Water. The 
diwdi (aot dedicated) la a atm atroctare, ia tbe £arlv 
English at^le, has chwicd, nave with aUet, and iplre with 1 
)»ell, and ia in good repair : there are aomfl stained wiotlowa 
and anaBeientfeat: It was rMtored in 1803, and the sortb 
alaie rehtdlt in 1874. Tbe regiater datea from the year 1B25. 

Beaaamer Henrr, Mount houte 
Campbell Col. Edwin G. West Cliff hall 
Carlfon Rev. Edward b.a. [rector |, 

Francis Raddon, Dibdea vflla 
Harvey Edward Nouna t.r. Perlew ho 
Kowlaod Stewart Eraktne, Dibden Idv 
Sslmea Ftadartek, Holly hank 

Sontbonse Re*. George WredftMd 11.A. 

Depedme brow 
Sunday Jaa. wheelwright & carpenter 
Crabb rlranels Raddon, boarding school 

for younfr gentlemen, Dibden villa 
Hart Oarld, farmer, Clay pitta 
Lane Henry, blacksmith 
Longman Rtefaard, carrier 


TbeUving is a reetary, yearly valae about £416, with real- 
deuce, in the gift of Bdwara Noune Harvey eaq, and held 
by tbe Key. Edward Cariyon s.a. of Exeter C^ollega, Oxford. 
The RotMey Charity Commieaioaera, wbo are loida af the 
manor, W.GasodRne Royesq. andUieRev. Q. Wrenfbrd 
Sonthooae are ttaa prlneipal landowaera. Tiie aannunding 
eceuery is very romantic, and the air healthy. The sail b 
sandy ; swbaoil, loam. Tbe chief crops are whaat, barley 
and oau. The area U 3,837 acres ; rateable valiK, £4,28i ; 

PariOi CJerA, Riehard Loiq^anil. 
Letters are raonved from Southampton, ritJ Uythe. The 

nearest moaey orderofBce la at Hythe 
Nati-mal School, Hise Sarah Jane Hunt, mistnaa 
CARaiUl TO SODT HAMPTON. — LoDgBUn, tut«. & sat 

PMIpot Maria (Mn.), fimner 
PIddey E)iBS,&mer, Dibden Honae fnn 
Prince 8enh Ann (Mrs.), ftroMr 
Richmond WIlHam, tern balHflto W. 

Gafecolirne Roy esq 
Stride Alfred, farmer, Pink's teia 
Wyeth James, Talbot inm 
Ziflwood Lovba (Mn.), S»ear 

I>OCKJfiNiriKLI>wBsf>merIy an extra-parechlal place, 
itnd is now a parish, 1^ miles west from Prenshsm, on 
the Surrey border of Uw oannty,and on the river Wey,iD 
Famham onion and county court district, petty aeasional 
diviaienaad lower halPhuiuicd of Alton. Mrs. Sumner la 

lady of themanor. Thepriaelpat taodownerisJohn Hoare 
eat). ThesoUlsclay}mibson,ma)m. The chief crops are 
wheat and bops. The area Is 678 acres ; tbe population 

in 1871 was SW. Lettan through Ambtm,whiGb la tbe 

nearest money order office. 

AMred Jamea, fiumerft bop grower 
Cfanter Saesnd, bricklayer 
Cole Jobij&niker 

CottioB Stephen, blaekamltb 
Liatott Fredariek, ftrmar 
Moaa John, edge tool m^cr 

I Smtlb Jamea, carpenter 
Watts James, farmer tc hopgroi 

I>OOKEB8FIELD (called in Domesday Book, Oa m sa- 
TU.ns) b a parish in tbe Northern division of tbe county, 
hundred and petty seasonal division of OdEbam, nnion of 
Hartley Wintoey, Ba^gateke county court dtsttiet^areh- 
deaeonry' and diocese of Wincbeater and rural deanery ot 
Odibam, 98 miles from London, 3 east-by-north from Odi- 
ban and Saoathfrom WInchfield station on the London and 
mwUi Weatem rtihray, by whMi line It la 43 mllea from 
London. The Badogatuke canal pasaes through the parish. 
All SainU' cfanrefa wa^ erected In 1643 : It is a handsome 
stone edlHee, In tbe Early En^Hih style, and eonrisu of 
chancel, nave and tower: severaTof the windows are stained. 
An older parish ehnreh still lemafaa : it Is sHnate in Uie 
park, *dMnfi» Flood's is not oaed although only 
erected In 1806 to replace the anoiept ehnreh then pulled 
down. The register dates from the year 1695. TbeHviiig 
it a rectory, yearly value, £830, with residence, in the gift 
of Isir Henry B. P. Bt. Jehn-Hildmay bart. and held by tbe 
Rev. Caonlngham Noel Foot b.a. of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. Hie poor have £I7 10a. yearly In dalhl^. Dog- 

mersfleld Park, the aeat irf Sir Henry Bouverie Paulet St. 
JidiD-Mlldmay bart. d.l. ia a handsome stnioture, situate In 
a flnely-tinbtrod nark of about 1,000 acrea, Indndliqc two 
baantiful abaeta ot water of about 50 acrea in extent ; be ia 
lord of tbe manor, and owns the whole parish, with the 
excaptlon of three cottagea. Tbe soil varies, in places stiff 
clay, and other portionsloam ; Bubsoil,clay and sand. Tbe 
land ia chiefly pasture. The cropa of grafn an wheatfOata 
and barley; a few hops are enltivated. The area la 1,7S8 
acres; rateable value, £1,817; and die population to 1S71 
was £75. 

PiLCOT Is a hamlet 

l*arith Clmrkj William Glrdler. 

Post Opfiob, PUcot, — Miss Anne Rogers, receiver. 

Letters through Winebfleld arrive at 7 a.m. ; dispatched 

at 7 p.m. ; aundays, 10JI& a.m. Tbe aeareatmoney orda> 

oaoas are at Crookbam ft Wtai>h6dd 
Parish Sehool, Miss BUaabeth Bottar, mistreaa ; Uiaa Jane 

Pretty, Iniuta' aotatnaa 


MUdmavSir Henry Bouverie PanletSt. 

John hart. D.i.DogBianieeld park 
Faot Ba*. Cnantagtaai Koal B.A. 


Detesold Edward, &rmer,Qrabb'B farm 
Eggar John, land steward to Sir Beory 

Bouverie Vaulet St. John-Mlldmay 

bart. Flood's btm 
P r aswan Lake, ftmser^wann's fhrm 
Lodge Artiior, fiuner, Plloot Sum 


Burrows Thomas, blacksmith 
Cumplen William, Queen't Bead 
RogersAnoe (Miss), grocer Jtpoat o(Ree 
SbfiiseU Charles, miller, Plleot min 

DBOXFOBJD Is a paririi and small town, the head of a 
union and petty aeadonal division, 4J mUes eaat-north-eaat 
from Bishops waltham, 8 north-north-eaat tram Fareham, 
in the Nortnem division of the county, hundred and oonoty 
court district of Bisbop's Waltbam, dioceae and archdea- 
conry of Winchester ana mnl deanery ofBiahoB'sWallbam, 
Blaasanthr dfnate on a small rivnlet. Tbe eoareh of St. 
Mary and All tMnts Is of stone and flint ; It has ebaneet, 
nave, aisle and square tower eontahiing 4 bells and clock: 
it was thorooghly repaired and repeweJfar 1847 i ithaafbnr 
atehea on eadi ride of die nave, wbldi coaneet H wHb tbe 
aMca; the nrefa separating the ehaned flmn the nava Is 
Ifomsn; Ac four arches on eadi aide of nave areBcriy 
Ettglisb, and thenortb and sooth doorways are flneeianples 
of iTomian : a mixed style of arehhectme pervades the 
rem a iadar of the bniiding: tht stained irlndew aad all the 
flttinga in tbe ebaneel were presentad by CtpU C. Jackson 
K.V. : in 1878 It was again restored,at acostof abont £890, 
and a new oigan ms Introduced wbteh cost £160 : a very 
handsome brass eagle lectern was preaented In 1876 by 
R. R. Oaodlad esq. of Hill Place, In loving remembranoe of 
Emma his wife : there b a recnmbent atone figure In the 
nortbaUe: Oere are some andeat trtleta, also a Ubraiy of 
very valuable booka belMglng to tfaia chuivh. Ther^uter 
dates bam Os yaar 1689. Tbe Mng la a xaetory, gnas 

yearly value £736, wltii realdence. In the gift of the Bishop 
of Wiaeheater and held by tbe Bev. Stephen Bridge ujl. 
of Queens' College, Cambridge. The charities are £1.1 13a. 
yearly. Tbe poor parish ionen have tbe dividend <»r £315, 
£3 per cent. Stock pnrefaaaed with £168 left by John Dee, 
John Artlrar, and tne Rev. James Cutler dwut tbe middle 
ofthe last century. There ia&lao a charity called "Boueber" 
Charity." Hera Is a brewery. Tbe principal landowners 
are tbe Eccleaiaatlcal Comaumioaars, wbo are lords of the 
manor, C. Minchin esq. Mrs. S. C. Kbg Wyodham, T. H. 
Wtlson esq. Tbe Oannteea of Howth, R. R. Goodlad eaq. 
AdNffral PhllltaBars and Mrs. Myers. The soil is chalky 
learn aad day ; anhaoU, chalk, stone, fltaii and gravel. Tbe 
chief crops are iriieat, oala birky and MSturage. Tbe 
area la ajmO aorea : ratsahls TClae, £10,M^ snd the popnb- 
tioeln 1871 waaS,8S5. 

Hill Is a tithing, 2 miles south-west. 
Parish Clerk, John WUUams. 

Post ft Monnr Ordbs ft TaLsaBApa Offiob, Sa- 
vings Bank ft Qoveiniaent lasoHUias ft AaiuUty Offlee.— 
Mn. BUfldHth Wastbrook, aab^fostmlstreaa. Letters 
throng Saathampton, di^tebed at6.1A; anive at 

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Atherlcf George ew. North Brook boose, Bialinp*iV>IthKm 
Carpenter- Garuler John cm.m .p.RooluiMiBry PM.Fiuefani 
Ecelet W. H. Pftlr Oak, Bisbo|wtok« 
OoodlMt Rlohvd Radhrn en. Hill liaee, Draxflard, 

Biabop't WaUbBiB 
Higldiifl Win. Ju. Jtmieton e«q, Hambledon, Rom Dean 
Hombv Thomas Wynn eaq. [Tpbam ho. Bishop'a Waltham 
Lons Waller esq. Belmore cottaite, Bbhep's Walthaia 
Long Walter Jervoise esq. Preshaw hons^ Bishop's Wal- 

tnm (cbaiman) 
Paslev Admiral Sir Thomas SaUne bart. k.o.b. Moor hill, 

Shldfleld, Botley 
Phiilimore Admiral Aainietns, ShidBeld honse, Botley 
RiceV ice- AdntralEd wd. BridRes,S*nnmoFe, Bishop's WUhm 
Woods Henry esq. Wamford park. Bishop's Waltnam 

CUrM, Joseph Augustus Hellard esq. BUhop's Waltham 
Petty Sessions are held at the Court House at Droxfurd, 
every alternate thorsday. The following places are 
included Id the Petty Sessional Division: — Biithop's 
Waltham, Corhampton> Drozibrd, Durley, Exton, 
Hambledon, Hem Stoke, SobertOD, Upbam, Wamfiird 
ft West Meoa 

Sroxford Umion. 
The union comprises the follovins parishes : — Bishop's Wal- 
tham, Corfaampton, Droxford,DtirleyjrBxton,HaRibledon, 
Meon Stoke, Soberton, nphan, Winifbrd & West 
Ueon ; rateable Tslue, £Bl,(S37 

Board d^, hetaliitiify on tnesdays 


Clerk, Thomas Hayden, West street, Psreham 
AtMMtant Ooertaen fr Coliecton, Wm. (theater. Bishop's 

Waltlnm ; John Withers. Durley ; Richard Wastbnwk, 

Droxford; John Humphrey, Hambledon: Alexander 0. 

Holraes, Soberton; Cbarles Blundell, Upban; Praod* 

Hsger, West Meon 
ReliBBtag Officer, Richard Westlmok, Droxfbtd 
Vaccination Officert, Richard Westbrook, Droxford ; Wm, 

Gilbert, Bishop's Waltham & Tbos. Coles. Wamford 
Medical OMctr$, R. Bllgb, Uroxfind; W. H. Hatfldd, 

Hambledoa ; Httnry Oieaves, Bishop's Wakhan : George 

Wm. Butler. West Meon 
Supgrintendmt RegUtrar,Thomu Hayden. Pareham 
RegiBtrnrt of BirtkM ^ DeathM, William Gilbert, Bishoii's 

Wsitham ; Thomas Coles, Wamford k Richard WesU 

brook, Droxfiird 
ftfrgiAtTar of MarriAgai, Alexander D. H<dmea, Soberton 
WorkhoHte, Rohert Lindsay, aia9t«r; Rev. Stpbn. BridRe, 

chapluln; R. Bligli, surneoo ; Mrs. M[ftri{arat Lindsay, 

matron } Akxander F. Lindsay, school uiasler 

Rural Sanitart Authoritt. 

Cfmt, Thomas Havden, F^reham 
Medical Officer, vacant 

Intpector of Auiteneet, William Hawkes, Droxfiird 
CoutUu Polite StattOH, Qeorge Orovae, aaivt. k 1 constable 
Tax CWIec<0r. John Wiltshire 

National School, Miss Jessie Powell, mistress 
Carsi BR.— Joseph Hillyer, Southampton, thursday; to 
Fortsmouth, tuesday ft frlday, returning the sane days 

BUgh Richard 

Bower Lieat.-Col.Jobn, Bpedwdl lodge 
BiUge Rev. Stephen m.a. Rectory 
Dumbleton Col. Cbarles 
Goodlad Richard Rodfeam j.p. Hill pi 
Hill Sir Stephen John c.B., K.O.H.O. 

Heon Lm cottage 
KInr Rev. Samnd 

Money Rev. William Hammond ii.a. 

Wertbrook Jaaei 

Wikon Thomas Henty, HasMtolt parte 

Annsls Wiltiam (Urs.^, fhrmar, Ufll 
Appleyard Hy. Brunsden,eoBl nurehBt 
Biigb Rlcbard, surgeon 
CAm Aone (Mrs.), aroeer 
Collings Cbarlea, Whita Bene 
Copping Joseph, Aopkeeper 
Pranklio John, bateoer 
Goodifl John, tailor 

Qnm waitBm,bnilder ft contnctw; 
ft at Maon Stoke 

Hoare Thomas, harness maker 

Knight Henry, fanner, St. Clalia 
Mansftsld Alfred, baker ft beer retailer 
Shimpton John, farmer, pfortli end 
Sures Thomas, &rmer, Manor Gum 
Taylor Tliomas. blacks-nith 
Tiiarle James, farmer, Middllngton 
WaatbrookftSim, plumbersftj^nten 
Waatteook Richard, relieving officer 

r«istrar of births ft deaths 
WestbtDok Tttonaa, plamber ft painter 
Wi ltahlge J ohn, mduter ft bnwor, 

Drozfind brewery 

DUMMER la a pariah nod village fi milea sontb-west 
from Basingstoke, &1 from London and 13 from Winchester. 
In the Nonhem divlalon of the county, petty sessional 
division, union, highway district and county court district 
of Basingstoke, hnndred Bennondspit, dioeese and arch- 
deaconry of Winchester and raral deanery of Basingstoke 
sontii-westem divl^on. The church of All Sabita dates 
from the 13th century, and probably atands on the aiteof 
the earlier ehnreb which we learn from Domeaday Book 
existed in 1068 ; it coorisla of a cbancel and nave, with 
western porch, the latter of the 15th century, and square 
wooden belfry, containing 5 bells of good tone; the pulpit of 
carved oak is also of the 10th century, and la suppoeed to be 
the oldest in the count; : the hagtoaeope, aflbriflng a view 
of the altar fk<om thenoatbem aide, and a ciirlonsbaMaehlnD 
or canopy Immediately to the westofthe ehincel-arcb whUih 
formerly covered the rood or crucifix, which was removed at 
the Refiirmation, aleo date from the aame centarjr : traces 
of the rood-loft can be plidaly aeen, both where it w»a fixed 
into the north and aoath inlls, and alao from the flnlab 
below, the chancel-arch having been ent away to make room 
for it : In the church are some enrlons brasssi ; one records 
in Leonine or rhymed Latin vetse the memory of William 
Dummer and Ellen, his wile, both of whom would appear 
to have died in ltf7. Tbis WlUIam waa the lady's second 
husband ; he seems to have aasomed her maiden name on his 
marriage, his previous name having bean Parley (donbtleas 
from the neighbouring paririi of that name), she beii^ heiress 
ofJDummertndladyorthat manor: byber first husband. 
Sir Ntebolaa Atte More, she waa the aneestreM of a line of 
Attemores or Dnmmers which ended la WUliam Atte Mors, 
allaBj)ummer, who died In 1668 without surviving issue 
and who Ilea buried within the Communion rails, boieath a 
stone whereon Is a brass in beautifbl neeervatlon, inscribed 
with bis arms and a curious English rhymed epitaph, while 
In the adjacent vrall his effigy appenzs, tosether with that of 
his vita and Infant son who died before Um : with him the 
long line of Dummer of Dummsr who had baU the ItwU^ 
of the manor from the reign of Henry I. (more than 400 
years) ended, and the estates pasaed to the MilUngate 
mmily, and again i^nt the emi of tha 17th century to (he 
Terrys, who held them tUl 1664. Tho registtf dates from 

1640. Tbe living is a rectory, value £417, with 80 acres of 
glebe and a residence, and is In the gift of Etorlase H. Adams 
esq. and held by the Rev. Sir William Dunbar bart. s.c.L. of 
Hertford College, Oxford. Here is a Primitive Methodist 
chapel, built In 1862 and enlarfced In 18C7. The school, 
orixinally fbanded by John MilUngate esq. in 1610 was re- 
built in 1815, enlari^ In 1846 when a teachers' resideoce 
was added, and again enlarged In 1870 : It has two endow- 
ments amounUng to £14 a year. Then Is also in this parish 
an endowment of £1 Amnded In 1606 by tbe Rev. William 
Marriott, the then rector, for the purchase of 3 BlUea, to be 
given away on Easter Monday, and others for £3 a year for 
the relief ofthepoor. The Rev. Oeorin WUtfleU, tbe fiiettd 
and eoad^ntor of John and Charles Wesley, bad temporary 
chai^ of tilts parish, sod here Berrey wrote hia HaditUloBS. 
The manor house, tbe ancient sent of the Dammar fiimily, 
stands near the church, einboeomed In trees : the thickness 
of its wails attests its age, and parts of it are protlably as M 
as tbe 14th century .though It baa received fieqnoit nddttions: 
it waa sold by the Terry^mily together with a coosldersble 
part of the parish In lw4 to the Rev. T. J. Torr, and affsin 
10 years later to Sir Nelson Rycroft bart. ; Richard Gary 
BIwes esq. is tbe present occupier. Sir Nelson Rycroft hart, 
la lord 01 tbe manor and principal landowner, the other 
landowneta being the Rev. T.J. Torr and Borlase H. Adams 
eaq. The soil la clay, with a subsoil oi chalk : the c^ief crops 
are wheat, barli^i oata and turnips. The area is 8ja6S acres, 
of which about 120 are wood ; the rateaMe value la £2.757 ; 
and the population in 1871 waa 325. The tythlng of Kemp- 
ahott a detached part of tbe parish of Winslade and Kemp- 
shott, with an area of 565 acres, rateable value £653, and s 
population of about 100. has been added to Dummer fn 
civil pnrposaa, under the provlalona of the Divided Parishes 
Act. 1876 <30 ft 40 Vk. cap. 61). 
Aetimg Pari$k Clerkf WUilam WilUi. 

P«8T Ofbicb^Mti. Hannah Allen, reodver. Letten 
arrive from Bariagitoke at 8 a.m. ft leave at 6 p.m.: tbe 
neareat mooqr order oAoe ia at Basingstoke 

Relievinff Officer Aeffiftror 4/' Birth k JieatMe, Jauua 

ifiOtotuU School, Mn. nraneea Page, mlstrcv 

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curt Uim, Manor hrm 

Donbw Rev. Sir Willtaa but. b.c.l. 

[rvotor], RcetofT i 
BIwea Rkhanl J. Cii7, OnnmM boaM ' 


Al)«n HaDoih (Mi*.), UMknaitb, ft | 
pMt office 

BilUmore Jama, MtevtnK officer ft 

resbtm of births ft deatht- 
Bndd PrancU, Iknoer, Haniff brm 
Drlnkmter Rowland Daria, &mer ft | 


InglefleU Hy. thofkfeitrrSibfer retailer , 
Lambert Charlotte (Ura.). fthopkcfper I 

Pike Albrrt, faraicrftatlTreyorof roads 
for the BulDBatfikfl bl^way dinrtet 
Ramboll Jasper, fkmer. Grange 
Tiylor DanM, nrnur 
Taylor Oeorge, %rmer 
TuW Mary beer ntaller 

DUAZiXT b a nariab and small TillaR* S nrilea eo«tb>we«t 
from Mabop'aWaltham station and 7 north-eaat from Sooth- 
anpton, in the Northern division of the coanty,bandrednnd 
ooDDty eonrt district of Bisbcm'a Walthan, Droxford anion 
and petty sestional division, Wlncbeiter diocese and arefa- 
deaooory and Bishop's Waltham rural deanery, situsled on a 
small TlTalet,wbiebtiinu several com ndlls. Tbechnrcbof 
the Holy Crosslsastruetnre of very ancient date, consisting 
of chancel, nave and north and south trattsepts, and has a 
dK^arf shingled spire contdoIngS bells: it will •eatab9iit^ 
persons, and Is now in coarse of Iboronrb lenovatloD in a^ 
eordaoeewltbtbecharacteruftbeorlBlauoonstnieilon. The 
register daica from the year ICOO. Tbe Urfng Is a recton', 
formerly united with Upham, but now separated, In tlie gin 
of the bishop of Licb&eld J the dtbes are eommnted at £410 
yeariy and held by the He*. Richard Fergnion m.a. Ute 
Pergason Rev. Richard i£.a. [reetn] 
Jsckson Mrs. Darley lodge 
Palmer Qeoige, QrreowMd hoase 
Palmer Mr*. Greenwood house 
PilUi^ John, Dorley Manor boose 


Colea Wm. Newboir, Farmers' Some 

I Croeawell Samuel, brickbiyer 
Denlism Austin, ihopibseper 
j Giddinga Charks, farmer. Hilt Arm 
Heath Peter, wheelwright 
Hodges James Oliver, fimner, Snake- 
more ftrm 
HoiifihtMi BdmatMl, ftmer 
Hnogbton Jacob, BMn Hood 

Fellow of Pembroke CollaHe,Cambrld|(e. HereiaaWealeyan 
chapel. The Eeeleafastim Commissioners are lords of the 
manor. The principal landowners ars George Palmer, John 
PiUing, Mrs. Jackson, William Thresher and Edmnnd Ber- 
nard eaqa. The soil la sandy loam : subsoil, clay and eravei. 
Tbs chI()fcropsarewheat,oats and barley. n« areals2.4d7 
acre^^ross tataabk ftlua £S,7M i tht popolatloa In 1871 

HiHcmaFiiLD IsBtltbloglBtblapaiUi, 11 mikaaMt, 
Pariih Cleri, Cbarias May. 

Post 0Fnc8.^LeUer Box. Letters are received tbroagh 
Bishop's Waltbam (sub-olBce), by foot post ; arrive at 
7 a.m. ft are dispatched at 6.46 p.m. Bishop's Waltban 
ia the neareat mon^ order office 

yatioml School, Miss Clara Baseum, mistress 

Houghton Robert, boot aoaker 
Long Leonard, carpenter 
Mears lUdiard, hnner ft gnwer 
Mears Wilfrid, farmer, Stapldbrd Ihra 
Page Peter, blacksmith 
Semor Praocia, farmer 
Shaw John, grocer ft baker 
Wyatt Edward, bnier 

EAJSTIiEXOH Is an eccleilastiealparUb,fenaed In 1606 
from tbe dril parish of South Stoneham, ud Inelndes the 
titbinKB of Bartox Pbvbril, Eastlbigh, and Botatt, 
6) miles from Southampton, in the Southern division of tbe 
county, Mansbridge hondred, South Stooeham union, South- 
ampton county court district and rural deanery of BMiw's 
Waitham and arebdeaconrr and diocese of Winchester. The 
filahopatoke station on the South Western railway is at 
Barton Peveril in this parish, and immediately adjoining the 
sution la ttie Junction &muy hotel. The cbucb or tbe 
ResofTeetion Isof stoiie, with Bath stone dressings (built In 
16GS), in the Early Decorated style, and conslsta ehaucel, 
nave, tnuosept, bdl-cot with bell, and sonth porch. The 
re^ster datea from the year 1668. The liviogls a vicarage, 
ynriy valae £17(^ with residence, in the Att of tbe Bi- 
shop et Vnnebestcr and bald by the Rev. WiUlam Arthur 

Crafts Haior Edmond WUIlam 
HSHKCt JJftvd 

Lonslaodt Rev. William Arthnr b.a. 

Mar^U Rev. John U.A 
RasasB Mr* 

Vandekur John Onnsby 

Longlsods B.A. of Jeans College, Cambridge. Tankervllle lord^tbe manor and enief Umdowner. 
Tfaechief cropaare wheat, oats, baricy and beans. The soil 
is light aandy ; tabsoil, gcnenul; graveL Tbe populattou 
111 1851 was 616. 
PariMk CUrkf Htaxj HlUary. 

Post ft MoBar Ordbb Ovpiob ft SAvii^ Bank.— 
Frederick Bemlater, sub-postmaster. Letters veedved 
throug^i Southampton at 6 a.m. ; delivery 7 a.m ft 1.90 
p.m. ; dispatch 10.16 a.m. ft 9 p.m 
Pallet Station, Joseph Boyllng, seigeant 
National School, Joan George Swords, master 
BithopMtoke Railtoay Station, Henry Wiluer, station 


Af^lelMi Geo. fitfnier,CUdca8 Hall frm 
ArDoU Jas. John, framar,LlBeoln's (arm 
Batu WilUam A. dnuier 
Black Ton. miller ft faraMr, Barton 


Bemistern«dk.undertaker.ft post office 
Bundy Thomas, com, cpal ft seed mer 
Cooke Henry John, chemist 
Cox Samuel Bdgar, Crown 
Dilke ft Tanner, brewera 

DortiagtaD Cliaa.Hy. oommlaslM) agent 
FrenehHenry, baker 
Qeofge Philip, coal merchant 
Harnett A16«d, sorgaoB 
HlrtetLudwiekAognsL bear retailer 
UoweU Thoaas, saddler fte 
JeSbry WUIiam, liimer 
King Ellen Kata{Htsa),lsdles' school 
Knowlton Sarah (Hra.), beer retailer 
Lovlck John Freoeridc, grocer 
Moody Robert, grocer 
Pcaree Alfred, tailor 
Reeves GeorgeftSon, coal merelwnta 
Hnasell Chariotte (Mrs.), Junetian 
family hotel ipottimg koute, ft re- 
flresbmenl rooms at Railway station 
Smith William, hair dicsser 
Sofib Albert Stephen, com ft coal ner 
Soflb Jeremiah, shopkeeper 

Stevenson George, butcher 

Tasker Mary Ann( Mrs.), //oni« tavern 

Thomas OeorKe, tioot musker 

Titt Wm. ft :ion, eocineers, maehlnlsta 

ftagrionltiiral ImiMeMaat makera 
Ullyatt WilUam, ooal mendiant 
Vokea Frederick Michael, grocer 
WalUa William, ftrmer. Hams ftno 
Warwick John, cattle draier 
Weaton John, plumber ft painter 
Wheeler Henry, enRlish ft forslgo- 

tlmber, brick, alate ft coal oMrchant,. 

ftmano&cturerof com pr es wd rail way 

keys, treenails ft all kinds of wood 

raUway fiistenings, Eastleigll eaw 

mills ; ft at Otterboume 
WorhingMetCt Club (J. O. Vandeleur, 


EABTON la a a large villago and pariah 3 mllee north- 
cast irom Winchester ,ln the ^rtliem division of the county, 
handred of Fawl^, Winchester petty aeaaiooal divlrion, 
ankn aadeoHSty eoortdistriet, Alrasfoid rural deanery and 
fioeeee and arebdaaeoiny WloAetter, aHuala on tbe rivw 
IteUn. The ehoreb <rf St. Hnrr is an ancient edifice, In 
wUdi tbe Norman and Bariy Engllah styles are bleaded to- 
Kether ; it has a most carious chancel and nave,and a low 
eqiped tower containing 3 bells : It eoatalBS a mural monn- 
meot to Agatha, rcUet of William Bartow, BIsbop of 
Chiebeater, vriikh records tbe alngnlar fiirtnnesof their Ave 
d8oghtei% who were aurrled to nve bishops. The ebnreii 
was retfomd (n 1873. Tbe register dates from the year 1093. 
The Ilvinff is a rectory ; the nthes have been commuted at 
£690, with modern residenee, hi the gift of the Bishop of 

Pain Thomas 

Dawson Mn. Pymoke house 
Oover mm 
HawfclM Mrs 

Selway Henry 

Llehfidd and hdd by the Rev. Algernon Wodebouso m.a. 
of Trinity College, Cambridge. Here ia a snail Wesleyan 
chapd, Edward HbeUey esq, is lord ol tbe manor and cbitfT 
landowoer. The snil is chalk and loam : subsoil, chalk. Tbe 
cliief crops are wheat, bariev.oau and turnipa. The area 
is 3,781 acres; rateable value, £3,6Mj and the popula- 
tion in 1871 was 490. 

Pariah Clerk, Thomas Sturges, 
Post Oppics.— Mrs. Charles Wills, receiver. Letten 

arrive from WIwAcster at Ba.m. ; dlspalebed at 6Mn.m. ; 

Sundays atll.3&a.m. Tbe neareat aianay order oBee Is 

at Winchester 

Roffietrar of Births Dtathtfir No. S Diatfiet, Wi/t^ 

ehottor.S. Bishop 
Hationai School, Mlas £, Pieken, mlstreia 

Wills John 

Wodehonse Ser.Alga7non m.a. [rector] 
ftLady Eleanor 

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Budd firidffw, fumer, Mud'farni 
CaiiDisg* 0<orfi«, ifew inn, k Arroer 
Chiddy Jane(Mrft), baker &«bo|A<€r>r 
Crow TheopbUiui, umn, Euton ftnn 
Freenantle Aedk. fiwiaer A bftr nUr 
Freemanllfl Jime*, market gardeDcr 

OiUa Freddiok, aarpanter 
Joj ce Heary, &ffi»«r 
Martin Jobn, blaekarpitli 
Over Oeoree, bricklayer 
Plitty Chariaa, butehtr 
Palmr Willian, Bat # Boil 

RobtnaDD JaooM, beer retallar 
Stttnin Geone, ahopbeepar 
Tanner Juhn, land MeasarerlL temer 
Tilban ImiIM (Hn.)* iHmdrw 
Wakely G«oi]Ke(Un.), termer, Loriog^ 


iK40a:*M)iP to a pulih fonnliig part af tbe tows dT Ba«lagat«k«, whM see. 

VUDOK (m TJ^pbk Elbos) H-a manor sad pariah, 6 
nllea north fnm Ronsey and SI north-net ftvm'Huttlafont 
atationontbe AndoTarnaDctiof the Soutii Wtetem railway, 
in tbe Sotttliem dIvMon of tJie county, Klng^ fiomhome 
hundred, Stockbridgfe nn]on, Romsey .petty aeaslonal dfvi- 
alon.coonty court diatrlet and rural deanery, Wfnchester 
archdeaconry and diocese. Tlie chttreh ij mucn dilapidated, 
and no service ii performed. "The lirtn; Is a rinccnre rec- 

tory, £45 yearly tithe rent-ehai^te. In the gift of John 
Hnwey esq. of Crewkeme, Someraet, who owns and cnlti- 
TEtes all toe land, and held by the Rev. Georife ieatAng^ 
Davies b.a. of Exeter College, Oxford. Tbe aoll U chalk 
and gravel; snbaoll, Ailk. The chief crop* are wheat, 
barley and eats. The area Is 276 acre* ; rateable i-aliif, 
£i^i and the populaUoa In 1B7I was II — —Utters an- 
recdvad from Winchester tbroi^li Stockbri^. 

XLHTO la a pariah and %ltlAge 86 mllea fiom Lnadoo, 5 
west from Soutliampton, 6^ south from Romsey and one 
mile south from Tolton station on tbe Southampton and 
Dorchester branch of the SoMh Western railway, In tbe 
Sonthem divialott of the eoonty, handredof Redbridge, New 
Foreat union, Romsey petty Mssioosl dlvt^wi, SootbamptoD 
county eetirt district, diocaaaend arehdeaconryof Wiaeaea- 
ter and rural deanery of Pordtacbridge eaalcm dl«lskm, 
situate near the bead of tbe Soanmpton Water, on tbe 
weslern »ide. EHng parish ia divided into the following 
tithlnga:— BASTtRT-Rsats, Bauldoxfbz, Bistbrn 
TiTH Bartley, Colebury, Durlby, Nokth Eliko, 
South Elixo, Lakoi^t, Lopbrwood, Harcwooq, 
&ukbrioob,TatcbbdbTjObeat and Little Test- 
wood, Wade asd Wiolby Ow^r. Tbey are all ranged 
roqnd the Western head of the Southampton Water, form- 
ing an almost contlnnoas town, with ahlp-buUdtng yard«i, 
hrewerlea, timber wharves and gther waterside Dusiness 
places. The parish of Ellag la divided into flte eeelealas- 
tical parishes, viz. Bling St. Mary (the mother cbnrcbj, 
North Ellng. Netley, Uarchnood andColbury. SL Mary's 
parish contains -the Tillages or Eli ira, Gkeat TssTti-oon, 
ToTTOK and BtrusHiDQE. The ancient parish church of 
Ellog (St. Mary) Is situate it BMng : tt is a flint and stone 
atncture. In the Early EnglUh style : It has chancel, nave, 
tower and 6 bells : tbe Intt^or was thoroughly reitored ao'i 
re-seated in 1665, and a handsome carved stone reredos, ra- 
presentinn the Nativity, erected. The reglater dates from 
tbe year 1535. The living Is a vicarage, yearly value £8^)0, 
in the girt of the traatees of the R«v. W. J. G. PhUlipa, uA 
l>eU by the Rev. Arthur 1/ Argent Ball h.a. of Calus Col- 
lege, Cambridge. The New Forest Union house la In tUi 
parish ; for partkalers of union see Southampton. The 
Hants iUfariwalory is in the Netley diatiict, which ate. A 
lair is held at Eling on July dih. 

TottOBi tAe.prineipal place in tbe parish, Is situate at 
the nlramity of tbe goathastptoa Water, whm the rirer 
Teat flows into It, aftwdios great variety ot scaler)- In water, 
woodland and xlch meadows ; here are also about flf (y mk* 
of excellent salt marsh, ow which tbe inbabitapita enjoy a 
right of eomnoD run for fwd vS cattle, except from Havk 
jrooday till the I4th of A<ig«at| when only seven ptrsoiui 



Bell Re v.Artli urL'Ar^ntK a. Vicarage 
Dix Arthur 
Fletcher James 
-Gulliver James Walter 
Hony Mrs 

Hopklna Edward, Ellng mve 
Mhohel! Mbs 
Moore Mrs. Flora cottage 
-Saandeia Cecil Roy, Downs Itonae 
■flamders The Hisses 
.Spoaaer William Cbaries, Eilng house 
Wilson Rev. John [Congregatiooal] 


BarMi Arthur, Jtailway hotel, Lynd- 

harst Koad station 
Bountlff George R. manager to Burt, 

fiooltoD & Haywood 
Brookman John, mason 
Browning Henry, farmer. Coles farm 
Burt, Boulton U Haywood (George R. 

timber merchaots k. importers ; tt at 
6t Cannon street, London e.c 
Crook Samuel John & WRiter, builders 

& brick makers 
Crook Ann (Sirs.), Village Bell» 
Diz Arthar, snrgeon 
Facer WlUliim, shoe maker 
Elatebtr Jftmea, ttmbar, bark, coal ft 

corn memfaant 
Major David, Xing RMfma 
Payne Haric,&rmer 
Penfiird Ocoi^^jiarmer/BIll Stmt ftrm 
Pike William Henrj'.r^Isirarofblrthd 
dc deaths k marriages, k asalstant 
overseer for the EUng distriet 
Player John, farmer 
aimlthSidii^, Anchor 
Smyth Geov^, grocer 
Spooa«ritBwiey,BgricnltQrttl ohemiata, 
arttflclal manure naniHaetuiars k 
ImporteM of <rfl cake, Eling works 
Stote Jane (Mrs.), blacksmilh 
„ . _ Stote William, shopkeei er 
Bountiir, manager), manunctnrersof { Stride Philip k Son, mllieis, Eliug mill 
creosote, pitch, naphtha, benzole ice. ] Stroud Thomas, shc^keeper 

are mh ileged to turn in one horse each to food nver tht 
whole ; it Is then locked up <usuall> aimtit one manth), until 
the grass is cut in atlotments by different owners and car- 
ried, when it Is again thrown open. This has been a place 
of great commerce, particularly in tbe coal, timber and com 
tradea, but has been much reduetd since the communlc&Iion 
by railway from Southampton to Saliahury has lieen npeii: 
liere la a Ixme mill , and mre are two flour milla at Test- 
wood, where there is also a aalmoa flahen. Here are Con- 
gregfttional, Presbyterian and Primitive Methodist chapelt. 

Several gentlemen have seats In the pariah : -tbe prfaicipil 
are Col. Seynardson c.B., j.p. Rushington Manor; Ctcil 
Aoy Saunders esq. Downs House ; tDiTCol. Sruea j.p. ot 
TestwDod House. There «re several lords tt the muor- 
The priDCfpal landowners are Mrs. Vavdrey, wli« Is lady of 
the mador, C. Roy Saunders esq. Col. Re^-nirdsoa aod Col. 
Bruce j.p. Here are almshoDsee for poor widows, builtaud 
endowed by Miss Bourne. Tlie area is about 34,S00acref, 
of which about 10,000 are in the New Forest, the rest wood- 
land, arable and pasture, except the ganlens; raters 
value, £^,053 ; tbe mniuUtlDn of the tDlira partsh iu 1371 
was 6,09t^ of which are iu the motbeir cbnruU 


Parish Clerft, Thoouu Smllb. 

Post, Monby Obder k Tiu.bgbiph .Opficb k Sav- 
ings Bank, Totton. — Mrs. Mary Read, postmistresi. 
Letters arrive from Southampton at 3.30a.Bi.&S.15p.m.; 
dls])8tched at 10.15 a.m. 4.40 k 9.15 p.m 


Liverpool * London Qlobe {Fire only) ^ Briton U^e, 
Adams fic Quiliver 
Sun Ltfn, W. R. Sliariand, Totton 
County Police Station, Tottoa, Julius Slllence, sergeant 
in rbargo 

RugistPar <if Births, Death* ^ Ifarriaget Ic Amttant 

Wtwew /w Bling District, Vfrn.. Jlenry Pike, Elbig 
Relieving LfjJVcer, James Corbin 

Jfational AcAoof (boys), Charles Swayne, muter; (girts), 
Miss Swayne, mistreaa ; (iiUbnts), Hlse Wallas, ufstms 
Bailieay Station, Totton, Wm. Jaa. Hill, station master 
Cokvbyakce. — OmnltMH to Sosthampton twice daily 

Vincent Ann(Hn.).PolIanI'sHo(ff fitra 
Warwick HeniTi anoe maker 
Welch Jacob Qollegc;, fhnnwj little 

Whlteber WilUBni,lumer,FanU7&m 



Joboatone Rev. John [Prasbyterian] 

A^iby Francis S. k Co. brewers, Elii^ 

Bull Richard, boot 4c shoe aiaker 
Carpantar Tboatas. carpenter 
Coles Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer 
Higgs BensoM k Jamee,bakers ft groews 
Hitchcock Tliomaa Elowllas'* grocer, ft 

agent for W. ft A. OH&ey, wine ft 

spirit merobants 
lien William, commaMlsl traveller 
LeTgh vniliam, hatrdMsaer 
Ligbtfoot Stephen, beer retailer ft 

Martin I»nac, market sardeaer 
Ma^ William, boot maker 

Digitized by 



Hootiy QttrBe,in«car 

Powell OcorgCj blKksmltli 
Powell JanM»,wbet!hrrigi)t 
Price JohD Edwird, afaopkiifper 
RoW WUliun, jriuoitwr 


Bxomt JamM 

Brace Li«it.-Col. CoaHenay William 

J. p. TMtwood park 
Cook Ndl, RoihUT villa 
Cokwdl £dward,B«edifleU 
OhIUts Beajanb 

Mamfltm Curt. John Tbomaa, Soutb 

Horf^MB Artbar X. M«Mt vUla 
?iapMr Henry 

RQ-iwrdMo Go). £<«ar>l fikch CM.. 

j.r. R««biiMtaa hmof 
Bow JamM, ToUn farm 

^riof ttamamin 

'llH>aipflM fleaty, Foreat hxlce 

Tocsood Hattin 

Viaat Henry (..x-c.p.bdin 


Adama ft OalUircT, irbieft apiift & coal 

Aadrem Alfred.thnbei* coal merefaant, 

see Roae ft Aadpam 
Apcdaile Tdid, ftrawr, Taitteww 


AMDt Wai. fam«r, Athunt bridge 
Bi4dlflk Jaiifli. uulw, outfitter k 

wwUeD diuer 
Blaiie Hury Jaoe (Mr*.), shopkeeper 
BrowB WflUaai Uullins, Khool fiir 

Toanff oantleaan, fUmlUan keaaa 
Biirt RTebard, bootmaker 
Carter Stephen, Mddler 
Clarke Qroif[e, palntt^r 
Corbin Jainea, TeUerlnff officer 
I>mw Oeorpre, batcher 
Dyett CbariM Hanty, IM L(m 
EdgsrtoB Ann <Urt.},-CroM JEew 
Fletcher Isaac fiiBckatone, cbeniJ»t ' 
Foot Francis, baker 

Foot Jhn.omnfbus proprtr, k beerrallr 
Gnwi Charles Mllla, wackimitli 
Oritt Thom&i, ehhaae}- sweeper 
OulUf er BeoJ. wine ft spirit k coal mer 
HoUw J oh n, fknner, Testwood 
HadchnattWalter,frmr. Wade Hill farin 
Holwell Jacob Qeoive, bacon iatitor 
Hoamer Edward, Swan 
Hunt bailiff to Cd. Brnce, 

Jakrs Henry, whitesmith 
Kllford James, (trocar 
KUie Anthony Hen. ElephantS[ Cattle 
Large John, beer ratailer 
Lewis William, botcher 
Littlqiage WllUan, fiwerft balw 
Loopand TIiobmh.1ium1 air«nt 


Xackrdl Oeonre Henry, com d^er 

Uaynard Mart^ (Un.), Uaokamitii 

Mftos WUIlaaa, haer reliilar 

Hftoball Pdix, beer rctaUer 

Oiaa Tbomaa, boot ft shoe aukar 

Ome Riehwd. whadwrlftbt 

Paimtlin lUchard, milkr, Testwood mill 

Penfold Oeorpfe, mmer, Hill street 

Plnnlck Andrew Wltliers, baker 

Porter a«ot|^ John, tlnpl^e worker 

Powdl GeorgF, UaelMnilth 

Powell Henry, bntAer 

Read Elita (Jl is* ), ladies' school 

Read George, boot ft shoe maker 

Read HanyjStatioaer 

Head Mary (M».}i poet mlstreik 

R«ad Winter, boot maker 

Reed Geo. Stephen, timber ft coal autr 

Roae ft Andrews, timber, bark ft coal 

uerdianU & brick makers, Steamaaw 

mills. See adrtrt 
Roae James, yeoman, Totton form 
Saxhy Robert, beer retailer. Water lane 
Spic«r William, builder 
i^priog Bei^amln, contractor 
Terry Richard, furmer, Ajhurat bridge 
Topp Edward, farmer 
Trlx Thomas Jtinl, land ft engineering 


Vlant Henry L.K.c.p,Eoiir. pbysiriaii 

Vine Henn-^aaddlrr 

WuodwanT Wm. fanner, Ot. Teatwood 

KOSTH SLIVO is an eccleslaatleal parish, Ibrmed in , 
1^37 rron the cItU pariah of EUag,flnd etHnprisca the rillage I 
t:f WiKsOB, 4; mites weat-by-north from Bling, and Cad- 

SAH and BABTliKt. OvsR and Nxwbridub, 8 mllai ! 
north wast from Lyndluiflat Road statioa an tbe Sonthaoipton 
and Ooreheater railway and 9 mOea north west from 3oath- 
amptoQ, in the Southern division of the county, Atutbampton 
county court district. New Forest union, Fordiagbridge 
rural deanery eastern dlvUion, aad Wlncliester arcltdaaoonrv 
and diooeae. The church of St. Mary, built in 1094, II in 
the debased Gothic style, and consists of nave and tqwer with 
one bell. The register dates from the year 183J. Theliving 
is a vicarage^efwy valae £220, In the gift of the trosteea 
of the Rer. W. J. U. Phillips and bdd bv the Rer. Charles 
B. Turner B.A. of Balllol College, Oxford. There are Con- 
gTM^atlonal and Prinitire Uetliodist chapels at Cadnam and 
a &ptial ehapd at Bartley. There are serenii manm. 
Panluna, studlng In a park of S30 aerea, in which Is a lake 


BnnrnMi. Walter John. Whit. Home Criswick Miss, Poona lodge 
EtheriA^ Uias, FMeat lodge 
Bvre Mrs. Bartlqr gnoce 
Liehc John 

Mueoloi Mrs. Baaohwood banae 
Tnnwr Bof. Chnrlea Berasbrd sa.. 

covering nvariy 90 aerea and three>qnarters of a mile Ionic, 
la the aeat of Hans SloaneStanley esq. who to principal tand- 
owner ; Baeehwood Uoosa ia the seat of Mrs. Haikoin. The 

Broom Sfld Albart, graeer 
Daaalnea Henry, «roeer 
Edix7 John, A^etff mn 
Uu]iaeo.tembaitifftoJobnRasSDm esq 
KBMrltos Arthnr, Uackamlih 
Marah George, Mwlwlth 
XoitHiry Jota, film balttff to Bob«rt 

Yorbnry Martfa^gTooer 
Roe Jsnea, whadwrigfat, ft past offlce 

soil is stiff 1^ ; snhsoU, elay. The eliiof cropa are wheat, 
bariry awl cats. The popaletlon In 1871 «u 1,310. 
Pnri»k CUrk, Abtainm Oear. 

Post Opfice, Bartley.— James Roe, receiver. Letters 
tlirongh -Southaoipton arrive at 8 a.m. ; dispatched at 
6JS6 p.m. Totton is the nearest money order ofOce. 
Poar Oppicb, Ower.— John Frost, receiver. LettCTi 

throngh Ronsey 
Po»T OpncB, Cadnam.— Thomas Slontleth, reortver. 
Letters through Sonthampton 


A'atianal, Ooppythome, Charles Saraael Bufton, nnater 
National, Bartii?, Miaa Allee Qolding, mistress 

Drake James, tilacksmltb 
Elderfleld Mary (Mrs.), J^iwinn 
Frost John, shopkeeper, ft poet office 
Faller HarthafMrs.), bnaer, Fnneley 
MlUa Qooiga, hnner, Banunsad'a 

Forbes Mrs. Laorel oottage 
Starmes Isaac, WoodUoc oottaga 
Coombs Richard, whedwi^ht 
Fanner Richard, grocer 
Knowlton WIlHam, shopkeeper 
I^wford Jobn,fimner,Corp(nntkm hrm 
Lovell Edward, blackanUth 
Montelth Thomas, grocer, ft post office 
HMej George, WkUt Hart 
Toogood Charles Martin, carpenter 


Wilcox Kithaniel 
Panstone Henry, fiirmer 
Frampton John, fiirmer 


Stanley Haas Sloaoe, PauMoas 
Davie Jamea, land atowaid to Hans 
Sloane Stanley esq 

Bridkdl Wm.brmcr,Whiaorlf anor fiirm 
Gifton £dmand,iarmer 
CoombesRicbd. urmer.Tatchbury fltrm 
Gear Abraham, shoe maker 
Knowlton Henry, Maeksaiith 
Light John, caraenter 
Uitebell Jae. kOeo. farmers, 'Ritdihnry 
Moody George, fiirmer 
Pope Samuel, fanner, Conr hall 
Rwback Henry, farmer, Kent^lbnn 
Simmonds Jane (Mrs.), abqiheeper 
Standing Ucnrv, farmer 
Taylor James, horse dealer 
Thomas Richard, aboukeaper 
Tudt Bdwaid, Tike Cm^mm* 

KXXnraHAX Ita parish in the Sontbem division of 
the eoBBty, RIagwoed hnndnd, nnioa aad pattr aasa l o a al 
division, eoonty esort dlatriotaf PonUngbrldge, dioeese and 
arelideaeimfy of Wln<Aeater and rural deanery ot Pordiag- 
bndgs weatom dlvWoe, near the river Avon, i adks north 
frvm Rbgamod(4 BiUcs south from Fordliwwidge and 107 
<nmLoiMM. The cboich of All Saints, with the chapel of 
St. Maiy attaded, ocenpias the site of an aneient cell ; 
oo«c parts of it are very aaaiieat ^ it cenrista of chnaeel aad 
nave } the ebanoal contains a very andait rood>sereen of 
•ak, ov«r wkktb ara aavainl tnts of aor^tarc from the 
GciMva vefsion. la the cfanrohyard ia tte tomb of Lady 
Uale, who, bdng aaensed of ImrMarfng rebels in her hoaae, 
Morlis Oaait, after the battle finght by the Duke of Mon- 

mouth, at Sedgenaer, was beheaded, allhoagh she had a 
con in tl>e king's army in tiiat battle : she was the widow 
of ColenelJohn Llsla,cneof the Judgea of Cbarlea L who 
had retired to the Continent m the eve of the Restoration, 
and bad been aasassinatert at Lausanne. The roister dates 
from the year 15M. The lislng la a viearage, ycariy vdn« 
£150, with rss i denee, in the gift ef the Provost and Fellows 
of Eton CoUege and held by the Rev. James Gordon Glan- 
ville BO.. of IVinl^ College, Dublin. Charitlesare£4 yearly 
for the poor from land, rated in the viear and cliurcb- 
wardens ; and then are three almshouses, founded by Mrs. 
Harding, bat not midowad. Moylas Court, the ancient seat 
of the LMe tealiy, is now the property and reeidsnee ot' 
Pradeife FUm esq. The Bui of Nonnanton Is iotd of die 


Digitized by 





manor ud principal landowner. The mU la Band and 
grtTcl ; »Tibioil, gravel. The chief rrops are wheat, barley, 
oata ami tarBipa. Tbe aTCa is %fiSli aerea : rateaUe ralae, 
M7fiaithepopidationlnl871i*MS45. Part of tha parish 
U detacMd and situated in tha If«« FttcaL 
RocKVomD la 1 mile east; Blublbid Gnen U anabrook 

of the Aron, three-qnarten of a mile sonth. Hzobwood 
and Lin BROOK an also in tb« sane parish. 

Parith Clark, John Jetftries. 
Letters an received throng Rlngwood, which b th* nearest 

money OTder efflce 
Pariih School, Miss Uary Brown, nMnss 

SUiugliftin • 

Pane Frederic, Moyles court 
GlanTiUe Rei. James Qunlon 

[yieitr], Vicarage 
Cnrtb James, fiu'iner 
Parker John, tiirmer, Linwood 

Tomi Robert, farmer, Linwood 

Baitej William, Aao imt, k smith 
Brown Alexander, fcnner 
Gabbatas John, fiuner k landowner 

Vine; George, shopkeeper 
Witt Henry, fimner 


RatieharA Isaac, farmer 
Tuck James, ftnnrr 

ELLISFIELP ("r lLi«piELD)is aparbh and secluded 
vlllaee, 5 niilea south from BaelnKttoke, In the Northern 
diTlmon of the county, hundred of Bermondspit, Basingstoke 
union, petty seasional division and eonnly eonrt district, 
diocese and srchdeaeonry of WlnchestCT and rural deanery 
of BasinntokQ south-western divibion. The ehnrdi of St. 
Andrew » of great antiouity, and consists of nave, one aisle 
and small belltower and was restored in 1873. Tberefrlster 
dates from the vear 1668. TbalUIog Isa rectory, the tithes 
of which have been commuted at £402, with residence and 
SO acne of glebe, In the gift of Mr*. Brocas and held by the 
Rev. Bichard Pa^nton Plffott k.a. of Trinity Cou^, 
Oxfind. This parish had two churches nntll tbe reign of 
Edward III. : Us same Is eaid to have been derived from 
Ella, tbe founder of the kingdom of Sussex, or South Saxons, 

who here defeated hii adversaries, the Britoos. Here is a 
school for teaching six poor children, chiefly supported by the 
produce of a field, about 9 acres, left by the wOl of Stnihen 
TWry esa. in tbe year 1787 ; a schoid board was eatjOilbbed 
in 1873 for this parish, FtvleMi Wallop ud CUddeaden. 
The land chiefly belongs to the Biri of Portsmoatii, who is 
lord of the manor, Lord Bolton and F. J. B. Jervois esq. 
The soil la clay and chalk ; subsofl, chalk. The chief crops 
are wheat, bariey and roots. The area Is 3.300 acres; 
rateable value, £8,000 : and tbepopulatloftfn 1871 was 945. 
Paruh Clerk, WilBam F^anUln. 

Lettere through Basiniratoke, which is the nearest money 

order It UAtgnvih office 
Endowed Senool, Mrs. £llen Pattenden, mbtreas 

Pigott Rev. R. Paynton x.A. [rector] 

Ansell John, fhrmrr 

Bone Bamrd, Bell j- Crourn 

Dielw Richard, wheslwrigbt 
Hampton WiUiirn, Ihrmer 
Snow Stephen Henry, farmer 

Viner James, blacksmith 
Wallls Walter, braer 

ELSON and HAADWAYare bamleU constituting an 
ecclesiastical parbh, taken in 1846 from the parish of Atver- 
stoke, about i miles north from Gosport, and 16 north- 
west from Portsmouth by road and 3^ by steam launch, In 
the Southern dlrision ol the eoun^, Alverstoke Incorpora- 
tion, Portsmouth county court dis^t, diocese and arch- 
deaconry of Winchester and mral deanery of Alverstoke, 
on thesboreof Portsmonth harbour. St. lliomas's church, 
erected In 1840, by eubsoiption, aided bv Parliamentary 
Kmnt, It a stone buldlng, in the Bariy Bn|^ style, having 
chaneel and nare, with west gallery, and has organ, two 
stained windows, and 1 bdl : the sittings are free. Tbe 
register dates from the year 1845. Tbe living is a vicarage, 
yearly valne £138, In the gift of tbe rector of Alvetstoke 
and btSA by the Rer. Jobn Charles Dawkins m.a. of Dor- 
bam Unirwdty. At Hardway Is a Wesleyan chapel, and 
also a place of worship for Baptists and one for Christian 
Brethren. Fort Elson ami Fort Brockhurst, at Elson, form 
part of the sea and land defences here. The principal land- 


Cborchcr Bnianuet, BticteemaT? house 
Dawkins Rev. John Charles m.i.. 

Farwell Emannel, Prater lane 
Mines Francis 

Martin Cot. Anthony Peter, Fleetlands 


Brown George, shopkeqier 

Causton Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer k 

Cox James Henn, Three Tune 
Drewitt James, urmer, Bridgemary 
Farqnbar P»Hk.IfavaltrMifitar^Arnu 
HincaOeo^jie, builder 
Horaewood Oeorre, carpenter 
Merritt Robert, hrma 
Norris Edmuna, farmer, Frater form 
Norris HenryJames,survyr.Bridgemary 

Norrte Thomas, boarding k day school 
Shill Wro. North Star, Bridgemai? 
Stammers Stephen, boot &; shoe maker, 

Farebam rood 
Stares Henry, former, Bedenbam form 
lipping Uwy (Mrs.), sbopkcepvr 

Allington Thomas 
Booth Walter, Prlddy's bard 
Brewer James, LsorM villa 
Dykes George, Tbe Tenace 
Elklns Adolpbug, Felicia park 
Ellis James, Grove cottage 
QermalB John, Hyadath villa 
Groom Samud, Groveroad 
Mountfleld Alfred, Grove road 
Pascoe Mn. Cambilao honaa 
Pym Capt Samuel, xa.i.w.s.Priddy's 

owners are the War Debartment and the Admiralty. Tbe 
soil is loam ; sabacdl, day and brick earth. The area Is 
2,000 acres ; tha p«qmlatkm In 1871 was 3,388. 

Hardwat is a hamlrtbeantifully situated on the shore 
of Portsmouth harbour. Bridsbmart is also a hamlet 
In Bison parish, situate on the road to Farefaam. Priddy's 
Hard adtdnB Hnrdway. 

Clerkit Sexton, Daniel WitklosoD, Hardway. 

Post Orpica.— Mrs. Caroline Compton, receiver. Hard- 
way. Letters through Gosport Tbe nearett money order 
offices are at Forton road £ Gosport. Letters for Bridge* 
raary through Fareham. Letter Box, Bison, cleared at 
9.30ajn.&7; open Sundays 11 a.m 

Natioaalf Elson, Charles Danid Norria, master 
St. Tkomat'M I^ant, Hardway, Mis. Sarah Ann Irrinp, 

Tucker Thomas John. Hibernia bouse 
Wareham Richard, Grove road 
Wood Mrs. Grove villa 


Buckler k Co. coal merchants 
Cauvin Lewis, carpenter. Grove road 
Compton Caroline (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 

k post office 
Cribb Caroline (Mrs.), beerretsfler 
Edgell Jfary Ann(Hrs.), beer retailer 
aoaling Hark, carpenter Ac 
Haines Thomas, beer retailer 
Hopkins Jamea, shopkeeper 
Hookey James Heniy, grocer k baker 
Needle Jamea, shopkeeper 
OldfieldJolin,JVaH Fkwtr 
Purria James, ahoe maker 
Stincombe Henry, Bose Crown 
Welch Henry, ehopkeeper k beer retir 

ELVSTHAK Is a scattoed village and pariah, in the 
Northern division of tbe county, hundnd of Odlham. HarU 
ley Wintn^ union, Basingstoke petty eesslooal divlaion and 
county court district, archdeaconr)' and dioceea of Wluchea- 
ter and rural deanery of Basingstoke north-east divtrion, 3 
miles north-west from FleetatnnonontbeLoodoamul Sonth 
Western railway, 38} from London, 6 uorttMaat ftvm Odi- 
ban, 10 west-by-north from Basingstoke and 36 from Lon- 
don by roed. The church, not decucated, was eoimilet^ 
restored and enlarged by tbe late Lord Calthorpe in lB40-ti, 
at a cost of £3,000 : it consists of nave, with tower and 
beantifU spire : it le in tbe Norman s^le, bnllt with flint 
and qnoined with Bath atone : In 1873 it was re-asated with 
stalls for tha ehdr at the ettt esd i there are In tbe ehwch 

three handsome candeldna, the gift of the Hon. Misses 
Calthorpe, and alio • very handsome aerrlee of eommnnloa 
plate by an anonymoos giver. The reglBter dates fkom 
tbe year 1638. The living la a rectory, yeariy value £300, 
with house and IS acres of glebe. In the gift of Lord Cal- 
thorpe and held by tbe Rev. William Gifl i^Th. Durham. 
A email ehnreh wai erected In 1876. nt Hartford Brk^ : itle 
a timber boiUing, and eoosiats of eluned and nav^ nod 
cost £360. The diaiittes amount to £70 yearly, for bread 
and dothing. Lord Calthorpe Is lord of the manor and 
prindpd landowner: bis seat, ElTetfaem House, Is a hand- 
some modem nwoston, beautifully situated in a well-wooded 
parit of SOOanrea; Itwaaformerly theseatof the Earia oi 
Hertlbrd, who here entertained Queen Siiabeth aad her 

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suite for loar : tbe late lord llkorooehly reatored this 
aoble raidence. Theeo)! tovarlous ;subsoil,Mnd aadgravelf 
Tba chief crops ere wheat, barley, oats, root* and ctorer. 
ThB water near Hartford Brlc^ i* stronitly impretpuiied 
^tbinw. TIh area la 3,300 ama: rateable value. i^.0fiO: 
tlwpopidatloD iB 1871 waa 460. 

Hastford BaiDSB i* a hamlet. 

^arUk Cbrk, William 9e«ioiu. 

Letten throngh Wfncfafield. Hartley Row (offlclally known 
Calttaorpe Kisht Hon. Lord, Elretbam ' Charlton Alfred, baker &, grocer 

park; ft 83 Qroarenor naare w ft 
white's ft Brook's eluba, London ».te 

cm Rav. WtUIem i^th. tractor] 

firvwn Charies Bl&kely x.a 

Page If la. Tbe Chesants 


Baker MIehaal, fiiraur, Black Btubes 
Baraant JaiHs, farmer 

Charlton Jas, marke: gardener ft farmer 
Davis Henry, ftrmer. Lodge brm 
Harding Tfaomaa, land steward to Lord 

Caltborpe, Homefinn 
Jefferirs PJiiUp, fiirmer. Street end 
Jones Thomas, head gardener to Lord 

Jndd Heiury, sh<^eeper 
Long Jhnitiid groon to LordCaltbotpe 

as Hartford Bridge) Is the neareat money order offea. 
Wall LsTTsa Box at Uart&rd Bridge, cleared Bt6p.m. 
on week davs only 
Inscraho AfiBBT.— PAornvr Fire, t. Haidlitg 
ScBOOLa :— 

8cbooU were hnilt by the lata Lord Calthorpe, at a ooit of 
£1,850, ft are solely supported by tbe prasmt Lord 
Boyt', George Joho Burt, master 
CMrb*, Miss Mabel Bates, mtstresa 
I/\fantt', Mils Henrietta Cbarlton, mUtren 

Loan Hen^, farmer. Pale Lane &rm 
Matthews Robert, gamekeeper to Lord 

RnflUl Lawrence, fiumer, Alota farm 
Silver William, grocer ft draper 
Tacker John, &nn bailiff to Lord Cal- 

WeUstead Robert, farmer. Wood hill 
Wfaeatlev Charles, blai^mlth, gu 
fitter k Ikrnur 

XKPSHOTT Is a small parish, 6 miles sontb-east from 1 Oxford. Here is a village school for boys and girls, which 

Alton and 4 north-west fro'm LiM station on the South 
Western railway, In tbe Northern division of the connty, 
hnndred of Selbome, Alton petty aeeslooal dlvidon, Peter*- 
field union and connty court dbtriet, diocpse and areb- 
•deaecnuT of Winchester and niral deanery of Alton eastern 
dMskn. Tbe dinrch of the Holv Rood Is a small edifice, 
with diancd, nave, wire and 1 bell: It contains some 
iotereating fiainres of Early English arcbltactare, also 
a handsome rood screen and cnnons old font, and was 
thoroughly restored in 18dO. Tbe register dates from 17S2. 
The Uvfi^ b a vicarage, yearly vdue aboat £1S0, with 
reaidence, la tba arfft of the Rev. Thomas Batltr and held 
by tbe Bev. Paler KiveradeJersqr ■■A.of I'rinity CMtgr, 

has been greatly enlarged, and it supported by volnntary 
contributions. Tbe Rev. Thomas Butler, of Theue Rectory, 
Roailing, Berkshire, is lord of the manor. The prindpu 
landowners are Artbnr Jervoise Scott esq. Mrs. John Bntler 
and W. C. Rlckman esq. The soil Is mari ; solncril, rock. 
The crops are principally cereals, bat some bops are grown. 
The area li 761 acres ; rateable valoe, £I,a» ISi. 7a. ; tha 
population In 1871 was 17S. 
Parith Clark, William Knowles. 

Butler Mra. John, Bmpahott iod^e 
de Jersey Rev. Peter Rivera H.A.|.\lcar] 
King Capt. Edward, Lythsnger 
BairWtiiiam, &ruer 

Letters through Petenfieid. Tbe nearest non^ order ft 

irleKTaph omee Is at LIss 
Village Sekool, Mr*. Price, mlstreas 

Cobden Gharlas* farmari laBdowoer ft 

hop planter 
Howam JaaMj fluv bailUT to Mrs. 

John Batlff 

Ullywhite Henry, &rmr. ft bop planter 
Turvill Thomas, urmer ft bop punter 

JSMBWOBTH la a small town and statioa on tbe Lon<loa, 
Brighton and 8oath Ooaat railway, in tbe hnndted of Bos< 
mere, Havant bb1<», Portamoatfa county court district, 
diocese and arebdeaeonrv of WInehester, Havant rural 
deanery, 76 miles by tall from London, north east from 
Portsmoath and S east from Havant, on the old road to 
Chichester, on the Sussex border of the connty, at the head 
of an inlet of tbe sea called Emsworth channel, and opporite 
to Tbomay laknd. Tbe manuSwtuie of sallelotfa, bm^Ii^, 
rope, twine and fishing nets is carried on and there are a 
•hip yard and two bnweriea. This place is a member of 
tbe ports of Portsmoath and Cblcbester and carries on a 
trade in tbe ImporUtlon of coal and exportation of timbo- 
and flonr : there are several vessels employed in the coastlnsr 
trade and a eoa«iderabl« nnmber of buata In the oyster 
fishery, fi»r whirii this town has long been celebrated : the 
nvater trade is llkdy to assume an Important hearing upon 
tbe place, owing to the estahliohment of beds in the Deeps ; 
these beds are snpptkd partly by tbe native flsb of Ems- 
worth and partly hy the Importation of ojwters caaght in 
tbe English Channel. The proprietary chapel of St. Feter 
is BOW disnaed. This place was formed In 1811 into an 
ecdeaiastlcal parish oat of Warblington parish. The ehnreh 
«f at. James was erected in 1840, at an expense of £1 ,200 : 
it Is In tbe Gorman style, built of flint with ftone dressings, 
and consists of dwnee1,nave and aiales, with two octangular 
taneta, terminating in low spires, at the nortlHwett and 
>oath-weet corner*. Tbe rqiistirr dales from the year 18*1. 
Tbe living Is a rectory, with residence, In the gift of tbe 
rector of Warblington, who has endowed it with its own 
rectorial tfthea, amounting to £180 yearly, and held by the 
Barv. HcBtj Winter Oieppard k.a. of Trinity Conege, 
Gaabridge. Than are Baptist, Comr^tlonal and Primi- 
tive HeiEodlst ekapeb (the latter erected In 1B77). Hero 
is a reading-room, supported hy sutMcrlptlon. The principal 

landowner* are the trustees of John Fenwlck. The area ii 
610 icrr« ; gross estimated rental and rateable value included 
In Warblington ; and the population In 1871 was 1,634. 
ParUh Clerk, John Chltty. 

Post, Hoxer Ordbb ft TaLBORAPH OrPiCB, Barings 
Hank ft Government Annuity ft Insurance Oiflee.— Fred. 
William Lockyear, postmaster, St. Peter's «q. Letters 
arrive from London ft all parts at 3.9 a.m. (delivered at 
7 a.m.) ft at 1 p.m.(ddlvered at I.10p.m.) ; dispatehad to 
London ft country (seneral mil) at 11.10 a.m. ft letters 
for Southampton ft West of Eniriand dispatched at 8.%) 
p.m. ft for Brighton, Lewes, Worthing, Dorking ftc. at 
8.3U p.m. Tbe last mail for London ft all parts Is dis- 
patched at \IM p.m. Box closes at 10 p.m. On saa- 
days the Southampton ft West of England mall Is dis- 
patched at 6.90 p.m.; the Brighton, Lewes ke. at 6.46 
p.m. ft for London ft all parU at 10 p.m. Telwaph 
oitlce open from 8 a.m. to 8 p-m. week days irom 8 a.m. 
to 10 a.m, on Sandaya. Hooey orders are granted ft paid 
from 9 till 6 p.m. ft on Saturdays until 8 p.m 
Wall Lbttur Box at New Brighton dnred at 10.45 

ft 7.30 p.m. week days ft S.90 p.m. oo sandaya 
Insttsabcb Aobhts : — 

EconoTtOe Life, T. U. Laker, High street 

Phanix Fire, A. G. Tatchetl, King atrset 

Ro]/al, J. Staulng, Qaem street 
Schools :— 

/fatUmal, Wm. Bundy, master ; Hisa Sarah Pulllnger,mltt 
Ir\fant (^Naiimal), Hiss A. M. Backhouse, mistress 
Carribrs to:— 

PoRxaMOVTH — Hemminp ft Burrows daily; Maynard 
daily (exe^thnrsdayj 
Chic&bstbb— Burrows ft Hemmlngs, daily 
Rattaaj/ Station.— EivAa Qreenlng, statl<m master 


Amen Bnijamin, Carisbrooke viL New 

Bondry Onstavoa, Flint cottage 

Boyd Capt. Cbariea Pnrvi*, Ems- 
worth boBM 

Bug Henry WUllam, Rose bank, New 

Ban tieotga Hiyward, Sidlan eotti«e, 

Weslcfn toad 
CMtle Wmiam Hear?, Kbig street 

Clark Oeo. Keppel lodge, Havant road 

Cole Thomas, Queen street 

Cooper Mies, QuUfbrd vU.New Brighton 

Oamll Henry, Bath viUaa 

Davis Harris Downes, Westbrookho 

Oeaoon Mra. Long eopae 

Dixon Harvey William, Tbe ValfltUt, 

Havant rnad 
Ednay John, King street 
Francis ThooMa, King street 
Herbert John, Klngstreat 

Harris Qeo^, Queen street 
Hipkin HIm, Queen street 
Hipkin Mrs. Havant road 
Ho1k>way Lady, EgUngton villa, Mew 


Holloway Rev. Jt^n Frederick Evans 

H.A. f vicar of Soatbbonme>iii 

F8irfl«ld, Hiw Brighton 
Jewell Mrs. Klngstivet 
Jonea Hev Peter m.a. [eimte] 
King Mrs. King etrert 

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Lalcer ThoBM, hd. Havaot rt id 
LeU Pr«dk. TluKvt Iw. New BiiKhtoa 
J«w WiD. Predk- l^tafT comiDindtr 

R.V. I, nonncc vula, Mew Brighton 
Hot Mn. Queen atreet 
UtUe Jofea, Queen street 
L von MV«, Ttw Oaka 
MRcdnn&ld Mn. Havant road 
M&nkie Hrs. Elysees villa*, Hanjit rd 
March Joseph Ogdin, AJmdea liJiwe, 

New Brighton 
Mutin Georfie P. K.v. Highlands 
Moort! Mn. Kinir street 
Muiidy Liwit.-Col. ^ir RoKert Mii:er 

£.C.H.ti., J. P. H0II.V baok 
Oralwm John x d. Sewfldil, Havant rd 
Parndt John Cosei.s, Minerva Iclf^e 
Peikiu ArthDr Fred, The RctUuub 
Peyton 3f ra. ScIkmI hoiue 
ReeveB Herbert, Oaklei)th, North strrei 
SointlilU Richard s N. Havant road 
Scale Geonce John, The Retrrat 
fjengrovfl Edwin AuRQStns,Trenlhani ho 
ShepiHurd Rer. Henry Winter *.a. 

nectwry, Hamnt rond 
flmall Thos. ttidimnnd vits. ITsTant nl 
Smith Mrs. EriiHid, Ti e Oaks 
Stephens Hrs. White hoxue, North at 
Htubbs Mrs. King street 
Tatchell Albert Oeorgfi, K\nz sh-eet 
Taylor ftands Hv. wicliham, 8outli »t 
TbompMn Mrs. ^lysees villa* 
Tier Henry, Sjdney hou^e, West street 
TierTlie Missen, King street 
Underwood Misa, Kinff street 
Wame Misa, Queen stnet 
Warren Capt. Andrew Rutherford, 

WUeber The Hlwaa, Towar street 
Wfaltoutall Mrs. Hftvaot 
WyaU Urs. Oaklrfgh, New Brighton 


Ante Joseph, grocer k provision mer 
Aldridge wm.earpent«r, King street 
Allcott Wm. watob maker, High street 
Allen George, Bliuk Dog inn. The Sq 
Apps George k Albert, sliipwriEbts 
Ayling George, linen dnper, Bigh at 
A)'ling Thomaa, bricklayer ft •hop- 
keeper. Queen alreet 
BaOev Albert, beer retailer. North st 
Bamuam Charles, miller. Old ndll 
Beckett John Beecroft, Railway tnn, 

North street 
Bishop Chariea»,beer retailer ft tailor, 

New Brinhton 
Blaekmore John, groeer ft eoal ft com 

dealer, Hish street 
Bowman Frederick, butcher^iKh st 
Boylee Harry, pork butcher .The ^uaie 
fiurcher Henry, boot ft alioe maker, 

Soutli street 
Capital dr Countui Sank (branch), 
(open tues. tburs. ft sat.) S( . Peter's 
square ; draw on bead office, 30 
Tii»«^needle stn>et, Loudon e.e 
Carver John, baker it gni««r, Queen st 
Chalcraft Joun, Loennivtivt, North it 

Clerk Alex. bre«er, Dolphin brewery 
Ciarfe J«Ntpb, Sloop inn, i*outh ttreet 
Claytoa WilUani, butcher, King street 
Cooper Cbaries, shoe inalier, Hwh it 
Cooper JobM. boot ft alMW na. Hlffh st 
Cox Hmnab Mary (Mn.), grocer ft 

Muherer, High street 
Oibb Henry, bathing machine owner 
Gribb Henry John, oyster merchant 
Croft Jamas Robert, tailor ft draper, 

St. Peter's suuare 
Croffther Fredti. Ship inn, TkeSqaare 
Dally EmiBa(Miss),ladie8'Bcltool, wests* 
Dawkins Joseph, muler mariner, 

K Ing street 
Daj Bh Charles, beer reta'ler. South It 
Emtcorth Dredmruicn's Co-apera- 
tiet Society (Tht) (Oyttm^iialm 
Reed, manazer) 
Emstoorth Ga* Co. (Jaotea Stenhig, 

nee.), Queen street 
Bwend George, beer retailer, Queen tt 
Fofrden Arthur Jaiiie«,driiper ftelvthter, 

High street 
Forder Thoma*, baker. North street 
Forder William, coach buIMer, Nonhst 
Foster James Duncan, ovster mei chant. 

King street 
Poster William, ship nwnw & timber ft 

coal merchant, Kins street 
Fnmlce Robert, nur^^ei^mtD ft gar- 
dener, Haranl road 
GHlway Jolin, boot ft sboa maker, St. 

Peter's squiire 
Gill Richard Matthew, lamer, Cold- 

harfooar farm 
Giltam Harry Ano*, fancy repository. 

High strait: ftBlller, Quay mill 
Grt^nfleld WOlian, Kinf§ Armi, 

Havant mad 
Orifilths Mrs. baker, St. Peter'a siiwre 
nriffitfas Robert, )>aker, South street 
Males John, painter, plumber ftc 

West street 
Hawkina Harriet (Mr«.),lodglBg house, 

Queen atreet 
Hipkin Albeit George, brewer ft 
maltster, spirit, hop ft ooaliaeirhaat, 
:^outh street- 
Hoar George. bladcsnUib, High f^treat 
Hoar IlHOC, oe&r relallrr. South street 
lluwick WmUuA, beer retailer, Soutli st 
Iniilis George, bairdreMtr,ThcSi|uare 
Jackman PredcrK-k, walch maker, 

Jewell Jane Ann (Vre.), ladias' aehoo), 

Jones Thomas, rope & twine maker, 

Primroae cottage 
KingWiIIiam,Khipowner, miller, timber 

ft. coal merchant. King street 
. Laker Richd. collfgiate scliool. King st 
Laker Thomas Holmes, Crown- eom- 
mereial hotel, ft auctioneer, aphol- 
Bterer ftc. High atreet 
Liiitott James, commercial traveller. 

Quern atnwt 
Lover Geo. groeer ft fruiterer, High st 

Lowten GeorgttJohn,aliopkpt'.Somlt*t 
Luesa James Henrr, beer retailer. 

South aCRet 
Mhyne Henry, Atnaer, Ctmtnon ferni 
Menh OecR^, ndor, CambrMge ter- 
race, Hnvaut road 
Miller George, lines draper, Hitth atreet' 
Miller Harry, bBtcher.St.Petwr^aqoare 
Miller Flenr>-, beer retailer, South st 
Moore Henry, statiotier ft alRmp diatri' 

biitor, Hl^ street 
Morley EdmniMl, sail'ller, Hlj^ atreet 
Mosdell Joshua, funiiture ft banhrare 

dealer, St. Peter'a square 
Newell Augustus, shopkeapart Weat st 
Newell James Dridge, tomi crier x 

bill po<t6r. West street 
Norkett Edwin, greengraeer, Hiufa st 
Normw H'ilUam, acMptore reader, 

Havant road 
Noyce William, gardener ft Beel»niin, 

The Square 
Palo William Hennr, n«o«. High "t 
Pearson Edward, bucksnilth. Kmc >t 
Phillips Richard, tailor, High atieet 
Provi« Geo. Rolit. ironmonger, Hi^h >t 
R,-ading Room (Hy. Waters, bee.,, 

Hlfih street 
RediPAn DavM, bladumitfc ft coil 

dealsr. North atreet 
Reed Jotin, Anchor, South atrt:et 
Rex GeiTge, stooe ft marble mason. 

North street 
Rt^ick Georue, hoot ft shoe maker. 

Queen street 
Rul>ick William, brieklayr, Nortli st 
Russell Georire, beer retailer, Wt<t st 
Sbeerman«tftalioaaia. Queen *t 
'f>hilUnirJas.Hy.brtekiiMkr.N'W. Briirbiif 
SUverlock Kunlee (Mr*.), mUliDer, 

Cambridge terrace 
Slade George, beer reUiler, North st 
Small George, carpenter Si bniUer, 

Havant ruad 
Sparks Henry, ourpanter, CIhk atreet 
StH pUy Robert, Dolphin tMt, ft wheel* 

wright, Qiieaa atreet 
Steni^ James, soUdtar, Qwu street 
3tep!;«ns Tlioinaa Palntir. surgeon. 
High street > raauknos, WeUbourne, 

Tatchell Albert Qeoi^ rope ft twine 

manutactureriKlng atn>«t 
Taylor Praneb Henry Wlekbam, inf 

geost, Satitb street 
ThoronMd Edward, dta^kar ft oulfiUerr 

Ulgfa atreet 
Tier Hisses, glrb' aebool, King street 
Tier Jamea, dalD-nao, TiM Square 
Tier Wm, general dealer, Queea street 
Tiw Wb. sen. shopkeeper, South str«el 
Trige Lucy (Mrs.), baker ft sbopkeeoer 
Water* Hy. GrIiBtbs, dwrnlat, Hitfbtt 
Wellingtan Bmma(MiM),bllieB' school. 

Bay houae 
Wbl le Cbarlea, beer tBtalkr,Tbe S>(usre 
WhltehaU Ueonie, aolidtw (8tt<fail» 
. mo->. wed. ft fViday), Qoaniatreet 

BVEmBIiEY is a < illaiie and parish in the Northern 
division of tlie county, hundred of Holdshett, Hartley Wlnt- 
ney union, Odiham petty sessional division and Baslnffstoke 
county court district, diocese and archdeaoonry oi Wln- 
ehester, mnil deanery of Basingstoke narth-east division, 6 
miles north from Winchfield station on the London and 
South Westfrn railway, 14 n«rth-east from Basingstoke and 
96 from London. The church of St. Mary the Vl^n con- 
tdns some good ancient and modern monuraeuta : It consists 
of north nad south dwnoel, iwto and able, wllji towvr and 
8 bells. Tlie regi-tar dates fromtha year 1559. TbispaiMi 
-vrill ever be aatnorsM>. as having been the aoone af the 
derieal teaeUitg of the Bev. Charl.^ Kuigsley m.a. RecluB 
FrofiBSBor of U(^ern Hisfairy In tlie Uaiveral^orCMnbrMge: 
be wfta ordeloeit ta the curacy in 1$13 and was appointea to 
the rsetor) by Sir John Cope hart, in 1614 ; heR be wrote 
most of the woriu witb which be baa enriched Engliali 
literature ; he remained rector here until bis death, on tba- 
S8rd of Jaawy, 1870, aged fiS ; ha U barled In the ducb* 
ymri ; tba grave b marhed by a wblte marble eroas. 

[here by hia widow, with the ioscriptkm, " Amarino.^ 
amamiis, amabimus." The living Is a rectory. In the 
of the Tier. Sir WUliaa Henry Cme barCand now held by 
the Rev. N. NevlUa. BeaaihlU Uouw.thesaatsrtlMBe'- 
Sir WiUiam Henry Cepa barL who U lord of the naaor 
and princlMl Uadowner of this pariah. Is a large man«on. 
situated hi a weU-wooded park. The soil la gTSvei snd 
loam ; subsoU, graveL The cU«f orofw are wbaat, osts and 
hvrlev. The entire area U5,'2U acres; rateable »I<»^' 
Bverilev, £ii,0a6; BranMhtll tatenUo nhie, £1.069; 
papaladon la 1871 wM-uf Brenle^.TSl. tad thenDiteJ 
tithhig of Orbm Bnax bhili., 140, and Littli Ba*«'- 

HlLL, 144 

RuHOt CUr*» FreMok Umhtfl. 

Post OFProS, Everwley Cross.— Edward Hanawwtth, 
nmeivar. Lallera ant<« from WlaobAeld at SJOan. 
diapalaked at JUO (accept sundaTs, then ^Hf^^^V 
10.a»aJB.> ThanMrettmaa^otderaOefln mat wan- 

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hunt U B«nler R«fr. WkII Letter Boi. Brenle; TiUag«, 
cleared tt 6.1-^ p.iii. \nek da^, II on aavUn 
Is»uuKCB A«s.fT.->- ITrffmmfln* Pin * fPuhnbifffar 
f?BiwniJ Hft, F. MiKhall 

Baantetv art. Loafwattr 
BariM Ber. UiroU G. b.a. [curate] 
Carter MiM 

Cbecler Mba, Brook eottane 
Cope Re*. ^ WlUfaua Henry barU 

Gha Udy. Warbrook 
HcfBee John, DroHon 
.Vetirid Rev. n. [rector] 
Slaitletoa AogiuUii 6raavUle,Dr>aioor 
Stetart 3IW 

Tlodal CbarlM Grant, Pir grove 


BrmmtMlt, Mra. Hairirtto HiU, abtrd 


Bailer a M-ry, fdrmer, Branahill 
Binl TJmibjS, iboe maker 

Bone Richard, Tsterinary aunteon 
Bradford Jine(Hr».). beer retailer 
fianch Francis, b'Bcksmkb 
Butler BrotherB, ({roeera 
Dowitbam Qcom, blackvinith 
DroiT Mary (Hra.), beer retailer 
Elea Joahya, tailor 
F.ylm Henry, Chequert 
Luff Tbooa-i, bwr retailer 
Gibba Harriot (Ura.), wheel w right 
Halfiicre Franda, abopkeeper 
Hanoaworlh Edward, briukbtyar 
Haynea Joha, aui^ieoB, DruMWa 
Hinduurah Jamea Dowia, lliruwr 
Hoaour TbomM, Ut^a 
Edaejr Rlebanf, fiurner 

Malcolm Jama, fkrmer, KIt'a croft 
Marthall Frederick, fkroier ft r^te ft 

tax collector 
!(e(b«frclift Michael, Ux\an 
Nichfda* Chariea, cab proprietor 
Parker Priaeilla ( Mra.), ahopkeeper 
Paul Thomas, ftnner 
Powlea Rer. Richard Cowlcr 

•cliool, Wiienpree 
fleyiBOUr Willlaia, fiuBirr, Holl^buab 
Sej ■iourWin.Je8Be,aaddl«rfthsra8M ua 
Spacvdl Tbona*, Kivcer ft b^ier 
Spencer Jeaae, flover 
Townacnd William, SVIdU Bart 
Vl'yetb FrMci«, ftfmer, Brain<hill 
Wyuh WilUuB, fiTwert BiamsblU 

E WJIUBST ia a Noall pariah 6 miha north -weal fro a Ba- 
»iaaalok« and 1 watlMMt from J^taffMdere, in tiw Northern 
divUum «f tba eoonty, bandvad, unioa aod ptittjr Heaaional 
dhUoai of Kiocaelerei, BaaiiifnttdM county court dtttrict, 
liiocoM! and archdeaconry of Wlncheater and rural deanery 
BaaingiatokA nortb-eaatem dirtaion. Tbe church of St. 
If ury ia one of tbe moat MCbmt in the connty, havtag been 
traced back to the rriica of Kinff Gdwd L; It «a«a plain 
bara-lihe atnetore, la the Baily BnglEah atyle, until the 
vcara 1873-9, wImb W. H. C. Ploirdaaaan. iriweo Mcestoca 
fur KoaerstkHM past U« burled bar*, determMed to tbompihly 
reatore and embelliab it at bia own coat, bat oa eomaeadav 
ibe work it was dise*««ted that tba afal mbMa «aUa wan 
BO weak and rotten, that reatotbtioa nuaat In Awt i«ballil> 
infr; and tbna a now church waa built on the ancient 
foundations, bat in a mueh Imprurad atyle ; tbe present 
bnildfng b of flint, with atone racings and la crucLfbrm, 
awalatlng of clianeel, Have and tranaepta, turret and \ bell, 
bearing an inserlpiion of the Aycliffe family ; the Interior la 
fitted with open seata ; tbe whole of these aeata, tbe pulpit, 
T«adin)r desk and eommunton table, are of beautirnlly carved 
oik ; the lectern is of polished bran and the font Is of atone, 
wjtfa carved oak covar : tbe windows are ataiiied, lllnitra- 

Pknvden William Henry Chichele F.a.s., J.v, Manor house 

tbtfl* vneloaa aeeiie» in Scrfptora history, and eaeb iaKrWi 
in nwBMUy of some lataber of the Plowd«B family, 
nrgiaw dataa from the year 1819, tboat of earli*r date havlag 
been lost. Tbe livhw Is araotorv, yearly \ala«£100,ln the 
gift of tka Duke W Wdlfaatfton and^hebl by tbe Hev. Richard 
Pole u^. of BaUlol C^dle^e OxSifrA^ w1k> Is al«) ractor 
of aad rastdas at W<dv«-t0B. na Xnwr House, a hand- 
some oiaiulDn, wltk awk aad cstautn wauada, naaaisBled 
with a Ana artMetad lakei is tlia raaldenaa of WUHaia Henry 
ChicMe Plowdeaaaq. r.fca. lata m.p. iir Newport, lale of 
Wight, a magistwtc for Haiapafairs and Middlesex and 
eowaisaknMr of tka Utaleaaacr of London, wiioae fimlly 
ftrMily psat u seJ the sstata of StmtflddMye, wliicfa was 
panbaioB by the Goviiramant and prtaented to tbe Dnhe 
of WeUiHKtun. William Hemy Cbicbele Plowdea eso. ia 
lord of the maaor and aole landowner. Tfie tioll U cualk 
aiid clay ; tbe aub«oil.ehalk and gravel. Tbe cliief crops 
are wheat, barWy and graas. The an* b 47D aerea ; rate- 
able value, £d01 ; tbe popula'ion In VSt\ wasSi. 
Parith Clerk, John I£i>i;ht. 

Lettera tbronaih Baiingstoke. The nearest money order 
office is at KIngsclere 

yflig George, farmer, Povey'a farm 

EZBITBT b a parbhand viUaff«> In the Soatltem dlvl^a 
of tbe conaty, union of New Foreat, Beaulieu buadrtd, 
donthampton potty aetaional dlvialon and county court 
dutriet, diocese and archdeaooniy of Winchester and rural 
d«aneryofpawley,0mlleasoatb by water fh>m Southampton 
ci a H y the and 13 east- by-north from Ly ningtoa It is aituiited 
on tbe east bank of the Bsanlieu river sm tba west of the 
dark water. The neighbourhood b beautirully wooded witb 
oak of laXiirlanC growth. The chapel (name unknown}, 
b^C bi 1850, is a small plain white brick bailding, oon- 
atstbig of nave witli turret and I bell. The Atgister dates 
froio the year 1730. Tlie living I* a rtntury, yearly v^lue 
In the gift of tbe Bldliop of Winchester and held by 
the Rev.Jobn PeaibsrtaD Bartlett x.A.of Chrbt's CellaffB, 
OamMdgB. Antj Mlllurd e«i. U lord of the laaaor awl 

Bartleit Rev. Jirim Pembertaa 

De Im warr Rt Hon. Barl, Incli- 
laalM bouas 

Poster Major, Exbary house 

Blow George, Naoksmltlt 

BuU Joba. MUJbrd Arm$ 
Qaidiier Henry, former 
Hooptr Ctaaiirs * Co. hrfck Hakars 
Harhck WUIaa, hrwr 
Plaseott (Aaa. whea l wi l ahi * avpaotcr 
Scorey John, bakor ft grooar 
Sliell Charier, itcwaid to Uaory TtiH- 
ford eaq 

sole laruiowaar. The soil ij-loaa ; aub«il, cUy and gravel. 
Th« chief crops are wheat and barley. The ana is I.Vti 
acras of Und, and 469 water and fuHe^hore; rAteatjle Tsiue, 
£2.0<8 ; the population in 1871 was 36'i. 

Lbfb ia a tithing. % mllea east, where there U a Coast- 
guiinl atatloo. Tbe village U atarty opposite to Cowes, lale 
of VTigbt. 

ParUh Clerk, John Bobb. 

Post Oppicb.— John Scarey,p04tma8ter. Letters rvcelved 
through the Seutbampton office at 8 a.m. ; bux closea at 
6 p.m. ft on Sunday at 10 a.m. The ikearest money order 
offije b at Fawley 

^fati»nal Sekotd, Uba S. Brown, mUtres* 

Cabribh to SoirrHAMTTOif^Henry Joile*, toes, ft sat 

Soft Thooiaa WiUlam, fnrmar, Black- 

lami fans 
8tubbaTb«aaa,lbnaer,GBtawood farm 
K'flMbnok WiUhM,fimar 

Harvey John (Mr«.), fiiraier 

Rawe Josepb, Ship inn, ft shopkeeper 

BZTOIT it a patrbb and small village on tbe Tltchfleld 
river, adjcrfnlng Corfaampton and Meon Stoke, A miles north- 
east froiB BlMop's Waltham and 10 north from Pare'iam, 
in the Northern division of tbe connty, hundred of Hfcott 
Sioko, Droxfurd union and petty seMlonal dlvlidon, Bbbop's 
Wallkaai eoonty court dbtrlct, diocese and arefadeaconry of 
Winchester and rural deanery of Blafaop^Waltlfam. Tbe 
ebafChorsS. Peter and Paal b a small edifice in the Bady 
BagtfA style: It hava ebaaeri and nave, a amalltawar aad 
^re with :l belb ; It wa* nearly rebuilt in l&t7. at the as- 
pcasBoT tba lale Mbvllmaafaelt aad Mia. FfMtagttin, and 
aosHalaa aeveral floa taMista, oa one ofwklflti b a cui4oaa 
okfaanmsft «f Dr. Ja«Ms Toune. daaa of Winebestflr ; 
ehaattt k ballt at ■ alight aiwle to tba south: fthaa iia 
■ri^Ht ptadaalatikcMalh wdL The mbtcr datai ftaai 

the year 1579. Tte Uviiw i» a Toctory, tithes enmmutad at 
£478, with noidMoc, id tba gift of the Bbhop of Winobeater 
aad beld by the R«v. George Alfred Pr«d«rick Saulea k.a. 
of Henford Collwc, Oiford, w4w waa instituted In Decem- 
b'r, IBdL Old WinebeatarHUL 9 mUea east, oa which are 
many baiTOwa, b celebratei for bavlna baca one of the an>u 
oawUoh Cntar encamped; aoola oftha Savantb Mgloni 

Sicked up on thb hill, b now in the possaarioa of the Ref . C. 
I ame, of Heoa Stoks, who b loni of the manor. The princi- 
pal landowaen an Waltw Jerroise Ung esq. R. King 
Wyndhameaq. and Hoary Woodaes^. TbeaoUw cbalh and 
clay : sabsoll, grard, chaft aad stoae. TbaeUaf oraps ara 
w£ak aau aa£ batley. Tbe araa b ifiil j ratMbb valae, 
£S,8lit ;'tka Malatim la ItH was MS. 
Piuiik cHrMf WllUaaa TkyloF. 

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Wall Box.— letters arrive from Bisliop'a Waltliem (sub- 
office) at 8.30 a.m. ; dhpatelied at 5.40 The nearest 
Boney order k telegrapB office la at Dnnfbnl 

Cbnrcb of Bnglind arlioob for ttie pariabea of Eiton & 

Bndd Arthar Jamei,RiTeradale cotta^ 
Hasler Henry. ExtoneotUge 
»amtes Rev. George Alfred Frederick 

IC.A. Reetory 
Gbandler Jamet Thonas, bricklayer 

Corbempton nrre built here in 1871, cblefly at the ex- 

ff:nl« of R. Kinft Wvndban k W. J. Lnig etoni. k 
r. F. Pratt, of Wcat Meon, at a coat of £888 M.; Walter 
Baugbaa, master ; lira. EUubeUi Baugkan, mbtresa 

Dongl» Sarah (Hra.), Shoe inn 
Duke William, njf proprietor 
HigflinB DtTin, urmer 
Joyce Charles, grocer k baker 
Richarda Willlanij fkrintr k carrier 

Roberts Thos. Boyd, fiumer, Peak ftirm 
ShriinptonJohn,Jun.fkrnier, Eztonfrin 
Taylor William Juii. tdacksmitU 

FACCOMBB Is a parieb 6 miles aouth-west from Sew- 
bnry and 8i nonb-by'>east from Andover, in the Northern 
division of the eoanty, Pastrow hundred, Kingaclere petty 
segrional division, AndoTer nnlon and county court distrlet, 
diocese and archdeaconry of Wincbeater and rural deanery 
of Andover norrb dlvUott. The church of St. Bamahaa is a 
very handsomeflint edifice. In the Eariv Decorated style, vritb 
chancel, nave and a square tower ana S bells : It was con- 
seerated by the Blsfatn) of Wincbeater. October 80tb, 1866. 
The chancel of the old ehnrcb of St. Miehaei is still atand- 
ing in Netberton: It contains a monument of Sir Barclay 
Lucy bart. of Charlecote, Wanclck : also a black marble 
monument to the Oymoke fkmily, htrrditaiy cbamplont of 
England. The resinter datea from the year 1675. The living 
is a n>ciory, with the chapelry of Tangley annexed, yearly 
value £750 with glebe. In tlie gift of and held bv the Rev. 
Cbaries Henry Everett b.a. of Baliiol CoU^e, Oxford, 
There is .a chapel tor Primitive Metbodlsts. Paceombe 
Haoor House, the seat of Allan Bormao Heath eaq. j.p. is 
very prettily situated in a park of about 50 acres : con- 
siderable additions to the Manor House were eummcneed in 
March 1878, irf Allaii B. Heath esq. : these have now batn 
enlarged upon so as to fiirm & sntwila ftmOy namfam far 
the estate, wblcb comprises an area of about 4,500 acres ; 
the works are atiU in pro g r u ss, and It Is expKttd the manrioa 

Heath AlUn Bonnan j.r. Faucombe 

Manor bouse 
iicbolefleld Rev. Stuart CleaieatH.A. 

[cumtej, Metfa<trtoa 

Batt Ada (Mrs.), shopkeeper 
Batt Alfred, curler 
Proome George, fvrnser, KImmer 
Herbert Herbert, fiumer, Netberton 

will be fit for occupation by the spring of 1880 : the style 
of the building lias oeen kept in harmony with the character 
of the Manor House, which waibulltdiiring the last eentaiy; 
the vrork Is belnj; carried out by Mr. H. Islea, of nccombe, 
from the plans and under the aupervlstan of Mr. James H. 
Money, architect. A. B. Heath »q. j.p, is lord of the 
manor of Paceombe and owner of the entire pariih. The 
kH la various, light loam and rubble ; subscrfl, chalk. The 
chief crops are wheat, oata and tnmips. The sren la S,630 
acres, including woods ; rnteaUe value, £S,008 : tbe popu- 
lation in 1871 waa 284. 

Nethbrton Is a hamlet 1 mile west, In which Is tbe 
Reetwy House : it is situated in a beautiful and pleturesqoe 
valley. The Wodenadjke, supposed to have been the 
boundary during the Bngliafa polyarchy, paasea acroaa this 

CuBSOH Street, half a mile east; KImmer 1 mile 
soutb, and Hapeley 1} north, arefarua. 
Pariih C/erA, Jaiuea Paitfafull. 

Letters tbrongb Hungrrford. The nearest monev order 
offlosisatHitrstbouroeTanut. Wall Box, Netberton, 
dearod at S.SS p.m 
iVaMsnal Seluol, Mn. Am Islea, mistress 
Cakbier to Nevbuet.— Batt, mon. k thnn 

Isles Hy. Oeorge St Dragon, k bnlldr 
Manchester John, nnner,H4psley farm 
Willis Robert, farm bailiff to A. B. 
Heath esq 


Faebhah (called In Domesday Book Femham)l8amarket, 
railway and union town, seaport, situated at the bead of a 
Arty inlet of tl»e sen, firming tbe western branch of Ports- 
moutb Harboar,extenMve parish and a polling place for the 
Sontkem divlston of the county, in tbe hundred and division 
of Its naiue, county court district of Portsmouth, diocew 
and arcbdeaoonry of Wtncliester and rural deanery of AU 
verstoke, 84 miles f^om London, 9 north f^m Portsmouth, 
17} south trtm U'incbester, 18 west from Chichester and 
12 Booth-south-eest from Southampton. 

Farebam anciently sent members to Parliament, hot 
petitioned to be excused, on account of the expt-nss, about 
therelgnof King Edward the Third. The novemment is 
vested^n a Board of Health, comprising a chairman and 
ei^t membera. 

^The town condsta principslly of one street, about a mile 
In length, running esst and west, the High street dlvnginir 
fnm t)ie sinin street towards the north ; there are seven) 
other good streets, tbe meet &vourite for tlie residences ul 
private &mlll«a hdng the Osborn road and Southampton 
mad, running pmliel with Osbora road. Tbe town it 
well drained, fitted with gas and supplied with pore water, 
and the streets macadamised and flagsed. 

The railways are the London and South Western, Gosport 
tunedon 11ns and the other branch of the South Western by 
which oomronnhsatioa «ith Chicbesttf, Brigbton and the 
Booth Coast Is given by means of the Jonotlon branch to 
Cosham, a few miles fiom here; at the east end of tbe town 
thU line 1« carried over tlie extreme end of Portsmouth 
Harbour by a Icrfty vladnet of 17 brick srehes. Tbe railway 
sution is at tbe west end of the town, on the Titehfleld road, 
and this ststion Is ths most convenient for tbe town w 
Titehfleld and netgbboorbood. 

In 1818 tbd ancient parish dinrch of St. Peter was with 
the exception of tlie chancel and tower, pulled down, aiid 
tbe present plain brlok balhllng erected ; it has chancel, 
nave uid tower with 6 bells: tbe luterior ia fitted wiili 

Sleries. Tbe rentier dates fh>m the year 1558. Tbe llv. 
; la a vtearagr, yearty value £590, witli residence, tn the 
gift of tbe B&bop of Wloehester and hdd by tbe Rev. 

Walter Scott Dumei^ue k.a. of Corjios Christ! college, 

As the town extended westward, another church was con- 
sidered necessary, and Lad; Thompson supplied the fum^, 
by her will, to erect Trinity church, to whicn a distrhit was 
assigned In 1835 ; it Is Gothic, and has chancel, nave and 
alsies: the chancel windows are stained ; there are three 
galleries : tbe tower contains clock and 2 bells. The re- 
gister dates Crom the year 1854. The living is a vicarage, 
yeariy value £100, In the gift of tbe present Lady Thompson 
and held by tbe Rev, Frederick Smith s.a. of St. Cathatlne's 
CollMe, CambiMge. The population of tUs district in 1871 
was ^8<l. 

In 1737 William Price, hy fals will, left property to the 
present value of £500 a year, for the support of a atbool to 
elotbe and educate 90 children, whicb school la called 
** Priee'a, at tba Bhie Sebocd: " and tn tbe jear 1S4S the 
schoolhonse and master's restdenee were rebuilt. The re- 
mainder of the fund Is diatribnted to widows. 

Here Is a Caibolle <Aapel ; also Weateyan and Caagra- 
gatlonal ehapda. 

Hie Town Halt Is the private property nf Mr. Henry 
Gilbert and Is used f«r concerts ua eulMUona. 

A Harkit Hdl has baen erected m a rite betonging to 
Prioe's Charity, by free sabscriptlon. The market Is held 
on sitemate Mondays. 

Here ia a police station . also the Magistrates* room, where 
the petty session* are held fortnightly. 

There are public salt-water baths In Bath lane. An iron 
water fountain, preaenteJ to the town by Thomas Burrell 
esq. of this town, is on the quay. 

Farebam Is the head quarters of tbe 7tb Hants RlflK 
Vduntoers, and there is a fire brigade, witli an ea^ne 

Tbe Hants County Lunatic Asvlnm, at Knowle, In tbis 
pariah, about 3 miles iiorth-nortn-west of tbe town, was 
built in 1853, and has been considerably enlarged: tt liaii a 
dinbtg hall to bold fiUO patients, and a ehapd has been 
eraeled in tbe vidnlty of the bnlMliig to seat tbesama nnnber 

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of iniMtes; the fmrni conrists of aboat 180 tem of lu4, 
and then are comtnodlon* fkrm bnikllnga. 

The late Mi. Thoma* Starea, of Wtaiiogtoa, tntrodnead 
here tbe manDfacture of eoaree potter>- : the west end other 
parta of England, the Channel Islaixlt, and a portion Af the 
Continent, are tupplied from thia town with i«d pottery. 

There Is ao exteiifive ateam floor mill ; aevenl malting 
fl»Ublt»hn)enti, a large tan yard, and KTenl brlcli and tile 

Shipi or 300 tons barthen are enabled to arrive at tbe 
qaays. The exnorts eomiitt principally of oak, timber, 
bark, boops, rea potterr, and bricks. There la a Cuitom 
Uoii9*> estabUsbment at Portland street. 

Tbe Capital and Coantitv Bank, furmt-rlv known as tbe 
Hanpshire Banking Company, baa a braoen eslabHshineDt 
in Weaatreet. 

Tbe chief hotel Is tbe " Red I4on " for (braltles ind eon- 
merclal gentlemen, and It has a posting establlsbment 

A portion of tbe pariah Is ritoated on an emlnenee, eom- 
— nmnga fine sea view. 

Uereare smrtl liandsome seats, amongit which may be 
mentioned Uplands, tbe residence of Qeorge A. Huddart 
CM). ; Roche Court, altoated about a mile to the north of 
tlM lowo, tberaidance of Captain Arthur Soutbey ; Fleet- 

Offleial XttabUalunenta, 

PoaT, MoNBT Okdbh ft Telbokaph Office, 
Saringa Bank k Oovemnent Annuity k. Inniniice Olflce, 
Weat atreel. — John Honian Stisdham, poatmaater. Malls 
arrive from London ft all parta M 9 a.m. ft 11.30 a.m. ; 
Portsmonth 1 1 .30 »jm. Box eloaea for London at 8 a.m. ; 
London ft doutbampton, Porttmotitfa ft Oospwt. 10^ 
a.m. : London, 2.^0 p.m. ; LmdoB ft Exeter, 6.30 p.m. ; 
Ibr aU parts 9JiO p.m 


SsaaioiTAL DiTisiOK. 

Boaham-Carter John, Jan. esq. 19 High street, Portsmonth 
Boobam-CartiT Wn. van. Little)rreen,Al*erttd(e.Qoaport 
Bradsbaw Frank esq. AoilioC honie. Hook, Fkrenm, via 

Breiberion Frederick eeo. Elaafaitrat, Farebam 
Bnmejr Rer. Edward, Alventoke, OoMport 
Carpen(eM3amier John esq, m.p. Rookesburv, WlcUiam 
Chads Admiral Henry, Sontbsea 

Coninerell Rear-Admliral Sir John Edmund K.O.B., T.c. 

8U Omdow gardens, London a.w 
Deano W. B. CKt- Falrfldds. Farebam 
Deverell John esq. Parbrook park, Coiham 
Pldd Capt. Bdward Qrore^Goi^iort 
ntswyjmm Major-Q«m. Sir F. W.J. hart. Lel)th park 
Grant William esq. Monekton house, Anglesey, Ooaport 
HankerCapt. Henrr fi. b.h. West Leipb, davant 
Uodi^kteaon Capt, Tbomas ■.!(. Elm le%b, llarant 
Lmw Oeor^ge cm. Qnmlodge, Sontbsea 
Hams Rc*. J . T. Dover eonrt, Soaibtea 
UaxM Captain K. A. 67 Cromwell road. South Ken- 

dagton, London «.tr 
Honteflore Nalbantel esq. Cold eaat, Soothampton 
HnndT Sir Robert Miller 

O'CMfaghan Admiral O. W. Doaglas D. o.b. Deer Lean, - 
Rowlands Castle, Harant ' ' 

Pftkenbant CapUin Tbe Hon. Thonua Alounder B.V. 

FranElyna, LndfleM, Siuaex 
Sanorlt Edward eso. Waraash honae. TilchfleM 
Smith Spenceraaq. UrooUanda, ^thampton 
Stone William Henrv esq. Dulwlcli lilll, London 
Sykes Sir Frederic Henn bart. Seafleld, Crotton 
TnrttCT Capt. Robert L. The Olen, Swanwtck, Southampton 
Curkf Nicholas Donnithome, Osbom road 

Petty Sestioos nre held at the Court Hotiae every alternate 
monday ft laesday. The following parishes are Included 
in tbe Petty S«mlonal division Alveratoke (Ooxport), 
BedbamptoB, Boarfaunt, FaTvbani, Fhrilngton, Havant, 
Rayttng North, Hayltoi Soutta, Portebester, Hownera, 
Sonthwiek, ntebflrid, WarbbngionfEmswortb), Water- 
kw, Wk:kham, Widley (Coaham),Wymetliig (Coebam) 

IxBUBAKCB AaaiiTa: — 

AtHnue, W. Kelsall, 147 West street, E. Goble, West at 
Cbataaenrlo/ Vniim, H. Clark, West street 
OmmrdiM Pfrt |r i^A, W. G. Heath, 67 Weat atreet 
Law, W. Kelsall, 147 West street 
liteipoet & London ff Globe, D. Harris, High street 
AeiMbK ^ ZawMAfra, J.Oriffltba, Cams Hall BatateotBce 
Mutual Life, J. Urifflths, Cams Hall Estate office 
J/fwtek Uitnm, W. KelsaU, 147 West itreeij H. J. 
Sulton, M Weat street 

lands, the seat <rf Colonel Martin ; Heatbfldd Honse, 
occufded by I^y Lareom, about a mile west ; and Cams 
Hall, tbe sMt itf Hauy Peter Delmt esq. altaate on the 
oppoalte aide of tbe Inlet of Ibe aea boundlag tbe town on 
the eaat. 

Immediately above Cams Hllt, to the north, commences 
the western ascent of Portadown Hill, a lofty eminence, 
extending 7 mliea tut and west, and oa wbdeh are five 
extensive fcrta, forming a portion of tbe deSnices of Ports- 
mouth HsHMarand naghboarhood. 

Thegeologiul fbrmatlon here consists of chalk, and the 
town is aituatad on the London clay, in what la called tbe 
Uampsbirs basin. 

The kccl«elaaUcal Commladonars, H. P. Delink asq. and 
tbe Vicar of Farebam are tbe lords of tbe manor. 

Tkearcala6,3BSaeresof land aodSlSef water; rateable 
value, £28,74fi ; tbe population of the pariah in 1S71 was 
7,023, of which 180 wereaoldiera in tbe forts. 

Catibfibld la a pleasant hamlet, containing aeveral 
good realdenoes, 2 miloa west, and adjacent to tbe town of 

WAumoTON b a hamlet adiolning the town on the 
nortb-eaet; near it are Uplanda, HockbcqKgar, Roche Court, 
Feartree, Croekerfalll, and Fantley. 

Acting ParUk CUrk, William JameaCokcr, Weststreet 

I«oo«l ZutitntiDiu, fte. 

Oi-ean Ttailuas/ jr Omeral AccidMt, W. G. Heath, 57 
Weat street 

Pkttnix Fire, £. Weatherhead, Bank, West strert 

Btliancf Life, £. Goble, Weat street 
Boyal, W. 6. Harris, Upper wharf 
Jiopal ExeXange, R. Porter 
Stojfordthire Fire, W. H. Boys, 10 High street 
Smh Fire, H. L. Diaper, Weat nuvet 


County Lunatic Atylum (Postal direction), Knoitle, 
Fareham)(Telcgrapbicaddress], Knowle, Wiekham. Resi- 
dttnto^eert'.—immJAKoity H.D.anptYintendent ; Joaeph 
Hume Smith M.D. aenloraaaiatantmedknl officer; Walter 
Herbert Barker b.a., ii.b.c.s.b. Jon. aasistant medWl 
otBcer; David Gilebrlst, storekeeper; Mrs. Arthur Gil- 
ehrlat, bouaekeeper. JVon-Aeaftwu : Rev. Qeorge Hodg- 
son Mason b.a. chaplain ; Frederle Uaiks Ayfin, elerk 
to the Asyltiin ft visitors, Wickfaam 
County Police Station, Osbom rd.Jas. UttleBeld.snpt 
Custom Mouee, Portland Mreet, Qewge CbambwUIn, 
rhief officer 

Fire Engine Station, High street, John Rosmar,saper< 

Intrndetit of fire hriicade 

Inland Revenue OJtee, held at the ' Rod Lion ' hotel, 

George Ban- ft Jamra dtevena, offlcera 
Inttitulion Hall, Weat street, leaaee ft manager, Mr. H. 


Market Hull, West atreet, Danid Wrapson, hall keeper 
atamp Office, Weat street, Wm. Relaoll, distributor 
VolMtUeer Corp${1th Hante)fJoLu Henry Appleby, 

Pakbham Uxiov. 
The union comprises the perisliea of Boarhnnt, Pareham, 
Portebester, Howner, Sooibwick, Tllebfield, Wfckbam, 
Wlldley, ft Wymering ; the popalatton of the union In 
1871 was 16,801 ; gram aatlmaudrentf, £96,980; rateable 
value, £83.>t38. 

Board day, attemafe tneadays at II a.m. 

Clerk, John Morgan Stedham, West street 
Atfietant Oeereeer, Alfred Driver (A» Farebam only), 
Quay street 

Collectore, William Cardan, TItchfldd ft James Franklin 

Brock, WIekbam 
Relieving Gt^wrv, John Parkei,t1telifleM ft John Bennett, 


Yaeeination Offiur, Charles Lear, West street 

Medical OJieert, Wm. Hoar, TltehfleU ; Wm. Barnard, 

Farebam; Henrv A. Martin ic.D. Coabam ; John Lang- 

Ibrd, ttoutbwick ft W. F. Brook, Farebam 
SmerintauUnt RfgiUroTiJobn Horgsn Stedham, West st 
Re^trar nf Bbrthe ft Deatfu, John Parkes, Titehfleld ft 

W. H. Carter, Portland street 
Regi»trar of Marriagee, Edwin Tutte, West street 
Workhover, Wlckbam road, Philip Taplln, master; Rev. 

F. Dmltfa, chaplain; William Barnard, eur^n; Mrs. 

RoseTapiIn, mairou 


Clerk, John Morgan Stedham, West strset 
Medioal Officer, George Henry Cass, Castle street 
/u^tor, John Gates 

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Clerli, Alfred Driver, Qaay itreet 

Med'cal Officer, Geo. Henry Ca»e, H!ah fttreet 

Sureeyorf^ltupeetor qf Suitaneet, JonnRoserear, South- 

BRipton nwd 
Collector, John StnbUagtgll 

PUBLIC Opwoer* 

Wlllam KelMll, 147 Vr<4tflinM 

Coroner fbr Pan^m jOitMnof tht Camtg^ Santk, 
Edgw Oobte 

JtfaAef Toll Colleetor, Geori(e Doe, Uidou itrMl 
Stexard to the Farvketn P(eani^Jtf«iM«r,WllllMiKelHll, 

Weil strtset 

Stetoard oftheStanar* o/Cams,T!ti!iJield,Sfsmieorth, 
Crqftmtf Jle^oUnul, Chark^ Leg Brittiiitt, Jut Marks, 
k AiiraM, Edgtf Oobte, Wtat «trael 

Town Crier, Cburkt Bunt, 18» Wa«t itiM 

Places op Worship:— 

St. Ptttft, Hiffb •treer, R«vt W«1t<r SootC DuAtrgne 
M.A.. Ticar; MIm AbrAhan, Hlgb street, orgvoMt; 

Wm. Kel*all, han. clioir maitiit' 

Ho^y Trimly Ckitrck, Weit itiwt. Her. Fradtrtck Si^fa 
B.A. vicar 

Congregational ChaptU Wot itRet, Rer. miHam 
Cb«afMi|, mlnUtcr 

Wealeyan Chapel, West >t. Bev. Qeorge Gibson, mlldtter 



Board School Coirmittee, H«irr7i Cloft, ebelmen ; Rev. 
P. Snltfa, vlos-diilrmtn ; Thonis Nshop, clerk, k 
Robert Priddy, stt«iidimoe officer 

Board School, Wteklmi roid, ThomM Btsbop. eterk ; 

Mm J«na E. Balkjr, mUuren; Ula Vuy U. Rich, 

lofturtk' mialnM _ 
BoariSehool (Hl^SFiinttor, UlHj.Cbriitf& nfitren 
Bndewtdifot^ boyi), We>t it. Daniel Wrapsoii, 


Jn/snt; OebMn road, MI» Oreni, mhtreM 
iVaffona/(bDy«), acfaool R»d, Frederick Loman, niBtn-; 
Ul9* Perry, mbtrew 
Railway StaHan, Vfett end, Bdwin Prtrce VTatt*, station 

m&ater ; VMlIiam Pink, agent f^irdelivery of parcels ice 
An Ownibuft fton tli* * Ooldenlion,' Ufgh Mner, amU tbe 
train «i;^t Umea a day wcept suiidayt 

Carriers to :— 

GOdroRT^Stttiwl Hai^tof, ntcMdd. tnea. ft tbar». ; 
Suter, Wlekham, tncsday, thuie. ft Mt. paasea thrwigb 

Ports no 0TB— Sam Del Hardinr, TiUhfleH, tuee. thow. 

ft eat. » ; ft Joue Davfn, Trinity ros'l. tavt. thiir*. 

ft aal. retunie Bnm Bdl inn, Portomoutb,at 

iao p.nt . 
SocTHAvrtON, Samuel Harding, Tltcbfield mon. wed. 

ft iilday 

WiCEdAM— Baler, tuettey, thanbiy ft Mtordny 

I Deane Wm. Hestv j.p. PairAcld house 
PRIVATE RB8IDEKTS. i^n.^ HeoTy Prt*T, CaitM ban 

Abraham Edmund, Osborn road I Uemla Joaeph, Hartland's road 

Abraham Wm. Geo. Hartlanrs mad ' Dewvy Hlusa, 7i Hlffh atceet 
AUdridge Capt Thomas a.H. Willing- Dtuper Mmk LiniMrd, Weit street 

ton hill . Uick Uiaaes, Oabom T«ad 

Alston tin. Chapel how. West street Donnlthome Niehdaa, Onnfl 

Andrewa Mrs. 30 High Btreet 
Appleby John Habin, 79 Higll street 
Appleby Mrs. Blsebbrook loritfe, Titch- 

field road 
Aylmg Hn. 71 Hfgb street 
Barlur Walter Her>ert B.A.|lt.ll.c.s.B. 

Couniv Ltnwtie Asrlnm, fcnoiffe 
Bamnd^VrUliaiB, SQ Vest street 
BmieM George, 155 West street 
Bsmey Heorr Chadk, WIekhan road 
Barney Stephen, fit Hlglr stKet 
Barrett Ssmoel, KnalUurs eonrt 
Bishop nHimis, Hartlnnd'o roui 

Wevt street 
Dreslhg Col. Hawkitone, Osbom roud | 
Duffet Airs. 01 West street 
Dametigoe Rev. Walter Scott h.a. , 
rTicar],at. Peter's vk-arag«,Oabom rd 
Eden Mrs. Um road . 
Bdmnnds James,jreststmet ! 
Bills Cspt. John Hy. R.K. Wiokbamrd 
Bwiens WlIllAm, Southampton road | 
Faltbrd MT«8, 3 Wewt street , 
Gametr John, Bedford lodge. West st 
Garrett »U.,«Oaiiih street I 
; Gater Vlttbia, Belvoir bouse 

Blackman James William, Vew Tree cot ' GIbney Miss, 'fflckham road 
Blake Jampfli 3 East street j Gibson ReT.Qeo.[ WesIeyaoJ,OHbom rd 

Boyd Col. WalUngton lodge | GobleBInsted,VIctoila lodge,08bora rd 

Brace Gapt. FrandsEdmrd j.f. Catb- [ GoUe BdKar.Barpliam tooge. Bast s^ 

field lodge ' G'ldricb lira. West street 

Brace Mls^, Weststmt Golbom Misses, West end 

Bradley tin. Portland pi.' West street ! Goldsmith John Baker, £6 Wot street 
Brake Dr. WBliam N. [deputy , Griffiths John, 57 High street 

Harris Datld, 21 HIgli street 

inspector of HoapitalsftFieetBj, Manor 

house, Osbom road 
Bretfaerton Piodcrlck j.p. ftHoo. Mrs. 

Elmsbunt, Catlsfiald 
Brook Williaai P. Osbom road 

Buckmasisr Jft8.1VinUyoolle9e,W«stat Heath Mrs. 176 WtM straet 

Harris Wm. Uy. Upper Wbarf boiiae 
Harrison The Hisses, 23 High street 
Hawkina Alfred, West strwit 
Hsyden Thomas, 173 West street 

Budd Miss, 31 High street 
Budd Mrs. High ttnet 
UuU WUliam, B East street 
Bonell John Piwlerick, Prospect bouse 
Barton Owen, 36 West street 
Cannon Col. John, 48 street 
Carter Ckat. Rfeba^ k x. Bembridfte 

bonae,. Osbora mad 
Case Geonrs Henry, High street 
Cawte William, BLooasfleld 
Cham pnessRe?. Wm.^Congrs^tlonal^ 

WlcKhant road 
Chnnher Daniel, West street 
Clark Henry, 80 West street 
Clark Miss, 39 West street 
Clark Mrs. 108 West street ■ 
Clarke Miss, Wiokham road 
Clay Mrs. Alma villa, Osbora road 
Collins Mrs. 53 Went street 
Cooffibes Mrs. Hartland's road 
Cracknell James, PortUnd street 
Crisp Walter [surgeoa>ni^], King- 
ston bouse 
Croat Frederick Oriando. Vat sttvtt 
Cony Jidia,46 High stnrt 
Darrel Mn. WalUagton blU 

HsaUi Wm. QUberc, 57 West street 
Henington Henir, West street 
Hewett Thomas, 18 High street 
IlighMd Miss, 50 West street 
Huddart George A. Uplands 
JrokiBS Htas, «WeststrMt 
JolUBeCol.Joseph Henry r.m. Willow 

Io<^e, West street 
Jones Admiral Sir Leiris a.c.B. Down 

End house 
KrlsaU William, 147 West street 
Kendle William ThomM, Wfckban nt 
Kldwall Mrs. Trinity sticet 
Kiln Albert, 00 WeststreeV 
Kiln MUs, 51 West Bir«el 
Kiln Mrs. Neva villa, Osbom road 
KUa Blcbard, Uplands 
Lane William, Unrtiaad's read 
Langlc7 Prands Henry, Osbwn road 
Leeke Henry E. CstisReld hoase 
Leigh Henry, Hartland's road 
Lovell John, Uayling boese 
, Mclssan fbomas. Osbom road 
Mainprise Gapt. W.T. H.if ., c.B.WUtn 
' Isdga, Oiboni md 

Uailler JohB v.d. Conaty Lomtle 

Asylnnf, Rnowle 
Martin Col. A. Fleetlands 
Martin Edward, 39 West street 
Martin John, Westhury boose. Wast »t 
MaxwellSirPe1erBenson,Wallington bo 
Moore Thomas, 79 High street 
Newbury Mrs; SoQthampton road 
\ewlyn George, Walliiw;ton vUht 
Newman Frederick, lOTWest street 
Newmaa George Sowtoa, High street 
Nicholson Augustm, 38 West street 
Vorth Hon. Mrs. GatisSeld cuttaja 
Oakshott HetufK, West end 
O'BIalley Jamas Nicholas Jos£ph,Hact- 

Und's road 
Osbom Mrs. Down End houMt 
Faddon John Edwsrd, Wallington htU 
Palmer Oenrvt 62'Hliih street 
PaUon Admiral, 166 West street 
Pearea Mrs. 4 East street 
Pearn Capt. Bdward Jobs Philip* 

Manor cottage, Osbom rosd 
Peat Hrt. Trinity lodge. Trinity aticet 
Peutoa Mrs. West street 
Phair Mrs. Southampton road 
Phinipa John.l Darlington cot. Westt>t 
Piatt Jriin, Weal street 
Porter Mrs. EUesmere bouw, Osbom rd 
Purter Richard, 3.<uib&-Id houM 
Purvis Capt. Geo. Tlios.Maitltuid R v., 

J.p. Blackbrook cottage 
Quintan Maurice, Walliuitlon 
RaaUeigb Jamea. Soutliaiopton road 
Rosevear JobnrOSHtbampton road 
Ruse Mrs. Rose 0<>ttsge, Qosperl road 
Sale Frederick, 21 West atrset 
Scott Missr 177 West street 
Seninr Vincent-, WaHIngtoo hlD 
:^barland Miss, Northbroak, WalliBSt* 
StblOT Mrs. WalUnritoQ hill 
iSmitib Eer. Frederick b.a. rvlcir « 
Holy Trinity], Vlearsgo, Oahmread 
Smith Charier. 4» Ul«:h street 
Smith Charles, Wlekham road 
dmltbCbCTics BoTlll, Wyfcehan koase, 

9mltB Bdward, Osbora road 
Smith Harry, BonitMniptm road 
Smith Joseph Hume H.D. County 

Lunatic Ajsylum, Knowle 
SootheyCapLArthar, Roche eonrt 
Snrent Mrs. Cheater hoose, OstMrn id 
Staflbrd Thomas, Marltnid's road 
I SUnboue Clwrics, West »tfeet 
Stam Tlie Hiaes, Ostwra roed 
StanntoB Cftpt Lynch, Bast htll 
Steeds Edward, 174 West street 
' StngniM Hiss. HaitlaiidV rosd 
' Stuart Perdrd, lOB West stnet 

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Sittoa Geo. 1 Humt tU. Oabora road 
Tote Hattiww, Wut end 
Tajrkrr JmsM, Soaibanpton road 
Tltredwr Caut, lun. Titd>e(M nmd 
Trtaitoe Fntelek, 10^ Wnt tnet 
Triz MlwiB, PDrtknd pUca, Waat ■( 
Tamer Mrs. 170 Wwtstmt 
Wsner If ra. Ulftb atr«M 
Warav Walter, Tka Umm, High at 
WcatiMThrad Edwairi. Wcat atttat 
Woadierlnd Samual. Wctttar* Mgi 
WebbHte*,37 Vntnttet 
WimOl Jaaea, 3 Uuior tI]. Oabom nl 
WoddrtdKe MUs, HeaUifield oattag* 
You^lita. Uolinwood villa, But at 


AhrahamtijoQ, uphobt(ren.a<tetiom«r« 
8c agents for W. t A. OUbey, «1k ic 
spirit iDerelniit<i, 9 Ulith atret 
Adaiaa Andrew, bnner k c*tdc dealer, 

Adama Hen. H. ahoe maker. Trinity at 
Adua Jaaea, cattle dealer k &rBer, 

Farehan cotnmon 
Andrrtan Andrew, dabr, Portland at 
Anderson Thos. Royal Oak, 32 Weat at 
Anidd ft Son . yianofarta dt fatejr repeal ■ 

toi7, 1 High strait 
AtklM Ban? Joaepb, boardiaft aehaol 
for jorwa geatlemen, U Wett atreet 
B^l^ WaTtar, abopkeeper, Weat itreet 
Baideld Aabe^ bifck aiana£ietawr. 
M»yUap fc Fareham Comou brick 
woAa; aaevt 3S Gt GeoTga attwt, 
WeatBkfakstar, Londan t.te 
Banard Wllliani, earpem, £0 Waat at 
BwrQen Jnlaadrtianae offier. Portlndj*. 
Bartboloraew Cbirl^ (Mra.), laan- 

dwaa, Qma.j rtmA 
Baas Sarah { Ufa*), lodgbig baoaa, Uart- 

Balebdor Ckailea 9m, akariBaeaa- 

tfaal cbenJata, M Weat airaat 
Balebetor Jorvmiah, baker * eonflre- 
_ tioner, 82 Weat atraat 

, Fan' 

Bennett Jamea. hmer, Cwfafldd 
Baanett Jta.T«lieviiir oaceKfCertlBd^ 
Beanett Walter Ajla% BHmi Arrnt, 

ft noeer, Caaa 
Bait? bUmi, (?oMm Lim, HWi atreet 
Bteadl FtaiKea(Mra.},lod«faKbouae, 

a Weat atreet 
UlbopOeft. Hear;, poulterer, ftviteier 

k gnragtocv, 71 Weat atreet 
BiAop nfoaMa, aae. to the Lfbaial 
ReBbtralton AaaodaUna, derk to 
Sebool Beard ft aamt ta HamUnr 
Prtendhr SoefeiyTs Hvtland tarnwe, 
BtaekMBo eeonie Haotjr, baUte ft 

ondeHaker, 78 Hkth Mmt 
Boja Waa. Heiuy, bartUar, \0 Htgb at 
Brace JoanikftCo. brick ft tile Maafn. 

Fntl^ blue brick ft ttte woito 
Braoa PMa. £dw«d faracr, CilMMd 
Bradqr Aedarick, earn, cake, aaed ft 

■anore nerekaat, Qrutj atreet 
firoadrib Bdward, beer retlr. TOnKrat 
Brook Wd. F.aarftMD.OatMwn rand 
BnoghtoaOeo. bah- d r c aa a r. 86 Waat at 
Brown Frdk.Albt. WkU»Ha^, Waat at 
Bnnm Heaiy Cbriatopber, laaeter 

mariner, Bartland's rogid 
BuekeU ElUm(Hr».), aerraate'rq^iatry 

office, Weat atreet 
Bnekett jMnaa, ladHlaii boow, Weat at 
Badd Jan* (Mn.), ladiea' boarding 

aehoel^lgh atreet 
Baaday Wb. gie engr aetr. Mill road 
BumierJamVMamitb, Uartland'ard 
Baadle B^Mnl. beer letlr. Gen»rtzd 
BwmB J olMi By lariik. MrdSint ft 

ftfaaeiy Pvea^eet koaia 
BwttarflaM Geoiffe, &raer 
CvUml \T/u] if Cotmtttt Bank 
<Wm-M. (fidwvd Wtttttaeriiaad, 
■aa.X Waatitjtaar oabe^ oOoa, 

Carter WilUam Henry, re^Iatrar at 

liirtha ft deaths foi Fatcbaia dbtriet. 

38 Porthnd atraet 
Case Georva Henrj, aitrgeon, Hi^ at 
Cawtaft C«. groeera, Weat atreet 
Cavte Edwin, batcher, 79 West atraet 
Cawte John Parkaa, brewMF ft baer 

retailer. West street 
CbambcrlaiDGeonta, chief eaaloBhonae 

officer, PortliBdalreit 
ClaiicbTJbn.Airiiitarabtvkr. llSWeat it 
Clark Daaid, grocer ft provision mer- 
chant, Go4port nad 
Clark Henry, coal, com, tlaiber, deal 

ft slate nierehant, graft, provltien 

aiarcbaor, miller, maltster, ft gaaao 

ft oU cake nardiant ft frDoa. onger, 

Weat street 
Claric Wm. boot ft maker, Weat st 
Cof^lilan Michaf 1, cabinet maker ft ns- 

dertaker, 8 Portland atreet 
Coker Ann ( Mrs.), shopkpr. Portlnd. st 
CokerBllen(Mi8s), biitcher,16IWe^at 
Coker J at. market gardener. Scboel rd 
Coker Juhn, groeer ft beer retlr. Qoaj rd 
Coker Robt. bakerft ufaopbp*-. 3 Qnay st 
Cakcr Wm. Jamea, iaUt>r, I70 Weat at 
Colea Cliarla, coinkc«per, DowneMi 
Coles Je*ae, pork butelier, 140 Weat at 
Co'po George Bneene, commercial tra- 

Teller, Hnrtlana'a rnad 
C«x Hary Ann (Mb«), lodgbig boaae, 

Uittb street 
Cox Wm. U y .«attbenwfe.deriar, Fantley 
CrimUe fiutsey (Mra.), beer retailer, 

Union street 
Carrie Bdwin, mflTineateiMa, Qmy at 
Cmttom HctMt (chief otRoer, George 

Cbambariata), Portia nd scrMt 
Darby George Gilbert, Keseral troa- 

Bionger, 106 Weat street 
Dmrldam George, tallar, 55 High at 
Davia Jease, beer taiafier ft e<nlar to 

Portamoutb fte. Trivfty vaad 
Dodge Albion, linen dra,<«r ft dealer in 

boot* ft shoes. 8& Weal *tr»et 
Dee Geo. chiMer aweepcr, Union at 
Dennlthoma Nieii^ solicitor ft Claris 

to the magfelratai, perpetnri com* 

mlsaioDt^ ft commiasloiier to ad- 

nriniatfr oatba in the Supreme court 

of judleaCere, Oabom road ; ftGosport 
Dore Henry, fiirmer, MUl read 
Draper Jamea Stcpban, undertaker, 

Trinity atraat 
Drhwr Alllred, deA to FMmbam loaal 

hoard of bcaIthfte)«rk't-» Pkrabam 

distrlot Mtfliw^ board ft aasfsiant 

onrmtr, Qaay atraet 
Drover William ft George, nataerymen, 

Trinity street 
Doflbtt Bllan (Mb*), Cbrtellan Know- 
ledge Society's depAt, 09 We^ street 
Dtiflett Henry, abaf>k«epep, Trinity st 
Doflbtt Jamea. plamber, painter ft 

olaaler, OS West street 
BoD^ Chu. fcrm^T, Parahara common 
E<insy Bdward Cbariea, com ft coal 

dealer. High stnet 
Bdward* Caroline (Mr*.), beer retailer, 

Bdwaids Charin Riehard, cbanist, 5 

West place, Weat stnwt 
Eldridfte Geo. siiopkecper, 3 West place 
Kmery Bllia (Mra.), grocer ft baker, 

High street 
Bmery Isaac, grooerfthakcr.IO Union st 
Krao* E4w1n,DaketftBroeer,Portland at 
Bwmr WUliam UniUp, baer retailar, 

Trihity street 

coailwctor jReT.y.MUofaell.boa.sec.) 
FareJuim QaM tr Cek$ C«. (Walter 

M'Midr, aun.; Hany SbIiI^ aae.), 


FanhaM InduUriml H»m»for Otrh 
(Mnk Riahasdwn, mMro*). Sooth 

FbnhMm Publie Batkt (eea water) 
(Saml. Qoudall, manager), Bath line 

FartJutm t Smiik Mmtt tUrtieuU 

tural ^ocicfy (Wtlliua By. Detne 

eM|.Brea.; Harry dmitb, sec.) 
Feaat George, beer retalier, Pnatley 
Pcwttall Brea. graeai, M Weat street 
Pewtrell John, talLv ftwMHSB draper, 

91 Wert atreet 
Fitt aamoel Smitber, BmgU Inn, ft 

butcher, 109 Weit street 
Ford John Thee, earponter. Lower qnay 
Ford William, farmer, OoAcr hill 
Fontbam Jonathan, cnracock, aoatb 

Franklin Alfred, chamM, West atreet 
Franklin Ann (Mr*.), baker, Quay at 
Preenanile Jtdin, gnn ma. 14 Hiirh at 
Frr Charies, brewer, Union atreet 
Fuidga Bdwla.artistftteaduarof draw- 

ii>g, 174 West street 
Pulfbrtl William. bniUer, High street 
Gale GeoT^ shoe maker, High street 
Gexg George William, grac«r, atationar 

ft newa agent. West street 
Gibson Alexander, cabinet nakerft np- 

iKilsterer, 6 ft 7 West place, Weat st 
GilhtTt Henry, printer, atatkmer, fl' e 

art repuettory, picture fmmc niaun- 

betttrer,ftplan<»bnc«rareho<4Hlgh at 
Gilbert Mayeaml, baer retailer ft rattle 

dealer, West end 
Glorer Geonre Bolton, tobaeeoalat ft 

stationer, 67 West aireet 
Glover Mary Aon (Mia*), fruiterer, 17 

High street 
GlorerTbo*. plnmber ft pelntar,Higk at 
Goble Bdgar,eollcltor,commta«ion«rf(ir 

tmlUag affldarita in Supreme eourt. 

ft for taking ackoowMgrnents of 

married woesen, ft solletter >t> the 

Wymerkig ft Wldlegr Sdnnl Beards, 

coroner for Farekam dlriakm,WeBt at 
Oeodall Fiett. tobacoo pipe ft whiting 

nranufiKtmr, Old Turtipfite riiad 
Ooodhati Jobn>Mrtftslioe ma-Triidt^ st 
Goodman James, brewer, ft New tnn. 

Old Tnmplke reed 
Gover laiAiella (Mtsa), beriln w«l re- 
pository, M Weat street 
Grant Jawes, skopkeepar, Puutle* 
Griltttha John, laed agan ftr H. P. 

Ddaiieaq.t eAce, Cains hiU; reai- 

dniM.ft? Hlgk street 
llaiae Eliih. (Mrs.), mUHnr.77Wnt it 
II dl Wm. bootftiboama. 91 Wortst 
Hampakin Coimtg Lunatic Asvtum 

(resident •npariBhwdent, John Han* 

ley M.D.), Knowle 
Hannen Frederick Herbert, Chrqtua-*, 

Quay atreet 
HaiUi mjtB Velmntmr Corpi {7lh} 

(John Henry Appleby, lieatetiant) 
IbrdlagSinb ft Mary Ann (HInm), 

fancy repodlory, Weat atreet 
HardiMT Riehard, g u neng w e ar ftcarriar, 

lid West street 
Harding St*plien,anhabterer, nlnerft 

■ndertaker, &2 Waat street 
Hnrker John, llnea dnper, 79 Weat at 
itarri* Darid, wine ft spirit importer, 

groeer, e h eeat, eem, eaal ft hop tetor, 

ft brick ft tUe ma. Wert rt. ft HItl rd 
Harris Jamea, tailor. Church place 
Harris William H. eonl, com ft timber 

meraliant, Upper wharf 
Hayes Thomai, fiuner, Fuatley 
Heath Wm. bakffrft gnicer, Go«port rd 
Heath WlIHam Gilbert, Inanimncs agent, 

57 Wast street 
HennUig8ar«h(Mtiw),shpknr.Trfnlty tt 
Hleknaaa Jama, farsa batUff to S^miiel 

B. Legifstt esq. J>own road 
liill Jons*, bear retailer, Funtlev 
HAadFrdk.oarTierftk«ti)r.*eUr.UiMh st 
IloarsJe*e^,sadillerftbar»c*a maker, 

W Weat street 
Hoekley Heni^ C. Ireanoaier, 3 Weat 

plavi. West street 
Holiday Uenrf, fkraaer ft> cattle dealer 

Fnne hall. Wiehham road 
UoUftlvWn.EdwdJlypn>^.Hifh st 

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Howard Frederick, fruiterer k green- 

fp-ooer, 6& Weet itreet 
H owBTdTtioLcatUe dir. UpUnds eottase 
Humplirejs Wm. cooper, 168 Weit tt 
HiintChar](>§,btll potter ic town crier, 

139 Weet atreet 
Hunt John, cowkeeper, Fantley 
HuDtlngfura Harj(Hn.), beer retailer, 

HutchiDga Martlo, coach &caitwhe«]- 

ffrigbt, WallliiKtoa 
Jackman ChaHee, silverefDith, watch 

maker Ic Jeweller, 79 West atreet 
Jackson Cfaas. boot Sc ehoe nia.4 Quay it 
Jarrifl Henry, abopkeeper, Qnay street 
Johnston John, ftnnAr, Cbarity fkrm 
Juppe OeorgVfblackainlth, Union atrL-et 
Jurd Fredk-cupenter, £3 Portlaad at 
Keliall Pliant, aoltdtur. Jcdnt clerk lo 
commiirionera of Income tai, coin- 
mlaaioner in the Supreme coart of 
iudlcature, 147 Weat street 
Kennedy Rmc (Mra.), lodging house, 

41 West street 
Kiln Albert, brewer tt maltater, bop ic 

coal mu'diaiit, West atreet 
Kiln Richard, manu&cturertrf'brlekaic 
ttles, red etnbenwuv, fruej gaiden 
k ridge tiles, drain pipea, It potter, 
Upland* pottery 
Kfrhy Wm. fi^nonger, 1 ISWeat atreet 
Lamport Harr Ann (Mls«), boot Icshoe 

wareboase, 101 West street 
Lanham Thomat, beer retailar. Quay st 
Lear Chariea, anrreyort Weat mhI 
Lee Edward, talbir ft woollen draper, 

63 Weat atmt 
Leggatt Samuel Betfaune, fanner, 
brewer, maltater tc mereht. Qoay nr. ; 
pottal addrrtt, Uanor farm, Crofton 
Liiioett Th09. boot tt shoe ma. High St 
LoDgley William Lawrence, draper & 
outfitter, 4 Wi-at place. West street. 
Love Wm. boys' day achoni, High st 
Uaber Edward, bnuer, Farcham park 
Nadean William, Iron k, wire &nce 
manQfoetnrer A wire worker, East rx 
Manl^ John m.d. aaperintendent of 

ennnty lanadc oaylum, Knowie 
Narchment Robert, ben rallr. High st 
Jklarriot Uary (If rt ), ISuiey rMMMttory, 

31 Weat atreet ' 
Nartin Bdward^ aurgeon, S8 Weat at 
Martin Jas. Oodirio, ikrnier, Eaot Cams 
Marvin Alfred P. fiu-mer, Dene farm 
M8»on Ann (Mrs.), Ianndrvss.5 Rastst 
Hayne Prands, shopkeeper, 3t High at 
MeatoD Henry Jas. beer rtlr.SOWestat 
Moiiek 9ain1. fishmonger, IS? Weatst 
Monk Samuel, eattle <uaMr, Oospoit rid 
Haas William Qeorge, plumber It 

painter, Portland street 
Morria Henry P.B.C.P.B. ^vaiefan ft 
surgeon, 41 West st. ; ft at Wlekham 
Hundon Edward, beer retailer, Hill rd 
Newman ft Appleby, load ft eatate 

agenU, High atreet 
Newman Emma (Mrs.), Raitway eoin- 
wgrel.innff poking Ao. Railway sUta 
Newman TiHinn% hoot ft shoe maker, 

Quay street 
Newman Walter, coach builder ,Quay at 

Newton Sopliia (Mhs), atty maker, 

153 Weat atreet 
Nicholson Susan (Xn.), aerranta' 

registry office, Hnrtlonaa rood 
Nicholson Thomas, White Horu, k 

blacksmith, West atreet 
Oakshatt Martha (Mrs.), drees maker, 

HartUinds road 
O'Malley James Nicholas Joseph, nary 

sorgreon, Hartlanda road 
Over Edward, carpenter, Portland at 
Pack Har^, King's Armi,k black- 
smith, Weat street 
t^nuril Jonathan, tobaeeonlat ft con- 
fectioner. 153 West street 
P.<niiell WaItr.Tboa.coufectnr.7!l WeM at 
PardoeThoma9,draper, outfitter, ft boot 

ft shoe warehouse. High atrevt 
Pargent Daniel, saddler ft hamoH 

maker, 66 West street 
Parlier Oeoi^e, batcher, 90 But at 
ParkerWm. greengrocer, 19 East street 
Penton Cfaa9.Uy.bru8h ma. Portland st 
Perkins Arthur Frederick , wine ft aplH t 

merchant, 74 Weat atreet 
PhilUpa Cbariea, draper.eo West street 
Pink James, aea. fuiner ft hoop mer- 
chant. North Fsrebam 
Pink John, jun. Firu, Crocker hUl 
Pink John, sen. Iniek ma, Crotriur hill 
Pink Wllham, fly proprietor, Weat at 
Pink William SaMiw,eoaeli builder ft 

liameas maker, West atreet 
Plummer ft OamUia, builders, Weat at 
Porter Richsod, com merchwut ftstearn 

miller. Quay ateom bill 
Price Geo^, shopkeeper, Wamngton 
PrieeHenry.eartheDware dtrJlTHtarl) st 
Priddy Robert, school board oflteer, 

Hartlanda road 
Prlvett Charles, shoe maker, Qoeportrd 
Priralt Jane (Mrs.), dealer In booto ft 

shoes, 64 Wert street 
Pyle Charles, fonman at floor mills, 

Lower quay 
Py le W m . bakerftoonfBetioner,S4 West at 
Quick George, hait dreaaer, B igh atreet 
Radford Mary Ann <Hra.), Atncy ra- 

poitiiary, Hlgb atreet 
Reddel Jas. coach palntar fte. fiSHIgh st 
Re\nold!i Caroline (Mrs.)* shopkeeper, 

14 Portland street 
RiddettHary ( Mi«), West at 
Roserear John, engtneer ft auryeyor of 
Farefaam Local Board of Health, 
Southampton road 
Rodman Benjamin, Chtqturt, Quay at 
Rumble George, fitrmer, Walltn«ton 
RiimbleJsph.beerretaUer,? Portland at 
Sauiide'8 Prank, baker, Walllngton 
dannders Henry, breww ft maltater, 

Wallrngton brewery 
Scott JohnEdwd. eoocih bnllder, West at 
Sharlaad Edward ft Heniy, tanners, 

Sheppard Emma ft Looifa (Misaea), 
ladies' boarding school, 27 Weat atreet 
Shillinir GeoT^e, draper, 85 West street 
SimmoDB Owen, goldsmith, Jewells ft 

watch maker, 61 West atreet 
Simpson Valentine, farmer, Albany 
bnn, Wickham road 

Skentflbery Wm. Lamb ina. West at 
Smith ft tiolitamitb, land ageols ft nue- 
tlonaars, Weat atreet j ft at 166 Qu«en 
street, Portsea 
Smith Charlea, mannflietnrer of ridm 
tiles, agricultural pipes ft red earthen- 
ware, ft potter, Wickham road 
Smith Henry, shoe omker, Qaay road 
Stacey Edward, shopkeeper, WAlUo^on 
:3taffi)rd Predk. cabinet ma.160 Want st 
Stanhope Charles, linen drapor, High 

street ft West street 
Stanley Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 

Sterfham John Morgan, aapolntendent 
registrar for FaKham district ft clerk 
to the board of guardians, ft post- 
master, Weat atreet 
Stevens James, inland reroiuM offleao, 

Portland street 
Strugnell ft Son, tallow ehaadlArs, 86 

West street 
Stmgnell George (Mr«.),lodglag' bouse, 

Trinity atreet 
Staart Perdval, Kinder Gorton acbool, 

168 West street 
Stubbs Sarah (Mrs.), berlln wool re- 
pository, Hlifh srreet 
Sturmey James, market grdnr.BIack ho 
Suter Riebanl, lormer, Crocker hill 
Sutton George ft Henry John, printera, 
atatlonan, l)ookaellera,bookDtndare, ft 
circulatini^ libnry, 90 West atreet 
Sweetenham Wm. Mrmer.Farebam com 
Tate Matthew, brick maker, Weat end 
Tatford Jesse, boot OMkar, 163 Weat st 
Faulbnt Oeonte, ^|>lueper. Trinity at 
Taulbnt JeaaeJames, dioa mn.Trinl^ at 
Taulbut Samuel, boot ft ahos maker, 

7 Union atreet 
TRylerJames,seneral ironmonger ,d«lcr 
Ul agricultural tools ft implements, 
copper amtta.lock smth^.lOSWeotat 
Towsil Francis, ironmongw ft tin plate 

worker, 62 West atreet 
Treacher Edward, iaapeetor of the per- 
manent way, West end 
Turner William, wine ft spirit mer- 
chant,! pOTtiand street 
Tutte Edwin, carpenter ft buUdar ft 

registrar of marriageo, lOS Weat tt 
Vimpany William, woteh maker, 98 

Weat street 
Vinea Oeorn, bnerretallv, Oeqwrt rd 
Warebam Qias.baUder, Biintbamptn.Td 
Watts Edwin Pearce. station maater, 

176 West street 
WeUlnga Arthur, taik>r, 77 West street 
Wa>tonTluB.Geuf le in tA« Alr,Qoay rd 
White Harrletft Loni8a(Mlaaaa), BeA 
Lion familj/ j- eomatereiat hotel ft 
poeting house, inland revenue office 
ft awembly rooms, Bast atreet 
WhitemanTfaomaa, shoe seller, Hlch at 
Whiting Jobn,ehimney sweep, Hal tbcla 
Wbittafcer Ricbtrd, accountant. Quay 

St. ; ft S Sussex rood, Sontbampton 
Wrapson Daniel, master of Price's 

charily school, West street 
Wright John, beer retailer, Wast street 
Wyatt Arthur, pbotogr^her. West 

place. West atreet 
Young Henry, baker, Weat atreet 

PAULEY OHAJCBBBLATNB 1* a pari«h, 5 miles 
oorth-eHSt trom Uomseyand 6 south-west from Winchester, 
In the Southern division of the county, hundred of Hlchel- 
derer, Huraley union, Winchester petty aesatonal dlrlaion 
and connty court dbtrict, rural deanery of Romsey and 
arcbdeaconty and diooese of Winchester. The church of 
St. John Is a small atone and flint buildliur, consisting of 
chancel and nave, with tiled toof and smaJI square toww 
containing S bells : it was for nearly three centuries tta 
hnrial pUee of the knights and baronets SL John, descended 
from Sir Oliver St. John and the Lady Margaret Beau- 
cbomp, Coanteaaof Richmond, the grudmother of Henry 
VIL : It eontidns some fine monamenta to membora nf tfab 
fiimlty. The roister dotes from tbty«arl6SL TheUvlaff 

Is a rectory, yeariy value £360, with reddmoe, in the gift 
of and held by tiui Re*. Thomas Pielder Woodbam a.a. of 
Worcester College, Oxford. Mary St. John's charity of 
£lfiO Conaols, the interest of which la tor clothing, was 
founded in 18U1. About a mile north of the chnreh atands 
a monument erected by Sir Panlet St. John hart abont 
1795, to racord the exptolt of a favourite hunter, whieb 
leaped Into a ehalk(dt,S&ftet deep, without Injury to Mm- 
aelfor the rider: it stenda on one of the highest points in 
the connty and la an important landman. The Rev. 
Thomu F. Woodbam ia lord of the manor. The principal 
landowners are Sir William Ueathcote bort. Henry iof esq. 
and the Rev. T. F. Woodham. Tbe aoil b el^ and Iota i 
inbsDll, elulh. The chief crops are «baat,barl^ and oats. 

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The uea la 1,79S ftcTM ; ntnbU Tdlne, £1,538} uid tbt 
popaUdMi is 1871 wu 130. 

0LACK8TBAD k « titfalair, U niil«fl Mnth, in the manor 
hoBM of which TbomM Stemnold compoMd hii portion of 
the orlgin&l metrical venion of the P«aluu aUaclied tg the 

Heatheote Artbar, Wooly hotue 
Woodbua Bmr. TbooM Fielder b.a. 
i.p. [ncter] 

BookctfComaonPnmr* Id the nir 1S10, the aame Id 

which be died. 
Pnrith Clerk, Henrj Toomer. 

Letters through Ronuef , the neartrt monu^ order office 

Woodham Rer.Wm. Hy. m.a. [curate] I PUUIfMCharietBoi^f frmr.Fftrle; fi-a 
Carpenter Chariee, fhopkceper ' 
Joj Henry, farmer, SUckatead turn \ 


FARLZNOTOH !• a pariah on Langiton barbonr, S 
miles weat fixm Harant ttation, 6 ncwth-etst from Porta- 
moDtfa and 68 from London, in tbejSoutbera dlviaion of the 
county, Pwladown bandred, Harant onion, Fareban) p«tty 
■BwlonnI diTltfon, Portamoath eonn^ eonrt diatrlet, dineeee 
■nd uehdaaooary of VIndieater ana nral deanery of Ha- 
■nnt. The parish indadee the Tlllafcee of Purbrook, 
Stakes and part of Watbrloo on the north side of Ports- 
down Hill, and the hamlet of Drattob, on the fouth, 1 
adh veat. The church of 8t Andrew etuoriita of obancel 
and MTe, and ctntahu a ptselna of the 18th omtary : the 
ehioe^ waa rebuilt in 1872 from a design by G. B. Street 
epq. wd the remainder of the church was eorapleted in 
1S}4-fi. The roisters date from the year US8, The livine 
in a rectOTT, yeazfy Taloe £616, with reaidoice, in the gin 
of and behf 1^ the Rev. Edward Tew Rteharda m.a. of 
Corpus Chiitti college, Ozlbnl. Here are watcrworlts and 
retcTTotrs in conjunction with Havant, fbr supplying the 

Cnrtia Geofee jr.P. Dmytmi 
King Wm. David. Failloirton house 
Riefaank CapL Philip TboaMt a.ic. 
West lodge 

Richards Rev. Bdwri. Tew ic.A.[nctorJ 
Seeker Hiss, Dravton boose 
Clark Edmund, &rmer k landowoer, 

Ibrts on Portsdown, and the towns of Portsmouth, Portsea 
and Sonthaes. Here are oyster beds. J. Derereil esq. is 
lord of the manor and one trf the principal landowners : 
others are Messrs. O. R. Mullens, J. Sharland, Edmnnd 
Clark and Oeorge Curtis. The soil Is loamj snbsoll, flint 
snd chalk. The dilef crops are wheat, oats and bariey. The 
area Is 3,438 acres of lannand 58S of water ; ratesAle value, 
£S,!222; and the popuhition in 1871, ineladii^ Parimwfc 
and Stakes, was 1,318. 

Pdrbbooe will be fbnnd under a separate beading, and 
Staxbb Is given with Waterloo. 

Parish Clerk, James Smith. 

Letters for Drayton are received f>om Cosbam (Railway 
aub-offlce), II those for Farlington (proper) through Ha- 
vant The nearest money order offices are Coebam ic H a- 
vant. Wall Lbttbb Box (Farlington) cleared at 10.15 
a.m. & 7 p.m. week days ft 9.15 s.m. on Sundays 

Devonshire W. J. (Urs.), Ntto inn, 

Dilloway Oeorge, smith, Draytoo 
P>M>r James, yeoman, Crookbam farm 

FAHNBOSOUGH Is |a railway station and pariah In 
the Northern division of the county, union of Hartiej Wint- 
ney, hundred of Crondiill, Odiharo pet^ sessional division, 
Famham county court diatrict, archdeaconry and diocese of 
Wlncheater and rural deanery of Odiham, 5^ miles north from 
Pamtaam wad 33 frum London situated on the border* of 
Surrey : the Londonand South Western railway and the Read- 
ing and Reigate branch of the South Eastern railway both 
have stations here. The church of St. Peter is an andentedl- 
fiee,eoasl^Bg of ehancel.nave and tower; the walls of tiMnave 
are IStb eentnry : on the south side of the nave is a wooden 
porch of th» 15lh centnry, irf rare beauty and in good pre- 
servation. The regiatar dates from 16w. The living Is a 
rectory, tithe rent-chMs £152, with S3 acres of ijdebe and 
reridenee, gross value J^OO per annnm. In the gin of and 
held by the Rev. Arthur Sutton Valpv m.a. of Cains Col- 
lege, Cambridge. Aldersbot North Camp Is witUn this 
parish, and there is a newly erected trou church in the 
south part of the parish, the populaticm there having 
•o largely increased, owing to the eslstenee of the Camp. 
Parke's charity ofjES 18s. 6d. yearly ii foe distribution to 
the poor on Bt. Tbomts* Day. and the parish has also the 
dividend on £2,000, the purcnase money of part of the com- 
iBoa land taken fbr the Camp. The trustees of the late 
George Horant esq. are lords of the manor. The principal 
landowners are C«pt. Elliott, Thomas Longman and W. 
Shcrwtn esqs. UeuL-Gen. Sir Thomas W. McMahon tiart. 
Ml*. Callaway and Mr. H. J. E. Brake. The Baslngstolie 
canal paaees S miles south. Near North Camp station is 
ao estate oTsbout 160 acres, the property of Mr. U. J. B, 
Brdte, which is being rapidly buUt on, and at present con- 
t^ns many haodsome villa residences, and forming the na- 
ckuofanew town: it is deHghtfolIy situated ataeon- 
ridcnUeclevation, and possesses the advantages of a gravelly 
ioU and a plentiful supply of good water. The areals 3,308 
acres : rateable value, £11^7 ; end the populaUon in 1871 
waa 5,744, inclnding 3,147 nilitaty in the North Camp, 
Ahimiiot, and 1,113 of the wives and ftmiUea of the 
PaHsh Cleri, Geo^ Cbarlioa. 

Post, Hohbt Oisbm & Tbleokaph Oppicb, Saving* 
Bank it GoTsnunent Annate k Jnauranee Office, Farn- 

PBITATB bbbioibt*. Uoyd Robert, Wllmot house 

BridgarHrs _ . 

BonMby Ootonel R. Vine cotti^ 
ChetflrM Edward, Orosted house, 

Alexandra road 
EUlottCept.Geo.Hy. j.P, FkmbraO* pk 
Grans Edward 
KmH WOIm, Bomt kdga 

borough station, head office of district.— Mrs. Chariotte 
M. Dean, postmiatreas. Letters arrive at 10.3 p.m. 5.5 
p.m. 3.58 a.m. 9.5 a.m. 10.38 a.m. & 4.47 p.m. ; delivered 
at 6 a.m. 11 a.m. Sc 5.30 p.m. Letters can be posted till 
9.45 p.m. tc 9 a.m. down, tc 10 p.m. op, for night mail, k 
till 10.15 a.m. 3.30 p.m. k 4.30 p.m, for the day mail up ; 
Sundays nntU 9.30 p.m. Telegraph office open from 7 
until -9 p.m. on week days, k from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. k 
5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on tnndays 

Sub-Post Oppicb, Telegraph k Money Order Office, Sa- 
vings Bank k Government Insurance k Annuity Office, 
Famhorough road. — Wm.Marttn,sab-postmaster. Letters 
arrive at 4.40 a.m, 11 a.m. k 6 p.m. ; dispatched at 9.S0 
a.m. 3.15 p.m, k 7.35 p.m. ; aandays. 7.45 p.m. only 

Post Oppicb, Farnboroivh street. — George Charlton, re- 
ceiver. Lettan arrive from Famhorough stadon. Letters 
delivered 6 a.m. ft 11 a.m.j dispatehedat7.3ap,B.; sun- 
days 7.25 p.m 

There are Wall Lettbr BoxBi In Famhorongh road ft 
at Famhorough green : — 

Famboroufh road cleared at 8 a.iB. ft 1 p.ia. ft 9.10 

jp.m. week days ; 7.50 p.m. sanday* 

FanU»rotigh aretn cleared at 9Ja a.mJtaA ft S.30 p.B.; 

8J10 p.m. Sundays 

London, H. J. E. Brake, Lynehford road 
Royals Q. J. Wailla, Parnborongh road 
8tt{ff^dihire Fire, D. Mensiea, South View vUlaa 

Public Oppicbbb:— 

Agetstant Ooereeer, Collector of TaxeeJ^ ReyMrar tf 
Births t Deaths for Famberomgh I)Utriet, Henry 
James Joyce, Core road 

Xelieoing Offteer, George Hewitt 

S KWBr AnK—Farnborough Oazette, puUished onaatar- 

diy (James UayiProprietor) ; ofllee, Lynehlbrd road 
NamiuU School, W. G. Hnmphries, master 

Railway Statioks :— 

South Western, Famhorough ( Totim), William George 
Adklns, station master ; Cbarlea Ramptou, depftt station 

Sovth Eastern, Farnborough {Village), Thomas Barber, 
station master 

Loiunnau Thomas, Famborongh hlU 
McQuthy Rev. Anhnr [Catbolic 
chaplain to the forces], Noru Camp 
MacHahon Lieut.-Gen. BIr Thomas 

Westropp hart. c.b. Sveamores 
Morton Rev. Arthur Henry A. x.A. 
Caatledon house 

Marshall Henry 
Pearoe James, Lynebrord road 
Sherwln Wilil&m j.p.The Grange 
Snttbery Rev. William Stanley B.i, 

Turnonr Jfrs. Bungalow, Pamhoro' rd 
ValpyRev.Arthar Snttonx.A.[reetor], 

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Alexander Heiiry, beer retailer 
Allen John, Skip 

Beagley Hannah (Hra.), beer retailer 
Beekatt James William, Uilor, Lyncti- 
tbrd road 

Beecher Wm. Henry, builder, Netley et 
Bell Jaa. shopkeeper, Sonthamptoii st 
Brake Henry Jetity EllU, auctioneer ii 

estate agent, Lvncbford road ; 4t 

VicUaia, rood. Aldershat 
BridKer Sarah (Hiu), grocer 
Buckmaster Jowph James, Aluta, 

Famborouffh station 
Burle Qeorgc, coal mer. l^nchfurd nl 
Camfield Edward, coal dir. Queen's nl 
Carrol Thomas, shoe maker, Queen's rd 
Chandlur Chas. greenffrocer, Gravel rd 
Clark David, shoe maker, Queen's road 
ComptoB William, Prince of Waltt, 

k By proprietor 
Cook Thomas, carpenter, Farnboro' rd 
Cooper WllUaa, eoal dealer 
Come Predk. watch ma. Famboro' rd 
Cunnli^ham John, china tt earthen- 
ware dealer, Lvnchford road 
DaeombeEd.Clias. draper,l.yncbfard rd 
Dallard George, Neio inn, Famboro' tta 
Edmunds Biebanl, aaddler k haroesa 

maker, KunbortMigh road 
Egan John, hoot maker, Farnboro' nl 
Famboravgh GnzetU (James May, 

proprietor ; pnhllshed Saturday), 

Lyochford road 
FeatherstoneEdwd . »liopkpr.Qu»^'s rd 
Fktcher Joriah, beernlr.Lynchford rd 
Ford George, ferraer 
Goddard Ewml. Sl^erj Tiioa- farmers 
Uammerton C. & Co. brewers & spirit 

merchants, Famborougli station 
Harding Tfaos. ahopkpr.Fumboro'atatn 
Hardy William, boot ina. LyniAford rd 
Harris George, Fir Tr**, Lyochford rd 
Heath George, dairyman, tyncbfordrd 

HewUt George, rellerliig officer 
HewHtlaa. coat merchant, Famboro' rd 
Hiteliceck Alfred Sl Sobs, egg & &uit 

Importers Sc. merchants 
Hyde Jas. Ic Son, bakers, Lvnchford nl 
Hyde James, Uxm bailiff to Capt. 

Elliott, k farmer. Manor farm 
Jacobs Geo. coffee rooms, Faniboro' rd 
JohnsnnHy. iinea draper, Lyncbford rd 
Joyce Brother*, ooaon builders, Parn- 

SorooRh station 
Joyce Henry James, asslstaat overseer 

Sc. collector of taaes, registrar of 

Mrtha, deaths k marriwM for Fwn- 

borouirh district k dene to Cove k 

Hawley School Board, Cove road 
Knell Wm. Quten'thaUl, North Camp 
Knight QcO'Slioena. Famboro' station 
LmDanlvl, grocer jebjkcr, Queen's rd 
Lock WDod&Co. atationen^LyacItford rd 
MarafeaIIWilliam,riioe luakrr, Camp rd 
Hartin William, grocer, k pott offieo, 

FarDboroMgli road 
May James, printer&slalioner, Lynch- 

ford road ; & at Aldersbot 
Hayne Henry William, Ci>pperamitb, 

Lynchford roid 
Meadt?8 George, fitrmer, Jersey fkrm 
Nichols Edwin, manager to H. k G. 

Slmonds, brewers 
North Camp Miision Boom (Hev. 

Thos.Mos9,m[9sionaryJ, Famboro' rd 
Ogboum Hannah (Hra.), shopkeeper, 

Lynchford road 
Pvfltt George, baker. Queen's road 
Parson Mary (Mrs.), drees maker, 

Farnborough road 
Pearcy Andrew Edward, blacksmith k 

Ironmonger, Peabody road 
Perry Oeu:^, provision dir. Queen's rd 
PooockFraiKls, grocer, Lynchford road 
Porter James, shopkeeper, Camp road 
Radd^tThomas.draper,Soiithainpton st 
Rankin Nathaniel, beer r«Ur. Core rd 

Reavea John, farrier, Vardbero' road 
Reeves William, 5«Mn,Smten>' rosH 
RoUns A^rt, TumbU Damn Dick, 

Faraboroagh atatioit 
RoUda Wm. cabinotma. LynA£ini rd 
Rodway James, sbopkeeer. Queen's i-x 
Rudman Benj. boot raa. Lynchford rd 
Shurblll Fredk. toy dir. Famboro' road 
Sinus Henry, builder. Gravel road 
Bimonds H. k G. brewers k wine k 

spirit mers. (Edwin Nichols, man) 
Smith David k Sons, bolldan 
SmithEdwn. nurserytww, LnchfM rd 
Smith Joeeph, shoe maker. Cove road 
Smith Sosaniuh (Hr«t), ahopkeepcr 
Sntfpe John, boot maker, Quaen'i road 
Snuggs Caleb, grooer, Fnmbaro* station 
Staaadon Biahard, shoe makir, Queeu'A 

road . 

Strange James, Queen'e hotel tap, 

FamberouKh road 
Ta.)lor. Andnwu k Taylor, ooal, coke 

«aalt merchants. FaniiMrottifn <ta- 

tioD} & at Aldersbot 
Turner Alice (Miss), drass maker, 

Lynchford road 
Tnroer Arthur, builder k Ironmonger, 

Lynchford road 
Turner WiUlam, china k earthen inire 

dealer, Lyncbiord road 
Wallii George John, llwry staUes, 

Parnboroufh road 
WalU Joseph, ttorik Camp hatA, 

Lynchford road 
Wfbb John Wm. grocer, GraTel roa l 
Westcott Richard, butchr. Lynchford rJ 
White John, graengrocar, Lynchford rd 
Wiiilanu Ja4. pharmaceutical cbemHt, 

Lynchford mad ; k at Aldershot 
Wilmot GeorKe, Cambridge hotal, 

Rallwav station 
Yates Reuhen, forage contractor, 


FASBINGDON i^ a parish S miles south from Alton 
(itatlon, near the high road to Goaport, in tlie Northern 
division of the county, Belboorne hundred, Alton petty 
sesfional division, county court district and union, diocese 
and arobdeaeonry of Win«hskterand rural deanery of Alton, 
western dlvltion. The church of All Saints u a stone 
structure, coBeiating of ebanoe), nave and aislv, and haa a 
apire with 4 bells : a cboncel was erected in 1838. The 
register dates from the jear 1558. The living is a rectory, 
vearly value £476, with residence, erected in 18dO. in tlie 
gift o) and liddby theReir. TMomas Hackett Uaasry t.a.* 
of King^ Ctdlegfl, London. Gilbert White, the tathor of the 

Bennett John, Maryhinr] cottage 
Curtis Cbaries 


Swansborough George Herbert, Far- 

ringdon cottage 
Vicary Capt. William k.k 
Warner Henry, Farriogdoa villa 

Natural History of Solbome," was curate here irom 1761 
to 17d6. The clurities are 34a. .yearly, ftxr broad. Here 
are Weileyan and Congregational chapels. Montagu G. 
Knight esq. of Chawton, is lord of the manor and Brindpil 
landowner. The soil ie dav ; aabeoil, cbaik ana gravel, 
"nediief enqpeaire eoraand Bope; tbaarsa Is 2,357 acres; 
rateable tiIim, £A,074 ; the popnlatioa in 1S71 was 000. 

Post OrFrcB.^«mes May, reoelver. Lotters ttrs^h 
AHon arrive at 7^ a.m. ; dhpatched at (JSO p.n. Sua- 
days^&SS p.Bi. TbenearestmoD<70fder<tfBeelsatAU>m 

Wall Box, Qppef Farringdon, cleazed p.B 


Andrews William Penton, farmer, 

Woodside &rm 
A}lward Alfred, farmer. Hall farm 

Beigley Edward, butcher 
BeiSfint Joseph. Royal Oah 
Burfitt Jolin, ehopkeeper 
Carter Tbonss, shoe maker 
Carter William, brmer, Kltcomb 
Clark John, beer retsUer 
Copeland Thomas, fanner 
DeadmanAnn Elitabeth (MKS.)vBbopkpr 
Eade James, blacksmith 
Ford William, shoe maker 
Gibbs Henry, shopkeeper 
Qrover Robert, baker fit grocer 
Harding Ephraim, carpenb-r 

Kemp George, shopkeeper 

Lcfig John, saddler k harness maker 

Mceres Elizabeth k Mary (Uissci), 

boarding school ' 
Meeres Joan, auctioneer 
Parsons William, firmer it hop grower, 

Manor farm 
Puzey Frederick, btUlder 
Posey Henry, builder &c 
Rivers James, farmer, Street honse 
Stevens George, gravel merchant 
StreetJobn, black«mlth,np,Farriogdon 
Trimmer Thomas, wheelwright 

PAWLBT >8 a psridh and village, and includes veveral 
liamlets In the Soutbera division of the county, tuion of 
New Forest, DEbden liberty, Southampton petty sessional 
division and county court district, diocese and arcndeaconry 
of Winchester and rural deanery of Fawley, 11 miles sonth- 
east from Totton station, 94 from London, A south from 
l^the, 8 BOUth-sDuth-eaat from Southampton by water sitd 
la by land, situated on a creek of the Sontliampton Water, 
and has a qnay. The church of All Saints b an ancient 
e>toue structure, in the Norman and Early Enfc'Ish styles : 
it haa nave snd aisles, square tower and 4 bells, and a fine 
Norman aiefa at the west door, and is said to be one of the 
four dnrcbes which were In existence when the New Forest 
was made: It was repaired in ld40 and tn 1866, when the 
tower waa restorsd. Tlie reglaier dates from the year 1690. 
The Uviag Is a rectorr, yearly lalue £87t>, In the gift of the 
Bishop of Winchester and lield by th^ Rev. Arthur Malmtle 

Hoare k.a. of St. Joha^ College, Oambridge, who is al»o 
rural dean. Hen are two ewpels, one fat Bi^tists at 
BlackBffld Common, and one for Wnleyan Methodise. 
This parish poeaesses much natural beauty and romantic 
scenery. Mary Trattle's charity of £28 18b. IM- 
yearly, founded by will In 1857, is for beef and clothing. 
Cadland House, the seat of Edgar Atbeliag Drnmmond esq- 
D.L. is a large white brick manahmj standing on a gentle 
eminence in an eztmsive and finely wooded park, about a 
mile norib of ttK village of Fawley, on the banks of the 
western ahne of the Southampton Water, from whkihare 
obt^ned deligfatful views aafte^asBpithead and the Needlsi: 
the honae WW bnilt In the year 179S. but tn 1836 wMttlsige 1 
and improvwl by the late Mr. Ancbrew Robert Dramnwnd, 
at a coat of over £400,000 : the whole of th« very exteorin 
offices are below -the surface line of the snrrooodiog plsasore 
grounds, tbt park, including la all, MO wuh it Tet? n- 

Digitized by 



dvktiag and pictBre<^ : ilm CadJand eatote axtnida from 
Dlbden to Lepr, aud ha« about 15 mllea of rlTsr frwiliga, 
and contaiM aborc 800 labonren' oottagct beildai otfiar 
reaUenoai. Eai^nnt, hdonfring to Mr. OraTiiB«id,aDd 
IfUM to Count Edmund BattDvan}, is rather a stnngely 
built maaaion, witb viewt and attuatlon altoneiher unique. 
Before the Tmrcliaae of the 0»borne eatate, Eaglebunt war 
selected aa the fntun- marine reaidence of Htr Majeatj tht 
Qneen, bnt iIh nafotlatlow lUI tfcrooRh. Am Rear Cobb- 
madore of ibe Bo>al Alhcat Yackt Club, Connt Batthjany 
has aelcetod ihiaapatna hi* aoildeDce, and It b univenally 
admitted Uiat n aora deiigfatfal or appropriate site could 
not well be fbuud. The land h matlv frei-bdd : t)w couy- 
bold beinr bm onder tbe rmmh aT Cadlud and Bittrnw, 
ofwhieb Edgar AthaJiagDranMnaodasq.b lord. Until nbowt 
the year ln66 tiiva waa a ptme of land ealltd the floatiaff 
iakiMi, in am about S aena, wWi treea 86 to 30 feet lil^ 
gmiiBg ofoa it, wbidi aand at certain leasoiu to float to 
and fro : bnt tbia Aoatiag etpaef l^r >«• been checked, Indeed 
aitlrelf at opp ed , by dimMnR the samNindinfir bog, banee 
tlie trrca ba«e taken mat, and the whole mau is made 
•tatfonary. The pcfatctpd landawners are Hana Sloane 
Stanley eaq. and £. A. Dnunnwnd eaq. The toll ia light 
sandy ; aabaoil, gravelly. The chief crops are wheat, oats 
and barln. The area is 6fi9i acrea ; rateable Taloe, £0,821 ; 

Cauhot Castle, now naad as saoastgnard station^ 
standing at the extremity of a point, or headland, was 
«nrted ia the reign of Hairy Vlll, asa proteetloD to the 
eaaat ; it waa formerly extra-parocbial, but la now incarpo- 
rat»d with Pawley, 

eroKB, 8 miles south, Cadland, Slaaatrood, U sonth, 
finttaasb,3 aorth-«e«t,Ipley,Bad»inaton,] sauUi,Halbar]r, 
l| waat^and Omr.l) south-east, aretythings. AtZ«gl^, 
6 ailM aoMb from Hytha, b a cbapaiaebonl, Seaaard fi>r 
diTlna Borrke. Hakdlbt b a hanlet. U nikaaoath Amn 

Past, Xoxkt Oaim ft TiLSokAPK-nrFicH, Sav- 
lugs Bank k Govenment Auaalty ft iMBtanea OOoe, 
Pawley.— 4:!harlcaJobnstoo,|Matnia8tor. Lattefs-HMlTCd 
tliroub Ike Southampton offlee at &30 aju. Tka letter 
box ooaas at 7.10 p.m 
iKaURAMCE Afl Evrt : — 
Koyal. R. lulling. Laurel cottage 
BtM Fire, J. Laurie 
SCHnoLa : — 

yational, Pawley, Alfred TboMs 8nllb,niaatar; Mrs. 

Blondlna Smith, mistress 
Hardily, Mn. A. Rutty, mistress 
Linfflry, Mrs. B. Miller, mistress 

tke jMpalatiwi in 1871 aatl^^wMoh6c8arsbtflytfae Carmxkk to fiouTHAMPTox.-WiUbia Soirtti.on tnas- 
whlefa see. | <jbj, tbawiay k eatqnlay, ntuming on tlw sane dn>s 

Frier Jobs, ab«e maker 
Goodey Predertck, ^fo<Reer«f coast | 

guard, Calabot castle 
H arri»|tm^H aniet( Mrs.}«bMr retailer, 

Jenkins Robert Wt3k», surgeon, Faw- 

ley eottage 
Johnslon Charles, grorer, ft post office 

BattbysjiT Couat Edmund, Eaglehorst 
Snder Ttomas, Langley lodge 
DminnMKid lady BIhabetb, Bonrae 

DminnDDd Edgar Athdlng n.t., j.p. 

Cadbnd botise 

Hoare Rev.Arlh. Malortie )r.A.Rpetory >>ndd Tbomaa, but^r 
Jenkins Robert Walker.tawley cottage Laurie James, agent to B. A. Drum- 
JcnkbMOD Hen. Tboa. Joba j.p. Ower mond eM| 

Kennedy Edwd.8hirley,Aslidownboass 
Laurie James, Cadland 
Westbrook Urs. Bay eottage 
Whittwi Charles Robert, tfprii^ lodge 


Bennett Henry, rarmer, HoUtary farm 
Blunden Edmund, grocer 

Nawman Qeone, ftm«>, Cbnreh £irm 
Benjard Charles, prater, Little Stans- 

Roberts Arthur, carpentt^ 
Skatp Richard, farmer, Bagleharat farm 
SbarpWIIItsm,bnner,Badminstoti iurm 
Soffe Wnibm Thomas, farmer, Stow 

Bonaher John, bailiff to E. A. Dram- Tailing Rlefaard, plumber ft ffocorator 

mond, Stonehill ftrm I Tuck Tboiaas Henry, maltster 

Caton Jaaias, satldler, & coUeelor of Waterman William, Fatten inn 

poor's raiea I West Wlillam, boot mak«r 

Cliq-n^ Tboaaa, iknov, Staaaveod Wostlnwk WllUam, UackfmHh 
Davy barld» ehifc of wxka ofCwUaad Whita WilUaai, (ailor 
astatc Wyatt WilUaoi, farmer, FMd's fiirm 

Baker Oetavlua, miller 
UartJs Richard, JoVy Sailor 

Ayks Gaorge, shopkeeper 
Holmea Thomas, braier 
Mosaelwhile John Hanry, Gurmdr 
Pewsey 8arab (Ura.), groc«r ft buker 
Pioniea B«Bry, sbopkeeper 
White William, beer tetaUer 

Bonday Ptaacia, hladtamilb 
Horrb Andiew, tarmcr,WUiMd tem 
N icholas Ndaon, fmit ft biMc laaktr, 

NofTb WllUam, ImngUf fm 
Wrigbt Samvei, &isier 

Huffhes Conunoii. 
l>«money R«t. Josiah [Baptist] 
KItcber Wtllbm, shopkeeper ft ctn4er 
Knapp William, wood dealer 

ranSLtD (or Pypibld) Is a parish in the Vorthem 
di^bloo of the eenttty, hundred, petty sessloDal divbk>n. 
nnioB and oonnty court tllatrict of AndoTcr, dioosaa and 
arehdeneonry of Winobeater and nral deanery of Andeter, 
weatem division, 4} miles we8t-by*a«th Iroai Andorer. 
Tlw cimreb «f St. HIeboiaa b apkdn stone struetniv, and 
consists of chancel and imtc. Tne regbter dates from the 
year 1628. The IMng Is a rectory, tithe oommatatlon £SI4, 
witb M acres of glebe and home. In the gift of the Itev. 
Chriatnpber Albert Hodgson b.a. of Corpus Chrbtl colh^, 
Cambridge, and held by the Bev. Richard Williams b.a. of 
Oriel CoTl^, Oxford. The tmsteps of the late Sir J. W. 
Polba are lotds of tbe naaor and pvindpal landowoen. 

Powney Edward Pentoa 

£16 12s, yearly, from Refers' charity, Is distributed In fuel 
and clothing. The soil k light loam ; sube(4I, cbalk. The 
principal crops are wheat, barley, oaf, loam.tumlpa, sanfoiii 
and oioTer. Tbe area b S,210 acrea ; rateable value, £1,349 
178. and tbe population In 1871 wu 191 

RBOsnHAM is a hamlet S miles nortb<DortlL-aut, partly 
in this parish and partly in Thmxton. 
Pansh Clerkjuoae. 

Letien through Aadom. Ainport U the aeareit money 

order office 

Here Is an endowed school for tbe children of Flfleld, Klmp- 
ton ft Thmxton ; Julia Poddy, mbtresi 

Barnes Mlaa 

Barnes WUllam 

LHh Wfilbna John Hanry 

mUiams Rev. Richard 3.A. [racier] 
Crook Wm. King, &rmer,Haaorftra 
Laah William John Hanry, avfean 
Newvtin Walter, abea nakar 

Blabe Mias, farmer 

Cattiag Albert, JtTitie fMii,ft caiiNntcr 

ZXEKT WIS Armed Into an ecelealaatlcal Mtiah in I8C3 
ont of tbe parishes orCroodall, lUTetbam and Yateley : It is 
miles nortb-eaat frnm Odihain, 11 east from Basingstoke, 
witb a station on the South Western railway, in tiie Northern 
dlriHOD of tbe county, county court dbtnct of Fambam. 
Onifaara raral deanery and Winchester archdeacon^ ano 
diocrse. The church of All Saints, on Crookban coramw, 
b agood example of building in redbrick, with lofty, well pro> 
portioned interior, relieved by extensive coloring ; tt Is built 
In the style of tbe 13th century, with many of the detalb used 
In eontlaental diun^ee of that period ; toe porch or clobter 
b a coBtinnons one aloiv tl>« whole front of the church and 
fbraw a peeaUar and etnetlve Ceature : It baa also apsidal 
cbatrel, van and afala : the late C. B. Lefi-oT esq. and 

family eontribntcd latvely tonaids its ereethm and endow- 
ment. The regbter dates ftom tbeyear 1868. Tbe liring 
Is a perpetual curacy, yearlv value £s50, with reaidance.In 
the gift of the Bishop of Winchetter and held by the Rev. 
Wiluam Henry Plummer b.a. ol Trinity Collcffe, Cam- 
bridge. The wwtists bare a cbapfl here. The Fleet pond 
or lake eorera abontlSD acrea and Is the property or tbe 
Crown, The parish Is traversed by the Basingstoke canal. 
Tbe common here, which is eatuosive, baa recently been 
laid ont by the proprietor, Mr. H.J. E. Bmke, «f Pam- 
borangh, tor building purposes, and contains many bnndred 
lotsj many of the sites overlook the lake and command 
extensive %iewa of tbe surronndlngeountty. inclnding Alder- 
shot Camp. The population In 1871 was 981. 

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ParUh CUrk, Tbomw Lining, 

PoiT ft UOKBY Order Oppicb tt SAiiogt Bank.— Wm. 
HottUfont Windover, snb-pMlmuter. Letten arrive 

from Wlnchfi«til at 6 ft IIM %m. ft im dUpatebed at 

8.30 ft 6 p.m 
Parish School, Hfsi B. Smith, mlstreM 
Satlwajf Staiiont Vm. Robert Cbandler, atatloa maator 


Andrews Mrs. Belterue cottagv 
Aylett James 

Barton H^]. Uoata|ini«> Tba Woodtamla 
Bnj Henry, Haaleburat 
Bright Frederick 

Burrows ETerenden,ColliDgwood house 

Cow«ll John, The Birebes 

Cox Mrs. Stockton house 

Dodson Charles, Derby lodge 


Downs Walter, Slockbm lodge 

Dvion Frederick 

Elmea Edwin, Hcatb lodge 

Field Henry 

FIggie Edgar, Court moor 
Fogo Al«x. Scott M.D. [dep.-turg.-gen. 
late Rifle BrIgadeJ, BaadngboariH! ho 

Higirina Frederick 

Hlggins James Edward 

Hornlbkiw Capt Tbonaa, The Tiewi 

Jenkinson Edward George, The Osblea 

Law Cbarlcfl 

Long Thomas 

Mackey Mrs 

Madge Charles 

Munns Rev. Chariea Oliver, Kvnt bo 
Plammer Rev. William Henry b.a 
Koota Annstna, Pin lodge 
delby UaL-Oen. GeMg* k.a. Velmead 
d«well Edward 

f'piirKiii Thomas, Victoria cottage 

■■^tebblng Joseph Frands, Booth's form 

Tnwiviend Joseph 

Watklns Mn 

Young Urs. Tlie dttage 

Yomig R«T. John [BaplUl] 


Andrews Arthur, plumber 

Butcber Samuel, farmer, Fleet fam 

Donffherty Henry, Oat Skeitf 

Kimber John, catue dealer 

Law Charles, surgeon 

MansfleU George, Prinee iff Walu 

Ullla Henry, shopkeeper 

Monk Wlllfaun, butcher 

Manna Rev. Charles Oliver, boarding 

ft day school, Kent hooae. See adrta 
RldgNTS Sarah (Mrs.), grocer ft draper 
Voller WllUao, grocer ft baktr 
Waka Chariea. flffmer 
Wheeler OMnrlim fkrm bailiff to Htarj 

FoaidHanla e8q.of Brooke ho. Hawly 

FOBDI1T0BB1DQB ia a union and coun^ court town, 
pwish and station of the South Weatem railway. In the 
Southern division of the county, hundred of the same name, 
Rimwood petty sessional division, diocese and archdeaconfy 
of Winchester and rnral deanery of Fordlngbrldge western 
division, 7 mliea north from RIngwood station and 67 from 
London by rail. The town is lighted with gas, and is plea- 
aantly situated on the Upper Avon, chiefly on the west bank 
and near the borders of tne New Forest, and ia nearly mid- 
way between teHsbory and Christchiueb. In Domeaday 
Book the town is mentioned nnder the name of Forde, and 
la stated to have contained a church and two mills. The 
church of St. Mary consists of a nave, frith aislea and two 
chancels north and south : tlte latter need as such and the 
other occupied by aeata : the north chancel la considered the 
most ancient part of tba hsUding, and iaattributed to the 
thirteenth century : the dinrch hasa flne embattled square 
tower, with clock and 6 bells : the entire budding was com- 
pletelv restored in ISll : there Is a bnws tablet to the memory 
of William Buikley esq. and Jane, his wife, three sons an<l 
Ave danghters, and two stained windows to the memory of 
Major Brice and hia widow. The register dates from 1S42. 
The living is a vicarage, with the chapelry oflbsley auneied, 
foint yearn value £976, with residence, la theglft of King's 
College, CAmbridge, and held by the Rev. William James 
Boys m.jL. late fellow of that college. Here are Congrega- 
tional, Wealeyan and Catholic chapels, and the Friends have 
a meeting house here. The Oddfellows' Hsil, erected in 
1B70, is a Gothic huildhig of red brick ; there is a large 
room in the rear for concerts and lectures ; in the centre of 
the front a clock has been fixed, by public subscrlptltm. A 
market, formerly held on Friday, la now diaeontlnued. An 
annual fair Is held on the 9th of September. A police station 
was ♦reeled in 1857. There are seveml good bins in the 
town : the Greyhound Is the principal postinff bouse. In 
the neighhourbood are the remains of several ancient en- 
campments, the principal of which are at Qodshill. There 
are some very good residences la the parish. Boi^te 
Honse, the seat <n John Cofcntry esq. is pleasaatly dtoated 
00 Uie Avon ; Padcham House, the handsome resldenoe of 
the late Mrs. Bannerman , Is west of the town, on an emlnenoe, 
and commands some extensive views of the surrounding 
oonntry. St. John's, a very old reside oee, east of the town, 
is, vritn Ita manorial ririiU, the property of and vested In 
the trustees of the Ho^tal of St CroM. CharieaP. Bnine 
esq. is lord of the manor. A considerable trade Is carried on 
In the spinning of flax and the mannfbetnre of salleioth and 
canvas, glvbigemployment to about 200 hands: bereisalso 
abrawery. 'me principal landowners are C. P. Brane esq. 
John Coventry; esq. Syre Coote esq. and Sir Edward Hulse 
bart. The soil is of a mixed character ; auiwoil, gravel, 
Clay, sand ftc. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats, 
tomips and roots, Tbe town contains 543 acres : the entire 
pnish. 6,330 ; nteable value, £14,837 ; la 1871 the popula- 
tion of tbe town was 637, that of the pariah, 3,050. 

BiCTOR is a hamlet In this parts a mile south-east 
from the toim, containing 540 acres. 

BnaoATE b a hamlet and Uthlng in this parish, a mile 
north from the town, on tbe road to Salisbury, eostabdog 
859 acres and 346 labaUtanta. John Coventry esq. is lord 
of the manor. 

Stuotoh is a hamlet in this pariah, a mile aouth-eaat 
from the town, containing 1,110 acres. 

GoDSBiLL if partly In this parish and partly in Aahky 
Walk pariah. 
PorM CJerl, Thomas JeObrls. 
SaxUn, Oeotgo Jeffirls. 

PoaT, MoSBT Obdbb ft Tblbob&ph Oppicb, Savings 
Bank ft Government Anuaity ft Insurance Otfice.— Mri. 
Blliabeth Arnold, postmistress ; box closes for dispatch 
at 11 a.m. ft 7 p.m. Lettera recdved until 7.20 p.m. 
if an addltkmal atamp be affixed to each. Mail leavea 
for Salisbury 7.30 p.m.i delivery takes place at 7 a.m. 
ft3.30n.m. Pillar Letter Boxes at Alderltidt, Burgate ft 
North Gorley ' 


CommercUil Uttlon, H. Thompson 
NoruAeh Union, w. T. Chabb 
Phanix Firt, E. Precey 
Royal, B. Croft 
Hoj/al Exchange, G. Kent 
Stm Fin, J. Chubb 


County Court, T. E. P. E^froy, Judge ; Edward Gordon 
Cox, registrar ; Edmund Frecev, high bailiff. Hie county 
court is held at the Crown hotel, ft petty sessions at 
the Greyhound inn. The Mlowinir places are within 
the county conrt district :— Ashley Walk Township, Bi». 
teme Closes, Breamore, Burley ville, Ciiarford (North), 
Charfbrd (Southj^ Damerham (Booth), Elllngfaarn, Rock- 
ibrd, Blashford, Fordingbridge, Bicton, Blisford, Bnrvate, 
Fnwham, Gorley (North), Gorley (South), Hungeriord, 
Sandle Heath, Stncton, Godshill, Hale. Hariiridge. Iheley, 
Lynwood, Martin, Toyd, Ringwood, Ashley, Bagnam, 
Bisteme, Burley, Crow. Hlg^town, Eingittone (Lower ft 
Uppn), ('icket Post, Poulner, Banford, Wattoos. Fwd, 
Roekboume, Wichbury ft Wood Oran 
County PfiUce StatUm, Sergeant Walter Scott 
JBxeite Qiffoe, at tbe * Gr^bonmi,* Thomas Barley 
Stamp (Q/U», Mrs. Elisabeth Arnold, distribatw 

FuRDiHOBKioaB nmoN. 

The Fordlngbrldge union comprises the Atliowlng places : — 
Breamore, Foidlngbrldge, Qodshill, Hale, MarUn (Wiiu), 
North Charford, Rockbonm, Sooth Chsrford, South 
Damerham (Wilts), Toyd Farm with Allenford (Wilts), 
Whitsbury or Whitchurchbnry (Wilts), ft Wood Green; 
the gross estimated rental of Ine union is £kiJiSl lOe. ; 
rateable value, £37,228 

Board day, every altbmtte fHd«y 

Clerk, Henry Samuel Davy 

Attittant Overseer ^ Collector, Edmd. Preoey, Market pi 

Relieving Offleer, George HoUoway 

Vaeetnatian Officer, Robert Gates, Glenavon 

Medical Officers, James Clifron k.d. Church street. No. 1 

district; Thomas Beaveo Rake m.d. High street, No. 2 


Superintendtnt Registrar, Heary Samuel Davy 
Deputy Superintendent Registrar, Job Bennett, Camp- 
bell torace 

Remstrar qf Births, Deaths ^ Maniagstf George 

Workhouse, James Franklin, master; J. Qifhm ft T. B. 
Rake,suqeonB: HbiGearglna Oewsoa, schotd mistress; 
Mrs. ElUa Fnuiklhi, matron 

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Clerk, Heirrv Samuel Oivy 

Medical Qfftetrt. James Clifton Sc Tboma* Btiaven Rake 
Intpector ^ Ifmtancti, Jgteph Pope, Shaftobury street 

Public OrrioBHa 

Camurfor FortHngMdm Hundrtd, George Keot 
nm Cmr, Thoou W. Barter 

ScHOOU :— 

JVaMMoLJobii Browa, naitar 
BrWih, WlUlim John HarMj maslu- 

Railvay SMim, Jo«fdi Pattyfi»r, alatkm oMaftr 
Omnlbua from tba *OtcyhouBd/to maatsll tntau 

Cabbiihs TO: 

BouRirBMODTR— John Nea1«, taeiday & friday 
Cbbistchd-bcb:— Harry Dowden, tueiday& friday 
Rlirswooo— H. Dowden, tuewlay tt friday; W. E. 
Motsei roonday, wodneaday k friday 

SULitBDKT— W. E. llorae, taesday, tliofaday ft «atur> 
day ; H. Dovdeo, monday & ttaariday 
8oTTBAlinoir— Wllllaa Parkar, Jan. monday k frldiy 

Anftletnr Marquis of, Borgato eottafte ; 

k 10 Albert mansions, Victoria street, 

London »m 
Biker RobaK TImbm, The Bartons 
BtTi Rer. WllUnm Ja*. ic.A. Tisarag^ 
Bndd BenlaBla J(An, Chnrefi stiest 
IMd Rot. Alfred m.a. [cnralej 
Ctinbb Jlrs. Ann. Hlsh street 
Clifton Janw^ Cbarefa street 
roTcntiy John, Borgate bowe 
Cmtancc lJeat.G«wm1WlllUniNeTlll4>, 

C.8. Brook b«ath 
Ednids Rev. Rcsinald b.a. [cnrate] 
Oue Oeorae Rlcurd. BridM strmt 
HumfeaRer.Cnwsfaiirl wailayan 1 > 

BHdge street 
Rafter Stephen 
Honer- Mrs. 8andbl11 lodge ^ 
AetT^ Mrs. Uiffbtleld 
Plobora Mrs. Salisbury street 
Ralce Thomas BesTen, High street 
Sfeves Misa, Salbbary street 
Hnntdds Rev. Wilfiam [Congrega- 

tjonsl], Cbapel bouse 
SberidianReT.George [Catholic^ Salls- 

baiy road 
Thompson Hemy, Aromide 
TeDsmi Hra. Avon bonse 
VensUea Mrs. Jane Bowerwood 
Tlney Thomas Oonld, Flax field 
Wntlake Thomns. Oaktands 
Withers Mrs. Martha Napier villa 


iUridge Edmu-d, farmfr, Fryem 

Alexuder William Felix, plumber k 

glaiier, Shafteshory street, Ac Iron- 

raooger, Higrb street 
Andren Haaeo,vetmryjiisn.Church st 
Antdl Jorinb, fiu'ner, HUTfiinB 
AppUn Tboa. baker k grooer, Market pi 
Applin Thomas Bdwara, draper^Hlgfa st 
Amey Charles, saddler k bameaa maker 
Amey Joseph, baker 
Amn WUUam Charles, plumber k 

painter, Broseley cottage 
Aniold Elizabeth ( Mrs.), grocer, k post 

office. High sti«et 
Bailey Geo. shoeiiig amltb, Uorseport 
Bsil^DamhfMn.). taandrcaa. Baek st 
Bail Thomas, Mtket ma. Ronnd Mil 
Barnsrd Sumh (Mrs.), Ntw inn, 

ijhaftesbnry street 
Barnes Edward, moeral dir. Chnrcb st 
Usrter Thomas WlUonghby, town crier, 

Charch street 
Bland George, bamees maker, High st 
Bland Sophia Ann (Mits), seminary, k 

mmie seller. Hi^ street 
Boiitelt Job, news & advertising agent, 

Bradford EUzabeth (Mrs.), Croten 

iMel, Haiket place 
Brothers (^nrlea, shoe maker. High st 
Bush Frederick, fanner, Criddleatlle 
BoA Isaac, &nncr, Ashford 
ChaAn Alfred, boot maker, BrMge st 
Cknbh Jamaa, ittsnmiee agent 
Cbabb WUUam Targett, secretary to 

Pennanent Bolldlag Society k Gas 

Company, Hlgb street 
OttkeThonwa, iriMelwitefat, Bleton 
Jamea, nrgeon, ChBicli atrMt 
Cska JohB, miller, Moihaw wlU 

Coombs Charles, farmer, Hurley 
Croft Samuel, tailor, Hlfh street 
Crook Cliarlea, former k brick maker. 

Thorns brick works 
Dale Geotiire, hair dresser. High street 
Davy Oavr, solicitors 
DavyHenry Samuel ,clerk to guardians, 

superintendent registrar of births, 

deaths k marrisges k clerk to the 

Fordingbridge Hlfriiwav Board 
Dswe George, provision dlr.MishnrTst 
Dorrinffton Jofan, leather seller k felU 

aonge^ High street 
Downer Eliu (Mrs.), drew maker 
Earley Thomas, inland revenue officer 
Pence John, shopiweper, ProvoKt street 
Pordinffbridge Oaa Co. LimUtd 

(William l^ivetr Cbnbh, oKretanr) 
FordingbridgeCottagB Hoipitat(>in. 

LouiM Adriana Blmle, matron) 
Pound ChaB,fiirmer,S8ndhUl Lodge fkm 
OaneOeorge Rleluvd,maim!er of Wilts 

k Dmmc Baak, Bridge strost 
Oatrell Frederlek, leather seder k 

watch maker, Market place 
Gilbert Charles Hillary,cabinct maker, 

Ballsbor J street 
Gosner John, blackamtth, Bleton 
Hannen John, auctioneCT, appraiser & 

estate agent, High street 
Hannen Rsgliiald, auctioneer. High st 
Hatcher Bennett, farmer, Bnrgatefarm 
Haydon Frederick Walker, ebendst k 

srationer, H^h street 
Hewitt Charles, grocer 
Hewitt Mary ( Ur«0< shpkpr. Chnrch st 
HibbCTd Charles, butcher k fanner, 

Hicks £mma(Mlss),semlnary, Shaftes- 
bury atreet 
Hf^as "Edward Chas. draper. High st 
Hockqr George, Iknner, Stuebm 
Hockey Heoi?, Three Limu, k gmfiw, 


Hockey William, coal merchant 
HoUoway Geot^e, registrar of births, 
deaths^ msrnsKes&relieTing officer 
Hood Alfred, SaUioajf hotel, k coal 

merchant. Near the station 
Hotdcey Thomas, tailor, Charch atroet 
Horsey k Son, carpentera k wheel- 
wrights, Salifbury street 
Hnxtable George, baher, High street 
Ingram James, shopkeeper, Bicton 
Jemria George, flsbmooger, Church st 
Jeflerls John,Drewerft nialtoter,H]gh st 
Jeffierls Thomas, farmer k parUb clerk 
Kenchlngton Robert, smith, Provost st 
Kent George, coh}ner for the hundred 

or Porditigbridge, Hi^ street 
King William, ffroeer, seeVlney k King 
Lacey James, urmer, Oonville 
Lambert William John,Airmer,SandhlIl 
Lonnen Edward Ellas, butcher k ftrmer 
Lovell Chu. termer, BurgateCrou fcrm 
Haldment John, carpenter, Hole lane 
Manning James, laundresa, Roand hill 
Manning Hoses, tailor, Bridge atnet 
Harsh John, grocer 
Harsh Samuel, farmer, Padstow place 
Meech John, watch maker. Bridge st 
Ultehell Tltna, printer, Salisbory atreet 
Hone Frands-nrmer, Stocton 
Motia Wb. Edward, carrier, Uarket pi 

Hullins William, shoe maker 
Neale John,farmer&carrier,Charch rd 
NeaveJas. Reynolds, miller, Upton ho 
Neave Joslah Reynolds k Co. manufrs. 

of farinaceous foo^. Rail way balldinics 
Neave k Co. millers k merchants, 

Bicton k Town mill 
Gates Robert, school attendance officer, 


Parker WllUam, George inn, Brit^est 
Parker Wllilan,jDn.carrier,aution rJ 
PettyiiBr Joseph, station master 
Pin bom Ann (Mn.),fiirmer, Bicton 
Pope Joaeph. surveyor & Inspector of 

nuisances, Shaftewary street 
Precey Edmund, high bailiff k collec- 
tor of poor rates. Market place 
Pyne William, draper, H^b atreet 
Quertier Adolph k Co. oatmeal k groat 

merchants, Railway bulldbigs 
Babbitts Charles, farmer, Bicton 
Rake Thomas Beaven aar- 

geon, H^h street 
Randall Chas. Boi/at Arm, Market 
Read k Son, coal merchants, Station 
Heaves George, grocer, High street 
Reynolds IM>ecca (Mrs.), Cbapel 

Hoose seminary, SallsburT atreet 
Robblnaon Chas. farmer, MUgham farm 
Rooke Henry, shoe maker, Rulway ter 
Rose Caleb, bulldo', Ashford 
Rose James, farmer, Stuelon 
Rose Susaanah ( Mrs.), Boee ^ Crown, 

High street 
Room Elizabeth (Mrs.), straw bonnet 

maker, Shafteabary street 
Russell Charles, baker. High atreet 
Saundera Wm. ralllwrigfat ko. Stneton 
ScovUI Richard, shoe maker, Salis- 
bury street 
8herlngJobn,carpflntar&Udr.Chuioh tt 
Sims jiohn, smith 
Smith James, fa-mer, Burgate 
Smith Johanna (Hn.), Isondreas, 

Chnrch street 
Spinney Jamea, carpenter k bidlder. 

High street 
Thompson Ssmnel k Co. canvas manu- 
ficturera, spinners k merchants; 
factories at Eaat mills k West end 
Thorn William, grocer k coal mer- 
chant, Chnrcb street 
Tiller Stephen, whedwrigbt 
Vincent John, white k JohblDg smith, 

Round bill 
Viney k King, grocers k provision 
merchants, com factors k seedsmen, 
Salisbury street k Bridge street 
Waters James, wbeelwriglit, Burgate 
Watts Ellaabeth (Mrs.), pork butcher 
Wdch Henry Charles, Greyhoumd inn' 
Williams Thomas Bowen, ironmoiuter 

k ga*Btter, Bridge street 
Wilts kDortetBanlUng Co. (braneh 
oh (OeorgeRlebard Gane, manager). 
Bnoge street ; draw on London k 
WeetmlnstOT bank 
Withers Harry Frederick, wlne&spirit 

merchant k draper Jllgb street 
Witt George, fermer, PeMaah farm 
Witt Isaac, batcher, High street 
Witt Jamea, chimney sweeper. Back at 
Witt John, tailor, SaUsburj street 
Witt Stephen, ganeml deolr. Market pi 
Witt Willlmn,diopkeep«r, Bicton 


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FORTOIV i»K bamlet a«4 eeclebfawtlcHl p&siah, Famed I 
in 1841 fnm the civil parish of AInnUke, in tk« ^utbern 
division of the coanly,. liberty and incorpOTation of Alv«r- 
Btoke, Porttmoutb county court district, Pareltam petty ' 
seiBloiial dlviaioii, dioeeae and ardideao0in7 of Winetiester ', 
and rural deanery of Alvcntoke, o* the oldi raed to 
Sovthampton, Troni which place It ia 16 railca aouth-east, 1 
nonb rrom Go8port,li by steam launch and U mile^ round ! 
the harboor nortb-veat from Portsmouth by road and 00 ; 
from London. The church of St. John the'cvsngjelltt was 
erected about the year 1839^, it b of brielr, In the Pointed 
•tyle, having two aqaare towers aad dodt. In 1871 the Ib- 
terior of the church was greatly improved by removing the 
^de galleries, re-seating the whole with opoi benchea and 
removing the screen, so as to open out tlie east end, which 
was au* rinsed : a new orncao was erected at tfao same 
time and a new font waa plaaed near the west end: the 
sittlnnareall frae. Tb« r^istor dates from the jearlS41. 
The Uvlnff i8>a vicarage, yaariy value £9W, in the gift of 
the rector of Alverstoke. and htM by the Re*. Ciiarles 
Pierrepont Hutchinsan m.a. ofTrinUy College, Cambridgv. 
Here an basracks, which- have bean considerably ealan^d 
and are now occupied by tlw BcQFal Harhiaa ; also a larae 
miUUry ptlsrni, contalniiig 150 cdls : contlguoaa to Brock- 
borst is an iron church fur the use of the troops. Hiere Is 
ft handsome chapel far Baptists; also n snsU Primitive 
Methodist chapel and a Baptist chapel at Brockhnrst ; and 
A Baptist meeting room at Camikn Town ; also a Mission 
Boomt wlHch wilt seat 400 penoiM, TbomgaUr'a alms- 
houtea} M of -nUeh sra bttnatod at Catuden Town, 


Aliiton Capt. Sydney Vera n.v. Porton 

Anderson Isaac x.n. Porton bameks 
Bamber Capt. Hugh William R.ii. 

Forton barracks 
Barnes Capt. WilliaB^3^ Union niaae 
BlaneUey UeoL-Co). Hoimiio Ctorka 

NdaoB P.B.C.K.X. FortoD banacka 
Bone Thomas, PabUe cottage 
Uoyle Col. Robart-R.ic., c.Bb Finton 


Clay Thomas, A Brilevne tarraoe 
Clemenia Capt. Harry Montgemerio 

R.M. Forton barracks 
Colweli Capt.Geo« s.M.fiMoreland ter 
Frampton Capt. Cyril r.x. Fcvton 


Oilmour Decglics Oeorf^, 2 Hope ter 
Qwyu Col. Banond Weston a.d.c, 

R.u. [commandant of b.h.l.i. 

Fortea barracks], Forton baose 
Harris Lieut.-Col. Philip a.x. FiortOD 

Bobbins Thomas, Hordand viHa 
Hutchinson Rev.CharlesPiBrrepontM^ 
Jackson Rav. Bdward Balkiok [curate 

of St. John's], I Cumden villas 
Jerome Joseph James, Trafalgar place 
Jeromo Mrs. 5 Queeii'» terrana 
Juhnston Capt. Wm. John, S Hope ter 
Kay Cept. Henry Monckton R.U. For- 
ton barracks 
Kilbury Frank, 30 Park street 
Knight Alfredf Mbieland plaoe 
Le Grand Major Frederick Oaapsr r.m. 

Forton barracks 
Ley Lt.-Col.Fredk. H.H.Porton bwrcks 
Lock Utas, 3 Hope teiTaca 
McKeehnie Capt. John AndeisoB Bay 

R.H. 3 Lansdown ilUaa 
Meade Lt.-Col. John Michael DeConrsy 

R.u. Porton barracks 
Miller Major J(An [governor of military 

Mumby Charles. Forton rood 
Murraiit John, 21 Union plaoe 
> ;ningtoii Lieut. Alfred f nutic K.U. 1 

lanraown lillae 
Nurse Lieot.-Col.ChaTleaBaIkQleyR.K. 

Forton barracks 
Park Josepli) 1 Queen's terrace 
Payne William, Forton barraoka. 
PhiUlp John, 7 lAvinia. place 
PhilpRer.CM» [Baptist 1, Camden vUs 
PhOp Chitatopfaer, 8 Caadea viUia 

Forton, and 10 at Broekborsi, wan erected In 1667, some 
of which are exclusliely detoted to. single women and 
widows and tba others, lor married couples not under SO 
years of age. Tlie soil is loom ; subsoil, brick earth. The 
chief crops are grain and garden produce. The area is 
1 ,000 acres ; the population in 1671 was 9fiSt. 

Brockbukbt is a hamlett mjdwafy bttveea Focton and 
Elson 8i>d partly In each district, having a station on. tbe 
London and 3outh Western lailway. 

Parith Clerk, John Lansdown. 

Post & Mohbt Okdbr k TsLsaaAra Officb it 
Saidngs Bank, Government Annnlty ft Insoranea Office, 
Forton road. — William Henry Benham, receiter. Letter* 
tbranitb Cieaport 

Post !e Hokbt Order Ovficb tc Savings Baali, Cam- 
den Town. — iBdward Hottges, NiVpasttuaster 

Wall Boxes at Forton Ic Urockhurst 

Royal Marine tight Infttntry Samuii^ Portoa road, 
CiA. Hamond Weatoo Qmyu A.ii.0., eataauBdaat 
ft I>Icnt.-Gol. PUIlp HiiMs K.K.SDd ea«»odaal 

Military Pritotii Major Miller, governor 

Tbera are National schools for boys and girls, whfcb, to- 
gKther witii rhe old National school, now an Infant 
seboolf will hfljd nearly 000 dilldivn. Larga Sunday 
sdiool^ aw Iwid in the aame buildings. WIIRam A. Hill, 
master of boys' school; Mrs. Kale Sbaw, mJstress of girlb^ 
school ; MIm Hallier, mistress of iul^ta' scbool 

Sivokimnt StoHan, Jowtfik Bysou, soperifiteadeut 

Fry Phillip James, brewer- ft bear re- 
tailer, Fortontoad 
Frj er Albert, boot taaker.Canidvi towa 
Fr\ er Alfred, tobacconist ftc Porton rd 
Fryer Mary Ann (H4»)f lidisi.* oeliooJ, 

2 Hope tensce 
Fuge Joaiah,beer rcl»iler,Camdui town 
Gibbons Tliomas Edmund, plunber, 

painter ft glaaier, Albert street 
Hall Sidney,accountant, 3 Forton. road 
Hammond pnnoea(.MES.)rbeer retailer. 

White's slip 
Harrington Joha, ndireshnait rooaut 

Harvey WiUlan, Queen CharioUe^ 

Foiton road 
Hayward Henry, baker &c. Forton nl 
Head Geo^e, bew'Tetailtrr, Forton road 
Hickman Wn. datryman, Fbrton road 
Hicks Henry, fruil«rer tt gremgnoer, 

Camden ton-n 
Hodves Edward, groc«r,d8a]»er, dapost 

office, Camden town 
Hodges Ben^ sbopkatper, Caiadca town 
H urlock Hy> tioae mason, A BeiTul- ter 
HotcblM Robert, market gaideacr ft. 

greeagroeer, Poiuid lane- 
HutcUna Walter, grocer, provision 
(ner. ft fumifure dealr. CaaMen town 
Johncoa John, fishmonger, Forton road 
JobnsonJane(MrB.),be«rrtlr. Forton rd 
Killbery Balpb, beer relaiUrv Park at 
Knight Henry, fumitniadcaltr 
Lane William, biiiUcr fte 
I^t FTBDois GoiUd, grocery' canteen, 

FortoB bamcka 
Lends Joiu^.q^aartarmaster at Forton 
barrack*, Morelaud road 

Walter, beer retailor, Ann's hill 
Lutmaa Geo. beer retlr. Cainden town 
McEiwen Willi&m,Bhopkeeper,HiUhue 
Msrsbali Wn. sho^ieeperft baar rotlr 
MUlidge SamL insurance agt Forton rd 
Molton Charles, butcher, Forton road 
Monk Joseph, Cricktten, Porbm road 
HonkThoa. beer rt- tailtt, Camden town 
Morrell Wm.tea dlr.groearftaiFOrtnk zd 
Monby Cbarlea ft Co. pfaaimaeettttaal 

ebemists, Forton road 
Newcombe Edward, sluipkpr. Porto» rd 
N ieboHs Thomas^ splii t canteen, Bortou 

North John, bnilder ftc. Ann^s hill 
Patte Elmodam, bea retailw ft ^p- 

keeper, Brougham street 
Paine BdHvard, photttmphv, Forton rd 
PartMB Joba Gw i^ssala ft fluaily 
gronr ft pinvlaisD laendiaat 

Ravmsnd Lieut. Mlefaael Curtis 

2 Caaidea villas 
Richards MUis 1 Hope t«rrace 
Rodney H^or Lenox Gowge R.»..For- 

tm barracks 
Sparsliott CBpt.AdotpbnaBdwd. Porton 
Strong Capt. Heqry HarAod R.ii. F«r> 

Ion barracks 
Itener Rev. Janea ujl. [vkar of St. 

Matthew, GoKoort^, Forton lodge 
VIgar Oeor^^e, Hermitsge 
Vlitsr Miss, HemiitaRe 
Vospv Mhi*, 4 Quem'S' terraee 
Wheeler Chariee* 3 Quren'a tstfaoa 
White Bichd.B.A.,ii.B. Fortottbim^i 


Abbatt John, shopkespn, Forton read 
Allen Ann (Mrs.), grocer, Fortan road 
Amey John, fwmcr 
Ashlbrd Wm. beer retailer, Cobdenst 
Barnes Walter, chair ft basket makar, 

fi rton road 
Bartlett Samuel, Ixiot & shoe maloer, 

Porton roail 
Batclielor Henry, Aat^tcaiffommercw^ 

mn, ft wine ft spirit ner, Forton road 
Batton Darid, grocer ftc. Albert straet 
Beoger Geone, beer retailer 
Banbam WiUiatn Henry, sbopbeepac, ft 

post office, Forton road 
Iw'is Wm. shoe maker, Canden town cl>andler,Camdea town 
Bone Thomas, lodgiifc house, Porton rd 
Booker John, pork butcbar ft siMp- 

keeper, Porton road 
Breaen Agnes (Hiss), Ham dupery 

Camden town 
Bart John, greengrocer, 36 White's slip 
Catiia? Snah (Mrs.), oewa agant ft 

statleaer, Porton road 
Choadbr Heary, beer retaUer^ Mill la 
Clia« Thomas, builder, Ann's Hill laae 
CloBMntJaBe; -M rs . ),groor.fto. Forton rd 
Cole George James, bnUdar ft oon- 

traetw, Porlon road 
GolUs Jesse, instracfeor of Gosport 

vidunlet-iv, 17 Park stroet 
Crepp William, marine store deakr 
Cutbbert William, shopkeepr.Fortenrd 
Oeakn^John RksbdjnookBT.Putimrd 
Bempsey John, ITtRdNUf unwrn, For-- 
ton road 

Dempster Boyd, grocer, Camden town 
Bde Williaoi, coal ft wood dir. Fortoa id 
Edye John, oatfltter, Forton toad 
Ford JobR, shoa maker, Uoiin plaw 

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Pajroe WIlltui,m»rURD«teMett«ut, 

F«rton barranu 
Pflaiee JumB^tUpm,ifimt»i MrtkMi- 

PeanMD O awnt, nllnkiir is Tieeiaa ' 
U>n •OsCT foe IdwmMu, St. i 
John't pUee 

PcoDf ikn Mmm (Mm.), lidtai' 
iiliiBl, 4 Bdltvw t«nM« I 

PUHte Wm. cnn etandler, Fwtm nl , 
Rapley WUIian ft Stm, kniULen * oao- 

nmetam, JUbariMMt | 
Rilej Tbomu William, bew retaUer & : 

ibapkaepcr, HlU liDa i 
R agBw Jaaw, gfoear, Camde* 4own 
Rowiasd Hwvlet (Mn.),Iiabai'da»)Kr I 
St. Tkomat'M Horn* for PMien GirU \ 

(Sistsr Harriet ia charge), SCaadMi 

Scamdl Andiew Hany^inMer Afeahar, 
CMndeo tmni I 

Seynonr John, beer reMiler, Portonrd 
Skaw Wm. 5eeri«CiUer, Caiariea tom 
Smttb Cbarlee llioBMa, ulcer ft ahop- 

keepCT, Camtei town 
Snith Jbo. chinmay ei uap e f T Fottonid 
Sndtfa JohB, g ie to gre ee r, Miy laae 
Smith Wm-Mt^ikMpaPrS^Tletariaet 
Smith WllUan, riiopksepe* ft Iwer n> 

taller, Foton nad 
SaitlMDilTlw— ■rm.M.^partuiiaMtarat 

Forton barra^ He ioka/k aollBxa 

Snape lifted Cbarica, artist ft Arawing 

muter, Spring Ganlen eottaga 
^Ipwkmaik Jamcfl, abopkpr. Potion road 
l^ppeoden John, draper, bojier ft 

glover, Aahfbvd tuNiie 
Thomai RbL gen>ral dealers Fectoa rd 
TKtTHQottft Alm9h(nut»f GundM Iwn 
ThomtOQ Hear;, boot muter JfclMWher 

seUer, Fortan tmA 
Ttlkan CliariM, tmtdMr, Ftorloai road 
Trat ChariM, koet * ehoff ma. Hnton rd 
Treaoher Jantea, batcher, Oamdea tmn 
Tribe Henry, beer nUiliir, Dmkam *t 
Waters Tninna* k Frederick, shop- 

keepert, Fortoo road 
WeM I{ese(Mrai)i Vmsa drpr.Forton rd 
WutK*te PranolB 8aiBuel, MUitart/ 

Arms, Fortoa ivad 
Willis Cecil, photographer, Fbrton rd 
Youajt Chas. bi«r retailer, Victoria st 



Beasley 3emael, H)»rh Bank cotlage 
ChursherWm.Eaiaaael, Hrovidenoe cot 
JuUifie Col. WUUam K.u 
Pattereoo CapL BrDcUmnt hovsa 
Plomer Ura. Rom villa 
Kamuy Wmiam 

Seatey Charivs Hawksfforth, SI.Anlriii» 
8exiey Mis«, St. Aubiiu 
Shairp Cut. Fraoda flordouM b.k. 
Alma TilLa 

Sfaerrett lire 

Stiver Th^ HitM!^ Brockhurst eoCtaga 
TapMD Urs 

WellsCapLWm. Hy.a.M.L.i.ClattdTil 


kjiiaz Heavy, bhicktmitll 
Chnnbcr 8arah ( Mrs.), cowUei|Mff 
Cltlford George, 9tm 
Dome Wm. mm norduot k oanMn 
BatveU Jabn, hrm faaWlT to CbirtM 

WlltiaiQ Hoaeaew) 
Poa Hann Tbamas, Qmm's Head 
Gilbert Adan, beet ft shoe maker 
Gilbert Robert, boot ft shoe maker 
Gullfford John, builder 
Hardy WilOam Charies, hrmer 
Heyden WilUam, beer retailer 
Hay ward BUti (Mr*.), ■bopkeeper 
UMd Edwin, beer reialar & shophMpr 
HoUoway George, market girdeaar 
(latebku Joeepb, shopkeeper 
Halehtas Rober^ greeugiixjtr fte 
Johaaon Bei^aain, beer retailer 
Palce WDnan, abopkeeper 
PaTcy Chas. H y. wbcBlwrlglitliearpeMlcr 
3award Jaans, bekcr ft cunfoetloner 
ShepMrd John, Kmifi Head 
SoDthwell Wm. mlaeral wster manfetr 
Tribe Jobn, beer retailer, ft licensed to 

let poet horses ft flys 
Trim Mary { If re.), greeugroaer 
Webb Jobk O. H. miUer fteocH mmht 

FOXCOTT is a parish In the Northern dlvisioa of the 
coiuty, partly within the PartiaoMatary borough of Aa- 
do««r, Aiutorer aoioB aod county court district, hundred, 
arehdaaaeufy and diocese of Winchester and Andover rural 
deanery weatera divisUovS lailea Berth-west from Andorer, 
and 66 tiram Loodoo. The church (not dedicated) Is in the 
£arly English style, and eonsista of chancel, nave, tower 
and epirer with 1 bell and a cloek ; It was erected in the 
year 1B&^ at thesole cost ofthe late Miss Gale, in place of 
an aadsBt baildine on the maw site. The register dates 
from the year 1971. Hie Uvteg Is a ehapelry, annexed to 

tlie vicarage of Andover, jolut yearly valtut £576, la the gift 
ol Winchester CoUeve and held by tae R«t. Charles ColBwr 
M.a.,p.8.A. of TriiU^ College. Dublin. The Rev. J. H. 
Oale Is kird ut the manor ana the nrinetpal landowner. The 
soil is gravel ; subsoil, chalk. The chief ctms are wheat, 
barley aad oats. The area Islndwled with Knighu Bnbaa; 
raleatda veiue, £1,130 ; the pepi^Uon in \«3l was (i7. 
Parith CUrkf John Smkh. 

X.ettert tArougb AadOfer, wbiiA la the Matcst nuuHf order 

Dowling Robert, farmer 


raSEBCASTTZJi' Is a suburb of Southampton, from 
which ft is about 1 udle wast. In 1851 it was separated 
from the dvU paiishof HiUbrookforeceleslasticalpurpowi; 
Its Mpnlation then was limited to that of Preeniaatla Hall, 
its joaees and-a few scattered housea on the vei^ of the 
perk. In 1852 the old hall was pulled down and the park was 
soM by the late Sir Geoj^ Hewett hart. : Us growth since 
that lime baa been conllDuous : pleasantly situated on the 
banks of the Soathampton water, the land was soon covered 
with detached and seml-detachea villas and ooitages ; it is 
in the Southeen lUvislen of the county, Soutbampton county 
oinrt district. South Stonebam union, Southampton rami 
deanery and wincbetter archdeaconry and dlooesf>. Christ 
Cborcb was erected and a dutrlet BMigned to It ia 18^10 : 
the style is Geometrical Gothic anil plan cruciform : tbe 
total cost about £5,000: It 1» a handsome building, and 
eonsista of chancel, nave, aisles and traasepts, with a Icrfty 
lower and spire, added in 1874 by«ubs<TiptIon ; there is a 
floe stained windcnr at the east end : It has 940 sittingji, all 
free. The r^ter dates from the year 186^ The living 

Aitk«iJas.l Roaeland.MUlbfOQkToad 
AUbrd Robert Alexander, Saxon road 
ABen WilUam, ,St. John's oettagn, 

Wateko road 
Aiehlbnld Geo. Beec «llla,PayDe's road 
Aoathi SaaueL Shirley rood 
Bvley JaaMS, Elmlleld,Millbponk road 
Sake* Un. Ava vlUa, MiUbrook road 
Baker Bobt. PMlmaa vU. BUUbnok rd 
BarCMt Chiriea Bunea, Thaaai vUIa, 

BamettJohn.aATon vlUn^tfinkraok rd 
Barrs JohkThe HoUies, MUlbnek tmi 
Peitlett MiM, V^amaiMd 
^rdett Samnj, Bnnhdd lodge 
Bitm QtovBa Oufae, ffortheohay 

U a recttvy, yearly value £300, with reddenee, in the gUt 
of the Biabop of Wincheater and held by the Rev, John 
D'Arcy Wareop Preston m.a. of Worcester College, Oxford. 
S]>Bck)US schools were erected In 1850, which with the 
master's house oost £1,900 ; an infant school was a<lded In 
1873: they will hold about 600 childreu. The Wesleyans 
have a chapel in Park road. The greater part of the Uod is 
owned by a number of smaii ffceaohlers. Tiie area Is 190 
acres ; the population In 1S71 was if&iQ. 
Verger, P. Smith, Tama road. 

Post te Mosbt Ordsr ft Teleqrafu OpprcK ft 
Savlni^s Bank.— Thomas George Lowman, rec-iver. Let- 
ters arrive tnm Soutbampton at 7.30 a.m. k^p.m. ft are 
dispatched at XOJM a.m. S 9.00 p.m. Wall Boxes, Fir 
Gnre road, cleared at 7 p.m. wedtdiyf; ft Waterioo 
road, desred at 11 B.m. St 130 p.m. week days 
Church Ai&ooJ, John Simpson, master; Mrs. Mary Ann 
Simpson, mistress; Miss .Maria Games, Infants' mistress 
Bnnbnry Colonel George, Pembroke 

house, UlUbrook road 
Burt Mrs. 9 River view, MiUbrook road 
Bye Jobn Saunders, Belmont vlila, 

MiUbrook road 
CbUd Jobn, Berkeley vil. .MiUbreok rd 
Clnnes Deune WUUam, 1 Hark terrace 
Cobb Miss. Bath cottage, Shirley road 
Conway WUUam, CUff 

Beer Miss, Warwick villa, SIdrley road 

Biahop Urs. Brook house 

filackmrd Francis, Richmond road 

Blanford Frederic, MasMon villas, Wa. 
terioo road 

Bone Mrs. I Northampton vUlas, Mill- 
brook road 

Bott Charles James; XaseW road 

Bradley Wm.Stonebonge vil. Millbrkjd . 

BreverJohn, Sprli^; bouse, Shirley read Cooper DTd.Cuniberlnd. Idfr.Payne*8 rd 

Bridger MlasyS Ullfot^ vUs, Waterloo rd 
BroouAbntnam, Alpha ho. Waterloo rd 
Brown Fraderlck,Peri vUla,Waierioord 
Brown Wm. Victoria vIl. MUlbrook rd 
Brvant Geo. Oxford boose, Waterloo rd 
Buekland Mrs. W, H. Studl^ TUla, 

Payne's road 
Budgen Themais Waterioo road 

Cowley Mrs. Maisonett, MHIbrook road 
Cox Gnat. Rosslyn vUla, MiUbrook road 
Itangell Mrs. tfaribcrough cottage, 

MOlbrook road 
Davis Mrs. Weymouth cot. MUlbiooh nl 
DawaeoRer. waUamJamas[ Wesleyan], 


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DoddCbfl8.lSprineflld.Tll8. Waterloo rd 
Dogale HiM,8ElnifleId TU.HIIIbrook rd 
Ffthrinos Bartholomew, Once vUla, 

MUlbrook road 
I^neb Roland, Lymington \<idf(t, Hill- 
brook mad 
Finn John, 1 Be&nfortvIU. Waterloo rd 
Kiab Mr*. 1 Claremont vlla. Waterloo rd 
Fox Mrs. S Park terrace 
Furber Rbrt.RutlaDd lod|ie,Watrloo. rd 
fleorge John, Watorioo road 
Ginit Capt. Edward J.U. 8 Park terrace 
Oodfror Abrahin.CroMw.D.Waterioord 
Qooby Rot. William [CongrefirBtlonal], 

Cama, Waterloo road 
Goodman Jolio Reynolds, Lake ril'a, 

Or^ Jamei Charles, Haoonr boose, 

Ifitlbrook road 
Green William Bon-lea, Norman roail 
Oreengo Clias. Poreat cot. MtDbrook rd 
Greenwood SaiDl.Redthonte,Payne'a rd 
Or^ory Wm. Clara villa, Mlllbiook rd 
Qricourt Arsene Anguete, Woodland 

boQM, Union road 
Grow John, Emerald *llla,9birle7 road 
Heddon Alfred, 1 Paragon, Waterioo rd 
Hasroe laaac, Oakland cot.MiIlbrook rd 
Harrif Herbert. Oak villa, Mlllbnwkrd 
Hart Mra. Accrington lio. Waterloo road 
Hawklna Geo. Arundel vil. Waterloo rd 
Hawley Captain Robert Toorey, The 

Beechea, MUlbrook road 
Heatle Urs. Firfleld, MUlbrook road 
Henry Thoa. Trinidad villa, Waterkw rd 
Holbecb William, Varna road 
Howard NathnltJ.WUlh(riine,lfmbrk.rd 
Howard Kicltard, Belle Vne cottage, 

MUlbrook ro«l 
Ingram Rbt. Hawthorn TU.MUlbrookrd 
JamesRcbd.Claremont cot. Waterloo rd 
JoneB William, Klngaton cot. ShlrlCT rd 
Joyce James, 1 Avon villas, HHIbiwdcrd 
Kemp Jamea, Rockioffham, Waterioo rd 
Kent Chaa. Woodbine villa, H lllbrook nl 
King John Jas. Myrtlecot. Waterioo rd 
Kinkead Edward, Hnrst ho.Wat«rIoord 
KinBCy William, Carey cot. Payne'a rd 
Laidlaw Hlai, S Northampton vlllav, 

Hlllbrook road 
Leach Oeoi^, Waterloo road 
Lemeaurier Major Andrew Alfred, 3 

Irene villas, Hlllbrook road 
LItten John, Baroda faou<e, Waterloo rd 
Loader Geo. Kellow, Milton vll.Park rd 
Loney Captain Peter r.h. Magdala 

house, Hitlbrook road 
LowmanGeo.l RiveTTlew,Hillbrookrd 
MacdonaldMisaes,Bamfld.Millbrook rd 
McKillican John, Portland cottage, 

Hlllbrook road 
MartellEd«ar(l,The Willow8,Shirley rd 
Hajcr William, Hemer cot.Waterloo rd 
Holison Hra.! Irene vUa. Hlllbrook rd 
Mondey Mias, Hennon til. Waterloo rd 
Monk Thomas, Park road 
Moody William Henry, Trlaandon villa, 

Hlllbrook road 
Morris Frederic Henry m.d. Suther- 
land house, Waterloo road 
MmidayHiss,! HUfordvils.Waterioonl 
Nasb Bin. Uwietta vUU, MUlbrook rd 
Keave Hra. Fane villa, MUlbrook road 
Nicholas Richard, Freemantle lodge, 

Payne's road 
Norria Wm. 1 MoseUe vU. MiUbrook rd 
OUve Hra. UaaaloovUlai, Waterloo Id 
OramHra.Lincoln cottBge,HUlbn>ok rd 
Osborne Hiss, Richmond road 
Ottino Antonio, 1 Villa Caaerta, Mill- 

Palmer William George, Wellington 

vUla, Waterloo road 
Parmenter Mra. S Cambridge villas, 

MUlbrook road 
Pariona Gcorfte, Wistaria, Waterioo rd 
Paul Robert, Crosby bo. MUlbrook id 
Peane Hn. Brook vlUa, Pome's road 

Pearce Stephen Seward, Seaward Tilla, 

MUlbrook road 
Perkins Richard Hopkins, \an. Hdland 

hnnse, Shiriey road 
Phillipson Thomas, HUI hoase, HUU 

brook road 
Phfpson Joseph Henry, Providence 

house, Rhlrley road 
Pike SI. Fay^Sablna vU. MUlbrook rd 
Pink Mrs. Puscbia viUa, Waterloo road 
Pliinick Hiss, Apsl^ bo. Waterloo road 
Pocock Charles Thonua, Blanch villa, 

Pope Horace, RIchmoad vUIa, Mill- 
brook road 
Preaton Rev. John D'Arcy Warcop 

U.A. [rector], Rectory 
Quick Edmund Alim, Grace tUIs, 

MUlbrook road 
RaliierCapt. Peter r. v. Thetis vtlla, 

Pavne'a road 
Redshaw Jhn.l Brittany vU.Waterioo rd 
HossAndrw.SClaremont vU. Waterloo rd 
Royal John Joseph, Park road 
Saunders Tbomaa, Glenroy, Waterloo rd 
Sawyer Robort, Richmond road 
Scott Geo. Walt. Cliff cot. MiUbrook rd 
Scott Stephen, 3 St. Leonard's, Water- 
loo roaa 

Sherren Henry ,Whltcombe lodge, MiU- 
brook road 
Shore Thomas William F.o.a., f.c.b. 

Athole house 
Sim Edward Turner, 8 Elmfltrld vlUas, 

Miilhrook road 
Slsman Stephen jubilee vil. Waterloo rd 
Smith Frank Forrest, Ernest vlUa, 

MUlbrook road 
Smith Rev. Hethcotereunte], Allgarh, 

MUlbrook road 
Spar^n William Arery, Derwent 

lodge, Payne'aroad 
Stepbeoa John Fliz, Waterloo villa, 

Waterloo road 
Stevens John, Lodge vil. MUlbrook rd 
Stlcklaad Mrs. S TUla Caserta, MiU- 
brook road 
Strange Mr!^. S SprlngfteM villas, 

Waterloo road 
Susan Tbos. Oair vtll^ Miilhrook rond 
Terrey Thomas Westbrook, Hanford 

house, HQIbrook road 
Todd James, Naseby road 
Truss Mn. Thurston vil. Miilhrook rd 
Tiibb Albert, Hope villa, MUlbrook rd 
Twyford Charles Henry, 6 Elmfleld 

viUas, MiUbrook road 
Tyrrell PraBet8,Hai^U fao.Mlllbrookrd 
viant John, Beaufort villa, Payne's rd 
WalkUng Thomas George, Cleveland 

cottage, Waterloo road 
Walton Mrs. Egremont, MUlbrook rd 
Ward Thomas,Wilton house, Shirley rd 
West John Thomas, MUlbrook road 
Wheeler Miss, Holly Idg. MUlbrook rd 
Whitfield Hiss, Thornton lodge. Mill- 
brook road 
WhUtleHrs. Longford vU. MiUbrook rd 
Wiart Madam, Penryn vU. Waterioo rd 
WUIiams Charles frederick, S Florence 

villas, MUlbrook road 
Williams Lily, S Brittany vUIas, Water- 
loo road 

WUtohlre Edward, Vlt Grove villa 
WUtshiK Mrs. Orchard vllht, Shirley rd 
WooIfWUIiam Hear>-, Hartley viUa, 
Payne's road 


AUen John, ships' engineer, Ljndhnrst 

vUU, Hlllbrook road 
Avery Edwin, blackamlth, Albany road 
Babot John Charles, master mariner, 

Ross villa, MUlbrook road 
Bailey John, blacksmith, Waterloo rd 
Baker John, boilder. Lodge read 
Barnes Charles, Duke oj Wellington, 

Welllnglon road 
Bassett QeMge, StarfamUg is com- 
mercial kota, Waterloo road 
Bath James, baker, WelUagton road 

Bessant Tbomaa, ahips' steward, Leiees- 

ter eottage, Hlllbrook road 
Biles John, hair draaaer, Sbirlev road 
Brown Ephraim,beer retaller,HelsBnnt 
Baekle Stephen, plnmbio-, Qoeen'e rd 
Bndden John Bdwla, riUpe* steward, 

Lodge road 
Burden James Q«om, vetcrinaty 

surgeon, Norbary villa, HUllvook n 
Callaway Herbert Josepb, gBncfil 

dealer. Perk road 
Carter Oharlea Ooddard, OM/ktefw, 

Lodge road 
Chapman Caleb, butcher, Hlllbrook rd 
Church Wm. beer retailer, Lodge road 
Clark John, builder, HUIhrook road 
dement George Biiigje, maatermartaer, 

Cleverley Prands Edmund, ahlpt' 

Bteward, Elmleigh, Shirley road 
Compton William Thomas, 2 Roaeland, 

MUlbrook road 
Cooper Eiimbeth Louisa (Hrt.), Rail' 

Kay inn, MiUbrook road 
Coppins: John, beer ret^ler.nrOroverd 
Cross Alfred, boot maker. Lodge road 
Dawklns Alfred, carver, gilderft pktnre 

frame maker, Park rMd 
neane Eliza (Mrs.), stationer, Park rd 
De Froissard Gaalon, Intenweter, Lang- 
ley villa, MUlbrook raad 
Ditpensarg {F. H. HottIbm.d. medi- 
cal officer k sec) 
Dommett Jas. basket ma. Shlrl^road 
Dunning Da vid,pou1terar, Wdlin^onrd 
Dymott Charies, florist, Hillbrook rd 
Edmnnd8WalterWm.shopkpr. Park rd 
Ely James, plumber. Sir George's road 
Etehee John,j^umber, glader ft honst 

decorator. Park road 
Faaham John, blacksmith, Shlrieyroad 
Flllis Joseph, taUor, Lisbon road 
Flmd Stephen John, pork batcher, 

Park road 
Freeman James, grocer, WeUIngton rd 
Friend John Walter, watcb ma. Partt id 
Fudge Robert Miller, master roariaer, 

Marine vUla, MUlbrook road 
Gatee Geo. fly proprietor, MUlbrook rd 
Olyde Thomas, tinman, Sir George's rd 
Godden Henry & Son, upholsterers k 

undertakers, MUlbrook road 
Godfrey Abraham Cross H.D. snrgeon, 

Waterloo road 
OoldingThoma9,earpenter, MiUbrook id 
Gordon John Edwin, butcher. Park rd 
Goulding Stephen, builder, Hanalon rd 
GreenThoa. baker& grocer, FIrGrove id 
Green Wm.Bowle8,solldter,Nonnan rd 
GreensladeGeorge.printer, Waterloord 
Guppy Thomas, naker, WeUington rd 
Hampton James, horse dealer, Kent rd 
Harden Emnia(Mrs.), fancy repository, 

S Bridge place 
Haskell Charies, boot maker, Park road 
Hayward WUUun, dairyman, Parkrd 
Heasell Henrv, park butcher. Park rd 
Hlggins Bartnolomew, master mariner, 

Alberton villa, Waterloo road 
Hill James, grocer, Shirley road 
HIU Joseph, Stile inn, Shtrieyrofld 
Hobby Henrr John, shopkpr.'Shlritf rd 
Hooper John tc Son, com tc ooal dealsfs. 

Park road 
Hosking IsabeUa (Mrs.), ladies' achool, 

Carlton house, MUlbrook road 
House Chas. beer reuiler,WelUngtoa rd 
HowlingLoke WiUiam,ma'ster mariner, 

Mtddleton lodge, Waterioo road 
Hunt Eliaa (Mm.), Stoan Park road 
Ince Ebenezer, commerelal traveller, 2 

Uoselle vilUs, HUIhrook road 
Ingram Mary (Mr*.), lodging 1>*>^ 

8 Norman road , 
Iremonger Thoa. fly propr. Waterloo rd 
Isted Thomas Edmund, eemmeiwl 

tntveller, Waterioo road , , 
JarrliJoshaa, PremimtU kotl.VtA rd 

Digitized by 



JmVam Heerv, Mr^flint fntlnietar to 

Huts Rifle Com, Park road 
JoBwWlUiamChaa.boya'Kbo<>r,Park rd 
Jay Blia(lln.),fiintitu«bro.ParkKl 
JantM aiAard, carpenter, Park toad 
I^ke Tboma^ beer retailer, Staaley it 
Imoo Joeeph, boot makerj^vk road 
Law«a Tbonaa, boot ma. WeUington rd 
Leaeh Blinbetb (Mrs.), ahopkceper, 

Fir Grore road 
iMmer Henry Joliti, abopkeeper & 

beer retailer, Park road 
Ldgb BaoiiiBld Auguttiu, roHter 

Bwriuer, CUftoo bonse, Hlllbrook rd 
LowlerWa. Joha,balld«r.Wdllne^n. rd 
Lowraan Brotbeit, groeen k aoents for 

W. ft A. OUbej, nine ft apint mer- 

cbaato, Park road 
Low man Charlea Hy. plumber, Varna rd 
Va&y Prank, plumtier, Park road 
Mann Wm, fbniture tookr. Sbirlsy rd 
Marah WllliaD, boot ma. Maosioo road 
Manall ft MakUow (Hbus), linen 

drapcn^ Park road 
May Wm. ehlmney sweeper, Lisbon rd 
HerrelU Tbomaa, matter mariner, 2 

qawBMot TiU«k UiUbrook road 
MMdleton Geo. coal dir. Hillbrodc ti 
Uilee GeoTRe, ehembt, Park road 
Milea William, aaeUoneer,Uillbrook rd 
Moody William, grocer, Victoria road 
Mood;r Vm. Heo. dentiat, HUlbiook rd 
Mwna Frederic Henry m.d. ■argeon, 

Sntberland home. Waterloo road 
Morris Heoiy, arcblteet, Ulondl vU- 

Us, Millbrook road 
Moadav John, carver, Waterioo road 
Muidl JwoM^shopkMpari Hewitt'* rd 
IToirftnUspb JlaiUftseedmn.9hirlMv rd 


Oade« Japfa. 6ml, greengroeer.Lodge rd 
Olden Sidney, batcher. Park road 
Oaman Henry, butcher, Millbrook road 
Overton Rboda (Uis.), baker, Park rd 
Page Edwin, Cogton house officer, I 

CUremnnt TiUas. Mlllbnwk rood 
Pamplio Frank, fishmonger, Park roo'l 
Psrmenter Charles, commercial travcl- 

ier, Abberton villa, Waterloo road 
Payiw Tbomas, beer retaller,9falrley rd 
Permain WtlUam, grocer, Park road 
Plcknell John, haberdasher, Park ri>*«i 
FinkWltr. Herbert, baker, Kingston rd 
Potter Joseph, baker, Lodge rond 
Price Frednick, daiiTman, Hark rotd 
Prude Alfred 0( retlr. Shirley rd 
Ramsay Andrew, Park House inn, 

Shirley road 
Reynolds Matthew,beer rtlr. E lward st 
Richanls Da«kl, horse dir.WelUntftu.rd 
Richards Henry,Ai«iit(r5iM,3birTey rd 
iUdgway JoMepb, teacher of music, 

Breland rllla, Millbrook road 
Rom John, naster mariner, Warwick 

bouse, Waterioo road 
RubhU proprietor, Foundry la 
Salnsbnry Edmuiid, greengrer.Park rd 
Sandy Jasoas, beer rvtlr^ OMrge's rd 
Sandy Samuel, carpenter 
Scorey Thomas, gioeer, Park road 
Searle Wm. tee dealer. Fir Grove road 
Serle WilUam, boot ma. Sir George's rd 
Seytaoar Wulbw, Xmr A- Amehor, 

Short Herbert, ceal dealer, Cliff road 
SilIeoeeWaIterGeorge,baker,8hiriey rd 
Sims Bdward Turner, draper. Park rd 
Sml(liMeKy( Mrs.)^i5opkpr. Bdward st 
9mi*h fUmrm, shApkeeper, PirGrove rd \ 


S nlih Thomas, carver, slider ft picture 

frame ma. Hewlit'a rd. See advert 
Snook Alfred, shopkeeper, Andover rd 
Sqnibb William Hsnry, oommerdal 

travaller. May villa, Waterloo road 
Stammen Robert, Eofle, MiUbtook rd 
Stannard Bllia (Mrs.), shopkeeper 

Wellington road 
SwTcrThos. family grocer, wine, spirit, 
aJe ic porter merchant ft agent fbr 
Henrv Brettft Co.'sBao de Vie pure 
brandy ft Hennessy's old brandies, 
Millbrook road 
TbompecHi John Parker, auctioneer, 1 

BlmSei'l villa, Millbrook rtml 
Truckle Jesse, shopkeeper, Waterkw rJ 
Tun bridge Henry iconimercla] traveller, 

1 St. Leoaard^B, Waterloo road 
Turtle John, ship's steward, Naseby rd 
Tweed William, baker, MUlbnwk roa t 
Viant John, solioitor, Bsanfbrt villa, 

Payne's road 
Walt Alfred McLeon, master mariner, 

1 Florence villas, MilllwMk road 
Walden James, boot maker. Park road 
Webb Wm. beer retoiler, Waterloo rd 
West George, ganlanar, 1 Easter viUa«, 

Waterloo road 
White Gecnge, Prince ^ Waiu, Wel- 
lington roiad 
Wbitehorn John, beer retallr.Albany rd 
Wiles Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper. Sir 

George^ road 
WlllnioTeTbQa.greengroeer, nrOiove rd 
Wood William Wlater,oommmlal tra- 
veller, Wood villa, Sblrlqy road 
Woodford Jame^ beer retlr. Stanley at 
WrlgtatAlfd.feSo■^buUdan, Millbrook rd 

VBOXJnSXiD Is a Tillage and parish, pleasantly situated , 
4 allee north-west from Petersflcld. in the ParUamentary 
borongli at PeteisAdd, Northern dlvisloa of the county, 
fanndred itf Bast Meon, PetersHeld nnion, petty sessionial 
divlskm and county court district, dioce<e and archdraconry 
of Winchester and rural deam^ of Alton eastern division. 
The ehareh of tit. Peter, ervcieil at High Cro^ In 1862, tiy 
subseription, at a coat of £i,'^, is In the Barly Bogllsti or 
Pointeu style and oonriats of ehanoel, nave, north W9 and 
vestry: it Isan Interesting fistare of the Interior that the 
idcn, cnpitala and arch stones of three of the arches were 
IVB^t from the old buildliig (which was at Froxfleld 
Green) and rceonstmcted ; they belong to the Norman 
period : there are 350 sittings, ail free : the site whs pre- 
seatod by John SUmter esq. who also eooiribatsd £3U0 to 
iteeiectleD : the hue Joseph Martineau eeq.itf Basing Park. 
cootribMtad £900 : the coancd of the old church is now used 
as a mortnaiy chapel to the old burial Kround, Froxfleld 
Green, where Interments still take place. The register dates 
from IMS. The llvli« b a vicarage, yearly valtie £^0, in 
the gift ^ the Bishop of Lfcbfield and heU bv the Rer, John 
HoecgDod 11.1.. SMoey SossexColIege.Caabridife. Here la 
an endowed ackool lor boys, income £30, and a National 
aefaool fbr girls and Inftnts. A small Wesleyan chapel was 
opened in September, 1851. There i« ninaing through this 
pariah from aoath-east to uortb-west an embankment, which 
It ia suppoeed fonned part of the boundary wliicfa sepanued 
■be kii^oms of Wessex and Su«sex. On the site of a 
Ronan encampment, situate a mile somh of the Green, 
several Interesung remains have been discovered. Stuuer 

Crooke Mn. The Green 
Gicenwood His. Broadhanger 
Uosegood Rev. John h,a. Lvlcar]f The 

Lacey Mrs. Week green 
Niehulscm William j.t. Basing park 
SOrester John, Slade honsa 
Tbarp VHIltam, The Green 
AbatTOw William, ftram 
Amey John, fhrmer, Higher It Lower 


Hill, from which the seals visible through gaiisin the South 
Diiwns, is a lotty amlnence, rfshig almiptly from the valley 
of Steep^ overhxAing a valley ta very gnat extent. The 
whole ot this uarlsh is considerably atwve the surrounding 
country and abounds In pleturesque views ; the bold woody 
acclivities rising from the north side of the valleys, and the 
*' upland lawns," are here called "haogeis" (haaghtg 
woods), and in these sylvan beantiea the UUs on that side 
are remarkably rich. Basing Park, the seat of William 
Nicholson esq. J.r. extenda over 4A0 acres of richly-wood*! 
land : the mansion, which is in tlm Grecian atyla, b ap- 
proached from the London road tbroagh a long avenue of 
pines : near the park sn extttnitve butldings tur a model 
lam, erected by Mr, Nicholson. Broadhangtr, the seat of 
Mrs. Greenwood, occuplea an elevated attoatloa, onrlotdt- 
Ingthe hangers which sweep down iato the Tale« Utiwfbb. 
Slade House b the seat of John Silvester asq. whose lamily 
have been residents in this parish siiiee the time of Henrv 
VIII. The Eccleaiastfcal Commissioners are lords oi Via 
manor. The priael|«l landowners ars Jidia SUveater aaq. 
and William Niebobon esq. but many of the brmeraowa 
tbeir land. The aoU varies from a stiff clay to a Ught veee- 
lable loam : sutMoU, chalk. Thechiefcrope are wheat, barley 
and oats. The area b *M» acres ; rateable value, £4,177 ; 
and the population In 1871 was 6M. 

Parith Clerk, Stanben Underwood, 
Post Oppicb, The GFreen.— William Gale, reclver. Letters 

received from Petemfield at 9 a.m, ; lUopatehed at fi p.m. 

Tii« iie<tretit monev order otflce ia at PetersBdd 
Sational School (}{irla ft iofanU) (vacant) 

Carter John, Trooper inn 
Carter William, fiurmer. Rings green 
Dartell Daniel, &rmer 
Posbnry Frederick, Ikrmer 
Gale William, flu-mcr, grocer ft brick- 
layer, k post office 
Gould Henry, shopkeeper 
Hicks James, farmer, Stoner Hill cot 
Uiid»beth Joseph, steward to William 
Nkriulton esq. J.P. Basing park 

Jarman John, carpenter ft wheelwright, 

Stuner hill 
Knlaht Henry, blackamilh 
Knight Thomas, farmer, Uaslng Dean 
Lavlngton Fredk.tarmr.W heeler's farm 
Marsh George, bout maker & simp* 

keeper, Sioner hill 
NormanAlbert,fliriij er, WeekQreea farm 
Roberts John, frrmer 
.■tilventer John,hnaerfthuidowner,Slade 
TliorpWm. AuKSt*. farmer, ttydeanfhrm 

ntOTXiE (XJPFEB and LOWBS) form a parish, deaoonr)- of Winchester and rural deanery of Alton vrestera 
a Mile* weet from Bentky station on the Alton branch of the division. The river Wey runs through the parish. Iht 
Soatli Watam railway, 46 from London, on the road to church of St. Mary haa chancel, nave and sqiiare twvrer. 
Kambaa, 31 atfftb-east from Alton, in the Northern dlvistoo | with clock and 6 bells; ItwasrebailtinlStSLBM tbechaacel 
of the eonnty, Alton union, hundred, county coort district was restored in 1847 ; the east window b SUed with atKieat 
sad p^ scaslOBai divialoo, and in the diocese and arch* | heraldic glass ; there are four stolned windows in memory of 

Digitized by 



variooB memben oS the Miller finoUy ; an org»n ww pr«> 
scatsdby LMlytfiUertairer. TlienffliitardttflsfrwnkliityeH' 
1750. Ttie liTlotr J« a dliebar^ed Tiatrwa, Mriy valve 
£306,mttare«icU»>fle, in Uw gift of^C. J. Hubert Hitler 
bart. «iul beM by the dev. Ueory Cattle Pload b.a. of 
Wadbaca Coiltige, Oxf*rd. Here arfl ebiirch sebogli built at 
the Mle CJUteuK vf tbe late Sir C. H. MilUr bHTt. Tiuk« 
cbildrni or thU part»!a are eaiitjed to be edueMted at the 
Radcved araminar School, Uolrbicwo- A Wosleyan chapel 
WW eveded at Lower FroyU h 1B63. Froyle Park i» a 
miH>«Iop standiBK in a vaU-wooded park of 60 acree, and u 
Uw residence of BeitJamin Steven B(»«nicaq. ; it entirely 
restored in 1867by tlielateSlrCH- Ullltr. Frayle HoiueU 
tbe teat of btenry BamlnKbav eeq. j.p. to whom aUo Uigti- 
way House in tl^ pariab belongs. Tbe principal landowatsre 
are Sir C. J. Hubtul Miilw btru (wiho is lord of the maonr) 
and Henry Buntlogbam e»q. Tbe nil ii clay ; aubwU, 
chulk nndcUy. TbecbiefofA^aKhopsandcereaU. Tbe 

BovHt Benjamin Steven, Froyle park 
Bnmingfaatn 'Hcnrr j.p. Froyle bouse 
Flood He*, flenry Cattle B.A. Vican^ 
Pittman MiM>. Higb<w home 
Broomfleld Rwluud, Mrn f CMekent 
Browifjohn Thonm, grocer 
Colllos Charle*, farraor ft fiop grower 
CnnningliBni Frederick, "ferin bailiff to 

Mr. T. J. Watney, Nnnnnnl farm 
El'.li GeoiVfii maker 
BUU Beary, cattle dealer 

Foster Henry, Arm bailiff to Jeeeph 

Stoekdale mo. Bruckfanrst farm 
KetDp Danid, oricklaver 
Knight Barbara (Mn.), brewer, farmer, 

& Ikop frianter 
KnIgM Jawet, Printe flT Watas 
Morse Raymoi<d, farmer, Taruhames 
Hampton Cbarles,sbof>keeper 
Saiimhaa Genge, dtfryntui 
HeHvener Hem?, woodwarden 
SimpMHi James, firmer,'hop grower & 
sliopkeepn-, Upfier •Froyle 

area h 3,665 acres; rateabla ▼«lM,.£jl^^; ilu popolation 
la 167.1 waaSaa. 
Parish CUri, Qeorge J-adcwn. 

CobDRBr, adjoining FrDyle.waafonn«riyextra-parocUal, 
DOW a pariah, witii only twonooasi^; Its area m 105 acm, 
tbe property of Geoi^ Diii)caaes4.wfaD is lord uf tbcmanoi; 
Ataabk Falue, £i07 ; tbepoptriation In 1671 was 12. 

Post Ofpiob, Lower Froyle.— iJantes Bou^e, receiver. 
Letters Koalved cbruugb Alton ; arrive «t 8.30 a.m. ; dis- 
patcbed »t d; suooays, 10 J0 a^m. The avareat money 
order office is at Alton. Letter Box lilaared at 5.35 p.m. ; 
sundnve, 12.10 p.m 

Ooeraeert, William Scott £nig%t k WUliam Wt^brook 

Church School, George Laath Veal, raaakr ; Mrs.. Veil k 
Uiw Uaoni^ Siiapson, nistraiei 

Cjlbxisk to Bb^itlby tt FA(iiiH4U..T-rjRmes Knight, 
taaiday, thuBsday k Mturday, returning wme day^ 

Simpson John, bntcber, Upptr Froyle 
Smitfa WHIIam, Anchor, Lo^er Froyle 
8 1 ockdale J oeeph ,farmer, H ufi?ey 's farm 
Warren Bdwin,phopk«eper ft coal deslcr 
Watney Tbomas Jubn, fiuner ft bop 

grower, Home park 
Westbrook WfUIam, fcrmer ft lime 

burner, Lower Froyle 
WlKtey ^nn (Mrs.), beerretaHer 
Young Willkn, mthr, r«nMr ft bop 
grower, 'Froyle ntll 


GoKPOST Is a seaport and market and railway town and 
polling place for the Sontbem dirlston of the county, In ibe 
parish of AWerstoke, hundred of Purtsdown, hwdian petty 
esMiowl dl?laloa, Poittsmontfa aoan^ eoork dlstrlet, dboese 
aadardideaGonry of Winehoster and roml deanery of Al- 
wntoke and, altboo^ not ineoi^MrsAed, k la »farled, 
" the a«^t torn and borouKh of Oospqrt " : It foms 
e ebapelry la the wtah Alitratoba amd if «0i asUes 
ft«m Lonm,aHinim Wbidiesteraad Ks(Wtb-es»trrom 
Bontbaiapton Ity nil. Geaport port and hariMor are under 
the JuiMictkHi of tbe PejtssMHith Hariwar Board ; it 
MM, 400 years bank, but an Insignificant Ttiiage, constat- 
ing of a Mtr fldMng Mta. and lus risen to imiMWtaAee as an 
aMMidage to Portsmouffi ; it •ccnpise a amaU peniniala an 
tue opposite side of tbe harbour, pMjectii^ into its moutb to 
wMhiu haif a mile of Putsmon^i, and the tmnsit to and fro 
ie<maintained by neaaa of steam lannohes and a flimtbig 
brkloe of gneat power, tot tbe ooaveyanee of passengen, 
coaAaa, woggeus, oMtle, and capable of oooToylng orcr 
,1,000 tfoopa. Ladles and children oan embtuk «nd disera- 
berk at all llmra of the tide, it being so eonstnteted as to be 
aln-ays oa a lerel with tbe shore. Tbe steam launches and 
bridge depart ifrem dtfaer side aboatorery ten mkiutes. 

Ooeport Is a weli-balll, handsome 'town, bat appears to 
most adrantage in the ny pmae h by water, as its tecet 
bnlldingt Hne tbe ooaat; besldee thwe, it baa a principal 
atrret, eiMnding westward from (be fixty, other parallel 
streets and several luteneotlag thetn. Abont a quarter of 
a mile from the town Is tbe termbwa of tbe Gosport ami 
8oBtta Western laOway, from «Ucb Cfacre is an ndditkmal 
ex^esden fyr tbe etmrenlanee of her Majesty^ embarking 
and disembariting on board her yacht at the ILaywX Clarence 
yard ; the South Western Company have also an additional 
liraocb railvray to Stokes Bay (whence steanera communi- 
cate with tbe Isle of Wight), havii^ staticms at Stoke Road 
and Brockhontj snbarbs of-Gosport. 

BplyTrlulty and St MaUbew are eecledasikal parishes, 
taken out of the civil pmrlsb of Aiverstoke, the former formed 
in 1860 viil the latter In 1S43. The church of Tbe Hol>- 
Trinity is of the Ionic .or^, the biterior of whteb is Ter> 
iNtntUbl, but the exlenwl jinpeaimnoe la plain ; the building 
Is brick, with stncco dnsdngs : an Interior ehanoel Ium 
lately been formed and handsome dioir stalls erected from 
deigns by Hollyer, of Ryde : there are two stained win- 
dows in the sanctuary, representing the Adoration of the 
Incarnate God and tbe adoration ot Chrtet by the Shepherds 
at the Dtatlvity : the ebureh was buiU in hat has sis^e 
been.cslarged, Tb« reglstar datas from the year 1606. Thti 
living is a >Jannge, yevly vaiwe £300, in the gift of tb<- 
reator (tf AlTsratajke and held by the Bar. WUlian fikiptey 
8aadanii.A.-orBiut«rCMtBfn, Oafiird. Tbs petHdattoi 
of this pnrish ta M71 was 2fi«6. 

St. Matthew's church is on the wrtb side of the tosm, on 
a site called fiarrackfleld ; the building Is of stone, in Uie 
Early Bnglish style, consisting of ebaneel and nare,and has 
700 sittingi free and nnapprepdatsd. Tbe JEeghtar Jales 
irMtt tbe year 1815. Tbe Ilring Is a ricaraae, yeftrly vdoe 
about ibe reetcr and the Blsbop of WincbeaCer haw 

the alternate rif^ht of preaentftde« ; toe Rer. Janes ^nner 
IC.A. of Queen's Collflgei Oxfoni, is«he Tiev. Tlie irsa of 
St. MaUbew's paitah Is 70 anas; tbe poputetfaa In IBTl 
was 4,789. 

TbHienseOachoUc, CongMfiUIoaal, Weal^naadfiaptist 


The Market Hoim Is situated at tbe east eml of High 
stree', and contains also the armoury and drill roam of the 
6th Hants BiSe Volantaers, fiir which Gonport la the hwd- 

The county nwgi«trati^ exerdsp jurisdiction in tliistown. 

There are several breweries, ritip yavds and large yard« 
for buUdiaK yachts, and a oansideraUe trade, ^hieoy in 
articles f« cite supply of the amy and navy. The mariteu 
are held on Tuesday, Tlioreday and Satnrday. fldrs ase 
held on tbe 4tfa ef May and lOtfi ef October. 

Tbe land side of the town is ftrdOsd fnom Weo^Mll to the 
ahose of AlTsratoke lake by atroag Unes, haelioas, tedouMti 
and oounteraear^. Withbi the wwlw, better ktiown as tbf 
Royal Olamce VIotaalling Yard, are the coMavge, 
liiscuit-baking dfportisent and an immense vange of stors- 
bouses connected with those departments «f the serrloe, 
About a mileoMlh h Forton lake, a large basin «r creek of 
the barboor, wbh^ admfta Teasels ef OMwIdsraUe burthen. 
On PrMdy^ Hard. aotth of tUo lateand oiancetod with 
the harbour 1^ a maXl tat tbroagh tbe suid. istheatrsi^y 
aroiied bomb-prmf magaziae for powder. Near It an <be 
ruins of Buraogfa Castle, tradidonally aaeribed to KtiiK 
ilephen and now need as a drill jpound, and for gnDi>ef7 
practice for H.M. aUp " BxcdleDt." Oa tbe sane Ms a 
tbe mllUary prison. 

The Baroacks, sltuatd immediately witldn tlie lines, were 
commenced iu the year 1857 and completed In \SSO ; they 
will bold a regiment of 1,000 men, with spacious quBrb-ra 
for tlwir oflUcen, non-com mlsslpned offioers and marnin 
men : the bwraclu are divided into separate blocks of 
huilillaga and extend from the end of Nortii street to soinc 
distance beyond the gates of Clarence Victualling Yard, s 
frontage of more than a third of a mile in length. 

^eland here Is dt^ended from encroachments by the sei 
by a high BAd niafsivestonewftU. 

Abontsrailesonth of Goaport. on the ntlter sitle of Alter- 
sbdte bske,is Haslar HesyjliO. forsiekand wounded aeaioin 
.and mrinas, for which the nation U buiebfaid to the BaH jrf 
4KidMrieb.«iiaaler of Oeorge tl. : U b armiMMl for im 
patleiitsMoBaUnw,oadls <inUt oa^pleesof gnmndw- 

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■ G.08P&KT. 

nrrlToUid SB<te>*nn: It h *qaiiti— gahfffcuUdlwg, 
I^CkC la ImwA, wllh Am plauAs buying a •nail chapel 
SLLahA) a»l «««iynqiiblM«ffi«e allied. I^kons is 
ilto t MnM In tkB Mtabllahmnt, to which the pubUc 4iavc 
-rrc MMa, aad • ImMde anyluin. 

Thiae^vrtm of m mHa timtlh-weat from thfl bupttel to 
MowktM Fort, a icimlar not v«ry atrong modem iortMca- 
-in, frnm wUoh *i pieoM of taoavy ordnaOM mty ba 
brMfcht tokawMM oppMinicfame; tbia, togatherwwi a 
•mm nMtlardMr «eat.«nd Pum GilUelcer, efiaotwUly 
«flUilh>«Bat*au tba aea. TlortVweat of Haflar and 

: mir tin esttrenlty of ths narrov alio of laad which conflnea 
, thewitraneeof tile harbour, is another batterv and strong 
. fmt, oailKd th« Black Houw. Tbare an llkeiwiw Port 
\ Oomar and Biowq Bawn battery at dtokea Bay and also 
I oonaldaraUeforts tc Rowoer, Bison, Braokbuntrnd Sras ^e, 

in tbti lia«aet]late TlclnltT of Oo^port. 
; Tbt Slihop of Winchester U tori «f the mtnw. The 

popaltthM af dw Local Board Distrist In 1871 was 7JU0. 
BVBMv.-orRat IilMd,li about aqiMrtarAfa nifsfroia 

GkMpnrt^ Eyii«siii'>uth harbxir: Itisths-propirtyof the 

Grown md hod 7 Ishabltanta In ld71. 

onuial BstftbUsbments, Ziooal Zattltutiow *o. 

Po-T, UosKT Ordss a T£UBa«4'PH OmcB, Sarihgs 
Baakk Qenmnnt Inanrance & Annuity Office.— TbtM. 
fjaail, poteaater. LeUaM «<e delirarad at 7 a.m. k 
l±J>aoMtfr«iB all psrla, It 6.10 p.m. London & Fort^ 
■sBllk I^nera uv dispAtohod for London kc. at 7.45 
u.; Pucfaam, Boatliaiapaoa ft London 10.5 a.n). & 
PortaMoath 11 aoD. ; London, 1.50 p.m.; Portamottth, 
U.&ia«.4tS.50p.ra.; W«ot of fiogland, 6 p.n. & 6.15 
p.ii. ; Laadon li ftaooral, 9 

ITuL Box, Ciawenw af iitr«> olaarad 10.5 Sl p.ta, 
vcdtdays; iOJMnm. tmadmyt 

Comr llAaisiKATn Acriiro iir thr Pbttt 
SaaaiDSAA Di^tiuct op IxTassTtoKi. 

Bsrwr Rer. Bdwatd, Ooaport 

FH'l Ctptain Btfwvrd it.Tt. The Orove, AlTUafa^ 

<jtinl wlltian, Monckton house, 'AnglsMj' 

Bflrtsm-Carler William esq. LiUle Orm, AlTsntokfl 

Lmg OeoRceaq. Onrre hN&e, SoinbMa 

<'<niiBa«n Hear- Mad. ^ John Bdmndmiir., Kx.ii..r.c 

Cirrk ttfke Mafflttintm, Mobolaa DoiltanhuM.'MU High 

(tR<t,Go«iMrt ^ 
tmr lutnat are Md tnesday k fHfliiy at Ihe PoIIm <ta- 

tisB, Opper Soatti atraet, bdt a magbcnte ntsadi dailv 

fx barfwasB Teijiritfas innedtate attoittoo 

ierideaf, & A. Patm, 41 UUb stnat 

Aliu. H. Con^zii£. Town tail 

Cmutg Pin, C. A. Pab-s, 41 High at>«« 

fcOMmie Ltfe, J. WiUnn, Stoke road 

.Vwtfidh I7»lon. S. Hillidge, Furtnn road 

Pkamx Bn, H. J. C. Martin, Biur mad 

PrmdentLifm, C. A. P&tes, 41 U iff h street 

<jdfea, J. W. I^ann, Railway station 

tr«ynl, W. P. Borrrll, 96 Clarence si}«at« ; A. Hooper, 

Cifuial fe Counties Bank ; W. B, Smith, 6 Clarvnci: 

jVe. Porton road 

Exckangm, T. W. £lf)ti«n, Onmt b Co.*s Bank 
Snttiik Widetct Ptmd, A. H joper. Capital ft Countiei 

S'lfunU^e fZrt, R. t^we, straet 
I mitd Natkan Holnei 

VfftmiiisUr Fire tTeft/nniifw- ^ OtmenU ^if4, P. 
looer, Stoke road 

'j'(^eaxiiz:fT Esia.BLisHVB'STs:— 

HvUkt Bapwf Nmeal /^MsiM, dtfpvtyifeapeetor (reueral 
in dvr-i Join W. Held a.D.; flwA aanovon, John 
I ^Mkayw.ft.; «haipialn, Rev.PndeBiek'V. IfiekoU h.a. ; 
•ttf smnoB, Aleiaadrr Tumbull m.d. ; curator of mu- 
*«tB,inttHi Banon ; oftKcrln chnveoFmeMeal store*, 
VdBMtiwaj«toKk«(^ftc8»Mer,W.fl.Httdie(l r.h 

mfazAw t 9*^<nffnoe Dvpnrtmmt, PHJdy'a hard 

Oct hkb Vietuaflint Yard, saperintenJlnjif utore- 
■^tVIMBmSttitt; elcfk efwwkSfJaa. Uhte Miller 

'nue lm«uaaniBiTT« 

•Ir-ir !• Xa«y ImMtsife, 65 Ulgh atnet, Coloael heme- 

**t,m.\ Jdfca PBrvMM)B,ate«ard 

rswt Qwtrd Stmtiott, Beach, Juhn Bakw, oMtf officer 

Cmfjr Pel.M Stntim, tTMwr Sotith ttmt, Wailem 

p^rnrr, aipednteDdoat 

\-f*n Hn(w(PdBeeatati«n>, Upper SoHtfartreet 

^aaU Fb« A^iM 5(a(foii,Upper Soulh atraet ; keys at 

Md(J«arf(rt|-ir«ou/'y,£^aH;« Bi/toV^luntetrtietk)^ 
■net home, eaptain-connaudant, CbarW Hwiaby 
Jjlasd Atvemte QAm, Crown ina, North atmst 

^Mr*y* AImAmW^ New toad 
•''-'■pQ^,Chaa.VuubyJcOo.dbtBUiBton,4.7 High at 

Alvbrstoke Unioit, 
Campn«ing the parish of Alnrstoke. 
Board day, ervry ahentate wvdotsdar. 

ClBr\, Walter Osbbldiston Fi^liI, 40 Hij^li ktreet, Gosport 
Asgittant Oeermrfc Collector, Georg<i Snoik, Alveratoke 
Jtelievingk Vaceination Officer, Qemffi PiennaM, Furtan 
Medical Cmicert, Warren Mea^e M.D. ft James Walkift- 

Shaw AMer 
SuperintHTtdent Registrar, Walter Osbaldirton Pleld 
Registrar of Bii tht ^ Detitbt, Wm. Henry S isselbrook 
ReglMriir ^lUnrriama, John FrancU Field 
WorkhouK, Atflrad wmiaiii Cmutahle, master; ttOT. Atex- 

knder Le«rey, cbaplaia ; Warrea ueado lt.9. snr^Min ; 

Mts. Jane Harriet Constable, matron 

Urban SAiriTa-RY Autiiokitt. 

Cleri, flontio Complgnj, Btokeroad 
Medical (j^Ee«r,James Walktiiahaw Bell Alder 

: Iiupeetor ^fffui$ancn, Hflory Junes Norrfa 

■ Public Opvicbrb :— 

Otptt^ BmiMff <(f Ptrttmautk Cmmfy ■Court (fvr Oof 
pert OiMtrii-t), Mai Dubr.Otepd stsvet 
Public Vneamator, Bdwia fannter, Cbuvaoeaqware 
Town Crier, f'-amfMl Monday Uorne, 66 North atrrct 
Places or VoaaniP:— 

Holy Trinity Church, Rev. WRIlam Sklphey Sanders 
li.A. vicar 

St. Lulu's, ffiMfrtf.ReY. Fredk. W. NEckoll v.A. chaplain 
St. Mattkete't Church, Bhrrack&dd, Rev.J&mea Tanner, 
x.A. tlcar 

The Otirrison Church, Rer. Heilwrt Tudor Craig b.a. 
chapUin to the forces 

St. Mary's Cmtholie Church, High street, The Tery Be?. 
Canon Thomta Doyle, priest 
EbeneztT Fr§e Grace Chnpel, Roberts lane 
Congregfftional Ckapel, Hl^ street, Rev. OeorRe Cot- 
borne S.A., i>H.i>. minister 
-BnptUt Chapel, Victoria street, Forton 
Bethel/or SeamtH j- the Poor, Lower Soath street 
Bretkren-i Meeting HouM,Vi North «trwit 
l/nion Chapel, Stoke roadi Rev. C. Harcourt, mlnbter 


School nf Art, Market house, Alpmon Ksher, laaster 
Qirls' (day ftsaAday), Mr«. Charlotte Spaiiner, MUniyss 
HoJy Trinity (hoys), Booth *treet,Mr. F. T<«teTin,ma-ter 
Holy Trlnitw N'/tioHoi (girls), H aslar street, Mlsa Alice 
Atldiis, mistraae 

il0ly rnnttg /fmtional (infants). Upper Sontli atraet, 

{ Mn. Bmioa Elizabeth WMtlag, attstieH 

1 Gosport Haggrd (tlay ft fnitday), i^ower Sooth itrfet, 
WilliU) Pyte, master 

I MifMU :ichael (bnys), ^th at. Peter Tostev Lh, mutsr 

: St. Mattkcv's Oevpon National, Banpacl^fMd, WllHaia 
Henry MacketL, ainter; Mm Olynpia Clara Ouctoo, 
mistreM; Miss ChBrlotte Ratland, inhnt*' mistms 
Catkolict High street. Miss Casey, mtatiM 

, Wttloyam Jhat, Nordi itRat, Jidiiii fitokua, nailar; Miss 

! Sarah Oyer, la&tta' mistnaa 

I RAtLVAT.— Zoni&m ^ 2l^or^A Western. Joiepli Dy^or, 
niTM-rintendent of Gosport, Gosport roau, Stufcas Boy ft 
! BrockhorA sTatiena 

CoNT>yAiTcs.-4tirRmIaunriie9 Se floating bridga to Forts- 
I Aontfa every ten mhmtes ; omnibiu to Porton froto India 
Arms hotel every fev inhiates 

Carbibbs to:— 

FAREHAM—SuteT;, from 'Old Nortbumbetftdd,' High 
' street, tunday ft triilay 

Hardinif, fivni ' Old NurthBaberlaiMl,' High itnot, tins- 
day, tburvlav ft Saturday 

WiCKHAU— ^ten froaa 'OM Norttiugobcrland,' High 
■treet, taesday ft frld^r 

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Abbiniwlt H«nry, 9 TIm Giwn 

Alder Jime* WklUnriiaw Bell, kaiity 

houw, Hiffh ilmt 
Am Cut. William, S9 Clarence iquare 
Baker /obn, Bt&cb faouae 
Balliston <'apt. Alfred K.11. [H.M. 

Yacht < Elfln'}, 4 Clarcnm •qnare 
Barker Cbmle*, Clarence M)uare 
BinKham iSU», 19 Cbapel ntw 
Blake Samael, Portland boou, Upper 

South itreet 
Blake Thomas Naieh,2 Upper South tt 
Booth Walter, Priddy's bard 
Bumll Wm. Fitcbett, 26 CauBDce iq 
Cbubb Airs. 7 Cbapel row 
Colboroe Ret, OeoTKe n-A. pn.D.[Con* 

BT^ntional], 6 High ttrtct 
C^well Cipt Georse, 189 High atreet 
Cook George. 10 Hkh street 
Coroey Cbartes, S3 York street 
Covington Hn. 1 Portland place 
Cowan Cbas. [deputy inspector-geneml 

of hoepilaU h.p.1, 35 Clarence sq 
Dishvood Uennr, 6 H^h street 
Dettrden Rer. WuUam u.a., b.m., m.i. 

3 Portland place 
Doyle Very H^v. Canon Thomas 

LCatboIleT, 33 Hij-h street 
DuRnlnir WiiUani, 14 ClirMioa square 
BUicDtt George, 141 High street 


Field Walter Osbaldiston, Qretnfldd 

bo«ae. Chapel row 
Fiibw Wn. Fras. lofcneu bo^HIgh et 
Pianea Hra. 131 High atraet 
Fraser Rodrick, 2 Portland place 
Garrett Missce, 8 High atreet 
Gavae Arthur Jamea, Lonsdale hooM, | 

Hifth street 
Ooodere Miss, 17 Clarenee tqatre 
Haire Mn. 5 Portland place 
Hale Urnry, 16 North street 
Harris Clmrles, 48 Upper Suuth ttreet 
Helby Sirs. 34 Clarence tqiiara 
Hill John David B.M.S4 Clarenee sq 
Humby Mrs. 2 Market row 
Hunter Edwin John, 87 Clarenee eq 
Jacltson Mrs. 9 H igh street 
Kealy John Robert H.D. Ashley boose, 

Hifrh street 
King Mrs. 28 Hieh street 
Knlaht Krs.81 Nortii tireet 
Lapibom Edwin, 48 Upper Soatb at 
Lapthom Mrs. 66 High street 
Laptliorn Wm. Tlwrnflrtd bo. High st 
Lee Jesse, Clarence square 
Lf^g Joseph Foster, 50 Upper South st 
Le^K Misses, 49 Upfwr South street 
Msdeley Mrs. York street 
Martin Henry John Carter. 17 High st 
Mennear Mrs. 146 High *b«et 
Meredith Mbe, 1 Bi^b street 
HUUdge Mrs. S York street • 


Hilb Henry, Upper South street 
Mitchell Mr*. 61 North street 
Mtrynabaa Rev. Thomas [ehaplaia t* 

the Forces |, Clarence square 
Murrant James, 2 Clarence road 
Nicholson Benjamin, Stanley bouse 
Nlcliolsoo Miss, 149 High slxeet 
Onion Mifs, 18 Cliapel row 
Fearee Hiss, 20 North street 
Pnttock Geo. Constable, New Road b* 
PymCapt.ttmi.B.A.i.w.s Priddy'shard 
Robertson Henry, 4 Portland pUee 
Roee Isaac, 24 Aonh street 
Sanders Rev. WiUiam dklpeqr M.A. 

Holy Trinity vicamge 
Sexey CtMrkt, 143 Hlith street 
Smith WiUIam,36 Claieiioe square 
gponder Jamev, 16 Chapel row 
Sprent Miss, 1 Upper South street 
Sumtaen Willlain, 70 North street 
l^nnar Rev. Chuiea k .a. [ilear oi 

St. Matthew], 3 OarcBM sqaara 
ThompKMi Rev. John [We»leyan Ife- 

tbodist], 15 Clarence square 
Thompson Mrs. 10 Claitnca sqaaN 
Wake WlUian, The Oraen 
Waterman Walter, York atreet 
Watts WQlUm, 20 Yoriiatreat 
WhartonUenry Sanrael ii.Jt.o.B.,L.i.A. 

2 ft 3 High street 
Whitcmube Cbarka, Chuicb path 
WUklnwm Rtchd.Reeies, 5 Cwraieesv 


Alder James Walkinshaw Bell, plij sluian k lorgeon, Audrey 

hoose. High street 
Aldred Henry, beer retailer It cooper. Upper South street 
Allen Robett, boot Sc shoe maker, 120 High street 
Alner Robert, pork butcher k areengrocer, 81 North street 
Arm James, master mariner, HasUr stwet 
Army ^ Nary Institute (Col. Loogmore, sec. j John 

Ferguson, steward), 65 High tireet 
Avery Richard, sail maker, St. Matthew's square 
Baeksball Charles, pawnbroker, 42 North street 
Bailey John, Btari Dog, King street 
Bailev Sarah (Mrs.), George ^ Dragon, Lower South st 
Baker John, butcher, 131 High street 
Baker John, chief officer of coast guards, Beach 
Baker Robeit, bricklayer, Kbig street 
Balcb Emma ( Hiss), elresa na. & tailoress, 7 Sooth Cross st 
Baribot William, printer, Clarence roud 
Borbam Richard, picture frame mbker, 61 North street 
Barker John, shopkeeper k buker, &5 Kortb street 
Batefaelor Heniy, Railteay eoiumercUtl hotel, k wloe k 

spirit merehant, Porton road 
Batchelor James. Hatlar tavtrn, Haslar street 
Batcbe!or Sarah [ Hiu), ladies' school, 31 Clarence square 
Balchelor Thomas, Bmlth k &rr!er, Clarenee road 
Ba\nton Andrew, watch k clock maker, 17 North street 
Biddle George, clerk of Alverstoke ebureh, 18 High street 
BldeQ k Co. breWers, maltetera k spirit merchants, Sea 

Horse brewery. Sea Horse street 
Biehop Edwin, who. k retail gro. k proven, dir. 14 North st 
Bishop James, Floating Dock, Beach street 
Blacfcman Blixabetli (Mis.), shopkeeper, St Matthew's iq 
Blake Samuel k Thomas Nalsli k Co. teeners, malUtera k 

spirit merchants, South Cross street 
Bbke k Son, geperal k famishing ironmongers, 1 15 High st 
Blake J. Q.kQ. linen k woollen drepen, iWftllO Hixh at 
Bond Kate (MIm), vrncer ke. 77 North atreet 
Bone George, Anaet taeern, Haslar strett 
Bone Maty Ann (Mrs.), nphdateier k famltnrt dealer, S8 

Upper Booth street 
Bone Mercy (MIm), preparatory school, Haslar street 
Booth Uforge Wm. builder k contractor, Clairenoe works 
Bower Tboa. fraiteter.& greengrocer. Market ho. High st 
Bowers Hartha (MnO, ■nopkeeper, 37 Upper Sonth street 
Bowers Wm. Star J[ Commercial hotel, k a*feiulily rooms 
Boyling Ellen (Mrs.), greengrocer k coal dealer, HasUr it 
Brent4>n Thomas, shopkeeper k bill poster, 64 North street 
Brewer George, Star k Garter, North atreet 
Brihtow Edward, shopkeeptr, llpper South street 
Brockway James, shoe maker, Hobb'a alley. High atreet 
Brooks wUllam, greengrocer ke. 17 Clarenee road 
Brown Eddy, gTeererocer k coal dealer. North street 
Brown Hfcnry, shopkeeper k greengrocer, Lower South »t 
Brows Wm. plumber, [^ainter, i^Iauer k gasfltter,31 Sonth 

Cross street 
Bmnwin William, Ironmonger, fi8 High stfcat 
Bocklcr k Co. coal mtrs. kv. Railway station ; ft at Birdway 

Buckler Alfred, draper ft milliner, 113 High street 
Buetnell Philip John, yacht master, 22 York street 
Burke Mlchsel, marine store dealer, 60 North atieec 
Bumt-y Rev. Edward h.a.. ft j.p. prindpal of the BoysJ 

Academy boarding sebool, Clareooe sqaara 
Burr Robert, boot k shoe maker, 1161 ^igh street 
Surrell William Filchett, solh:Uor, oommlasiooer fir oatbs, 

rierk to Portsmouth ft Oosport Floating Bridge Co. ; to 

H asiar Bridge Co. ft to Goaport Market House pnpilelOEa^ 

86 Clarenee iqoan 
Butler William, Cattle tavorn. The Green 
Butt Charles, com merchant ft nealraanf 3 North Crou tt 
Butt GeiH^, sliopkeeper, S7 Upper South street 
Butt John, builder ft contractor ft Oiooumentai maaon, 9B 

High street 
Calna Charles, beer retailer. Quay lane 
Cains John Hooper, greengrocer. Sea Horse atreet 
Camperft NIcholBon (Benjamin Nicholsoi)), ship, yacht ft 

boat builders, Cliarles fort ft Patent slip 
CaftUal k Counties Bank (AoreUan Hooper, managw), 

127 High street 
Carswell Mary Ann (Ht«.),sla. ftfiui^ rqKia.l4NortIiOoa»at 
Carter James Chrlatopber, Fox, 83 north street 
CiurtwriR:lit Joseph, l>etr retailer, 30 Upper South street 
Csstleman William, butcher. 101 ft 103 High street 
Causlt^ William Tborou, Sea Horie, Sea Horse stmt 
Care Alfred Mark, plumber, painter ftc. 60 ft 61 Hlg^ si 
Cawte William, furniture tiealer ftc. The Green 
Chalcraft William, general warehouse, 5 ft 90 North street 
Chandler David, blacksmtth, Albert street 
Chaplin ft Home, carriers, b7 H